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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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car rolls through a stop sign and hits two kids who were riding their bikes home from 2/ kids who were riding their bikes home from school. hello again, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> the surveillance video is a key piece of evidence. the details on the serious charges that driver could be facing. >> reporter: the video is enough to stop your heart. two children riding their bikes along a south san jose sidewalk as they approach the intersection. so does the driver of a white honda civic. the driver doesn't stop, plowing into the kids, knocking a 12-year-old girl to the ground and sending a 13-year-old boy on to the hood and then into cottle road. >> i'm in my garage, door's closed, you can hear the streenge -- the screeching and the sound of the car crash. >> reporter: the driver speeds off, leaving the children
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injured in the street. >> what went through your mind? >> oh, look, i'm not dead. basically my thoughts were, am i going to die? this is how i die. oh, i'm not dead. is he dead? >> reporter: we're protecting the identity of the now 13-year-old girl who said she suffered a concussion and has bumps and bruises. a passenger waved and said sorry as the car sped away from the scene. san jose police say the honda had three occupants. neighbors report seeing a freshly painted black honda civic with front end damage parked several blocks from the accident scene but police haven't made a link or located the driver and passengers. >> confess. come forward. right thing. >> reporter: the mother of the 13-year-old girl who also wishes to remain anonymous says she's doubtful the guiltychild have at a big break. >> really just pretty shaken. >> reporter: by living to tell the story of how a car hit them
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while they were riding home from school. in south san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 11:00 tonight, word that a man from sunnyvale drowned today in a reservoir near stockton. it happened at the woodward reservoir as swimmers and boaters were enjoying the labor day holiday. investigators say 26-year-old victor menjivar had been swimming with family members when he disappeared around noon. a dive team found his body five hours later. deputies say it does appear alcohol played a role in his death. we're learning more about a woman who died after jumping out of a moving ambulance this morning in dublin. police say she fought with officers while they were trying to arrest her for driving into several cars and hitting a pedestrian. as they took her into custody, she reached for an officer's gun so they tased her. later she was being taken by ambulance to a psychiatric hospital, she began to struggle
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with paramedics. the driver was almost to a stop when the woman broke free from her restraints and ran into traffic on the connector ramp between i-680 and i-580. she was then hit and killed by two vehicles. >> it's not normal for somebody to break out of an ambulance while it's moving. so we have to really figure out how that unfolded. >> the drives of the two vehicles that hit the woman stopped and were interviewed by the chp. the connector ramp was closed for about three hours while the highway patrol investigated. a wildfire that broke out late this afternoon in the tahoe national forest has already spread across 600 acres. the so-called north fire broke out. the placer county sheriff's department evacuated several campgrounds in the area. deputies say the fire was reported after 4:30 this afternoon. by 8:30 tonight, it had burned 650 acres. officials are asking people to avoid the area. they say traffic on interstate
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80 was already heavy with holiday travellers. president trump started his labor day by going after a top union leader. he tweeted that afl president represented his union poorly on television over the weekend. he added: it's easy to see why unions are doing so poorly. he said he thinks canada should be in efforts to overhaul nafta. the president said on twitter saturday that there's no political necessity to keep canada in nafta. negotiations with canada are set to resume on wednesday. a showdown is looming tomorrow on capitol hill when senate confirmation hearings begin for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. jana katsuyama joins us now. she's in the newsroom with a look at the controversy and what it could mean for the court's future. >> vowing to fight the math favors kavanaugh.
