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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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an officer is killed in the line of duty. dollars. ed in on pickup truck slammed into the officer as he performed a vehicle stop. much of the damage d debris was spread across the interstate. you could barely make out the motorcycle. investigators are trying to do terman what, if the driver to lose control causing the accident. >> tonight he has been identified as kirk what's mack as a processional made its way from the hospital to the coroner's office. what if you been learning? >> reporter: officers are morning this loss. especially those stationed here. they lost a 19 year veteran. they lowered flags in rememb he was a veteran and former marine.
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officer griess died friday morning when he was struck by a vehicle while on the job. >>loves best. helping people on the freeway's. >> reporter: investigators say he pulled over a person driving a saturn for a routine traffic stop on 80 westbound. while he was dealing with the driver, a white pickup truck veered in their direction. he hit and killed officer griess and the driver of the saturn. >> unfortunately somebody ran off the road. not only injured him, but the other individual. >> it is a sad day for the highway patrol. it is a sad day for a member of the public who was also killed.>> reporter: the driver was identified as 49-year-old man well of you help. they were both taken to an area hospital where they die. many rushed to the hospital to pay respects. >> he was the ultimate public
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servant. whatever he did, he loved being in officer. he will be dearly missed. >> reporter: it is unclear what made the driver of the pickup truck fear into the other two. we don't know if alcohol or drugs played a role. investigators did say he is talking to them and giving them answers. >> we hope you learn some more. thank you so much. breaking news in oakland, a major development in the warehouse fire. >> henry the was in court today were a judge has reject the plea deal for the two defendants. henry?>> reporter: a very stunning turn of events, it came down to derek, the judge james kramer said the nine your proposed sentence was not enough. he did not show enough remorse. the the second defendant, his
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deal was tied to that of the other as part of a package deal. his no contest please were satisfied. they are going back to trial. >> reporter: the surprise decision came on the day they were supposed to be sentence. but instead, the judge said he agreed with families of the victims, a nine your plea deal was not enough. that means the no contest please for both men were set aside in a new trial date will be set. -- and a new trial date will be set. >> the victims families are adamant and i have to side with them. even though i think it is a little bit irrational. they went 36 years. >> reporter: the sudden turn came after families criticized him as being self-centered and not showing remorse. cameras were not allowed in court. from the witness stand they addressed relatives of the victims directly, through tears, he asked for forgiveness and said the day after the fire he wished he wasn't born. at one point he stood up from
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the witness stand and that i am guilty, i am guilty for believing we were safe. i am guilty for allowing it. i am guilty for not being there and sharing your children's fate. his wife and their daughter also spoke in court costs thing they two were sorry. for his part, harris that he has been praying for the families ever since the fire and that nothing he says could even come close to bringing them comfort. harris said, in part, i am deeply sorry and regret that my actions and inactions and lack of foresight contributed and led to this tragedy. i never would have imagined that any of my actions over time would have led to this. it is completely unfathomable. this woman who had lost her son have mixed reactions to what he said. she said of harris, >> i do see some remorse. the other is not remorseful. >> reporter: we have here, is plea deals are set aside and now they are going to trial. i am joined by an investigator.
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he was in the courtroom. tell me some statements that offended people. >> reporter: dear commonest daughter spoke before he got up there and it was the only time we saw him get emotional. before he went up there. when he did the first thing out of his mouth that the families were offended by, or a father you feel shame, when your daughter speaks on your behalf. i thought that was selfish and showed no remorse. he went on to say if i could give you my children's lives i would. there were gasps in the courtroom. leader of the da address that pain, they don't want an eye for an eye. they just want to hear i am sorry and truly feel remorse from the defendants.>> reporter: the judge is not the same judge who brokered a deal. that was morris jacobson. talk about how this judge thing change things. >> reporter: this judge said he
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had read everything in the case and listen to all testimony. he took meticulous notes. he went through all of it and mentioned the statements he felt were truthful and honest when it came to harris, he believes them, when it come to derek he felt that it was not at all remorseful. that is why he rejected the deal. as you mentioned now both have no deal on the table. >> reporter: that's because there was a package deal, the deal brokered between the  defense attorney in the prosecution, that original judge, what happens now? can max harris possibly separate from his codefendant? >> reporter: absolutely. his attorney says that could happen. and that would mean only a trial would go forward with derek. we will wait and see. >> reporter: they will be back in court next friday to possibly set a trial date. stick with us while we follow this case. >> this happened in 2016. a year and half later, no resolution to the case.
