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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 5, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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dispute -- and the stage is set for the historic vote in the senate. this as judge kavanaugh is defending his suurt nomination in an op-ed. good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, friday morning. >> yes. >> october 5th and i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> and it's thursday, and steve paulson has the forecast. thank you very much. we have a big business in the temperatures. inverness is down 19 degrees, and sebastopol is minus 16 and petaluma 14, and napa airport we're minus 14 and santa rosa minus 14, others are in the single digits and sfo it's minus g. i did bring ran in sonoma
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county. there's still partly cloudy and lake county patchy fog around the bay and san mateo coast. it's not warmer, it's nice. 60s and 70s, 51 sunnyvale, these are way down compared to hours ago. and stanford and los altos look for the fog to be chewed up. we'll have a northerly breeze and everybody will get in on sunshine. today more so, 60s and 70s. 5:01, sal is telling us that the traffic is -- >> okay. there's one big problem. that's 680 southbound, that's problem that just came in on 680 after sonoma boulevard. not only that, right before the accident, there was one vehicle seen driving recklessly, driving at 100 miles per hour, weaving in and out of traffic according to witnesses, there's
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a big accident, that vehicle is involved as well as others. a big rig on the side. we have a crew on the way. and this is slow. eastbound 580 is slow heading out to tracy because of the road work. that's unusual -- not that unusual, it happens everyone's in a while. and this morning is one of those times. as we look at the bay bridge to carquinez bridge, there's a small delay. back to you at the desk. two and a half hours from now, the senate will begin voting on whether supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh will proceed to a final confirmation vote this weekend. we have the latest developments, griff jenkins has the developments. >> reporter: in two hours time, they'll begin the properly vote and it's a historic vote, i have to tell you the motions are running high and the
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tensions are raw, and it's like anything i've seen in the nation's kavanaugh, jeff grassily is saying it's the height of civility in american society and ahead, it's a vote to watch. to watch. after weeks of protests and in your face tactics of demonstrators on capitol hill, things come to a head-on the senate floor. president trump sounded ready for a vote. and you see what's going on in congress right now, with one of the most respected people potentially, hopefully supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. senators spent much of the day thursday huddling in the supreme room -- secure room to analyze and read the report of his past conduct.
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>> they followed leads from interviews and interviewed witnesses it's a complete report. >> the bureau didn't question kavanaugh and his chief accuser dr. christine blasey-ford and that had democrats crying foul. >> our fears have been realized. this is not a thorough investigation. >> i just read, what i have read, there are hints of misconduct. it's very frustrating that they didn't do a thorough investigation, they did not interview the relevant witnesses, i'm shocked. >> with throw republican senators undecided it comes to math, one democrat said she's a no vote and a move democrats will pay for in november. >> their rage fueled resistance is starting to backfire at a level nobody has seen before, nobody has pam, it comes down to four
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key senators in tomorrow's vote. griff jenkins in washington, d.c., ktvu news and they interviewed skip george about background checks conducted by the bureau. >> we try to get the truth, put their statements down and then you relay that. it wouldn't be any ideas or thoughts from the f.b.i. agent at all. it would be totally what they tell you. >> now, as an agent, george worked on supreme court justice sandra day o'connor's background check. agents reached out to ten people and interviewed nine of them. they included five witnesses from kavanaugh's high school days when kavanaugh drunkenly assaulted her at a house party. in the bay area, protestors ten to oppose the supreme court
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nominee brett kavanaugh. they protested in the specific center plaza and international women strike the bay area. they're speaking out so that victims of sexual assault are believed when they tell their story. and in palo alto, protestors continue to rally in dr. christine blasey-ford's hometown. they carried signs in el camino and embarcadero. would he saw supporters of the judge. the two sides appeared to have a peaceful discussion. and workers at the marriott are on strike. they're walking out now, and it's one of the busiest times of the year for hotels. alissa is outside of the march marriott marquis. >> reporter: thousands of people come to the city and stay in these hotels.
