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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 18, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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gas line. it is a certified that moves production death into another system. there's no downtime or loss to the system at this time >> our concern is we have this 12 inch mainline and throughout the evening, we've had a direct flame impingement of the line that was just discussed. until the fire is extinguished, we are not comfortable that there is no chance there could be a catastrophic failure of the larger pipe. and the abundance of caution, for our citizens and personnel if chosen to keep the evaluation order in effect. until it is truly mitigated.
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>> the gas fire expected to repent of a 12 inch line. we do not know the direction -- >> it is a still pipeline and it is protected and has coding on it. typically what you will see is that it is a painted protection. it is still a painted protection.>> it is a motorized. like we are still managing an active incident and the sooner we get the stuntman back to work the sooner we can get people back into their homes. why don't we take to more questions>> the nitrogen you are injecting, is that in the 3/8 inch line your talk about? that is not the 12 inch?>> it is ending 12 it.
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we will purge the entire system, or the segment of pipeline to ensure there are no flammable left in the pipeline so that we can assess the damage.>> is a something you're improvising or how you trade for? so you're not caught off guard.>> we a trade for emergency response. this is a unique situation. one of our pipelines have sustained fire at the same time it reduces the amount of fire emitted from the pipeline. in any case the, in a situation like this, the party is to eliminate the amount of fuel left in the pipeline. the amount of gas released from the pipeline has been consumed, at this point.
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by fire. there is still gas in the pipeline. is still actively burning it is being consumed by the fire contained in the valve box. the disadvantage to what we have going on here is that it is sub surface in a vaulted we cannot really put is not it until we extinguish the fire>> i would like to make comment about citizens going into the evacuation area ahead of the evacuation order been lifted. in the fire service we take calculate risks. in the performance of our jobs. we are not sunny firefighters in there until we know it is safe and we would encourage every citizen to take the same approach and to be safe. we have not had anyone hurt all night long or all morning long. we do not want anyone hurt in the last hours of the incident. without, i will be around we
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will let these to get back to work. >> when we have another update? >> i will get back to you in the next -- and we will see what happens. >> we are listening live to a news conference in the pittsburgh bay area about evacuations. a grassfire that is putting in underground gas line in danger. no injuries have been reported yet. there waiting to get inside an underground vault to assess the damage. there is still gas in the pipeline in the fire is a burning. we heard a moment ago that they're not setting firefighters and until they know it is safe. it is still burning and as it is burning, it is dangerous.>> you just heard a stern warning from fire officials for people that up and evacuated, not to go back into their homes. this is the area to the evacuation order. the video was taken overnight. as people started to the next on the door at 10 p.m.
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last night saying they needed to evacuate. many people grabbing a couple of things and heading out. we now have a relatively broad time window as to when the incident may be over and the evacuation order may be lifted. we heard in a news conference that they're hoping to wrap the incident up in the next three hours. if that holds, everyone who was out of the home to the bakken by about 10 am this morning. 4000 people have been of equity. officials knocked on the door of 1400 homes in the overnight hours. couple of areas affected, the two top once, calvary temple terrace and lost madonna's college. those are evacuation center cepicky pittsburgh bay point bart station, here the exact addresses for the evacuation center's. to pittsburgh bay point bart station was being used. we understand it is being cleared.
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people are going thereafter there told to leave their homes.>> people have been showing up just midnight. we have a school district bus just arrived. i.c.e. bucket arrived and she is going inside to see what many children are needing rights to school. the pastor tells us his prepared for lunch. he says can stay there as long as they want. earlier grassfire a grass fire broke out. during the fire followed fire line possibly led to a fire at the chevron gas pipeline vault. natural gas pipeline affected by the fire has been shut down and isolated by the rest of the pipeline in the pipeline tells about doesn't mean the extra -- it is over.
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4000 people from 14,000 homes were given evacuation orders. people that live half a mile from the pipeline were told to leave late leslie. summary to the east, suzanne avenue the north and willow pass road to the south people started arriving at midnight.>> we -- there are so many bodies but all over the place that you cannot the all of the children underneath blankets with parents. we have over 100 costs set up. there are at least 60 in there and also a couple hundred of the park, due to a lot of animals. animal control was wonderful and brought out a bunch of containers announce. at a lot of people are staying in the cars with in most.>> we
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were staying at a homeless shelter and the director came banging on everyone's doors. i don't know what is happening today it's. when we are allowed to get back. >> the pittsburgh bay station parking lot was set up for evacuations evacuations were being moved in the last hour to a shelter amtrak trains are running but expect delays. there is an hour-long delay in the san joaquin line for capital quarter. with hundreds of people here in the red cross is here. stopped over at the safeway supermarket late leslie and early this month you got a bunch of snacks and food. and we are told by the pastors they called denny's restaurant to come in and bring in breakfast for anyone.
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is calm and comfortable as possible. a bus has shown up from the unified school district checking to see if any to the need right to school. the pastor told us that by 10, the evacuation order could be lifted and he is preparing for lunch at this point. he doesn't know went to be -- the evacuation order will be lifted. leigh martinez. we saw people huddled up in blankets and it is a cold night to spend overnight in your car. >> the upper 40s and low 50s and we're still waiting on sunrise. temperatures will not the but a lot. actually cool and cooling closer to sunrise. zobrist center was a little bit a fog as well at over sfo. 57 degrees in san francisco. oakland 56 and 47 in livermore and 55 degrees in san jose.
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partly cloudy from the coast around the bay and mostly clear farther in that you go. your waking up -- waking with patchy fog along the coastline and inside the bay. the north bay valley locations has been fluctuating in and around santa rosa brought the money. napa reporting visibility, a little bit less than a mile. three quarters of a mile santa rosa. a little bit more than a mile. at times it has dropped off to nearly quarter of a mile. take it easy. you may find a little bit of patchy fog along the morning drive especially for valley locations. the wind is generally light. that includes the pittsburgh area. but in some spots and neighborhoods your sink the breeze a little more and you can tell by lee's hair being pushed by the winter 10 to 15 miles per hour. will and breezy for some of this morning. the clouds willow road. mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. here's a look at the timestamp
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for 12. mostly sunny inside the bag and inlet. remaining partly sunny partly cloudy at the coastline. temperatures not changing getting into the afternoon. hopefully you enjoyed yesterday because the repeat is coming your way. 7 degrees in downtown san francisco. 76 in hayward. located in concord. at the north bay 81 in nampa. we will not the numbers up in time for the bay area weekend. i look at the extent of forecast in a moment. let's check the highways. we have chronic conditions for the bay area roads we start with the macarthur maze and getting to and from the carquinez bridge, taking almost 45 minutes to drive between the two spots. no major issues and the bay bridge. once you make it onto the span. it is actually pretty decent drive this time of the morning into san francisco. it is getting crowded almost everywhere. a 80 slowing down north or oakland. westbound 580, we have so traffic because of an early
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accident 580 into the oakland area out of san leandro. give yourself extra time. that is blocking one of the lance. living along and taking a look at the peninsula, traffic is here okay from daly city to south sioux city with falling approaching 380. that is all but southbound 11 at redwood city, we have had so traffic out of balance because of an accident near whipple. the best bet is up for you to use it to 80 heading down the peninsula. that would be a better route. the suspect mute is getting filled in the way up to cupertino.; 12. of us go back to the death. we are updating san francisco's public tournaments. we will tell you with the cities historical commission thinks about a new design proposal. construction workers at the hospital after a construction accident in fremont. the rest to save him after a big collapse.
