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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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especially with the military monitoring things. >> they were in the air within minutes of the stolen plane taking off. >> the sheriff tweeted this. he said this is not a terrorist incident. this is a single suicidal male. no others involved. at this point we have no word on casualties on the stolen plane or on the ground. stay with us for continuing coverage of this breaking story. we are bringing you updates on air and online. new details in the crash that killed two people on i-80 in fairfield. one of the victims was a veteran chb motorcycle officer and father of three. investigators say officer kirk griess was killed wfreeway. >> we have what we have learnet >> it was a routine traffic stop.
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most times some talk into ticket and it's over. the stop ended in tragedy. >> you will be missed. he is a friend. >> reporter: the chp chief just attended a safety conference with 46-year-old, kirk griess. a veteran officer killed on interstate-80 in fairfield on a stretch he patrolled for years. >> this is what they do every day. they stop and help people. they enforce the law and on this day, someone ran off the road. >> reporter: from sky fox, the accident from friday morning. he had pulled a race after an suv and was talking to the driver when a three-quarter ton chevy pickup truck slammed into both men on the freeway shoulder. 49-year-old jaime manual and saturn kirk griess were dead on arrival. he wrote a harley on-duty. chp posted this video of him in competition maneuvering through
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an obstacle course. >> he loved being an officer. >> reporter: a senseless death. kirk griess and his wife carrie have three children. ? the guy that you -- >> the guy that you would want to hang out with. today he died doing what he loved best. >> reporter: he was a marine veteran with 19 years at chb. he was active in the vacaville community. four hours after the crash, people from police, fire agencies and the public route of the medical center to show respect. later a freeway procession as he was taken from the hospital to the funeral home. chp reminds everyone, and left when you see highway workers or
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law enforcement on the whizzing >> even though this is happened today. right now you have officers right now doing that. we will mourn and miss officer kirk griess. we will continue to make red bay safer. >> reporter: the driver that hit the two men is cooperating. he is not under arrest. there is no indication if he was impaired or distracted. he apparently told witnesses, a medical issue made him blackout. now developing news in solano county. evacuations are in effect for parts of fairfield and vacaville. a grass fires burning. set up at fairfield high school. the fire started at about 4:40 pm near interstate 80. it quickly began threatening homes near the paradise valley golf course. a senior living center was also evacuated.
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officials say the fire burned over the ridge into gold ridge development. >> there was fire coming up to the back fence. the police came and knocked on doors and told us we needed to get out immediately. we were knocking on all the doors. >> claims burned through dry brush and grass as resident scrambled to grab what they could. the fire has tried about 1000 acres and is just 10% contained. fortunately no one is reported hurt and there is no word of damaged structures. a construction worker was reportedly crushed by a steel beam by working on the muni project. the accident happened at around 5:30 pm. is mac rushed worker to a nearby trauma center. worker is an employee of schmidt construction. work on the twin peaks tunnel project was suspended for the night. investigated. sion in san
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francisco. a jury found that the weedkiller car roundup made by monsanto contributed to a bay area man's cancer. dewayne johnson work at the school district and heavily used roundup . today the jury awarded him $289 million in damages. this is the first trial out of hundreds of lawsuits linking monsanto's weedkiller's to non- hodgkin's lymphoma. >> the cost is way bigger than me. hopefully this will get the attention that it needs so that folks can make a good choice. >> it is the most widely used herbicide in the world. there are over 800 scientific published studies that demonstrated a safe. >> monsanto said it is sympathetic to johnson and his family but they say they will appeal the verdict.
