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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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. two robbery suspects lead police on a chase through is about bay. what they are accused of stealing and the bystander who was injured. >> and a b.a.r.t. station agent punched in the face by a man harassing two women. >> 3737 -- good evening. >> we begin with this. arizona senator john mccain at his final resting prays now, lace now, united states emy in naval academy in maryland. a private service, wrapped up with four fighter jets t pealin tribute known as the missing man fly over.
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live with the last of many emotional tributes for john mccain. >> reporter: good evening. the missing man fly over, we were standing right here and it happened over our het. it was loud and powerful. people in attendance, john mccain's apps for and the envelope academy class. it was all in recognition of a man who gave six decades of his life to public service. >> reporter: john mccain has been lied to rest. his life of public service ending that united states naval academy in maryland. his burial followed a private ceremony with remarks from south carolina senator lindsey graham and former cia director david petraeus. he said there is no better resting place than his alma mater. >> nobody loved the soldier more than john mccain.
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>> reporter: mourners lined the streets. signs showed gratitude to the man many people say was an embodiment of a different area. >> everybody makes mistakes. those who admit it are bigger, not smaller. >> the burlier was nearly a week of tributes and services. from a public viewing at the arizona capital to lying in state on capitol hill and saturday's funeral service. >> an old man shook off the scars of battle one last time and arose a new man to pilot one last flight up and up and up. >> reporter: now john mccain is buried next to his long time friend and classmate. the pair were known as the odd coming up his wife said chuck
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finally got his wingman back. >> thank you. supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh will be in the hot seat. hearings get underway tuesday. democrats are expected to ask tough questions. republicans will have a 51 seat majority. enough to confirm. some say the goal for democrats is to force judge brett kavanaugh to make mistakes. south carolina senator lindsey graham said he is confident that won't happen but he does expect to see grand standing by democrats who are eyeing potential runs in 2020. >> we will have a hearing. the only drama is those running for president. we will get this good man confirmed. >> judge brett kavanaugh spent the past few days getting prepped with hundreds of tough questions he is expected to face face. officials are confident he will
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shine and be confirmed confirmed. developing news in southern california. rescue crews are searching for four people after two boats collided on the colorado river yesterday. authorities say 13 people were hurt and the missing are presumed dead. even though rescuers are still looking for them. had crash happened at moabi regional park in san bernardino county. a popular boating destination this holiday weekend. >> pretty hairy out there. especially in the evening. people trying to get back from wherever they have been, you know, the danger is always there. >> investigators say some of those aboard the boats were thrown into the water by the force of the crash while others jumped. the current swept them down the river and both boats sank. in lake county firefighters battling a new wildfire. burning off of highlands spring
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road. it has burned 30 acres. sounds like santa cruz a handle on it but we are working to learn more information here. the driver of a stolen van led police on a chase this morning. how it ended and what the burglars had inside the uhaul. >> reporter: 4 a.m. sheriff's deputies responded to a commercial burglary in this shopping center at this game stop. i spoke with the manager inside the store, he said two men and a woman broke off the lock outside and then according to the manager surveillance video shows the thieves using large trash bags bags and a bin on wheels to steal hundreds of games and electronics. when sheriff's deputies arrived they were driving away but deputies tried pull the uhaul over and that is when the driver led them on the chase.
