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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 23, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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morning july 23. i am pam cook. >> let's talk about your weather for monday morning. steve paulson knows everything and he is here. >> i know a bit about a few things. >> hopefully today will be one where i know a lot about the weather. there is fog moving in again, and it looks like the start of a warm appear. is not crazy hot but it is going to warm up. near 100 on the most inner locations. it looks cooler for all. by the end of the week, the fog will continue to fill up flying down the coast from really not much to look at this. it went very crazy yesterday. thunderstorm activity going parallel to the coast. 50s and 60s on your coast here. and then warmer certainly from aqua bay. the water temperatures are up about 59 to 60 degrees.
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-- in the 59 to 60 degree range. at travis it is pretty good. thunderstorm activity has finally pushed off in the sierra. it may pick up a bit later on today. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. traffic is moderate this morning. we are looking at some of these commutes and i can see the traffic as i look to see if anything new has improved on the pass. because that is very slow this morning on 580 westbound getting out to the 205 interchange. right before the pass we do have close that started early. we had roadwork early and a crash. this whole thing has been slower than normal on a monday. by the time you get to livermore it looks a lot better getting out to the dublin area with no major issues all the way through. traffic and oakland looks good and so is 580. a bit of a backup here with an
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early start the bay bridge. at 5:01 am let's go back. >> we begin with developing news from oakland and mcarthur park station is open this morning. but that is following a double stabbing. one woman is dead and alyssa harrington is there. you just got some new information? >> that is right. good morning i'm told that these two sisters were riding a train around 945 p.m. they just pulled appear to the macarthur park station which we know is a very busy transfer point. they got off the train and a man followed them off the train. he then stabbed them on the platform. it appears to be a random attack. police responded just after 945 p.m. and we are told that the two women were sisters. -- 9:45 pm. and we are told that the two were sisters. they are not sharing the images with the public at this time.
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a man who identified himself as the father showed up at the horrible seen last night. here is what he had to say. >> i want justice for my daughter. help me get justice for my daughter. i worked at highland hospital and i've seen this every day. i cannot imagine myself going through anything like this. that is my baby girl out there. >> the woman who survived is being treated at the hospital. details are limited right now. however police say they are searching for a white male in his 20s or 30s with sandy blonde hair. macarthur park station is open this morning and i'm told that writers should not be impacted. melissa harrington, fox news. it is now 5:03 am six people were arrested after police chase and stand up and oakland. it ended shortly after 8:00 wednesday night. they ran into a home on for and 1/34 avenue. a few blocks from the bart
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station. neighbors were told to stay into the homes until police declared the home area trent -- until they declared the home area safe. police are not saying what led to the pursuit or the standoff. a groundskeeper living with cancer is testifying against mohn sancho. the parent company of the weedkiller roundup. 40 six-year-old dwayne johnson has non-hodgkin's lymphoma. he blames the weed killing chemical for his cancer. he used it while he was a groundskeeper for the nation school district. this is the first of what could be hundreds of lawsuits against roundups parent company. it claims that monsanto new roundup could cause cancer but did not warn customers. it is 5:04 am later this mayorsolving homelessness. 11:30 am the mayor and other city officials will be holding a news conference and while we don't have details yet, mayor reed in the past has spoken out
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against clearing homeless encampments around the city. last week he joined health department of public works crews as they cleared homeless camps offering medical services and access to a city navigation center. james madison and secretary of state mike pompeo will be in the bay area. there meeting with australian officials as part of an annual summit between the two nations. this year's event is that stanfords hoovered institution and focuses on issues including global security and defense. paulo alto is prepared for any protest surrounding the summit. it runs today and tomorrow. we are following developing news about the war of words between president trump and the leader of iran. irani president is warning president trump against he called hostile policies against tehran. saying that war with iran is the mother of all wars.
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president trump treated this response and in all capital letters quote, never ever threaten the united states again. or you will suffer the consequences. the likes of which few without -- throughout the history is ever suffer before. we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. be cautious. >> search efforts are underway in iowa for missing 20-year-old woman who grew up in oakland. family members reported molly tibbetts missing on thursday. she apparently left the house where she had been dog sitting and went for a jog before never turning. she is a student at the university of iowa. is five or 6 am and there's a fire country fire. rted near country 322 acres of burning so far. the flames reported just after 1:00 yesterday afternoon. you can see tall plumes of
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smoke for miles. the winds quickly pushed the flames uphill covered by lots of dry crash -- grass. those who have horses at those ranches raced over there to get them before the road was closed.>> i was shocked how bad it was. i thought, initially there was a small fire and it was a going to be a big deal. but it was alarming at that point. because of the sonoma fire another once we have seen, it can go up very quickly.>> cal fire has been using air tankers and helicopters dropping fire retardant on the burn zone. one born has been damaged but no homes have been burned.the w park. the ferguson fire has burned more than 32,000 acres after growt has now dropped to only 6%.
