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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 12, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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produces models for disasters said it caused $8 billion in damage. 4:29 is the time right now. it's moved out to the atlantic for the most part. it's headed that way. >> it's going by new england, long island. it's moving 29, 30 miles per hour. it's moving fast. it's post tropical, it no longer holds tropical characteristics. the coast, sunday looks to be the best with more 70s, today 60s, 70s and 80s, and san francisco, livermore and sacramento are heating up. this is offshore, it won't be howling at the surface, it will give us more sunshine. tropical storm sergio is taking aim again. it may be in new mexico and arizona, it's another round for them. 40s and 50s on our temperatures, cooler here due to the lack of clouds, upper
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40s for some lafayette. daniel is 46 and 50 seems suns temperatures will be pretty nice here over the next few days, if not weak, 60s, 70s and 80s. 4:31, sal is here, and he tells me to be quiet. >> i'm looking at your forecast. >> i'm looking at your forecast. just taking it all in. >> it looks like a nice day, steve. >> it does indeed, sal. >> thank you very much. i like that. good morning, everyone. lets look at the commute -- oops, there we go. solano county, we'll start there, you can see traffic is moving well. eastbound 80 there's a little bit of a problem because of road work approach the carquinez bridge. you can see traffic moving from the hercules area, to richland, it looks good. this is in fine shape, there's no major problems, there's a 17-
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minute drive. then when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, most of it is good, there's a little bit of slow traffic in the fast lanes that should be gone in a few moments and we have a light commute so far. 4:32, lets go back to the desk. pg&e are going to work to cut down trees near napa gas pipeline. according to the napa register, they've been cutting down trees near the welcome to napa valley sign. work is expected to wrap up today, they should expect delays in the area. traffic was slow for a two-mile concern. the water in the fountain grove neighborhood is safe to drink. they replaced water lines to 52
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properties where a toxic chemical ben scene was found -- benzine was found. they've flushed and sampled each water line to make sure it meets state and federal standards. as the bay area remembers last october's fires, there's a pocket in the fire zone where people feel forgotten. the journey's end mobile home park was an affordable home for years and now the areas that are destroyed remain off limits. >> who cares? we do, we do. >> robert morgan sprang to help the elderly neighbors, when the tubs fire came to journey's end, he helped save row of mobile homes. kaiser was being saved. >> he's been thanked by foyer
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officials. >> the neighbors whose homes he helped save. >> i wish you let my home bush to the ground, i don't want to live any more. >> the property itself is condemned, no water or electricity, but their mobile homes are intact and their insurance won't pay. moving one costs $30,000, but pat's trailer is too old to move. >> it's purgatory, where do i go from here, there's in finality to it, there's no -- i certainly can't go by another house. >> on top of that, her place has been broken into, ransacked and burglarized several times. video security in the park is no deterrent. >> i'm appalled, not surprised. >> something journey's end holds on to, the sense of community. >> i feel sad. it isn't going to be built as
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it once was. >> linda tunes called her daughter that she was trapped. she said she was going to die. >> i just said mom, i love you over and over again. >> they found her body. and another woman died that night. residents are left hanging, and just like these two, with their moms dead. >> it's difficult, and she was sweet. i got a lot of support. >> if it was coffey park they would have been all over it. this is grandma and grandpa land, nobody cares, no regrets for saving the street, but the consequences unexpected. >> i feel like i did something wrong, you're not supposed to feel something right, here we
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are a year later. >> now, the mobile homeowners are allowed to enter through a locked gate and visit their propertito retrieve but they cannot stay. they are working with housing advocates and the property owner on the next steps, but so far there is no solution in sight. there is a warning for anyone who recently filled up their gas tanks in so foam a county, five credit card scummers were found at highway 12 and sees at that way in the -- siesta way in the valley. they think they've been there since october 5th. they're used to record credit card information. none who bought gas at those stations should monitor their credit card and bank statements. and an award is being extended two more months in hopes of finding whoever killed a south bay man, a man was stabbed to death outside of his home last night. he loved the 49ers and returned
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from a fantasy football program. he spotted a man wearing raiders clothing and he said something positive about the 49ers and he was killed. his family calls the a tack a random act of violence, and the los altos mothers against murder put up the $5,000 reward and hopes to double that amount through donations and a store owner faces two people who were killed at fisherman's wharf. a conviction was overturned, an appeals court found that woo should have had a hearing to see if he was mentally fit to stand trial. the jury found he was sane when he committed the murder, he's expected to be sentenced on
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december 12th. the city's travel association says tourism is expected to reach a record 26.1 visitors in year, it's up more than 2% from last year. they predict 2019 will be stronger. there are concerns that those numbers could drop because of the city's homeless problem. homeless people come into the hotel almost daily. >> they come into the lobby and they help themselves to some of the amenities that they offer for the guests in the lobby and cause a scene and often times, our guests are shocked. tourists are expected to spend 9 and a half billion dollars this year in san francisco. bart will pay a 1.3 million fine for an accident that killed two workers back in 2015. two men were inspecting tracks when they were hit and killed by a train. it was being operated by a manager in training during a