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facebook will have a war room ahead of the major election. upon his at the menlo park high court is will monitor political content to make sure the election is not corrupted by fake accounts. staff members will be looking for content spreading of the social media site to make sure what is posted is being said by real people or groups. facebook in place with a there will be a three-step approach in the days leading up to election day.>> first as we remove from the platform account that if an account is using the fake account or if someone is engaged, we remove thing about that from the platform. kemirah do something. if there is a misinformation or something problematic, reduced distribution. the last is to inform. the fact checkers at third- party organizations. whatever is inaccurate or problematic, the information what form users of what they
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are seeing. we use all three of these techniques. slightly warmer and was modeled after operations used by political campaigns. they are typically set the final weeks before election day. just saw right here, we just received an update on the breaking news about the fire burning dangerously close to a natural gas pipeline, forcing 4000 people to evacuate pittsburgh and me point overnight. >> we are understanding. we have had to evacuate to quite a few citizens. the safety of our citizens and a number of concerned fire resources. started releasing the pressure online. we are start applying nitrogen to the system. are not in any threat of an explosion at this point. our plan moving forward is to go in and purge the remaining natural gas in the pipeline.
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we will inject nitrogen into the pipeline which will extinguish the fire.>> authorities wanted to reiterate to evacuated that the reason they were evacuated with for their safety. not even the firefighters are going into the area where the claims are still burning until saffron, which manages the facility, gives the all clear. ktvu will be honest with continuing coverage all morning long. san francisco said officials are considering the delay in the face 2 of the salesforce transit center because of a lack of confidence the management of the project. like i remember when trans bay started. was going to be an expensive sediment hundred million dollar project. it ended up being a 1.5 lead on the project that came in at $2.2 billion. the has become a source of danger, and embarrassment.
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>> it is a design and engineering up and area along the transit center to accommodate caltrain and high- speed rail. this comes as the general contractor of the salesforce transit center through the agency in charge of the project. general contractor is seeking $150 million in damages. thinning mismanagement by the trans bay joint authority but by delays and cost doesn't cause the project cost to store. focuses on the construction phase of the transit center and is not meant to the correct sound into still beams last month. the center has been closed wrote while crews work on a permanent fix. in a statement, the translator joint powers authority says it is reviewing details of the lawsuit but added many accusations that you with delays the project predates the repeated commitment to deliver the transit center on time.
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dj yet remains focused on reopening the transit center as soon as is safely possible. i know this morning's incident in pittsburgh bay port had an effect for a time in the pittsburgh bay point bar station but that appears to about a. >> the pittsburgh bay point bart station according to officials, the parking lot where they were using it as a staging center, and evacuation center has been moved to the college so bar writers can use the parking lot. we will look at highway four and take a look at the traffic which has been normal. at a slow of antioch dover to concord. 680 so heading to highway 24 but a pretty normal to drive through the area. we are also looking at a commute, the eastway were it is going to be a tough drive from the carquinez bridge to the
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macarthur maze. it is just a bunch of slow traffic enrichment, el cerrito, berkeley, and oakland. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, another 20 minutes to wait in line before you make it onto the span. the san mateo bridge traffic is okay, but you are in for slow traffic when you get across the bay. soft loan 101 from san mateo down towards just before whipple. there is a crash blocking lanes and it has been there for a bit. if you have to get around it you have to stick it to el camino which is not that bad. 101 is going to be very slow.; 20. good morning and from south pictures, we have some fog to deal with in areas of the north may, patchy dense fog in nampa, santa rosa, and down through american canyon.
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visibility is low. maybe quarter of a mile in some areas. it could be dangerous when it is patchy. take it easy and you should be okay. along the coastline we see some as well with the offshore flow. has really let up from earlier in the week would have the red flood warning in place. i will roll you through the next several days and we will get past the weekends because i want to show you the next opportunity with rain coming through the bay area. it does not look too promising but we have several days to go. here's a look at tuesday. a storm moving through the pacific northwest and into wednesday, another round of this one looks like it drops a little closer to the bay area that will change. we are several days out but it is the next opportunity at getting rain into the bay area. outside of the doors this morning, parlayed a mostly cloudy status. degree of san francisco. 40 in novato at a chilly 42 in nampa. of her 40s and low 50s in the inner east bay. pitsburg up her 40s and 50s. a little breezy for the folks waiting to go down. -- home.
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at the north bay the upper 70s and lovato. 80 in petaluma. these numbers are a repeat of yesterday. 75 and oakland. 80 to pittsburgh. into the south bank, 80 degrees san jose. low 80s in saratoga and 76 by the water in santa cruz 70 in redwood city. 74 downtown san francisco. here is a look at the extended forecast. more of the same into the bay area friday. we were met up saturday. trumpeters dropping off slightly sunday. a little bit color monday. major renovations finished at the berkeley bart station. much more than just like with the commute online. what the station will look like as it reopens to the public.
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san francisco police have released surveillance images connected to a hit-and-run that injured a cyclist. the images showed the suspect vehicle. marin four-door sedan. the car hit a 33-year-old cyclist august 21 at 5:40 intersection of valencia and hill street. you can help identify the car or driver you asked to call san francisco police. to concord where police hope 830 but it will help them track down a bank robber. rubber happened august 1 at the wells fargo on oak grove road. cicada cameron scott images of a man who police say medication from the teller. they say he left the bank with
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more than $8000 in cash. anyone with information is asked to call concorde police. and workplace accident being investigated this at three construction workers to the hospital. what is in critical condition. building apartment stormer road a tower of rebar crashed on top of them. the workers were binding the rebar to create support for the apartment building. when it collapsed a, thousand pounds of metal fell on workers. >> what happens as they scale the rebar like in a scaffolding and he tried to make it good and tight and they put the boxwood around it that you can see behind me. >> one of the worker suffered injuries to chest and abdomen at the other workers entered arms and legs to the contractor, queensland boulder says it is working to find out what happened. the countdown to the great california stakeout. drills happening this morning and what you could learn from event today.
