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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 4, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we're following breaking news in palo alto. one person is dead after a small airplane crashed near the airport. >> we are looking to learn more. a police investigation in oakland with a big police presence for one neighborhood. a heated start to the first in the confirmation hearing of of supreme court justice nominee judge brett kavanaugh. ktvu fox2 news at noon starts right now. good afternoon. breaking news in palo alto. one person has died in a small plane crash. we give you a live look above the palo alto airport. you can see the airplane came to rest in shallow water 50-100 yards from the runway. palo alto fire tweeted there were three people on board the airplane and one person is dead and two others transported to the trauma center. you can see a letter that was
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extended to the shoreline, possibly a way for firefighters to get to the victims and take them to land. the airport is east of 101 on the edge of the bay and the faa said it's a single engine monee m 20. joining us on the phone's fire chief jeffrey bradshaw. thank you for joining us. tell us what happened. >> the call came in at 11:01 this morning and it was the airplane that landed in the lagoon at the palo alto bay land. >> when firefighters arrived on scene, what took place then? >> when they got on scene, they reported what they saw and they said there was someone out on the wing and they started to set up for a technical rescue. >> when you said one person on the wing, that means there was a person on the wing that was alive? we understand a second person was transported. was that person on the wing or
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inside the airplane? >> that person was not on the wing. they were extricated from the aircraft. >> the person who has died in that incident is still at the scene, or was that person also transported and pronounced dead? >> the person is deceased. >> okay. what can you tell us about what was taking place regarding what the pilot of the airplane was doing? doing a take off her coming in landing? >> the information i have is that the airplane was attempting to land and it was reported to have come from reading. i do not know the details of how it got into this situation where it is right now. >> you don't know of any distress call or mechanical problem that preceded the crash? >> i have not received that information yet. >> have you been able to determine who was on board or piloting the airplane? >> no, ma'am. i did not get the names of the passengers. two adult women and one adult
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male. >> chief, can you explain the extent of the injuries of those two individuals who were transported? >> one patient was walking and wounded and another patient was packaged up and brought down on a backboard and kearny to the ambulance and that is the extent of the injuries i know. >> i'm sorry if you said this, but the deceased individual, man or woman? >> it is a male. >> we have the fire deputy chief with the palo alto fire department and we appreciate your time. >> you got it. >> we have live pictures and we understand the faa and ntsb are involved in this incident and will be arriving here this afternoon, sometime later today. as we get more information, of course, we will bring it to you. we have jesse gary and hopefully we will get a live report in just a bit. breaking news in the east
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bay in oakland where witnesses told ktvu that two oakland police officers are injured and the suspect is in custody after a domestic violence call. >> we have christien kafton live on the scene. he had a loaded firearm? >> reporter: absolutely. we will have a lot more details but first, let's get a live look. you can see the investigators are gathering -- gathering evidence at 89th and b where this situation unfolded. we hit the officer from oakland police joining me. could you let me know what happened? this initially started with a domestic violence call and officers arrive? >> that's exactly right. if you are in trouble and you need the police, that is what happened. we have a domestic couple that do not live together and they have a small child in common. the ex-boyfriend came over and the color believed that he was
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armed with a firearm. officers responded and when they arrived, the suspect was here in the 1100 block of 89th avenue and officers tried to talk to him and calm him down. he was very irate and difficult and couldn't follow directions. there was a struggle, a fight that took place between the officers and the suspect and officers tried to restrain him with handcuffs and were not able to. additional officers arrived eventually, and they had to activate their taser. ultimately, they were able to detain the suspect. what they found is that the suspect was armed with a loaded firearm, extremely dangerous. we talk about this all the time, about arriving on the scene where emotions are elevated and we talk about de- escalation. officers was the least amount of force to gain the compliance
