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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 22, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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a brush fire burns hundreds of acres in the south bay prompting evacuations. >> i had to get my horse and start evacuating. >> firefighters in the south they are getting a handle tonight on a brush fire that quickly blew up. good evening. the so-called country fire the hills of milpitas. fire crews
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have been able to hold the fire at 320 acres. 40% contained. the fire started after 1 pm this afternoon. ktvu's as matt smith is -- azmith smith is live. >> reporter: cal fire tells me this fire has diminished significantly and cal fires -- firefighters are hopeful because humidity is expected to come up. >> reporter: this cal fire -- brushfire grew quickly near country club drive. large plumes of smoke could be seen for miles. >> i was shocked. i thought initially maybe it was a small fire and it would noa big deal. >> reporter: the fire broke out around 2 pm scorching at least
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220 acres, burning into ed r. levin county park . >> the wind combined with the dry fuel and the steep slope, it burned very quickly. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters were on the ground . four air tankers and two helicopters helped contain the fire spread, dropping fire retardant and water from two nearby lakes. >> there are some structures on the other side of that hill line. >> reporter: a roadblock was set up at weller road were two large ranch properties were evacuated. >> i had to get up there and get my horse out. >> reporter: jennifer connelly rushed to her horses aid. she says any buyer is cause for alarm. -- fire is cause for alarm. fire season in california is
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already oft -- off to a fast start. >> people need to make defensible space around their property. they need to cut down dry grass and make sure they're ready. >> reporter: cal fire tells me one outbuilding was damaged. no homes were burned. the cause is under investigation. fire crews will be out here throughout the night to cut fire lines. >> thank you, azenith smith reporting in milpitas. the fire burning near yosemite national parkrow tonig the ferguson fire has burned more than 30,000 acres. today, containment dropped from 7% to 6%. cal fire says the fire has moved within two miles of the northwestern edge of yosemite. yesterday, additional mandatory evacuation orders were issued for the yosemite view lodge.
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yosemite is still open despite the fire. all evacuations have been lifted in lake county after a grass fire burned 60 acres yesterday. the carter fire broke out yesterday afternoon on adobe creek road near white way. firefighters have stopped the forward spread of the fire. it is 80% contained. meteorologist mark tamayo with a look at conditions. >> we have had a bit of a break in the heat. no red flag fire warnings, no extreme fire conditions. fire danger is still high. be as tuesday. as we come in closer, lo the wind coming in out of the north and west. we have had the spread rate moving out to the south and east. coming in closer right now, you can see the surroundings and the
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terrain. there is ed r. levin county park. we are not talking about any extreme heat today. just with the terrain and this time of year, fire danger is up. right now it is 65 degrees. that will continue to increase. we have winds around 5 miles per hour. into the upcoming week, we have a heat advisory for just outside of the bay area. these temperatures could be easily topping 100 degrees across portions of the state, may be approaching 108 degrees. the bay area is not nearly as hot. here we are tomorrow morning. low clouds along the coast. as the afternoon hours pass, we will warm up. you got to reintroduce more 90s back into the picture for the warmest locations inland. we will have your full forecast coming up.