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the u.s. forest service has moved within two miles of the northwestern edge of yosemite. mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for two areas on the edge of the park where many yosemite employees lived. the park is still open at this point but there is a lot of smoke in the air. cal fire has lifted evacuation orders following the grass fire in lake county over the weekend. the carter fire started saturday afternoon and quickly grew to 60 acres in the area surrounding adobe creek road. firefighters have stopped the forward spread of the fire and it is now 80% contained. firefighters have not said how it started. is 5:08 am we are following developing news in toronto canada. we are nowing two shooting victims dead. several other people have been hurt. the gunman was shooting into the restaurant and shops in the area known as greektown. witnesses at first were unsure what they were hearing.
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>> i thought it was it was a lo and then there was more. >> i heard 20 shots. in it was crazy. clipping spent, reloading and then just over and over again. >> when will and died there at the scene. a young girl was critically injured but officials are not yet saying if she is the second shooting victim to die. the suspect killed himself after exchanging gunfire with toronto police. the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. a memorial service was held for the 17 people killed a tourist boat accident in branson missouri. 200 people attended the service yesterday including the city mayor, family and friends. the duck boat capsized thursday on table rock lake and as winds approach hurricane strength.
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one woman lost nine members of her family including her husband and children. she is just devastated. we will see you a bit about the funeral coming up. it is 5:10 am, the march for our lives movement is going into the bay area. the campaign to speak out against gun violence and what they hope to accomplish during the summer tour. a legal fight between the warriors and the city of oakland intensifies today. the reason that the city wants the team to come up with tens of millions of dollars before they had to san francisco. highway is a 92 with the san mateo bridge looking good heading over to the peninsula. temperatures start to bump up here after a normal day yesterday. 56 to 63 from santa rosa to santa fe. distance relationship.
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welcome back. the man arrested on saturday for storming a trader joe's in los angeles and taking the entire straw hostage has been formally charged with adkins first shot his grandmother and girlfriend before leaving police on a chase. it ended at the trader joe's with the store manager was killed. several others were injured. police are still interviewing witnesses. >> my daughter sent me a text
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message saying that there was a gunman in the trader joe's. and i love you mother. >> the stand up -- standoff with police lasted for three hours. it ended when he turned himself in. the suspects grandmother was shot seven times but survived and underwent surgery. the suspects girlfriend was grazed in the head by bullet and also remains in the hospital. prosecutors in clearwater florida say that a man was responsible for a deadly shooting that followed an argument over a parking space and he will not be arrested or charged. that is because of florida's controversial stand your ground law. the man who opened fire on another man outside of a convenience store had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. florida's stand your ground law allows a person to use deadly force in self-defense when they fear for their lives. however authorities admit that enforcing this law is difficult. >> this is not objective on
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what i would do or what you would do or even with the public would do. this is, more of a subject is standard. >> there saying we don't even have probable cause that he should be arrested. it will be hard for the state attorney's office to say what we think you should prosecute them. six years ago george zimmerman was acquitted for the fatal shooting of trey von martin which opened up the dialogue. the sonoma city council because considering a proposed ballot initiative to allow marijuana related this -- businesses. supporters want to create a green district which will allow the commercial manufacturing, distribution, cultivation and sale of cannabis and certain zoning districts. currently the city code only arouse it in sonoma and by a licensed delivery service to medical marijuana patients. the measure could go before the
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city voters on election day in november. arbitration hearing begins today over the golden state warriors plans to leave oakland for san francisco. east bay official say when the warriors moved across the bay next year, they will still owe taxpayers millions of dollars. coliseum official say it is used to pay off bonds for the written -- renovations. the language in the rental agreement allows the team to stop making payments. the rg -- arbitration hearing that is not open to the public or the media could continue all week. the arbitrator's decision will be final since both sides agreed to binding arbitration. what are you keeping an eye on there? >> things are beginning to cre
