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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 20, 2018 12:00pm-12:58pm PDT

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33 people are dead and the suspected shooter now in custody. we will have the details. one person dead and two los angeles county sheriff's deputies entered after what is being described as a gun battle. the bay area woman accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexual assault cases a big deadline tomorrow. good afternoon. >> we begin in the northeast in maryland were authorities at our at the scene of a deadly shooting at a right aid distribution center. >> authorities say at least three people were killed and four other injured when a woman with a gun started shooting inside a commercial distribution center. allie rasmus brings us this update and more on the female now in custody. >> the woman police believe was the shooter is in critical condition at the hospital.
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she is in police custody. she has not been identified. law enforcement officials have not said whether she worked at that right aid dissolution center or the shooting happened -- where the shooting happened. they also have not given a motive. around 90 clock eastern time hard for county sheriff's deputies responded to a call about a shooting at a distribution center . the warehouses in the town of aberdeen -- aberdeen maryland. deputies arrived at the scene about five minutes after the shooting was reported. by the time they arrived three people had been killed. alleys four others wounded, including the shooter. she was found inside the building with a self in elected gunshot wound. the loan suspect is in custody and critical condition at a local hospital. it appears to be a single weapon that was used him a handgun and there were no shots fired by any of the law enforcement officers responding to the scene. >> a baltimore hospital says it is treating four patients with gunshot wounds but it is not providing details about theirconditions. we believe one of the does four
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patience is the shooter. authorities have now confirmed whether the woman suspected in his shooting worked at that distribution center or what her motive may have been picked washington post is quoting witnesses who say -- may have been. washington post is quoting witnesses at the scene. . at home one man suspected of wandering around international boulevard in oakland with a rifle this morning has now peacefully surrendered after evading oakland police for more than two hours . the man could be seen on the hood of a car in a used car parking lot shortly before he surrendered. oakland police officers tried to coax him down. at about 7:30 oakland police responded to a call about a man with a wrongful -- a rifle on seminary . when police arrived they saw a man running away . the man evaded police, hiding in backyards and lofts in some of the nearby homes and businesses. >> we have to treat this as an armed and dangerous individual who is in our community going
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through backyards of homes and through commercial properties. we have to exercise patience and also safety. >> after the man was seen in the parking lot officers talked to him for about 30 minutes before he surrendered. no one was hurt. one block remains traffic -- remains blocked to traffic as officers search for a weapon. new support for the woman accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. >> doctor christine blasey ford has until 10:00 tomorrow morning to confirm whether or not she will plan to testify monday in front of the senate judiciary committee. >> her attorney says she was a full fbi investigation into the claims before doctor board testifies. reporter peter ducey has that . chuck grassley
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giving christine blasey ford a friday deadline to say whether or not she will accept an invitation to testify about her allegations against supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh. ford, accusing kevin of sexually assaulting her while the two were in high school. earlier this week ford's attorney said she would be willing to testify about her claims before congress, but they are calling for a full fbi investigation into kavanaugh before she tells her story. i am just absolutely stunned at why we are so -- why the republicans and the president is opposed to letting the fbi do what the fbi has done for decades. that is background checks on nominees. >> reporter: law enforcement officials telling fox news they will not conduct an investigation because there are no allegations a federal crime was committed. manyrepublican lawmakers making the req
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a growing number of gop senators now calling to move the confirmation vote forward if doctor ford decides not to show on monday. >> every time we offer something to doctor ford lawyers they change their terms. we have a deadline of october 1. that's when the supreme court starts. i think we ought to meet it. >> reporter: fox until committee aids are even willing to fly to california to interview doctor board. presley insists on having her testimony completed by monday. in washington with tran10 in the bay area is closer to getting a much- needed fire station. >> a short time ago a groundbreaking ceremony was held in east contra costa city of oakley. frank mallicoat was there and joins us live this afternoon with the latest on this story.v
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a lot of budget woes out here not to mention a lot of new housing that has come up. it has left the covered bear when it comes to fire protection in eastern custer county county. you are watching some of the grating being done on that new firehouse station 55. this is a welcome sight. a number of dignitaries on hand along with firefighters to turn that first spade of dirt this morning . the new firehouse will cost $5.7 million and that will come from local impact fees . it should be done by 2020. to give you an idea of how tight the fire budget is there are currently is not any funding in the budget to pay the new firefighters that will eventually call station 55 their home. >> we're currently running with three stations to cover a total of 250 mi.2, 120,000 residents and in 2016 we had a study done that calls for nine stations to cover the jurisdiction that we have. time and distance is our enemy. we need at least three more stations to be able to provide adequate fire protection.
