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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 26, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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trying to get power restored to the last area that doesn' ho but we can teat this point is 60% it's burned 247 acres. and cal fire has the fire surrounded so it's only burning inside the perimeter at this point. and of the 100 structures that are threatened, roughly two dozen of those are homes, the rest sheds or barns. >> the property all around the house is burnt. >> reporter: david and kit are surveying the damage around their home. >> you know it's just kind of taking inventory of what's damaged, um, how do we make it livable. >> reporter: their house's infrastructure is damaged. it's covered in pink fire retardant and a toyota we have a pink passenger seat. i hate to say it, the car stinks. >> reporter: the is thankful everyone made it out okay including their cat, joe- 2. >> he is just the best cat. that's what we were mainly concerned about was getting him. >> reporter: with roughly 50
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firefighters in the area, no one has seen him until the family returned home wednesday night. >> we walked in the backyard and gave a call and he came out of nowhere, jumped up into my arms, and was very sheepish around all the other people. and was very happen to see us. >> reporter: cal fire has the upper hand but evacuation orders are still in place. >> we are working in the interior. some of the burned material rolls out and ignites around the home. that's our concern. >> reporter: officials believe the fire originated at the marsh creek detention facility and marsh creek road. the cause is under investigation. firefighters keep working to protect anything they can. >> if it wasn't for them, the house wouldn't be here. huge thanks and appreciation to them. reporter: the marsh fire bushed one home yesterday and three outbuildings at least. cal fire says they are working to get those containment numbers up. they anticipate it will go up tonight and possibly have full
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containment by tomorrow night. frank, julie? >> christina, you say that the fire right now is 60% contained. how many homes are still threatened and just wondering, we can't see any flames behind you. how far is the fire from where you are? >> reporter: so, i would say it's behind us in the hills off to our left. so you can't see the fire because it's burning in really steep terrain. and it's inside really the entire perimeter that cal fire has set up. as we said earlier, of the 100 structures that are threatened, only 2 dozen of those are actual homes that people live in. the rest are things like outbuildings, sheds and barns. but people are still being evacuated. i don't anticipate any other structures burning down. cal fire says they have a good handle on it, just working on hot spots and trying to get the fire that's burning in that flames today because it's in such steep terrain. >> are there still air attacks? yesterday we heard the 747 dropped 20,000 of fire retardant on the fire, just a
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huge plane. are there still planes and helicopters fighting this fire? >> reporter: actually, there aren't. yesterday there was an air attack. today they got a good handle on it it and there was no air attack needed whatsoever. so really what we have seen today are the ground crews. we have fire trucks, water tender trucks out here, fire crews looking over hot spots. but everything is being done on the ground level at this point. no air attacks today. >> all right, cristina rendon near clayton tonight. cristina, thank you. this is what losing almost 20% of your market value in one day looks like. that graph shows facebook stock dropping off a cliff this morning. the cause, a prediction that the company's revenue growth will continue to slide. that stock collapse wiped out $119 billion in market value. one of the worst single day losses in market history. the drop personally cost mark zuckerberg more than $15 billion. ktvu's tom vacar talked to people who have been following the high-tech industry for years and tom has more from
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the newsroom. >> reporter: there is no sugar- coating this financial and reputational heart attack that facebook suffered today but it's born to note that the patient did not die. >> reporter: facebook stock got torpedoed the very second the stock market had a chance to react to its bad financial news. attorney terry connolly a former wall street banker and retired dean of the golden gate university school of business says it was way too big of a drop. >> the market is having an episode of facebook derangement syndrome. >> reporter: with investors it all boils down to two words, expenses versus income. on the expense side, the need to hire thousands of people to better protect user privacy and to bolster its own image. >> facebook always takes a hit when it reveals that it's investing seriously in its business in terms of its best interests going forward. >> reporter: larry magid is the dean of tech area tech analysts. >> facebook is having to pay more to shore up its systems and national advertising to try to convince us that they are making that change. >> reporter: on the income
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side, facebook's growth raises another red flag. >> its growth is slowing down. its income is possibly going to slow down. and their expenses have gone up. so they are worried about a revenue hit. >> reporter: magid says many observers worry that way too many users are spending too much time on facebook to the detriment of their personal lives, careers and families. and so many are reassessing their own use as well as tiring of all the online rancor, rudeness and politicization of the platform. but there's more to facebook than facebook. >> the company still is profitable. it is still growing ever so slightly. and it still has secret sauce in "whatsapp" and instagram successful products attracting young people globally. >> reporter: dean says at this new low price he expects cooler heads to be looking for a bargain. >> and take a second look at this $120 billion loss and seso be made there.
