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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 8, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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a bellringing ceremony honors those who died exactly one year ago when most destructive fire in the history of california tour through the city of santa rosa. >> tonight we remember those lost and celebrate in our community what we have
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accomplished in just one short year. >> there is sorrow and strength in santa rosa. good evening. i am frank somervell. >> hundreds gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of last year's firestorm. different is live from old courthouse square where it was as subdued ceremony tonight.>> reporter: julie, officials planned it that way. they were taking the temperature of the community. people were invited to come and create chalk drawings. we found survivors mark the date in different ways. >> tonight we remember those lost. >> reporter: the fire bell told 44 times those who died in last october's disaster. 24 of them were from county. b
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the crowd at the downtown ceremony listen to poetry, not politicians although dozens attended. it was a night for reflection with sidewalk chalk provided. the community was praised for their resilience even before the fires were out. >> now what do we have to do to get this going? let's get this cleaned up and move forward.>> reporter: recovery has taken root in neighborhoods like hidden valley estates have rebuilds dotting the scenery. moving forward can mean moving away. >> this has made me stop and think if this is where we want to be. >> reporter: this couple decided this week that they will stay. it was one year ago we found jenna at her home of 19 years seeing it in ruins for the first time. >> brought me to my knees. it was a real gut-punch. >> reporter: on this anniversary
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she and her neighbors had a party. there was a bounce house for the kids. they celebrated friendships that fire did not break, only deepened. >> it is is so happy so glad to see you hello and find out what phase they are in.>> reporter: they say connecting to others is the healthiest way to heal. after surviving such a harrowing experience, emotional impact will linger. >> some people are naturally resilient they come together and work really hard and recover. other people do better asking for help. either way is okay. >> reporter: counselors have had 50,000 sessions with those in need since the fire. >> i wake for the growth and perfusion to follow. we will grow.
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>> reporter: there will be more events tomorrow since the fire started on the eight enraged into the ninth. coffee park will hold its gathering and all the tomorrow people are invited to continue to come to this downtown plaza and express themselves with chalk. >> thank you, deb. >> the cause of the fire has not been determined but they determined that pg and e powerline started 16 of the 18 wildfires that broke out one year ago in sonoma, napa and mendocino counties. >> the tubs fire did steward thousands of home in the coffee park neighborhood. 551 homes are in some stage of construction right now. only two dozen homes have been completely rebuilt. permits have been issued for another 112 homes in coffee
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park. a lot has changed in the past year. >> we have been following one family during the rebuilding process. today they moved into their new home. >> here is their emotional return. >> it is so good to be home.>> reporter: dominic and john of santa rosa can finally call coffee park home again. it is move in day. it is exactly one year after the fire. >> it is such a special day. i wanted have great feelings and feel happy and at home. i thought it was welcoming to put it all behind us because last year on this day was chaotic and a disaster.>> reporter: their home was one of hundreds reduced to rubble and they are among the first to return. >> we're trying to get the rest of our pieces and everything hooked up and ready to go. >> reporter: there have been hooked up -- kick up with
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furniture and electric. satellite is being installed in pots or pans are being put up in paintings will soon be on the wall. stacy mckee is expected to have her home completed by the holidays. she wanted to welcome them back. >> they did that to us when we first moved in pick --. i brought them a plant. our neighbors are the decision why we decided to rebuild. if they were rebuilding i don't think we would be here.>> reporter: they received the certificate of occupancy on friday. the last inspection will be on wednesday. there putting the finishing touches on the three bedroom, three bathroom home one year later. >> i see everybody working and it is school. >> to be back here one year later in there so many others who haven't broken ground and want to be home. that touches me because they want to be here to.
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>> reporter: there are some inconveniences that come with moving back into the neighborhood. for example, fiber up to cable lines have not been installed to the family will be without internet for now. they are just grateful to be back home. firefighter from santa rosa who lost his own -- his home are trying to save his neighbors will show us his new home under construction and discuss what he remembers from that day. a large grass flyer flared up in solano county bring two buildings. it started yesterday morning in grassland south of us to soon city. sky fox was over the fire just after 5:00.sono county sheriffs department tells us it ignited two structures on the edge of the burns on. it is unclear whether the structures are homes or barns. in addition, two other structures burned yesterday.