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of what they want that individual to do. it happen today and reactivated the taser and were able to restrain him and recover a loaded firearm. there was a small little baby that is now safe and the female is a safe. the two officers are currently at the local hospital listed in stable condition with some injuries and we had the suspect go to the hospital to be checked out. there were no complaints of injuries, but just to be medically checked because we did activate the taser. >> all right. that was the outcome i'm sure everybody was hoping for, that nobody had to draw their firearms. >> reporter: you heard that officers were on the scene at around 10:00 a.m. following that domestic case saying they were able to use tasers to bring the suspect under control. the suspect is now in custody being evaluated and two officers were injured and are being evaluated, as well. for now, that's what we have. this is christien kafton, ktvu
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pick a san jose man was in court for the first hearing, accused of killing his parents. the 24-year-old represents himself at the trial and cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom. this is video of when he was arrested and charged two years ago with shooting and killing his parents in their san jose home. police set after the killing, he and his 17-year old brother wrote cryptic messages on the wall before going to oakland for a convention. a preliminary motion will be heard next week. in contra costa county, mn was sentenced this morning to life in prison without parole for two cold case murders. william huff known as wild bill pleaded no contest to two counts of murder for raping and strangling two women. diana butterfield was found dead in the berkeley hills in 1987 and the other victim was killed in 1993. the killing went unsolved until
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the dna from huff was linked to the cases. supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh faces the senate judiciary committee for the first day of his confirmation hearing. already, the day started with interruptions by democrats calling for kavanaugh's confirmation to be delayed. >> we have more from washington about the fireworks before the nominee had a single word to say. >> reporter: good afternoon. currently, i'm looking at the hearing. senator cory booker, the democrat from new jersey is giving his opening statement and we have yet to hear from judge kevin eide, himself. no questions will be asked. to give you an idea, this hearing started at 9:30 in the morning and by 10:19:22 had already been arrested and the chairman was not able to start his opening statements until 10:47, one hour and 15 minutes after it actually started. senator john cornyn described it as, quote, the first confirmation hearing subject to
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mob rule. >> i hoped to have a debate or vote on these issues and not for us to rush through this process. >> reporter: republicans may have numbers on the side but democrats are putting up a fight as judge brett kavanaugh takes his seat in front of the senate judiciary committee for a hearing expected to last four days. judge anthony kennedy's retirement enabled kavanaugh's nomination and it was a seat considered pivotal and could shift the supreme court ideological balance. many democrats call for the hearing to be delayed, asking for more documents from kavanaugh's time as a lawyer in the george bush administration. 40,000 pages of documents were released monday night and the senate chairman senator chuck grassley called democratic claims of withholding information a live. >> this committee has more materials for judge kavanaugh's nomination then we have had on
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any supreme court nominee in history. >> reporter: democrats demand more time to further that judge kavanaugh. >> i would venture to say not one senator here has had time to read through the 40,000 pages. we are continuing to rush this process, process that deserves to be scrutinized. >> reporter: as mentioned, after all this drama today, not a single question was asked and answered by judge brett kavanaugh. that will start tomorrow when each senator will have 30 minutes. if you hours ago, we learned that former republican senator jon kyl will fill the seat left by john mccain. mccain's widow tweeted out the announcement this morning moments before the arizona governor, doug ducey, was due to make the formal announcement. jon kyl is currently shepherding the announcement of brett kavanaugh and this may make it possible for him to vote for the nomination but he is expected to be a placeholder, not a candidate for 2020.
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voters will decide who fills the remainder of senator mccain's seat through 2022. we are following the latest developments from placer county. what we are learning about a wildfire burning close to a popular campground that forced hundreds to evacuate. smoke from the fires in california means another error advisory for people in the bay area. we will bring in the bay area forecast when we come back. he could possibly... he likes to collect things. oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here?
