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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 30, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu starts now. the latest hotspot is lake county where there sheriff says 10-15 -- 10,000-15,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. >> our number one priority is life and property.
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>> a break in the heat is expected in the forecast and that should help fire crews. >> we will get -- we will begin with a quick overview of the fires in northern california. there has been so much destruction, but finally some positive news with the carr fire. >> the ferguson fire is now 30% contained with yosemite valley tentatively scheduled to reopen this friday. now it is the river fire and wrench fire that are showing rapid growth in size. also today, there were new evacuations. deborah is in kelsey will where people were ordered to evacuate. >> kelsey ville is a ghost town. those fires more than doubled in size since yesterday. they started last friday in mendocino county. lake county is feeling the
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brunt. >> we are not worried, we will have fun. they have their evacuation backpacks. >> reporter: the back of her suv is packed with everything she holds dear. her husband's truck is loaded with camping equipment because they have no idea what they will come back to. even their toddler is somewhat aware. >> she's pointing to the ashes and saying fire. they know what is going on, they just do not know how severe it is. we are doing everything to keep them in the state of mind where they are happy and we are freaking out.>> reporter: fire is turning through the rugged slopes. communities to the south have been through this before. to the north, not so much. thousands of people are alike -- evacuated along the western shore of clearlake. >> they are not moving toward each other, but they are moving
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in the same direction and surrounding us a little bit. >> reporter: the sheriff expects the number of destroyed homes to go higher than the seven already tallied. >> i know the family that owns one of the destroyed homes. that is very tough.>> reporter: it happened in middle-aged, and hobbs. the sheriff is concerned enough about his jail in lakeport, he emptied it. close to 300 inmates left in an armed convoy with no fanfare late at night. inmates are at another jail temporarily. >> there were another air -- there were a number of areas that did not br >> the burn rates that we have seen and hofire moves, it is why we are taking this as seriously as we are and requiring evacuations to continue.
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>> we are praying that we will come back and have everything still here. >> reporter: they are telling their girls that they are going on vacation as they leave for the mendocino coast. >> i would rather be cautious, so we are just going to go. i told the house we will be back.>> reporter: as these two fires are raging, people in lake county are being asked to conserve water. there are more than 10,000 structures threatened. the last word i have is that the fire has come down out of the hills into rural properties off scotts creek road. that is about 10 miles away from where we are. homes are in the area but no indication whether any new structures have burned. frank and julie? >> thank you. tonight, cal fire puts the river fire at 23,000 acres with
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the rash -- the ranch fire has burned 35,000 acres and is also just 5% contained. now to the redding area . the carr fire is burning away from the most populated areas. some evacuees have been allowed to return home. also tonight, officials say the carr fire has burned more than 100,003 acres. -- 103,000 acres. it is now 23% contained. we talked with a cal fire spokesperson this evening. >> reporter: the car fire has destroyed more than 1100 structures. 818 of those were homes. some evacuees were allowed to return to their neighborhoods, but thousands more are still waiting for word. the carr fire has burned for more than -- square miles.
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cal fire said they were able to get containment lines on the eastern and southern flanks to protect the most populated areas around redding. >> this fire has slowed a little bit. the big push is to hold the ground we of god, don't give up any ground to the fire, and also to use the cooler overnight temperatures to get in new lines especially any indirect lines to stop the progression of any other fires. >> reporter: evacuation orders were lifted in redding and portions of happy valley. there are tens of thousands still under evacuation orders. >> it is a nightmare for everybody here. >> reporter: some people are hoping to go home but were turned away at checkpoints. >> i thought my house had burned down, but it had not. it was protected in the little pocket, somehow.>> reporter: there are still neighborhoods that have hotspots. the fire has destroyed infrastructure. pg&e crews are working to
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replace polls and lines. >> the fire continues to creep along and make runs to the north. we have a lot of equipment and resources up there that are putting in containment lines and getting ready to box this in. >> the intensity of these fires is enormous. it is something that most of us have never seen. it seems to become more commonplace now more than ever. >> reporter: even with more than 3300 firefighters on the carr fire, the conditions are difficult. >> you are talking about a fire that can move 24 football fields in an hour. it makes it very difficult to put firefighters in the right location to combat a fire that.>> reporter: telfair spokesman say heavy smoke over the fire has helped keep it