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>> reporter: for perspective, other mega companies that have suffered mega losses included apple, microsoft, intel, google, worked out for them. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom, with facebook's revenue drop expected, are there concerns that facebook could fade away? >> reporter: it's no secret. i think a lot people were surprised how big this announcement that they made was but yeah, will facebook die? probably not. but could it fade away? you betcha. i put down a list together, shadows of their former dominant selves, aol still in business, but not the dominant isp. myspace, almost gone, mostly a music thing now. and gone, alta vista with preceded google. netscape, napster, and a long, long, long list of
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dot-com bust sites. >> we forget about those but those are all great examples. tom, thank you. well, facebook's fall weighed on the overall market especially tech stocks. the dow was up 112 points an gains by consumer goods and energy companies. but the nasdaq fell 80 points. and the s&p lost 8. several dozen people protested outside of ktvu earlier today. they were angry over a picture that we used earlier this week during our coverage of the murder of nia wilson. paul chambers talked to the group earlier today. >> reporter: from skyfox you can see roughly 60 people marching in the streets of oakland. the group came together to protest an insensitive photo that ktvu showed of 18-year- old nia wilson. she was killed sunday night on a macarthur bart platform. >> putting that youngster up there with -- of what is to be misinterpreted as a pistol and a gun which automatically switched the narrative. we are the victim here. we're not dealing with a
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suspect. >> reporter: on monday, ktvu used several photos of wilson, one of the photos painted her in a negative light. it only aired once at noon and ktvu apologized. but the damage was already done. protestors feel the image is an effort by mainstream media to disparage african- americans. >> when we're hurting, when we're being victimized, for us to be painted in that image is an obvious disrespect. it's a slap in the face not only to the family, but to millions of girls. >> reporter: a bay area rapper spoke on their behalf outside ktvu studios and issued a list of demands. >> for someone to come out and be accountable for the displacement and the defamation of character. and we wish to impose agendas and policies that is a reflection of the community. >> reporter: the protest was peaceful and hosted by oakland artists who were able to air their grievances and then leave. in the newsroom, i'm paul
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chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. the suspect in nia wilson's murder is in jail on murder charges. his next court date is late august. it could mean for some of our heaviest routes that you might have to wait longer. there might be a pass-up because of buses too full. >> muni slows down in the city. the reasons behind slower service including construction. >> another mural defaced in the mission. this time, vandals targeted a mural featuring cesar chavez. what we know about who did this coming up. plus -- >> doesn't seem to matter if we have a wet or dry winter. california is prone for wildfire. >> california on fire. with thousands of people evacuated, investigators now believe one person is responsible for starting at least five of those fires. >> i'll bet you noticed it cooled off a bit today. temperatures were cooler and it helped out a lot with air quality and the with the temperatures. see you back here.
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the u.s. faces a court ordered deadline at midnight tonight to reunite more than 2500 children separated from their parents at the southern border. federal officials told the judge today that 1820 children have been reunited so far. that leaves 700 who are still separated. some of the parents have already been deported. activists with the families belong together coalition marched to capitol hill today in protest over the separations. >> we brought the kids to raise their voices for other children to say we need to reunify families immediately and end the zero humanity
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policy that created this crisis. >> both sides are due back in court in san diego tomorrow. meanwhile, immigration attorneys say they have advocates in central america and elsewhere looking for those parents who were deported without their children. the trump administration's immigration policy is also preventing many high skilled foreign-born workers from entering the u.s. according to a new report from the national foundation for american policy, there has been a dramatic spike in the number of h-1b visas denied by federal immigration officials. rejections of h-1b visa applicants rose 40% in the last quarter of last year. those visas are often used by silicon valley companies to fill jobs. twitter is continuing its purge of fake accounts and spam on its platform. the company announced this week it deleted more than 143,000 apps in addition to millions of fake accounts that were purged in recent weeks causing many of the sites' top users to lose followers.
