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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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labor day in the usa. >> our unemployment is the most it has been since 19 96. >> we look at the strength of the workforce. this concerns me about continued employment. >> the the four on 2 starts now. bar crews laboring on this labor day, using the extra time to make much needed repairs on
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a bart section in oakland. this means that getting around is more of a challenge, welcome to the the four on 2, i am heather holmes. >> i am andre senior in for alex savage. rob ross spoke with passengers including those on their way to a big baseball game and he joins us now. >> reporter: for the third weekend in the past month, thousands of bart passengers had to endure getting on and off bus bridges as they travel through oakland. this is due to track repairs and bart says this will pay off in a few weeks. >> reporter: for many passengers on monday, the glass was half-full. >> i am okay with it. >> reporter: for others they just have to wait. i am not happy. >> reporter: bart have to take bridges through the west oakland and east oakland station to get back on bart to finish their trip. there is no chilling -- no service between the westmere and an oakland station. buses were there waiting but even so bus trips took 10-15 and it's longer than usual.
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>> we have been able to keep them happy and calm, as long as they know where they are going, they are good. >> reporter: while passengers navigated the temporary inconvenience, workers one mile or so away on the tracks doing much needed repairs. the repairs include new rails, new switches to shift trains between track sections, and electrical work. the improvements are paid by with measure rr, the $3.5 million transportation bond measure the voters approved two years ago. >> customers will find it quieter and smoother on that section of track. he might not notice that it will be more reliable, that is a good thing. we are expecting fewer breakdowns. >> reporter: the biggest bay area event was the oakland a's and yankees game at the coliseum monday afternoon, fans rolled with it. >> we prefer not to, but we understand that for improvements this type of thing has to happen. >> it is just some confusion. >> i am just following.
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>> reporter: bart passengers will have to go through this one final time, the track repairs will resume and the bus bridges will return in three weeks on september 22 and 23rd. the project and should be finished. heather and andre ? >> thanks rob. a bill sitting on the governor's desk is aimed at creating a 300 mile hiking trail from san francisco bay to humboldt tray. and expend -- expanding the train into mendocino county. >> we have the reaction of this smart surface from tom. >> reporter: a lot of people that ride this thing love it, but they are not the only ones paying for, not by a long shot. they are not paying for because others are as well. with the senators bill there could be a chance to have this extend more than 300 miles to the mendocino town of wilkes,
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they could even haul more freight. >> there is value in utilizing property next to the railroads. our communities are desperately looking for housing and commercial interface, this is a great spot and a great use of public transportation. >> reporter: railroad historian, phillips, things the smart train is an idea whose time has come. >> i think it will become more and more popular as the services recognized for what it can provide. >> reporter: if you look at the ridership, it is paltry, a little over 2000 per day on a typical weekday. >> reporter: on time critic and economist, mike arnold, says that smart train is destined to media tricky without two major things. a huge increase in population, and a concentration of jobs in the central city. >> reporter: unlike bart, smart combined to the suburbs does not connect directly to san francisco where it is a short hop from the terminal to work. >> the extension would generate
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an additional 131 riders per day , based on the calculations from the national transportation database, on their budget it would cost taxpayers about $27 for every passenger trip. >> reporter: while sonoma and moran are not large employment centers they are increasingly becoming larger population centers, part of the significance of that is that it was thought about at the time that they created this system. i think it is great, i love the cost and the ambience of the train. you can ride in the hospitality car and see people and connect. >> reporter: do you think in the long one -- ron, do you think this will pay off in terms of other things ? >> time, time is of the essence. time means more than money, i think. >> reporter: bart faced a lot of criticism so when it became
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a thing many years ago it did supply rider to jobs, in the reality we will have to see what will happen for sure as no one knows where the rider will come from as california grows. reporting offensive, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> any indication on if the governor will sign this bill? >> reporter: no indication, we tried to get some sort of indication but no one is around in the capital, it is a holiday. it is one of those things where he may or he may not, he realizes the expense that is involved and realizes that the timeline for this is large. he has another project called the high-speed rail that he really wants to get out of the way more quickly than this so we will have to see what he does. >> okay, it is a waiting game, tom vacar , thank you. one person is confirmed dead following a plane crash yesterday in nevada. the plane went down in a remote mountainside south of reno near