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the defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire were supposed to be sentenced today. in a surprising twist, the judge throughout the plea deal originally agreed upon by both men and prosecutors. is now likely that the case will go to trial.? two days of statements from family members made the difference. >> reporter: the surprise decision came on the day that derick almena and max harris were supposed to be sentenced. instead judge james kramer said he agreed with the families of the victims. the nine your plea deal is not enough. that means a no contest please were set aside and a new trial date will be set. >>the victims families are very adamant. i empathize with their perspective even though it is a >> reporter: the turn of events came after families criticized the statement in court as being
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self-centered and not showing remorse. cameras were not allowed in court. in the jail clothing, they addressed relatives of the victims directly. through tears, derick almena asked for forgiveness. he said the day after the fire he wished he were not born. at one point he stood up and said i am guilty. i am guilty for believing we were safe. i am guilty for allowing it. i'm guilty for not being there and sharing their fate. his wife and daughter also spoke. they also said they were sorry. for his part, max harris said he had been praying for the family since the fire. nothing he could say would bring comfort. he said in part, i am deeply sorry and regret that my actions and inactions andlack n imagine that any of my actions over time would haled to this. it is completely un >> reporter: this woman who
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lost her son in the fire had mixed reactions. >> i did see some remorse. definitely derick almena is not remorseful. >> reporter: the victims families rejoiced by consoling each other. they will be back in court next friday to set a new trial date. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. more questions about the tweet from elon musk. a shareholder has filed a lawsuit against the electric car maker in several cisco. isaacs alleges that elon must committed securities fraud when he tweeted he was considering taking the company private. the securities and exchange commission is looking into it. the confirmation hearing is to begin next month for the nominee of the supreme court. the chairman said the hearing for brett cavanaugh will start in september 4.earlier today we caught up with dianne feinstein and asked her about the significant of the confirmation. >> it is
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on many issues it is the deciding vote >> republicans hope to have brett kavanaugh seated before the new term in october. president trump nominated him to fill the spot of anthony kennedy. former white house aide omer rosa is making allegations against president trump. in her new tell-all book she accuses the president of being a racist and misogynist. we have more from washington. >> reporter: it is the second tell-all book since president trump took office. is giving alleged look inside the white house. the author paints a picture that the white house said his lies and false accusations. her self-described insider account of the trump point of. the former assistant draws on her 15 year relationship with
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president trump. including their time on the apprentice. despite being a vocals of order during his campaign, several outlets report her book gives a much more critical review. in addition to reportedly calling the president a man who loves conflict chaos and confusion, it focuses on his alleged use of the inward. she claims it has been caught on tape. the claims have been disputed. not only is this flat-out false, omarosa manigualt did not even make an effort to call or email me to verify. the white house also categorically denied the accusations saying in a statement, it is sad that a former disgruntled employee is
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trying to profit off of these false attacks. even worse that the media would give her a platform. after not taking her seriously when she had only positive things to say about the president. omarosa reportedly turned on a $15,000 per month contract to stay silent following her firing from the white house. unhinged will be released on tuesday. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. there was more revealing testimony in the paul manafort bank and tax trial. he used his position as the campaign chair to secure more than $16 million in loans. a bank official testified that the head of the chicago bank who thought he was being considered as a member of the president's cabinet approved a $9.5 million loan for manafort during the campaign. the closing arguments could happen as soon as this tuesday. we are at golden gate park. we will show you who performed tonight and what is new.
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another very hot day in land. we have mostly clear skies over the bay area right now. apache fog is making a comeback. cooler temperatures for the weekend forecast. we will have that coming up.
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a big weekend for music in san francisco. the festival kicked off today golden gate park. >> 200,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event that features dozens of artists , food and drink vendors and a lot more. >> we are now live in the city. >> reporter: tonight headliner was the artist known as the weekend. the concert ended at around 10 pm but many people tell me they will be back tomorrow and sunday. >> reporter: live performances take place on forming stages. the group, any rv -- and erd.
