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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 1, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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an 18-year-old girl found dead at lake schiphol regional park. an ex-boyfriend is under arrest family is searching for answers. >> i do not know why he killed her letter out there in the field. why would someone do that? >> the search for missing richland teenager has taken tragic turn. >> body 8-year-old mariah davis
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was found near the dam at lake sharon after an expert printer police where to -- ex-boyfriend told police where to look.>> reporter: the family is shattered with the discovery. they have been searching for five days and their suspicions have been on one man. >> i am never going to see my daughter again.>> reporter: alfreda james is trying hard to accept that her only daughter is gone. >> i do not know why he killed her and left her out in the field.>> reporter: 19-year-old anthony of san leandro turned to himself and before. told authorities where to look. it was on fenced property owned by east bay mud.
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there is no word on how she was killed or when. it was last wednesday when she stopped answering calls or text. family went to the restaurant where she worked. >> we could find her there and around looking for.>> reporter: her car trip to england with the keys inside. >> i was very worried at that point.>> reporter: definitely did learn that she had watched with her former boyfriend. restaurant cameras recorded in living together. for two years seven months ago. his mother described as her mother described him as. he hit her. if you on the freeway walk. >> reporter: her mother pushed police to treat it seriously. >> we are telling you the
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circumstances are not right there to.>> reporter: friends and family meet missing flyers and posted them in the east bay. >> he told me he had seen was concerned.>> reporter: confronted over the weekend tonight knowing anything in cesar driveway after lunch. >> he was fidgeting and nervous -- >> reporter: the family is wondering if she would've survived and found sooner. >> that is is a sweet girl with bubbly laugh. her mother says she was a bit naove into trusting. >> i told her need to watch the signs. and i hit you want to you again. they c -- can hurt
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you.>> reporter: she had said she was not getting back with him and was blocking his calls. mother hopes that this is a lesson to others take domestic violence in relationships seriously. mariah winter 19 this month -- would have turned 19 this month. he will be in court on wednesday and there is no veil back -- bail.  >> all homicide cases are being reviewed response to legislation signed by governor brown. california will no longer allow those charged with murder when they were not directly involved in the killing. this ordinance the state rule that holds the accomplice liable for a murder that happens during the commission of a crime regardless whether
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the defendant took part. an example may -- might be a getaway driver. those who were convicted under the previous law may get reduced sentences. the families of crime victims say this new law goes too far. amber is in the newsroom with the arguments both for and against this new law.>> reporter: relative of a 15-year- old boy killed by schoolmate says that this law is calling renewed pain. she says that family suffers life sentence coping with their loss.>> reporter: here is a youtube video of 15-year-old michael russell talking about how to use of phone is a microphone. his voice was silenced when he was acting killed to schoolmates on november 10, 2009
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. >> i don't want another family to suffer.>> reporter: michael's and says a new juvenile justice reform law means that one of the two boys could be released in the next year. this is long before his sentence is up. the two teens best to killing for thrills. they were tried as adults. this new law prevents anyone under 16 been tried as an adult. that can apply to cases in the pipeline or on appeals as is the case of jane williams who was 26 years to life. >> society is moving toward tatian and moving towards wanting to you can be located -- rehabilitated.>> reporter: scientific research shows that the human brain is not fully developed at 14 or 15 and
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minors don't always understand right and wrong consequences of decision. the downside is that this law makes no exception even in egregious cases. >> the bar should not be absolute. it should be a case-by-case analysis. we do have to remember that the families of the victims going through a lot of pain. >> reporter: the governor said, there is a fundamental principle at stake, with everyone society which at least attempts to raise -- reform the before committing them to adult prisons for their likelihood of becoming a lifelong criminal is so much higher. >> it is not reform or vengeance. it is not making sure we have true justice. manipulative older people can have them committing hate and rhymes -- heinous crimes.
