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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 10, 2018 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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we do have another nice day coming our way. fog at the coast and cool conditions there. hot inland with temperatures coming down slightly today as a cooling trend begins and continues into the bay area weekend. right now a cool start in santa rosa. upper 40s again. san francisco 53. oakland 54. low 60s in livermore and san jose checking in around 60. cloud cover from the north bay into monterey. increasing into the east bay as well. we're likely to see a movie and a little bit more as we get closer to sunrise. another hour or so. here is a look at the onshore breeze for fairfield. 18 miles an hour. generally light and, for most of us. we do have that north northwest flow. we have no advisories in place for air quality today. expecting good air quality around the central bay to the north bay, inner east bay and santa clara valley. it will be moderate for the afternoon. here is a view of the afternoon highs. low 60s in pacifico. 68 san
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francisco. mid-80s around the bay. upper 80s to upper 90s for the hotter locations. temperatures ticking downward. i will have a look at those numbers coming up. let's check the highways. right now we do have traffic that is moving okay and we do have some unusually traffic -- unusually slow traffic through that construction zone. that gets a little problematic, especially if you're just leaving the house like we always did on vacation so early in the morning. trying to get out to highway five. you have to deal with him slow traffic and as long as you know it's there then you know it's there. there you go. livermore, dublin, hayward traffic looks good. this is a look at interstate 80 in oakland. no major problems at the bay bridge. a couple of lanes are a little slow. outside lands this weekend, the best way to get there is public
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transportation. if you don't, if you're not in the area for any particular reason this isn't the weekend to take a leisurely drive out to the west side of aldgate park. let's go back to the desk. the ghost ship warehouse fire defendants derek almeida and max harris are expected to speak in their sentencing hearings as follows an emotional day one of the hearings when the victims families testified about their heart-wrenching losses. leigh martinez is live at the courthouse in oakland with more on what we can expect today. >> reporter: derek almeida and max harris entered into a plea deal that avoids a trial, but did not avoid the emotional testimony by the victims families yesterday. much of the time yesterday was devoted to the victims families , allowing them a chance to speak directly to almeda and harris they wore pens or
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brought poster boards of their loved ones pictures. cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom as relatives packed the courtroom for what the judge described as a heart- wrenching hearing. almeda sat and faced the families but here is did not turn around. many expressed outrage at the light sensing given to the defendants. on july 3 derek almeida and max harris pled no contest to 36 counts of manslaughter almeda will re sentence and harris six years for the roles in the deadly fire at the ghost ship warehouse. in december 2016. those people attended a concert and party at the warehouse. a fire then broke out and 36 people perished in that fire. a menace attorney has said that he believes almeda will be out in less than four years because of time served and harris could serve just 23 oakland, ktvu fox2 news the families of the ghost
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ship fire victims are frustrated and demanding both accountability and justice. a lawyer representing those families says they will move ahead with a civil lawsuit. >> many of the family members said that they wanted to have a trial so they can have answers as to what happened or who did what. they are disappointed that there is not a trial. that leaves us in a civil suit. we are going to answer those questions for them. >> the focus of the civil lawsuit is whether the city of oakland, pg&e, and the warehouse owners were negligent or disregarded safety. any family members of the victims said they are angry no one has taken responsibility. one mother cried out she is ashamed of her city and called the warehouse owners cowards. make sure you stay right here with us for continuing coverage of the ghost ship warehouse fire case. we will be in court again today for day two of the sensing hearing and we will have updates on air and online.
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more mandatory evacuations issued in southern california for the holy fire. it is only 5% contained and has burned 16 mi.2 in the cleveland national forest. people around the community of lake elsinore are the latest to be evacuated. about 20,000 people have fled their homes in orange and riverside counties. governor brown house declared a state of emergency. a 51-year-old man has been arrested for starting the fire. he is due in court today on multiple charges including felony arson. calfire is mourning the loss of another firefighter. a heavy equipment mechanic was headed to work on the carr fire in redding yesterday when his truck crash on highway 99. the capital flags will fly at half staff for a 40-year-old andrew break. at least eight people including three firefighters have died as a result of the carr fire. it is now 49% contained but more than 1000 homes have been destroyed. today marks two weeks since the massive mendocino complex fire started burning.