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the mount rose ski resort. it sparked a wildfire and the u.s. for service as the fire has burned 80 acres and is 10% contained. there is no information on the number of people aboard the plane or its flight path. both the eighth -- both the faa and the ntsb our investigation. woman is dead after jumping out of a moving van. she was first encountered near valley avenue around 2 am this morning driving erratically. she allegedly struggled trying to grab an officer's gun and then was tased. >> she was then given over to emt and they were in the process of transporting her to john george psychiatric hospital when she broke up out of the ambulance and was hit and killed by a passing vehicle. >> the chp is treating this as
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a crime scene. >> reporter: they want to know how the patient was able to get out of the ambulance in the first place. this happened just before 7:30 am on the connector ran between south on 680 and westbound 580 in dublin, chp officer, josh roberts, said the patient was being transferred from valley care hospital in pleasanton to john george psychiatric hospital in san leandro, for unknown reasons, she jumped out. >> we are trying to piece this puzzle together, but it seems that while the patient was being transported from one hospital to another, the patient got out of the ambulance and was walking in the traffic lane and got hit by several cars. she ultimately passed away from the collision and the injuries that she sustained. >> reporter: the drivers of the two vehicles that hit the patient did stop to speak with officers. chp does not know why she jumped out of the ambulance. they shut down all lanes of the 586 and 680 connector in dublin for two hours. ical contacted norcal ambulance based in dublin to ask about safety and security measures
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when transporting patients and to try and find out what happened before the patient got out of the vehicle, i have not heard back. in dublin, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. there are no reports of any injuries after a car drove right into a women's clothing store, this happened shortly after noon at the address on in el cerrito. the car slammed right into the front of the store causing glass to shatter, there's no details on the driver or what caused the crash. in san francisco 500 hotel workers took to the picket line to protest contract negotiations between their union and marriott hotels. 75 demonstrators were arrested for civil disobedience. the union says the hotel chain profits have risen 200% since the recession 10 years ago but workers wages have only gone up 7% during that same time. >> it is hard for people, i'm working my whole life, it is
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hard. no medical, nothing. that is what they want, they want to take it away from us. >> they declined to answer any questions instead marriott said, they are negotiating good faith and in timely fashion to obtain the best outcomes for our associates and guests. union reps announce before the march that the negotiating committee has authorized a strike vote on september 13, but of contract negotiations continue the way that they have been workers could call for strike later this month. in oakland, healthcare workers have the labor day protest against kaiser permanente. protesters started marching around 11 am on wester street to the kaiser permanente medical building on macarthur boulevard. the program was organized by uh w and fiu, they were joined by several congressmen, the protesting plans to outsource several jobs and relocate hundreds of jobs to other parts
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salazar has more on what is being done and what still needs to happen. >> reporter: this will be like welcoming family back. >> to see people in the facility again, people are looking forward to this, i think it will be good for everyone's spirits. >> reporter: after years -- a year of cleaning and rebuilding, this sign will be gone and the wortham theatre center will reopen the it stores, first for an open house on sunday and then a first show on september 26. we all have a desire to get back to normalcy. >> reporter: it was dramatically disrupted when hurricane harvey's torrential rainfall overwhelmed the buffalo bayou nearby, the water rushed in. the building sustained about $100 million in damage, flooding the basement and orchestra pit, damaging mechanical equipment, walls, and floors. >> about this high here when we left, i know that it got higher by the time it was later after we evacuated. >> reporter: sheila turco witts,
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the ceo of the houston first corporation was at the wortham when harvey hit, about five hours later she made the decision to leave. >> you know, i really struggled with the captain does not leave the ship at the captain took her crew and left the ship. >> reporter: across the street and neighbor also felt the brunt of harvey. the very show i saw was here at the alley when i was three years old, it was almost crushing to me to see this home theater of mine so devastated. >> reporter: the storm caused $22 million worth of damage, including the loss of 84,000 props. >> this room was completely submerged under 15 feet of water, this is not even the lowest spot of the theater. >> reporter: the alley theater clunked the old saying, the show must go on, rescheduling shows and moving them to other venues, but ever counseling -- canceling a single one. >> the pride of alley is there, we talk about being alley strong and that proved it more than anything.