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right now, we are following breaking news. a stabbing on the platform at the macarthur [ dog barking ] station -- b.a.r.t. station has shut down the station. no word on whether a suspect is in custody. this double stabbing happened at 9:45 pm tonight. we do have achromatic on the way. we will stay on top of this and bring you more information as it becomes available. police in toronto, canada say one person has died and 13 others were hurt after a gunman opened fire in the city's greektown. the shooter is also dead. no word on the conditions of the big him. one of them is g girl. witnesses say they heard 20 to 30 gunshots. a spokesman for the police department says it is too soon to tell if the shooting is terrorism related. students and alumni from marjory stoneman douglas high school brought their bus tour
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to oakland today. hundreds gathered at the for marine park and west oakland to listen to speeches, have a community barbecue and speak out against gun violence for the road to change block party. ktvu's rob malcolm was there and tells us why the students thought oakland was such an important stop. >> reporter: the message behind this large bus was being driven by the young voices. >> i find it important to protect other people from gun violence. it has been really relevant recently. >> reporter: they have been on the road since june 15. this student from marjory stoneman douglas high school says the mass shooting at the florida high school is motivation for change. >> it is definitely a lot of work. we volu g up for each other. they are coming from chicago, new york, la. >> reporter: march for our lives road to change tour had another message, registering people to vote and speak out against gun violence. >> the fact that we are finding
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out that the nra has been behind a lot of the dark money in our elections, we have to get out and say no. >> reporter: like other adults, sue ream was also encouraged that this movement is student run and student led. >> i am very encouraged to see this. these kids are the ones that will make the change. >> if you look at the most apathetic age group, it is 18 through 29. i think that age group can detrimentally impact elections. >> reporter: as music pounded in the background, the student leaders and guests also feasted on barbecue. it was an afternoon driven by their passion and words. >> we want to invoke this emotion as we travel around the country. >> that was rob malcolm reporting. the students are now headed for the final leg of their tour in newtown, connecticut were 26 people were shot and killed
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that sandy hook elementary school. the article veterans home where a former soldier killed three female staff members earlier this year will not reopen. the pathway home has been closed since march 9. that is when a veteran fatally shot the facility director, psychologist, and therapist before killing himself. the gunman had received mental health services at the facility but was discharged two weeks before the shooting. veterans at pathway programs have since been referred to other providers. pathway home will continue to honor the memory of the fall lo nationwide. a shooting in florida is reuniting the stand your ground debate. surveillance video shows a man shooting and killing another man in a parking lot. the shooter says he was within his rights under the controversial stand your ground law which says people can use
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force in order to protect themselves. >> reporter: outrage over florida stand your ground self- defense law, now being used to justify killing a man over a parking space. it started with michael dredge got confronting a woman illegally parked in a handicapped spot outside a convenience store in clearwater. her boyfriend came out of the store. the two men began arguing. the man pushed the other to the ground.shots were fired. he has not been chargedthoritie for his life and was nearly standing his ground. police admit the argument can get a little murky. >> this is not an objective. it is not what somebody else would do. this is more of a subjective
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standard. >> reporter: many locals are not buying it. the victim took a step back, away from the suspect just before the shooting. >> it may already be too late to file charges. >> you have a sheriff standing up saying we don't have probable cause to believe he should be arrested. it will be hard for a state attorney to turn around and say we should prosecute. >> reporter: lorna stand your ground law was famously used by george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch when he was a did a murder in the fatal shooting of developing news. some fiery rhetoric flying between iran's leader and president donald trump tonight. earlier today, the iranian president cautioned president donald trump about pursuing what he called hostile policies against iran saying war with iran is the mother of all wars.
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in response to the iranian president, president donald trump tweeted this out tonight in all caps. he said "never ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer the consequences, the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. the cautious." hundreds of mourners gather in remembrance of the 17 people killed on a tourist boat. there are more calls tonight for the duck boat's to be banned.
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water shot 35 feet into the air in oakland after a driver ran into a fire hydrant. it happened just south of hyde street. the hydrant created a pool of water but it does not appear to have caused any damage. drivers slow down to catch a glimpse of all of the water. the memorial service was held today for the 17 people killed in a tourist boat accident in branson, missouri. 200 people attended the service including the mayor and the family and friends of those lost or impacted by the incident. the vessel is now -- is known as a duck boat. capsized last thursday as wins approached hurricane strength. >> our lives were changed forever, july 19, 2018.
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tragedy struck our community in an unimaginable way. hearts were broken. we were all in shock. >> one woman lost nine members of her family including her husband and children. a former national transportation safety board chairman says duck boats should be banned from recreational use. duck boat tours are basically unregulated amusement park rides. james hall does not think there is a way to make them safe, especially in bad weather. the amphibious votes can travel on land and water and were originally designed for military. there was no sign of a young woman from the bay area missing from the university of iowa. 20-year-old bobby -- molly tibbetts was last seen when she went out for a job. she grew up in oakland. searchers have been canvassing the area near her home, jogging route, and work but have found
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nothing. she is described as 5'3" weighing 120 pounds. detectives have not said if they suspect foul play. family and friends gathered tonight to remember the life of a firefighter who was killed will battling the ferguson fire near yosemite. braden varney was a 10 year veteran with cal fire. reporter mike lori has our report. >> reporter: braden varney cal fire family and friends honored him today in modesto. for jamie williams, losing braden varney was like losing a brother because she also worked closely with his dad who was a heavy fire clement operator at cal fire just like braden. >> it ran in the blood. braden loved equipment. he loved to build things. he had a passion for it. >> reporter: braden varney was killed july 14 when his bulldozer rolled down a ridge in the steep terrain surrounding the ferguson fire which is now 30,000 acres near
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yosemite national park. the deadly fire has also put other cal fire crews in harms way. >> there has been four injuries on the fire. fortunately there have not been any fires -- structures destroyed. >> as the aircraft fights the fire, it is like us driving in the fog. they need to be able to visually see what they are doing in order to make accurate drops. >> reporter: cal fire crews don't know when they will have the ferguson fire fully contained but they do know they will be grieving tomorrow as braden varney his laid to rest . family, friends, and neighbors celebrate his life. >> thank you. with warming temperatures, fire danger will be increasing again across a good portion of the state. we have had a little bit of a break over the last few days.