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senate republicans would hold a 51-49 majority as the late senator john mccain is replaced quickly with a staunch republican. with vice president pence as an additional tie practicer, republicans could seek kavanaugh even if a gop senator decides to defect. that would mean a 5-4 supreme court majority. >> reporter: judge brett kavanaugh has been on the u.s. court of appeals in washington, d.c. since 2006. >> a judge must be independent. must keep an open mind in every case. >> he does seem to be a smart guy. he doesn't do the kind of rhetorical grand standing that scalia used to do. >> reporter: uc berkeley law professor dan farber says kavanaugh's record is conservative but not extreme. the yale graduate has worked for anthony kennedy as his clerk and also the left leaning justice kagan who hired kavanaugh to teach at harvard. >> he'll really changed the balance of power on the supreme
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court. >> reporter: when republican senator susan collins of main asked about roe versus wade, he called it settled law. he praised the late chief justice's descent in roe and senator dianne feinstein wroteane tweet monday, quote, brett kavanaugh shows his hostility toward women's reproductive rights. kavanaugh has written in favor of expanded presidential powers over agencies such as the epa. there's also a question of how he'd rule if special prosecutor robert mueller's probe led to a subpoena or indictment of president trump. kavanaugh, who assisted kenneth-star with the investigation into president bill clinton's relations with monica lewinsky, made this comment a decade ago. >> it really makes sense to make sure as a country that we give our president as much room as
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possible to operate free from the usual burdens of the citizenry. >> the stakes in these cases that the court hears with abortion, with gay marriage are really high and it's very hard to expect politicians to just ignore those issues. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he's confident he can have kavanaugh seated by the start of the new term on october foist. democrats though are ready to launch that fight with senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris holding a meeting before tomorrow morning. >> we're hearing a couple republicans could be on the fence tonight. what's the latest you're hearing on that? >> there are two republican senators who have not really committed firmly. one is alaska senator lisa murkowski. the other is maine senator susan
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collins. both feel like roe v. wade is a central part of their concerns going forward. we'll see what he says. peel certainly be asked about that tomorrow. >> jana katsuyama in the newsroom tonight. after a week of mourning the death of senator john mccain, attention is now shifting to why might replace him in the senate. the governor of arizona, doug ducey, is expected to move quickly to appoint someone to fill the seat. some names that have surface include the late senator's widow cindy mccain and john kyle. the decision could influence voter sentiment ahead of the midterms. >> it could shape the way that state looks in political campaigns not just for these midterms but in the 2020 presidential election as well. >> florida may also have influence in the midterms with its ra governor in the spotlight. president trump backed publican ron desantis will face off against the democratic mayor of tallahassee.
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hundreds of kaiser workers marched in oakland today to protest the healthcare giant's proposed job cuts. the union workers marched and say kaiser plans to move jobs to other parts of the state where workers will be paid less. >> kaiser wants to outsource 260 of our classifications including our pharmacy workers, lvns, shuttle drivers. >> the hospital issued a statement in response today, saying the protesters chose to, quote, mischaracterize kaiser permanente's strong commitment to labor. the death of a retired tennis champ -- we'll get to that in a moment. in the meantime, we're going to take a break.
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up the next, nike unveils its latest just do it campaign and a controversial football player is front and center. we've got a lot of fog out there now. air quality advisory for tomorrow because of smoke and temperatures that are going to heat up.
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a car crashed into a women's clothing store in el cerrito at the dress barn at the el cerrito plaza shopping center. video from the scene shows the cadillac sedan slammed right into the front of the store, causing the glass to shatter inside. the good news, no reports of any injuries. authorities say alcohol did not play a role in the crash. a home in san francisco's richmond district caught fire this afternoon. firefighters managed to quickly knock down the flames. no one was hurt. the home is on cabrillo street. the fire started at about 4:00 this afternoon. the flames and black smoke could be seen shooting from the first and second floors of the home.
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it took firefighters about 30 minutes to get everything under control. three people and a dog were displaced. the red cross is helping them out tonight. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. b.a.r.t. is wrapping up its third of four weekend closures. crews are making necessary repairs. they include installing new rails, new switches to switch trains, and electrical work. the improvements are being paid for by measure rr, a $3.5 billion transportation bond measure that voters approved two years ago. >> our customers will find it's quieter and smoother along that section of track. they may not notice that it will be more reliable. we're expecting to have fewer breakdowns. >> b.a.r.t. riders had to take bus bridges over the three-day weekend, then get back on b.a.r.t. to finish their trip.
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the final phase of the repair work is set to take place september 22nd and 23rd. the death of a retired tennis champion in marin county has sent his widow on a campaign to raise awareness about septic shock. debora villalon reports that ken flach was a dominant doubles player for two decade. >> reporter: ken flach was a tennis star in the 80s, racking up six grand slam titles. most proud of this win with his partner since college. >> he and his partner won the gold medal in 1988 in the fall. >> reporter: flach won the u.s. open twice. a year ago he and wife christina were off to new york for the tournament. she watches now from home with a heavy heart. >> how did this big healthy professional athlete not survive? >> reporter: in march, ken, after a week with an upper respiratory infection, died of sepsis. >> i had no idea what sepsis was. i had heard the word.