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thousands of people were forced out of their homes overnight because of a fire threatening a natural gas pipeline. evacuees left a bart station parking lot. many have come here to the college. we have the latest on the second shelter that has been opened up for the situation. hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers,
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appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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busy thursday, october 18 i am gasia mikaelian. is black i am dave clark. >> let's get you updated breaking news in contra costa county. firefighters are waiting on chevron to give you the all clear. so they can go and to tackle a fire burning dangerously close to a natural gas pipeline.
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so that authorities say they hope to have 4000 people evacuated from their homes overnight in the pittsburgh and the bay point area. returning home possibly in the next few hours. two schools are closed because of what is happening today. this is the golf elementary as is baker's tentacle.>> an arrest mise arrived>> what is it like there. >> not to medicare so far you see a lot of personnel hopefully the 4000 people evacuated to not to stay there too long fire officials say there hoping in the next the next few hours someone may be able to go back home. in the meantime, they're here and there coffee, water and
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warm environment at the community college. so far we have seen some additional -- this is definitely an upgrade compared to where a lot of people were over the last couple of hours and overnight. earlier this morning, we heard pittsburgh police go through the bart parking lot at the pittsburgh bay point station and to let folks know they had to leave it there. some people have been spending the night in their cars since they were evacuated. officials let them know they had to leave and use the parking lot at they move them to lost madonnas -- los medanos college. here's what it sounded like when people are being told to leave the parking lot and had over here.>> can we talk to you?>> the latest on the fire.
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it is still burning. it is still near the gas pipeline. but chevron is working on it. fire officials are working on a into the process of clearing, and the pressurizing the gas line so people can go back. are some closures here and we are trying -- what time do people come to the neighborhood and let unite had to leave. executive order >> around 11: 35 or 11:30. someone was knocking on the door hard and flashlight run the window. we were pretty worried. >> where did you go from there?>> to bart. >> to do spend the night? >> we did. it was pretty uncomfortable but at least we were safe. >> was a relief to know that you could come over here? >> it was uncomfortable being in the car the whole night.>> it is you -- >> my mother, my brother, i needs, my sister and brother-in- law.>> all packed into one car?
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>> we had two cars. >> not an ideal way for a baby. >>reporter: what are your thoughts about this happening and the reaction to this happening? like we are happy that we are safe and we were notified. we did on mind. we are grateful. >> thank you for stopping to talk to us. luck to you. we hope you can get copy and get a little bit more comfortable in the shelter. this is where the folks were evacuated last night were headed. like many people, hundreds of people spent the night in their cars the pittsburgh bart, last night. but now they are being moved over and the latest word is that hopefully in the next couple of hours, 4000 people who had to evacuate will be able to return to their homes. we will continue to follow the situation and talk to the red cross and fire officials to give the latest information. live in pittsburgh and erasmus ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> (art meteorologist rosemary for a look at people in the pittsburgh bay pointed elsewhere facing. the wind is generally light and a little bit of a breeze. the sun is light and temperatures will rebound. the upper 40s and low 50s is what they are dealing with. 50 degrees in santa rosa. sfo without a fogger developing. 57 in san francisco. 56 in oakland. the upper 40s in livermore and san jose at 55. the wind is generally light and come over the north bay where we are dealing with a little patchy dense fog and valley locations. and onshore breeze in oakland eight miles per hour. the upper level flow coming from this direction is still a dry pattern in place. has relaxed from earlier this week and that has allowed fox reform instilling with an offshore breeze and enjoying if you're liking this kind of weather. napa visibility about a mile and a half santa rosa a little bit less than a mile.
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lesson about in and around the airport. take it easy would it is patchy and that they comes out of nowhere and it can be dangerous. and roger the bay area, visibility looks good and we are seeing areas in walnut creek as the east bay. down along the highways you should be okay. it does not look apache edit that. here's a look at what you can expect for the afternoon. 70th emphasis go. the upper said city of redwood city. upper 70s every month. the east bay 84. 83 in livermore. temperatures warming up into the bay area we can have a look at the numbers coming up with just a little bit.; 35 let's check the highways. we do have a lot of slow traffic and part of it is the normal drive between richmond and berkeley. added to oakland. between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze, it is taking 54 minutes. about an hour of time to get down to the spot and you started the timer all over again for a 20 minute drive before you make it to the bridge. it is very crowded.
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westbound 92 crowded head about to the peninsula. which is backed up back into burlington because of the accident southbound 101 at redwood city and whipple. it has really slowed traffic. using 280 as an alternate route. 280 is getting more crowded. i would still use it. as you look at 880 s. between hayward and fremont, it is lo in the south break freeways are slow getting to the west available; 36. let's go back to the desk. people across california are expected to take part in the annual earthquake drill known as the great california stakeout. job, cover, held at a gas leak at 10:18 to demonstrate what to do in a big earthquake hits. several federal state and local emergency agencies will take part in today's earthquake drill across california. organizers say the exercise will provide an opportunity for workers a, students, and others to practice supposed upset to improve safety as well as think about financial consequences of a damaging earthquake.
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happening today, the newly renovated downtown berkeley enter the plaza is officially about to open to the public. it is a $30 million renovation project that includes a new glass is a state-of-the-art stay in lighting and public art. the goal is to create a place for people together and enjoy local restaurants and entertainment. a ribbon cutting ceremony be a 4 p.m. followed by live entertainment. >> oakland cracking down on illegal dumping by teaming with alameda county to fight the problem. libby schaaf says the city's bulky block parties will be permanent in november. this means oakland residents can drop off large items and trash for free at the city dump last saturday of every month. they can also call and schedule a curbside pickup. also, alameda county is starting in hotspot at two e. oakland locations with conical able to dumping.