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we will have an excessive heat watch tuesday through thursday. temperatures could easily soar up above 100 degrees. taking a look at the ferguson fire, here is 140. the access point is very tough to reach. you can take a closer look at the topography. some of these elevations are at 2000 feet, quickly jumping up to 5000 be. this area could be up above 100 degrees as early as tuesday. here is a look at the current conditions right now. winds are not extremely strong. that is one sign of good news. back here in the bay area for today, highs range from 63 in pacifica to santa rosa at 82. there were some 90s out toward fairfield and antioch. once again, it has been five days in a row that we have been
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tracking some thunderstorms over the sierra crest. we just had the low clouds and fog regrouping. we had some scattered mixing earlier this afternoon. current numbers right now, livermore a 68. san francisco, 59. santa rosa, 61. here you can see traces of the fog trying to work its way back over san francisco and deck into the bay. most areas will be a touch ow w day. san jose will be , we will take a closer look at the 5-day forecast coming up. the world's stinkiest flower is officially in bloom. at five feet tall, the flower is known as the corpse flower for the bad odor it gives off. this video was recorded earlier
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today from a livestream that was set up i the conservatory. it will continue to loom over the next few days and the smell is expected to keep getting worse. in order to accommodate visitors, the conservatory has extended hours until 10 pm. a violation of privacy. the rancher driver who was fired for livestreaming all of his passengers. why he said he did it. the a's and giants battle for bragging rights in the bay bridge series. the fbi has released the surveillance request from a trump campaign advisor. i will have all of the details coming up next. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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the latest job numbers show the bay area job market remains strong. all nine bay area counties had
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on employment below 5% last month. san mateo county's rate was the lowest at 2.5% followed by san francisco at 2.6%. solano county came in with the highest unemployment at 4.2% which matched the statewide rate which was actually a record low for california. some companies are offering summer perks to keep their workers happy. one of those perks, summer fridays, let's people leave the office early or work from home. 46% of companies now offer their employees some version of summer fridays. that is up 30% from six years ago. >> let's be honest. friday at 5 pm, during the summer is not our most productive time anyway. >> as long as you keep your employees happy, they will do work for you at a higher level. >> reporter: companies struggle
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to reach many of the customers on friday afternoon. the company that makes ritz crackers has issued a nationwide recall because of salmonella concerns. 16 varieties of ritz crackers and ritz bits have been pulled from store shelves. so far no illnesses have been reported. uber and lyft have booted a driver who recorded hundreds of riders without their permission and streamed that video live online. the st. louis post dispatch reports that 32-year-old driver has given 700 uber rides in the st. louis area since march plus with lyft. almost all have been streamed to his channel. the driver told the newspaper he was trying to "capture the natural interactions between myself and the passengers." some riders felt their privacy had been violated. uber and lyft have both deactivated him. luxury fashion brand burberry is being criticized for burning millions of dollars worth of goods on purpose. the brand reportedly destroyed $37 million worth of products last year to get rid of
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excessive stock. some of the company's shareholders have asked why the products weren't offered to private investors? a spokesperson for burberry says the company has a careful process in place to get rid of an overflow of goods in a responsible manner. cvs is responding to a transgender woman in arizona who set a armistice refused to fill her prescription. the woman went to a pharmacy in april to pick up prescriptions for hormone therapy. she said she was questioned about the prescriptions and the pharmacist refused to fill one of them. hall wrote about the incident in a blog post for the aclu. cvslonger works for the company 's a spacex falcon 9 rocket. lift off happened just before 2 am at cape canaveral. the rocket is delivering a satellite to the canadian
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communications company. our crew just arrived at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station in oakland. that was shut down after two people were stabbed on the platform tonight. a terrifying scene as bullets tear through a berkeley apartment with two young children sleeping inside. a bay area congressman travels to the border to see detention centers firsthand. >> i have a real feeling ger.