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you got a chance to speak with a mother and daughter last night who are in town. this is what they had to say. >> it's hard to hear yourself think, it's hard to take a nap or sleep, so, yes, it's frustrating in that regard. >> about 2500 employees are marching outside of 7 different san francisco hotel and one in san jose. workers say they've been trying to negotiate with marriott for months and the union represents, house keepers cooks and others. >> it's the most dominant hotel employer and they need to step up and do right by its workers, in a statement the marriott said: tt said:
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this labor dispute could spread, and half a dozen locations are prepared to go on strike at any time. rike at any time. new this morning, we received an update from the chp about a big rig crash that shut down a section of highway 17 overnight. all southbound lanes of 17 are now opened. that crash happened at 5:30 at the blossom hill overpass. a tractor-trailer was carrying a large excavator and he thought he had enough room to slip under the overpass, concrete fell on to the highway below. amazingly no one was injured in that crash, they were able to open one lane at 12:45 this morning and reopened the second lawn just several hours later. the time is 5:08, happening today a man is accused of a deadly crash that killed a chp
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officer and another person in august is due in court this morning. sean walker of rockland is charged with two felony accounts of gross vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving causing fatal injuries. the judge granted a change of venue from fairfield to value hoe. they say he was distracted before he crashed into kirk grist and manuel, he's free on $90,000, if he's convicted he could get up to 7 years in prison. we, now, know the name of a machine who died after losing his balance along the cliff of the sonoma coast, he was 27- year-old patrick foley. he died on tuesday after falling # 0 feet down into the ocean from a cliff at bodega head. his family said he was a
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substitute teacher who loved to work with children. he within the to petaluma high school, santa rosa junior college and he volunteered with big brothers and big sisters. and evelyn fisher was last seen at 2:00 and police need your help to find this woman. they released a car show is associated with it. it's a tan one and the license plate is: plate is: she is described as white, 5- foot 4 inches about 100 pounds, she was wearing a white severity and blue pants. if you have any information call berkeley police. calutron service will be limited on the weekend. the 22nd street and san francisco stations will be closed. trains won't run past the bay shore station.
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they're going to be working on electrifications on those tracks. caltrain says the weekend closures will continue until springtime. right now, it's 5:11, dozens of arrests were made for growing marijuana, up next:the seizure of thousands of plants at 250 grow sites in the bay area. and there's investigation of the cracked beams in the transit center. the mayor is asking for more efforts to found out what caused the beams to crack and what's needed to fix it. good morning, we have a problem the we'll show you the southbound looks good. there's a problem getting on 680. we'll tell you what's happening that may make you go the long way around. that's straight ahead. it's a nicer friday, te
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welcome back to 2, it's 5:14, both san francisco bay mayor london breed are concerned about the cracked beams. the mayor sent a letter yesterday to the metropolitan
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transportation commission demanding more oversight of the investigation. they say the public trust is at stake. they want an independent outside agency to examine the operations. we have the results on housetrain's tallest buildings will hold up in a major earthquake. they're looking at representation recommendations for the city. one is to inspect the tallest buildings and the study found some of the buildings used the same type of welded steel that fractured the buildings in los angeles after the earthquake there. term recovery and when we can get people back into the residences and businesses back up. other recommendations including stream loining the response to quakes and proposing new regulations, the study was commissioned by the s
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lee, it will be presented to the bored of supervisors later this month. our time is 5:16, the nobel peace prize was awarded this morning, the two people for their work to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. denis mukwege helped rape victims anded that i can't -- nadia murad spoke out about what happened to her. she was untilinated as goodwill ambassador. and dr. joe biden will be giving the keynote for the benefit for the air quarium at the bay. and they'll talk about the future and how they plan to
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protect the bay. a southbound bay teenager is the winner of a 100,000 scholarship from a foundation started by beyonce and jay z, the 1-year-old girl was at the concert saturday night and she was announced as the winner, she's a straight a student and she emigrated when she was 12, five years ago, and she spoke little english now, she teaches at the boys and girls club in san jose, her supervisor nominated her without her knowing and she hopes she can send a positive message to youth in the community? >> there is a lot of drugs and violence, i want kids to know they don't have to give up on their that