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part of the chase captured on video. sheriff's deputies discovered the uhaul was in fact stolen. the pursuit came to an end when the van crashed into an suv a mile away from the game stop. the driver climbed out of the window, another passenger inside was able to get out. both have non-life-threatening injuries. sheriff's deputies don't have information about the woman the manager saw in the video. but a bystander was involved in this. a 65-year-old man driving an suv that was struck by the stolen uhaul. he complained of pain but according to police he was also not seriously injured. they towed both vehicles away after 7 a.m. this morning and the intersection reopened to traffic. the driver and passenger will be booked into jail once
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released from the hospital. no one was seriously injured in this. according to the manager that game stop, he doesn't know how much was stolen. they are still doing a check on that. police search for a man who punched a b.a.r.t. station agent in the face at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station before midnight friday. two women called the agent over to report a man who was harassing them. as he approached the suspect came up behind the agent and punched him. the agent suffered a deuthis cheek and take -- cut to his cheek and taken to the hospital. police southwested surveillance video from the station and nearby buildings. a busy labor day weekend for the chp. already statewide more than 600 drivers have been arrested for driving while drunk or on drugs. officer involved
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. >> reporter: 8 days ending on labor day officers are looking for any forms of distractions. >> now you see a lot of 4/20 smoking. that is a huge one. all the time. >> reporter: smoking marijuana while they are driving. >> yeah. >> reporter: 85 people killed in california in 2015. in many cases a cell phone was
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to blame. >> it is unsafe. you never know someone could step on your breaks and you smack into them. in san jose a bicyclist was hit by train. it happened just before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. officials say the bicyclist who was hit was conscious and breathing but the injuries are unclear. the sheriff is leading the investigation. authorities plan to review video from the station and train to find out what happened. no passengers were hurt. the message of mollie tibbetts' father. >> and a developing story out of nevada. crews are responding to a wildfire that was sparked by crash and now officials from the faa are heading to the scene. he scene.
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>> holiday weekend continues. air quality concerns for your tomorrow. and beyond that we will talk about a warm up. out a warm up.
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. the father of mollie tibbetts is speaking out about immigration. a mexican farm worker being in the u.s. illegally has been charged in the woman's death. he yesterday spoke out against using her soul in advancing views she believes was racist. he said she not a pawn for
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debate. . he called for more border security. police are looking for two men who carjacked a vehicle and opened fire at an off duty night. police say just before 9 a.m. two men stole a car after hitting the driver in the face. the suspects were confronted by an off off-duty officer and exchanged fire. the suspects ran off. anyone with information on this case is asked to call police. a woman had to be rescued off falling off a trail. the chp says the woman was hiking about 3 miles from the beach when she fell off the trail and down 40 feet into the creek. a paramedic hoisted the woman to safety. she suffered moderate injuries and taken to the hospital. we are following developing news out of northern nevada where a plane or helicopter crashed spark a wildfire. it happened on a mountain fire
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p.m. this afternoon in is the slide mountain area and it is called the slide fire. and an update was tweeted saying progress is being made and the fire is less aggressive than it was earlier. residents in the area are told now to remain vigilant. the sheriff's department started a rescue operation. so far no other details have been leased but officials with the faa are now on the scene and officials with the ntsb are en route. a study of fire crews who specialize in 9 firefighters we monitored for fatigue. their reaction times slowed the longer they remained on re and ve time during the later parts of the fire season. the study includes smoke
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jumpers, the crews that parajump from planes to fight the flames. officials are reporting good news saying the month of july saw record low of diesel emissions from container ships. 78% plug into land based electrical power. this is the highest rate ever recorded in oakland. the goal is to get 85% plug ins by 2020. the state recommends ports have 70% plug in. for more than 20 years the green piece sun rise sailed the world documenting oil pollution and the impacts of climate change. for the next two and open to th public for tours. it is in the bay area in
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advance of a summit. at the summit leaders will come together to announce their commitments to address climate change. >> one of our priorities is climate change. we know it is the most urgent crisis of our time. and we are calling on leaders, particularly those who are coming to san francisco in a few weeks to demonstrate real climate change leadership. and make the changes and stop extracting fossil fuels from the ground. >> the sun rise is known as ang ice breaker because of a design that allows it to navigate through sea ice. the ship made a trip to antarctica ancong know the amaz rivers -- congo and the amazon rivers. temperatures today warmer than yesterday by a couple degrees. two or three degrees.
