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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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conclusion that assault weapons are in common use? >> they are widely possessed in the united states. >> angel in the cockpit. >> he helped so many people with this angel flight. and that brought him incredibly joy. >> more on the pilot killed in a plane crash as he flew a young girl to a medical appointment in the bay area. >> current clean up. how a non-profit is using advanced technologies to hopefully rid the world's oceans of millions of tons of floating plastic. day two of judge brett kavanaugh supreme court confirmation hearings hitting on hot issues. abortion, gun control, and the limits of presidential power. welcome. i am alex savage. >> i am heather holmes. >> judge brett kavanaugh pressed he will -- stressed he
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will serve as an independent judge without being swayed by pressure if confirmed to the supreme court. live from capitol hill with more on the many tough questions he faced today. >> reporter: hello. it is a hearing that has been interpreted by protesters but we are getting down to the substance today. day two of judge brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing for the supreme court. >> reporter: the first chance senators have to publicly question judge brett kavanaugh. senator dianne feinstein grilling him on his opinion of the roe v. wade decision. >> what would you say your position today is on a woman's right to choose? >> i understand the importance of the issue, i understand the importance that people attach to the roe v. wade decision, i
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don't live in a bubble. >> reporter: democrats and republicans asking him about the scope of executive power and if he thought a president should comply with a subpoena or legally pardon themselves. president trump tweeted he has the right to pardon himself. >> can a sitting president be required to respond to a subpoena? >> i can't give you an answer on that hypothetical question. my understanding is that you are asking me to give my view on a potential hypothetical and that is something that -- each of the eight justices on the supreme court sitting in my seat declined to decide potential hypothetical cases. >> reporter: republican senator cbs on the go forecast of e -- senator orrin hatch. >> i owe my loyalty to the constitution. >> reporter: republicans hold a 51-49 majority in the senate.
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today former arizona united states senator jon kyl was sworn into replace the late arizona senator john mccain. the administration hoping to have judge brett kavanaugh confirmed by the start of the next supreme court term which is early october. >> thank you. let's talk more about the top moments from the first day of questioning. let's bring in our law professor. most of the questioning as you heard centered on his views on the limits of presidential power. you heard his response, do you think it will satisfy senators? >> senators who wanted to vote for him already will say they are satisfied. the ones incline to vote against will say it is not enough. >> why do you think the senators were focusing on that issue? >> because we have the president who is an undenited
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coconspirator. we have a president who says alarming things in tweets every day. what are the limits of presidential and our how would a president respond to the supreme court are key at this time. >> do you see those issues going before the supreme court? >> many could. depends on what robert mueller does with his investigation. so they could come up. it all depends on what happens in the next few weeks to months. >> judge brett kavanaugh declined to say whether a sitting president could be required to respond to a subpoena. he said it is a hypothetical question and he was asked about whether president trump has the right tie pardon himself. that hypothetical answer is something we see often in the confirmation confirmation hearings. >> right. the nominees have been so
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careful about not talking about things that might come before the court. the republicans call it the ruth bader ginsburg rule because she invoked it and all the other nominees have done it so they don't want to prejudge. they don't want to say something that would force themselves to recuse themselves later on a particular case. >> something else dianne feinstein focused on, his views on guns and assault weapons. she wanted to know why the ban was unconstitutional, he said the guns were in common use. what do you think about that answer. >> i find it circular because the reason they are in common use is because there hasn't been the political will to ban them. dianne feinstein pushed for that kind of a ban. so to say it is in common use doesn't mean it can't be regulated. judge brett kavanaugh did seem to go out of his way to signal
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a very, very broad view of the second amendment, something i don't think a lot of judges would hold to. >> on roe v. wade he said it was settled law. >> right. that means it is an opinion that has been issued. he has been careful not to say he would adhere to it. he said all that but he has been careful to not commit himself to say that roe v. wade would be something he would stay away from. >> i want to talk about this anonymous senior official in the trump administration, working to 21 wart president donald trump inside the white house -- 21 wart president trump inside the white house. explain what that is and what
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it would do. >> sure. it is a way to assure succession. what happens if a president days to or resigns, the hard part is what if people decide that the president is incapable of taking care of the office and the president disagrees. the ideas of the vice president and cabinet officials can sift the president can't do that. it would take that group saying that and congress would have to vote 2/3 in agreeing to that if we ended up with a show down between the president and everybody else. it would be such a crisis if we got to that point. a way to try have peaceful transition to raise the alarm if necessary. we are in uncharted territory if we go down that road. >> this is unlike anything we have ever seen before. >> astounding. everybody should read to.