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one home and one out building and the fire has destroyed almost 4700 acres and 70 -- 70% contained. firefighters quickly contained a three acre fire in san mateo county east of hackman bay. the fire was under control and contained by about 4:20. there are no reports of injuries or structural damages. check workers at marriott hotels in san francisco, san jose and other cities across the workers are striking and the workout grew even more with nearly 3000 union employees in hawaii hitting picket lines. paul is in the city. the employee say that they have no other choice even though it is a financial burden.>> reporter: it doesn't seem like a lothis is the fifth day in a row that night here union have held demonstrations outside of san
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francisco's hotels. they say what they are asking for could mean the difference between living with dignity and living on the streets.>> reporter: how here is just one of 3000 employees on the lines in san francisco, oakland and san jose. they say the current wages that marriott is paying them is not enough to live on. >> and one payment away from the streets. it is the way like that for myself and many of my coworkers.>> reporter: i cannot afford to pay by myself anymore. i had to bring my son, his wife and children in order to be able to live in the city.>> reporter:ep her two bedroom apartment in san francisco that cost more than $2600 per month. by people with their and it takes three jobs to pay the rent.
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>> one job should be enough to pay your bills, pay the rent and put food on the table.>> reporter: for javier, his situation is much better. >> i pay a lot of money for a room with no kitchen, no bathroom and it is bedbug season. there also mice.>> reporter: workers in hawaii have joined the picket line which he says is reassuring and powerful. there are nearly 8000 people in the united states asking for better wages, safer work place and jobs purity -- job security from area -- from marriott. marriott says the hotels are open and they stand ready to provide excellent service to the gas. would you respect our employees right but we welcome any of -- associate who continues to work. >> how are you supposed to live
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a life and take care of your kids and have dreams and get another degree? how can you do that if you're working 60 to 70 hours per week to get by?'s>> reporter: there are more than 20 hotels affected nationwide in maui, honolulu, detroit, san diego and three bay area cities. union representatives say that seattle has been cleared to go on strike which could happen any day ringing the number of cities 29. -- to a total of nine. the company's first consumer hardware product and why it is raising privacy concerns. there is fog trying to reform at the coast. i will have day tomorrow. san francisco voters will be decide on proposition c. ♪
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from the start, the c-class was ahead of its time. [ indistinct radio chatter ] still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. introducing the new c-class. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer for exclusive offers. san francisco voters will decide whether large company should pay a large text to help combat the homeless problem. the measures:proposition c and while the mayor announced her
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opposition, it received a big endorsement today. amberly is live at city hall with arguments from both sides.>> reporter: supporters say it would help provide funding to house the homeless. opponents say it will drive businesses out of san francisco.>> reporter: there is an argument that there is a homeless crisis on the street the san francisco. one man lost his home when he was laid off. >> stay on the streets most nights. i will get on the part a ride back-and-forth.>> reporter: the debate is over how best to help the homeless into transitional and permanent housing. >> it will provide housing for thousands of kids, families and individuals.>> reporter: it would text companies operating in san francisco .5% on over -- and will raise money for housing the homeless in
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providing services. >> their projects that could be built if they had the funding. we can move homeless people in tomorrow if we had subsidies.>> reporter: vote no on c, the mayor opposes proposition c. in a statement she wrote, homeless spending has increased dramatically in recent years with no discernible improvement in conditions. before we double the tax bill overnight, san francisco residents deserve accountability for the money they are already paying. >> more money along is not the sole answer. >> reporter: opponents say that companies may lay off more than 1000 middle income employees over a 10 year period if they are forced to pay you have you your resell clerks. we want to make this all about big businesses but many small businesses are impacted.
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>> everyday san francisco residents will be paying this. just the top ones. >> reporter: it is getting a big boost from the ceo of salesforce who tweeted his support saint, a san francisco's largest employer, we recognize we are part of the solution. he has pledged $1 million to the campaign. one homeless man says he is disappointed in the mayor's opposition. >> we should start protesting because she comes out here on this blog and tells us that she is going to help us with housing.>> reporter: supporters say that they are confident the measure will pass without the mayor's backing. of the elect did officialthe ma thing there are no safeguards in place to make sure the money is spent effectively to help crisis. a new mobile app allows the pacifica residents to alert the city when they see human or animal excrement.
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it launched last week for iphone. users can take a picture in the cell phone will track the exact location and send it to the public works department for cleanup. google plus shutting down after he -- revealing a data breach that affected almost 1/2 million users. expose the private profile data of almost 500,000 people including names, email addresses, occupations and ages. it occurred back in march but google didn't disclose it until now. the company says there is no evidence that personal information was misused. the network was designed in 2011 to complete with -- compete with facebook and twitter but didn't rise to expectations. facebook is launchingits first electronic device. it has a screen, camera and is designed to take video calls to make video calls easier and more intuitive with a camera that tracks your movements and doesn't need to be held.