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former president obama lost 3 million followers dropping to 101 million. and president trump lost 340,000 down to 53 million. the president is taking on twitter accusing the company of a practice called shadow banning. today he tweeted, quote, twitter is shadow banning prominent republicans. we will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! many complaints. shadow banning is when a person's posts are made invisible to most other users. the president's tweet follows a widely circulated article by vice news saying a handful of republicans have been shadow banned. twitter responded that it does not shadow ban any of its users. governor brown has declared a state of emergency in mariposa county. a fire burned more than 43,000 acres in all and so far it's only 27% contained. entrances to the park on highway 140 and highway 41 have both been closed. this is also the first time that the park has been closed in 30 years.
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and thousands of tourists have been evacuated from yosemite national park. both yosemite valley and the wawona area of the park are expected to stay closed through sunday. and in southern california, thousands of people have been evacuated as a fast-moving wildfire there continues to grow. jeff paul tells us that authorities think this fire was deliberately set. my dad lives there. i woke him up from a nap at the time and i was, like, we got to go. and he looked outside and there was smoke. and ashes were coming down. and it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: the fire started wednesday in the area just east of los angeles, has already burned more than 4700 acres. >> doesn't seem to matter if we had a wet or dry winter. california is prone for wildfire. >> reporter: police believe the cranston fire is one of five that were set intentionally ar. 32-year-old brandon mcglover was arrested wednesday night and booked on five counts of arson. as the fire continues to
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spread rapidly, authorities have ordered more than 3,000 to evacuate as well as several other neighboring towns. residents there left worried but grateful for the work that hundreds of firefighters are doing to hopefully protect their homes. >> if it wasn't for them, we would be gone. i believe that. i just -- really, really devastating this time around. so i just hope that it stays over there and if that stays over there, i think we'll be all right. i think god saved us again. >> makes me worried for the families most of all. i'm praying everything will be all right for them. >> reporter: the cranston fire is just one of several burning across this state amidst a heat wave that has seen triple- digit temperatures over the last several days. in los angeles, jeff paul, fox news. all right. let's get a check of the weather now. it's been hot and dry. hard for firefighters out there. >> yeah. >> what are the conditions same? >> you know, actually it's a little cooler today, jules. but you're right, the inland valleys is warmer in some places so we still have heat advisories in the inland valleys. but in the bay-proper, we have
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dropped maybe 5 to 8 degrees which is helpful. you probably noticed these are julie mentioned. you get 113 in redding. ukiah 106. modesto 102. for us a nice pause of onshore winds. that really kept the temperatures down around the bay. we have thunderstorms in bishop and lake tahoe, as well. most of the activity now around topaz lake up above bear valley here and some stuff out by reno. not as much as a few days ago in the lake tahoe area but still continuing a diurnal -- nights and afternoon thunderstorms. there's the fog along the coast and there's a lot of it now, more than we have seen in the last couple nights. it's a little deeper -- already, across market street, it's in san francisco, it's in the richmond district. you're wearing jackets and
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gloves and whatever out in the edgemar district of pacifica and daly city. it will be a couple of days with constant fog as it has been this week, which has saved us from those heat advisories. there's the heat advisory up there. you can see the sea breeze, where, just pushes in. the green colors represent temperatures in the 60s and even 50s in some cases like half moon bay. then you see the heat getting shunted out to the east. there's problems on the western grid because you have tucson, phoenix, l.a., everybody sweltering, big numbers. but in the bay, because of our natural air-conditioning, we are getting a break. we're fortunate, too, because if we didn't have this, we would be feeling this heat in places like oakland and san francisco and not wired for air-conditioning, not typically. some people are but not a lot of air-conditioning in oakland and san francisco. so heat advisories more signifi but it's not happening because
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we have a nice sea breeze. so tomorrow, more of the same. there's the sea breeze 18-mile- an-hour winds up in san rafael. sfo gusting to 30. that's a good sign, too, for cooling. so as we head into tomorrow, kind of cool, what do we have now? that's obviously san francisco. which camera is that? 101? yes, i guess it is. you can see what is it, frank? i know. what is it again? 555 california. if you have friends in the city they are wearing jackets and hustling to get on bart where they go through the tunnel and it's going 100- something degrees in antioch. when i talk back we'll have the weekend forecast. thank you. are you ready for some football? coming up in a moment, we'll take you to the 9ers' training camp. >> and coming up at 6:00, a fou in walnut creek. the concerns about where that trap came from and how it's being used.