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>> reporter: eastern contra costa county fire is now implementing new impact fees so some residents will actually have to pay for services rendered when they call the fire department. the other issue is the city of oakland is exploding with new affordable homes going up and when the growing population needs more fire manpower. >> it is one of the fastest growing and has been for quite a while part of the bay area. as we continue to grow people coming out here are going to have expectations of services. that's why we are working really hard to make sure we have better coverage out here. >> reporter: firehouse 55 will be the fourth firehouse in eastern contra costa county. officials tell me ones that firehouse is up and running response times in this area of oakley should go east bay. anoat with ktvu fox2 news. now to a frantic rescue
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that happened this morning near san francisco's aquatic park. firefighters there say three people climbed over a barrier onto a cliff at fort mason and fell. >> alyssa harrington explains the dramatic rescue. >> reporter: these three people climbed over that barrier at fort mason onto the side of a steep cliff and fell. 911 call came in around 5:20 a.m. san francisco firefighters say a man and a woman were found clinging to the side of the cliff. they were actually partially in the water and had to be rescued using ropes. their friend was in the water. >> this is a steep cliff that has a barrier in front of it. it goes down to a rocky area that has a cove or an alcove. we did know there were two individuals that were stuck on there and we did note that one adult male was unconscious floating icue b
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pulled that man from the bay and lifesaving efforts were w l in there but firefighters say that the water is so cold that it would only take about 15 minutes for hypothermia to send in that man is in critical condition at s.f. general hospital. alyssa harrington with ktvu fox2 news the federal agency owning up to losing track of more migrant children. up next, just how many they can't seem to find after being placed in temporary homes. recovery continues along the carolina coast line. we will have latest on the damage following hurricane florence and how you can help the victims.
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federal officials now admit they have lost track of nearly 1500 migrant children who they were those who were placed in temporary homes. case managers could not find the children after they made follow-up calls to check on their safety from april through june. this revelation comes as the trump administration faces litigation over it separation policy at the us-mexico border. since october 2014 the federal government has placed more than 150,000 miners with adults who are expected to care for them and help the children attend a school while they seek legal status vulnerable to being breached . the pbs station in san diego obtained the documents from the u.s. customs and border protection. they say each version of the wall presented last year sustained serious damage in testing.
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some of the models were actually in danger of collapsing. a customs official responded saying no one prototype was meant to represent the end result and that no version of the wall would be indestructible. let's check in with steve paulson right now. a beautiful late summer day. >> that is correct we are about ready to head for home on summer. it doesn't want to go out without a whimper. temperatures in the 80s even on the coast. temperature 60s around the bay. in the 70s . the change is huge compared to yesterday. +13 for livermore. san jose +11. concorde +10.there. hayward +12. it is warmer. low 90s into friday as well. we cannot forget we do have the red flood warning going until 5:00. thankfully, the wind is not that strong. the relative humidity is low
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and the temperatures are getting up there to not critical levels, but well above average. we have seen generally costs less than 25 miles an hour, which is good. 51 to 55 the water temperature they are still really cool. 64 in taos. 78 sacramento to ukiah. clear skies even the coast was clear this morning. high pressure wind out today. i don't think fog will be a factor until the weekend when it will start to come back as the high loses its grip the warmest days will be today into friday as we get temperatures in the upper 80s for some to low 90s. again, even by the coast this will probably be the warmest day so far of septembers for san francisco. we are going 76 we are already if you enjoy this whether you will like it through friday. looks cooler going into the weekend as the fog comes back.