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fire crews are working to get a handle on a wildfire burning in the tahoe national forest and placer county. >> it's started yesterday afternoon close to the north fork campground near emigrant gap west of lake tahoe. there is more with firefighters battling the north fire. >> reporter: the north fire is 500 acres of scorched and 10% contained. they just finish the briefing and i will tell you what they focus on. this red area is the north fire, started at north fork. i spoke to a public information officer who tells us more about the challenging part for part for the fire crews. >> anyone familiar with the american river, the canyons are steep and rugged and rocky. campers get in there. >> reporter: crews are heavily reliant on the aerial attack. some can't make it in and we know they will use at least 10
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different aircraft today including helicopters and large air tankers to drop water and retardant on to the fire. the flames started at the north fork campground's causing evacuations on labor day. the onion valley and tunnell hill's campgrounds are also evacuated. according to placer county sheriff's office, they don't expect more evacuations but that could change with unpredictable and erratic wind. there is a lot of work ahead including preservation, where the fire is burning, one of the largest archaeological sites in all of the onion valley area and there will be people making containment lines. the u.s. forest service is working alongside cal fire, who told us they are fully staffed and ready even after the carr fire and the mendocino fires last month and they're ready to
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assist throughout the day. the carr fire scorched 500 acres and is 10% contained and has to do with rough terrain where they will focus on that aerial attack, so vital for the cruise today. pedro rivera, back to you. cal fire is facing a shortage of air tanker pilots and it is happening during part -- during peak fire season. 23 tankers were grounded last month because they lacked pilots. cal fire said it's due to the busy fire season wearing down the pilots, retirements, medical absences and candidates who decided not to become tanker pilots after completing the training. eight people are in training and cal fire estimates 40 more pilots will be needed in the next few years. unhealthy air is impacting the bay area. some of us are changing plans. we will have that advisory
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throughout the day and air quality will then improve. i just checked and around the bay area, it is moderate. will remain that way into the afternoon but as we've been speaking about, you may get some haze and smoke. your stormtracker has cloud cover and it's widespread this morning but beginning to burn off in areas away from the coast. it's mostly sunny there with a little bit of cloud cover over portions of the north bay like santa rosa, petaluma and vallejo. partly sunny and it looks like hercules is partly cloudy with cloud cover over richmond and sliding west, tiburon covered in gray along the golden gate bridge, as well is portions of san francisco and the west edge of san francisco. along the coastline, half moon bay has mostly cloudy skies and coming around santa cruz, some clearing going on. temperatures will be similar to where we have been and we won't
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budge a lot into the next few days. the onshore breeze at fairfield is 14 miles per hour and sustained wind at eight in oakland. napper reporting six. areas over the north bay are taking longer to clear with temperatures down by a few degrees and for the rest of us, temperatures are up a few degrees. very little change going on. upper 60s in napa, low 60s in santa rosa and we are struggling to get rid of that cloud cover. mid-60s in oakland and inland, beautiful. 77 in livermore, san jose at 72 and in the peninsula, a lot of 70s. 70 in belmont and 70 in foster city. in your afternoon today, nice and warm, not too hot inland. 79 for santa rosa, cooler toward the water. 65 in san francisco, upper 60s in burkland. warm in antioch, 89 and not bed. along the coastline, low 60s in pacifica and low 70s in santa cruz and far south bay
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locations. low 80s in morgan hill. taking a look at the extended forecast, temperatures are not changing a lot. into wednesday and thursday, we are talking about a degree or two for most of us. into the back end of the week, we warm up for the bay area we can. low 90s inland and low 80s around the bay and upper 60s to upper 70s along the coastline. breaking news. sky foxes over the scene of a big rig on its side at the 90th avenue exit in east oakland heading to the on ramp to 880 southbound. you can see it's very much on its side. traffic is not really getting through and there is a vehicle that appears to be cleanup material or some debris on the road. clearly is a mess and emergency crews will work to clean it up for quite some time. ninetieth avenue and 880, close to the international airport and if you have to get to or from the airport, take an
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alternate route. crews will clean up the mess that we are trying to figure out what happened and if anyone is hurt and we will stay on top of this news in east oakland and bring more when we got it. an off-duty chp officer and his wife is dead and a third person injured in a murder suicide, reportedly. >> this story comes from amador county. >> reporter: this is where the amador county sheriff's office said off-duty california highway patrol officer brad weeds shot his wife and another man before taking his own life. >> it appears the off-duty chp officer showed up at the business at that time of night and fired a round through the front drawer -- door. >> reporter: the owner of the store was shot and ran for safety. deputies reported hearing more shots fired. >> the female wife and the off- duty chp officer were found by
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the deputy dead in the parking lot. it was an apparent gunshot wound. >> reporter: the store owner was flown to sacramento, alert and talking to paramedics. >> he and his wife were both well known in the community. she was a business owner, as well. we have staff that knew them and a lot of people in the community knew them. it hits people particularly hard. >> reporter: his wife was the owner of a crossfit center, described as happy and motivated and did a lot for the community. >> mary was a good person. she said hello to me and smiled and asked me how i am. she was good and kind and proud of her children. >> she was always encouraging and focused on good technique
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and forum. she was a very smiling person. >> reporter: all left to wonder how a father and officer could be accused of such a crime in this small community. >> one of the parts about being a small community is that you know everybody and sometimes, that can be the worst thing. >> reporter: ktvu news. colin kaepernick has been chosen as the face of nike's newest ad campaign. not everyone is happy. the reason some say they actually plan to boycott the company.