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football season is under way and preseason fans were able to cheer on the 49ers on the practice field. >> i love that music. ktvu's south bay reporter jesse gary tells us the 49ers' goal during the preseason is actually to get fans as close to the action as possible. reporter: once again, the san francisco 49ers are coming together to bond and blend as
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a team during preseason training camp. >> guys are excited, amped up, flying around, a lot of good effort and competing. always encouraging. >> reporter: the teams is opening -- the team is opening its practice to the public. it's set up to challenge the athletes and engage the fans. >> it's going to be close and personal. that's what kyle and john wanted. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> that means there are going to be people surrounding the field, yelling and screaming. this is a chance for them to come and be literally feet away as players are practicing. >> reporter: the first of the faithful such as brian navorro arrived more than an hour before the first whiz. >> this season there's something different about this year. you got jimmy g, sherman. >> reporter: team officials say another difference is the clientele for practices. more room was made so that more regular fans, not just season ticket holders or advertisers, can come see and share this experience. >> i was just really happy that i got to come and get signatures and watch the
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football players play and it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: some of the players say they are happy to hear the cheer of the home fans on day one of what will be a long season. >> get the fans to come out and see us work and, you know, take those steps to get to where, you know, they are going to see us in the season. so it's all love and we appreciate having them here. >> reporter: the 49ers have nine more practices this preseason that are open to the public. and team officials say ticket sales are going quickly. proceeds from those ticket sales go to the 49ers foundation which supports various charities around the bay area. season kicks off on the 9th of september with the first home game here is against detroit. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the oakland raiders checked into training camp today. rookies, veterans and some new faces were all there including wide receiver jordy nelson on the right. marshawn lynch also arrived for his second season. one of the keys is if khalil
5:25 pm
mack will show up. he is threatening to hold out. according to espn's adam shafter, new head coach gruden and mack have not talked once since the raiders hired gruden in january. >> hm. coming up, things are going a little slower in san francisco at least when it comes to muni. >> it's been a lot more crowded and the buses take longer to come. >> coming up, the reasons for the muni slowdown and what a construction project has to do with it. >> and it's happened again. someone has defaced another mural in the mission district. this one features labor leader cesar chavez. >> also ahead, thousands of towns have a tasty street spilling on to a bay area freeway. can you tell what this is from this video from skyfox? the answer and the clean-up coming up next. .
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we have some breaking news we want to tell you about right now in san jose. what you're looking at are live pictures from skyfox. this is 101, the southbound lane, in san jose near 880.
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what you can see here is that there was a van on the left and a car on the right. they got into an accident. the car flipped over. the van caught fire. we don't know if there are any injuries. but as we pan out, you will see that only one lane of southbound 101 near 880 is open right now. and as we pan over, you will see the traffic backup as a result of this. it's immense. judging from the pictures, it looks like it's going to take them a little while to get that scene cleared up. so again, this is happening on southbound 101 near 880, an accident involving a van and a car. the car overturned, the van caught fire. we are working to get more information particularly whether or not anyone was hurt. we just don't know that right now. but the bottom line is, that there is a big traffic backup on 101 right now with only one lane open because of the accident that you're looking
5:30 pm
at right here. muni riders say they may be seeing longer waits and more crowded because because of an overall system slowdown. ktvu's christien kafton tells us that muni is saying a lot of factors have come together to create a slowdown and has a look now at the conditions that commuters are facing. >> reporter: buses crisscross san francisco at all times of the day and night carrying out nearly 3/4 million rides a day. some passengers notice the buses are coming slower and when they do come, they're packed. >> it's been more crowded and takes longer to come. >> reporter: muni says a unique series of factors have come together to create a shortage of bus drivers. for one, they are integrating new buses and light rail vehicles and technology taking drivers out to service to train them. at the same time, the agency is working on a two-month project upgrading the twin peaks tunnel. that means the trains that usually ferry passengers on that route are out of the mix and bus drivers have been pulled from lines throughout the system to operate the bus