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will start off with the guild board commute on northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose. the traffic is looking good with lots of road work. the traffic continues to look good all the way through silicon valley. we are looking at the road work here and it does not seem as if it is creating a lot of store traffic. we have a little bit of slowing on highway 17 as we drive through getting up to 280. but it has been nice. this is a look at your bay bridge. it looks like it is crowded here with an early commute at 5:17 am. we have a lot of crowding at the toll plaza. is a mention, let's go to steve with our weather. >> we do have fog pouring in here. a delta brisas picked up but the inland temperatures are poised to make a move after the near-normal temperatures. they will be a bit above as we go to the next few days. areas of fog coming through. warming inland and especially on tuesday and wednesday. and then they will be cooler by
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the end of the week. focusing in on our normal area we were 89 yesterday which is the exact i to be able to that we should've had this item -- this time of year. we should start to drop off as we head toward thursday, friday and saturday. look at the clouds of banking in rapidly. going right down the coast the thunderstorm activity in the sierra was big time yesterday. especially around lake tahoe. you can see the reports have calmed down however later today a flash flood watches out starting at 2:00 including reno and south lake tahoe. if you are up there watch out because there could be a repeat performance. we are caught in between the low spinning drawing that tropical cloud.s and 60s for your temperatures. so then it will be one of the warmer locations. upper 50s to low 60s. 58 to santa cruz. 56 seems positive in the
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mountains. there is a roaring delta wind that picked up pretty fast here out of travis. for some it is onshore wind for sure. is going to start to warm up big time down toward desert southwest. 90 in phoenix and palm springs. they're looking at pretty hot conditions for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. mostly sunny skies after the fog hangs back by the coast. 60s and 70s there. no big change. temperatures inland are set warm up for the next couple of days. and then i think it levels off as we get back to a quiet july project in san francisco is becoming more expensive. how many millions of dollars it could cost to complehat fans can get to at&t park and the new to chase -- and the new chase center.
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welcome back. our time is 5:22 am. president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort goes on trial for bank and fraud charges. it will wednesday in
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alexandria virginia. despite metaphor's efforts to have it moved to roanoke, he claims that the jury pool is too liberal. and he cannot get a fair trial because of the media coverage. he is being prosecuted as part of robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. he is accused of hiding money that he earned in the ukraine to avoid playing -- paying taxes and then lying about his debt to get new loans. the woman known as a manhattan madam is expected to be questioned any special counsel investigation. they reportedly want to talk to kristin davis about her close ties to longtime trump advisor roger stone. roger stone is a person of interest in the investigation. but he denies any wrongdoing. special counsel investigation is looking into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. including any potential connection to president trump's campaign. it is 5:23 am newly released documents show that wa
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a former trump advisor. they believe the carter page had been recruited by the russians. the justice department released more than 400 pages that used to be top-secret. they believe the carter page was targeted and recruited by the russian government to undermine and influence the outcome of the presidential election. in complete violation of criminal law. carter page denied those allegations in interview with cnn. >> i've never been an asian of a foreign power by any stretch of the imagination. >> the president tweeted that it proved that the doj and fbi misled the court. others like senator marco rubio say that while they do not believe the information proved pollution, it also fails to prove the intelligent community was spying on the trump campaign. president-elect of mexico promises to deter migration to
5:25 am
the united states when he takes office in december. yesterday over door released a seven page letter that he sent to president trump. he lays out how he plans to throw it out there because he doesn't plan to leave. he also suggested the united states and mexico create an immigration plan to provide central american leaders to join them. mark to 78 has come back from a trip to the us-mexico border. the democrat from walnut creek wanted to see firsthand the federal facilities housing immigrant families. he says that any american would be ashamed of the way that the government has treated families who are to eat -- trying to enter the u.s. he is especially angry on how children are being treated. >> we had stories where a young
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man who was five years old was told that when -- told when he was separated that his parents had abandoned him. >> the congressman is returning to capitol hill and promises t is 5:26 am and overnight stabbing at a station in oakland leaves one woman dead and another hurt. will have the latest on the search for the suspect coming up. tough words from iran and a tough response from president trump. in washington, we will have more on that just ahead. ú a small -- stall vehicle or a crash. traffic is getting by but there's a backup here in san jose approaching downtown.
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i'm trying to ease you into your monday morning. >> thank you so much. >> you know you want to put on a dinner jacket with this music. and casually look at your penthouse window.