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it is amazing. >> thank you. >> thank you. right now ntsb investigators are at the scene of yesterday's fatal plane crash. the pilot was killed while transporting a young woman in need of medical care with her mother. today we are learning more about the people who were on board but the reason for the crash is a mystery. ktvu's ann rubin is live now in the nature preserve where this crash happened. >> reporter: that's right. actually, a retrieval crew is here on scene and moments ago finished pulling that plane out of the water here. however, ntsb officials have been on site all day examing the scene of the crash-lover examining the -- examining the scene of the crash and trying to figure out why the plane went down. >> reporter: w. john spencer dedicated to helping others, using his skills as pilot to transport those in need of medical care.
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his wife said that was his nature. >> he was just an amazing man. an amazing, kind man. he helped so many people with his angel flight and that brought him joy. >> reporter: w. john spencer was on an angel flight yesterday when something went wrong. this was his communication with air traffic control. >> i am going to have to abolter this and go before abort this and go -- aboater this and go -- abort this and go around. >> reporter: it crashed soon after killing him incidentally. his passengers were injured. w. john spencer was taking her to children's hospital for a procedure which is now postponed. in a statement her fathers she is part of a exclusive and small group of people on this planet that can say they walked away from a plane crash in which someone died. >> out in the mud, the mud is
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almost like quick sand. >> reporter: today crews from the ntsb are on the scene of the crash trying to recover the plane and its engine and hoping it has recording devices on board. >> depending on what equipment is installed in the airplane, whether the data was there and recorded and whether it survived the accident. we may be able to reconstruct portions of the flight. >> reporter: now, this is video of the wreckage of the plane being lifted out of the water. this happened just a few minutes ago. the retrieval crew will now take the wreckage back to a secure facility in sacramento. and ntsb officials tell us they hope to have a preliminary report to release on this crash in about two weeks. however, the full investigation could take about a year to complete. back to you. >> all right. could be a long time before we get answers. ann rubin live, thank you. now to alameda, police are
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investigating a series of attempted sexual assaults on a popular beach. and most recent incident was just yesterday morning. ktvu's rob roth is live now at crown beach where there is a lot of concern. >> reporter: that's right. well, people here at crown beach hasn't heard about any sexual assault attempts but they say they will keep their guard up. robert crown memorial state beach, popular with sun bathers, bicyclists, joggers, anyone looking to get fresh air but amid this setting park police are looking for a man they say attempted to sexual assault three women. three different times over the past few weeks. the last time was wednesday before noon. each of the women were alone. people who came here today said they were unaware of any problems. >> first i heard of it. but glad to know. >> we live in an urban area and lots of things go on.