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>> reporter: family will continue to fight for justice. they cannot rest with such law. prior to this prosecutors would have to ask court to try a juvenile as an adult with this -- decision at the discretion of the judge. a busy stretch of fremont street will remain closed for almost 2 more weeks as they work to repair the sales force transit center. six hydraulic jacks are supported an elevated section. to cracked beams were discovered last week. engineers say the next step is to design and build the shoring system to replace the temporary support. when finished to take up the space at least 10 feet wide in the middle of fremont street which will reduce the number of
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lines -- lanes. >> we can get in there and remove portions of it and how we get it fixed. >> they do not know what caused the cracks. they do not know when the transit system -- transit center will reopen. fremont street is expected to remain closed at least until october 12 taking a look at the bay bridge it is dry but that is going to change. we ulsee a wet cothmmutlast rai in maine. bill, october is notorious for severe fire month. >> we have seen the heaviest rain around hillsboro areas north. this is the past six hours and
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you can see right through santa rosa. this whole area of moisture has to push through in the next 24 hours. it will not be as wet as initially thought. the roads will be slightly wet the morning commute. the rest of the day will be scattered showers. it is not going to get cold. santa rosa has moderate rainfall . we do not have a ton of rain. about 2/10 of an inch. this system is moisture related -- laden with moisture. we will see some showers on the
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central bank, sentences go and oakland and a little wet roadways. maybe 1/10 of an inch to one quarter of an inch for many bay area locations. that is a good thing when you are in the height of fire danger season. a woman was struck and killed by a car in north bay while crossing the street in the rain. it was in santa rosa just after 7:00. officer say it was dark and the roads wet. the name of the victim hasn't been released but police say she is in her 50s. it doesn't appear speed was a factor. for the very latest on the weather or wrinkle to the weather section of our website at hit by rain.
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arizona will likely bear the brunt in the system could bring flooding to southern california, nevada and utah. officials are particularly concerned about landslides. today was the one year anniversary of the las vegas massacre. was deadly shooting in modern u.s. is really. -- history. a special ceremony was held to honor victims and survivors of the root 91 music festival. 58 when stephen paddock opened fire from a hotel room at mandalay bay. he was found dead of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. >> this should be a reminder to
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strengthen our commitment to never let this happen again always remain vigilant.>> reporter: survivors to time-out to think police and first responders who assisted the aftermath. las vegas is moving on from his vegas strong house -- #. it is now vegas stronger. where hearing from a former classmate of brett kavanaugh. >> abilities my civic duty to tell my experiences. new information released in a deadly plane crash. why the ntsb says the pilot confusion played a role.
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president trump agreed that the fbi should be allowed to widen the scope into the investigation of brett kavanaugh and interview in -- any relevant witnesses provided it is done quickly. there this comes as one college classmate stepped forward with new statements. >> reporter: today it was confirmed that the fbi is interviewing kavanaugh's friend mike judge who is as a key
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witness by doctor christine fourth. question is how far the probe will go. a classmate from yale says that did not testify truthfully about drinking in college which raised questions about whether that would disqualify him.>> reporter: republicans reminded the nation they said no delay in the confirmation vote of brett kavanaugh. president trump a rally in tennessee voiced confidence in his equipment jet accident democrats. >> we took 10 years they want more time. there trying to destroy a very fun person.>> reporter: the renewed background check should proceed always provided it is done within one week. the question is whether the scope will be enough to satisfy the senators left without after doctor christine for's testimony that kavanaugh had assaulted her. >> there is still a lot of doubt
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which is why it is important that does for investigation and have more information.>> reporter: democrats released a list of some two dozen people that should be questioned. >> they must be interviewed other leads must be followed.>> reporter: the list includes mark judge named as witness to the assault. his attorney confirmed he is being interviewed by the fbi. regimental question for on behalf of the republican senators -- senators said he said, she said case is difficult to prove that this case is even weaker. >> the republicans want to frame what is going on as a criminal investigation or judge kabend a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: david levine says testimony reveals the differences is in which
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democrats and republicans view the situation. >> the democrats view this as a job interview. >> reporter: there's also the question of how much the fbi will -- probe accusations of two other women. deborah ramirez says he exposed himself to her as a drinking party and julie slotnick says she saw him drinking and making inappropriate sexual contact with girls and saw another party where she was getting wrapped. republican say she is not credible. she spoke publicly -- she spoke publicly on a short time show. i just want the facts to come out.>> reporter: kavanaugh has repeatedly denied allegations and said he never became too drunk to remember . that prompted a public statement by a deal classmate who told reporters that kavanaugh had not been truthful. >> i can unequivocally say that
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in denying the possibility that he left out from drinking and downplaying the degree and frequency of his drinking, he has not told the truth.>> reporter: he said he felt it was his civic duty to step forward and make a statement. the new york times reported that kavanaugh was one of five people questioned by new haven police in 1985 after a bar fight. senator? is that kavanaugh why you would go against his operation. >> thank you, jenna. there is a new development in the plane crash in palo alto. a report released today by the ntsb found the pilot of the small plane was confused about the location of the airport. t young woman and her mother to
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stanford for medical treatment. he was a pilot for angel flight which provide transportation for those with serious medical problems. coming up, a lawsuit filed by a nevada woman against a soccer superstar. coming up in sports, mark will explain the possibility why he may not be returning to the warriors. a new center to support working women is the vision for marissa meyer. why the project is getting push back from the community.