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two people in oakland have reportedly been stabbed at a macarthur b.a.r.t. station. ktvu's rob malcolm just arrived on the scene. >> reporter: it is mayhem down here at the b.a.r.t. macarthur station. b.a.r.t. police were called here at 9:45 pm for reports of a stabbing. we are told it happened upon a platform. i will step out of the way and have you take a look at the active scene behind me. now there is a long line of police cars and investigators at both ends of the station. there were two victims here. we now understand after talking to some witnesses here that both of the victims are female. there are reports that one of the females is said to be 18
10:30 pm
years old and is dead. i just had a heart wrenching interview with a father who received a frantic call here from one of his daughters. there was an 18-year-old daughter with an older sister. according to what witnesses and this father told me, his 18- year-old daughter was stabbed by a white male with spiked hair. he just walked up and stabbed this girl randomly. we understand that she is deceased. we have to confirm that of course with police but from what the father told me, he went on the platform and saw his daughter laying under a tarp . this is a heart-wrenching scene for this father. police are clearing the they are clearing the station of everyone that is not a witness. they are continuing to canvass the scene. we don't have any word on this
10:31 pm
suspect. again, this is an active situation. we will try to get you that interview with the father. it is hard to listen to, it is hard to watch. we will try to get that to you coming up. we will stay on top of this and bring you more information as it becomes available. >> we will let you work to get more information. just a sad story out there right now. what about trains? are trains still running through the station? >> reporter: the station is closed. we have not been able to reach out to b.a.r.t. yet but i understand when these things take place, statio will be bypassed. we expect that will be taking place tonight. this could be a homicide investigation. it could be a while before this station is open. >> we will check back with you.
10:32 pm
a congressman from the east bay just returned from a trip to the u.s.-mexico border. the representative says he received a firsthand look at the conditions of the detention centers and also talked with immigrant families who had been separated. ktvu's alyssa harrington has our report. >> reporter: any american would be ashamed of the treatment of families, especially children trying to enter the united states. >> we hear stories where a young man who was five years old was told when he was separated that his parents had abandoned him. >> reporter: desaulnier took a trip group on immigration reform, comprised of democrats in the they wanted to see firsthand the effects of the trump administration's zero-tolerance policy. >> suite -- we just went through the processing center.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: the group posted pictures and video of their trip on social media. they visited a federal courthouse to watch court proceedings, a processing center, a detention center, and a port of entry. >> i have a real feeling of sadness, despair, and anger. >> reporter: desaulnier saw kids and pregnant women sitting on cement floors . many people were confused by the court proceedings and still had not been reunited with their children. many border agents are frustrated. >> i was able to talk to federal employees, border patrol agents and i.c.e. agents who were put in they arei jobs and protect their country. they are trying to do what they're recovered -- required under law. >> reporter: desaulnier will push for policy sure changes are reunited -- families are reunited quickly. a federal judge in san diego says the trump administration's effort to reunite immigrant children with their parents is showing
10:34 pm
progress. the judge has set a thursday deadline for the government to reunite roughly 2000 children. previously, more than 50 children under the age of five were reunited with their families. the administration's widely criticized zero-tolerance immigration policy resulted in the family separations at the u.s.-mexico border and some of the families have been separated for months. the president-elect of mexico is promising to deter migration to the united states when he takes office in december. andres manuel lopez obrador released a seven-page letter that he sent to president donald trump. the letter lays out how he plans to improve the economy so that mexicans don't feel the need to leave. the new president also su draft an immigration plan and invite central american leaders to join. president donald trump accused the fbi of illegally
10:35 pm
spying on people who work for his presidential campaign. this comes after the fbi released heavily redacted warrants that were used to allow government surveillance on former trip advisor carter page. jillian turner has more now from washington. >> reporter: the fbi has released the infamous to monitor former trim campaign official carter page. here is the motivation for the application from the fbi. it reads in part "this fbi believes that page has been collaborating and conspiring with the russian government. there is probable cause that such activities involve or are about to involve violations of the criminal statutes of the united states." the warrant was released to a judicial act request and a set off a firestorm here in washington from the white house to the halls of capitol hill. president donald trump declaring on twitter that these documents prove the doj and fbi misled the courts. page himself is sticking by his claim that his campaign activities were just business
10:36 pm