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we are now getting a better idea of the unprecedented damage from hurricane florence. >> kris jenkins it shows us what people are doing to help get survivors back on their feet . >> reporter: people in northern south carolina are hard at work trying to recover from hurricane florence. >> there's an old song that you don't know what you got until it's gone. you don't miss a hot shower and tell all your taking is called. >> reporter: many are left with nothing. some people are feeling a sigh of relief after returning home and sing mostly superficial damage. others losing so much more. >> i try to keep it together the best that i can for my children. it is devastating. you don't think it could happen to you, but it can. >> i'm over here on the beach right now checking every realty company trying to find a house that is pet friendly. trying
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to figure out what i'm going to do next. >> reporter: once flooded roadways are beginning to dry up, making it easier to access the hardest hit areas. volunteers who are busy collecting donations are making their way into the once flooded area to hand out supplies. organizations near and far are getting there trucks filled in hopes of helping people get their lives back to normal a little more quickly. >> you cannot put a price on what they're doing. it, tragedy brings out the best in everybody. this is when you see it. >> reporter: president trump said on wednesday he would get congress to pony up the money and resources needed to have the eldest -- to help the hardest hit areas recover. this as governor roy cooper visits fayetteville to survey damage and talk to local leaders later this afternoon. in fayetteville with ktvu fox2 news good news about some of the animals impacted by the storm. the cape hatteras national seashore announced t the pen >> charities are working to he --
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in the 8:00 our when we spoke to the president of the american red cross about her organization is helping survivors. we are part of the community. we are staying there. we lived there. we will be there to help people going forward. stuck more than 8000 people are still in shelters in the carolinas and virginia . the red cross is asking for donations to help with its relief efforts the organization has served more than a quarter million meals to evacuees since the storm hit. this afternoon two water rescue teams from oakland are due to return home after helping evacuate people in the aftermath of hurricane florence. 16 team members will find oakland airport in a few hours . the the remaining members will then drive the equipment home the team was deployed to north carolina september 11 they have been working with a number of organizations including the fbi and the u.s. coast guard. steph curry raising money for victims of hurricane florence. curry grew up in charlotte and still has family in north carolina.
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he has launched a website hoping to raise about half $1 million. in addition chris paul and john wall are also part of this effort to donate. go to and look under the web link section to donate. today marks one year since hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico. the u.s. territory is still struggling to recover from that devastating storm 300,000 homes and businesses were either destroyed or sustained heavy damage . the puerto rican government commissioned a study that determined nearly 3000 people died because of the effects of maria in the six months after the storm. survivors have been complaining about redtape and difficulties of applying for and receiving financial aid. still to come, have you bought tickets for a concert or sporting event lately? up next, the shocking new report accusing ticketmaster of double dipping.
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nike has seen a huge increase in sales since they featured colin kaepernick in the red earlier this month. nikes says it's number of sold out products increased by more than 60% in 10 days following the debut of that ad. this week nike sold out of its kaepernick women's jersey. nike stock also went up 7% after an initial drop when a teaser for the ad was released. looking at the market, really a positive day all around . the s&p 500 and nasdaq up about 1% . the dow jones also up a
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little more than 1%. you can see 284point. and undercover investigation has revealed a professional scalping racket. scalpers went undercover where ticketmaster reportedly pitch them on its underground professional resale program. ticketmaster told resellers to grab tickets from that site and then flip them for higher prices on ticketmaster's traded desk platform. ticketmaster would then take a cut of the profits ticketmaster has not yet commented about the investigation. a new study from uc berkeley and the california housing partnership is looking at gentrification. >> it finds it heavy concentrations of highly paid workers in parts of the bay area great pockets of poverty and racial segregation. bar tal researchers. >> reporter: the study shows the disproportionately african americans and other people of color are being pushed out of san francisco, oakland, and
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other places where the booming economy is causing housing prices to skyrocket. >> low income people of color are getting displaced from long- standing communities of color and often being pushed to new areas of segregation and high poverty often on the urban periphery. east contra costa county, southern alameda county, hayward, and so on. >> reporter: the study says numerous other things. the number of people of . peop have a far greater difficulties finding new housing. far more than displaced whites who have much wider ranchers of housing choices available to them simply because they are white. darren taylor says a longtime stylist at cj's barbershop in ashland, there are apartments here. >> i don't want to say it's hard to find one, it's hard to afford one. >> reporter: in ashland 450 latino families have moved in in the last 10 years. >> san francisco, they move
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here and it goes up high here because they can afford to be on this side of the bay and they push us out further in the valley. it is rough on people pursuant only a massive increase in affordable homebuilding can get the bay area out of this spiraling cycle of moving out and moving on. or, of course, another economic crash. >> what goes up has to come down. >> reporter: where are these folks going? for low income lacks 40% left alameda county and left the entire bay area. lost to our culture. ktvu fox2 news. still ahead, an update with story we reported earlier this week about a surgeon and his girlfriend accused of date rape. after the break the other possible victim that prosecutors now say they have identified. three people dead after a shooting at a business in maryland this morning. up next, a live report from the scene as investigators try to piece together what happened and we now know what happened to the attacker herself.