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technology time was to turn the funeral home into a women's club. marissa meyer discussed her plans for city leaders. we're live from palo alto.>> reporter: there has been no decision but a lot of discussion . marissa meyer is calling it and inviting families and to support working women. argue it is an excuse -- exclusive club. >> reporter: marissa meyer spoke before leaders to make her pitch for the quarter house . she wants to bring new life into an old margarine she purchased back in 2013 that
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sits on the corner of middlebelt and acid avenues in downtown. >> is for busy, modern families of is focused on working women and children. >> reporter: she envisions this to help working women network within indoor and outdoor play space. she says it is lacking in the community. >> we wanted to design the space that was playful, thoughtful and promoted wellness and learning. >> reporter: it is earned -- zone for funeral home or multifamily housing. many questioned how this club would benefit the public calls for members -- the cost for membership is $200 a month. >> this is an exclusive, private club for entrepreneurial professional women. if you approve this zoning change are you benefiting -- having one segment of the community at the expense of
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another?>> reporter: other concerns for limited parking, traffic and noise, especially schools across the street. 150 people are expected to use the center daily special -- special events bring up to 400 people. >> i strongly support the quarter house project.>> reporter: some say the city is changing and it is perfect for working families with young children. >> it would be life-changing for our family and allow for a more efficient time together. it would prevent the current modern -- modern struggle of parental burnout. >> i believe there is the responsibility to support women and families. it is an essential aspect that attracts young vibrant families.>> reporter: about 30 people made comments and some of them advocated to turn the property into housing for teachers.
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recommendations must be made in the city wall review options. >> how long until a decision?>> reporter: i believe we are still a long ways to go because this was just the initial step. it was a study session to get input from marissa meyer and the community. it will take time. >> thank you. cristiano rinaldo is being sued by a nevada woman who said director in a penthouse suite a vegas hotel in 2009. the suit also says he sent a team to obstruct the investigation and shook her to keep her quiet by paying her $375,000. las vegas police confirmed they have reopened the case tied to the lawsuit.
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rinaldo denied the allegations in a video posted on instagram after -- hours after the suit was filed. those seeking asylum share stories and tortures in their home country. >> they started because and try to rate me. they reach my sister in front of me. >> how an oakland clinic is helping to provide forensic evidence that can be used in immigration court. u.s. navy sailors racing to a partially immersed -- submerged plane. the moments before a small plane landed in a. why he says it is important that people go to see this film.
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees
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every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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as the federal government tightens the res ic those seeking ashighland hospital is using medicine to help create a written record. it is to document stories of torture inflicted in their homeland. they help provide evidence that can be used in immigration courts. >> it is the only clinic of its kind. here is a rare look at the cases these bears are -- bay
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area doctors take on.>> reporter: refugees women 20 or persecuted in their home country can be granted special protections for u.s. if they can prevent. how do you print trauma, pain or torture? >> translator: they turned take away my son until we ate dirt because we used to work in the field and that the world will be better without us. >> were you afraid of coming forward and asking for help? >> translator: i see it as a death sentence.>> reporter: when doctor knowlton walks to this -- these halls he is walking around the world. can you, cameroon, democratic republic of congo. the main questions i am trying to answer
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our to get a chronological understanding of what happened. >> reporter: these are tells of torture, rape, mutilation or contortion. >> they beat me up telling me i was betraying the country for not joining the military. they tied me up in the be in continued. >> forced physician torture is common. it is common to tie their hands behind her back and tied her ankles together.>> reporter: what is it like for you? >> it is tough. >> reporter: doctor nelson leads the human rights clinic at oaklands hospital. it is the only clinic of its kind in the bay area doctors document evidence of torture giving voice to asylum cases. two people feel safe coming
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here for help? >> translator: this movement against refugees. i think it is a death sentence.>> reporter: 20 year old adella escaped guatemala.>> translator: they starved us and beat us and try to rate me. they raped my sister in front of me.>> reporter: she is just one of central americans seeking protections. there are hundreds of thousands of children who cross the border along. many of them applied for a top -- asylum. in june, the trump administration announced that those of getting a domestic abuse -- game and domestic abuse no longer qualified for protections. >> we will prosecute you if you cross illegally. >> people are a lot more scared than they were.>> reporter: sitting in her dark with her hands around her son, she says