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>> we were in the process of doing a plan for downtown at the time that the storm hit. >> reporter: the executive director of the downtown district said harvey room buys that plan, in looking at the buffalo bayou they are looking at the scheme. >> the water basically just did this and came wide across. >> reporter: flooding major zones like the county judicial complex and the theater district. he said part of the plan is to make a channel for white oak. >> white oak bayou can essentially cut across and does not have to enter buffalo, i think it can help the theater district facilities. >> reporter: he plans to mitigate flooding downtown and the wortham and allie are making their own. >> reporter: after other downtown tunnel entries were submerged the water came in from the year -- air intake
4:18 pm
vents and now they have been reinforced. street-level entrances have now been waterproofed as well. back at the wortham theatre center construction will continue for several months and ways to mitigate flooding our part of the plan. they have put up flood barriers and are working to make these barriers better and stronger than ever, just like the wortham and it's come back. >> we will not move the facility, the bio is what it is, we -- the bayou is what it is and we have to protect ourselves from it. >> reporter: maria salazar, fox news. today marks the unofficial end of summer but it is the start of something else, the most active month of the hurricane season. three days in, here we are, a straw poll -- a tropical storm moving to the gulf of mexico, tropical storm gordon formed earlier with sustained winds at 45 miles per hour as the system moved over the upper keys,
4:19 pm
miami-dade and the neighboring counties, monroe and broward, hit by downpours and strong winds, under a flood watch much of the day. gordon caught many tourists and locals offguard. >> we were watching more football, not the weather. we need to take it slow. >> the roads are flooded so you have to drive super slow. >> on the gulf side, beaches are closed and whipping wind is warning of the dangerous conditions. it is moving farther into the gulf of mexico fronting weather warnings across the gulf coast. forecasters anticipate it will hit around the mississippi and louisiana border late tomorrow. >> chief meteorologist, bill martin is here, and the start of hurricane season is here and they are already dealing with tropical type winds and rain in the area? there is a lot of it, if you look down at the gordon area off the florida area it just goes quickly.