as usual. >> i have never been an agent of the foreign power in any stretch of the imagination. i may back in the g-20 when they were getting ready to do that in st. petersburg, i might have participated in a few meetings that a lot of people including people from the obama administration were sitting on in geneva, paris, etc. >> reporter: the redacted pages admit that the element was a component of the 2016 warrant. this relief -- release should put all conspiracy ththe inform is redacted in the report should easily be seen by the american people. they can judge for themselves. it does not support the issue against mr. page. >> reporter: senator rubio offering an evenhanded assessment this morning saying while he does not believe this
10:37 pm
new information proves anything about collusion, it also does not prove that the intelligence community was spying on the trim campaign. -- trump campaign. a new poll found half of those questioned disapprove of the president's conduct during the helsinki summit with russian president vladimir putin. 50% disapproved. 33% approved. 18% had no opinion. a day of remembrance for a man shot and killed by police. the family now wants to spread a larger message about police use of force. lots of sunshine across most of the bay area this weekend. we are talking about a warming trend in linda. i will have your full forecast coming up. a standup with police trends deadly in southern california and now police say it all started with a feud between a manned and -- a man and his grandmother. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
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10:41 pm
we went running. we did not know what to do he told us in spanish. when he heard the gunfire, he and his wife ran into their children's room. the girls are terrified by what happened overnight. carlos and his wife suffered cuts to their legs from the flying glass when the bullets went through the window. >> i heard loud gunshots. it was -- i counted them right after. it was about six or seven. >> i just heard a bunch loud bangs. it has been pretty common around here lately. i did not think anything of it. >> reporter: a berkeley police lieutenant told us a 19-year- old man suffered a gunshot wound to the toe. he was transported to the hospital and is expected to be okay.
10:42 pm
police do not think there was any kind of party or gathering going on. police have not named any suspects and have not made any arrests. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. supporters of mario woods continue to call for justice. today, family and friends gathered at martin luther king jr. park in the city for the third annual mario woods remembrance day. in 2015, mario woods was shot and killed by san francisco police. woods was a suspect in a stabbing and police say he had a knife and refused to drop it. the shooting led to calls for a justice department review of police protocols. >> this type of use of force is unjust, illegal, and it has to stop. the district attorney cleared the officers involved in the shooting but last month, a federal judge in san francisco ordered the da to release files of his investigation of the death after woods' mother filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit
10:43 pm
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non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8 month - seresto, seresto, seresto. we are learning more about a deadly hostage situation that unfolded at a trader j
10:46 pm
grocery store in los angeles. the standoff started with a domestic violence incident between a man and his grandmother. jeff paul has more today. >> reporter: the hostage situation began with a suspect reportedly shooting his grandmother and girlfriend. that man led police on a pursuit, crashing his car in this trader joe's parking lot. there was an exchange of gunfire as the suspect ran into the store. police were able to extract some of the hostages, others were simply allowed to leave. some other hostages were seen using a rope ladder to exit through a window. three hours after it began, the standoff ended with atkins turning himself in. >> through our crnegotiation te resulted in him handcuffing himself and coming outside and surrendering to s.w.a.t. officers. >> the store manager was killed. several other people were injured and taken to the
10:47 pm
hospital. police are still interviewing witnesses. >> my daughter sent me a text saying there is a gunman in trader joe's and i love you mom. she said that she was in a back room and they were hiding from the gunman. to know that my little girl was trapped in there, it was awful. : reporter grandmother who was shot seven times underwent several the suspect is now facing a murder charge and being held on $2 million bail. jeff paul, fox news. now we turn to meteorologist mark tamayo in the weather center with a look ahead to what will be a hotter week. >> you will notice the change especially inland. we have had a bit of a break from the heat this weekend.
10:48 pm
over the next few days, you will notice a change for the inland spots. no advisories or warnings for us. take a look at livermore. today they maxed out in the upper 80s. they are on track to reach the mid to upper 90s by midweek. satellite and radar showing an active weather pattern once again. typically when you lose daytime heating, the thunderstorms go away. that is what has been happening. we still have lots of low clouds and fog hanging out just offshore and pushing locally back into the bay. that could impact visibility's once again if you are driving the coastline. current numbers, san francisco checking in at 59. san jose is still mild as 69. it is still pretty warm toward concord and fairfield. santa rosa checking in a 61. here is our live camera looking
10:49 pm
out toward the bay. not much in the way of fog clouding up this picture just yet but we could have the shallow cloud layer push back and over the next few hours. we will start out tomorrow morning in the 50s to the mid 60s. kind of a mild start out there. if you are heading to the coastline, this is not a high surf warning but essentially an advisory. we have a building surf out of the south. a lot of energy is being directed toward the coastline. we could have ban increase in the recurrent activity. that could be the case monday, tuesday, and wednesday. on shore we have this area of high pressure that will be building in tomorrow. we will begin to warm things up across most areas on monday. th will be tuesday primarily for the inland spots.