5:31 pm
bridge. that means ripple effects on major commute lines throughout san francisco. >> it could mean for some of our heaviest routes you might have to wait longer. there might be a pass-up because a bus is too full. we are going to try to minimize the impact as best we can. >> reporter: the bus drivers union leadership says the slowdown is a result of too few drivers. they would like to see more operators in the system and see that those operators are compensated to attract and retain the best and brightest. sfmta says it's working on training drivers as quickly as possible. >> we're looking to -- for any other option, all options, to get this resolved as soon as possible. >> reporter: riders who noticed the slowdowns say they hope to see relief soon. >> i have been riding muni for 20, 30 years now. and it used etr. now it's getting a little bit worse. but hopefully once the tunnel construction is completed, it will be a lot better. >> reporter: for now the sfmta is encouraging riders to follow their social media account to get the latest information about backups and
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delays. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. close to 40,000 pounds of sunflower seeds spilled on a west oakland freeway earlier today. about 11:15 a.m. a big rig carrying the sunflower seeds toppled over on the west grand avenue on- ramp and then lost its load. the chp says the on-ramp was blocked for hours this afternoon as crews cleaned it up. no one was injured. and no other vehicles were involved. he cause is under investigation. but the chp says speed may have been a factor. authorities didn't say where it was headed when the crash happened. a crash earlier today in san rafael left this truck dangling off of highway 101! the truck and a car collided about 9:30 this morning in the southbound lane. one person in the car was injured. the chp closed the highway in the area for about an hour and needless to say, traffic backed up for miles. debris from the truck damaged two cars parked below. the truck was eventually towed
5:33 pm
from the scene. and the freeway was reopened. mountain view police arrested a 31-year-old woman today wanted for trying to kidnap a toddler. investigators say the woman was wearing a mask yesterday when she approached a woman, her daughter and grandchild at fairmont avenue. the suspect reached for the child, prompting a grandmother to try to stop her. police say that's when gomez hit the grandmother and threatened the child's mother before driving away. investigators say detailed descriptions from the two women led them to gomez early this morning at a shell gas station. she was arrested on charges including attempted kidnapping and battery. the chp has made an arrest in connection with a deadly hit-and-run crash in the east bay. the crash killed a bike rider tuesday night in crockett. since then, the family of 42- year-old christopher booneg has been asking for the public's help in tracking down the driver. when investigators got the tip that led them to the suspect,
5:34 pm
they say it wasn't what they expected. >> we got information about the driver and suspect vehicle which was not a blue pickup truck. it ended up being a red mini cooper. >> they said 28-year-old kiely dirksen is arrested in connection with the hit-and- run. another mural in san francisco's mission district has been vandalized. apparent gang graffiti has been sprayed onto a depiction of cesar chavez. this is the third mural to be defaced in the city in just the past few weeks. ktvu's rob roth spoke with one of the artists and residents who say they are frustrated by what's happening. reporter: for more than 20 years this mural featuring cesar chavez and others has been part of the landscape on york street and 24th in the mission. but sometime tuesday night, it appears street gang members defaced it. >> my first reaction is anger because art is there for everybody.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: carlos gonzales was the main artist for the mural. he also spent many years as a juvenile probation officer working to get young people away from gangs. the mural was meant to show people who made a difference in their communities. >> a mirror on the community as well as a spotlight for revolutionary heroes. kind of like inspiring the people that see it. >> reporter: gonzales says the eagle in the mural is the symbol of the united farm workers but it has been adopted by a street gang making a rival gang angry. >> many of the kids in the gang culture that are on the opposite side tend to see red literally when they see that and they cross it out. >> reporter: but especially disturbing to many in the mission is that this is the third mural in the neighborhood that's been defaced this month. about two weeks ago, vandals got to a mural of santana, and then they struck a gentrification mural.