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it has grown to become the largest wildfire in california history. two fires that make up the mendocino complex fire have burned more than 300,000 acres and destroyed 119 homes . the firefighters are making progress . the fire is now 52% contained. they do not expect full containment of that fire until september 1. senator camilla harris is working on legislation to change the way firefighting is funded by treating it like any other natural disaster under fema. >> i am hearing of great creativity and a fight coming from this community. it is something that should inspire all of us. >> senator harris went to an emergency shelter in lake county yesterday visiting people who have evacuated because of the mendocino complex fire. she talked to firefighters and the people who lost their homes . the some of the people who were evacuated from the spring valley neighborhood in clearlake oaks has been allowed to go back home. one man who some survived the fire said he is heartbroken
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about homes that did not survive. >> it is hard with all the people of the valley. they are all friends of mine. >> dozens of homes in spring valley were destroyed or damaged. some had survived the pawnee fire back in june, but they burned this time. more than 13,000 firefighters are working on the fire lines in california. california's office of emergency services says those screws are valley more than 12 large wildfires wh they included in may firefighters and crews from local fire department. even firefighters from other states and countries. this video was recorded by members of the palo alto fire department who had a crew returned from the fire lines yesterday. >> in one second we can be sitting with clear sky working on on and preparing for the mayor to come through and the next minute you get a way to change and the fire has blown through and you have to escape to your safety
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zone. >> calfire is increasingly having to rely on crews and fire departments around the state to help out. it depends on what is happening nearby on whether or not an agency can agree to send firefighters to help. at some time that could leave the states request for more crews and engines unfilled. a man accused of causing the death of another man after attacking him at the pleasant hill art station will be in court this morning police say 20-year-old abdul they attacked 51-year-old gerald bisbee with a knife last month during an argument and bisbee was wounded on his knee. that wound became infected and bisbee was later found dead at his home in pittsburgh.slashing train passengers with a box cutter is now charged with attempted murder. police say espinosa was on a bart train bound for richmond last friday when he allegedly got into a fight with the man and/to them. the mental police they were attacked on the train and the
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fight spilled out onto the platform at the macarthur bart station in oakland. one man had a gash on his head and the other was wounded in the arm. bart surveillance video helped identify and track down espinosa who will be back in court next thursday to enter a plea. the bart board of directors is moving forward with several safety measures as part of a $28 million plan to improve security. the bart board will now get this to expand a digital camera network. the board will also voted to install three emergency call boxes at each train platform to allow bart riders to talk to police dispatch and a camera would be activated when the intercom button is pushed. some people who attended yesterday's meeting expressed concerns about the proposals. three this agenda does not actually advance public safety. there are no proposals for mental health specialist and stations. >> before approving any surveillance methods the board should examine the risks to
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privacy, dissent, and communities of color. >> parts general manager user authority to extend police work hours approved training employees as unarmed ambassadors and launch a right safe education program. the bart board also voted to have a future hearing so they can examine some other safety proposals like limiting panhandling areas, cracking down -- using a surveillance system. bart also made it clear that it will not be using any controversial facial recognition technology. the debate goes on over 3- d printable guns. coming up, what president trump is saying about a judges ruling and what is happening today in a federal courtroom. a girl survived after a 50 foot ball after she was pushed off of a bridge. up next you will hear from the teenager as she is recovering in the hospital. we are off to a nice start this morning if you are driving on the marin county commute.