7:38 am
cameras may also be thought of how catch illegal numbers.>> we are trying to new things until we with all this plague. >> if you are illegally dumping, stop it. it doesn't have to confer -- occur. we will come after you. slug oakland has recently had three bulky block parties in which residents dropped off 157 tons of waste. the world safety summit on autonomous technology begins at 9:30 and santa clara. safety experts will explore ways to allow self driving cars to reduce the drunk driving crashes. every day, more than two dozen people in the united states die in crashes that involve a drunk driver. that is about one death every 50 minutes. the experts hope to reduce the numbers with the help of self driving vehicles.>> what we are talking about a safety and education. it is critical for us to
7:39 am
educate the public as to what is fully autonomous vehicles and one of the vehicles that have advanced safety features in cars right now. is >> to have a fully autonomous car, without any interventions without a human on border need to be changes to technology and the cars. companies like bay area base valentine has been exploring the technology. the company is also partnering with mothers against drunk driving to educate public about the opportunities for self driving cars and the effect on a large public health issue. struck the city released from the insurance institute for highway safety finds traffic accidents rising and states that of legalized recreational marijuana. researchers say crashes in colorado, oregon, in washington were as much as five percent howard higher than it states that did not legalize the drug. the study does not include
7:40 am
california which just legalized the retail sale of mike recreational marijuana this past january. researchers point out there is no widely expected means of testing drivers who have been smoking marijuana such as those for checking alcohol levels in drivers. we're still following the latest from antioch where 4000 people are under an evacuation order. coming up, we bring the very latest as people wait to go back into the homes. being prepared for college. a look at the study divides more students are coming up short. if you are driving anytime soon, into the valley or oakland, you will see full traffic building is a drive up north. another nice day around the bay area for the afternoon. and little bit of a different story. it is cool and cloudy, it is foggy and a look at current conditions and what you can expect for the rest of the week, coming up. do you hear that?
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welcome back. the san francisco board of supervisors may extend the free tuition program at the san francisco city college. according to the san francisco examiner, the proposal would guarantee that city college gets enough money for the next decade, to keep offering free courses. if the supervisors approve it, the measure would replace at the number 2019 ballot. the free city college program started last year. it is due to expire next june. it has served more than 35,000 students and contributing to a 70 percent jump in the enrollment of a school. struck more babies than ever are being born to on what parents in the united states took a report finds 40 percent
7:44 am
of infants -- and fence are to parents were not married compared to 10 percent in 1970. the trend towards having children out of wedlock is higher in europe. france leads the way at 60 percent. japan has the lowest rates in babies born to unmarried parents at two percent. the earth is getting more crowded. the permit current population of the planet 7.6 billion people. new data from the united nations so number is set to grow by 2.2 billion by the year 2050. sub-saharan africa will account for half of that number. the lack of access to vocational healthcare in the region be excited at a catalyst behind the growth. happening today, san jose state university will honor the two legendary athletes who states and protester the 1960 lubbock the mexico city. tommy smith and john carlos, to sprinters san jose state one lubbock medals in the 20 meter dash and raised their fist in a black power salute wearing black gloves. this became one of the most influential protest in the images of all time. it ushered in the area of political activism in sports and tommy smith and john carlos
7:45 am
went back to the san jose state campus sharing memories of their unforgettable day in mexico city.>> we had to sacrifice to prove a point and we were vilified because we had to do this. socket was these individuals who had the caliber of courage. the content of character, the scope of consciousness and -- to stand and declare to the world that we the people are better and we demand that our society and our nation do better. >> the limit committee stripped tommy smith and john carlos of their medals after the protest. later today, san jose state presented the two legendary athletes with a very special award, honoring courage. tonight is thursday night football on ktvu fox 2. the broncos visiting the cardinals. both teams struggling with only three combined with the kernels
7:46 am
start john rosen, miller has guaranteed a win for the broncos for the kickoff with 5 after the game. stay with us for a special sports wrap. cell is right over there. we have some adult beverages a, as he watched thursday night football. at least a little bit. like it it depends. i'm more inclined to do it on the weekend. we wake up so early but maybe one. left take a look at 80 westbound. we have a lot of slow traffic. i keep coming back to it, but i'm looking at the delays at almost an hour for the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and when you get out to the toll plaza, another 25 minutes and that is a longer commute in san francisco with no real crashes on the way. just a lot of slow traffic building up. the san mateo bridge is the same. the crash we had a redwood city
7:47 am
hasn't messed things up.'s off on that one-to-one from burlingham and people have found out about the crash and are on 280. this is unusual to see traffic on 280, past 380. this is not typical. people hearing about this and avoiding the bayshore freeway. i would use it to 80 if i had to go. i would not use one-to-one. it is not worth it to me to be in that traffic. southland aa haywood unit in the is pretty slow and all of the south bay commutes are so getting to the valley but here in downtown san jose, it looks all right. let's go to rosemary. giving a look at the problem spots dealing with patchy dense fog areas like santa rosa reporting visibility that but less than a myopic and apple reporting a mile and a half shifting stuff. pretty good visibility around the bay. v6 miles with no trouble and in the east you can see areas towards antioch, pittsburgh, and oakley a little bit of fall. we have little changes in store
7:48 am
moving through your weekend. we are not looking at any rain, but we do see some of the extended forecast. it will change between now and then but i want to pass over the weekend and show you tuesday afternoon. here's a look at what we have over northern california moving through the pacific northwest and into wednesday, another round of. this looks like it drops down farther. keeping in mind we are five or six days out. we continue to track of -- jacket and will be the next chance of seeing rain in the bay area. seminars now are in the low 50s in san francisco. 56 in oakland. with the in walnut creek. chilly start over the north bay with 43 in napa. 48 in navarro. in the afternoon highs will be just like yesterday. more stuff into the entry -- interest rate. 40 in seattle pickle upper 40s antioch low 50s in areas around pittsburgh. we're hoping the folks there
7:49 am
get that soon. upper 70s and about a for the afternoon 73 in sausalito. to the east bay shore we go low to mid 70s. 82 in walnut creek. eighty four in antioch. into the south bay, 80 degrees in san jose. along the peninsula for the afternoon, a mild to warm one. 79 in palo alto. and 76 san mateo. 70 at san francisco. before we get to the extent of forecast, have a picture of like tahoe. would you like to see it? did we lose it? we've got it. how about that. mother nature. temperatures in the upper 20s this morning. >> i want to go. >> truckee is 21 degrees. have your winter here if you're going to tahoe. dry conditions are expected. we're looking at a beautiful forecast in tahoe. 50s and 60s for the afternoon but the overnight low's are dropping below freezing. make sure you are prepared if
7:50 am
you go to tahoe. here's a look at the weekend for bay area friday was not a lot of change. we are warmer saturday only to drop back and sunday and a tad cooler monday. two big shopping websites going to court. the reason ebay is suing amazon. last check in with mike mibach to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. the catholic diocese of san jose taking steps to address abuse by clergy members. what could happen as early as today after a series of sessions designed for the public. the 2019 college at national championship kicks off coming up, the executive director of the college football playoff joins us in the studio. we are talking football rankings at parties. it should be a great conversation. we will be right back. managing actual schools won't work as superintendent of public instruction. as ceo of l.a.'s partnership schools,
7:51 am
the teachers gave tuck a vote of "no confidence." and tuck's total mismanagement of l.a. charter schools caused financial problems that cost taxpayers thousands. tony thurmond. the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers. holding all our schools accountable and always protecting neighborhood public schools. tony thurmond. for our schools.
