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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 27, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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others have been hurt. another fire in contra costa county fully contained. what we know about the family who lived in the home that the fire destroyed. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on two, friday morning july 27th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. can i ask steve how hot it will get? >> yes, i would like to know for some. san francisco has not had a temperature above average this entire week. >> wow, all week? >> yes, all week. >> high was 61 yesterday. >> 61? sounds lovely. >> wow. >> getting lost in all of this, not everyone gets on this heat. san francisco and much of the bay, oakland airport below normal yesterday. san jose was two degrees below yesterday. really? >> yes, really. >> thunderstorm activity over the sierra popping up big time and the fog is there along with
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a screaming delta win. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. quite cool in san rafael, napa airport and santa rosa, low 50s. napa airport yesterday dropped to 50 degrees. that's cool. 60 in menlo park. 52 in pacifica. 58 in fremont. 56 in belmont and foster city. one reason it's been so cool, the water temperatures this week have gone down. bodega bay cool 50 degrees. 25 gusting to 33. that's a statement. up in the sierra, yes, you'll get thunderstorm activity, watch again looks to be close for reno and north shore. the excessive heat advisory, no fog help here in mendocino also out towards eastern solano and contra costa. parts of south bay cooling off
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yesterday continue ts then you' and 80s not far away. back to the desk now. thank you, steve. we begin with the wildfire burning in shasta county including within the city of redding. take a look at some of the video. the fire is now at nearly 29,000 acres and only 6% con tauned. cal fire's top priority now is to evacuate people in order to save lives. but there are injuries and one firefighter has died. flames have also driven thousands of people from their homes in the redding and shasta lake areas. lee martinez now looking at this new information coming into the newsroom. >> yes, cal fire says the rapidly moving fire is making a strong push into northwestern redding. there's been several firefighters and civilians injured and one person has died. fire officials say the car fire is extremely dangerous and
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moving with no regard for what's in its path. civilians captured a horrifying moment of the car fire thursday. what started as a brush fire quickly swept through the area and jumped the sacramento river and into the city of redding. this shows the fire moving downtown. flames visible taller than the tree line when the car fire moved into the city limits. this say time lapse video of the car fire. 15 structures in shasta county have burned but that number is expectd to rise as the fire moves into populated areas. cal fire confirmed at least one death. >> we have had a private hire dozer operator. they were working on an active session of the car fire. we're in the process of notifying the next of kin. the fire community is heart
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broken for this loss and we're dedicated to investigating what happened. >> evacuation orders expanded every hour for the city of 90,000 people. local television station krcr was forced to evacuate its studio as the fire approached. the governor declared a state of emergency yesterday as the car fire continues to advance in shasta county. cal fire has said civilians were injured but we don't know how many. at least three firefighters have been hurt. the cause of the fire has been blamed on a mechanical failure of a vehicle. reporting from the newsroom, lee martinez, ktvu news. time is 5:04. the marsh fire east of mount d iablo is almost contained. it's 75% contained, about a dozen homes still in an evacuation area but many residents are cleared now to go back home. while many are happy and
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relieved their homes were not destroyed, there was damage and they're dreading the clean up and the insurance hassles. >> they start off great. they start off saying they're going to help people with everything and then they question everything. honestly i think this is going to be a nine-month to a year and a half effort to clean this up. >> one home was destroyed in the fire. a neighbor told us a family who lived there is safe. they escaped when the fire was a couple of feet from their home. a cal fire is also fighting a wildfire in santa clara county. the church fire near san martin has destroyed one mobile home and 16 vehicles and damaged two other homes. the grass fire started late wednesday afternoon. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in marry poe sa county where the ferguson fire is burning near yosemite. yesterday's weather conditions