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scholarship. her first choice is columbia university in new york, show wants to go into a career where she can help others en she graduates. >> i have a feeling there are colleges vying to get her. >> she's incredible. i like her. i like sal too, he knows about our commute. you're busy already on a friday morning? >> that's right. southbound 680 in pleasanton there's a sigalert now blocking the throw left lanes on southbound 680s as you approach the burr knell exit -- burnell exit. two cars were speeding at 180 miles per hour. traffic is backed up from the dub-interchange. the best way to do this is to avoid 680 south and go all of the way out here to castro valley and head south on 880. i know it sounds like the long
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way around, but you don't want to be in that traffic, trust me. the altamont pass, you can see traffic in both directions there, traffic on the bay bridge is light, it's not bad. lets bring in steve for the forecast. >> 680 will be a mess you, he should get on the road early. >> my good friend milk, you know what -- my good friend mike, you know what to do. sebastopol minus 16 petaluma is off 14, and healdsburg is off 14 degrees. it's cooler in santa rosa, 13, and san jose minus 7. the humidity we had which was tough, tough, for a couple of days has moved out and a different air mass has moved in. most of the cloud cover is gone, this will be partly
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cloudy to the north and patchy fog around the bay. we're under mostly clear skies unless you're on parts of the santa cruz coast. 50s on the temperature, lake port is in there, napa you can see low 50s, even upper 40s now in the santa cruz mountains, we're in the upper 50s for the weekend. some lows not for 61 or 62. this kicked out the system and that's going to allow for more sunshine today, not much of a warm up today, we'll get a system to the east, this is north and east bay himself. the coast looks good as we go into the weekend with more sunshine. we'll have to watch out for the breeze, it could get blustery, and northeast bay hills. pe mer and lots of sun there. for those who lost their homes one year ago in the north bay fires. coming up in the next hour, the new tiny homes meant to help those struggling to get
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back on their feet. we have new information about a man who died after he was by law enforcement. what investigators say about the moments leading up to his encounter with deputies. many people living with diabetes
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welcome back to mornings on 2, authorities in indonesia say 1400 people were killed by the earthquake and tsunami, almost one week after the disaster, some 70,000 people remain
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displaced with no access to food, water or housing. help is starting to arrive in the area with groups sending supplies, the united nations has pledged $15 million to the relief efforts. we're learning new details about a man who died after he was tased by a sheriff's deputy. chin okeby went into cardiac arrest and dade. was running in and out of traffic during busy el camino in millbrae, the man attacked him and the osceolaer called for backup and used his taser. a witness said it happened more than once, but the deputies say it's unclear how many times he was tased. the number of times it was deployed, we're not able to tell, but a crime lab will tell us that. and they have dashcam
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footage and the body cam for investigation. and authorities are target ago west oakland street gang suspected for a string of violent crimes. it involves oakland police and several other law enforcement agencies including the chp, early thursday morning, officers served search warrants in they counties. they arrested a dozen people and seized drugs, guns and cash. >> these gangs, we believe were involved in shootings, robberies, murders on some occasions, not just within the city, but outside cities as well. >> investigators a cued the street gang of terrorizing communities, including antioch, pittsburgh, freemont and tracy. days, comingtalked with
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a local artist who created the moving image of professor christine blasey-ford. and companies are disputing the fact of hacking. there's rumors that the chinese have been hacking computers in the us. and we have a traffic incident that sounds serious on 680 out of pleasanton. this is stacking up out of the dublin interchange, it will affect 580 as well. we have a reporter going to the scene, we'll have more when we come back. mostly clear and cooler this morning. it looks like a nice friday and what about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up.
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good morning to you, welcome back to mornings on 2, it's friday morning, october 5th. i'm dave clark you, and i'm pam cook, it's coming up on 5:30, there's one big problem at least on the roads, lets go right to sal. >> 680 southbound, it's an over and it's blocking most of the freeway on 680 south. the fire department is there with chp and the traffic is squeezing by on the shoulder and some of the lanes. it's a big mess and traffic is backing up to the dublin interchange. we have a crew on the way. have to way. get there? we have a mess on the altamont pass on the eastbound direction, i want to mention that, it has been slow.