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from moving. winds are expected to increase tonight. cal fire has created a website to see whether specific homes have been burned. reporting live from the newsroom . bill martin is tracking a change. when will firefighters get relief? >> they have been getting relief nights and mornings as the air settles down. with the smoke settling down, the oxygen gets taken from this fire. overnight, it has been going down. during the day, it has been firing up again. the overall weather pattern for the end of the week is going to change. it is 103 degrees at the carr fire. current conditions in the fire zone, check it out in red 83 at the ferguson fire. as we go into the week, wednesday through friday, we will see temperatures drop to r humidities will come up, as
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well. will come in the form of this low-pressure center to the north. it shows up and stand thursday. cooler, not cold, just cooler. it will be a better firefighting scenario as we head toward the end of the week. are fire -- their -- park coverage continues at 10:30. new and 10 mac -- new and 10, the sheriffs departments as the deputy has been reassigned to a job that does not require that person to carry a gun. a spokesperson also says the deputies are trained to properly secure their weapons. also in san francisco, jail inmates are suing over what they say is a persistent sewage problem at the jail. we showed you this video of sewage flooding the hall of
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justice in january 2017. the jail's a black frequently has backups that contaminate reading and clothing. according to the lawsuit, inmates who have come into physical contact with the sewage have developed skin rashes, intestinal problems, lung problems, breathing problems and headaches. the lawsuit is seeking damages for emotional distress and loss of property. a man wanted for a deadly attack at the bart station surrendered today. he was arrested in connection with a july 21st attack that allowed -- that left the victim dead. the victim fell to the ground and hit his head on the cement platform. he was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. and man from the east bay is suing trend -- suing b.a.r.t.
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for failing to keep him safe. he claims he had to cut back his work hours as the result of injuries. the agency has not yet seen the lawsuit and declined to comment. b.a.r.t. has been sued at least four other times in the last 60 months after passengers were robbed and assaulted on the terrain. the recent violence on bart has volunteers stepping up. they are providing safety as courts -- safety escorts in the parking lot. paul chambers tells us, their efforts to help actually go against one of b.a.r.t.'s policies. >> reporter: he is one of 20 men taking time to walk passengers to their vehicles. the idea came after a woman was
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killed at the station earlier this month. >> we wanted to make sure people are truly safe. we are doing it on behalf of the victim killed earlier this month.>> reporter: they are willing to walk anyone concerned to their vehicle. they are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, but they know some people are reluctant to take them off on their service. >> if they say no, we do not press anyone. if they want the services, they are more than welcome to have it.>> reporter: the men do it for free as their way of giving back. the only people currently allowed to provide security at b.a.r.t. stations are officers. however, safety organizers disagree. they believe anyone willing to help should be allowed. >> instead of complaining about it, here is something we can do that can allow folks to feel safer. >> it is great hearing that citizens want to help and do something to help people feel safe at b.a.r.t.. we went to be a partnership in
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place. truck parts as it was not aware of the safety patrol and will have officers out here to explain the agency's security process. in el cerrito, i am paul chambers. ktvu fox 2 news. the trail from -- a ceremony honoring miss wilson will be held at 11 a clock and is open to the public. she was killed by a man after she stepped off the train. a man has been arrested and charged with her murder. also come of the attempted murder of her sister. he has a long criminal his -- criminal record and was paroled just two months ago. he handed out resumes instead of asking for a handout
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his story went viral. the big response to a homeless man hoping to work in silicon valley. how the bay area and are re musicians. cya legendary berkeley recording studio is closing its doors.
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longtime bay area congressman and bay area mayor ron dellums died from cancer. he is being praised by former president bill clinton. he tweeted, ron dellums was fearless and philosophical. he spoke truth to power and appealed to america's conscience. he championed those who were left out and left behind, whether in the east bay, across the nation or around the world, we will miss him. rob roth with more on his life and legacy.>> reporter: ron dellums was a lion of the political left. he was tall, charismatic, and after serving 27 years in congress, he finished his career as mayor of oakland from 2007-2011. >> we have to go forward in a civil manner. >> reporter: those who knew and
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work with him said he always seemed to work and lead with his heart. >> a humble ma kind am i really cared about the disadvantaged. he was a role model for many of us. >> reporter: oakland city council -- councilman says dallam inspired him to run for office. >> he always respected you even if he -- even if you disagreed with his point of view. >> reporter: in 1971, he was elected to congress where he soon ended up on president richard nixon's enemies list because of his fierce opposition to the war in vietnam. years later, ron dellums said he was happy to make the enemies list. >> on the top 10, i was number six. it was a red badge of courage that i carried very probably. he was instrumental in bringing many to social programs.