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-- n e r d played on friday. >> there is a little bit of everything here. >> reporter: this is outside lands 11th year. for the first time there are two female headliners. florence and the machine on saturday and janet jackson on sunday. organizers say half the audience are people from the bay area. the other half are from beyond. >> a melting pot of music and people. >> reporter: and you attraction is grasslands. it is a village dedicated to educating the public about all things cannabis. you can buy but not eat or smoke in here. all purchases have to be shipped off-site. different appetites can be satisfied. outside lands is billed as the world's first gourmet music festival. it offers 200 menu items from bay area food vendors. it
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specialty is the roman burger. noodles shaped into patties. ? it is a nice mix of japanese and california cuisine. >> reporter: a one-day pass is $150. for three days $345. >> i have a three day pass. i'm excited for the weekend. >> reporter: this couple said they wanted to see artists that were performing on different nights so they also plan to attend all three days. >> there is never a dull moment. >> reporter: each day the concerts start at noon and end at 10 pm. organizers say it is sold out tomorrow but there are tickets available for sunday. if you still want tickets you should get on the website.
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a san francisco bike shop is dealing with the loss of 21 bicycles after an overnight break in. they also made off with two laptops, two ipads and cash. the owners discovered the theft this morning when they found a metal gate pried open and a glass door broken. >> they have a market because people are always looking for cheap bicycle. people go to online sources and find deals. unfortunately, we are the low hanging fruit that gets picked. >> pippen at the corner of 14th and guerrero for 14 years. the total loss to the shop is estimated at $60,000. the new salesforce transit center officially opens to the public at noon tomt
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years in the making. the hub south of market in san francisco will connect 11 different transit agencies plus future high-speed rail. today vips kicked off the grand opening. >> this represents san francisco at our best. it reflects our commitment to innovation and transportation and environmental sustainability as well as community development. >> tomorrow a block party will be held. there will be live music, food and drink work -- food and drink . we are talking about cooler temperatures over the next few days. fire danger is still this is until 11 pm on saturday. wind is the primary concern. 30-35 miles per hour. today another hot day in land.
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take a look at the upper 90s. santa rosa, concord, fairfield, antioch, morgan hill. keeping it cool at the coast. half moon bay is around 59 degrees. watching toward fairfield and vacaville, there is a grass fire we are tracking. temperatures in the 70s. wind is up in a few spots. by travis air force base the wind is 22 miles per hour. in the pacific, we have this. scattered low clouds and fog, hugging the coastline. especially south of the golden gate bridge. current numbers, it is warm. right now concord is 80 degrees. san jose 69 and san francisco 60. here's a live camera looking for the bay bridge. we have mostly clear skies in the picture right now. we will have patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning. and he just heard about outside lands, it is 57 degrees toward golden gate park.
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you can see the lineup for tomorrow. starting out the day with cloud cover and skies eventually becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon. the area of high pressure is heating us up today. remember yesterday, we have temperatures ranging from 60- 100 degrees. we will gradually cool things off beginning tomorrow. the real cooling kicks and by sunday, monday and into tuesday. at least for tomorrow morning we have this. typical low clouds and fog. it is summertime and the bay area. clearing back to near the shoreline and if you high-class paid a visit in the afternoon. we begin to cool things off tomorrow but still some 90s toward fairfield and vacaville. oakland 73 and livermore mid- 90s. san jose 83 and san francisco 66. the key headline, we continue to cool off for sunday. more pronounced going into next week. dianne feinstein was in south bay today to announce the reward of $74 million in federal funding for a shoreline
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preservation project. the project is to prevent flooding and protect the south san francisco bay shoreline. it will preserve the salt marshes. it also involved the construction of levees. the total price tag is $177 million. the differences being made up with stadion retail funds. now football. john gruden was back with the raiders in an exhibition game against the lions. we will find out if he was a winner in return, coming up next in sports. back take a look at this, a meeting 65 years in the making. sisters that found each other through a dna home testing kit met today for the first time. she always knew she had a half- sister but did not know much else until the results of the dna test came back. mimi levine through into oakland from new mexico. the newly acquainted sisters said they have a lot of catching up to do.
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