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>> reporter: she now knows sepsis is a toxic response to infection. swift and unforgiving. her husband of eight years was treated over the phone by a doctor. they went the next day to the e.r. and ken was diagnosed with pneumonia. within hours, machines were breathing for him. >> that was it. as soon as we kissed goodbye, i told him i loved him, i said i'll see you in a minute as soon as this is done. i really thought he was going to be okay. >> reporter: ken was transferred to ucsf. his organs failing. had he lived, his limbs would have been amputated. within a few days, he was taken off life support, shattering their blended family of nine children. >> i cry every day because i miss him so much. >> reporter: now christina wears both wedding rings and pushes through her grief to volunteer with sepsis alliance. she wants people to know sepsis can develop from any infection, even a cut or a cough.
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it's survivable if detected and treated early. >> i wish he'd been seen. he'd be treated. if he'd been given the antibiotics sooner he'd be here. >> reporter: she wants that for all patients, not just though with a famous past. >> he would never talk about it. he was so humble. that's why people loved him so much. >> reporter: funny and caring, ken flach was more proud of his family than any tennis accomplishment. >> i keep thinking the door is going to open. he's going to come in. i really do. it's been six months and i keep wondering when am i going to, like, know he's not coming back? >> reporter: in novato, debora villalon. ktvu fox 2 news. another warning from the bay area quality management about tomorrow. the air quality advisory for smoke has been extended through tuesday. offshore winds are expected to cause smoke from the wildfires to persist through the bay. if you can smell smoke, you're
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advised to stay inside with windows and doors closed. tropical storm gordon hit south florida today, bringing with it several inches of rain. forecasters say the storm should get stronger as it moves along the gulf coast. gordon just formed today over the upper keys. but by midafternoon, areas like west palm beach were already being drenched. some parts of the state reportedly got up to 8 inches of rain in just a few hours. >> we saw the gust of wind and the rain falling and we're like, okay, this is not what we expected. >> the storm is on a path to hit states like mississippi and louisiana next and should strengthen to potential hurricane force. a 5-foot storm surge is expected, prompting workers at gulf coast marinas to spend their labor day tying up boats and securing docks. if gordon stays on its current track, the entire gulf coast will be dealing with significant rainfall. as i mentioned earlier, in the 10:00 newscast, gordon has
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got the potential to hurricane now. some of the the next 24 hours which would be pretty amazing in such quick development and so close to land and looks like it wants to move up into the gulf states, louisiana. that's the story we'll be tracking. hurricanes as well in parts of the atlantic and the pacific that are continuing to turn. hurricane season definitely starting off with a bang. you can see gordon right here. then you can see the one out in the pacific that's going to miss hawaii. then another area out in the atlantic deep off of africa. there's the system. it's really going to be a rain producer. it's going to soak already soaked areas of the valley. lower mississippi valley and beyond that. so flight plans to the east coast may want to include that because you're goinge days
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inclement weather which could cause flight delays. there's the fog. 2,000 feet deep. so that's about where it was this morning. the idea is that tomorrow will be very similar to today. almost based on that. temperatures right now, a lot of green all the way up into the central valley. up into sacramento and davis. and that's an indication of 2,000 feet deep worth of marine layer. you see the footprint for tomorrow morning. you'll see the temperatures. the reds are 90s. oranges are 80sment that's a lot like today. tomorrow is going to be a nice day. as we push into the weekend, we'll find temperatures that generally warm up a few degrees. we'll get by friday, saturday, you'll see it in the friday, we'll get into the mid 90s in the hot spots. all of this is pretty manageable considering we're in the height of fire season. not too bad in terms of what cal fire is looking for. second spare the air day in a row. that should be the last one. warmer for the weekend.