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by the way we sometimes talk about the commute here through salerno county, this is coming from the carquinez bridge. the metering lights have been turned on. lets if to steve for the weather. it's a much cooler forecast. it's degrees cooler, and napa airport is down 17, 13 for santa rosa and inverness mine ups 19, and sebastopol and other areas double digits at the time. patchy low cloudsout quickly. we have 40s for many versus 60s, and that's why we're so much cooler. the cold front came through yesterday. a lot of 40s now, it was held up into the upper 60s and kelsey ville 45, petaluma 47, winds are 46, there's a bit of a breeze, it's more of a fresh breeze, look for mostly sunny
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skies, temperatures are not much changed today. it will be tomorrow as the system digs in to the east. high pressure will build into the north, we'll have lots of sunshine, and 60s and sons, mostly sunny, lets go back to the desk. the u.s. senate is scheduled to take a vote at 7:30 this morning, if the majority of senators move ahead, a final confirmation vote will be scheduled for tomorrow. the focus is on three republican senators who haven't said how they're going to maine less lease markowski of alaska and col lens and flake agree with the republicans that the f.b.i. report were sufficient. while democrats say the report didn't go far enough. >> it looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation
5:32 am
that was limited. >> either the judiciary committee for the f.b.i. could locate any third parties who can attest to any of these allegations. >> now, judge kavanaugh wrote an op-ed in the wall street journal explaining his combative conduct at the senate judiciary committee meeting, he said: he said: this morning, we're hearing from the san francisco artist who designed a powerful image of dr. christine blasey-ford for the cover of magazine. her likeness was created using words and quotes during last week's hearing, and it was created by an san francmade a l quotes and placed them where he
5:33 am
belonged. >> when i do this i try to capture it and put it in a place where it has some meaning. >> we put it in the testimony, the questions and the opening statement, and so i went through it again, rereading, i watched it at the time, and it was, it was incredibly emotional experience watching her go through that. >> he put the cover together in two days, he's done similar portraits, but they usually take two weeks, the magazine hit stores on october 15th. >> our time is 5:33, the controversy over the brett kavanaugh nomination has put the issue of sexual assault back into the headlines a two-y window to file a civil lawsuit in most cases of sexual assault, but governor brown signed a bill to give survivors
5:34 am
an additional 8 years to fool a sexual assault, and mike berman who wrote that bill said more survivors will be able to seek justice, we treat sexual assaults the same. even if someone wasn't necessarily, even if someone's attacker wasn't convicted, they can still have ten years to report that crime, and in the cares of mr. weinstein, all of his victims will have more time to have more time to report it. >> the bill gives three years from the date of the discovery and illness or injuries to file a civil case. and one person was killed by an amtrak train in contra cost a county. 74 passengers were on board but no one on the train was hurt. it's being called the fit bit case, a 90-year-old man is accused of murder.
5:35 am
anthony ialo is accused of killing his stepdaughter. he was at the home longer than he claimed. the case is using fit bit technology because the victim's fit bit bracelet recorded a spike in heart activity and then nothing. >> the d.a. will use the fit bit to show the time of death is consistent with forensic timeline that points to mr. aielo as the killer. >> the cigarette butt could have come from the real killer: the case heads back to court october 29th. we'll be checking -- they'll be checking pg&e video on who put a suspicious package. two metal pipes contained a wire. that was the fear when that
5:36 am
call came into 911 about 4 chock yesterday afternoon. the bomb squad found the device along the defense loin and they blew it up two hours later -- defense line and they blew it up two hours later. they'll determine if it was explosive, if it was explosive, who left it and how they made it and so forth. no one was hurt, that substation is on river road, right at the highway 101 intersection in fulton, north of santa rosa. the freeway ramps is closed yesterday and and they reopened after that scene was cleared. against illegal marijuana grows, agents destroyed 600,000 plants at more than 250 grow sites, the operation ra 110 wea and the time is 5:36, san francisco police want help. they want to find a hit-and-run
5:37 am
driver who left a man with life- threatening injuries. it happened at oak and baker streets. a back or dark blue toyota prius ran a red light and hit a man in a crosswalk. he was taken to san francisco general hospital. the prius driver stopped briefly, but then drove away. police in campbell are asking for the public's help to track down and jewelry thief. investigators released this surveillance video of a man stealing jewelry on wednesday. he got into the cash register without employees noticing, he stole cash and jewelry valid at $6,000. if you recognize him, call campbell police. firefighters plan to burn land today near the uc santa cruz campus. the described burn is to protect the coastal habitat. they hope it will help a
5:38 am
endangered type of beetle. they'll burn 5 acres at uc marshal santa cruz, roads may be closed during that burn and people in the area will see smoke from that fire. it's 5:38, we've been telling you about hotel workers in san francisco, the impact it's having on those hotels and surrounding businesses. plans to expand homeless shelters in san francisco, coming up, the number of beds the mayor hopes to add in the next couple of years. we have a crash on 680 heading south and this morning almost all of the lanes are blocked. we'll let you know more about it coming up. way to stay connected.