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looks good heading south towards the 580. three outside this morning fog along the coast and partly cloudy skies elsewhere. a minor cool down coming to the area for the weekend. details on that coming up after the break. you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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canada. a shooting has killed at least four people. this happened this morning in a residential neighborhood in fredericton new brunswick. we have very few details right now, but the police there are telling everyone to avoid the area and stay inside and locked the doors. fredericton is the capital of new brunswick province. this is a story we are following right now from canada . at least four people shot and killed in eastern canada. we will follow that and bring you updates throughout the morning. a news conference is scheduled to announce the first sexual abuse lawsuit filed against san jose's presentation high school. the all girl catholic high school has been rocked by allegations made by 20 former students that school officials did not act on their complaints of sexual abuse teachers and staff . the group claims administrators at the school knew about some of the alleged abuse going back 30 years but did not reported to authorities as required by law. a lawyer for one of the former students will talk about the filing of the lawsuit against the school at 10:00 at the westin in san jose.
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a teenage girl very lucky to be alive. she survived after a friend jokingly pushed her off a bridge in southwest washington state. >> i have five broken ribs, there are air bubbles in my chest. in the air i think i might have a fainted, but when i hit the water i was awake. >> that 16-year-old realizes she could have died. jordan and some of her friends climbed up on -- clan -- climbed up on the bridge and planted to jump into the river. jordan had second thoughts and that's when a friend pushed her off. she fell 60 feet down before hitting the water . the sheriff has started a criminal investigation. chp is investigating a three car crash on interstate e about 8:45 last night . the car went off the freeway and ended up on frontage road along 80. one person was treated for moderate injuries.
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after being on under construction for the past eight years the long-awaited sales force transit center is due to officially open this weekend in san francisco. for the past couple of months a temporary terminal has been set up for the muni systems busiest line. 38 gearing. 30 -- starting this weekend other transit services including a c transit and the transfer bus lines will start bringing passengers to that stop. a ribbon cutting ceremony takes place today . the grand opening block party is tomorrow from noon until 4 pm a at the transit center on mission street. today the three-day san francisco music festival, and florence and the intoxication and crowded public
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transit. concert-goers have some new rules to deal with and that includes some bag restrictions. >> basically, the general rule is we are only allowing clear bags through. if you have a small purse or fanny pack that is okay, otherwise, backpacks or larger bags need to be clear. >> the festival is expected to draw two -- 225,000 people to golden gate park. coming up we will be live at the festival grounds with a preview of this weekend's excitement. i know sal is watching commute, but are you looking forward to hanging out at the festival? >> yes. . i'm also going to tell you right now about the best way to get there. that would be to use public transportation. if you are being dropped off by uber the drop point is at 30th and balboa on the north
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end of the park. the shuttles will drop you off at the south end of the park, but the best way as an experienced san franciscan is if you are able, take muni and walk. that is the best way. walking is absolutely the best way if you are able because it is one of those things. have a fun, but remember, parking is at a premium. i would not recommend parking in the neighborhoods. let's take a look at the commute. gilroy to san jose, northbound 101 from san jose into the san francisco area looks good. we are kind of looking at the commute and to sing that traffic is moving along well. a little slowing on my fifth to -- 152 already. no major problems in the silicon valley commute. looking at 280 in san jose looks pretty good. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light.
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i have been to outside lands and you have to bring a jacket. yes. you are right. especially on the west edge, things change fast. even if we wake up with partly cloudy skies the afternoon sea breeze will cut right for you so bring along a jacket. partly to mostly cloudy for the weekend with patchy fog to start the day. we will have high pressure we getting a bit getting into the weekend. that will drop the temperatures just slightly. not looking at a big deal. i will show you that in the extended forecast. also watching some of this monsoonal moisture move back into california. by the afternoon you may note -- noticed a few clouds drifting from the south. this is a view of what's going on at home. the low clouds and fog along the coastline. locked in pretty good for the entire day. here is a look at the lunch hour. south beijing -- south facing beaches will have sunshine. right along the west edge including golden gate park we could be partly to mostly cloudy the entire day. here is a look at some of the cloud cover.