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amazon is celebrating a corporate milestone only achieved by one of the corporation. stock crossed the threshold, valued at $1 trillion. apple reach that milestone this summer. today, it's one of the most influential companies in the world. amazon stock is up almost 1.5% right now. healthcare companies have slipped and investors are looking to congressional hearings tomorrow and social media and trade talks between the u.s. and canada. the dow is down ever so slightly, having recovered some losses earlier in the session. nike stock is down nearly 3% today with mixed reaction following the announcement that the company selected former 49ers quarterback colin
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kaepernick to be the face of the just do it campaign for the 30th anniversary. >> more from san francisco. >> reporter: the nike campaign will feature colin kaepernick's apparel line and it will take strong reaction. kaepernick is suing the nfl and that also has a partnership with nike. yesterday, kaepernick tweeted a nike ad with powerful words. the slogan believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything is what kaepernick knows all too well. kaepernick protested racial injustice in 2016 by kneeling during the national anthem. that cost him his career and he's now suing the nfl for colluding to keep him out of the league. he won the first legal battle last week. an arbitrator denied the request to throw out his claim and so far his tweet has been retweeted 150,000 times which both supported and others want to boycott. in san francisco this morning,
12:27 pm
the global brand is getting a lot of support. >> it's important that people stand for their opinions and regardless what they do, i always admire people with a strong opinion. you can agree or disagree but you should respect them. >> reporter: you both are wearing nike? >> absolutely. >> i wear it and it's good material. >> i'm glad he stood up for himself. more nike for me. >> reporter: nay signed kaepernick in 2011 but hasn't used him in recent years recent years. nike now said they believe that his one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation that leverage the power of the sport to help move the world forward. the nfl and nike have their own partnership that was extended to run through 2028. nike makes all the game day uniforms and sideline apparel. time will tell if nike will boost our sacrifice sales because of its partnership with
12:28 pm
colin kaepernick and nike said it's contributing to kaepernick charities. ktvu, fox2 news. still to come, could safe injection sites becoming to san francisco? a push to get governor jerry brown to sign a bill to allow injection sites to be opened in the city.
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san francisco mayor london breed another city and state leaders urge governor brown to sign a bill to permit a three- year pilot program for safe injection sites. the bill narrowly passed the state senate and assembly and opponents said opening the centers in the city is a violation of federal law. mayor reed wants to see safe injection sites open as soon as possible. >> in san francisco, we have to be willing to try new things. just because we don't want to see people shooting up and we don't want to see the needles on the street doesn't mean it's going to disappear without taking reelection to get us to a better place here in our city. >> mayor reed is not determining where those safe injection sites would be set up. housing and retail near bart parking lots is on governor jerry brown's desk. it would give control to bart instead of the cities where
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parking lots are located and what fast-track approval of developments to help with the bay area housing crisis. many groups oppose the measure, saying they don't want to give up control over developments in their community. the goal would be to build 20,000 housing units around part by 2040. yesterday, bart wrapped up the third of four weekend closures to do repairs and electrical work. the improvements are paid for by measure rr, the bond approved by boat voters -- by voters two years ago. >> it will be quieter and smoother on that track and they may not notice that it will be more reliable. we expect fewer breakdowns. >> bart riders had to transfer to buses between the west oakland station and 19th street over the weekend. the final phase will be september 22nd and 23rd. 1% is in jail after a high- speed chase from richmond past fairfield.