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were favorable that allowed the fire crews to widen containment lines. this fire has burned more than 44,000 acres and its 27% contained. most of yosemite is closed to visitors. in southern california a wildfire off highway 74 in river side county has burned 7500 acres and only 5% contained. it started wednesday and it keeps growing. about 3,000 people in the mountain community were told to evacuate. authorities arrested a 32-year old man suspected of starting the fire. pg&e is reporting a quarterly loss stemming from legal fees from the deadly fires last october. the utility says the total liability could be double that amount. the company's president said governor's brown proposal to ease the standards of liability
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for future fires is insufficient. also new this morning, a shooting in oakland, at least it happened in the area of 73rd and ban croft just after 11:00 last night. this morning oakland police are confirming the shooting is a homicide investigation and that multiple people were shot. the shooting happened right across the street from a busy shopping center and an oakland police substation. oakland police officers now looking for the suspected killer. our time is 5:07. the man accused of stabbing and killing nia wilson an oakland bart platform is back in the courtroom today. john cowell was charged with murder and attempted murder for allegedly stabbing her sister latifa who survived the attack. it occurred sunday night in oakland. cal has a long rap sheet. he was on parole at the time of the stabbing. later today john cowell will be
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in a dublin courtroom facing charges for a parole violation. prosecutors have charged a stabbing suspect with murder after the victim died from an infected stab wound. the attack occurred last week at the pleasant hill bart station. police say the 20-year old attacked a 51-year old man with a knife during an argument. he was stabbed on his knee and later found dead at his home in pittsburgh when the wound became infected. he was one of three people who died after at occasions at bart last week. another victim was 47-year old don stevens who was punched at the tion on saturday. he hit his head on the platform and died from injuries. police still searching for his attacker. time is 5:08. police arrested two men in a coin store burglary and looking for two other suspects. police arrested a 25-year old man of los angeles and 20 year
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-year old of cypress for felony commercial burglary and felony conspiracy. they were part of a group of four men who stole coins and cash from a closed coin broker in the town and country shopping center in palo alto last saturday. a ten year old boy was rushed to the hospital after he was buried by sand. it happened when the tunnel he was digging collapsed. . >> the fact it was a child made a big impact on me. >> reporter: the 22-year old says she won't forget what happened saturday afternoon while life guarding in this tower at state beach in santa cruz. >> someone came up to me and said there was a boy trapped in the sand. >> lifeguards say good samaritans saw a ten year old boy get buried by sand along the shoreline and ran to get help. >> sounds like the boy was digging in the sand and actually digging a tunnel in
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the sand and the sand probably collapsed on top of him and he couldn't get out and he couldn't get air. >> i wasn't aware that could happen. i try not to let them dig too deep. >> lifeguards say the boy was recess tated and rushed to the hospital and thankfully recovered. even returning tuesday to thank springer. >> it was cool to see him. i gave him a hug and we took a few pictures. he's doing really well. it was emotional for sure, yeah. . >> during the busy summer season lifeguards warn the fun of digging in some scenarios can be dangerous. >> you shouldn't go past your knees to the smallest person in the group. you should never dig steep holes in the sand and never dig tunnels or caves. >> back in 2008 an 11-year old boy killed and two others injured after a sand cave
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collapsed in santa cruz. >> we train our staff if you have someone that's trapped in the sand that you need to make sure and go further out in an angle start digging sand away from the point last seen in order to get to the person. >> lifeguards with the state parks department get several calls every summer and they say the most important thing is to rescue that person's head first. in santa cruz, marine naylor, ktvu news. up next, the new video we just got into the newsroom where a chp officer was hurt overnight plus, two men were found dead in west oakland. what happened just hours before their mysterious deaths. she's accused of trying to kidnap a toddler from a mountain view park. what happened during that attempted abduction.
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a california highway patrol officer hit by a motorized cart overnight. police responded to a call where a driver had been towing a motorized cart on clayton road near san jose. there was a second person inside the cart but when the officer got out, the driver took off leaving the cart rolling down the street. .