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7:53 am
welcome back. largest data breach at a social media site and wall street is reporting who is behind the attack at facebook. >> initial reports indicate spammers behind the cyber attack. people from over the customers investigation the scammers try to make money through deceptive advertising pretends related to
7:54 am
marketing company hackers to get the personal information appliance of people including phone numbers, email addresses at recent searches at analysts say that leaves the people vulnerable of all vulnerable to phishing scams. struggling the opening bell the resort company out of macau, stock already up with 38 percent ipos have done well but confidence. tech stocks making a hit by taking a hit again. the dow jones suspect out on 61 points. the s&p 500 also down about a quarter of a percent. again to 2800 right now. 2801. the nasdaq is down more than that. more than half a percent to 7591. a lot of tech stocks are down today. san jose based ebay is suing amazon claiming it launched an orchestrated campaign to steal
7:55 am
sellers. ebay claims the amazon representatives signed up for ebay accounts and sent messages to ebay sellers to get them to sell items on amazon. spot the majority of high school graduates may not be ready for college level classes. the head of the act college entrance exam is only 40 percent of the high school graduates. to see if they can succeed in the first college of course the number has been dropping from a high of 46 percent in 20 or 41 percent last year. the test for subjects of english, math, reading of five. educators tell the wall street journal that they're most concerned about the poor showing in math since the country and economy needs more students in sciences and technology. i'm pam cook with delicate dollars and cents. back today.
7:56 am
thousands of people evacuated overnight. easter contra costa county. but we know about a fire threatening an underground natural gas pipeline that belongs to chevron. millions of dollars in damages and the claims being made about the general conference -- contractor for the salesforce transit center in charge of the contract.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> i'm hoping to heed our wording and not return. >> the safety of our citizens is paramount and our number one concern. thousands evacuated from homes overnight in easter contra costa county. what we are learning about fire that is threatening a 12 inch natural gas pipeline canceling schools and causing delays. mornings on 2 continues now. good morning and welcome back i'm mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian. let's get you to the breaking news in contra costa county. 4000 people ordered to evacuate overnight in the pittsburgh bay point area. we have outlined the evacuation zone. you can see willow pass road line through the center of it. the reason for the evacuation is a fire burning there and
8:00 am
natural gas pipeline. willow cove school in pittsburgh is closed. so is bay christian school calvary church in concord. the church is being used as an evacuation center. another evacuation has been set up at los medanos college. leigh martinez is live where you have been talking with people who has -- have been staying there. >>reporter: the mood is more upbeat. they just served breakfast. the red cross has about 20 volunteers working at the shelters but they have also gotten help from evacuated themselves. talked to three woman if equity from their homes and became fast friends overnight and they are helping red cross volunteers is set up cots and blankets together and being comforting to the other evacuees. they said it has become a community inside. about 150 people inside the church and one or more outside in the parking lot because they have pets really stayed out
8:01 am
there animals and heard a couple of embarking and taking their morning walk. to get to the video we have for you, the grass fire broke out wednesday night near poinsettia and the avenue. a 12 inch chevron astro gas pipeline affected by the fire has been shut down and isolated from the rest of the pipeline and the other pipes housed in the vault. fire officials say it does not mean the threat of explosion is over. crews are working to clear gas from the line. as a precaution, evacuation orders were given to 4000 people from 1400 homes. many people fled with a few minutes to grab belongings.'s like i was just getting ready. i'm going to have an early night tonight and then they started banging. like the door was going to but does my bust down. it was the police knocking. my husband went down and he was like, it is pittsburgh police.
8:02 am
how many people were in the home. and he said it was me and my wife. and the method you have to leave now. get out now.>>reporter: evacuation center was set up at the calvary temple church in concord. people started arriving at midnight that will hundred 50 people inside the church and additional hundred thing in the parking lot with animals. national the pittsburgh bay point state department was set up for evacuees but evacuees have moved over to the shelter los medanos college. the just served breakfast from denny's. they're planning on serving lunch as well. the white pony express and domino's pizza have offered to deliver food for lunch. the earliest they haven't told us possibly 10 going back into their homes but again, there still waiting around trying to figure out the latest in trying to get the gas out of the
8:03 am
pipelines. the evacuation has not been lifted and we do not have a time as to when people will be able to get back into their homes. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. with talked to sale about the impact of the stories having other morning commute. willow pass road is closed and people have been using other roads and amtrak service has been affected that area. bart service with running and using the bart parking on for a while but that has -- that is not continue to do that. the pittsburgh bay point station is open. take a look at highway four. seemed pretty slow through the morning driving from antioch into concord as his highway for over the willow pass grave. looking other commutes, golden gate bridge traffic looks pretty well.