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let's bring in our legal analyst. michael we just heard some information from the judge. it is interesting to hear that the judge felt derek was not remorseful. in recent months, even the last year, we have heard more from him than we have heard from max. but they felt harris was more remorseful. >> i found that interesting, i think it rings more true that this sentence did not encompass the gravity of the negligence that happened in this case. he has to the year expressed his remorse. so when i hear that i go, all right, that is something you can hang your hat on top that i do not think that is the real reason that you did this. >> a quick question, i want to ask you two things. can eric harris separate himself? and secondly, this case,
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usually prosecutors have a plea deal when they can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt. does this week in their case? no i don't think it weakens the case anymore. then it is already weakened. remember there is no source for this fire, they have other proof problems. that is why they said they agreed to this disposition. i have always been of the mind even when i was prosecuting for the government that there are some cases that should go to trial and let the community decide what is going on. this case, do you remember the stanford case with the swimmer, brock turner, i can't help but think that this has a little bit of a persky effect even though i agree with what the judge did, and kudos to him, i cannot help but think he had to be thinking, well i wonder what is going to have i don't do this, will people come after me
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. but i like judge kramer and think he's a good judge. i think he did the right thing. now the question is going to be, can they prove it beyond a reasonable doubt? be careful what you wish for people. >> the case of derick almena and max harris, we will see where it goes from here. >> we are working to learn more about what happened in court today. we will have more tonight at 10 pm. more breaking news, a jury has awarded more than a quarter of $1 billion to a school district worker who says roundup and weed killers gave him cancer. kristin, this is the verdict, johnson had been hoping for.>> reporter: absolutely. the man at the center of the case is here inside these law offices. we are waiting for a press conference scheduled to start in a half hour. he was in the courtroom today as he read the jury verdict.
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monsanto, the makers of roundup should have known their product is dangerous. >> did the potential risks prevent a substantial danger -- resent a sub actual danger? -- present a substantial danger? answer, yes. >> reporter: it was like that all afternoon as she read a series of questions in a similar vein. the jury awarded him close to $39 million in compensatory damages, and $250 million in punitive damages.'s attorney represents more than 700 clients with similar claims to johnson's. he says he hope the quarter billion-dollar award will convince monsanto to put consumer safety first and settle a lot of those outstanding cases. he likened montesano to big tobacco. >> monsanto, for years has been
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taking a playbook from the tobacco industry from rewriting science, using all the different pr strategies and legal strategies, >> it's not a fair analysis. we know that tobacco causes cancer. it is been perfectly safe, roundup is and is been presented is that for four decades. >> reporter: montesano thing they will appeal the verdict. we are on standby waiting for johnson and his legal team to address all of us and tell us about strategy. and telus their feelings on having this big win. that award more than a quarter billion dollars. we hope to bring that to you live as it happens in just about a half hour. we're live in san francisco. >> this landmark ruling, thank
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you so much. wild fires are forcing closure of yosemite. when it is expected to reopen. another very hot day inland, here is a look from mount diablo. we will cool things off in the saturday forecast. and bigger changes over the coming week. we will look at the forecast coming up next.