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chp tried to pull over a ford focus on interstate 880. the car did not stop and sped away. at one point, 115 miles pro and the chase went east across cartagena's bridge and through vallejo and it stopped after the car got off the freeway and the driver and passenger ran away but were both captured and the driver was arrested. in the south bay, a car burglary suspect is in custody after stealing a tesla model x and then crashing it. it started at about 5:00 in santa clara county. deputies responded and noticed the suspect driving away in the tesla. they began chasing it and the suspect ultimately crashed near west santa clara street and ran away but deputies and canine officers tracked him down and made the arrest. three people face felony hit-and-run charges after driver ran into two children riding their bikes in san jose
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last week and it was caught on video. this is the white car and you can watch as it hits not one but two children as they approached the intersection of cottle road and el molina way. the driver of this white honda civic did not stop but backed up after hitting the 12-year-old girl and knocking her to the ground and hitting a 13-year- old boy who ended up on the hood of the car. the driver paused and then took off. the girl, who we are not identifying, told us what was going through her mind. >> i looked and i said, am i going to die? >> the girl said she does have a concussion and her friend has a broken rib. she said the passenger said sorry as the car drove off. police ask anyone who recognizes the car to give them a call. a beloved mural portraying chicano heritage has been
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painted over on story road with gray paint. now, there is graffiti as well. the original mural was painted in 1985 by several local artists and people who live there are angry the mural was removed without any notice. >> for me, it represents my country, you know? i liked to see that heritage. >> it was a sign of our heritage. it was the past and the future. >> it's not entirely clear whether mural was painted over but we are told the property was recently sold. a city representative told ktvu the city will consider new protections for historic murals to prevent this from happening again. in san carlos, and early morning fire at a commercial warehouse is being investigated. the fire broke out about 6:00 a.m. on quarry road and firefighters said that some cardboard caught fire but they don't know why.
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investigators are looking for the cause of the fire. a bill sitting on the governor's desk is going to extend the smart train up through willis and mendocino county. >> reporter: senator mike mcguire's bill is for rapid transit that could span more than 300 miles to the mendocino town of willis, even giving them a chance to haul northcoast freight. >> there's real value in utilizing property next to the railroad right-of-way's and our communities are looking for housing and commercial interface. a great spot for it and a great use of public transportation. >> reporter: this railroad historian thinks it is an idea whose time has come. >> it will become more and more popular as the services recognized for what it can provide. >> the ridership is paltry, a little over 2000 per day on a typical weekday.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: this long time critics said the smart train is destined to mediocrity without two major things. >> a huge increase in population and a concentration of jobs in central cities. >> reporter: there is a system in the suburbs that doesn't connect to san francisco, a short hop from the terminal to work. >> the extension would generate an additional 131 riders a day. >> based on the calculations, it's costing taxpayers about $27 for every passenger trip. >> reporter: there are larger population centers and part of the significance is that was something they thought about at the time they created the system. >> i think it's great. i love the cost and i love the
12:38 pm
ambience of the train. >> you can connect easily. >> it will pay off in terms of other things. >> time is of the essence, you know? time means more than money, i think. >> reporter: when bart started, it faced criticism but had the advantage of connecting the suburbs to the very core of jobs. ktvu fox2 news. in southern california, a replacement bridge in long beach will help provide valuable earthquake data. it is 88 feet long and serves the second busiest port in the country and will include 75 seismic sensors that will measure the forces when an earthquake hits the span. it's a few miles from the faults including the san andreas fault. the survey said the sensors will record data that will be added to the states database to better
12:39 pm
understand seismic activity. uc berkeley is one of the schools with access to the information. >> the bridge will be instrumented and monitored for ground mass motion so we can determine the exact accelerations and forces imparted on the bridge so we can put it back in service after a major earthquake. >> the eastern span of the bay bridge has more than 200 earthquake sensors. beverly hills firefighters rescued an unlikely passenger. this kitten took a ride in the engine compartment from san francisco all the way to los angeles. the city of beverly hills show these photos on twitter. the kitten was discovered when the driver heard the cat meow. we are happy to say the kitten is fine. still ahead, a little sunshine trying to poke through the haze. we have more about how long this unhealthy air will stick around in your bay area forecast.