5:36 pm
they think it's racist. this one is gang-related. >> it's disappointing, with cesar chavez, carlos santana, people in the community getting disrespected like this. >> i'm a teacher so this makes me wonder if the kids even know what they're doing. >> reporter: gonzales said he would like to find those responsible for the damage to the chavez mural. >> we need to educate those people on, you know, what the murals really mean, what they stand for. >> reporter: the artist says he and others who worked on the mural will be out here next week to repair it with the hopes that next time, people will leave it alone. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. investigators say they are combing through large amounts of information from social media sites and other digital sources in the search for a missing student from the university of iowa who has ties to oakland. 20-year-old molly tibbits was last seen about a week ago jogging in brooklyn, iowa. friends and family say she usually wore a fitbit fitness
5:37 pm
tracker and investigators are now hoping to use information from that device to hopefully locate her. they are also poring through information they have gathered from social media sites that she used. tibbits grew up in oakland and moved to iowa in elementary school. authorities say as more time passes without finding her, the possibility grows that she was taken against her will. still ahead tonight, new threats of sanctions from president trump. why the president aimed a tweet at turkey today. plus -- >> i was emotional. for sure. i welled up a little bit. >> an emotional reunion and a warning to parents after a lifeguard had to help rescue a boy buried by sand on a beach in santa cruz.
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we have some breaking news right now. a south korean news organization is reporting a u.s. military plane is heading to north korea right now to pick up remains of u.s. soldiers who were killed in the korean war. the return of the remains was one of the agreements reached during president trump's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. no word on how many remains will be transferred back to the u.s. authorities in greece today said they suspect arson was behind deadly wildfires that ripped through a coastal resort area near athens. at least 83 people were killed on monday when flames engulfed seaside villages. greek officials today said
5:41 pm
that an analysis of satellite images indi fires were set in several places within a short period of time. most casualties were found in a small seaside resort. it was a fire trap with poor safety standards and few escape routes. an american pastor in turkey has been released from jail and will be held under house arrest. but the trump administration is still threatening to impose sanctions. president trump made this threat on twitter saying that pastor andrew brunson is innocent and he should be released immediately. brunson was arrested after a failed coup attempt in turkey two years ago. vice president mike pence spoke at a conference of religious freedom echoing the president's demands. >> brunson is an american citizen who lived in turkey for more than two decades raising his family there, sharing the gospel of jesus christ faithfully in his ministry. release pastor andrew brunson more or be prepared to face the consequences.
5:42 pm
>> turkey says brunson could be released in the united states extradites a turkish cleric, fethullah gulen, currently living in pennsylvania accused of trying to overthrow the turkish government in 2016. a day after house republicans introduced a resolution to impeach deputy district attorney general rod rosenstein, his boss attorney general jeff sessions, is standing behind him. rosenstein is overseeing the russia investigation. today sessions said that he had the highest confidence in his deputy attorney general. yesterday, republicans said they wanted to impeach rosenstein accusing him of withholding key information about the russia probe from congress. democrats say that move is just an effort to undermine the investigation. >> the, um, attack on rosenstein, of course, is an attack on the mueller investigation. >> frankly, it's mind-boggling that justice won't comply. they ought to want to work with us to root out the bad
5:43 pm
apples and if putting impeachment on the table is one more tool gets them to finally comply with the subpoenas from congress, we need to make sure that they do their job and they comply. >> congress is not scheduled to vote on the impeachment resolution but there is a possibility that lawmakers could take it up after the august recess. president trump pushes his economic agenda in iowa and illinois while here in washington, republicans are talking about tax reform part 2. i'm ray bogan, that's coming up. >> a warning from lifeguards after a boy was buried by sand at this santa here from the lifeguard who helped rescue him coming up. >> and we still have a heat advisory in the inland bay valleys. it's hot inland, much cooler at the coast with the fog. how about this weekend? what's it going to be like? details right after the break. distance relationship.