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there is a lot of warmth in the equatorial pacific and atlantic, the water warmed is high. stuff will spin out pretty quickly. here is gordon right here, this is a tropical storm and you can see where it is tracking. not only do you have gordon but a tropical disturbance that is pressuring moisture in the plane states. a lot of inclement weather as you go east of california. a whole different deal here and you can see there is gordon and the tropical moisture. if you are wondering why you live in california, that is part of it, we get the good weather. in summer we do not see a lot of rain. some of these people like florida and texas, as heather knows, louisiana, they get a lot of rain in the summer, some get more rain in the summer than the winter which is the opposite for us. when we come to our mediterranean climate, it is not too bad, fog along the coast and a little bit of
4:21 pm
shower activity on the southern side of the sierra nevada. we had a beautiful day and i know it is a spare the air day, they could've pulled the trigger early on that last night because it is not a commute day so you will not get a lot of ground level ozone. the smoke really is not as nasty as it could be although some of the readings are showing more than that. spare the air day, i hope it did not mess with your day. fog along the coast, there it is, the marine layer is 2000 feet deep, up over the hills already. a warm day, tomorrow in napa or concord it will be 95. we would look at about 800 foot or 1000 feet inversion, now it is about 2000 feet. in napa or concord you are looking at temperatures in the upper 80s or low 90s, not one- to-one, but you get the idea. as you take a peek, there's the temperature forecast for tomorrow, or today, the temperature forecast will be just like that. when i see you next, which will
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the governor of arizona is expected to choose an interim senator for the late john mccain. >> it is a decision with potential national implications just like upcoming statewide elections and those that show up at the polls. joey piazza reports. >> reporter: after a week mourning the death of senator
4:25 pm
john mccain, attention shifts to who could replace him in the senate, the governor of arizona, doug ducey, said he will wait until after funeral services to appoint someone to fill the sea after 2020. names that surfaced include cindy mccain, the late senator's wife and jon kyl, a former senator. >> they will have to name a replacement in the next few days, arizona is a state the democrats are keeping an eye on. >> reporter: democrats are optimistic about support from hispanic voters turned off by president donald trump's stance on immigration. >> they could shape the way that that state looks in political campaigns, not just for the midterms but the 2020 presidential election. >> reporter: florida is wielding influence in the midterms and the race forgotten about our is in the spotlight, ron desantis will face off against andrew gillum, who pulled off a surprise win in the primary. >> this will become one of the most closely watched races in the fall campaign. >> reporter: the democratic party traditionally had the
4:26 pm
backing of african-american voters, but a recent reuters poll shows that support is down 7 points since the 2012 election. joey piazza, fox news. the personal information of millions of high school students is being targeted by data miners, when students fill out college applications surveys, there answers are shared with data mining companies and sold or shared again, this includes religion, politics, and income. some parents that kids do not know these surveys are optional and often believe they could impact their college application. >> it is usually pitched as fill this out and we will give your name to colleges that would be interested in you. >> it is creating a dossier on every child for third parties to use for profit. as a mom i actually find that appalling. >> the department of education confirms that the surveys are
4:27 pm
optional. it advises parents to encourage their children to be cautious about the personal information that they give while filling out forms, no matter how innocent the questions might seem. coming up on this labor day, we sit down and hear from a man who once headed the state employment office, his take on the current state of the economy and the one potential threat that he sees to unemployment. president donald trump's choice to join the u.s. supreme court has a tough day ahead of him tomorrow as the confirmation battle begins.
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
brett kavanaugh might not be getting much rest on this labor
4:30 pm
day prepping for what could be a grueling day tomorrow. he will face off with the senate judiciary committee and democrats that are hoping to scuttle his nomination. doug luzader has more now from washington. >> reporter: at this point in his life, brett kavanaugh has nominated his way through yale law school, a white house job, an investigation, and a dozen years as a federal appellate judge, but nothing could repair him for what is about to happen on capitol hill tomorrow. >> this could end up being a junior high school cafeteria food fight. >> reporter: kavanaugh will face a gauntlet and we know how this plays out in a high end partisan atmosphere because this happened with neil gorsuch when he was confirmed last year. republicans will praise him, democrats will try to block them, some have refused to meet with him, they have been pressing for more documents, especially from kavanaugh's time while working at the white house counsel office during the george w. bush administration. >> this will be revelatory as
4:31 pm
to what he thinks, particularly about executive power and how he will enable donald trump in large to expand the power of the president. >> reporter: this is after all, a numbers game in the senate, if republicans are unified, there is not much that democrats can do beyond sending a message to their constituents for the upcoming election. >> this is great political theater for their constituents. when they go back to their districts, they can say, look, we did everything we could to slow down or stop the kavanaugh confirmation but we did not have the votes. >> reporter: the stakes of course are enormous. by replacing retiring justice, anthony kennedy, who was the swing vote often, i cannot could shift the ideological balance of the high court, as for the actual questions tomorrow? will not tell you, he can prepare ahead of time, i will say this, he is smarter than me. >> reporter: these could be rallying calls for both sides, but in this instance, the public might not be all that invested in the fight, an eight
4:32 pm
people out says that almost half of americans do not have a strong opinion about brett kavanaugh, at least not yet. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. this has been a busy holiday on the highways and airports, aaa says 35 million americans traveled more than 50 miles during this holiday weekend, a 5% increase from last year. roughly half of these holiday trips were by air, with airline travel up 3.5% from last year. experts point to the booming economy and low unemployment for this year's spike in holiday travel. >> summer is an ominous with vacations, a pastime people do not want to give up, when the economy performs better and people more change in their pockets, they are inclined to spend that on travel. holiday drivers are playing more for gas this labor day, the average price for a gallon of gas is $.20 higher than last year and the highest on labor day and four years.
