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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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was overdrawing. -- it was an overjoyed feeling. >> as they return home they know unfortunately others aren't so lucky. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> firefighters finally started to gain ground on the mendocino complex fires, hello, i am frank somerville. >> it's now the largest wildfire in california history, burning almost the size of los angeles. first the numbers from cal fire, the river fire, which is the smaller one, now 78% contained at 48 acres. the ranch fire is what's still growing at just 20% contained tonight down a little bit today as the flames have now spread to nearly 244,000 acres and together they've become the largest fire in modern state history. you can see the ranch fire has run across lake county.
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>> deborah villalon has been covering this for more than a week. she was back where more than half a dozen communities got the all clear to return home. >> reporter: for hundreds of people it was finally time to come in from the smoke and see the places they left in a hurry last month.>> wow -- a whole lot of dusting.>> reporter: some ash on the deck but the schreibers' home never looked so good. >> i called the house everyday -- we have a landline and i figured if the machine comes on, the house is still there.>> reporter: they no other communities across the lake still wait for the all clear. >> we are blessed that we have our houses and everything is safe -- for how close the fire got -- you see the house on the
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hill that didn't burn and it's just a miracle that they didn't. >> reporter: dozer lines and ladders leading to the roof greet the evacuees on their return. >> we put ladders up and went down the buildings -- it was just amazing. >> reporter: and you could see for yourself how close it came. >> can i get a map? >> lake county has lived in a smoky soup for almost 2 weeks. >> i drove in wearing a mask and i am only not wearing it because we are talking. >> reporter: the air quality goes back and forth between very unhealthy and hazardous. at the top or even off the charts -- if 500 micrograms of our -- of particulate is bad -- >> there's over 1200 so we were more than double the high-end of what we would ever expect to see. >> reporter: under the layer of smoke, routines are returning to normal for more people everyday, although this trail might be rushing it -- riding the hill they often tackle.
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>> the lungs are pumping a little bit and legs are burning -- >> reporter: are you sure you should be out here? >> yes i think it's fine -- is a lot better than sitting indoors, i think. >> reporter: in fact is ansi has some might be to get outdoors, this type of exertion is to be avoided. the sampling devices plugged from the air quality being so bad -- after just eight hours. >> they were loaded with enough particulate it was equivalent to two years of normal air quality and like county. -- in lake county. >> reporter: by that measure it would take lake county 40 years to equal the particulate pollution of this fire so far, but it is good to see highways reopening. we are at one the last remaining highway roadblocks, highway 20 leading to the north shore resorts, which are still evacuated but frank and julie, they are hoping for the good word to go back home in the next day or two. >> hope they can, deborah villalon, thank you . the carr fire burning in
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shasta and trinidad counties is now 47% contained and has burned over 172,000 acres, nearly 1100 homes having been destroyed in and around redding and there are evacuations in effect in the areas of lewiston, french gulf and whiskeytown, which is northwest of redding. the national forest service says they are making good progress fighting the ferguson fire and keeping it from taking it off -- taking off in the yosemite area. but yosemite will be closed indefinitely because of the heavy smoke and fire fighting efforts. shifting winds are sending particulates from the fire in the bay area. there's a bay area alert for tomorrow -- live coverage from amber lee in the east bay hills with advice from health professionals. >> reporter: frank, officials say excessive pollution can
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cause health problems so to avoid adding to the air quality they are urging people to take transit or work from home. or carpool. at dusk, civic park in walnut creek was filled with families with young children and one mother says this is the first time, today, that she and her two-year-old daughter have been outdoors for an extended period of time.>> reporter: the daycare provider kept her indoors today because the air quality in the dublin/san ramon area was a little hazier. >> reporter: this picture was filtered by hayes. >> it's a little harder to breathe -- >> reporter: he said he's noticed the smoke drifting hear from the fires in recent days. >> you can actually smell the smoke even down here. >> reporter: an orange glow at sunset is another telltale sign of smoke in the sky and pollution in the air and experts say wednesday may be worse, which prompted a spare the air alert -- particularly in the east and south bays.
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>> where we see the temperatures get hot we see more mixing in the atmosphere, bringing smoke from the upper levels of the atmosphere down to the surface. >> reporter: the best way to avoid the smoke and health problems it can cause is to stay indoors. according to a video from kaiser permanente -- >> reduce physical activity, if possible. avoid exercising outside or being outside for prolonged periods.>> reporter: people say they hope the skies will clear up soon. >> as long as it's not for too many days -- if it stays longer i will start to be concerned, yes.>> reporter: air quality officials say a smoke advisory for the bay area is in effect through thursday and they said they will know whether the spare the air alert will also be extended into thursday. health officials say symptoms of smoke exposure include wheezing, burning eyes and runny nose.