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that the fears she fills in the hospital room do not compare. would you ever go back home? >> i am too afraid to go back. >> reporter: most patients are referred by immigration attorneys. research shows that asylum- seekers with medical evaluations more than double the chances of having asylum approved in nearly 90% or greater asylum. >> who is paying for this?>> reporter: most of the patients, according to doctor nelson, have health insurance whether it is medi-cal or through the county. they do have cases that are being reviewed. he says that a lot of times the hospital absorbs additional costs. >> how do they decide who to
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take intimate have to turn people away?>> reporter: they cannot turn away anyone but they say the waiting list is about three months old. most patients are referred to by the attorneys but a lot of times they don't have time for them. he says a lot of doctors are going to different facilities to see patients. there is a larger demand that for what they have services. >> if you have a story for our team contact the tip line at the number on your screen. you can also email us at the address on the screen. president trump is healing a historic trade deal between you and the u.s. canada and mexico. it was signed by canada on late sunday. that updated until will be called the united states-mexico- canada agreement makes intellectual property protections such as patents and
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names. canada agrees to ease protections on instagram market in the u.s. agreed to pull back on tariffs on automobiles made in canada. president trump says is useful tariffs is what helped broker the deal. >> once approved by congress this will be the most modern, up-to-date and balanced trade agreement in the history of our country. has the most advanced protections for workers ever developed. >> president said the signing of the deal keeps a campaign promise he made to renegotiate nafta. still needs to be ratified in the next 60 days and approved by congress next year. there were mixed results on wall street after the nest that closed nine points lower. the s&p was up 10 points. --
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we are learning that this tattered u.s. flag was auctioned off.
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when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair. i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around. it was only one bank that could finance a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi. preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪
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the death toll from an earthquake and tsunami in indonesia has passed 1200. 7.5 quake struck last friday triggering this anomaly. residents are desperate for food and water and officials say the death toll could increase because so much infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. >> translator: the ground was curtain -- cut in half the earthquake struck the ground around and that is why some houses were pulled out. >> $1 million will be donated to the relief efforts. the sos alert feature has been activated to provide a information to those affected. u.s. navy sailors joined private boats to help rescue 40 people on board a plane that crashed. the video shows the inside of
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the partially submerged boeing 737. initial reports said that everyone survived but the airline announces that one person is unaccounted for. it is believed that the plane overshot the runway as it tried to land but authorities have yet to release an official cause of the accident. a us- led captured as it was being torn to shreds by four can florence has brought in almost $11,000 at auction. it was flying over frying pan tower. even says he received nearly 100 bids but is still unknown who made the winning offer. the proceeds will american red cross -- cross is defending his action to suspend the r rating of the michael moore film says --. it says we will not enforce the
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r rating. political this -- discourse must not be stifled. the is highly critical of president trump, electoral college and the media. >> there is no sex, excessive violence or anything except for a few four letter words which is absurd if you think teenagers don't hear that in school. it is really important, especially for young people to see a movie like this and get a sense of what is going on. >> michael moore tweeted a photo and think that although -- honor of suspending the rating. governor brown vetoed the bill to open safe injection sites. bill will have your complete bay area forecast which includes some rain.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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governor brown has vetoed the plan for medically suicide -- supervised self insect -- self injection sites.
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she is vowing to continue the fight. >> reporter: jerry says he injects heroin three times a day in public restrooms and has the needles. he says he is disappointed that governor brown vetoed -- legislation that would allow san francisco to operate a self injection site. >> it should be hidden away. it helped with the idea that there would be medical professionals on site. >> reporter: the san francisco mayor says she is not discouraged. >> i am committed to moving forward. i want to make sure i protecting on private workers and others who it also be putting themselves at risk. it is more complicated than just opening a place.>> reporter: governor brown vetoed
10:47 pm
the bill that would allow the city to open self injection sites with medical supervision under a three-year pilot plant. he stated that enabling destructive drug use would make things worse. >> we need assistance from state representatives. there are also challenges with federal line -- laws.>> reporter: it showcased a site in august. the u.s. department of justice said it would take action against any site. it was still be a potential problem for the city even with the support of the government. >> the city needs to come up with a better idea to protect people. is going to require a lot of different discussions.>> reporter: the mayor says she is confident that a safe injection shut -- site could be open in 2019.