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people need to be alert. [ speaking foreign language ] not good. >> reporter: besides wednesday's incident the other two happened saturday on september 1 and near the park on august 6. all the incidents happened before noon. police say they believe all three are connected. they haven't said how they have been approached but they describe the attacker as an african american man in his 20s with short curly hair, 5'5" to 6 inches tall with a thin build. people will keep their eyes open. >> i will be more careful running, especially in the evening by myself. i do that. >> i think they will catch him quick. look lat the people around. >> reporter: police declined our request to speak to them but they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> always best to be alert. thank you very much. two-year-old girl reported missing in the north bay
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earlier today has now been found safe. santa rosa police say she was located this afternoon just after 1:00 p.m. she had been reported missing after an incident of some kind this morning in the area of oroville avenue. investigators say the child was found with relatives, not far away from where she was last seen. coming up, new concerns about the sinking millennial tower in san francisco. we will tell you about the large crack found in a window that has sounded the alarm. >> and sleeping on the street not illegal. we are going to speak with a lawyer coming up next on who is behind the federal court ruling that is effecting several cities across the west, including many in the area. . >> and in weather, stubborn cloud cover today across the bay area. we are still looking at low clouds and fog near the coast, san francisco. a warming trend, though in the forecast. more on that coming up. (male speaker) stop by bass pro shops and cabela's today
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for great labor day deals. like redhead pocket t's and henleys, 2 for $25. save 25% on this pro qualifier baitcast reel. and save $50 on this masterbuilt extra large temperature control smoker. a federal appear's court decided that cities cannot prosecute people for sleeping on the streets if they have nowhere else to go. the court of appeals said making it a crime to sleep on a public street amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. for more now, the senior attorney for the national law center on homelessness and poverty. >> we worked on this case, what message do you believe the
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court sent with the ruling? >> thank you for having me on. the big take away is communities cannot use the dredges address the need for -- use this to address the need for their mishandling. preventing people from sheltering themselves when they don't have an alternative. we can all agree that no one wants to see our fellow citizens sleeping on the streets. not me as an attorney for them, not a business, not a community official. but to this point too many of those officials tried quick fixes to push those homeless citizens out of public view by using the criminal justice system.
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just puts fines, fees and arrest records of the way of them trying to leave homelessness. communities need find constructive ways to address the problem. luckily there is a lot of examples and research that shows providing housing and services costs less than the criminal justice system approach. with the housing not handcuff campaign people can see the policies policies and practices that are making a difference and ending homelessness as oppose to just ending the visible consequences. >> let's talk about what this ruling will mean for other cities with potentially similar ordinances in the west. san francisco's ordinance is not the same as boise but there is a law in san francisco that prohibits tents on sidewalks. do you think the city may run a foul of this ruling? >> i think they should be
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looking that law but not looking at it to revise it to make it in a constitutional form but looking to comply with the underlying message of the ruling which is there needs to be an adequate space and alternative for everybody to have shelter, to have a place, a safe place to sleep at night. or during the day if somebody works a night shift. accessible housing is what we need. >> you said that this ruling is not about protecting the right of people to sleep on the streets, so moving forward here, what is the goal would you say with what is a legal victory here for you? >> the goal is to help communities spur conversation about how do we create the housing we need in the community. up to this point if you had a
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business association or a resident complaining to a city council member, they would say there is a homeless person on my corner, i need that person gone. the best way to do that is to put that person into housing. that helps that ridge and helps the community and -- helps that individual and helps the community and the easiest thing to do is i will just pass the law that way i don't needing if out where we are going to fund it, et cetera. so they pass the laws. now the courts are giving that city council person an out. they are saying you can tell that business or that resident look, i can't go down that road, that might look like a quick and easy fix but it is not so let's figure out how we will solve the problem of
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homelessness. >> all right. we appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thank you. now to san francisco, new concerns about the sinking millennial tower after a crack was discovered in a window on the 36th floor. neighbors said it happened on saturday and we are told the sound could be heard several floors above and below the crack. the building manager sent out a notice that says from the description of the crack given by residents. it sunk 17 inches and tilted 14 inches. sparking a number of lawsuits. >> talked to the mayor about it yesterday. and i have suggested to them, i have the power of suggestion, short of making a law, they give due consideration to shutting down the sidewalks while this is under investigation. >> it is that serious?
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>> listen, if a window fails somebody could be injured, if not killed. >> this building, he said he is working to determine just why the window cracked. well, cloud cover today across most of the bay area. satellite showing that over the past few hours. the clouds from eureka, down toward point conception, central and southern california. the bay area in between saw it over cast. can't clear up the clouds. took time. even the north bay, in the afternoon area, santa rosa. onshore flow as well this afternoon. daly city, san francisco. expecting the clouds to push back into the bay area over night. repeating the same old weather story and we have new material to work with toward thursday and friday. a bump in the numbers.