4:33 pm
one man who works each and every labor day is one of the states true experts in labor, employment, and the workforce, tom baker spoke with a man who once commanded that then called, state unemployment office under governor brown's first term. >> reporter: labor day 2018, it is the 124th official labor day in the united states. in california, we are at or near historic measures says the former director of the california development department, michael bernick. >> the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been at 4.2% since 1976. this is in a number of the bay area counties where we have unemployment rates below 3%, nearly 3 million payroll jobs since february 2010. >> reporter: back then the u.s. unemployment rate was nine point 8%. when barack obama left the white house, the u.s. labor department statistics showed the unemployment rate had dropped 5% to 4.8%.
4:34 pm
since then it has declined almost one more point to 3.9%. the biggest problem right now is finding enough qualified people to fill millions of unfilled jobs. the fundamentals of the economy continue to appear strong, there is no reason to think this expansion will not continue. it will end at some point, but whether ends in the next year before labor day 2019, we do not know. >> reporter: the number of people voluntarily moving from one job for a better one is also skyrocketing. one potential weakness, the rise of the contingent labor force, so-called freelancers. >> that is independent contractors, it is also part- time or involuntary part-time work and project-based work which of course means far less security. >> reporter: the biggest danger he says -- speed mac the tariff, looking out on labor
4:35 pm
day 28 teen -- 2019, the tariffs concerns me, tariff wars, that is one factor that could impact the continued employment growth and in particular in certain segments. >> reporter: mainly that would be agriculture and manufacturing in the short term, but much of california's economy and many jobs in the longer-term. tom fay car, ktvu fox 2 news -- tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. chb out in the final hours of labor day weekend. all available chp officers are patrolling state i was looking out for distracted and reckless drivers, this is part of a two state crackdown, chp is teaming up with nevada highway patrol for what is being called the i- 80 challenge, officers have an important message for anyone
4:36 pm
driving on hundreds of miles of dizzy i-80 during the holiday weekend. >> don't drink, don't drive, don't drive distracted, have a plan, hold yourself responsible for the safety of yourself and your loved ones and your community members. if you do not hold yourselves responsible, we will do that for you. >> just last month the chp motorcycle officer was killed along i-80 in fairfield. a few days later, free -- a few people were hurt when a crew on caltrans was working along the same stretch of highway, both crashes involved distracted drivers. more than 140,000 active and retired u.s. service members are claiming that exposure from toxins due to burn pits and them sick. some military bases in the middle east use massive pits to burn trash including chemicals in medical waste. >> box reporter, leah gabriel, sat down with retired commander, david petraeus, to get his takes on these claims. >> reporter: thousands of veterans were exposed to dangerous burn pits and many feel abandoned by the va, i sat
4:37 pm
down with david petraeus who recalls what everyone was dealing with with the wars in iraq and afghanistan and what it was like seeing these burn pits firsthand among the many challenges that he faced at the time. >> reporter: and 2007, general david petraeus took command of the coalition forces in iraq. to defeat the enemy he launched a robust counterinsurgency campaign, but there was another threat, exposure to burn pits. >> at that time we were not worried about burn pits, we were worried about getting enough water for our troops in the hot summer, we were looking forward to the time where we might get real food. >> reporter: the general also recalls how burn pits were used on military bases to crudely incinerate everything from trash to medical waste and early in the war, even human waste.