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the environmental
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protection agency internal watchdog said the epa had no proper justification for spending more than $3.5 million on round-the-clock security for scott pruitt. the inspector general's report said the costs were more than double those of his predecessor during her final year at the post. pruitt left the epa and there were a range of scandals with allegations of abuse of office. on the gulf coast, tropical storm gordon is strengthening and is expected to become a hurricane before making landfall somewhere around or near the missa. -- the mississippi coast late tonight. we have more about the emergency declaration and the advisories issued. >> reporter: folks along the gulf coast are making final preparations for gordon. informed tropical storm near the florida keys, slashing the state with heavy rain and high wind in the southern area on monday. >> i couldn't see. >> it was flooded. >> reporter: the storm is
12:44 pm
gaining strength over the gulf as coastal residents from florida through louisiana gather supplies and fill sandbags, hoping to keep out the water. >> i'm going for the safety versus sorry. we got a lot of rain. i want to be sure i'm blocking off around the doorways and such. >> reporter: hurricane warnings are in effect throughout the area and in new orleans, officials have enough pumps and power to protect storm weary residents but voluntary evacuation orders have been issued for areas outside this system. >> we have to take and make our own decisions. >> reporter: governor john bel edwards declared a state of emergency, bringing resources to prepare for landfall. he asks people in coastal areas to work with officials, hoping to prevent another major disaster. >> i encourage everyone to be prudent and cautious and to
12:45 pm
heed warnings from local officials and make it your business to stay informed. >> reporter: after hitting the gulf coast, gordon will move inland, bringing heavy rain to the mississippi valley. in new orleans, ktvu fox2 news. let's get to rosemary, tracking gordon. already heavy rounds of rain are reported along the gulf coast. we are moving closer and you can see gordon still offshore but you can see the rain moving into the florida panhandle and that is just the beginning. it will move on shore and will come through at about a category 1 in two areas of alabama, and mississippi. gordon is moving northwest at about 15 miles per hour. when it moves ashore, it will weaken as it takes a westerly direction. off the shore already, heavy rain is reported over florida that will continue with the storm surges and it will move
12:46 pm
ashore with a category 1 and then back to a tropical storm inland and then continuing to weaken into thursday. low clouds and for the rest of us, pretty much in the clear. some haze in the north bay, santa rosa, cooler and the clouds make clear and around the american canyon area, some cloud cover but it has since burned off. partly to mostly cloudy from areas like sausalito and the san raphael bridge and some haze in areas like alameda. down along the coastline, santa cruz is clearing out and that is good news for the afternoon. 70s in the forecast and the onshore breeze at 14 with oakland at eight and napa six. the pattern won't change a lot into the next couple of days. it may be a few degrees up and down through your tuesday or wednesday and we begin to warm
12:47 pm
up by the end of the week. i will show you the new extended forecast. 63 in san francisco and santa rosa, cloud cover is holding temperatures down in some spots. cooler than yesterday, upper 70s through fremont and relatively mild for most of us. upper 70s and the forecast and santa rosa not likely to hit that, forecasted earlier and 70 in oakland with upper 80s for the inland communities, livermore, antioch and brentwood. 74 in san mateo. little bit of smoke and hayes is a possibility with air quality moderate and you may see some of this out there for the afternoon with the advisory in place. here's a look at the extended forecast with no change on wednesday. we begin to warm up on the
12:48 pm
weekend and for the inland communities, 80s around the bay and now, back to you. breaking news. one person died in a small plane crash. >> we told you this is right near the palo alto airport. we have jesse gary with more. >> reporter: we are waiting for officials from the ntsb, the faa and the santa clara coroner's office to arrive on scene and the feds will investigate the crash while the coroner determines a cause of death. you can see the airplane is sitting just at the edge of the water, the duck pond next to the palo alto airport. the tower is in the distance and the airport is open. airplanes are coming and going as investigators are on the scene. taking a look at the video, according to the fire department, -- according to the fire department, there was a mooney m 20 that crashed and
12:49 pm