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the summer break a lot of people are heading to the beach. a recent rescue on a beach in santa cruz has lifeguards warning parents about the dangers of sand. a boy had to be rushed to the hospital after he was buried by sand when the tunnel he was digging collapsed. fortunately he is okay. maureen naylor has the warning that everybody lifeguard wants the people to hear before the next trip to the beach. >> just the fact that it was a child it was a big impact on me. >> reporter: 22-year-old ryan says she won't forget what happened saturday afternoon while lifeguarding in this tower at seabright state beach
5:47 pm
in santa cruz. >> someone ran up to me and said there was a boy stuck in the sand. >> reporter: a 10-year-old boy was buried by sand along the shoreline and they ran to get help. by the time they reached him, wasn't breathing. >> it sounds like the boy was digging in the sand and actually digging a tunnel in the sand. and the sand probably collapsed on top of him and he couldn't get out. and he couldn't get air. >> i wasn't even aware that that could happen. but i try not to let them dig too deep, just build sandcastles. >> reporter: lifeguards say the boy was resuscitated and rushed to the hospital and recovered, even returning on tuesday with his mom to thank springer. >> i didn't recognize the boy. it was pretty cool to see him, um. i gave him a hug. we took a picture. yeah, he is doing really well. >> i was emotional. yeah. for sure. i welled up a little bit. >> reporter: during the busy summer season, lifeguards warn the fun of digging in some
5:48 pm
scenarios can be dangerous. >> you shouldn't go past your knees to the smallest person in the group. never dig deep steep holes in the sand. and never dig tunnels or caves. >> reporter: in 2008 an 11- year-old boy was killed and two others injured after a sand cave they were playing in collapsed in santa cruz. >> we train our staff if you have someone trapped in the sand, go farther out and at an angle start digging towards the scene to get to the person. >> reporter: lifeguards with the state parks department says they get these calls every summer. they say the most important thing for any bystander who sees someone get buried is to rescue that person's head first. in santa cruz, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. scientists say water clarity is down and water temperature is up at lake tahoe. uc-davis published its annual state of the lake report today finding last july lake clarity is the lowest since 1968 due
5:49 pm
to sediment build-up from the drought being washed into the lake. the lake surface temperatures rose to more than 68 degrees, the warmest ever. >> as the lake warms, it will become a more hospitable place for algae growth, for aquatic invasive species to spread, particularly in the near shore areas. >> scientists say they expect by the end of the century, the air temperature in tahoe basin could rise 7 to 9 degrees. they say that will contribute to increased warming of the lake affecting water clarity as well as the species that live there. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. you been up there to lake tahoe much? >> yeah, i go up quite a bit. i was up two weeks ago. it's known for great water and super visibility and depth. when it goes down, people notice it. a read a lot of california history books. it used to be named lake bigler by the first governor of the state and then changed it to lake tahoe but back them
5:50 pm
they talked about e water quality in the lake as being able to see 100 feet. >> wow. >> before mining and stuff, it was pretty clear. but yeah, it's a beautiful lake. i was thinking during that story it's top one of the five top beautiful spots in the work, i would think, lake tahoe. these are today's temperatures. it's hot in the central valley. it's hot here away from the coast and the bay but look around the bay. oakland, right, fremont, these are manageable temperatures. isn't that nice? that's all brought to us by a robust sea breeze which is just continuing to exist. if that was cut off, we would have a whole different subset of issues with more air quality issues. we had a "spare the air" day today. we would be seeing more fires. the sea breeze is saving us and will through the next few days into a slight cooldown towards the weekend.
5:51 pm
here's the fog along the coast and happy to see it. when i was a young meteorologist starting out a long time ago i said something like, boy, it sure is ugly out there at the coast and the fog. and i got no end of letters. people that live at the coast in the avenues or in pacifica, they move there because they know they like the fog. it is nice especially -- it is nice especially on these days! 10 degrees cooler in fairfield. three degrees cooler in concord. this high pressure is not just this week in concerns for the grid and for power usage and the heat advisory. this guy is going to stick around next week, too. it's a locked pattern. the high pressure sits on the east coast out around the carolinas and virginia and north. they are seeing tons of rain. more rain than they have seen in a long time is causing flight days. so the pattern is locked. tomorrow is a lot like today. then as we push into the rest of next week, we're back into it again. so we could see more heat advisories. this high shifts a little bit
5:52 pm
but this pattern is persistent. it's a cool looking shot, isn't it? what am i looking at? you know what that is? we zoomed in on china camp maybe? >> that's mount diablo? no. >> we're looking across -- it could be mount diablo. where's that camera coming from? >> i don't think there's that much fog -- >> it looks like mount diablo. i don't think we have that angle on the diablo. >> what's the deal with the rope there on the left? >> i don't know. ha ha! >> i don't know. >> i thought mount diablo, too, frank. that's the profile for sure but i almost think that's big rock by china camp. okay. so there's the forecast highs for us. tomorrow will be another nice day. cool here, super hot when you go inland. so just be ready for that. and then there's some temperatures and then here comes the five-day forecast. we got all wrapped up in that live picture. but i -- we do get wrapped up in the live pictures. i got to tell you, it is a testament to the beauty of place we live. we see these pictures and all of us go -- the directors just stop on it!