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labor strike. now, they found bart violated several safety rules, they're on probation for three years. if they comply with safety rules the fine may be cut in half. they're taking efforts to clean up two stations in san francisco. they're going to power wash two stations for four hours each night. that's up from one hour per night right now. they approved a three-year contract for the cleaning and it will cost $932,000. and this is after complaints of the cleanliness at the stations. and taxi drivers may get a lift after competing with uber and lyft. the recommendations focus on
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those expensive medallions that allow driving as a taxi. some of them may be whether they want it waive fees if they want to transfer the medallions to someone else. investigators say an air canada jet was 60 feet off the ground when it came in under 4 loaded planes on a taxi way. the pilots were confused by a runway closure, the ntsb said a few feet of separation presented this from becoming the worst aviation accident in history. the reports also failed to report the incident until the next day and the safety board criticized the faa for having just one controller on duty. and now, it's 4:40 and getting ready for take off, the air force base is getting ready
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to help in relief efforts. and a homecoming, and a surprise that and brought home to his girlfriend. good morning, traffic on the bridge right now looks good getting no san francisco, it's light coming around that corner towards treasure island exit. a little more sunshine today and some warmer temperatures on a friday, we'll see what's in store for the weekend. fact: some of your favorite foods, including wine, can deeply stain teeth. unfortunately, ordinary whitening toothpastes can only whiten the tooth's surface.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", more than 20 years after his death matthew shepard will be laid to rest at the national cathedral in washington. he was beaten and tied to a fence and it was a wyoming hate crime. he was active in the episcopal church and his family is glad rest in a sacred spot. his life will be celebrated in a surface and his body will be in a crypt in washington, d.c. some families are with the national guard after a 4 month demoment in iraq. this was a special whom coming for anthony edwards and his girlfriend. >> i know you and i have spent many life times together and i want you to do it again, spend
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the rest of your life with me. will you marry me? [ cheering and applause ] >> the returning operators and air crew members performed search and rescue missions. this morning wedding festivities are under way once again for the royal family. princess eugenie is marrying brooksbank. and he's an executive at a tequila company. they're marrying at windsor castle the same place where meagan and harry married this year. and this houseboat is on the market for $600,000. and tom hanks confirmed he lived there between 1973 and
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1976 with his stepfather and mother when he was a teenager. >> he took the time, i was impressed he took the time to make a comment. it shows what kind of a person he is, generous. >> the home has two bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen did you know stairs, and it's the same year he moved in. and ryan kugler has written and started the schedule for black panther. it has made a record for a release, no word on a start date or release date on that black panther schedule. fans are flying high this morning after beating the rivals the new york giants. new york giants. last night's game was right here on ktvu fox it 2, if you
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had not paid attention to this game, we're punching a cooling fan on the sidelines, he stormed off the field during the final seconds of the first half. they beat the giants 34-14. 4:47 is the time, lets check in with sal to look at the commute. >> i looked at the game and if you play that right before traffic, i have it say something, because i was just looking at my app here. >> you're one of our big sports fans -- >> yes, ma'am, good morning, everyone. i want to mention that traffic is off it a decent start if you're driving around the bay area, i think you would find it to your liking, lets go to the tracy supercommute. you can see traffic is a little bit slow as come up to the altamont pass right there's con
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right there approaching the tool 35 interchange, the construction has been a redon't know about it, leave yourself extra time if you're getting out to highway 580 and taking off for the weekend, getting off highway 5, know it's going to be there. traffic is locking good out to the dub hundred interchange and getting to the hay wood area. no problems in front of the coliseum, traffic is moving along okay at the bay bridge toll plaza. at 12 minutes before the hour at 5:00, meteorologist stove paul son, he's a good player zach. be back in and not much change, sunday looks to warmer. it's sunny and warmer, we're setting off an offshore breeze, temperatures are bumping up, low 80s and a low is forming in southern california. we can see the upper area and
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in the hills it's not that strong. the remains of sergio going into new mexico, you will get moisture and rain, nothing here. low to mid on these temperatures, the oakland hills, 59 and it's cool for some. fairfield 51, and sunnyvale 51, 52 at the oakland airport. the cool nights have settled in for sure. 46 and and any patchy fog will get chewed up rapidly. it will be clear and you can see why. that will increase the fire danger and we'll have heightened fire dangers, we'll have lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. high pressure to the north and low pressure to the south. it looks very stable. it's warmer and breezy at times, we have 60s and 70s and low 80s, the days are getting shorter and nights longer. there may shall patchy fog and you can see some of that there.