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>> more progress -- the ranch fire is now 53% contained. river fight is 87% contained. at least 119 homes have been destroyed, cal fire expects
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full containment by september 1. today marks two weeks of the mendocino complex started. it is currently the largest fire in california history. we have an update on a carr fire burning in chester county. the fire is now 51% contained and is burning into remote forest land. it is burned more than 181,000 acres. eight deaths are linked to the fire including firefighters. 1100 homes were destroyed since the fire started three weeks ago. homeland security secretary visited redding . the holy fire is just 5% contained. hot weather and gusty winds are driving those flames. despite evacuation orders yesterday, some people decided to overnight using garden hoses to try and protect their properties. some good news for people visiting yosemite, the park will reopen tuesday morning. some of the most popular areas
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have been shut down for more than two weeks due to the ferguson fire. the highways will be open to traffic heading into the park. the 41 entrance will remain closed for at least another week or so. firefighters are at the scene of a brush fire threatening structures in san jose. the flames were reported about an hour ago near interstate 280 and meridian way. there is much smoke. the fire department tells people to avoid it. the flames are threatening some nearby apartment homes as well. we will keep you post it. right now we have winds out of the northwest around 12 to 15 miles per hour in temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. firefighters still have to contend with a bit of a breeze. those guys except for some fog, it will be a hot saturday. there will be released next
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week. satellite shows you this, we still have fog. it's a typical summertime picture. the fog is clinging to the coast especially south of san francisco. south of the golden gate bridge closer to half moon bay. other portions, it is hot. it is 96 degrees in lake park. cloverdale, reporting 100 degrees at last check. hot numbers along the creek and concord. santa fe 87, san francisco 67, half moon bay in the upper 50s all because of this, the fog. kind of a dramatic scene here, the cloud deck pushing back into the bay. a nice little wave action in the cloud pattern. away from away from this we have an increase in fire danger. we have increasing fire danger. everything in red, this is in
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place until 11 pm tomorrow night. this week has been a repeating pattern. temperatures inland in the upper 90s, 100 degrees, the beaches have been cool. we are going to cool things off across the entire area into the weekend. especially by sunday, monday, and tuesday of next week. we have low clouds and fog tomorrow morning, the clouds , we add some high clouds drifting overhead from the south throughout the afternoon hours. maybe some tropical clouds on the bay area saturday. still some hot number saturday, but not as hot as today. clearlake 99, airfield 83, oakland lower 70s, san jose 83, gilroy about 95, san francisco in the 60s.
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if you want cooler temperatures i think you will like the forecast. maybe some scattered high clouds on monday, a remnant of moisture. partly cloudy skies by tuesday and wednesday. >> inks. this year aircraft have been indispensable in the against wildfires. cal fire joins us with a look at -- >> take a look at this. this is one of the air tankers that belongs to cal fire. it landed about four and half minutes ago. it is already taken on 1200 gallons of fire retardant. they are refueling it and doing checks before it will go back out again. the other one that is here has left for the fires and it will be on its way back as soon as it dumped its load. we are almost at the point where we have more big fires then we can fight.
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>> reporter: cal fire already has the nation's biggest firefighting air force including uncle sam's. a cal fire tanker pilot for 37 years says fires have gone mad. back i have not seen fires burning like this in my entire career. >> reporter: the firestorms have forced cal fire to hire additional private aft and request aircraft especially big ones into the fight. >> aircraft is vital. they slow the firestone. >> reporter: this year they hired a private 474 jumbo jet that can disperse up to -- gallons. that's enough to fill in 18 by 36 foot swimming pool all at once or in several runs. for dc-10 jumbles can carry 12,000 gallons each, enough liquid to fill 1 1/2 of those big great gasoline delivery trucks. normal airliner size plans
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carry 3 to 4000 gallons. that is still a huge amount of firefighting power. the 23 often seen cal fire owned as to tankers carry 1200 gallons each. direct to their targets fight 14 spotter planes all from the military aircraft. and all, from private companies and the federal government, cal fire has access to 50 more fixed wing aircraft of all sizes. >> since 97% of fires are created by people, we need more air support, helicopters, bulldozers, firetrucks, hand crews on the ground. we need more people to calm down these virus. >> we are pumping thousands of gallons of retarded every day, every hour, across the state. >> reporter: they also own choppers that can carry 360 gallons, equal to a four by three foot fish tank. for sheer size the skytrain, a former military heavylift helicopter, 2650 gallons almost
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as much as a normal airliner size yet. in all, cal fire has access to 50 more contract and federal helicopters. all of it is needed, all of it is dangerous in severe firestorm turbulence. >> you get a big fire with all the intense flames and burning, sometimes it is a class right. >> reporter: merely having access to the aircraft does not mean you get them. they could be employed somewhere else in the western united states most likely, montana, colorado, arizona, you name it. they are not always readily available. the other thing that is important to know in the coming years, california will get another 19 aircraft but that will take several years. even with that, this air force is not big we are seeing this year. reporting from the santa rosa base, ktvu fox 2 news.