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frank, julie? >> amber, thank you. today many people had their eyes on the skies at this summit and a haze of smoke could be seen over the basin. this was the 22nd year of the gathering which brings together lawmakers from california and nevada and also focuses on preserving the clarity of the water. this year, fire prevention and forced maintenance was at the top of the -- forest maintenance was at the top of the agenda. >> the tahoe region is on borrowed time -- the fires all around us and you can see the smoke in the air -- present a very stark question: how much longer does tahoe have? >> reporter: in 2016 congress passed a bill to set aside $450 million to protect the lake over seven years and each year congress decides how much to hand out and this year they approved $12 million for forest maintenance but the measure still needs house approval. a man accused of slashing two people on a bart train last week has been arrested -- 21-
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year-old -- 27-year-old solomon espinoza was taken into custody not far from laney college. police say he was on board a train last friday when he allegedly slashed two men after a fight broke out. vic them suffered non-life- threatening injuries and investigators say they recognized espinoza because of bart's video surveillance and that he has a prior criminal history. man being remembered as sweet humble and kind, 31-year- old -- stinnette put on an event sunday night just before he was shot as he was driving on the lower deck of the bay bridge early monday morning. his father tells ktvu he was engaged to be married and had two sons, a 10-year-old and a newborn.>> he was definitely a great father for his kids. he was a hard-working person.
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he don't deserve to leave in the way he left -- just an outstanding kid. every father would be proud to have a kid like him. >> the family says their son was not the type of person to get into arguments and highway patrol says the shooting was targeted and they are investigating whether something may have transpired at the nightclub that may have led to the shooting. people in fremont had an opportunity to meet their new police chief sunday night -- tuesday night as it was national night out with block parties to build relationships between the police and the public. >> reporter: making connections with the community is one of kimberly petersen's new priorities as police chief in fremont. she was here at one of 150 block parties in the city, always the first tuesday in august. >> it's a fantastic way for us
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to have positive interactions with our community. >> reporter: she spent 22 years with the force, five years as captain but what makes her different -- seized it -- she is the city's first openly gay female as police chief but since it's never mattered who she was. >> i'm proud of who i am, proud of my family and i'm proud the agency has always welcomed us as we were. >> reporter: the former city manager appointed her for her experience and tactical and knowledge of police work. being the top cop doesn't come without challenges and she says her main goal is staffing as like many they are struggling to hire officers. >> we are competing with google and yahoo and youtube in this area, which is very difficult. >> reporter: at a time that the population of fremont is now 230,000 people it's the bay area's fourth largest city and with that growth comes big city problems. >> we have transportation issues and a significant
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homeless issue here in fremont. >> reporter: suzanne has lived here for 23 years and says for the most part, she feels safe. she and many others didn't know the chief but happy to work with her and a rest of the police to make it a safer city. -- and the rest of the police force to make it a safer city.>> in fremont azenith smith ktvu fox news. coming up, all eyes are on tesla after elon musk considers taking the company private. -- >> now he has a commitment to follow through on that or he has some explaining to do. and we will look into that air-quality concer also ahea car plunges off a cliff in the north bay. what we're learning about what happened. enforcement -- .