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>> we have a small community, not politically powerful. and ockham -- economically not powerful.>> reporter: dellums left congress and was later elected mayor of oakland. critics said his heart never seemed into the job and he was often out of town. under his administration, the soaring crime rate did go down. 3 he was such a glass ceiling breaker -- >> he was such a glass ceiling breaker. he spoke truth to power. >> reporter: the flag is flying at half staff. the city is planning a public memorial for dellums no date has yet been set. ron dellums was 82 years old. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. an earthquake rattled parts of the bay area today and was
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felt across several counties. the usgs says the epicenter was in san pablo bay. the ktvu newsroom received calls. on social media, people reported feeling the quake in walnut creek and san francisco. there is word tonight that this recording studio is getting ready to close its doors. amberley is love in the newsroom with reasons for the closure.>> reporter: fantasy studios operates out of a building on 10th street in berkeley. now, that building is up for sale. there recording studio is being shut down. tonight, i spoke with a music i industry has changed. chris isaacs' wicked game was recorded at fantasy studios. the unique sound that comes from
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a turntable is nostalgic and fast becoming a thing of the past. soon, the recording studio there -- that produced the record will be part of a bygone era. >> the music business has drifted away from the bay area since 1981. the recording industry has drifted away from studios like fantasy. >> reporter: drifted away because of technology says joel sullivan. artists can now record on a computer and bypass the expense of a recording studio. in the early days,'s clearwater revival -- early days, creedence clearwater revival recorded at fantasy studios. he worked with artists including aretha franklin emma ray char -- aretha franklin, ray charles,
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and rod stewart. >> i remember thinking, this is going to be breaking through with this record. >> reporter: he says the peak for fantasy came in the mid-to- late 1980s. when recording stars such as carlos santana and huey lewis made music there. >> that place was humming and there were people in every studio. it was like a playpen built for musicians. that was 1985-1987 when the record industry was just made of money. >> reporter: fantasy studios has been a center for the music and film seen in the bay area since 1971. perhaps, enjoying its greatest success under --. the closure is set for september 15. >> these giant recording studios, that fantasy was a prime example of, they are just
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dinosaurs. we are not going to see them again. >> reporter: the music that came from fantasy will live on. he said he did not think that more than 35 years later he would still here journey's don't stop leaving so often. >> i was just playing that in my car tonight! just the history of that studio is incredible. >> i remember being there. it is incredible. coming up, a grassroots effort to help firemen. how one woman's desire to help is spreading fast. the bats come alive for the oakland is after a have highlights opening day at the coliseum. the president talks of a government shutdown as he wishes for the border wall. every fire department every police department
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is part of a bigger picture. that bigger picture is statewide mutual aid. california years ago realized the need to work together. teamwork is important to protect the community, but we have to do it the right way. we have a working knowledge and we can reduce the impacts of a small disaster, but we need the help of experts. pg&e is an integral part of our emergency response team. they are the industry expert with utilities. whether it is a gas leak or a wire down, just having someone there that deals with this every day is pretty comforting.
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we each bring something to the table that is unique and that is a specialty. with all of us working together we can keep all these emergencies small. and the fact that we can bring it together and effectively work together is pretty special. they bring their knowledge, their tools and equipment and the proficiency to get the job done. and the whole time i have been in the fire service, pg&e's been there, too. whatever we need whenever we need it. i do count on pg&e to keep our firefighters safe. that's why we ask for their help.
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a hunger strike is underway in the east bay. is started this morning in front of the oakland federal building. a group of parents says they for three days. they are staging a protest for the immigrant families still separated after the federal court imposed a deadline on the trump to reunify migrants and their children. they are calling it a rolling hundred -- a rolling hunger strike. after three days, another group of parents will take up the cause.