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the big beef with lisa, why one major grocery chain is banning the credit card at some of its stores. new development in the debate over --. the california attorney general's blocking distribution of 3-d blueprints. a local bike store getting away with more than 20 bikes, how much they lost. plus sisters reunited through a genetic website, we will show you their first meeting and much more.
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>> kroger is considering expanding a ban on visa cards to stores it owns. next week the company has decided to stop exec because the cars at -- across california. kroger is feuding with lisa over fees. -- kroger is feuding with lisa over fees. >> this is a financial battle to figure out, can be said drop their fees? will kroger accept? the consumer is the one who is at risk. of paying higher cost for groceries or lower cost if they win the battle. >> so far the van only affects health for new. but the vice president says unless it reaches a deal, the company is can bring expanding
5:27 pm
the band to some other 2800 towards it owns across the country. confirmation hearings begin next summer -- next month for nominee to supreme court justice. judge brett cavanagh will start his senate confirmation hearings september 4. the hearing will last three or four days. trump nominated him to the highest court last month. california joints 19 others dates in suing the federal government to block the distribution of blueprints for 3-d printed guns. the ghost guns are homemade firearms created by using a 3-d printer. they have no serial number which means they are not registered and cannot be traced. california attorney general joined a letter expressing concerns about the failure to enforce federal law by keeping these guns out of the hands of terrorist and criminals.'s letter read in part, president
5:28 pm
must understand that his fingerprints will be all over these untraceable guns, if his inexplicable decision leads to use of these weapons to commit crimes. hundreds of thousands of people gathered in golden gate park. we go live to this year's festival underway right now. trump fires off a series of tweets after some nfl players protest the national anthem. the second era about to get underway in oakland, preseason game number one, we will hear from the rater coach coming right up.
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san francisco's outside lands music festival got darted at him. it should attract more than 200,000 people over the weekend. i reporter is life in golden gate park there are new attractions this year.
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>> reporter: if you listen closely you might be able to hear some music. outside lands is in full force. people are still arriving. singer mickey echo kicked off the outside line festivals on the main stage in golden gate park. for the 200,000 people are expected here over the next three days. there will be music and comedy on many stages. there will be janet jackson, florence and the machine, >> i came to see -- they play today. >> i like how spacious it is in the drink and food options. i just enjoy myself.>> reporter: lots of eating and drinking? >> definitely. >> reporter: this father and son came from chicago. >> we will get back to them.
5:33 pm
we do want to get to breaking news happening right now. that is in san francisco. >> a jury has awarded $289 million to a former school groundskeeper from the bay area. dewayne johnson is speaking right now. >> i went to think the jury from the bottom of my heart for the hard work i have done in the days they spent in that courtroom listening to evidence and to lawyers and teams go back and forth. i want to thank them, on behalf of my family. i would to think the jurors first. i would like to think my whole legal team. tim lichtenberg i want to thank him. everybody knows -- i would to thank tim first and mike miller from the miller firm for taking my case. without them i would not be here right now. this case has been very hard. it took a lot of years to get
5:34 pm
here. these guys did a lot of work i'm very proud of each and every one of them. since beginning this case i received much support and thank youse and prayers and everything, just good energy from many people i don't even know. i am glad to be here to help with the situation after i learned about roundup and everything i am glad to be here to help but the cost is way bigger than me. hopefully this will start to get the attention that it needs so folks can make a good choice. i went to think my wife, my three sons, my whole entire family and friends who have been here for me. thank you. >> thank you. >> hi everyone. my name is brett wisner. i was brought into this case two weeks before it went to trial. due to some medical issues.