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it came in from the south. we will go for low clouds and fog along the coastline. mid-and high-level clouds elsewhere. improving weather with no advisories in place for air quality today. it should be good to moderate. 53 in san francisco. the dha word. low 60s to start the morning over livermore and for the afternoon today coming down slightly. upper 80s in the forecast for sonoma. 70 coming down slightly. upper 80s in the forecast for sonoma. 74 sausalito. to the east bay we go. 80 degrees for san leandro. 96 danville. another hot one in antioch, 97. 97 morgan hill . his ever -- saratoga 97. 75 san bruno. upper 60s expected in san francisco for the afternoon. if you're going to see the giants play temperatures will be cooling off. low 60dy skies. here is a look at the extended forecast some relief for bu in
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neighborhood . the new approach to crime-fighting that seems to be working when it comes to reducing certain crimes. a rocket carrying a solar probe is launching tomorrow. we will talk to a nasa scientist about this history making mission. ♪ ♪
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it is a historic mission at this dose as is parker solar probe will trouble closer to the sun than any other spacecraft.
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>> good morning. so many cool things to talk about. this launch is at 3:48 in the morning. eastern standard time tomorrow. tell us what this probe is going to be doing that is so historic and scientists are watching so closely. >> this probe for the very first time is going to fly up close and personal to a star. our son is an average star and by flying up into its atmosphere we can learn so much about it and be able to apply that throughout the galaxy. >> i also read it is forecasting weather and how the sun affects us within, it was also interesting to say we are going to get more questions out of this and answers, but how excited are you to see how much information comes from this and whk the most information will come?
5:25 am
obviously, it will take a little time to get over there. >> we are moving incredibly fast. we have speeds of up to 430,000 miles an hour. we get to the sun very quickly. just about three months after the launch that we are in the corona for the very first time. we will start getting results about how the corona is acting, why it is 300 times hotter than the surface of the fun cut -- of the sun, which is a major mystery. why the corona is continually expanding away from the sun. that means it impacts our planet. we call that space weather. by going in close to the star we will be able to understand what is really driving and powering this solar wind. that will make tremendous improvements in our ability to protect the impacts on -- to predict the impacts on earth. it is incredible. you talk about seven flight i -- flybys over philly to dc in one second. for the average person to understand how remarkable is
5:26 am
that this gets underway, i think the temperatures are more than 1,000,0000f, in terms of really marking this and i know you mentioned, we talked of it being named after someone who is still living, eugene parker, tell us, when you are excited about this and all the things you're looking to on why this is such a mark in our history to be proud of. >> this is really just a truly extraordinary mission. it is the first one to be named after somebody during their lifetime. he is here with us in florida. that is super exciting. we are traveling faster than any human made object. we are going closer to the sun. we are making 24 orbits. they look a bit like the petal of a flower. we come close to the sun on one side and out on the orbit of venus on the other. we do seven flybys to the planet venus and that helps us get closer and closer to the sun over our seven year mission. we will be unlocking the mysteries and questions we know we already want to answer.
5:27 am
it is a voyage of discovery. we are going someplace we have never been before. we will have way more questions and way more things we didn't even know to ask and it has real-world applications because we will be able to really help predict space weather. >> i love it. doctor nikki fox, we are very excited for the lunch tomorrow. we will be watching it closely. science is super cool. >> thank you . >> yes. we go live at 3 am on >> we will be watching carefully. thank you. it sounds out of this world, but the military could soon be in space as its own department. we will have the latest on the white house proposal for a space force. reports that a child died after being released from an
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i.c.e facill you where offivestigating that death. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. ♪
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to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe. good morning and welcome back. it is friday, august 10. we made it to friday. >> good morning. first, a look ais cool start in rosa. 4855 san francisco. 54 oakland. low 60s to start in livermore
5:31 am
and san jose. a high pressure will be weakening as we get into the weekend. temperatures falling off a little bit tomorrow. a little more on sunday. we do have a little moisture working back into california. we can see mid-and high-level clouds getting into the afternoon today. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies at the coast and mostly clear elsewhere. we have a bit of haze expected today. air quality will be good to moderate. today is not a spare the air day.r hot one at 97 in antioch. low 80s in hayward. mid-80s redwood city. san francisco 68. we're looking at 61 for areas over pacifica. to see the giants game today it will be nice. we have the raiders playing today and outside lands going on this weekend. again, we have some nice weather coming our way. details in just a moment. let's check the highways.