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we homicide detectives are investigating a gun battle that entered two los angeles county sheriff's deputies left one suspect dead. >> that happened late last night. this morning detectives were still at the scene at seltzer park in east los angeles. that's where susan is with the latest on this story. >> reporter: it has been about
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18 hours since that gunfight. you can see that the sheriff's deputies are still on the scene. you might be able to make out the black bmw all shot up. that is a original target of their investigation. look at some video from earlier today and you can see rather, you can get a better sense for how active that gunfight was with the bmws windows all shot out and the deputies vehicles that also took some hits. this all started yesterday. deputies , once they followed them into the spark they were able to exchange shots between there. the suspect got out and shot both deputies. one in the jaw and one in the sh the a -- the shot does the deputies were able to return fire and shot that suspect dead. we do not have a suspect identity but some say his nickname was shorty. there was also some home security video which showed that this was not a high-speed chase at all. it was pretty slow speed but wound
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up in salazar park. listen to the sheriff's deputy who credits the responding deputies forgetting the injured deputies to the hospital. >> very seasoned deputies did an amazing job out there and engaged in an active gunfight once they arrived on the scene. they were transported to the hospital by responding deputies . that is a critical decision. as you know, for any of us to decide to transport someone as opposed to waiting for paramedics is something that you live with for the rest of your life. thankfully, in good one. >> reporter: the lastable, serious, but stable condition. we are expecting to get an update on theirconditions today at 2:00 from sheriff make -- from sheriff . reporting live in east los angeles.
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back to that deadly shooting we have been covering in maryland. we just learned the attacker has died after shooting herself before police could take her into custody. >> that's one of the things we just learned. investigators gave us another update. peter ducey was there and joins us with more on the story. >> reporter: law enforcement officials will not identify the shooter yet because they say they have not been able to get in touch with her family. they did identify her as a 26- year-old temporary employee at this right aid distribution center. they say that she shot and killed three other people and wounded three more who are in surgery or were in surgery at johns hopkins in baltimore and are expected to survive. , we shoot herself in the head. law enforcement and first responders never fired a single round even though they were there to attempt to render first aid and neutralized the suspect within
12:31 pm
five minutes of getting the first 91 -- 911 call at 9:36 this morning. i asked the sheriff if there is any possibility of a connection to terrorism in this case. the sheriff said nothing has been ruled out but that is not very high on the scale of possibilities that they're looking at right now in terms of motivation that might have led up to this 26-year-old walking into work this morning and shooting six people and that herself. back to you. >> we talked about the suspect being a temporary employee. any word if this employee was on the clock at the time and some point during the day just pulled out the shooting and started working her was she having an off day and then just showed up and started shooting? >> reporter: the best as authorities have been able to relate to us she showed up to work today as normal. we don't know what time that was, but
12:32 pm
the first 911 call went in at 9:0 6 am. they say she used one handgun had multiple magazines with her. again, authorities never exchanged rounds throughout the course of today's incident. she is the only one who fired a weapon. >> peter ducey live in maryland today. thank you. prosecutors say they have identified three more possible victims of an marissa riley are currently charged with drugging and raping two intoxicated women. orange county das office as prosecutors have received a number of calls since the initial charges were announcedo and that -- investigators discovered videos and photographs of other potential victims on th phone. a man accused of using a hidden camera to record people inside a starbucks restroom.