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>> right when our officers gotd on scene, the person that was towing the vehicle ran off and that vehicle actually rolled back and hit our officer. >> medics treated the chp officer and took him to a hospital where he's in stable condition. police are looking for the two peoplen side the car and the car it was toeing. >> a suspect in an attempted kidnapping is being held now at the elmwood directional facility. the 31-year old is accused of trying to take a small child from around fair mont park in mountain view wednesday afternoon. investigators say he wore a white mask and drove up to the child, hurt the mother and grandmother and they say she got out of the car and demanded the child. when she tried to take that child, the grandmother stepped in and prevented it from happening. authorities say gomez hit the grandmother and threatened the mother and then left. >> when grandma saw what was
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going on she intervened and was able to protect the toddler. she was battered in the process and suffered wounds to her head. >> police officers spotted gomez's car at a gas station early yesterday morning. they took her into custody and found a white mask and drugs in her car. she had been battling drug addiction and has three daughters staying with other family members. she's due in court on monday. a nightmare for evening commuters yesterday. a fiery crash closed all but one lane in san jose. you can see the van engulfed in flames along side an overturned car. at least two other vehicles were involved but fortunately the chp says the injuries are minor. about 40,000 pounds of sun flower seeds spilled on to the freeway in oakland. that big rig toppled over on the west grand avenue ramp yester no one was injured and no other
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vehicles involved, certainly slowed things down. speed may have been a factor in the crash. >> time is 5:16. after its most recent inspection, the golden gate bridge was declared in good shape. back in april engineer ners checked out every square foot of the bridge examining the towers and foundation looking for corrosion and other damage. inspectors found some areas of rust and some peeling paint but say otherwise the bridge is structurally sound. happening today a total lunar eclipse. it will be the longest blood moon visible this century until 2123 but unfortunately we will not be able to see that eclipse from the bay area. it's mostly visible in the southern hemisphere from australia to africa. >> all right, we'll see. >> quite a show they will. time is 5:17 let's see what sal is seeing on our rhow is th >> looks all right.
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not a lot going on but people are getting on the road and you will see some slowing here and there. y super commute. traffic is moving along pretty well. still a lot of road work icons around the bay. most of these are going away soon as they're picking up road work, some of it is stuff that's there all the time. not causing any big delays. driving up into the west valley, looks good as you drive on most freeways. traffic is moving along nicely. this is a live look at 280 in san jose. northbound 280 on the right looks good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there was a cloud but it's gone away. hopefully today a nice light commute driving across from oakland to san francisco. you see the flags there steve, just a litt b those flags are out there. .
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>> yes, on shore. . >> right. >> thank goodness it's not a north or east or offshore. otherwise we would be in a world of hurt. there's extreme differences between some on the coast and inland. chris henry in morgan hill. this is the most consistent pattern between the coast and central valley i can remember. i would agree but my guess is i've done this for a while that it probably wasn't as long ago as you think. no doubt about it. a tremendous difference here. cool coast and san francisco, it's warm to hot. the temperature range is about 58 to 105. ocean beach and then you get up towards clear lake and out to vacaville. thankfully on shore westerly wind continues with a deep fog bank. was 61 cool degrees. that's five degrees below normal. rmal for this time of 66. the last 70 was a week ago today on the 20th.