5:32 am
we are here on friday. right now we do have traffic doing all right coming in through solano county through fairfield. we had a couple of minor things, but nothing major. as you drive through to bill hill 37 is kind of slow. 80 plays a big role in the weekends as people try to sneak in one more weekend getaway. this weekend i have a feeling is going to be a big one on 80 heading east out to the richmond bridge and down to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is going to be okay at the macarthur maze and the toll plaza it is light. let's go back to the desk. the ghost ship warehouse fire defendant derek amin and max harris are expected to speak in their sentencing hearings later this morning. family members and friends of the 36 people killed in that fire spoke on the judge describ
5:33 am
heart-wrenching hearing. family members and friends criticized the plea deals given to almeda and harris pleading no contest to involuntary manslaughter have any is expected to receive a nine year jail sentence -- and harris six years but will likely be out and about half that time for credits for time served. a federal judge in seattle will hear arguments about a restraining order against the release of the blueprints for 3- d printed guns today. president trump is considering reversing the original decision that will allow the blueprints to be published. california recently joined 19 other state attorneys general to file a lawsciting public safety concerns. facebook has banned websites that host blueprints of those 3- d printed guns. facebook says that sharing the files of violates the social networks community standards. texas child wherefrom -- welfare officials investigating reports that a child died after being released from an i.c.e detention facility.
5:34 am
it inflamed the debate over immigration policy . the texas department of family and protective services said it just received the name of the child yesterday. it did not provide any other details. this is the fifth the second child abuse and neglect investigation at a texas facility that houses immigrant children. that is since december. officials say they did not find any evidence of abuse in the 40 cases completed so far. nine cases are still pending. a federal judge threatened to hold jeff sessions in contempt if a mother and daughter who were deported were not returned to the u.s. who were deported were not returned to the u.s. attorneys representing a woman and her daughter said they had been removed from in texas shelter and put on a plane for el salvador hours before their hearing. a judge ordered the government to bring the two back immediately. he criticized the government for deporting them. mother and daughter were brought back to the u.s. after their plane landed in el salvador. activists gathered in japan town protesting family
5:35 am
separations at the border and president trump's travel ban. organizers at the event last night compare the presidents immigration policies to what happened to japanese-americans during world war ii when american citizens were put in internment camps. speakers said as a country we should not repeat the mistakes of the past. >> 70, 80, 90 years form now we will look back at 2018 and have to explain to our grandchildren that america did, again, what it said it would never do. >> organizers held that rally last night because today is the 30th anniversary of the civil liberties act of 1988. it granted reparations to japanese-americans who were sent to internment camps. the trump administration is moving ahead with plans to create a new branch of the military that is focused on defending uss nitze in space. doug luzader joins us live washington with more on this new proposed space force. >> reporter: much of this work is being done by the air force.