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it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere
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when you download the xfi app today. new this morning, construction work has started in san francisco on the first
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phase of the gerry rapid project, the goal is to make safety improvements and to provide reliable bus service on owe fairly streets. it includes 2 miles of transit only lanes in each direction between stanion and gulf streets, it's going to help bicyclists cross geary boulevard. the work on this phase of the project is expected to be finished in 6 weeks. in the next two years london breed, the san francisco mayor hopes to add 1,000 beds in the city, there's waiting list up to 1,000 names at any given time. mayor breed has announced a plan to deal with that issue. most of the new beds will be at three new homeless shelters she calls safe centers.
5:42 am
the location of the shelters will be open around the clock. it will allow couples to stay together and they'll connect people with homeless services. >> we want to be able to track the number of people who we know are homeless and also direct them to the right place, so, it's a coordinated entry system. >> i have severe ptsd and this mayor doesn't understand navy and military purposes who can't be in these dam shelters. >> some homeless people criticize the plan it has support from homeless advocates, half of the new beds should be ready by next summer. tiny homes can be an answer for the shortage of affordable housing. the fires added to the an existing problems. a volunteer project called homes for sonoma plans to place
5:43 am
5 cottages and small lots in windsor. they could be ready next month and will about for $800 to $900 a month. >> the first part of recovery is getting a roof over their head. if these can be transported and repurposed overtime. i think it's a start. >> another ten tiny homes will be placed in a commercial light in the fountain grief neighborhood by habitat for humidity. >> the time is 5:43 for a lot of people u it's a sight and sound that never gets old. ts old. angels held the first practice run after taking off from oakland, you can see them over san francisco and the bay shall yesterday afternoon, for the new command ter, it's the first bay area fleet week leaving this -- leading this elite team. >> flying over san francisco is going to be the favorite part,
5:44 am
you'll stay focused and you're in the moment for each maneuver, it will be hard not to look out the window once in ail while, it see alcatraz and the golden gate and it's very special. >> imagine looking out the window at 700 miles per hour. these planes can reach up to 700 miles per hour during their show. today's event, pam, includes the annual parade the precision is at noon and runs until 4:00, there will be live music at military bands at pier 39. and bluegrass gets under way in san francisco. this is the 17th year of the festival. admission is free. we if the a look and fences be up before tens of thousands of
5:45 am
music lovers head to the park. artists on five stages. and here are some of the artists to watch out for. atch out for. the p.g.a.'s safe way open continues today in napa. the storey was phil milk he will shown who had 6 straight birdies, he is in the lead, and the man from austria is the favorite in the play house today. tom brady is the third quarterback in nfl history to throw 500 touchdowns. >> brady over 300 games to the game, 83rd time in his career, looking for all of it, be loads to the end zone. caught by gordon. touchdown patriots. >> tom brady did it, boy, touchdown number 500 for him came in the fourth quarter as
5:46 am
the patriots beat the indianapolis colts 38-24 on thursday night football. he trails two nfl greats, brett farb and peyton manning has 518, and tom brady could pass beth of them this season on the way to new records. >> it seems pretty likely. >> it's real likely. 5:46 is the time, it's not a friday light, it's a big truck problem. >> it's not a friday light on 680 on some other commutes it's not bad. 680 heading south out of pleasanton, it's not a friday light. we have an overturned truck and a lot of dirt spilled and a couple of cars are involved on 680 and burnell road, and traffic is getting by, i would recommend using 580 to castro valley and 880. and some people are doing that,
5:47 am
we'll have the picture as soon as we can. our crew is refusing on the scene and we'll see what you're dealing with. the silicone valley commute is not too bad. 680 after the accident we talked about, looks good into san jose. lets talk about the bay bridge right now, traffic is moving along well. it's a 10 minute wait until you make it on to the span. it's 5:47. it is much cooler out >> ho napa airport is off 17 degrees. we have double digits in the area. the area. we have had lows all week long in the 60s due to that tropical air mass, that week system that came in, it gave us good rain in the week. and a cold front came by and that's scoured things out and
5:48 am