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last friday at 71. the last temperature they had above average was on sunday, this entire week has been below starting on monday, 65 and 64. 61 today. for some it's all about the heat. very big fog bank out there. making a stronger push than it did yesterday. low 50s much of san rafael and santa rosa. mid 50s for others. these are running cooler, 53 in lafayette. that's cooler than yesterday. 53 and foggy with a little mist out there. unbelievable the san francisco bouy has continued to drop. it was 52 bouncing between 52 and 53. that is really cold considering we were at 59 and 60 on monday. 25 gusts to 31 at travis. that held yesterday and they cooled off. a few high clouds coming in
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from the west. look at that, the monsoon down there is rotating around phoenix now and northern mexico. watch out in the mountains and sierra, you can get that afternoon thunderstorm activity. close enough and no fog to help here from parts of mendocino and lake county where they have an excessive heat advisory of 105. no relief there swoo the weekend. for others it's hard pressd to get over average. heat and fog and cool. 60s on the temperatures. pacifica and san francisco, oakland in there. you can find 80s for some. 90s to near 100 for others. an extreme difference. it does look slightly cooler over the next few days. 5:21 is the time now. coming up in 25 minutes, a lawsuit involving papa johns. the reason the man behind the company is now suing it. uber has 150,000 drivers in california. up next, how much money bay area drivers took home last
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a case involving a shift supervisor in starbucks in southern california. the lawsuit says every day an employee was required to spend up to ten minutes after his
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shift escorting coworkers to cars and closing out computers and locking up the store. the court ruled starbucks owes the employee 13 hours of pay for about $100 for the extra minutes he worked. >> what it means is for employers in california they do have to pay for this time except where it happens so rarely or the amount of time in question is so minute that it really isn't feasible to calculate it. . >> we reached out to starbucks and they gave us this statement. uber says it paid more than one billion dollars to drivers in the bay area last year in its end of year report. drivers in california, 900,000 nationwide. many are part time with 60% in
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the bay area putting in fewer than 20 hours per week. right now it's 5:25 and coming up, an order to reunite families separated at the border. find out why more than 700 parents were not able to be reunited with their children. plus, the city of shasta lake now under evacuation as crews try to tackle that big wildfire there. the very latest on the fire conditions and the evacuations. good morning, right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you're driving in san jose. coming up, another look at the south bay commute. if you're tired of the heat, then go west, it's not hard to find fog. it's up and down the coast. go anywhere in the bay area, monterey, there's plenty there. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream.
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and with sthis is a relationsp this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today.
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welcome back. thanks for joining us here on mornings on two, it's friday july 27th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook.
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nice day to travel? >> yes, sfo >> and incredible heat elsewhere until the state. >> it's been hot for many. take a look at the airports. everything looks okay. the picture there is clear but some of the paces are coming in. san francisco and oakland, not bad. baltimore gets sun today. over 20 inches of rain this month. boston not bad. miami is okay. a lot of rain there. la, 70 and fog. much like yesterday, you can be in the upper 50s to low 90s or 100's just that kind of pattern. up in the mountains you're dealing with thunderstorm activity, very close to tahoe so watch out for that. 50s and 60s quite cool to the north. for some a loi ot low 50s in the mix. mid 50s in santa clara valley. goil roy 57.
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52 sarnd santa clara. r temper san francisco and buoy. really cold and that keeps the fog with the on shore breeze going. gusting to 31 in travis. similar to yesterday so we'll go from 60s to 90s. again popping up over reno. thunderstorm activity near north shore. fog making a strong surge already for some. 60s to 100's today. 5:30. you're looking at something or you're just collecting thoughtings. you know, i tend to look at the chp list to make sure that right before i go on the air i have the latest and we have the list here and i'm looking at something but it's nothing major. vacaville and fairfield as you drive out to the cartinez bridge. i've noticed slowing on 37
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heading west over to sew know ma. there's just a little bit of it right there, after that it looks good all the way out to the mcarthur maze and it's taking 18 minutes. of course yesterday we had the slow commute through here because of issues. today is starting off nicely heading out to the bay bridge. we already have a bit of slowing here at the toll plaza. it's 5:32 back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we're following the developing story of the large and destructive fire that's killed a firefighter in shasta county. this is time lapse video of the fire as it has entered the city of redding and it's forced thousands of people to evacuate. the fire has burned nearly 25,000 acres and is only 6% contained. lee martinez in the newsroom with more on the conditions and the saz of the growing fire. >> yes, cal fire says the rapidly moving fire is making a strong push into northwestern redding. several firefighters and
5:33 am
civilians injured and one person has died. fire officials say the car fire is extremely dangerous and has no record with what's in its path. what started as a brush fire quickly swept through the area and jumped the sacramento river and into the city of redding. this video shows the fire moving towards redding downtown and turning the evening sky orange. flames were visible, taller than the tree lines when the car fire moved into the city limits. this instagram photographer took a time lapse video of the car fire moving into the city of redding yesterday. 15 structures in shasta county have burned but that number is expected to rise as the fire moves into populated areas. on twitter cal fire confirms at least one death. >> we confirmed we have had a pr the operator was working on an active section of the car fire. we're not process of notifying
5:34 am
next of kin and the fire community is extremely heart broken for this loss. we're dedicated to investigate investigating what happened. >> evacuation orders expanded every hour for the city of 90,000 people. local television station krcr was forced to be evacuated after the fire approached. the governor declared a state of emergency yesterday as the car fire continues to advance in shasta county. cal fire said civilians were injured but we do not know how many. three firefighters have been hurt. in the newsroom, lee martinez, ktvu news oofrnlt a family in oakland searching for answers after the bodies of two men were found last weekend inside of a west oakland home. the bodies were discovered on add line street. relatives of one man shawn ford him in their front lawn.