5:36 am
this would change everything. could this be the military's recruiting poster for the future? welcome to space force. >> the time has come to establish the united states space force. >> reporter: mike pence at the pentagon announcing what has become a pet project for president trump. with traditional military forces and civilian industries relying more and more on satellite technology the idea is to address threats from countries like china and russia and that is not just science fiction. >> while our adversaries have been womanizing space too often we have bureaucracy ties didn't. >> reporter: this kind of thing is handled by the air force right now. this could change all of that. >> i don't think space force is really the solution. >> reporter: deborah james is the former secretary of the air force. counter as a skeptic who sees this as another sprawling civilian military drain on resources. >> with the creation of a new separate service i believe brand-new bureaucracy would create such thrashing that we
5:37 am
can actually lose some of the positive momentum we have seen over the last several years. >> reporter: the cost will be signific for as much as we may talk about outer space all of this is grounded in an earthbound dollars and cents reality. congress. it will be expensive. this is the first military branch that will be graded, assuming this takes place, since the air force was launched in 1947. in washington for ktvu fox2 news almost a year since hurricane maria devastated the island of puerto rico and now officials are revising the death toll, putting it at more than 1400 people. initially the government said 64 people died. it has taken months but the islands electric provider says power is almost completely restored. almost 1.4 million people lost power during the storm. as of last night 25 customers were still in the dark. there are several new developments involving north
5:38 am
korea. the red cross says 70% of the people in that country are struggling to avoid hunger. partly due to a heat wave that has devastated rice and corn crops. south korea says illegal coal and iron shipments slipped into north korea last year, which may have violated the un sanctions. and the united nations is refusing a request to lift a ban on sending sports equipment to north korea. the international olympic committee wanted to provide sports gear so north korean athletes can train for the 2020 summer games. the chp says a drawbridge in rio vista that became stuck yesterday is working again it is opened to traffic. that drawbridge in the sacramento river delta caused a traffic nightmare. the rio vista bridge normally raises and lowers to allow boat traffic to sail underneath. about 3:30 the bridge went up, but operators couldn't get it to go back down. traffic backed up for miles on highways 12 and 160.
5:39 am
according to caltrans, rio vista bridge is set for mechanical and electrical upgrades beginning in 2022. parts of the bridge are more than 70 years old. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating a homicide in castro valley. they say a man was killed last night at a home on john court. there was a large law enforcement presence outside that house. crime scene tape blocked off the area. the alameda county sheriffs department says the man died after being shot. crime scene crews were there for several hours collecting evidence and searching for clues. this weekend marks one year since deadly clashes broke out in charlottesville. up next how the governor of the virginia is trying to prevent violence this year. day nine in the paul manafort trial. prosecutors are expected to rest their case. good morning.
5:40 am
we have traffic that is moving along pretty well around the bay area. a little dog near the coast, but here in oakland it looks good as you drive toward downtown. i am tracking a minor cool down for your bay area weekend. partly cloudy skies with fog. we are checking on the current conditions and the afternoon highs coming up. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) oor closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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thanks jack! those are some nice bowls. everyone's gonna want to get their hands on jack's bowls. try my bowls! see that right there? you can't say that. what? i was just saying i got great bowls... ooooh. now i hear it. yea. try my teriyaki bowls. only at jack in the box. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) prosecutors in the paul manafort trial plan to rest the case today. it is day nine of that trial. t expected to testify against the former chairman of the tramp campaign. mannafor is facing more than a dozen charges related to financial fraud. yesterday in court saw emails from mannafor urging his son-in-law to lie about where he lived so mannafor could get a loan.
5:43 am
in a second case the jury was shown evidence that mannafor lied about mortgages. if convicted manafort could be convicted to more than 300 years in prison. this sunday will mark one year since a deadly confrontation in charlottesville, virginia where 32-year-old heather heyer was killed. there were violent clashes between off -- alt right groups and counter protesters over removing a confederate monument. to avoid any possible repeat over this weekend the governor avenue weekend the governor avenue., virginia has declared a state of emergency. a demonstration was planned in charlottesville, but it has been canceled. permits have now been issued for a rally across the street from the white house. >> we remember seeing burning tiki torches. we remember heather heyer. it didn't make sense last year and it doesn't make sense and now. >> on sunday heather heyer's mother plans to go back to the
5:44 am
street where her daughter was killed. she will be speaking at an event marking the anniversary. the street is now named after her daughter. now to the disturbing story of a man accused of abusing a group of children, including his disabled sun, whose remains are believed to have been found in a compound in new mexico. the father of the suspect spoke to reporters yesterday. >> used the right word, bazaar. our family is an everyday family. this is so bizarre. it's like what is going on? >> the suspect is currently jailed on child abuse charges. investigators say he abducted his three-year-old some from his mother in georgia last december and then took him to new mexico. authorities raided the compound last friday and tsfounre charged with abuse including the man's two sisters. business owners along fillmore street in the pacific
5:45 am
heights neighborhood of san francisco say they believe an increase in police patrols has led roin crime. police on for now regularly make rounds on fillmore street getting to know store employees, sharing safety tips people who live in the stores say shoplifting had been a problem in some of the themes were even -- some of those thieves even bring it up lately . >> we had someone come in with a bag and clearing shelf and take off. that was really unfortunate. we haven't had anything like that happened this year. >> always to stay ahead of the trends with the resources where we see things popping up. by having a presence we tried to quell the situation. >> police say the number of car break-ins have dropped in the areas where they have increased foot patrols. a retired police officer was arrested in redwood city after barricading himself in his home and keeping police at bay for more than 17 hours. james mcgee is accused of assaulting a woman early yesterday morning inside the home on windsor way . the woman called 911 reporting the assault.