8:04 am
suisun city six highway traffic is fine. nothing unusual about it. on the eastshore freeway has been very slow from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. almost an hour to make the drive. another 20 minutes at the toll plaza on the bridge. 880s long near davis street up to downtown oakland. the san mateo bridge has been affected by the problem southbound 11. they finally cleared of the crash near whipple. you can see it is getting a little bit of relief. the damages done it is very slow. let's go to rosemary with the weather. from your fig pictures, a lot of fog and low clouds. seven cisco 57 degrees do look at sfo with the great and a lot of times the low clouds and fog will cause delays for arriving flights. something to be aware of. 50 degrees in santa rosa. they're dealing with a little patchy dense fog. 56 in oakland. 40 in livermore and san jose at
8:05 am
56 left check the biggest visibility in around santa rosa three quarters of a mile. napa as well and you will find a petty and thick in spots. especially over portions of the north bay. the visibility looking fairly good anywhere from 45 miles per hour or had a few went along the north philly stretch, highway 101 and through valley locations, you'll find it napa as well. 81 in napa for the afternoon as well as santa rosa. low 80s for the inner east bay. mostly sunny skies. around the bait, mid-seventies in oakland. 76 in san mateo. 70 and downtown tampa cisco. partly sunny and partly cloudy for the afternoon in pacifica. 56 the afternoon high. temperatures climb in the bay area weekend in mooreand at in a little bit. san francisco city officials considering a delay in funding phase 2 of the salesforce transit center because of a lack of confidence in the management of the
8:06 am
project. >> i remember when trans bay started and and was going to be a 700 project and ended up being a $1.5 billion product the came in at $2.2 billion it has become a source of danger in the basement. >> phase 2 is the design and engineering of an area under the transit center to accommodate caltrans and high- speed rail. this comes as a general contractor for the salesforce is suing the agency in charge of the time does my project. the general contractor seeking 150 miles claiming mismanagement by the trans bay joint powers authority led to delays and cost of the project cost to soar. the logic focuses on the construction phase of the transit center and is not much of the cracks found it to steel beams last month. the center has been closed since then while crews work on a permanent fix. they translate joint powers
8:07 am
authority says it is still being the diesels of the lawsuit they deal with delays to the project that predate the repeated commitments to deliver the transit center on time. the tj pa romance focus on the transit center as safely and as soon as possible. struck a woman being held at the santa clara jail his bites assaulting a 20 oh esteban liska to lure the teenager south king road. undercover officers arrested the man yesterday. if you have information about the case or the man you can call the silicon valley crime stoppers organization. pressure mounting in saudi arabia and his parents of a washington post writer. french and british trade ministers pulled out of the economic conference in saudi arabia due to concerns is that is kidnapped and killed journalist jamal khashoggi. turkish investigators went to the saudi consulate and its temple and walked out boxes and bags of evidence.
8:08 am
turkey accused saudi arabia killing the writer was not spoken critic of the saudi kingdom. president trump is trying to give saudi the benefit of the doubt but he is getting pressure from members of his own party to stand tough against the saudi family. stock we will get down to the bottom of it. there's a big factor in my is that i hope they haven't. >> with the exception of israel, i trust every country in the middle east., as much as i trust gas station sushi.>> president trump meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo to find out what he learned after visiting turkey and saudi arabia which included meeting with the saudi king and crown prince. the washington post printed the last op-ed in the today's edition. he will warns of efforts by air government to sense the media. struck president trump military
8:09 am
sudden valley sela ward of mexico does not stop the migrant curtain headed to the united states -- and he seemed to suggest the press -- issue could threaten the mentor trader with moscow from honduras, quarter while, and also in her [ null ] north to escape increasing violence. struck the number killed in crimea have increased to 21 including the suspected of tractor the 18-year-old gunman who was a student had of a sauce mix of afflicted gunshot wound 15 or a student at the others are school employees. 50 people injured. witnesses say they saw the government enter the vocational school with a rifle and it is criminally suit at people. an exclusive device also went off on campus. increasing security at other schools. >> we are working with relatives as it has never happened before. we're all just shocked and we're doing everything to fully help the families of those
8:10 am
killed.>> was initially thought to the gunman acted alone. now officials say they're looking to for second suspect. they -- there is no evidence the attack was politically motivated. flooding turned deadly in texas. we will take a look at the devastation caused by days of torrential rain. struck the catholic diocese taking steps to address abuse by clergy members. what could happen as early as today after a series of sessions for the public. ♪
8:11 am
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8:13 am
we continue to follow breaking news of 4000 people under evacuation orders in the pittsburgh bay point area this morning. because of a fire burning there a natural gas pipeline. evacuation centers have been set up. one is at the calvary temple church in concord. another is not los medanos college in pittsburgh. earlier this morning, the pittsburgh bay point bar to parking lot was being used as an evacuation site but everyone there has now been moved to los medanos college. >> our shelters are still open. the rest -- red cross responded. provided the necessities to make everybody as comfortable as he could. why there are being displaced. evacuation orders will hold until we get the all clear. to schools close. bay christian school and the
8:14 am
school on the side of the temple calvary church which is one of the evacuation centers and willow called elementary in pittsburgh is closing the pittsburgh unified school district put out a statement saying the school is within the area deemed unsafe and there is no access to the school. we are contacting willie call for families by phone to let them know school is closed today. the catholic diocese of san jose could release the names of the clergy, who are credibly accused of child sex abuse. it is part of an effort by the church or to be more transparent response worldwide skin of the diocese had been holding a series of listening and how best to handle the crisis. victims allowed to discuss the abuse. the diocese have agreed to releasing names and filing a grand jury report and pennsylvania acute cruising the turk who committed sex crimes. struck pittsburgh police asking for the public health to locate a suspected killer.
8:15 am
40 throughout paris miller is wanted for a deadly shooting last saturday pittsburgh's all- time neighborhood. investigators say miller into the victim knew each other. they say there is an argument and miller opened fire. was last seen driving a 2006 silver chevy with a california license plate number 6 eight hr 651. miller is considered armed and dangerous at a warrant in what has been issued for the rest. >> several roast, to after a for alarm fire consumed the fire happened at 3 aim at a warehouse high protist company. the fire for tapping in front of you. from 100 firefighters spreading to nearby building. leaders driving into sacramento will not have trouble but drivers heading out to highway 60 experienced delays. back in the bay area, let's take a look at the commute and to say hello to sal. a so commute in many areas. your starting off with the bay bridge toll plaza and is seeing
8:16 am
traffic is backed up. it is very much an issue but we are still -- just going to say here. once you get here it is a 25 minute drive. san mateo dunbarton bridge are still heavy. a 80 north braddock slow. the slow traffic prevents -- way the flow do not have a lot of serious actions. an earlier crash redwood city. weighs 280 so so. he will fully 11 and auto -- san bernardino this is an additional backup a getting better okay a 80 it is all from hayward down to fremont and all of this is a typical, including back up and the south bay. you are wondering this is bad. i've had a few tweets about it. if you want a commute earlier, all of these roads are clear
8:17 am
8:16 (rosemary. a little cloudy and cool. visibility over portions of a north bay valley along the coastline as well. will check the santa rosa visibility little less than an myopic three quarters as well as napa. patchy dense fog to start the morning. and could be dangerous because it without warning you have the wall of a fog. take it easy. to get into the bay area weekend, things will not change a whole lot. we continue with this beautiful weather we have been enjoying. into the tuesday timeframe, things start to change. pushes you saw farhad we will take a look at the numbers. there is tuesday afternoon at a little rain over northern california. two the pacific northwest another round moving through wednesday. we are several days out but right now, this looks to be the next opportunity of getting a
8:18 am
little rate. is not even dropping into the bay area. it has been getting close and will change over the next several days. we continue to track that between now and then. as for the here and now 50 degrees waunakee. 40 to start the morning. 53 at san francisco and the south bay, 56. for the afternoon, another nice one with the low 70s in sausalito. and upper 70s in novato. ladies in santa rosa. 70 along the . no it isn't at all. to the south bay location, san jose 80. sent state cupertino. and mostly sunny 76 percent. here's a look at the senate forecast. bay area friday. we were met up a few day saturday bring it back sunday and a little bit color monday. back to you. preparing for an earthquake in the bay area. what is happening across the
8:19 am
state in a couple of hours of from right now that have many people taking cover.