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and around the bay. and say welcome back to morning sun 2. it is monday, july 23. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook and thank you for joining us. how is the weather out there?>> not bad. not bad at all. i was just trying to listen to that music for a little bit. >> i know. >> smooth jazz. k blx. waed water temperature is 60 degrees which is the warmest it has been in some time. that is sam cisco buoy even areas of fog warming inland into wednesday cool by the end of the week. fog is pouring in for northwest and filling in rapidly. so there it is again even the
5:31 am
water temperatures have come up. big time thunderstorms over the mountains. there's a flash flood watch later today the starts at 2 pm until 9 pm. so that includes much of the area. will have another round of thunderstorm activity was 50s and 60s under temperatures across the bay. mid-50s to upper 50s. sam cisco was at 58 and those warm ocean temperatures have a lot to do with that. there is a coved -- a coalition. a few high clouds to the west that they mainly out there. 5:31 am this is when things go a little busier. that is what you are seeing. >> thank you very much there. the traffic is moving along tiv but it is getting more crowded for this type of morning we are a little bit of slowing already coming into vallejo toward 780.
5:32 am
also on ,37 there is stop and go traffic heading west toward sonoma and marin county. otherwise it goes to the bay bridge with an 18 minute drive between those two spots. when he gets the bay bridge you can see some slow traffic. right here on this ramp, coming into 87 northbound it looks like they've temporarily shut this down for the injury crash and it looks like the traffic may be a bit delayed getting into downtown santa fe. we will keep an eye on that for you as one of the bigger wrecks are in the silicon valley commute. we will keep an eye on all of this and let you know what is happening. 5:32 am let's go back to the desk. >> we continue to follow a heartbreaking and scary story this morning from the macarthur park station in oakland. two sisters were stabbed as they got off the train. one wa9:45 pm on the platform is doors were opening a people were getting off the train.
5:33 am
police say surveillance media yet. all they are saying is that the suspect is a man in his 20s or 30s. he is white with short hair. family members of the victims showed up at the macarthur station last night, and our crews spoke to the man who identified himself as the father of the victims. >> my daughter called me crying hysterically and i cannot understand what she was talking about. she said to get here. and then i see the police in a run of the platform. and then i see my youngest daughter laying up there dead. i want justice for my daughter. help me get that justice for my daughter. i work at highland hospital and i see this every day. i never imagine myself going through anything like this. that is my baby good -- ab girl laying there.
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>> we are told that the other victim is in the hospital. and that she is in critical condition. we do have a crew there at the macarthur park station and we are going to get an update for you coming up at 6 pm. survivors of valentine's day shooting in a florida high school made oakland the latest stop on the march for our lives tor. it began last month and since then, students from parkland florida have gone from city to city registering voters and talking about ending gun violence. they say they're working hard to motivate others to work for more peaceful future for everyone. >> is definitely a lot of work. will we volunteer our time to this because of what happened. we have to remember why we started this which is what keeps us motivated and going. i really want to protect others from gun violence because it's been really relevant recently.
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the students are focusing most of their attention on 18 to 29-year-olds who they say are the least involved age groups. soudan say that they're the ones that have the most to gain the most to lose from continuing gun violence. veterans home a former soldier killed three female staff members ing. the pathway home has been closed since march 9 when a veteran shot and killed the facility director psychologist and therapist before killing himself. the gunman received a mental health services at the facility but was discharged two weeks before the shooting for bringing in knives. veterans in pathway programs have since been referred to other service providers the chairwoman of the board says the pathway homes will continue to honor the memory of the fallen staff members by working to support similar programs locally and nationwide. with him watching a still developing story overnight of another war
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of words on twitter between president trump and the the oth iranian regime. he's asked to get out of the iran nuclear deal. >> iran is never shy about showing off military might. the president trump is responding in kind. you return last night after weekend in new jersey and just hours later came on twitter. all caps, to present were vani, never ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffer before. we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. be cautious. what prompted that? a threat from the su the provid the translation. did -- mister trump did upload
5:37 am
wars. reaction to new economic sanctions. all part of the step up campaign that mike pompeo spoke about just last night. >> united states here's you. we support you. the united states is with you. when the united states sees the shoots of liberty pushing up we pledge our solidarity. >> the white house says that the president is not trying to escalate tensions with the ran but they are trying to inside the united states. in washington, ktvu fox news.53 home a terrifying scene at berkeley for one family. bullets smashed through their living room window yesterday morning. and happen at 1:30 am at 10th and delaware street. two children were sleeping inside at the time but they were unhurt.