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critics say it could pose privacy concerns, especially considering facebook's recent data breach. the device is expected to be released early next month with a price range of 200 to 350 dollars. mandatory evacuations are underway in florida ahead of hurricane marco. -- hurricane michael. is expected to reach the panhandle by midweek as a category three. there is the threat of tornadoes as well as an 8 to 12 foot storm surge. it has already caused major damage in central america were 13 people died after michael formed off the coast of northern honduras. michael is definitely going to be the big story, especially on the east coast were flights will be delayed from wednesday, thursday and friday and a little into saturday morning.
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these with high temperatures today. 88 fairfield, 80 in antioch, 82 napa. temperatures will be down about three or four degrees. the fog wants to return to the coast. it will be mainly tomorrow evening but some patches could show up tonight. there is another hurricane down here. here is michael here going this way and this is sergio and this is us with the high pressure. we are drive we have a red flag warning and wind advisory. we're not seeing the strong winds. that is good. currently temperatures are 14 degrees cooler in never -- napa. it will be cooler tomorrow and temperatures will start warm up
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towards the weekend. i will have more in a little bit. coming up, new accolades for the new tesla model. why it is being called the safest car in the world. mark is going to show us who is moving on in the mlb playoffs. amana shot and killed in his bedroom. what clues witnesses gave police .
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police are searching for
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the person who killed a man inside home in prima early this morning. authorities were responding to a 911 call after the body of a 56-year-old man was found inside a home near fremont boulevard. the alameda county coroner's office remove the body shortly afternoon. he was shot and killed inside a bedroom where he rented. the person who called 911 said he may have seen the killer leaving the area. >> he said he heard what sounded like gunshots and they saw an unknown race and aged male come from the general vicinity of the front door of the residence. the man got onto a bicycle and he pedaled off. >> investigators hope that surveillance video will help truck down the killer. this was the second homicide for fremont. there is word that the muni driver involved in last month's crash on lumber street in -- in san francisco
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has died. milton james was behind the wheel of a both -- us that crossed the median and lanes of traffic were colliding into a building, tree and parked her vehicle. james died on september 24, two weeks after the crash. police have yet to determine the cause. james had been praised for his spotless driving record during his 31 years. the p rebuilding has owners paving the way for changes. had them pacific properties and -- bought the rights to a building lease for $290 million. the chronicle reports that the company wants to expand the farmer market and open the 245 foot tower to the public. they also plan to upgrade offices and retail spaces and add new amenities and events. the port of san francisco has leased it to private development -- developer since 2001. the tesla three has
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received a five star rating from safety officials.west car for mass-market. the ntsb gave it a perfect score in all categories. tesla said the sedan has the lowest probability of causing injury of any vehicle ever tested by the ntsb. the three vehicles now take all three top spots for least risk of injury. on wall street cannot text stocks took a hit. down and 39 points but the nasdaq fell 52 points. the s&p 500 was mostly unchanged and down one point. still ahead, a knife a firefighter who raced to help others as his own home burned to the ground. one year later he is rebuilding . a report from the united nations on climate change. what time to reverse the effect may be running out. >> the report saying we need to
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be going forward very dramatically.
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supreme court justice brett kevin took a judicial office today at the white house. during the ceremony the president took the he called th pain and suffering over the last few weeks. andre senior takes a look at how the confirmation battle could influence the midterm
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elections. >> i brett kavanaugh do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: president trump held a swearing in ceremony for brett kevin all at the white house. he thinks senators who voted in favor of his confirmation. >> i give special attitude to the senators who are accredited to the country and the senate. i will be forever grateful to all of the senators who carefully considered my nomination.>> reporter: the final sprint to election day ensues in earnest. both parties are playing up the outcome to their benefit. this is four weeks before voters head out to the polls. >> this whole situation is being framed by the democrats as corruption and an incomplete process. for the republicans they are excited that they have
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seen some kind of a movement among their voting base.>> reporter: while addressing the chiefs of police in orlando, the president praised kevin all but putting democrats as a party that will sink to new lows to gain power. >> it was a disgraceful situation brought about by who are evil. he toughed it out.>> reporter: these are words he will likely echo at campaign rallies in iowa, pennsylvania, ohio and kentucky. >> i think he will ratchet it up because he is appealing to his base every time he launches a criticism or attack. is much as the left might be off but, the right is saying he is speaking for us.>> reporter: be careful for the forecast because the capitol process makes the outcome of the elections anything but a sure bet.