4:38 pm
>> reporter: you and i both know that burn pits were used to dispose of things like chemical solvents, human waste, medical waste, all kinds of things were basically thrown into these, it sounds like you are very aware of this while you were in command and it was just something that had to be done? well, it was something that had to be done for a long period of time. at a certain point it said in that perhaps there is a better way of doing this. again, a number of us surfaced these issues, incinerators were brought in in some cases and then there were problems getting the incinerators to work. >> reporter: i know that you are aware of the huge number of veterans that believe that after being exposed to burn six they -- burn pits they became sick, many these claims have been denied by the va, many said they do not regret the service they did for the country, but now they feel like they are being abandoned by the government. what should be done to address these veterans concerns now ? >> we should meet our obligation to our veterans, in this and many other cases as well, it is an issue of trying to determine with some degree of scientific rigor, was there an effect because of the ex-
4:39 pm
hoosier to the smoke from the burn pits? if so, what are the symptoms and what can we do now to mitigate this risk of what could transpire from this? >> reporter: general portray us has thrown his support behind the campaign to improve assistance for veterans, in july he sent a letter to congress urging them to back the veterans burn pit accountability act, a recently produced bipartisan bill, he writes, i know that you share the sense of obligation of virtually all americans have to those that have stepped forward at a time of war, in new york, leah gabriel, fox news. still ahead, he is known in san francisco as mccovey cove dave, we tell you where this baseball fanatic is now heading to increase his collection of homerun balls. we're tracking the holiday forecast, not so bad at the coast, some clearing out there, the mere quality stuff but overall, a beautiful labor day, we will see you back here with the 5-day forecast.
4:40 pm
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among the unique features of at&t park in san francisco, homerun balls hit into mccovey cove, one man has made it his life's mission to gather as many of the splash hits as possible. >> ktvu's, scott reese, spoke with the man known as mccovey cove dave about his recent tactics in the east bay. >> reporter: it is hard to miss
4:43 pm
dave edlund at giants games. i've been a giants fan my whole life. >> reporter: he is at the ballpark about 40 times per year, but you will not find him inside the stadium, or for that matter, on land. this is the fastest kayak in mccovey cove. >> reporter: of the 163 home runs hit into the water, dave has retrieved 37, earning himself the nickname, mccovey cove dave. >> i would say the number one attribute is being alert and a fast kayaker. and then being in the right spot. once i get into my area it is hard for someone to compete with me because i am a fast peddler. >> reporter: believe it or not, his success rate is actually as much about smarts as it is about speed. >> there was another park there really turbo charged me, that was analytics, trying to use
4:44 pm
math to figure out when and where the ball will land. i study every player, all of their home runs and i draw a map. some players hit home runs down the line so i shift down to the right-field line. >> announcer: it is out of here! and into the water! >> reporter: now that dave has dominated the mccovey cove seascape for so long, he decided to take his home run hobby across the bay to oakland coliseum. >> announcer: to the right, this ball is gone. that is our good friend dave, knocking that one down. i am insidious, i catch them on land and water, my first choice is to be in the kayak in mccovey cove, but when i go there i am strictly a right fielder, i come here to the coliseum and i get to play two fields, left fielder and right fielder. when i moved positions, to do that, i have to run back and forth between right and left field, that is a challenge, but it is an opportunity. >> reporter: an opportunity to once again, flexes analytical muscles. >> i measure whether they hit the ball deep or shallow and then how many feet off the foul
4:45 pm
line. >> reporter: and his physical muscles. >> this is my workout, running this 200 feet. >> in -- in -- no, no >> i will do twice as much running as a typical baseball player. it will make it really fun. >> reporter: after all, fun is what it is all about, by land or by sea, mccovey cove dave is celebrating his passion while cultivating his collection. >> because i have been doing baseball for 50 years as a fan, it is a nice thing to be doing in retirement if you have the time and i do. >> reporter: scott reese, ktvu fox 2 news . here in oakland the seventh annual event is taking place at 3rd and mlk, it is a large block party with music, arts