8:20 am
8:21 am
we continue to follow a developing story out of texas where flooding is blamed the deaths of two people. days of rain rivers and lakes swollen and overflowing northwest of austin. officials have an opening dams all week calling the volume of water flowing through them unprecedented. evacuation orders are in effect at officials have not yet been able to fully assess the damage
8:22 am
because roads remained closed covered in water or debris. an estimated 10 people across california expected to take part in the annual earthquake drill known as the great california shakeout. they will drop, cover, and hold on at 1018 to demonstrate what to do in a big quake hits. several federal, state and emergency agencies will take part in today's earthquake drill across the state.>> we are very much in support and participant in the great california shakeout. we want californians to understand what you know and know what to do during an earthquake. >> we took this video a short time ago on the shakeout in the city of berkeley including an earthquake simulator to remind everyone the power of the danger a big quake. today's a great california shakeout comes 29 years after the stating earthquake at the
8:23 am
bay area on october 17, 1989 killed 63 people and injured $3000 and cause an estimate of $7 billion in damage. yesterday the usgs marked the anniversary by nothing scientists would be rolling out an early warning earthquake system for the rest -- west coast called sigler. the tickler system can provide warnings up to one minute for a big earthquake. the warning could be 10 or 20 seconds for weaker quakes. 90 days for my midterm election. and a dianne feinstein and challenger state senator. , dave young matter for the only scheduled joint event the election. as christien kafton shows that it was more of a polite conversation rather than a debate. >>reporter: in a face-to-face encounter, cover the layout and senator. dianne feinstein agreed on a wide range of issues. on climate change and immigration reform -- reform base i to i. >> i agree.>>reporter: the tight gun control regulations and said california should have
8:24 am
pushed harder under president obama to renew the assault weapons ban. feinstein agreed. talk about the missing opportunities. >> >>reporter: the difference came in approach. daily onset it is time for california democrats to leave in washington dc. >> i think we cannot move callous judgment california's progress report of the status quo keeps resisting the resistance on the progress in california. i believe it is time for a new approach. i believe it is time for a new voice and it is time for change. truck feinstein highlighted her record but said there is little democrats can do since republicans effectively have a lock on power with control over the house, senate, and presidency. like if you break the lock open, and create a majority of the opposition party, but is the democratic party and one of the houses you break the
8:25 am
dynamic. that is what i hope will happen on this election day.>> feinstein said she is working within with california values >> i support and advocate i met senator. harris does as well. that is 100 percent were present senate summit. both senators on the side of change. >>reporter: while daily onset he favors more action on all fronts. sluggerr justice he the defeated them. too many folks who voted there. african-american committee members. family members.>>reporter: state -- state senator. dave young said he would like to see more debate. she would like to see more debate as well but the busy schedule makes it impossible. in recent polling shows that feinstein currently a deleted
8:26 am
the debate. many leaders are likely to set up a contest between the democrats. reports from washington, harris wrapping up a strategy to win the 2020 democratic presidential nomination. the new site, political said advisors are focused on ireland's, as well as nevada, south carolina and california. political reports she is visiting south carolina this week and will be speaking and i want monday and tuesday. senator. harris advisors tell politico their confidence in her ability to appeal to the i will progressives because she did it successfully 2016 senate race in california. struck new video just into the newsroom eastway elementary school two today. because of the fire burning close to a natural gas line. thousand people are evacuated from their homes. struck a number one priority is
8:27 am
the community -- the people of the community for their safety. >> the latest the fire and easter contra costa county. the jackpot with more than $1 billion. how high the powerball and megamillion after no one matched all six powerball numbers. if you are driving on interstate 680 the snow traffic, traffic looks good. the fog and low clouds breakaway to mostly sunny skies away from the coastline and other fabless afternoon. the current conditions what you can expect for the second part of the day, coming up. ♪
8:28 am
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welcome back, i am skyfoxhd . more video dusted for easter
8:30 am
contra costa county were an estimated 4000 people already evacuation orders this morning. this is from the area near willow cove elementary school in pittsburgh, which is closed today. you in the law enforcement at the roadway turning around parents.>> the entire evacuation would include parts of pittsburgh and bay point. with outlined the evacuation zone and read. you can see willow pass road right through the middle of it. an issue is a fire burning in a suisun city one vault dangerously cult close to a chevron natural gas pipeline. >> fire officials are waiting for chevron to actually give them at the all clear before they go into the vault to make sure the fire is out. two evacuation centers are open to evacuated families. one that cabery chapel church in concord and was at los medanos college a college that is were refined an arrest music was been talking to people evacuated overnight.>>reporter: los medanos college, the gym as well as that of the second
8:31 am
evacuation shelter where folks are heading in the door at the red cross signs of the outside. this is actually the gym at the community college. 6 this morning. have cut inside and food and drinks. a place for people to get settled. this is as close to as we can get to it. we were giving the people some privacy. money spent the night in cars. they had to evacuate late last night because of a fire. we will show you the video from the parking lot. the red cross brought blankets and water for people they open up the shelter on los medanos college. evacuation is meant to into college were on the move or it would -- and ready to move more comfortable than the car. the sheriff deputies came to the parking lot earlier this morning before 6 to let everyone know that they could move to the ideal location red
8:32 am
cross shelter >>reporter: it is a fluid situation where people worked overnight shifts. they cannot get back into the home safely. we are open to ride a warm place >> maybe he was but up to be notified we were grateful>> it is probably about 100 feet away from the jim brower people being sheltered they have resources for people for pets with him. they have food and resources for animals on site as well. back at the shelter is it open.