5:53 pm
we have such a beautiful environment that we live in. very lucky. foggy tonight, cool at the coast, inland hot. >> i still see the golden gate bridge up close and wow! >> there's so many places like -- we have so many to choose from, different views and -- >> crazy expensive to live here, you guys, but it is a beautiful place. so -- i could go on, now. >> you could have said frank, you're only 60. you look so young. >> i almost said that, frank. but i'm almost 60. so -- >> i know. >> okay. ha ha! >> reporter: she became an internet sensation the last time she was pregnant. now there's news that april the girais expecting again. her last pregnancy drew more than a million youtube live giv she is now carrying another calf. it will be her fifth. park officials say they are elated and that every giraffe birth is reason to celebrate given that the giraffe population is dwindling. >> giraffes in the wild, the
5:54 pm
population has decreased by 40% in 30 years and with this current rate we could be without giraffes in 10 or 20 years. >> giraffes are typically pregnant for 15 months. zoo officials aren't yet releasing a due date but say they expect april's new calf to arrive sometime around march. tax reform 2.0. it's something republicans in congress are now considering. coming up next, the president travels to the midwest talking jobs, trade and taxes. >> and coming up at 6:00 on ktvu, a huge wildfire threatening homes in shasta county. the evacuations under way as firefighters try to contain the flames. >> and locking up the doors every day it only takes a few minutes but it could add up. at 6:00, the court ruling today that will paafstr they cl
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
president trump is in iowa and illinois today to talk about jobs, tax cut and trade as republicans consider what they are calling tax reform 2.0. ray bogan reports. reporter: house lawmakers leave washington to go on a 5 1/2 week vacation while president trump heads out of town to push his economic agenda. president trump toured the advanced manufacturing lab at a community college in iowa where students are training for skilled jobs. following the visit, the president took roundtable discussion where he touted his trade negotiations. >> the biggest one of all happened yesterday, other than china. [ applause ] >> the european union -- the thing called europe. >> reporter: the president also discussed december's tax reform bill as house republicans start working on
5:58 pm
the next phase, what they are calling tax reform 2.0. >> let's keep the economy moving. some of those tax cuts are set to expire in a few years. but we're saying it's working well, let's make the tax cuts permanent. >> reporter: but democrats are not excited about more gop tax legislation. >> after adding $2 trillion to the deficit, giving big tax breaks, 83% of benefits going to the top 1%, tax cuts for corporations, some of which enables them to send jobs overseas. >> reporter: and just before leaving for recess, speaker paul ryan signed the house's passage of the strengthening career and technical education act, designed to provide job training. >> people need work but they don't have the skills to get these careers and jobs. this closes thow president trump is expected to get some good news when the commerce department releases gdp numbers for the second quarter. economists are predicting growth of at least 4%. in washington, ray bogan, fox news.
5:59 pm
almost $120 billion wiped out in a day. the troubles facing facebook as its stock and market value take a huge hit. >> its growth is slowing down. of course its income is possibly going to slow down. >> it was facebook's worst trading day since going public in 2012. and among the biggest one day losses in u.s. stock market history. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. all of this comes as facebook is trying to recover from a privacy scandal and find new users. here's a look at how the stock performed throughout the week. yesterday, shares were at an all-time high. then today, a huge plunge with a loss of almost 19%. the drop personally cost facebook founder mark zuckerberg roughly $15 billion. ktvu's tom vacar talked to people who have been following the high-tech industry and tom joins us now in the newsroom with what they had to say. tom. >> reporter: well, in one
6:00 pm
sense, facebook finds itself at a crossroads of lost reputation and financial reality. in another sense, this just might be the wake-up call that companies needs. facebook stock got torpedoed the very second the stock market had a chance to react to its bad financial news. attorney teri connelly a former wall street banker and retired dean of the golden gate university school of business says it was way too big of a drop. >> the market is having an episode of facebook derangement syndrome. >> reporter: with investors it all boils down to two words, expenses versus income. on the expense side, the need to hire thousands of people to better protect user privacy and to bolster its own image. >> facebook always takes a hit when it reveals that it's investing seriously in its business in terms of its best interests going forward. >> reporter: larry magid is the dean of tech area tech analysts. >> facebook more to shore up its systems and national advertising to try to convince us that they are making that change.


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