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92 antioch. 92 livermore. a mild week. all last week. temperatures warm. they did today and they will warm more tomorrow. hot spots in the mid-90s. warmer still. but not a heat wave. nothing like that. this forecast is chicago like this, temperatures cool -- something like this, temperatures cool last week, warmed up saturday, sunday and cool next week. temperatures come back down which will help fire danger. that is the thing we care about most. a nice weekend. tomorrow will be a beautiful day. fog is at the inland. all the usual stuff. just not as hot as you expect. especially the work week. a lot of activity, labor day weather concerns, this area in the gulf, they are getting hammered -- it is tropical storm activity, could develop into a tropical storm. lots of rain in this region. ohio, mississippi valley. the rockies getting rain and thunderstorm activity as well
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and out west, nice and cool. working out well for us because of the fires and talking about the -- that fire, that plane crash in the truckee area and the fire there. that has to do with the weather. when you have weather like what we are having, you have better opportunity to get fires. you see fog along it coast. marine layer is 1800 feet deep. it is coming across the bay area. it will be here tomorrow morning when you wake up and burn off. tomorrow is a repeat of today. there is the fog now. deep marine layer. smoke in the air. the air quality district issued a spare the air day for tomorrow. smoke and ground level ozone because it is a holiday. you are not going to see as much of a commute but you will have ground level ozone put out by cars cars and that is smoke
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from the fires burning up north. air quality tomorrow, not great. moderate in most places but not healthy in the santa clara valley for tomorrow afternoon. the forecast highs. just give you an idea of the temperature. tomorrow is warm and then cools off after that as we get to the 5-day forecast. i will show you that coming up but first low 90s in bend wood. the warmer spots. -- brentwood. the warmer spots, tuesday and wednesday. the can he say and bay stay -- the coast and bay stay the same. lower inland valley highs. there you go. we will see you tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. folks spent today painting a mural in hopes of getting motorists to slow down. residents on 39th avenue pointed the mural. it is part of oakland's paint
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the town program. it allows for 30 murals in oakland as a way to bring neighborhoods together. it includes trees, animals, a turtle and a snail. lower creatures. >> but, yeah, i think people will be slowing down. we outlined it last week and it seemed like that was having an effect. people were paying attention to it. yeah. >> it will include a depiction of a neighborhood dog who was hit by speeding car last year. luckily he did survive. several other murals can be seen in the areas of the program. a busy day for shoppers in livermore. police warned drivers of heavy traffic delays due to holiday shoppers. they set up a shuttle service. more than 3 miles away from the shopping center.
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traffic cones were set up and lanes were blocked off as officials tried to control the large amounts of people heading to the outlits. in santa cruz a bride and groom were able to capture a memorable photo with a hollywood star. you can see, they spotted the actor that dream in bar and asked for a photo. the mother snapped the picture and told 2 news he was sweet and nice and added he is one of the couple's favorite actors. >> he looks excited. >> yeah. coming up tonight, the a's continue to battle hoping to make it into the plaintiffs and raiders -- playoffs and the raiders head coach comments on the departure of one of the best nfl defensive players. joe f is up next -- joe is up
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next with sports.
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12346 longer he held out you could see the writing on the wall. joe fonzi now with more. >> ready for that song? ready for some football? we will talk about a full nfl scheduled nexsunday, the
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chicago-lover next sunday, the chicago bears. mack made his first appearance at the bear's facility today after the raiders traded him for first round draft picks. he has been a hold out. john gruden talkings about mack -- talking about mack. >> wasn't my goal to trade him. i am here because of him. unfortunately we had a stand off with a contract and we could not come to turns. we will be second guessed till the cows come home on this. >> the a's have their sights on bigger things but they are dollaracy nailing down the -- close to nailing down the number two spot. seattle that coliseum mound. has a history of dominating the a's. not this day. in the fifth, that makes it out. 1-1. one inning later, runners
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at second and third. he hits one to left. no trouble scoring. beating the throw. that was for hernandez. a's got four for a 5-1 lead. they ended doubt in the right. that is a three run -- 8th. that is a three run shot. 21 of the season. the a's win 8-2. they arenifying-1/2 games in front of -- are 5-1/2 games in front of the mariners. and two games back in there al west -- back in the al west. things looked promising as the game begins. 9-7 record against the mets but was touched for this shot in the second. giants cut the lead in half with a run in the third. but he was in command all day. 8th. he got this two run single he had all the runs he needed. pitched his first career
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complete game. stricking out 11 and allowing just -- striking out 11 and allowing -- the optimism turns to tears. >> see you tonight at 10:00 p.m. and with jason at 11:30 p.m. on sports wrap. lots to cry about for the giants. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us tonight. . >> good night.
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