4:46 pm
and a labor day event. the director joined us on mornings on 2 today and he said this year's hiero day is the biggest yet, 22 trucks, vendors and entertainment with 50 acts. >> we have a little bit of international notoriety with hieroglyphics and doing some of these sick things, we -- these music things, we allow independent artist to perform on a big stage. >> the event is family-friendly and tickets are required for about $40 at the door. a nice weekend for that, right? everywhere is pretty nice, a little bit of fog at the coast, but overall, the weather turned out nicely. we are still enjoying the weekend, i trust ? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> many people are doing what you want to be doing right now. i know, a beautiful weekend, the weather will really cooperate this week, it will get a little bit warmer but it will not be a heat wave that will extend us to major fire
4:47 pm
danger or air-quality issues. that is a nice thing, we are missing out on a lot, as i pointed out earlier, on the east coast and gulf states there's tons of tropical storm activity and a hurricane in the pacific that will miss hawaii but turned north before it gets there, there's a lot of stuff in the tropical atlantic that looks like it wants to develop into bigger stuff. you will start as an investor in tropical storm, then the depression, storm, and hurricane. i think we could see that activity in the next week, especially in the atlantic. there is fog along the coast in the marine layer is pretty aggressive. tomorrow, again, like today, the fog will be around and burn off quickly. you will have highs like today, these are the current numbers, they are nice, fair feel that 85, you have to like that, that is just right. 85 at walnut creek, do have a personal favorite temperature ? >> i like 75 or 80. given number ? >> i am 78, andre ? >> about 78.
4:48 pm
you have to be 78 or 79. >> not 79, 78 is fine. >> i am at my best when it is 78 degrees out. it is not 78 right now, i wish it was. outside we go, there san francisco, fog in the background, earlier there was a lot of activity. fog along the coast, this is the model, it takes us to tomorrow, it shows the fog trying to burn off, there is a temperature footprint, similar to today. the thing to know in the purple is the 100s, there is some texture of those in the north valley and south valley. sacramento, mid-and upper 80s. we are in this transition season, not fall but we are starting to transition there. we are seeing temperatures more in line with that. 90 in brentwood, 90 in antioch, 77 in hayward, i would almost be at my best there, just 1 degree off. what did you say heather ? >> i like arrange.
4:49 pm
>> you have to pick a number and sit on it. >> okay, i will think about that. [ laughter ] >> andre said 78. >> i am locked in. >> one san jose, 90 gilroy, the 5-day forecast is this. the thing that i look at, the thing that is kind of nice that we are not sweating the fires, we are worried about it, but when you see these numbers across the top, even saturday, not really out of the norm, not extended periods of extreme heat. we were in the fire season big time, this is a nice looking forecast, cal fire like that, i like it, everyone likes it. >> bill, thank you so much. frank joins us now with the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5 pm, frank will have a story of a troubling hit and run case. >> reporter: the surveillance video is difficult to watch, a white car rolls through a stop sign and crushes into two
4:50 pm
children riding their bikes home from school. it does not end there, the driver backs up and takes off, tonight at 5 pm, we speak with one of the victims as police continue to search for the driver of that car. troubling video in deed. raider nation is talking about that shocking trade. >> a sunday morning trade for raiders fans who traded away their best defensive player, arguably the best defensive player in the entire league, today the team was back in practice with the reality that khalil mack is gone, tonight at 5 pm, here from their other star, quarterback derek carr. >> we will see you here in about 10 minutes. coming up in the meantime, here next on the the four on 2, a 200 old museum containing millions of ancient artifacts burns to the ground, the devastating thing that has scientists and scholars in shock. and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪
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two reuters journalists are sentenced to prison. the journalists claim that they were framed, the united states, the european union, and the united nations are calling for their immediate release. human rights groups are expressing both anger and concern. >> the problem now is, what will happen to the rest of the media coverage? will people increasingly shy away from critical reporting of the burmese government, or the bm in their military.