5:35 am
family members contacted us to find out how mr. ford and his friend died. the coroner's office told the oakland police department to put a hold on the cause of death in the case. however, the family of shawn ford says they were told both men were shot and killed. >> it was horrible. this is something you see in a movie. when it's reality, you're like oh my god, it's hard for me to process. . >> mr. ford's family says he did not own a gun. they don't know why anyone would want to hurt him or his friend. there was an anti gun violence rally when the two men were killed. if you have any information about the shootings, call oakland police. the just minutes ago new numbers released showing the u.s. gross domestic product increasing at a rate of 4.1% in the second quarter of the year up from 2.2% in the first quarter and the best showing
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since 2014. doug luzader joins us now from washington d.c. with a look at the numbers and they definitely were expectd to be good. they came in just as expected and what do you think this is saying about the economy at this point? >> look, any time you get growth in this range, that's a good sign. it does raise questions where it's coming from and if it's sustainable. the president was teasing the possibility of growth. at 5%. ultimately it's 4.1. we haven't seen that kind of growth since 2014. when you devil into the reasons behind it, it may be the result of a temporary sugar high involving tax cuts and government spending. part of this is because apparently supporters as well. so this number but can it be sustained? and will we will looking at
5:37 am
this number for next quarter? most economists think we'll see a lower number and the year itself will round off around 4.1%. one thing we do know is the president is almost certain to be bragging about this number today. probably on twitter in the next few minutes we'll hear something from him. this is something he's been talking about for a while. >> doug, as you mentioned, the president tweeted earlier this week expecting these numbers to be good. he probably will again as you said brag about the numbers. the administration is crediting the good economy and giving some of the credit to deregulation and some of the spending increases, a feeling that companies are feeling more comfortable about committing capital to this. >> yeah, all of those things may play a part in this. there's a number of factors that lead to gdp numbersnd than that's why it's difficult to predict.
5:38 am
but you would rather have growth than no growth and high growth than low growth and the sustain blt issue is something democrats will probably really pounce on today saying this is the result of factors that can't be continued long term and things like tax cuts for instance, that's a one term one quarter impulse boost. but you know, if this continues into next quarter and we see something in the 3's that's good news for the president heading to the midterms. >> all right, i'm keeping an eye on wall street. no big huge jumps in this news. thank you so much. our time is 5:38 a federal judge in san diego will hold a deadline to reunify almost 2600 children separated from their parents at the southern border. the families were separated because of a 0 tolerance policy that criminally prosecuted anyone caught crossing the
5:39 am
border illinois illegally. still, more than 700 parents were deemed not eligible and many may have been deported. of those 431 children have parents outside of the united states. the state of california is now part of a nationwide lawsuit against the trump administration regarding healthcare. california is among 12 states suing the administration over new regulations connected to an ex-tech tive order last year that allowed small businesses to form a group that allowed them to buy insurance for employees. the health plans don't have to comply with protections mandated by president obama's affordable care act. time is 5:39 comedian roseanne barr is speaking out after she tweeted a racist remark .