10:50 pm
the bay area is not dealing with extreme heat but we will be impacted. some low clouds and dense fog to start out the day tomorrow morning. monday afternoon, 96 in clear lake. vacaville, mid 90s. lots of 90s toward livermore, antioch, and brentwood. gilroy approaching the mid 90s. we could be flirting with the 70 by the embarcadero tomorrow af more 90s inland. that will be the big theme this week. we will gradually shave off a few degrees later in the period. we are talking about the microclimates. we will have to keep an eye on fire danger. it seems like these fires start happening in the temperatures go up. >> you were saying that places could be hitting 108 by
10:51 pm
wednesday. >> up and down the state that will be an issue. for pop-culture fans, this weekend was their super bowl., con in san diego. fans got sneak peaks at a bunch of upcoming blockbuster movies and tv series. 130,000 people spent 40 days dressed up and standing in line to submerge themselves in, con. -- in comic-con. >> when do you ever get to dress up and be completely your self in front of the only people ever that will understand this? >> studios and networks use san diego comic con as a launching pad by revealing new movie trailers. it wrapped up today.
10:52 pm
coming up, more on the heartbreaking news coming out of oakland. we are following breaking news where it is believed an 18-year-old girl has been fatally stabbed at a macarthur b.a.r.t. station. ktvu's rob malcolm just talked to the girls father. coming up, we are still keeping an eye on the grass fire that quickly spread to more than 300 acres in the south bay. the latest on the conditions coming up. the world cup of rugby invades san francisco. sports is next.
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another good game in the bay bridge series. >> six straight games between the two teamsyou could want. the final numbers say the a's won four of the six games played . oakland fans got their first look at the newly acquired reliever. this is a game that featured the long ball.
10:56 pm
the giants andrew mccutchen gotten to the long-haul act. mark melanson was on for the giants in the bottom of the 8th. he hung onto khris davis. he launched it to right center. that was also the second homer of the game for davis. it is still tied in the bottom of the second. matt chapman goes off brandon crawford and marcus simeon gets home with the winning run. the newly acquired familia gets to stay. an unlikely winner burst out of the pack to win the british open. tiger woods had himself in contention in a major. woods was two under when it all
10:57 pm
fell apart. he hit a fan and then ugh on th fairway. woods made a new friend but made double bogey. he finished three strokes back. rory mcilroy began the day tied with woods. plenty of speed on his eagle attempt at 14. the guy who made history was francesco molinari a of italy. he began three stokes back. he made birdie to finish a round . others on the course had a chance to catch him but his tournament total held up for a two stroke win over four players tied for second. he becomes the first italian to win one of golfs four major tournaments. that is a development that left him searching for an explanation. >> it is disbelief honestly.
10:58 pm
it is amazing to stand here. i am very proud of today. i am very proud of playing with tiger. that was another challenge because of the crowd and everything. i felt really good this morning when i came here. i felt like i was ready for the challenge. i am conscious it could have gone another way but i knew i was going to do my best today. >> took soccer 32 days in russen man rugby one weekend to do the same in san francisco.underdog lakeland with -- england against new zealand. new zealand was leading 14-7 in the 2nd half. new zealand goes
10:59 pm
on to win 33-12, defending its world cup title and winning for the third time in the nation's history. players were then free to execute something else they are known for. >> the u.s. were eliminated from championship play by england today. not a good thing for the u.s. argentina had a 33-7 winner as the u.s. goes 2-2 in the fourit weekend. >> stage xv of the tour de france was 150 mile affair today that came down to a final sprint. three riders broke away from the peloton and left it 13 minutes behind. magness courtney nelson out sprints two other riders to win
11:00 pm
the first stage of his career. coming up next, a double stabbing shuts down an oakland b.a.r.t. station. what we are learning about one of the victims. police have not yet confirmed that anyone was killed in a stabbing at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station but damon has told us ktvu's rob malcolm e macarthur b.a.r.t. station right now. it is just a heartbreaking scene. >> reporter: as frank said, it is important to remind our


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