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a driver is incredibly expected to survive after his car fell off a cliff and rolled 300 feet down a ravine. the car went off of fairfax road near kent road this afternoon and unfortunately, another driver called 911 after seeing it go off the road. if that driver hadn't seen what happened, the driver who went over the cliff probably never would've been found since the car was hidden under a good deal of brush. the driver a 50-year-old man was taken to the hospital with major injuries. chp is currently injured -- investigating whether alcohol may have been involved. elon musk said today he's considering taking his company private and the plan would value tesla at $70 billion making it the largest leveraged buyout in history -- after musk tweeted about the plan, nasdaq
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halted trading for 90 minutes and when it resumed shares of tesla closed up almost 11%. ann rubin tonight has more on what the plan might mean for the company's future. >> reporter: for months, tesla faced questions and criticism from investors about productions, finances and the new model three and now tesla may be going private removing itself from the mercies of the market. elon musk made the announcement today with a tweet. >> it's interesting that he's reacting to that pressure by saying look i will take my company at -- and go home but what we have to worry about is what is it doing to tesla and how is it affecting tesla shareholders? >> reporter: robert every -- everhart of the school -- the leavy school of business said stocks jumped -- before trading was paused. musk says a final decision hasn't yet been made but quote they are looking for an operating environment where
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tesla is free from as much short-term thinking as possible. >> his actions have a lot to do with the value of the company so when he announces he's going to do something, some people react -- you saw the price go up and now he has a commitment to follow through on that or he has some explaining to do. >> automotive journalist gary lieber believes the company will follow through and says elon musk should not be underestimated. >> there's so much public grief that he gets and i think this is a good way to get out from the scrutiny of the microscopic -- the microscope he's on the right now. >> the goal is to a private at $420 a share and then give investors a choice to sell or remain in a special-purpose from the allows buying and selling every six months. lieber says it's a choice he's happy to have. >> i would take $420 for a share of stock today. they say biz. >> in a follow-up tweet investor
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-- musk said investor support is confirmed and the only reason the move isn't confirmed is that it's contingent upon a shareholder vote. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. state lawmakers are demanding an answer from the department of motor vehicles about increasingly long wait times as today assemblyman phil ting held a town hall at the capital and questioned the dmv about long wait times which have in recent weeks gone -- gotten even longer because of a new push for federally mandated real id cards. they've taken measures to alleviate the long lines such as adding self check- in kiosks to the customers with -- so customers with appointments can move through the system faster. >> the dmv wants to do better and we will do better because our customers deserve it and we will look for opportunities to continue to improve processes. >> the dmv recently received funding to hire 500 more employees statewide and at least
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240 others are being reassigned to customer service to help reduce the long lines. smoke is back in the forecast -- you noticed today there's a lot of it out there now and by the morning it will be infiltrating the bay area proper. most areas along the coast will be fine, san francisco not too bad but as you know that smoke will be around oakland, hayward, berkeley you'll see a little bit -- but this side of the coast
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here comes the temperature footprint and what changes tomorrow is the smokiness -- you get out in the bay -- and see these oranges and that's where the air quality will be worse -- worst. 91 in fairfield, 96 in vacaville, so hoping firefighters can get a little bit of a break the next couple of days. the heat will be there
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but not expecting too much wind tomorrow but the fires are so big that they are creating their own wind as we are seeing over and over again. 82 inman park -- and there's the 5-day forecast. over the next couple of days smoke will be an issue so just take it slow and keep the windows closed and recycle the air in the car. by friday it should be better. sports is up next -- a twofer today with both the a's and the giants at home. we will see how it turned out for both teams coming up next in sports. the brady bunch house has a new owner tonight and it not -- it is not lance base from in sync who lost the bid after offering nearly $2 million. rather hd pd -- hdtv bought it and plan to restore the home to its 1970s glory. -- hgtv bought it and plan to restore the home to its 1970s
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tonight the oakland a's hosted their very first african- american heritage night. the oakland-based group tony tony tony saying the black national anthem. the oakland a's say going forward that african-american heritage night will be an annual tradition for the team as they celebrate there posts that -- 50th anniversary -- their 50th anniversary season this year. >> let's go to mark -- a good night for them? >> it could've been better had -- it was not a good night for the oakland a's -- not a good night. i totally blew that. >> there you go, frank. the rare opportunity for both the giants and the a's to match themselves up against teams in the world series last year --
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not a great night for them but mc hammer on hand to throw out the first pitch, trailing from the get go but as you know, this team is always to legit to quit -- too legit to quit. the starting pitcher only made it to into thirds innings with 77 pitches. chris taylor scored and they led 2-0, 3-0 in the sixth -- and then a ticket to ride, chris davis -- his 30-second home run cuts the deficit but that's as close as they would get. matt kemp adds the rbi r six-ga strike. across -- win streak. across the bay, london breed throwing out the first pitch as a giants fan her entire life and probably a fan of this guy, matt buck. seven scoreless and playing some defense, too -- matt hundley gets that -- pitch and under hands it to matt buck.
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it stays 1-0 until the 8th inning and they had to matt -- pitch hint -- hit for matt but unfortunately in the 7th inning -- tyler white -- well-known name -- cloggers one. 99 mile an hour fastball. they got to consecutive heartbreakers now -- five runs in four games this year against the world champs, 0-4. no rest for the weary or world champions for that matter -- 24 top players of the country -- dedicating the game to the family of nia wilson and it's a good cause featuring a three- point contest at halftime.
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and this gal named after the great jennifer -- beat brian antwan in the 3. contest so congratulations -- three point her and steph curry presentingt it's that time. in washington the national anthem -- a praying mantis arrives on the left arm of young eric fatty. -- theddy. in new york thunder and lightning -- look at the reaction when the thunder goes off back there and then -- another -- that's klay thompson with his beloved dog rocco at summer camp. >> see you later -- that's it
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for tonight. good night. ng. no begging.
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