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>> it is political talk and forecasting but the reality is who shows up on the day of november 6 to turn out and vote.>> reporter: kevin over report to the supreme court for the first time tomorrow. one case will deal with sentencing guidelines and the other will deal with immigration. in the newsroom, i andre senior, . attorneys for doctor ford says she is not ready to return to her home in palo alto because she continues to receive death but. she is reportedly back in the bay area but is at an undisclosed location. her attorney say that since testifying about her allegations of sexual assault against brett kavanaugh, the death threats have been an ending. and a report shows global warming is accelerating faster than scientist thought and could be impossible to stop unless there are drastic policy changes. >> the un internal government plan released the details. one
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expert says it could impact california. >> reporter: this report was alarming even to veteran climate experts. it says that to avoid potentially irreversible effects of global warming, carbon pollution levels will need to dropped to near zero by the year 2050. it is technologically possible but scientists fear is politically unlikely.>> reporter: there was a pause when the ambitious target for 2015 of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius from the preindustrial levels of the 1850s. on monday in korea, the report on global warming said that may be impossible. >> climate change is already affecting people, ecosystems all around the world.>> reporter: the 91 scientists wrote the reports of the world is on track to surpass that limit as soon as 12 years from now if carbon emissions are not severely and immediately curbed. >> we are seeing much worse
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effects much sooner than we previously thought were going to happen.>> reporter: the climate program to impact -- director at uc berkeley school of law. >> it has been the hottest year on record. you seen it starting to take off in terms of temperature rise. >> reporter: the shows a new urgency to take action with consequences exacerbating wildfire dangers and increasing risks of drought in california 's central valley and wine country. >> a lot of grapes will not survive in a warmer climate. a lot of wineries are having to move further north in grow varieties -- different varieties. >> reporter: it can also mean bigger hurricanes and more flooding. >> when precipitation falls in california and the sierras, instead of coming down as snow it comes down as rain which leads to flooding.>> reporter:
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it also warned of an irreversible polar ice melt that could threaten sea levels threatening california's coast and services go bay. >> we have the airport that are at sea level, we have major highways like the bayshore freeway, interstate 80 and parts of 101.>> reporter: as we have seen is that more often people who are low income and maybe who are not proficient in english and face other barriers around transportation are facing the worst impact and outcomes from these disasters.>> reporter: vivian recently helped residents in affordable housing get access to solar panels which are small steps that can make a big difference. >> everything from solar powers -- solar panels to electric vehicles to having energy efficient appliances is really important.>> reporter: the un report will serve as a guide for implementing the paris agreement when climate talks continue in poland in december.
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top honors for giant pumpkin. we will show you this year's winner of the half-moon pumpkin bayway off -- they bay way off. were talking about your temperatures trending down. we will have details on your forecast. hundreds gathered to remember the 20 people who died over the weekend in a limo crest -- limousine crash.
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not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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hundreds of people gathered in upstate new york for a candlelight vigil for the 20 be were killed in a limousine crash on saturday. you can see people holding candles and singing songs. it is the deadliest transportation accident in the u.s. in almost 10 years. we learned that the limousine failed the safety inspection a month ago and the driver did not have the proper license. witnesses say that it drove right through a stop sign at a high rate of speed killing two pedestrians. all 18 people inside the limousine including the driver were killed. the ntsb says they are trying to determine whether the passengers were wearing seatbelts. >> at this point we are unsure
10:39 pm
if allstate's -- all of the seats had seatbelts. we are also unsure if the seatbelts were worn by anyone. >> for sisters and their husbands are among the dead. group was on their way to a surprise birthday party. it occurred about 160 miles north of new york city. the oakland diocese and else is following the lead of the catholic church is in south the when dealing with clergy sex abuse. they will name names when it comes to priest who are credibly used of abusing children. it will also want an independent investigation into clergy sex abuse in the oakland diocese. the catholic diocese of san jose made a similar announcement weeks ago in an effort to be more transparent response to the global clergy sex abuse scandal. the annual world championship pumpkin whale was held -- way
10:40 pm
off 2100 pounds. he planted the seed less than six months ago and watched it grow and grow and grow& he used a backhoe to lift it into his pickup truck for the drive to california. this is the fourth time he has won the top honors and $7000 -- seven dollars per pound earned him about $15,000. the pumpkin will be showcased at the half-moon bay art and pumpkin festival this weekend. a santa rosa firefighter describes responding to fires and seeing his community and home burned. progress one year later. we are tracking your bay area forecast. we will let you know how long the warm weather will stick around.