dropped the temperatures, it's partly cloudy to the north, low clouds around, but nothing extensive. a little bit more on the san mateo and santa cruz coast, this don't have much of a chance today. 40s and 50s, 44 in lake port, you're seeing temperatures down considerably as you saw, 51 sunnyvale, 46 in napa airport. berkeley is 52 and upper 40s in the concord pa ville job and lafayette. look at pinol, 48 degrees, there's an onshore breeze for most. this along with northwest wind in the upper atmosphere has you shall nerd a cooler mass. ss. there's cooler air in the north as well. today is the transition day, the system will dig in, it will go east of us, called an inside slider, it will society up shop in las vegas in the four corners, and we'll have a northerly breeze, you have to
5:49 am
keep an eye, it's saturday night into sunday. 60s and 70s, some will get back into the 80s, we'll have a good cooling trend in the last couple of it's, we'll see a warm up over the weekend and an increase in the wind. >> the time is 5:49, elon musk is treeing to calm investors after tesla took a big hit. this is after musk taunted the sec and we'll talk about the lawsuit and the huge fine musk will have to pay. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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our time is 5:52, apple and amazon deny a bomb shell report that they were hacked by chinese operatives, they uncovered chips inserted in the mother boards made in china and shipped here to us, those computers were used by the u.s. government and big tech companies including and and samson, bloomberg says it's unclear what information china has been able to get from those chips. apple amazon and the chinese government all deny the report. the united states and britain accuse russia's main intelligence service several
5:53 am
coordinated cyber attacks. they indicted several intelligence officers and by special counsel robert mueller who a caused them of interference in the election and including in the antidoping regulations in united states and europe and the prohibition of chemical weapons. >> the russian government needs to know if they flounce international law this way, wi they'll be exposed. >> matt tis met with brussels, they are gearing up for the biggest military exercise since 2002, it shows 40,000 troops showing a response to russian aggression. elon musk is trying to
5:54 am
reassure investors e stock takes another hit. elon musk tweeted sometimes people forget that a company is just a company gathered together to make products. so long as it makes great products it will have great value. yesterday musk taunted the sec after he agreed to settle a lawsuit after he said he had funding to take the company private. in the tweet he called the securities and exchange commission the short seller in richland commission. he stepped down as chairman in tesla and he a fred to pay a $20 million fine. and amazon's minimum wage increase with the hourly workers, they're no longer to get monthly bonuses and stock awards. the wage increase more than compensates for the loss of those benefits.
5:55 am
it announced it was going to raise minimum wages to $15 for all us employees beginning next month. it's 5:55, a few demonstrators marched on gaggle about the planned mega campus in san jose. >> what it we want? when do we want? >> the planned campus for 20,000 google workers will push up rents and increase homeless and cause evictions, they want google to help provide affordable housing. google offered $343 million for affordable housing, transit and infrastructure needs, during the building, the negotiations there in 2015, they want a comparable offer in san jose. >> we're hoping google is
5:56 am
listening, we've continued to raise these issues be it in community town halls, inviting them with our community. we haven't seen progress, we need to come it mountain view and erase these issues, we need to see and hear them in san jose. >> the council will vote on whether to sell 20 acres of downtown land to google for that big prong. >> it's taken part in 150 hours of community engagement in at l our time is 5:56, a september jobs report came out this morning. we'll look at what the new numbers mean as the economy continues to grow. s to grow. the stage is set for a historic vote and it's coming down to the math as judge kavanaugh is defending his nomination in an op-ed, i'm jeff jenkins in washington, i have the details coming up. good morning we have that truck accident that's been
5:57 am
there for almost an hour, southbound 680 out of pleasanton, traffic is jammed. we'll give you a live picture from the scene straight ahead. and some patchy low clouds around but much cooler, that's a start. we'll see what's in store for a warmer weekend on the way.
5:58 am
5:59 am
it looks to be a product of the investigation. >> and we're moving ahead with the supreme court nomination, we'll bring you a live report from washington. next. n. next. thank you for joining us, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. sal has the answer on a traffic pran overturned burnell road on if you're leaving pleasanton on 680, it's backed up on the dublin interchange and it will
6:00 am
area, southbound heading down. what happened according to witnesses, two cars were racing at 100 miles or more, and they got into an accident, a big rig was involved. thatting about rig flipped over and most of the lanes are blocked. that's according to witness reports, chp is on the scene sorting it out. the fire did the is there and traffic is slow. your alternate route would be 58 # to head south on 80. for the part i would say, if you did this, you -- for the most part you wouldn't want to do this area you would want to > the south bay commute doesn't look bad. no problems this, if you're 680 after pleasanton, it looks


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