5:35 pm
i have to say without question, it brings me an incredible amount of pride to represent mr. johnson and his family. this case was a start. every major known human carcinogen had a moment like this. a moment when they science finally caught up, when they could no longer period where people had to actually look at it and say, we have a problem. this case is that moment. because right now, a unanimous jury in san francisco has told monsanto, enough. you did something wrong and now you have to pay. i cannot say how important this case is. there are 4000 other cases filed around the united states and there are countless thousands of other people out there who are suffering from cancer because monsanto did not give them a choice. this case is important, more
5:36 pm
important than other cases is the fact that we now have a way forward. monsanto now has an option to do right by all of the people that have been hurt and do right by mr. johnson, and do right by everybody else who could be affected by this product. i want to say thank you, this was a massive team effort. as you can see the law firms involved, were incredibly, an incredible team. my partner, as well as the entire group of people we had that helped. this was a team effort. i do not think mr. johnson today. i will be taking questionsink w the statements and then take questions together. >> on behalf of the miller firm >> that they press conference by the attorneys for dewayne
5:37 pm
johnson, he had sued monsanto claiming that roundup, this weedkiller, and ranger pro gave him cancer. earlier today a jury awarded dewayne johnson $289 million in this landmark case. >> he is a former groundskeeper from the bay area, writing this case for a long time, a team effort with many attorneys involved. the attorney said this is a moment when you find it science finally caught up. and monsanto now has the opportunity to do right. that is coming from the attorneys in a groundskeeper, f a school district, he weedkille name by monsanto, the story is developing. coming up, it would be one of the biggest shakeups in decades, why critics say the
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presidents proposal is lost in space. >> a school is facing a major legal battle, several former students having a sexual abuse lawsuit filed on their behalf today. welcome to the xfinity store. thanks, janet. it's my happy place. you can learn how to switch to xfinity mobile,
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>> the makers of the videogame fortnight are really forward with a lawsuit against a 14- year-old boy. the game maker accuses the teenager of copyright infringement were telling people , on his youtube channel, how to cheat on the shooting game. the boys mother wrote to the judge in the case and that her son was a scapegoat, and that the company was trying to make an example of them. the judge disagreed and ruled that the case could move forward. the case is being closely watched because it could open the door for other studios to take people to court over sharing cheat codes and tax. more follow-up from
5:41 pm
allegations of sexual abuse at a prestigious high school. and attorney from one victim filed suit against the school and administrator says the girls calls for help were not appropriate to prevent authorities. the attorney says his client filed suit against her old school to protect future students from abuse. >> if we can help others through what she went through, that is our goal. >> reporter: in an 11 page filing the victim, who he referred to as jane doe, said a teacher molested her in 2003 and 2004. when she was 15 years old. the alleged incident happened on the san jose campus of the girls catholic school and during a field trip to new york city. victim says she told administrator mary miller about the alleged abuse but the allegations were not reported to the proper authorities. >> if they had any reasonable suspicion or inkling of
5:42 pm
inappropriate conduct, they must report. it is not a discretion. >> reporter: scores of former students have come forward in recent years with similar claims. >> where we want people to be held accountable is the enablers of that abuse, not the school. >> reporter: others question why mary miller, the administrator alleged to have failed to make mandatory notification, is still they are and is now principal. jeffrey hicks moved on to another school. and years later was convicted of having child pornography at work and exchanging inappropriate messages with a 14-year-old. >> this is something that the das office also could be looking at because the fact that mary miller did not report these allegations to the police back in 2003 and 2004, is a very damaging fact in this case.>> reporter: visitation officials higher public relations manager sam singer who in a statement that in part, presentation high school is no place for abuse. presentation condemns any
5:43 pm
incidents of sexual abuse or misconduct. presentation welcomes the opportunity to tell the schools to the story in a courtroom. >> reporter: he says the school has taken steps to make it safer. including conducting mandatory reporting training for all staff earlier this year. and creating the office of prevention of bullying, harassment, and abuse. the school has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit. in san jose, fox 2 news. the mac still headcount more than $170 million can help protect the bay area from flooding and that money will also help protect while my. more on this project next. three summertime, a big temperature spread from coast to inland. we will have relief from the heat in the five day forecast. coming up next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪
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♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ the 2 1/4 billion-dollar project has an eight years in the making. the transit hub will connect 11 different transit agencies plus future high-speed rail. today bip is kicked off the grand opening weekend. tomorrow a public block party will be held at the transit center admission at fremont streets. will be live music, food, and drinks and they can visit a public park on the fourth floor. project to prevent flooding and improve habitat on the shoreline was awarded 100 $77 million in federal funding.