5:38 am
the parents were hit by flying glass. they suffered hits on the legs and the gunfire woke up the whole neighborhood. >> i heard really loud gunshots. and i counted them right afterward. i think it was about seven maybe eight. >> the investigation goes on this morning. so far, there has been no word of the suspect. a suspect pulled from a water at the beach is in critical condition. at about 3:30 pm a 20-year-old man was surfing when for some unknown reason, he passed out. the lifeguard pulled him to shore and started cpr until chp helicopter arrived. the man was flown the stanford medical center way where he remains this morning. p chicken made its way back to the bay area. 33 foot tall blimp showing it moving from the golden gate
5:39 am
bridge to mccovey cove. the group san francisco text march put it on display. it was last seen in the bay area in february for presidents' day. it is 5:39 am, an organization that some call a hate group is gathering saying oakland. we will tell you how local bars and restaurants are reacting. also reaction from mayor libby chen. knew registrations for the rideshare scooters. the upcoming vote on the rules some things out there that might slow you down including getting into downtown san jose. the ramp from 280 northbound is partially blocked by a
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welcome back. it is 5:42 am. 20 sparano the former oakland coach has died at the age 56. hip in the offense of line coach for the minnesota vikings, and on thursday he went to the hospital complaining of chest pains. but he was sent home after taking several tests. during his career, he also coached for the 49ers, miami, cleveland, washington and jacksonville. census go 49ers have reached an agreement with its first from pick. offensive lineman mcritchie will be serving a $80 million contract today. he is from notre dame and it was the ninth overall pick in this year's draft. it looks like you will start for the 49ers the season. the report to santa clara on wednesday.
5:43 am
they will have a few weeks to practice for hosting the dallas cowboys for a preseason game on august 7 at levi stadium. the rookie report for the oakland raiders camp marks the return of john gruden as coach. is now 5:43 am, the oakland a's beat the giants 6-5. and they won this years babe ruth series. johnny cueto erwin, cliff davis -- and cliff davis homered in the first inning. the giants did not give up without a fight. they tied the game in the seventh inning. thinks rbis from the panda and it was still tied when matt chapman came up and attempted. >> areas. a big chopper. crawford charges and he misses it. the ball goes over. brandon -- brandon crawford
5:44 am
could just not get that up. and then marcus scored the winning run and they 16-5. there is this years babe ruth. >> the bay area has also been the world cup of rugby. the u.s. played argentina for fifth place to see if the team was down 12-0 or whether it was something where she could go on and when. 33-7 -- 3-7. new ceiling ended up winning that tournament. possible weeklong stretch of really hot weather. importantly, temperatures will be in the upper 90s today and tomorrow. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory for this afternoon. even though humidity levels will be staying relatively low through this heatwave, many of the pacific northwest does not have air conditioning. so that long heatwave will be dangerous.
5:45 am
is a similar situation in texas. a dog and dallas is trying to deal with triple dip -- digit temperatures this weekend. the dog was driving his favorite sprinkler into the house. >> groups. >> they shared the photos of their dog entering water in the past. but this particular one has now gone viral. the cost of a major project that connects mission bay to downtown san francisco is getting more expensive. the examiner reports that the third street light rail project -- 1.$4 million. -- 1.4 million dollars. the extra cost is to install electric cable covering. an early look at how the city of oakland may start to regulate those rideshare
5:46 am
scooters. city council is due to vote on an ordinance tomorrow night and they are considering a flexible usage based cap. the war that the scooters are used the more they will be allowed in the city. >> the question is, how do we make sure that the stew transportation option is made available to those in an equitable way. while having responsible regulations that prevent them from becoming blight or tripping hazards. otherwise being a disruption. >> the city of pocatello with several scooting companies like wine, bird and spam, sal will be taking an in-depth look at oaklands scooter plan. they also will be taking a ride on one of them. was last time you on a scooter? >> look, if i can write them, anyone can. >> but how old? >> i tried it before. so we will not talk about that.
5:47 am
>> so you have been on a scooter recently? >> not like since you were 10 or something. >> relatively recently. that's a good way of putting a. we are looking at the commute here, and traffic is going to be busy on the approach. 580, 205 and you can see it for yourself here. the traffic is still blocking two 285. it has been there for a bit and unfortunately this commute is not get going into later on. we have huge backups and we will let ywith our weather.>> happy monday. there is fog already pouring in.