5:46 am
when police arrived she was in front of the house and mickey was inside and refused to come out. about 7:30 last night he gave himself up . the woman was treated for non-life- threatening injuries and was later released. let's go out to the roads this friday morning. >> hello. it is foggy. i will show you the golden gate bridge and you can see it is pretty foggy. some dense fog. i grew up in san francisco and i happen to like the fo some people find it hard to drive the. there is the golden gate bridge and that light. that is the golden gate bridge underneath the fog. if you don't like fog why are you living here? kidding. anyway. you might be driving in some in
5:47 am
southern marin. let's look at 580 westboun is getting better. we have some road work on the altamont pass area approaching the altamont pass itself. no major issues on interstate 80 in oakland. at the bay bridge we usually have the metering lights on by now. we do have a small delay, but it is lighter than usual. rosemary, the fog is here. >> yes. happy friday. we do have fog along the coastline. some beautiful views as we say good morning to y.ur another half hour befounrise, b is only lightning. we will be cool at the coast and hot inland as we roll through today. temperatures coming down just slightly. it is a trend that will continue saturday into sunday a few degrees of cooling expected tomorrow and for the bay area sunday. more on that in the extended forecast. we are looking at this coming our way. monday looks like the coolest day. cloud cover along the coastline. we do have some just inside the
5:48 am
bay. i expect it to peel away and we will be mostly sunny away from the coast. the west edge partly to mostly cloudy. if you're going to outside lands bring along a jacket, it could be cool with the onshore breeze in the afternoon. mid-and high-level clouds came our way late in the day. monsoon moisture back in california comes from the desert southwest this time of year. likely to see some of those clouds, our way. not expecting any rain. here is a look at the temperatures right now. low 50s to low 60s for most. if you take your eyes to the north bay santa rosa 43. in her east bay a mild one at 64 in walnut creek. 54 oakland. 55 san francisco. afternoon highs coming down just slightly. upper 80s for sonoma. 88 can fill. 70 sausalito. 86 castro valley. 96 danville.
5:49 am
south bay locations for the afternoon, 88 san jose. 76 by the water in santa cruz. nice and mild there. remaining cool. daly city, pacifica, half moon bay mostly cloudy skies likely for the entire day. 68 san francisco. the home opener for the raiders tonight so at game time 66 degrees. halftime low 60s. cooling down over the course of the evening. here is a look at the extended forecast with temperatures continuing to pull off. saturday and sunday. by monday upper 80s and low 90s in the forecast. even though we see a few degrees of cooling with each passing day upper 90s today, upper 80s by monday. you should notice a difference. 70s around the bay and low 60s around the coast. by tuesday temperatures rebound a few degrees. there were some protests on the nfl sidelines last night . a few players made a statement president trump was up early this morning tweeting about it.