5:47 pm
authorities made the announcement at a news conference today. and ruben was there and joins us live in san jose. and?>> reporter: this is an area that is growing. it is also an area that floods. authority say now is the time to take steps to protect it. >> reporter: this section of the shoreline is a popular spot for rec reaction. it is home to countless birds and critters. >> we love it here. it is a wonderful place to walk. >> reporter: it is also prone to flooding. >> it is only going to get worse over time.>> reporter: officials are taking action. today they announced the award of $177 million in federal funding. that's to help protect this section of the santa clara county shoreline. back what we have achieved is the beginning of a very meaningful team, and teams accomplish things.
5:48 pm
and i think, now i think it is going to happen. >> reporter: the money, part of which will be reimbursed by state and local entities, allows the project to get underway, building a log levy around the area. it is the section that goes between coyote creek and guadalupe river, it is about a four mile section of levy. it will protect against coastal flooding and 50 years of --. >> reporter: another component will be ecosystem restoration. once the levy is built. >> then we will be able to take down these on engineered firms and piles of dirt around the salt pond to restore the title marsh. in nature will take its own course. -- the title marsh.>> reporter: engineers hope to extend the levy from coyote creek all the way north to the san fran is go get a quick your palo alto eventually. those who spent time along the shoreline say it offers
5:49 pm
protection for people in habitat, if it does that they will be pleased. >> of course, we would love that.>> reporter: is part of the project should take about five years to complete. andra? >> thank you. a hot day today across the bay area, some spots were 100 degrees. santa rosa 95, that is downtown, san francisco 66. shivering co-side, or trying to stay cool inland. it is typical august weather. also the tropics start to pop up with more activity, multiple systems out here. this is hurricane hector which has moved to the south of the hawaiian islands. this is remnants of what was once a hurricane, this is not even a tropical storm park that will be approaching southern california in the bay over the
5:50 pm
weekend by tomorrow afternoon and sunday we could see high clouds. in addition to fog, right now we have fog hanging tough on the coastline close to monterey bay, outward half moon bay, pacifica, approaching the golden gate richburg we have 94 in livermore, san jose 86, novato 91, santa rosa, this is the airport, 99 degrees. it is heating up. here is a look at a live camera in san francisco showing you clear skies. not much in the way of fog. but just to the west, the fog is making a comeback. right now the temperature at golden gate park is 62 degrees. if you are heading out there for day two, always an impressive lineup. temperatures for tomorrow, by 12 p.m., forecasting a hike close to asked you to, lower 60s, back into mid-50s. the marine layer, we talk about that, pending on how shallow it
5:51 pm
is or deep it is. it has been shallow but this will deepen. it will take some time. that will be the source of some cooling in our five day forecast even for inland spots. yesterday this area of high pressure heated us up, yesterday and today, it begins to back off as this guy moves in from the north. especially over the weekend and into early next week by monday and tuesday. a drop off in the temperatures by that time frame. here is our forecast model showing you low clouds and talk tomorrow morning, co-side and around the bay, about back to the shoreline, can see some of those high clouds drifting in from the south.ggy. averages for tomorrow, mid- nineties outward concord and antioch, san francisco 66 san jose will go 83 degrees in san mateo 78, if you want some relief in the inland heat, the relief will come by sunday and monday especially, a few extra high clouds into early next week. >> thanks.