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as far as current numbers, we have fairfield 78. san francisco 58. san jose 74. and fremont in the mid-70s. here is our live camera toward the bay bridge, finally clearing. and haze and cloud cover. low cloud cover across portions of the east bay. toward the east this afternoon. as far as over night lows, partly cloudy skies. areas of fog. temperatures will be in the 50s to 60 to start out the day heading out to work or school tomorrow morning. here is the deal in san francisco, showing you this, fog at 57 degrees. in to the afternoon hours. lunchtime patchy clouds, 64. and san francisco upper 60s and more sunshine, mostly cloudy skies by monday afternoon on thursday. tomorrow morning, the cloud cover. this might be less widespread compared to this morning and into the afternoon hours, the clouds clear back to near the coast line. tomorrow we warm things back
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up. the warmest locations inland upper 80. lower 90s. 90 to 92 degrees. that is the beginning of a warming trend that shows up in the 5-day forecast and we will have that coming up in a little bit. >> okay. >> thank you. the potential for social media regulation gaining steam as executives from silicon valley face questions today on capitol hill. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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new ensure max protein. (music throughout)
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the confirmation hearings of president trump's supreme
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court nominee judge brett kavanaugh takes center stage in washington. social media is the focus of another hearing on capitol hill. fox reports, text executives facing tough questions from both sides of the aisle. >> congress criticized social media over the last year and now executives from some of the industry's biggest companies are on the hot seat on capitol hill today. facing questions about their response to russia's -- russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. >> we were too slow to spot this and too slow to act. that is is on us. this interference was unacceptable. it violated the values of our company and of the country we love. >> the proceedings were delayed by alex jones claiming the companies are conspiring together with democrats to silence conservatives.
4:28 pm
>> don't touch me again. >> reporter: while ceos from both facebook and twitter were in the room, missing from had hearing, any representative -- the hearing, any representative from google. >> they are not here today. and maybe it is because they are arrogant. >> the tone of the hearing was looking ahead to what government regulation of social media might look like with lawmakers suggesting the companies should figure out a way to verify an account is real and not belong to a bought. on capitol hill, fox news. still to come, british unofficials unmask the culprits behind the poisoning of a russian spy. >> and saturday, an effort will launch with the goal of cleaning up the great pacific garbage patch. next, live, the founder of the ocean cleaning up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit we have reported on the millions of tons of garbage in the ocean. the great pacific garbage patch is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world and in a few days a new effort to scoop up some of the trash. the ocean clean up project and right now i am joined by ceo and founder. thank you very much for being here. you are live where this giant trash collector is being built. explain exactly what it is and how it will work. >> sure. you can see our clean up system, like a giant pack man.
4:32 pm
a very long u shape floating barrier that we put into the great pacific garbage patch and it is driven by the winds and the waves that way we are able to corral the plastic before we take it out. we estimate if we deploy a neat of 60 systems we should be able to remove half the great pacific garbage patch every five years. >> you built one of these systems? >> yes, we are starting with one system. we have been here since march to put this first system together. it is going out this saturday. if we manage to prove the technology with that one system then we help to scale up next year. >> how big is it and what about the fish and other marine life. will they get caught up in the system? >> so the clean up system is 2000 feet in representing, 600 fetors. -- length, 600 meters. we need big clean up systems.