5:48 am
over oakland we have a pretty good fog bank. nothing new as we've seen that most of the month. we've seen it most of the summer actually. there is persistent onshore breeze as well. areas of fog and warming inland. it will top out wednesday, and the biggest teat if you will will be to the south of us. cool by the end of the week. 89 yesterday and exactly we should be as i'm here peeking out at 96 on wednesday. but it sure looks livermore will get through july without an official 100 degree temperature. they've yet to have one this july. not officially. south facing beaches, coastal forecast, hazardous sealevel with 60 degree water. even the database is to come get into it.
5:49 am
i don't have a problem forming in it is pouring in. focusing our attention over the mountains, many reports that it knife deep to the side isn't going to do much. 50s, and 60s here in pope valley. it was accidental here 53. bookends are around park and 57 degrees. there is an offshore went for some which makes it west, southwest of fairfield of 30. so songs that holds the temperatures are not even that much above average unless it falls apart and collapses. we are getting ready for very hot conditions certainly done in phoenix and possibly palm springs. y look to central california.
5:50 am
be around 1:15 am to 1:17 am. there goes the activity, it is flying out but it will pick up again today hopefully. if you're traveling here, you're keeping an eye on the sky. tropical moisture testing onshore for now. warmer temperatures inland certainly around the bay. tuesday and wednesday we are not expecting records, but will start to ease up a bit of a northern view. ahead, a possible source of revenue from everything from the police to the park. we will tell you what one east bay city mayor has asked voters to approve.
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half proposal that will help pay to maintain the city's 911 response times. it will also retain and recruit more experienced police from a .75% to nine point to 5%. that is expected to raise $3.2 million a year.
5:54 am
for the next few days, the visitors can still return of our. will get to see and smell it's distraction. we are in full bloom after weeks of anticipation. last night there's a line of people waiting to get inside. some people say you can actually smell it from about a foot away. the pizza company has adopted a poison pill. they want to keep schneider from having controlling interest in papa john's. right now he owns 29% of the company's stock. he stepped down as chairman earlier this month after using a racist term during a media training session. cvs has apologized to transgender woman in arizona heo says that a pharmacist prescription. 25-year-old hilda hall said she went to cvs pharmacy in april
5:55 am
to pick up a prescription for hormone therapy. she said that she was questioned about the prescription and humiliated in front of other customers. the fire -- pharmacist officially decided not to sell it to them. hall wrote about the incident a blog post for the aclu, and cvs is a pharmacist no longer works for company. the company that makes ritz crackers has issued a nationwide recall because of salmonella concerns. 16 varieties of ritz cracker sandwiches and ritz bits have been pulled from store shelves. they contain whey powder which is something that has been recalled by the -- finders. so far no illnesses have been reported. , con, -- mic con had a lot interesting
5:56 am
characters running around the convention. it is the biggest event for fans of these popular series. is also a place where they can find out everything about upcoming tv, movie and other projects. new video was shown for several movies including aquaman, and a reboot of the predator.>> coming here and dropping footage, debuting footage is one of -- as one of thousands of fans it is key for movie success on the line. if you can deliver an experience hear this memorable, your film will go on to be a big hit. >> in case you missed it, there are other comic con events across the country including in palm springs and los angeles next month. coming up, helping solve the homeless crisis in san francisco. the announcement expected today from air reed's office to address the problem. a new warning this morning about a wave of unregistered firearms. anyone
5:57 am
can soon have a gun without a background check. clear mac --
5:58 am
5:59 am
. two women were stabbed last night. we now know that the suspect actually followed his victims off of the train. will have the latest details not investigation. terror in toronto canada were two people are now pronounced dead. 14 people were shot. a child is in critical condition. the sutill not found a motive. thank you for joining us here this monday morning to the 23rd. i cannot pam cook. >> let's check the monday morning weather. it says right over here.
6:00 am
as we head into the weekend there's a low cloud deck here. it fills in quite nicely if not the water temperatures have warmed up to 60 degrees in between the area. the storm activity continues to erupt. during the day, there's a wide variety here. we are expecting more today. flash flood watches up from 2 am to 9 pm. 50s and 60s and most the temperatures muster well inland. 61 by the pavilion. martinez is the upper 60s around the area as well.


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