5:50 am
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...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. welcome back. the nfl preseason has begun and it will continue into the regular-se . protesting police brutality and racial injustice. last night malcolm jenkins of the eagles raised his fist. two miami dolphins players took a knee. back in may nfl team owners try to settle the national anthem
5:53 am
debate, telling players they need they need to stand for the anthem or stay in the locker room . the players association challenged that and for now the nfl and the policy is on hold. early this morning president trump tweeted this, the nfl players are at it again. taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the national anthem numerous players from different teams wanted to show their outrage at something that most of them are unable to define. they make a fortune doing what they love. be happy. be cool. a football game that fans are paying so much money to watch and enjoy is no place to protest. most of that money goes to the players anyway. find another way to protest. stand probably for your national anthem or be suspended
5:54 am
without pay. last night the nfl released a statement that says, the anthem will continue to be played before every game and all player and nonplayer personnel on the field at that time are expected to stand during the presentations for the flag and performance of the anthem. personnel who do not wish to do so can choose to remain in the locker room. we remain committed to working with the players to identify solutions and to continue making progress on important social issues affecting our communities. at the 49ers and cowboys games both players -- all players on both sides were standing for the national anthem. marquise goodwin raised his fist . all operations stopped while the star-spangled banner was play. no one could buy snacks at the concession stand or go into the stadium during the national anthem. 49ers owner jed york came up with that during the nfl owners meeting back in may. 49ers beat the cowboys 24 - 29 in last night preseason game. several 49ers left the game after being hurt. still, the 49ers came back against the
5:55 am
cowboys with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, including a late score push the 49ers to a victory. the 49ers play houston texans next week. the oakland raiders played their first preseason game tonight against the detroit lions. the two teams held a joint practice earlier this week. this time they will be playing on the football field. you can see that game tonight at 7:30 right here on ktvu fox2 news . the game will be at the coliseum in oakland and we will bring you a full write down on the 10:00 and 11:00 news . the raiders took some time out of training camp to host first responders and military groups. that includes napa county and sonoma county first responders who fought in the deadly northbay wildfires . the raiders also hosted militant -- members of the military from travis air force base along
5:56 am
with the coast guard. members of the armed forces had a chance to go to the raiders practice and meet some of their favorite raider players. the giants coming off a 10 - 5 lost to the pirates at at&t park. for the game a familiar face sang the national anthem. >> [ singing ] >> yes. that is the former giant star pitcher singing the national anthem. he also throughout the first pitch . the the giants had a strong performance from andrew mccutchen. andrew mccutchen who was traded by the pirates to the giants this season. still, the giants offense could not keep up.
5:57 am
they will play again tonight. it is a big weekend for the san francisco giants and barry bonds. we will tell you more about a ceremony this weekend to retire the jersey of the former giants slugger. sentencing continues today in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire case. we will have a recap of yesterday's very emotional testimony and what is expected today. ♪ ♪ ♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do
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no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours.
5:59 am
today is tape -- is a two for the sentencing hearing for two men held responsible for the ghost ship warehouse fire. today there are expected to address the courtroom. the destructive mendocino complex wildfires. the latest containment numbers as firefighters keep working around the clock. good morning and welcome. it is friday, august 10. >> good morning. i know you want to find out about your friday morning whether. rosemary is right over there. >> what a beautiful start to the day. we do have mostly clear skies and the fog. we have a a little fog along the coastline. we do have partly cloudy skies
6:00 am
for most. i'm looking at this hoping that the cloud cover will not impact some of the arriving flights to sfo. partly cloudy skies in and around san francisco. mostly clear elsewhere. upper 50s santa rosa. san francisco 55. low 50s over oakland. low 60s livermore and san jose. here is a view from up above and you can see the cloud cover covering the coastline. just inside the bay. partly cloudy elsewhere. getting into the second part of the morning it will pull back and we will be partly to mostly cloudy at the coast and mostly sunny everywhere. improved eric raleigh today was no advisories in place. onshore breeze at fairfield at 13 meal. the northwest flow continues. we are looking at good to moderate air quality around the region today. inside the


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