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colin kaepernick is the face of nike's new ad campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of its just do it catchphrase. the first ad shows the former 49er and the words "believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything." an apparent protest to kaepernick's national anthem in the 2016 and ongoing dispute with the nfl. a marketing professor at san jose state told us he likes nike's campaign but he's not convinced kaepernick is the right person to deliver it. >> nike has chosen someone that's pretty divisive. and i think the timing is another issue here. it's coming right after john mccain's funeral and i think many people are looking to bring people together and try to work more cooperatively. >> kaepernick has been under contract with nike since 2011. the new ad of a new multi-year deal with nike. coming up, the as and yankees face off in a possible
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playoff preview today at the coliseum. joe will have all their highlights and sports coming up next. >> phoenix thompson was diagnosed with leukemia in august. she underwent aggressive chemotherapy which has really taken its toll on her so her dad decided to do something special on her last day of treatment, put on a suit and tie and together they danced to tim mcgraw's "my little girl" surrounded by her colorful stuffed animals. well well well, what have we here?
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joe is in for mark today. the as battling the yankees and making fans happy today at the coliseum. >> always like your chances when you're going head to head. as had a chance to improve their
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standing on two fronts, the a.l. west race and the wildcard. what more appropriate than for stomper to spend a little time with the rockette. after a three-run 1st inning, the as took the lead to the 2nd. one swing of the bat off trevor cahill. that's the two-run shot the other way. just like that it's 3-3. bottom of the 2nd and the as break the tie. matt chapman with the hit to center. the yankees' aaron hicks gambles and loses. marcus semien, no trouble scoring from 1st. when chapman tries to go for a triple, he'll be cut down after two. the as were in front 4-3. homer number 16 on the year for canna. he tries to become the sixth as player this year to hit 20 homers or more. they stay two and a half games behind houston in the west but narrow the gap on the yankees to three and a half in the league's
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number one wildcard spot. with madison bumgarner on the mound for the giants today, you'd have to figure eight runs would be enough. didn't work out that way. bumgarner allowed a two-run homer in the 1st inning with story came to the plate with the runner on. second two -run homer of the inning. four batters into the game, the rockies had a 4-0 lead. they built that lead to 7-2. giants made noise. 7-5 with two outs and a runner at 1st. make it 7-7. allen hanson hits a pinch home run. giants all the way back. then they were in front. chris shaw made it back-to-back pinch hit homers. this was his first major league hit and homer. when you do that, give your team the lead, you can expect your mom in the stands to be very happy. the giant bullpen could not close the deal. the rockies struck for two runs in the bottom of the 8th off tony watson. september call-up. noel singles up the middle. two runs come home. colorado goes on to win 9-8. rockies a half game in front of l.a. in the nl west after the
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dodgers lost tonight. byron is in the driver's seat for the big money that comes with winning the fedex cup. before we get to that, check out the tiger woods impersonator in massachusetts today. all he wants is a little love from tiger. not going to happen. he could 3-putt and still win. uses two. makes par to win by two strokes. he becomes only the second player to win the first two legs of the fedex cup. ultimately worth $10 million. steve kerr with a few more weeks to take in something like the u.s. open tennis tournament. time for him to get back to basketball business. in a match that went well into tuesday morning. australia's john millman in the far court pulled off the upset of the tournament so far. second seeded roger federer plagued by unforced errors. millman unseeded will now face novak djokovic. that's it, guys. >> thanks for joining us tonight. goodnight. welcome to the xfinity store.
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what do you think of the picture on my new costco card? wow, you've never put your actual face that close to mine. jay thinks that-- bup, bup, bup, bup. let him answer. uh...okay, you look good. this looks nothing like me! maybe 'cause you're not yelling in it. i look at this, and i'm like, "what the hell? where's the sparkle? where's the guy that scored the winning touchdown and was carried off by his team?" this guy looks like he was carried off by the current. i have half a mind to cut this up and never go back there. maybe you can use one of the scissors from the eight-pack that we bought. hey, jay, you feeling it? you ready to knock down some pins? oh, great. gray and wrinkled, like my tired puss. it's my league finals, and jay agreed to fill in for our star bowler, maurice, who's recovering from a groin pull. an actual groin pull, not the party on fire island. i don't know, cameron. i'm-- i'm really not feeling it tonight. well, you better start feeling it soon. we need to win so i can stick it to that smug martin sherman. who's martin sherman?
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only my archrival.


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