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>> investigators say he was a plumber. amberley reports, they now believe he may have also recorded people who used his services. >> reporter: inside this starbucks at the union landing shopping center on dyer street in union city -- >> i was surprised. i couldn't imagine. soon detectives found an important clue on the video recording . >> when they looked at the video the various to first -- the very first. sure on the camera was the subject. >> reporter: the subject was identified as david joseph lister of hayward. >> it makes me want not to use public bathrooms anymore. it's scary to think somebody did something like that. especially since i work right next door. >> reporter: investigators located where lister lives, in this blue band behind a business in hayward. property manager tells us he had been squatting here since before the business signed a lease in june the police served
12:34 pm
a search warrant here. they say they found evidence that lister had secretly taped people in other restrooms. >> there was additional child pornography and some drugs and drug paraphernalia. >> reporter: police say the 45- year-old is a registered sex offender who was convicted 10 years ago for possession of pornography he obtained by videotaping female june -- juveniles at a high school on the peninsula. lister may have accessed businesses and people in their homes. >> i believe it to be predatory. i believe he is looking for victims in this format. him child pornogra kind of shows what type of a person he maybe we are hoping that people who may have come in contact with him, that they could contact us. david lister is being held at santa rita jail his bail is set for a pretrial hearing scheduled for october 3. in union city with ktvu fox2 news
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the family of a fremont man says he has a long recovery had after he was stabbed multiple times while at home. donna linder says she found her father jack mostly, stabbed at their townhome on rocky drive sunday morning. her father told her somebody three coffee mug through their front window and when he went outside he was stabbed by his neighbor. police arrested 27-year-old secreta joya of fremont on charges of attempted murder. >> as he bent over the guy from next door came from behind him and just started cutting him. just started viciously c he was laughing the whole time he was doing it. >> according to court documents joya told investigators he blacked out and doesn't remember anything . the man who was stabbed is now recovering from surgery. his family set up a go fund me page to help pay for his bills and rent.
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is superior court judge facing nine charges of judicial misconduct, including sexual harassment of the female attorneys. judge john laettner is accused of offensive conduct toward about a dozen women during a 10 year stretch. he allegedly commented on women's looks . his attorneys as a complaint are motivated by unpopular veil decisions the state commission on judicial performance will schedule a hearing on the accusations. civil rights groups are challenging if the oakland public housing lording -- loitering ordinance is constitutional . the posted this tweet saying that we are living, not loitering. it is time to repeal oakland's unconstitutional public housing loitering ordinance. the complaint claims the ordinance has been used by housing authority police to harass and intimidate public housing residents . the five for violating the loitering ordinance is up to $250. debate is heating up over rvs parked on city owned land in east palo alto. last night the city's public works and transportation commission heard passionate
12:37 pm
arguments on both sides of the issue . the commission is considering whether to amend the city code on parking to be an overnight parking of large vehicles such as rvs. spackle we are the working homeless people that pay taxes by working. we are also the ones that provide all the services and perform the lowest paid jobs in the city. >> the city has got to provide a path for rv homeless people to have a path out of that lifestyle. that is not the job of the public works department. >> separate from the public works department these palo alto city council approved a pilot program to provide a safe space for rv dwellers to park overnight. that program is expected to start in november. now an update on the housing developing cupertino. cupertino approved plans to move forward in developing the falco mall. the four billion- dollar project includes nearly
12:38 pm
3000 residential units and 2,000,000 ft.2 of business and office space for the need to build affordable housing was a sticking point in this proposal. developers say the project will include apartments for low income families. it will cost more people to drive on and off treasure island starting in three years that all drivers will be charged a toll in addition to the bridge toll . the san francisco examiner reports the county transportation authority will close a one-way toll as high as three dollars and as low as $.50 . the system will require fast track because the tolls will be different depending on the time of day and even the day of the week. there be discounts for people who live on the island. money from the tolls will help cover the cost of a new ferry system to and from treasure island. ansco's pilot program is now fighting back. san francisco band e-scooters earlier this year because of concerns about riders not wearing helmets and other problems . the cindy recently awarded permits to two companies to take part in a
12:39 pm
pilot program. lime is appealing to the city's decision to only choose two company is. lime says the city acted with unlawful bias. the city denies the accusation. adults in california will not be required to wear helmets while riding motorized scooters for much longer. governor brown signed legislation requiring helmets only for people under the age of 18 . the new law takes effect january 1. being away from a parent certainly is never easy. >> up next, the special surprise for two young children whose mother has been away with the army for nearly a year. we will be back after this.