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>> i was so sad people thought it was racist and i went into the whole thing about the discussion of racism and that blew my mind. it's so much part of what the show i was doing was about. last night roseanne talked on shawn hannity. after that tweet her hit tv show was quickly cancelled and also she talked last night about her struggles with mental illness. tmz has obtained the 911 call from demi lovato's home after she reportedly overdosed. the caller skwd for the paramedics not to use sirens on the way to her house in the hollywood hills on tuesday. >> no sirens please right. >> no, no this is a medical emergency. >> demi lovato what has battled substance abuse for years. she had said that she was clean
5:41 am
for six years but last month she released a song called "sober" where she revealed she relapsed. she will head straight to rehab upon her release from the hospital. our time is now 5:41. the next story coming up, it includes a photo and pictures that may be disturbing to you. an investigation underway to find the person who set an illegal bear trap that injured a coyote in lafayette. we know where the trap was set. we talked to the woman who found the injured coyote in her backyard with one of the animals legs still caught in the trap. . take a look at this injured after being captured and rescued by up in her backyard last week. >> my first reaction was to freak out and get the dog because there's a coyote in the
5:42 am
garden and she would be a sizable snack. >> you can see that trap locked in on the young coyote's leg. she was able to break free from the chain's tether. >> the coyote was kind of bear trapped on its back leg and connected to the light fixture next to the spa here. >> wildlife officials say the body gripping traps are not only inhumane but illegal in the state. >> it's barbaric. when you think that a child or another animal or cat could here's a number of traps illegal to use in california but people are buying them out of state and illegally bringing them in the california nt of f is investigating hoping to catch the person who set this deadly trap.
5:43 am
>> the coyote overall was a little lethargic and dehydrated. very scared. over the last few days she is starting to regain her strength and starting to act more like a coyote. >> it's common to find coyotes roaming in your neighborhood. they're typically nocturnal looking for food, water and shelter at night. neighbors have seen them roam around the daytime more often. wildlife experts say it's important for neighbors to learn to live with them because this is their backyard too. the california department of wildlife and fish is encouraging neighbors to contact their tip line if they have any information on who may have set the trap. it's 5:43, a big company is banning plastic straws. where you won't be able to get a straw anymore as businesses work to go green. i'm outside the twitter head quarters in san francisco.
5:44 am
twitter shares are expected to drop sharply today. i'll tell you why.
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5:46 am
one day after facebook stock took a massive hit, facebook twitter shares are expected to drop when markets open. life outside of twitter headquarters in san francisco to tell us why, good morning. >> good morning, well twitter shares are expected to drop by at least 16% when the markets do open. this comes as a company reported a lower number of users. that number of average active users fell to 335 million in the second quarter that's a
5:47 am
loss of one million users. twitter has been purging spam accounts in an effort to clean up the platform. facebook faced similar losses yesterday. the social media site saw a 19% loss of $119 billion off its market value. twitter shares have risen 79% since the beginning of the year and the markets open at 6:30 a.m. live in sanfrancisco, alice herring ton ktvu news. the founder of papa john's pizza now suing the company. he resigned earlier this month after he admitted using a racist slur in a marketing meeting. now he's accusing the compan board of directors of being hasty in calling for his resignation. he w accused disney becoming more green.
5:48 am
the company eliminating plastic stirrers at its theme parks and resorts by the middle of next year. the chairman says this is the latest effort to reduce the company's environmental footprint and advance long term sustain blt goals. disney is estimated it will eliminate 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers every year. it's very interesting because i've heard -- i don't know if you have had boba tea. those restaurants are really trying to figure out what to do about this because they rely on straws. >> yeah, and you know, other parts of the country also have been poking fun at san francisco for this because it's unusual you would ban a plastic straw, right? >> you know what, we're the first to do a lot of things for the environment. >> we'll see how it shakes out.