10:26 pm
>> there have been so many people concerned about what is happening with children and families and human beings going through what they should not have to be going through, that many people have decided to become activists. >> protesters say the hunger strike will continue until all migrant families are back together. president trump continued his push for a border wall. he says he is willing to shut down the government to get it. >> reporter: mike emanuel tells us members of congress are pushing back. >> reporter: president trump wants his border wall and is willing to shut down the government for it. >> after many, many years of talk within the united states, i would have no problem doing a shutdown. it is time we had proper border security. >> reporter: 99 days out from the midterm elections and the message from congress to the white house is, no government shutdown. >> let's hope not. hopefully, most of the bills will be passed. a little bit of prioritization
10:27 pm
of spending. i don't like playing shutdown politics. i don't think it will be helpful. >> reporter: even democrats make the case that a shutdown this fall will do a lot of damage. >> a shutdown will be disruptive for the country and a bad idea for republicans. >> reporter: meetings with the president were held to urge against the shutdown. it could mess with the efforts to get judge brett kavanaugh confirmed to the supreme court just weeks before the elections. today, kavanaugh met with democrats. after initially voicing concerns with president trump's pick, rand paul took some of the drama away from kavanaugh's confirmatiwas a yes. other republicans are predicting kavanaugh will be confirmed with at least some democratic votes. >> in terms of future vacancies, justice ruth bader ginsburg says she is not going
10:28 pm
anywhere, anytime soon. she says she has at least another five years on the high court. on capitol hill, mike emanuel, fox news. the green revolution now includes harley-davidson. can you believe that? and all electric motorcycle is headed for production. pets evacuated twice. they have been rescued from the front lines of california's wildfires. donations are pouring in to help victims of the carr fire. how you can help , coming up.
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aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. back now to the wildfires that are burning in parts of california. >> we have the latest numbers on the deadly wildfire burning near redding. the carr fire is 23% contained. it has burned more than 800 homes and more than 100,000 acres. tragically, at least six people have died, including two firefighters and a woman with her two young great grandchildren. the ranch and river fires are burning in mendocino county. they are only 5% contained. they have burned more than 68,000 acres altogether. evacuation orders are in effect for lakeport, lakeport and other communities in lake county.
10:32 pm
more than 10,000 structures are threatened. near yosemite, the huge ferguson fire is 30% contained. two firefighters have died fighting the fire. no homes have been destroyed. the national park service says they plan to open for tourists by friday afternoon. fire crews have -- it is illegal to fly drones over active fire zones. they present a safety hazard to helicopters and prior tanker crews. if any drones are spotted, the tankers are forced to land right away. they have to clear the land -- clear the area finding out where the drone came from. a south bay mother is accepting donations to help victims devastated by the fire in chester county. this has started as a
10:33 pm
grassroots effort on social media. it has taken off. >> reporter: frank and julie, this is just a sample of the donations jamie burke has collected. people have been dropping off items all night. she says the outpouring of support is a little unexpected. overwhelming, but much appreciated. >> reading families -- redding families are in need of help . she was among -->> reporter: she was evacuated at 3:00 in the morning. she was not able to grab everything. >> i assume a lot of other families are in the same situation. >> reporter: her great- grandmother's home was more than one of 800 that burned down . she felt she had to do something to help not just her family, but others. over the weekend, she began collecting items. >> there are baby items, water, toiletries --
10:34 pm
>> it started as an idea she posted on facebook and the next- door app. >> reporter: so many people are wanting to help that she used this office storage space as a drop off site. this is what was collected and just two days. >> they closed at 4 pm. >> reporter: this couple does not know anyone personally affected, but rushed over after a run to target ringing toiletries. their sons give stuffed animals. >> we should step up and help people. we should start locally and then try to help globally where we can. >> reporter: she brought baby items recalling in santa rosa last fall. her husband's coworker lost his home and that fair. this woman's father lost a
10:35 pm
home, as well. they all want to show a little empathy at a time when many people needed >> if you just put yourself in their shoes, you can feel the pain, you can feel the heat and everything. you just get emotional and then get it done.>> reporter: -- >> this is a time where people really care and want to help out.>> reporter: if you would like to add to the donations, jamie burke will be accepting donations in ear the items to evacuation shelters in redding. she anticipates filling at least three trailers full of donations. that is certainly impressive. at we have posted details of the donation sites. several animal shelters in
10:36 pm
the bay area are providing a home for dogs and cats following evacuations in the redding area. they received a call from the haven animal shelter. they were facing a serious problem due to the fast-moving flames racing across chest accounting -- shasta county. >> we went up with a bunch of other shelters. there were in -- there were about 100 animals. we made space for the displaced animals. >> reporter: these animals were up for adoption and did not have owners. right now, they are used in oak other animal shelters after arriving earlier this evening. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the 11 pm news we will get live updates on the major fires burning around the state and unlikely park in what was once
10:37 pm
just a pile of dirt. we are tracking the weather and we have fog along the coast. smoke will show up in parts of the bay area and temperatures be generally a little milder than they have been. details when we return. late word on the cleanup effort after a big rig overturned as it was getting onto a bay area highway. ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way.