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three state and local leaders are talking today about a recently passed bill for the oakland unified school district. the superintendent was joined by state senator nancy skinner and assembly members at a news conference this morning per governor brown signed a bill this week providing critical financial relief for the district. it will not have to repay the funds. however, the financial relief comes with significant and
12:43 pm
important strings attached and the district is not in-state receivership like they had been in the past. >> before we were just given the actual financial support and there were not specific accountability measures. now there are more stringent and explicit roles and responsibilities not only for the district, but for the county and benchmarks that we have to meet along the way. >> the school district now has three years to put together a multi-your plan to improve its fiscal solvency prior to getting the financial relief he had been planning to cut around $30 million from next year's budget three surprises are always fun for children, especially when they, early. >> that is what happened for two sisters in sacramento. what they found outside was something they will never forget. >> reporter: it is 3:15 parents are pulling into the lot to pick up their kids from golf adventist school.
12:44 pm
>> i'm not going to cry. this is so excited. >> reporter: the principal welcomes a mom who hasn't been able to pickup her daughters in a year. u.s. army captain cynthia jones spent this past year serving in iraq as a chinook pilot. her daughters did not know she was coming home today. kindergartner mary was the first to find out. >> mommy! >> reporter: mary had to run and tell her sister the awesome news. >> [ laughter ] >> they have grown so much. there's probably a lot that have -- that has happened over this past year that i have missed but i'm excited to come back and be a part of this.
12:45 pm
>> reporter: cynthia's husband was the sacrifice will. he served in afghanistan. this year he was focused on serving his family. >> i know the girls really want her back. keeping them occupied makes the time goes just go by faster. it's awesome she is back. it has been long. i'm glad. >> what did you think when you saw her? >> i was so happy. >> i was shocked. >> i didn't know what i would do without a mom in my life. it made me really proud to see she was home. >> it has been a tough year for them and dad . the have all worked together. we know that cindy has been doing something important. it is important to serve our country. she gave up being a mom for a year. we are proud of her for that. >> with family it means just being complete and being home and having that lo that you have when you are altogether. >> we are so glad our mom is on. >> what you looking forward to
12:46 pm
the most? >> spending as much time with her as we can. back to the weather. mark is on task. these temperatures have bumped up a bit. >> that's right. we are talking about some more 70s and 80s and even a few spots around 90. the biggest drawback is fire danger. north hills, east bay hills, santa cruz mountain a red flag fire warning in place. you get the northerly wind and dry wind and it could be gusting to over 20 or 30 miles an hour. this is in place until 5 pm for the north bay hills, east bay hills, and santa cruz mountains. relative humidity still dry around 10% this afternoon. we're checking out some of the conditions across the higher terrain. not extreme wind numbers, but the relative humidity is coming down to around 15 or 12%.
12:47 pm
it is warm to hot and fire danger is elevated across the higher terrain of the bay area today. with that the northerly wind is wiping out the low clouds and fog mostly clear over san francisco bay. some hayes developing. today is probably one of the woman is one of the warmest days of the week. tomorrow we will probably shave off a few degrees in the friday forecast. here is the satellite. clear skies from eureka down toward the bay area and monterey bay. here is a close look at the fog banksouth of point conception approasan diego. in the bay area we are in the clear. that has been a warm start to the morning. a warm afternoon. santa rosa 81. san francisco mid-70s. san jose 82. livermore around 85. here is the overall whether set up. you can see this low pressure was here earlier this week, but this has been moving out of town and being replaced by this area of high pressure.