5:49 am
now i'm not having my boba tea. let's go out and take a look at the tracy commute. westbound should not be affected by road work at this time. there's slow traffic right through this altamont pass. we're trying to fig yaur out why. eastbound we do know why because a couple of lanes are taken away. they do it at this time because most people are coming in and not going out. on a friday, i don't know a lot of people get out to highway five. we'll keep an yea on it for you. let's move along and take a look at livermore to dublin. you can see that traffic is traffic on 880 and 580 looking good. if you're driving on interstate eight # 0 it looks good.
5:50 am
0 we're hoping for a better day along this whole stretch of 80 down to here at the bay bridge toll plaza. 0. >> morgan hill 97. na ta airport was a cool breezy 75. the oakland airport was 66. what about san francisco? 61 yesterday. that is five degrees below average for this time of year which is 66. go last friday. the last time a high temperature above average was sunday, the entire week has been below 65.
5:51 am
0. >> not me, i'll show you. there are extreme for some, yes it's hot but for others not so much. 50s on the temperatures. 51 in santa rosa. cool there and san rafael says wii in there. 60 in brentwood. 59 in rio vista. 52 in napa. look at bodega bay. that's because look at san francisco and buo. -- -- buoy. tropical clouds continue to rotate around monsoon, thunderstorms up in the it's hot in the desert sweft and lake county. excessive heat advisory is posted there. again, 104 and 105 and the monsoon, watch out for that.
5:52 am
something to keep an eye on in southern california and arizona. not for us, it's about fog and no fog. if you have fog it's hot. 60s and 70s, to near 100 degrees. looking for a little slight cool down as we head into the next few days. time is 5:52. coming up the gilroy garlic festival kicks off today. why this year's event is extra special.
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san francisco's mission district for the third time in a couple of weeks, a mural was vandalized. this time it was a mural of y l right there at york and 24th street it was painted more than 20 years ago. neighbors believe gang members are doing this. one of the artists who created the mural says the eagle in the mural is a symbol but it's been adopted by a street gang and a rival gang is. when they see that and cross it out. >> it i'm a teacher and it makes me wonder if the kids know what they're doing. >> about two weeks ago vandals use white paint to damage a
5:56 am
mural that featured carlos santana at 19th and mission. vandals struck an anti gentry fy occasion mural. the residents believe the first two incidents are racist and not related to the latest graffiti. tickets limited passengers to a personal item that could be stowed under the seat in front of them. they had to check all bags and pay $25 for each one. time is 5:56 happening today the 40th annual gilroy garlic festival begins and there's a lot happening including three stages for music, cooking demonstrations in the children's
5:57 am
the event is at christmas hill park at gilroy. it continues through sunday. our tomb is 5:57. a big wildfire in shasta county burning out of control this morning and it's turned deadly. an update on the car fire and it's destructive path. the moe shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere.
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overnight a deadly fire in redding. more communities are being evacuated. areas affected as it jumped the sacramento river overnight the fire in redding is one of many burning across california right now. new controlled numbers from some of ththe peak wildfire season. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. there's a lot to talk about. only one person to go to for weather. this guy. >> thank goodness we have steef. >> big difference. tremendous here on temperatures. anywhere from upper 50s to low 60s to about 104 if you're far enough north or east. flight delays not yet.
6:00 am
keeping an eye on sfo, looks okay here. low ceilings on the fog. oakland and san jose look good. baltimore and miami have been in a rain ban there looking all right this morning as well. la is fine. cool coast in san francisco, high temperature range about 58 to 105. an on shore breeze for us, not a northeast or due east. it's westerly or southwest and there's a lot of fog out there. as that makes its move we're seeing cool conditions for 50s and low to mid upper 60s but temperatures seem to be running two degrees cooler. a little cool there for some and the water temperature continues to go d


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