4:54 pm
>> they are both detained after a late-night meeting with officers. this has been described as a classic case of entrapment. centuries of history's up and smell, firefighters in rio de janeiro are digging through the burned-out debris of the national museum a day after the destructive fire roars through the building. >> fox's jeff paul says that it had latin america's largest collection of historical artifacts and a countless number of your replaceable treasures. >> reporter: crews in brazil attack a raging fire trying desperately to save a 200-year- old museum. james began sunday night after it closed and quickly ripped through the national museum in rio. by the lake the fire was mostly out though firefighters could be seen dousing the occasional flare up. among the 20 million items in the museum, the western hemisphere's oldest human school, a meteorite from the
4:55 pm
1700s in the first fossils ever found in the country. tens of thousands of other relics specifically relate to the brazilian history. they call this a lobotomy of the brazilian memory. >> we have to go through this period of mourning, but we have to think, what now? brazil cannot lose its history. >> reporter: for many locals, the national museum is more than just a place to store artifacts, it is a source of pride numbers used -- now reduced to a smoldering shell. this is a piece of my history becoming ashes, this has no price, i am devastated. >> reporter: in a statement, the brazilian president said "200 years of work, investigation, and knowledge have been lost." there is plenty of financial backing and several public and private things, a mining company and an oil company plan to form a network of economic support to restore the museum. >> reporter: the museum's dilapidated state had employees
4:56 pm
worried about something like this happening. officials even trained workers on how to minimize the fire risk, jeff paul, fox news. enters at the children's hospital in palo alto meta-baby that she treated decades ago, he is now a doctor that she works with. soma wong is a neonatal nurse in the intensive care unit, the name of the pediatric doctor sounded familiar and it turned out that she cared for him for one month in the neonatal intensive care unit after he was born premature 28 years ago. the doctor said the revelation was surreal and he has come full circle, he is now taking care of babies with the nurse that took care of him. cool story. >> yes it is, that is it for us, ktvu fox 2 news at 5 pm welcome to the xfinity store. thanks, janet. it's my happy place. you can learn how to switch to xfinity mobile, a new wireless network that saves you cash. and you can get 5 lines of talk and text included with your internet. and over here i'm having my birthday party. dj fluffernutter, hit it!
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surveillance video clearly shows a white car rolling through a stop sign and crashing right into two children on their bikes. it does not stop there, the driver then backed up and took off. good evening, i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haner, tonight san jose police are searching for the driver of the white car, the surveillance video is a key piece of evidence and ktvu's jesse gary spoke with the victim . this video was enough to stop your heart, two children riding their bikes home from school along the south san jose sidewalk as they approach
5:00 pm
caudal road and l molina way, so does the driver of a white honda civic, the driver does not stop, plowing into the kids, knocking a 12-year-old girl to the ground and sending a 13-year-old boy onto the hood and then into the road. >> you could hear the screeching and you could hear the sound of a crash, you could tell, i thought it was two cars, that's what it sounded like to me. >> reporter: the driver backs up, stops for several seconds, and speeds off, leaving the children injured in the streets. >> what went through your mind ? >> i thought, am i going to die, this is how i die, i am not dead, is he dead? are the -- we are protecting the identity of the 13-year-old girl who suffered a concussion and has bumps and bruises, her 13-year-old friend has a broken wrist, she said the passenger waved and said sorry as they sped away from the scene. >> reporter: san jose police
5:01 pm
said the car had three occupants of facing charges for lo


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