12:48 pm
a warm-up . the warmest day is today and tomorrow. still low 90s inland this weekend a little bit cooler and then we will probably ramp up the numbers into early next week. here is a forecast model going into this afternoon. for tonight we should have this mostly clear sky for friday morning and then still more sunshine for friday afternoon. looking at the numbers this afternoon, around 4:00 we will check in to the lower 90s toward santa rosa. antioch and brentwood. san francisco downtown 76. 76 almost feels like 85. it is warm in the city. a up, san jose 86. gilroy 91. temperatures are cooling off not by much for friday. maybe 2 degrees . the coast slightly warmer. we will gradually cool off heading into the weekend. let's go to breaking news here in california. to the south officers are on the scene those a shooting near a charter
12:49 pm
high school in van nuys. the shooting happened very close to chance charter high school of the arts. you can see a number of police nichols on the scene the streets are closed as police investigations continue. a number of ambulances are there . the from what we understand there may have been a shooting near the high school and two people on the campus of that charter high school have been injured by the gunfire. again, we are trying to get more information on exactly who was hurt and how badly. we also have no informat the shooter. anytime you have a shooting act or even near a school it is cause for concern. we see police officers on the ground and we will stay on top of this situation. a shooting just outside a school in van nuys, a teacher and student at the charter high school have been hit we are working to get you more information and when we do we will bring it to you. let's talk about the san
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jose earthquakes. last night they hosted atlanta united fc. the quakes scored first in the 13th minute with a nice cross followed by a had a quick dose a header. atlanta united tied it up and eventually won the match 4 - 3. >> before the games the u.s. lakeside a young soccer player to be there honorary captain for the day. >> the team wanted to draw inspiration from destiny coronado who show them what a real fight is as she battles cancer. >> reporter: for destiny coronado it is days like this that she could only dream of. as a big soccer fan she entered the stadium beaming with pride. >> it is a dream come true and it's also exciting because i have never done this before. went on this night the sixth-grader wasn't just a fan in the stands, the 10-year-old became the san jose earthquakes newest member. suited up in a uniform, her jersey signed by the team. >> what we wanted to do is
12:51 pm
sign a symbolic contract. >> reporter: the earthquakes making it official, destiny signing a symbolic one-day contract with the quakes general manager to serve as there honorary captain, complete with an honorary handshake. >> i think there is a couple of lessons that we can learn from having met you and understanding the courage that it took to stand up against an illness and show how strong you are. >> reporter: this is nothing compared to the battleacg the p months. back in april destiny was rushed to the er with abdominal pain. a ct scan showing a malignant tumor growing in one of her ovaries. she was diagnosed with stage iii cancer, entering weeks of chemotherapy. >> i don't think anybody wants to think is my daughter going to be here tomorrow? >> reporter: destiny kept her
12:52 pm
spirits up, not letting the disease bring her down. sexting destiny recover from a cancer bed to now smiling and dancing and talking and walking with the earthquake is unexplainable. >> reporter: destiny gave the team a pregame pep talk and participated in warm-ups, and kicked the ceremony or first goal. she walked out with the team. even during the coin toss. >> seeing the soccer players really got me happy. they were all giving me encouragement, like, they wter: from the y and at the childhoo destiny. >> my next to always look at the bright side of cancer and never look at the wearable side of it just always be happy. that's my next goal. >> reporter: reporting with ktvu fox2 news --
12:53 pm
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a new study says nearly half of all you is mobile traffic will be spam by next year. >> today we will speak with the authors of a study to find out how they came to this conclusion and what is being done to prevent those types of calls. that and much more today on the four at two. >> take a look at those gains . the dow jones up by almost one full percent, adding some 255 points with strong gains on the s&p and nasdaq up by a full percent. lebron james has taken over the helm as the next lead actor in the upcoming space jam film. james has been stepped to star in the movie which featured --. it is being directed by ryan coogler. lebron james says he loves kugler's vision on the upcoming film production and is set to begin during the 2019 nba off- season. cher is turning back time with and abbott cover version alba following her role in
12:56 pm
mamma mia here we go again. cher is releasing an album of the swedish pop groups hits called dancing queen that will feature cher's interpretation of 10 alba songs in putting sos, waterloo, mamma mia, and the title track, dancing queen. on the other end heavy-metal band metallica will plug to perform in a rare acoustic benefit concert. metallica will be at the masonic in san francisco november 3 for a special show. benefiting their nonprofit foundation, all within my has . the foundation helps with the issues of hunger and workforce education and encourages volunteerism. a limited number of tickets for the benefit go on sale tomorrow morning at ticketmaster. whether they are plugged in or on the acoustics a fabulous show either way. >> thank you for watching. our next newscast is the four on two. >> have a
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
dr. oz: k-2, synthetic marijuana. we investigate the newest street drug sweeping the
1:00 pm
nation. >> we had 395 overdoses. dr. oz: 395. where it comes from? i could get it in a couple bucks. they put rat poison. and wendy williams' mission to get it off the streets. you have a personal experience. >> very personal. dr. oz: coming up next. dr. oz: season 10 starts now. i recently got a call from my good friend wendy williams. she actually had the idea for today's


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