5:52 pm
a lightning strike interest to teens in arizona and it was caught on camera. the boys were walking to a part ring a month tune in the phoenix area. a neighbor's surveillance camera copy incident that on video. is gutsy but you can see the lightning strike and the teams were both struck and then collapsed. one point was unconscious, and a good samaritan performed cpr on him until firefighters arrived. the two boys were taken to phoenix children's hospital, one in stable condition, the other in critical condition. but police say he is showing signs of improvement. >> pretty scary. still come trump continues to push for a sixth branch of the military. why the administration claims it would be good for the economy, and the reaction tonight.>> reporter: thieves got away with thousands of dollars of bikes. how the owner discovered the break and. a genetics website helped to sisters make the discovery
5:53 pm
that they were related.
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5:55 pm
football season has not officially started but the controversy over players kneeling during the national anthem is already heating up. players took the need during the anthem during preseason games left like to make a statement against racism in the killing of black men by police. back and made the nfl enacted a policy requiring players to stand during the anthem, but the layers union bought the decision and the policy has been suspended rarely while discussions take place. >> being a part of this process has not been easy. i thought i was going to be by myself. i am grateful that he sees what
5:56 pm
is happening and what's to stand up and. back the president lashed out against these players in a series of tweets saying, there will be no punishment for the players who knelt but the nfl still expects players to stand. i try not to get upset. there were long lines at the dmv. turns out state lawmakers don't have to go through the same pain as the rest of us. instead, they go here. it is a dmv office located in the capital building. according to the sacramento bee, lawmakers can register their cars renew their drivers licenses or apply for id cards that are responsible for the long wait line at dmv offices across the state. >> i have been here six years and i'm surprised that legislators have given themselves special privileges and perks. that's typical california. i i think it's open to the public. i don't recall.
5:57 pm
>> we will corrected now it is not open to the public. according to the dmv at serves current and retired members of legislature according and elected officials. there are ripple effects on capitol hill following the trumpet ministrations announcement of a space force. >> it would be one of the biggest shakeups in decades. president trent proposes a space force creating a sixth branch of the armed forces. he argues that changes are needed to ensure american dominance among the stars. competition and threats from china and russia continue growing. administration officials say the space force will also play a role in strengthening america's economy. >> the annual economy is 300 $50 billion for space. that is a big economy in space. president trump is doing the
5:58 pm
right thing by making sure that it is secure. >> reporter: any change would be dependent on funding from congress. most lawmakers remain skeptical about creating a new branch of the armed forces. including tom cotten who said friday, i have some reservations that a sixth service that would create a whole new bureaucracy. those concerns are echoed by experts who say the space force would be redundant. >> there are redundant these, it just seems like a better fit to pull those capabilities back into the u.s. air force. >> other safe any of those capabilities exist out i the air force. and need to be consolidated. >> we went to take these amazing capabilities and elevate them, if you will, to its own military service.>> reporter: trump once the force funded within the next two years. at the pin pentagon, fox news. deals with turnout, a
5:59 pm
stunning development that meets the two men charged in the fire that killed 36 people may be tried on manslaughter charges after all. >> if they don't want it to heck with that we will go to trial. we will show them. >> an unexpected twist in the ghost ship case and the judge rejects the plea deal agreed to by prosecutors. beth after the defendants address the court. >> that decision comes after two days of emotional statements were the victims friends and families back the judge to reconsider their sentences. >> really was in court both days and henry, this seems to be a very shocking decision. >> absolutely this is unheard of. the judge is a different judge than the one who helped broker the deal and the defense teams.>> reporter: the decision came on the day derick almena
6:00 pm
and max harris were due to be sentence. instead the judge said he agreed the victims, that the plea deal for amanda was not enough. that means no contest please were set aside. a new trial date will be set. >> you see the victims families, they are very adamant, and i empathize with their perspective even though i think it is a little bit irrational, they went 36 years. >> reporter: the turn of events came after families criticized his date misanthrope that he is being self-centered and does not show remorse. cameras were not allowed in court. in the jail close, they developed this they talk to victims. at one point almeida stood up and said i am guilty, i am guilty for believing we were safe. i am guilty for allowing i


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