4:33 pm
because we don't use a net. it is a screen underneath the system, we expect to only catch the plastic but not marine life. >> i have to ask you, how did you come up with this idea? >> so when i was 16-years-old i have scuba diving in greece and found plastic bags and i thought why can't we clean this up and coast lines are very effective ways of collecting plastic. at beaches it is a lot of plastic but there are no coast lines in the ocean garbage patches. >> it is an incredible idea. very expensive. how much did cost and where did you get the money from? >> relatively cheap compared to the damage. $13million a year to have the
4:34 pm
plastic the ocean. we spent a few million. the system cost a few millions of course but the whole development we spent 30 million. which has mostly come from philanthropists. some people here in the area and europe said sure, it is -- it is still a risky project but considering the potential upside of cleaning the ocean we want to support you guys. >> it is an ambitious project. how much plastic pollution you expect to clean up? >> yeah. so over the past few years we have done a surtry find out how much plastsic out there -- survey to find out how much plastic there is out there, 1.3 trillion pieces. weighing 250 million pounds. we hope to remove half of that every 5 years. >> an incredible number. i am sure you heard from people who applaud your efforts but
4:35 pm
they argue the real solution stopping the plastic from getting in the ocean in the first place. >> sure. i mean, to solve this problem, two things need happen, we need to deal with new plastic and prevent more plastic from entering the ocean in the first place but of course there is this legacy of 60 years of pollution that has already been done. it doesn't go away by itself and that is what we hope to tackle. >> a lot of people watching this when you launch on saturday. talk about what is going to take place on this weekend. >> yeah. so this saturday we will be launching the world's first ocean clean up system here from the san francisco bay and it will pass the bay bridge at noon and will cross the golden gate bridge at 2:00 p.m. we like to invite everyone here in the san francisco bay area to come watch this. either live, in person or through our website, the ocean clean
4:36 pm
>> ambitious plan. wish you a lot of luck. thank you again for joining us. the ceo and founder of the ocean clean up project. thank you very much. we have new developments in the poisoning of a russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. authorities said they found the men responsible and it leads back to moscow. more on the investigation from london. >> reporter: it is a murder mystery out of a james bond movie. british officials charging two alleged russian intelligence agents in connection with the poisoning of a russian spy and his daughter on british soil. >> the men of accused of smuggling a deadly nerve agent into the country using a counterfeit perfume bottom. resulting in four injuries and one death. police now asking the public for help in nailing down the
4:37 pm
time line of the failed assassination. >> we have gaps in the movement while they were in the country committing the crime and we want them people to come forward. >> reporter: despite strong denials from the kremlin british prime minister theresa may is blaming the russian government. >> this was not a rogue operation. it was almost approved outside the giu. >> the charges deep an rift between london and moscow and with a lack of cooperation prosecutors aren't expecting to see the suspects in court anytime soon. >> the russian constitution does not permit extradition. russia made this clear in other cases. >> the british government called for a special session to
4:38 pm
address the new charges. in london, fox news. coming up, improving uniy surface. the director about the 90 day plan -- muni service. up next, the director about the 90 day plan. >> blue skies and low clouds. and in san francisco a warming trend over the next couple days. especially inland. we will have more on that coming up. co
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muni announced a 90 day action plan to try improve service. the transit agency has been criticized in recent days for a major slow down that effected every bus route in the system. to learn more about the plan we are joined live from the director. we appreciate your time today. i want to talk about the improvements you are making moving forward. first, what caused this slow down that we saw over the past few months? >> so we have been making pretty steady improvements in the operation of muni. what happened is we had a number of different factors coming together much such as construction, replacement of rails, as well as influx of new rail vehicles.