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some people hide their cash inside think fast, reliable internet is crucial.
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does it every go down? yes. can't do my job. business grinds to a halt. our gig-speed network not only downloads files up to 20 times faster, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability. so if the unexpected happens... (snaps fingers) you stay up and running. but not to that. i want that. (laughing) for a limited time get fast, reliable internet and add voice for just $24.95 more per month. call now. comcast business. beyond fast. when the tubs fire occurred in santa rosa emergency responders jumped into action. >> assistant fire marshal paul lost his home while fighting s. we introduce you to him last october. today we are on the progress in
10:44 pm
the neighborhood one year later. >> reporter: one year later signs of devastation and signs of hope. >> this is going to be my daughter's bedroom. here is where the fireplace and to be in this area.>> reporter: his home was destroyed in the fire. 911 calls began the night of october 8 and he was at home when his two cell phones began ringing. there were multiple fires including one in napa valley. he suddenly turned around while driving. >> when i hit the fire i tried to drive through it thinking it was just small. once i realized the magnitude and visibility went to zero i quickly turned around.>> reporter: he realized that the fire in napa valley is charging right toward the sonoma county city of santa rosa. >> i remember pulling into a court and saw fires
10:45 pm
establishing themselves in these neighborhoods. you will move into another cul- de-sac and come back to make sure the people are out but the front yard is on fire and the tent in the side of the house. when you come back a couple minutes later the whole house would be on fire. you so house after house and block after block of homes on fire as people are getting out.>> reporter: he and others were knocking on doors as the fire raged. >> visibility was next to nothing. we were driving around with the windows down so we can hear people. at the same time we couldn't see anything. i was on my pa system with the siren and yelling this is the fire department, evacuate immediate. we were running up into people's driveways. people were asking if they needed to evacuate. >> reporter: he said he never really thought about his own home until he started hearing radio traffic.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: he in the battalion chief headed that way. here is actual video from that moment. he is driving the truck and jonathan cox is behind him. their goal is to check the directions so they can relay the direction to command. >> were getting closer to the neighborhood and the restaurant down the road was on fire. the houses were on fire.>> reporter: this neighbor took this final photo of the left -- of the fire. here is the tubs fire barreling toward his home. >> i immediately knew that everything was gone.>> reporter: he took on many roles and slept a total of six hours in five days. not until his chief told him to stop working on friday did he realize that he truly lost everything. >> when i left that light -- that night i put on my unit and that was it. i didn't have a car, clothes. i was like a lot of people. i am
10:47 pm
starting from scratch slowly.>> reporter: one year later he has a new house that will soon fill like home. it is surrounded by others home -- other homes in a wonderful community is starting to be reborn. >> you look around the neighborhood one year later and you have a roof over your head. are you happy with the progress? did you think there would be more homes? >> i am happy with the progress. it is good to see a lot of homes being built.>> reporter: the fire started on sunday and five days later his chief told him to stop and go. paul was like, where do you want me to go? that was when he realized he was a big and not just a firefighter. here we are one year later and he is set to move into his new home by the end of the month. it will not only be a homecoming celebration. he said his birthday is also around the corner and it will be a birthday celebration as well.
10:48 pm
the red flag warnings have been dropped in the wind advisories have been dropped and here are the temperatures we had today. it is going to be cooler tomorrow. temperatures will increase to the weekend. it is crystal clear. it almost looks like january or february. we have surgery or -- sergio down there and michael over there that is going to cost travel problems for the east coast. we have the signature high pressure, that clockwise flow. that tells you it is going to be dry. it is also going to be relatively warm. there is some paul potentially forming at the coast.
10:49 pm
the winds are calm tonight in napa at nine miles per hour. pressure gradient have released a bit so we are not dealing with a high fire danger. the cloudy tomorrow morning in san francisco due to the fog and some clouds. by lunchtime we will be in the mid-60s and by the end of the day san francisco and oakland to sarah file will be in the upper 60s, low 70s. inland temperatures will be into the 80s. here is the fog model that just creeps in. by 5:00 tomorrow night yellows are 70s which is most of us tomorrow. oranges are low 80s and maybe some mid-80s towards fresno and sacramento. 80 in san raphael. it will be 76 in hayward.