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happening now in south san francisco, the chp is working to clear an accident involving a big rig the overturned spilling gallons of diesel fuel. it happened on the oyster point on-ramp. initial reports say the truck spilled 60-100 gallons of fuel. it was turning onto southbound 101 when the load shifted and the truck overturned. the ramps are closed law crews worked to clean up the mess. it could take several more hours. police in antioch say an 18- year-old man was killed and two teenage boys were wounded at an early morning shooting today. happened near an applebee's restaurant that had closed for the night. jordan martin died at the scene. the two teenagers, both 17
10:41 pm
years old, were wounded but expected to survive. no word of any arrests or possible motive. alameda county sheriff's officials say they woman likely died from a drug overdose. the corner's department identified her as jessica st. louis of berkeley. she was found dead a few hours after being released from a local jail. she had a bump on her head when she was found, but officials do not suspect foul play. on wall street, the dell fell 144 points. the nasdaq lost -- went at 107. harley davidson is going green as it looks to attract a new generation of bike riders. the company unveiled a concept bike, but now it is ready for production. harley says the livewire model
10:42 pm
was built with performance in mind. it will be smaller and lighter than gas powered hogs. asdirtd just opened a couple weeks ago on the corner of 20th and ohio. it is meant to give young folks a place to ride and enjoy the outdoors. we talked with one of the creators and he said now, bmx fans don't have to drive far to enjoy a public truck. >> we needed the same thing at our home, in our own area. we have brought out so many kids and people, we artie had it, we just didn't know it. >> dennis hodgkins says the track is open to all writers no matter their experience level. they are all reaching out to me. >> he is homeless, but now in
10:43 pm
demand. the twist of fate that allowed his hardluck story to go viral. we have the forecast to see what's in store for the rest of the week right after the break.
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a homeless man's efforts to find a job in silicon valley has gone viral. instead of asking for money, he handed out copies of his resume. ann rubin tells us about the outpouring of offers thanks to one woman's social media post. >> reporter: his sign said at all. homeless, hungry for success. he held the sign and a stack of resumes. >> when i did that sign, i was like, this has to work. >> reporter: he needed a job. he is an engineer and web developer. he moved from texas to follow his dreams. instead, he had blown through his savings and found himself sleeping in stairwells. >> all i need is one person to see that i was worth a shot.>> reporter: it was then that jasmine schofield saw him on the street corner and happened to craft a tweet about his
10:47 pm
plight. >> he is at this make or break moment. this is his last opportunity and he is going to shoot for. i saw that and i said, i need to help him. >> reporter: the response online was overwhelming. i checked my phone and -- >> i checked my phone and had 10,000 shares. i told him it was going viral. >> reporter: suddenly, david was fielding calls from major companies him and not just in silicon valley, but from as far away as saudi arabia and japan. they told him they liked his perseverance. >> i have talked with employees and recruiters from apple, linkedin, netflix, all reaching out to me. >> reporter: now, he is sitting with his computer scheduling job interviews. >> i did not expected to turn out this way. this support has been overwhelming and positive. >> reporter: he still needs to translate this attention into a job offer.
10:48 pm
he is feeling optimistic and so is jasmine. >> i told him he needs to take me to lunch when he gets that job. >> reporter: he says at least 200 companies have contacted him and at least one has offered to put him in a hotel while he goes through the interview process. we are checking temperatures from today. they were about where they were yesterday, maybe a little bit warmer in some spots. it was a nice day, overall. 90 in fairfield and concord. those highs are not quite as warm as they were last week. last week we had triple digits and heated visors. we are not going to see that this week. we are having a cooler pattern. this weather system up in here is going to set us up. this is going to pop in.