4:42 pm
as well as a number of operators moving tornado different divisions that required retraining. all those things left us short in termles of the number of operators to -- terms of the number of operators to put the service out. but we rebounded from that. >> seems like the issue with not having enough qualified operatesers part of what is holding you back. you need more drivers, operators. how do you get enough qualified people behind the wheels of your buses and trains and light rail vehicles? >> we are increasing the size of our training classes, in terms of new operators and operators switching from bus to rail. bus operators moves to the rail site, needs go through training site, we are increasing training sizes and making sure the folks on the payroll are at work. some may be on leave so we are
4:43 pm
also working to get them back to work so we have a full compliment of folks. >> how did the closure of the tunnel effect the number of operators you could have working at any given time? >> we were running 80 buss a day to compensate for the fact we did not have access to that tunnel and all the rail service that provides. the rail service provides 25% of muni service every day. so losing a core part of the service required a lot of buses to compensate for it. so pulling all those folks to compensate for that service left the system short. >> all right. so i know another aspect of this improvement plan is that you are going to try speed up how often buses and trains -- speed up the frequency of buses and trains along the popular lines. what does that look like for riders? >> so what we are aiming for is reliability. that the what our riders are
4:44 pm
seeking. it is -- in addition to having operators available, retiring our older buses and trains and replacing them with new ones that are less prone to break down. much more actively managing the service. investing in technology that allows us from the control center to manage the service so that if we have disruptions in the street, a gas main break today, we could quickly return to that and adjust the service so the reliability is there for riders. >> with riders, even the mayor has been critical of the recent slow down in service, first of all, is the criticism warranted here and what is your promise to muni riders about the changes they will see over the next 90 days. >> yeah. in terms of the service that people experience while we were doing the construction project, you know, i think the criticism was warranted. we should have planned better
4:45 pm
for that. we did complete the project on time. we are back up to delivering 99% of is the service on the bus side and by making sure we have the operators available, we have good vehicles, infrastructure improvement said that we are making beyond replacing the rails and the tunnel and by better communicating with customers any issues we have and alternatives, that the what we are focusing on. >> okay. we will see how it plays out there with the muni system. thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. tropical storm gordon continues to dump rain along the alabama and mississippi border and florida and now one person is dead. authorities say a child was killed after a tree fell on a mobile home. since this storm hit last night tens of thousands of people are without power and flash flooding remains a risk. residents and tourist in coastal areas are bracing for
4:46 pm
the worse. >> we are staying on the west end of the island on the water and there is no protection so a company that we rented from moved us. >> gordon is weakening and moving fast quickly to the north where it could cause flooding in the plains and the great lakes. an update now on gordon mark tamayo -- gordon with mark tamayo. >> this moves up to the north. producing rainfall. i did see as far as six inches of rainfall around pensacola, florida. significant rainfall. flooding a big concern over the next day or so. also tracking this, this well defined hurricane out here. this as we look at the loop. this coming up is hurricane florence with winds of 130 miles an hour. this is a category 4 hurricane. a major hurricane. there is that well defined eye.
4:47 pm
here is the forecast track. we will watch this over the next few days. most of the action should beitute see. something to keep an eye on into the weekend and possibly beyond. back here across the west. we have this, low clouds and fog near the coast line. up and down the coast. coming in closer here. solid over cast. hugging the shorelines. we have the onshore flow. already clouds over san francisco, patches working toward the east bay hills and that trend continues once again as we head into the evening and over night. as far as current numbers, no big changes. 70s and 80 degrees. fairfield 80. san jose 84. san francisco upper 50s. 58 degrees. and here is our live camera toward the golden gate bridge. not the dense fog here. you see both towers. the clouds, the marine layer is stretched out but that will change toward thursday.
4:48 pm
but especially friday. all because of this, expecting a warming trend, the warming trend linked with the marine layer, the marine layer thins out and temperatures warm up inland. talking about 90s for friday and saturday. friday probably the hottest day of the week. here we go, the satellite, the big picture in the pacific. cooler weather to the north. the area of high pressure to the south and west. this will be building in. this is the source of warmth as we head toward thursday and friday. that will translate to mid-90s well inland. not extreme heat but a change. beaches in the mid- to possibly the upper 60s. not much of a warm up yet for the coast line. not clearing out the clouds completely. tomorrow morning, 7 a.m., 7 a.m., the clouds near the coast, the bay, and inland and as we take it into the afternoon, clouds clear to near the shoreline in the afternoon. earlier clearing times and that will lead to warmer
4:49 pm
temperature. more 90s for tomorrow. antioch and brentwood. santa rosa 85. san francisco 67. more neighborhoods, san mateo upper 70s. san jose lower 80s. and lower 90s for morgan hill and toward the gilroy area. your 5-day forecast, we are warming things back up. no red flag warnings but something to keep an eye on in terms of fire danger with the warm to hot weather pattern for friday. a drop off in the numbers saturday and then we cool off in to sunday and monday. the good news, not major heat but you will notice change thursday. but especially into friday. the weekend not looking too bad. >> thank you very much. frank now with a look at the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. and more problems for a building in san francisco? >> yeah. very expensive high rise in the san francisco sky line. we have boun it is sinking and leaning but now there is a crack in a window high up on the millennial tower. tonight at 5:00 p.m.