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saturday may ease up a few degrees on the temperatures and they'll warm up on sunday, it looks quiet for the next few days. 4:50 is the time right now. another case of accusing priests of abuse, and we hear from the victim and he said his attacker needs to be brought to justice.
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(music throughout) welcome 2", an oakland man
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accusing the catholic church in the bay area of protecting a priest who molested him. they're warning the public about steven wayland, he molested him as a boy, tarsealed. he's listed in the official catholic director at don bosco hall in berkeley, he's been unremorseful, they spent millions of dollars defending him and they're doing it despite me, i don't think he should be part of this and they should remove him from the ministry and do its job. >> he's 79 years old and lives there and is considered a restricted priest. that means he's not allowed be involvpublic ministry or be alone or have physical po
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officer has pled guilty to bribery and fraud. he was a police officer for 26 years and was considered an asian gang investigators. he retired in 2007 and began working for the district attorney's office as an investigator. during that time he has admitted to helping an f.b.i. informant avoid prosecution in exchange for gifts including expensive trips to las vegas and reno and concert tickets and paid escorts. they released a statement: a statement: he is facing up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine. voters in three cities in
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santa clara county will decide next month whether to impose a business tax on the sale of marijuana. a proposed business tax is on the november ballot in santa clara and morgan hill. if approved money would go to public services and repairing infrastructure in the cities. the measures require a simple majority or more than 50% to pass. the union representing patient care workers at the university of california has voted to authorize a strike. it's the second time this year, you see workers have voted to gun on -- to voted to go on strike. the university has said contracting out services is allowed under the current contract. in may they staged a concerns a and facebook spamming and users with political miss information and
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click bait. they were coordinated inauthentic behavior. it spread sensational political content and misled users to who they are and what they're doing. they're cracking down over meddling after the interference with elections in to 16. elon musk says a housing shortage and needed infrastructure is the biggest weight on his plans to keep him from having 7,000 to 20,000 workers. it's planning to double his but nodes more schools, roads and affordable housing to accommodate work jeers one lucky winner could one a 500
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million jackpot. investigators are looking into what happened to a missing journalist, what officials have learned so far. we see traffic getting busier on the key freeways, including highway 4 where we're getting crowded in concord. and the skies which are clouded with low clouds yesterday, it's clear this morning, i'll show you the friday forecast. friday forecast.
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the man at the ghost warehouse fire is facing a judge this morning. the push to have a judge accept the plea deal that they were denied. how long it could take communities to rebuild after they were hit by one of the most powerful storms in history. good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2", look who i brought in? >> isn't this fun. >> it's great. i'm pam cook. >> i'm clear and sunny i can't milk milk -- i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm honored to be here for dave clark this morning. 7 have died, 5 in florida, 1 in georgia and one in north
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carolina. it could take some coastal towns were reduced to rubble. we have the aftermath on michael and steve paulson is following the remnants of the storm and ray bogan is in one of the hardest hit areas in florida. >> the sun has come up, it's important, there was a curfew was from sunset to sunrise, now, it's up, people are trying to come back and see the damage. this is what is left of one of the very popular local bars here, if you look closely you can see a refrigerator, a sink, a couple of tables, it's one of the many buildings that has been crumbled down to the foundation. >> days residents walk the streets of mexico beach, florida, t


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