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rob raleigh, came to be your news. let's look at who got rain and who did not. it was in the north bay. this system is going to linger throughout the day tomorrow. the best chance for wet weather will be between now and tomorrow morning. there is a lot of moisture with the system that has produced up to 0.25 inches of rain. it will kick through the next 6 to 8 hours and will bring this type of rainfall to the central bay area which should coincide with the very early morning commute. looking at the current radar you can see the heaviest rain showing up. this is in north bay and there are fires of northern california that are receiving precipitation which is what is needed. this is the time of year you
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dread when you hit the end of summer with no rain. this weather system can give us a bit of a respite. tomorrow is going to be in umbrella, monday, showering -- day full of showers. to have your umbrella and think about your morning commute being wet. oranges aren't 80s and the models show 80 tomorrow morning andere is no real clear handle. showers are going to pop up. it's going to be warm, humid with scattered showers. the model says that but i does think it will nail where the
10:50 pm
showers will show up. in linger through wednesday. it is good news for firefighters. not such great news for the rain buckets the model suggested. here is a 5-day forecast.  tomorrow morning it will be wet but it shouldn't be stormy. there is a slight chance on wednesday and then back into fall temperatures. i was you back here at 11:00. ras monitoring b.a.r.t. transit stations. and look at the video command center. a first today for major- league baseball with the national league holding to tiebreaker games. mark will tell us who came out on top and who has to play tomorrow.
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is next in sports.
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mark is here. patrick had until 9:00 to accept or reject the warriors officer -- offer and he rejected? >> rejection is not where the warriors are used to hearing.
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it has happened. one of their players has said no. he had until 9:00. we're talking about patrick mccall who is turning out reported to hear $5.2 million over. a source close to the situation tells us that patrick is not ready to accept it right now and no other explanation was given. he is a restricted free agent, which means the warriors will have the opportunity to match another office -- offered by another team. no one has stepped for a better offer. they still do have the rights but he is not playing right now. if you watch the giants over the weekend you know they paved the roads for the dodgers to go to the claim -- playoffs. they might as well have served ice cold champagne.
10:55 pm
daughters taking vengeance situation and secure of the rockies. that is a good catch by david dano. two out and one for cody belanger. here is a deep to run shot. the dodgers were in the lead for good. let him go. he is taking advantage in a dodger uniform. it is a two run shot and they eventually build a 5-0 lead. jansen gave up some home runs in the strikeouts and. the dodgers play atlanta. the rockies go to chicago to take on the cubs who are busy this afternoon at wrigley field. october baseball is now commonplace where it was once extremely rare.
10:56 pm
here is the guy who should win the mvp. it is christian college with an rbi to the center. it is an early lead for the brewers but the cubs have no- hit in the fifth inning and get on the board. here is rizzo deep and gone. he even things up 1-1. he takes the curtain call but that was the end of the offense. here comes the brewers whips to the eighth inning. another off-season acquisition with lorenzo cain coming through with an rbi single. here is ryan with the slicer and right-center field who has an rbi single and 3-1 lead. it is a base hit brewers win. the dodgers for the sixth straight time have won the west and the playoffs move on. more action tomorrow. for
10:57 pm
now, the patrick mahon double is still floating along perfectly. monday night football. bronco fans are going to be in for a long evening. they were down 10-3. here is bruce freeman bounces to the right sideline. 14 yards and into the end zone. the broncos tied 10-10. 4th:-- fourth-quarter 23 denver. like bob miller has it in his grasp and it is crap see. once again. with his left hand he flips it for an all-important 1st down and the drive moves on. it turns out to be a game deciding drive. kareem hunt with one minute 39 seconds left bursting through kansas city 27-23 winners in
10:58 pm
the broncos or two and two and achieves are perfect for and oh. last week we showed you that former 49er defensive back eric reed has signed on with the carolina panthers. he did not play because they had a by -- by week. he had his first public audience as spoke publicly for the first time telling reporters he hadn't yet decided whether he will stand for the national anthem or not. one thing is certainand calling her neck are still very solid. >> as we said when we nothing will cngabout it and continue to hold america to the standard headset on paper that we are all created equal. it is not that way right now. >> it was a very provocative
10:59 pm
interview if you want to watch online. it is pretty interesting stuff from the former 49er. in case you missed it, parents take note. maybe a babysitter instead of a hockey game for your young one. look at that poor little guy and his reaction. he is not digging the hockey game. the noise canceling headphones are not enough for him. get a babysitter. here is bo taylor with his first big hit his teammates let him have it from outside. wednesday yankee stadium game one for the a's. that is all we are checking out is the sporting life and is
11:00 pm
time for more news. >> thank you, mark. coming up, i would never see my daughter again. i am never going to see her again. >> degrees the loss of her child whose body was found. the suspect in the case of a woman found dead is her ex- boyfriend. >> the body of mariah davis was found in the dam and east seychelles. the rental police where to look. >> reporter: for five days her family looked. they looked in san leandro after her car was found there. they confronted the ex-


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