4:50 pm
we talk to city leaders and homeowners about the crack. >> also, people talking about that anonymous op ed. >> a post in the new york times. a anonymous senior official wrote an op ed, among the other things he said, they talked about invoking the 25th amendment which would start the process for attempting to remove the president from office. tonight at 5:00 p.m. we will talk with an an expert about what the 25 amendment involves and his reaction to this piece. >> all right. see you in a few minutes at 5:00 p.m. . next here, a new exhibit is about to open in san francisco but this time it features candy instead of ice cream. the reason you might want to ask fast if you want tickets. (male speaker) stop by bass pro shops and cabela's today
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for great labor day deals. like redhead pocket t's and henleys, 2 for $25. save 25% on this pro qualifier baitcast reel. and save $50 on this masterbuilt extra large temperature control smoker.
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take a look at this. a new addition to santa rosa's safari west of a baby giraffe was born on august 18th and her name is remi. she was named after safari west's founder peter lane's granddaughter. she weighed 120 pounds, she has been sleeping and bonding with her mother. safari west made headlines last october during the firestorm. the founder stayed behind to save the animals on the preserve while his home burned to the ground.
4:54 pm
>> i remember that. and thankfully, safari west survived the fires. you have seen it on social media. you're social media, friends and family taking pictures of food. we have details of the new effort to impress social media savvy diners. >> reporter: opening and running a restaurant is daunting but add social media to the mix and it's a whole new ballgame. >> it's a big wake-up call for all restaurants. you get instant feedback that's so fundamental. >> reporter: in an industry where the food critic reigned supreme, restaurateurs find everyone with an internet connection have the power. >> many people who write yelp reviews are upset, had a horrible experience took to their keyboard as if it was a pitchfork and, you know, sort of charge the restaurant.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: it's not just reviews. platforms like instagram can catapult a menu to viral stats and top chefs are feeling the heat to keep up with the clickable food. >> i have to make food that's instagram-able and reposted and picked up. >> at any time they could be sec someone with 20,000 followers -- could be serving someone with 20,000 followers. >> reporter: even chefs use social media to find places to eat like the rest of us. >> i ask friends and family. i use social media as a platform to ask people as to what they like and then once they give me their feedback, i look it up. >> reporter: in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> if you want to skip the food and head for the candy, we have the spot for you to go. tomorrow the candytopia exhibit will be opening to the public in san francisco. this is video from the exhibit in new york. candy-topia is across the
4:56 pm
street from the museum of ice cream. perfect location, right? it's scheduled to stay open through the end of november. tickets are available online. but several days are already sold out. so you probably want to act fast if you are trying to get your hands on some of those sweet tickets. >> is this just something that you walk through or do you get to, like, eat as you walk? >> i believe there has to be some sampling that's going on there. hopefully some gummi bears, some skittles or something that you can sample along the way. >> i want tickets! thanks so much, everybody. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 is next. ♪[ music ] ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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a new problem about three- quarters of the way up the leaning millennium tower in san francisco. a cracked window in one of the units. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the millenium tower sits on michigan street south of market. we talked about how the building is sinking and leaning about a foot and a half. ktvu's tom vacar spent the day talking to city leaders and homeowners about that crack in the window and joins us with what they had to say. >> reporter: the interesting thing is that all buildings crack, even new ones. but the $350 million millenium
5:00 pm
tower has a troublesome track record. at the sinking, problem plagued millennium tower, a small crack in one of windows off the 36th floor of the 58- story building happened yesterday. it immediately dispatched an inspector from the building department. >> he wasn't able to do that because the resident of that unit was not there and he couldn't get in. >> reporter: the inspector issued a 72-hour order to the building's engineer to report back with an engineering inspection due friday. >> we'll then have enough information to know whether there's a serious issue here or not. >> reporter: engineers say there are many reasons that glass in the building can crack. it can be from defects in the glass itself or the glazing that covers it. it could also be from impacts from outside or inside. it could also be from stresses, everything from high winds to settling of the building. but until we


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