10:49 pm
it will be a subtle change for us. the real story will be that the northwest will see cooler, moister -- cooler, moister air. temperatures will be in the 90s in the lake county area. so, the smoke from the fires has been impacting us. the wind flow is such that you can see why. here is the redding fire and the lake county one. the arrows, you can see the vectors. at night, the smoke is going down, closer to the ground. tomorrow morning, not just for air-quality issues, but definitely anticipating smoke. look for that. hopefully, it won't be too bad. you will notice in the morning. there is the fog forecast for tomorrow morning. you see it hanging on the coast as you back it out, you can see current temperatures, generally the marine layer of the marine error, the greens, then you see
10:50 pm
the heat outside that area. pretty much more of the same as we head into the area on tuesday. it is close to a full moon and just a beautiful night out there. it depends where you are. have a lot of fog at the beach. tomorrow morning it will be there and it brings back. there is your temperature for. the hundreds are stillman valley. what changes on wednesday and thursday is the hundreds go away. we will see 90s in these hotspots. these areas that have been hot for over two weeks now. that is the hope, anyway. here are the forecast highs for tomorrow. significantly cooler. air quality is pretty good, you will see be high enough vision the -- high enough it shouldn't be a problem. here is the 5-day forecast, coming up.
10:51 pm
you can see it is mild, nothing like if you remember last week and the week before, that was a lot of heat. a lot milder. >> that is a good thing for firefighters. bill, thank you. coming up, we will update you on the fires burning in northern california. next in sports the a's are back in town. we have the highlights coming up.
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10:54 pm
mark is here with sports. the a's are back home and back in business. >> it was a rough weekend in colorado. they are definitely taking care of their business. back to bludgeoning the baseball . after scoring only four runs in colorado, they look more like what we have seen in the last month and a half or so. you've got to watch this play. the line shot actually hit curtis granderson right in the noggin. it bounces away. he still got an rbi double. 4-0. eighth inning for the a's.
10:55 pm
this is his 15th home run of the year. he has had eight in the month of july. two on for jonathan lucroy. he almost left the premises with that one, but he will settle, gladly, for a two run double. jet lowery did not have a whole lot going on in the rockies, but here, he pitches a couple and has got himself another double. edwin jackson, a good pickup. he gets the win. a's are still very much in it. seattle did not win their game so they are trailing in the wildcard race. as for the giants, the ever elusive win streak for these guys. they are having a hard time getting it going as they go to the land of the padres. there is kevin mitchell. for you giants -- for you youngsters who don't remember him, look at that catch!
10:56 pm
he made that in a world series game. they say it is the greatest ever. as for the actual game, chase d'arnaud swinging like kevin mitchell. three run shot, 3-0 lead that did not hold up. 3-1 san francisco in the fifth. manwell margo has eight --. bad news earlier in the day for the giants, johnny cueto going to the disabled list. they let the elbow rest for a month, but bruce is saying before the game today, there was a strong possibility that johnny cueto will have to undergo tommy john surgery. that means he would miss more
10:57 pm
than a year. probably in the neighborhood of 12-14 months. in the meantime, the big story in napa for the raiders is not who was there, but who was missing. they are saying no optimism at all with regard to getting his contracts finished. but who was there? bruce irvin. probably the best task rusher they have right now. >> bruce is a great player. i think he is one of the best in the league. he is awesome. i remember when he was a free agent, i was begging them. please get this guy! >> i like what we are ive coord really good. bruce irvin is playing his natural position on every down. he is a heck of a player. >> yeah, they still need khalil
10:58 pm
mack back. >> there is another former seattle seahawks back in the news. that would be richard sherman. it is nice to see him and pads. this past weekend the 49ers ratchet up their practice session. he is recovering from that ruptured achilles tendon. he looked pretty good, but at times, it was clear that he is not 100%. you know, veteran guys can get by on experience. >> sharma -- sherman obviously plethora of knowledge and tricks. i have played receiver against him and he did stuff to it is little things he does that you wonder how he did it. >> we have arrived at that point in the evening where we
10:59 pm
must check this out. one of the best, if not the best soccer player in the world. what is he doing in his spare time? hanging out in the backyard with his dog and kids. that is lionel messi hanging out . he thought someone was going to hit the ball back to him, but he was going out the first pitch. he had the great catch. that was good. that was excellent. what was even better than that? after he makes the catch, he runs over and gives a young fan. chking out on a monday night. that is the sporting life. it is 11 pm and time for more news. mark, thank you. cal fire says the bimost destructive fire in california
11:00 pm
history. more than 800 homes have been destroyed. destroyed. the good news is, the containment of the carr fire is now at 23%. >> evacuees are now being allowed to return home. we have more favorable weather in the forecast this week. hellfire says crews made a big strike in improving containment on the heavily populated side of the fire. it broke out one week ago and burned when the -- 103,000 acres. we spoke with a cal fire spokesperson. >> reporter: the cal fire spokesperson says heavy smoke over the fire it from moving. winds are expected to increase overnight. more than one -- more than 1100


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