10:50 pm
we did have a brush with the fire on sunday with that air quality but it is better getting into this pattern with amateurs generally in the upper 70s or the next couple of days. going into your weekend temperatures will increase back to the mid-80s. it is not a heatwave or red flag environment. it is settle changes and it is classic fall weather. here is your 5-day forecast at 11:-- 11:00. two candidates for governor meet for the one and only debate. where they clashed. why was steve kirby -- why was steve kirby eject it?
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(music throughout) monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. we're here to talk baseball with mark. >> it was a classic matchup but the bronx bombers were not doing the slugging. they were historically pummeled in their own stadium. about 16-1 by the boston red sox. it would all go downhill for aaron. that was about as happy as he would get. that was before the game started. the yankee fans went like this.
10:54 pm
a seven run fourth for boston. a huge hit with bases loaded and andrew down the right field to rattle around their and everybody is going to score three run triples. here is the history. here is brock holt eating singles, doubles, triples and then leaves the yard with a cycle. the home run. yankees fans, wake up. it is brock holt. going to cleveland, but by indians. in the seventh inning in cleveland tied with the world ch is gonzalez the other way down the left field line breaking a 2-to tie. they are in any 3-0 sweet. carlos korea goes deep for a
10:55 pm
three run homer and it is a 3-0 series with three. that fan says it all for cleveland right there. giant fans who want the giants -- dodgers out of things, get your anti-camera -- anti-karma mojo thing going. the dodgers look very sharp with many machado in atlanta and is ready to go. a 2-1 ballgame and david pitches a single and a deficit of one run is turn into a one run lead for the dodgers. here is the put away shot. it is machado who struck out seven times in the series. three run jack in the dodgers take care of the atlanta braves 3-1. they will take on milwaukee eventually. one week tomorrow it is
10:56 pm
real for the golden state warriors. in the meantime, how about something that i have never seen. wake me up when it counts for real. we will get to the weirdness in a moment. the andre 810 had 18 points and seven rebounds. he look like the real deal. it goes right to him and the other sons to get it to drop. he had 23 points. here is the something i have never seen before. steve kerr, a coach ejected at a preseason game. there were three offensive fouls and he says i've had enough. i don't want to see this anyway. he is escorted out with no problem.. they have the real de next tuesday at oracle. in terms of feethe is not the
10:57 pm
tallest quarterback in the nfl but when it comes to yardage, drew breeze, no one towers above him. he made it 201 yards to pass peyton manning on all-time list for guards thrown in the nfl. he had 250 by halftime. here he goes to smith. fitted like the record breaking is a touchdown and it is a blowout for the saints. 43-19 over washington and it was great to do it in new orleans and in front of the family. drew breeze stands tall in new orleans. it is good to see someone having fun playing football because the local teams are not. the 49ers fall to one and four and the raiders are right there with them after going to southern california even though they had 80% raiders fans to never led. they created no turnovers on defense.
10:58 pm
they had a terrible fi. there is their car interception first and goal at the one. melvin e graham and john takes full responsibility. >> i am going to continue to emphasize the good and do everything i can to fix the things that are bad. most of the things that are bad have my fingerprints all over them. >> in the meantime the sharks got a lot of improving to do. the road trip to the east coast taking care of the isles. you have to wear leather if you are a sharks fan in new york. and second-period we are scoreless. josh bailey with a slap and they have rebounds and. by the third-period scott may fill works for the second
10:59 pm
it is 4-0 final score. robert leonard with 35 saves in the shutout against the shot -- sharks. alameda is the new coach of the quakes. he will take over next year. that is the sporting life. let's turn it over to 11:00 news. coming up, tonight we remember those lost and celebrate in our community what we have accomplished in one short year. >> a time for reflection in north bay as we mark one year from the fire that torch neighborhood and change lives forever-- changed lives forever. there was 44 lives lost in the
11:00 pm
flames. hello again. >> north bay is recovering from devastation but will never be the same. there were tears, signs of hope as a community rebuilds, recovers and remembers. deborah's live in santa rosa with how survivors are marking the one-year anniversary.>> reporter: it has run the gamut from peer services, to barbecue, nature hikes to art exhibit. here at old courthouse square people are invited to pick up sidewalk chalk and express their feelings. there is a snoopy holding a fire hose. officials hosted a brief ceremony. tonight we remember t lost. >> reporter: the fire bill told 44 times for those who died in last october's disaster. 24 of them were from sonoma county.


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