the fire department said the plane was coming from reading with three adults on board when it went down. >> the tower contacted the plane and asked if they needed assistance and that is what i got from the dispatchers. the pilot conveyed it was under control and that is all i got. >> reporter: two adult women were injured in the crash and were found on the wing of the airplane when the first responders arrived. one was able to walk to the ambulance and the other was put on a stretcher. they are hospitalized in unknown conditions. the male pilot, approximately 60 years of age was killed in the crash and his remains are still in the cockpit waiting for the coroner to arrive to examine the remains and determine the exact cause of
12:50 pm
death. the faa and the ntsb are coming to investigate and we will have more on this story at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. live from palo alto, jesse gary, katu -- ktvo news. thank you, jesse. we will be right back. update the bathroom
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u.s. is one of five nations calling on silicon valley to create a back door to the encrypted information of users. news sites report the u.s., the united kingdom, canada and the union met to urge companies to create a way for law enforcement to access encrypted messaging systems. the government said it's important for intelligence gathering and national security. the companies may enact legislation forcing this. executives from top tech companies based in the bay area will be in the nation's capital. >> they are under increasing attack from president donald trump, consumed with an -- consumed with countering fake
12:53 pm
news. >> reporter: the big three social media companies are going to capitol hill wednesday for a high-stakes hearing on foreign interference in the november midterms. they will hear from twitter ceo, jack dorsey, facebook coo, sheryll sandberg and potential, larry page, ceo of google's parent company, alphabet. google declined to send its ceo, sundar pichai. that move initially garnered criticism from lawmakers. >> facebook and twitter have stepped up and taking action. google has not. >> reporter: it's the second time the senate intelligence committees called upon his companies to testify and the first time that the executives participate together. their incomes as president donald trump zeros in on social media platforms as the new fake news. he accuses them of trying to control what americans see, read and learn online. >> you look at google, facebook and twitter and other social media giants and i've made it
12:54 pm
clear that we, as a country, cannot tolerate political censorship, blacklisting and rigged search results. >> reporter: when faced with these accusations, and the companies are not rolling over. facebook said, we look forward to sharing with the senate intelligence committee the work we are doing to prevent bad actors from abusing our service. insiders say republicans are likely to follow the lead of the president and press the companies hard on allegations that they censor conservative speech. democrats plan to drill down on a different key issue, privacy. >> what are they doing with the vast reams of data harvested day in and day out. i don't think we should race to regulate based on the president's suggestive experience. >> reporter: another major networking player, linkedin, is getting drawn in. on friday, an official disclosed that china is
12:55 pm
launching a super aggressive effort on the site to try to manipulate americans. in washington, gillian turner, fox news. mourn the accusations against china that gillian turner reported. they said chinese spy agencies are using fake linkedin accounts to try to recruit americans with access to government secrets. they say linkedin should be working to shut those pages down and he said the chinese contacted thousands of linkedin members but won't say how many americans may have been contacted or how much success china had trying to recruit americans and this is the first time a u.s. official acknowledged a direct challenge by china or named a specific u.s. company that should take action. looking at the market a few minutes before the closing bell, you can see the dow jones is in negative territory, down 24 points. tonight, san jose will play
12:56 pm
host to top female soccer players. there will be an exhibition game and there will be action starting at 7:00. a former oakland raiders tight end has been named as the start of the next bachelor tv show. collmenter what was on the practice squad and never played any regular-season game and was more famous for dating former american olympic gymnast, aly raisman. who will now be the one passing out those roses in the new season starting early next year. thank you for joining us today. have a great rest of your day. the news continues on, facebook and twitter and we will see right back here for the 4:00 on 2. n 2.
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dr. oz: sex trafficking in america. >> the southeast of children hang in the balance. dr. oz: are tech giants enabling this crime? the law is protecting these activities. and exclusive with the flight attendant who saved two girls. >> i had an odd feeling something weanl right. i said i am not comfortable with checking these kids in and letting them go. dr. oz: how can you stop this from hang to your loved one. >> coming up next. dr. oz: every few minutes a child is being groomed for sexual exploitation. that means while you are watching the show, 30 more children will join the estimated 200,000 who are trafficed every year. wore not talking about just in some foreign done.


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