8:33 am
as long as necessary 30 people inside. but you had the latest word up from officials and emergency officials that a there hoping by 10 am, a lot of these people will able to go home. that is not the case. about 4000 people in the neighborhood near the natural gas pipeline that are under evacuation orders. an arrest mise -- stock in the early morning hours it is not the case.>> the parking lot is completely clear for regular use. the transfer never effective. bart kept running --
8:34 am
>> from carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. almost and are much of the slow traffic from richmond to berkeley at oakland and at the bay bridge it is very slow. this is a grind not only today october is one of the busiest traffic a month north aurora 80 so from david street to logan little on the plant laughter crashed into redwood city. still very slow from the camp to mountain view. 8:34. let's go back to the desk. >> i'm with you. outdoor be a fog and clouds. you can see it soft pretty good 57 in san francisco on the fog
8:35 am
cloud cover the arriving flight delay due to that. santa rosa 50 degrees. oakland and 56. low 50s in livermore and san jose 56. the interest bay mostly clear and this is a two hour time- lapse with the outer live cloud cover beginning to erode. it will take a little while. even going with patchy dense fog this morning. over areas of the north bay, napa and santa rosa all morning long fluctuated between quarter of a mile, half a mile we have the to deal with at least for the next hour or so for -- mostly sunny skies and for the afternoon. we will remain partly cloudy and partly sunny for areas like ocean beef and half moon bay. looks like it may have to back off of the coastline and bring sunday. santa cruz at mostly sunny today. mostly sunny for the rest of us with little change going into the bay area weekend. we will warm it up just a bit. 70 the afternoon hyatt san francisco. 75 at oakland. 76 hayward into the south bay,
8:36 am
san jose 80 low 80s expected for livermore as well as the antioch. details on the warm up coming our way for the bay area weekend at the next possibility of rain in the extended forecast. back to you. new information about the shooting in san francisco involving a united states park police officer. we brought yesterday on mornings on 2. the other officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the result of an investigation by the san francisco police. authorities withholding osseous charge. san francisco police responded to reports of gunfire near aquatic park. learned the park officer shot and critically wounded a suspect. the second suspect was later taken into custody. osha investigator workplace accident that sent construction workers to the hospital. what is in critical condition. they were building apartments on durham road right near 680 when a tower crashed on top of them. the workers were actually biting the rebar to create support for the apartment building when the thousand
8:37 am
pounds collapsed on top of them.>> they scale the rebar but like it is scaffolding and they basically try to make it good and tight and they put the boxwood around it that you can also see behind me. flock one of the workers suffered injuries to the chest and abdomen. the other workers entered arms and legs. the contractor says it is looking into what went wrong. the lottery jackpot, the powerball jackpot has no winners. here are the last night winning numbers. the powerball was 15. is not been a big winner since august. the jackpot keeps growing. last night was at $378 million. that is going to jump to $430 million for saturday night's drawing. the other big jacket was mega millions which has grown to $900 million. it is the second largest auto jackpot in us history. the next mega millions drawing
8:38 am
is set for tomorrow night. continue to follow the latest in antioch aware of 4000 people are under an evacuation order. this comes after a fire is threatening and natural gas pipeline. up next, information of the efforts to bring the situation to a safer resolution.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
people in the pittsburgh area remain under evacuation because of a fire inside a vault lookover is closed today as well is big kristen school the calvary baptist in concord. that is being used as an evacuation order another at los medanos college. authorities say they understand you want to return home and it is not safe.>> we are understanding. we had to evacuate part of the citizens. safety of the citizens and safety of the fire resources. >> authorities at this point they just do not know when they will be able to lift the evacuation orders. that there not letting firefighters back and oceanfront gives them the green light. protesters are reeling in to google and the expansion
8:42 am
plan>> it is another example of gentrification. >> reporter: good morning. protesters have moved in front of the bus -- >>reporter: they're going to say a few words and i will finish in a second.>> i'm a full-time worker with two incomes. we were struggling. it is a struggle everyday and san jose. we worked in public schools and declining enrollment i am faced with a challenge i see the development threatening to buy the hood of my family and my children being able to stay in san jose. that is why i'm here
8:43 am
today.>>reporter: that if one of the protesters a double- decker bus that that has about 50 people. 15 people on board. is not around 8 i am. just after 8 a.m. they moved in front of him and block to the bus and there is a pushback and san jose got the google expansion in downtown san jose. the protesters represent representing the pushback. i am joined by why target this bus at this time suck i do not want google here. google will displace thousands of people. i'm currently in houston experiencing housing crisis >> is not any type tech company
8:44 am
or development downtown? >> i do know my google here. google is toxic. cook is trying to be toxic in berlin >>reporter: our you keep him from the bus pointed around. >> i do not want google here. i will >> at some point the bus could go on its way? >> i will be here as long as it can>>reporter: san jose police over here. trucking let's see if they have a plan as far as how long they let the bus the bus will stay there. was the commander. >>reporter: do have a second senator. jackson? like i will give you a
8:45 am
statement in a second. >> san jose police are here and we'll formula to plan on getting the bus back on the way with and san jose jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check a look at traffic on the south bay across the bay area.>> these make me does not slow but the south bay not far behind let's start of the bay bridge from richmond and el cerrito very slow. this is really the heart of the commute. before school started, everyone was on the road heading out. to the peninsula and has had trouble with an early accident. in redwood city at the commute has never recovered. getting down to palo alto, we talked about every single road in the south bay, getting up to
8:46 am
centerville and cupertino. that includes the expressways and use patience as you get up there. (rosemary. thank you very much. probably to mostly cloudy skies to start today once again with patchy fog and patchy dense fog. all that going on all of our. it is weakened considerably from earlier in the week. with a red flag warning past weekend into next week and next chance and maybe some rain looks to stick out over the northwestern clip northern, dry through the weekend another round of drops off to the bay area. now and then looking at the extent of models that is the next opportunity of rain in the bay area. sunny skies with the coastline. much at a moment ago the north
8:47 am
bay of napa into the south bay 56 to start your day. the upper 40s and 50s for the enter secondary sprinkling areas near pittsburgh. 54 in windsor, generally -- the wind is generally light. 40 danville. the afternoon-today are barely moving the numbers from yesterday. they left 70s and thus a little bit the upper 70s and lovato. low 80s for santa rosa. shifting to the east bay, the mid-seventies around oakland at 79 in castro valley and low 80s for the enter -- and reese may. 80 the afternoon hello. south bay 76 and sunny in santa cruz for the afternoon. partly sunny and partly cloudy. 16 pacifica. downtown tampa cisco 70 and expected redwood city. here's a look at the etc. forecast with temperatures not changing as we can into friday. we were up saturday a few degrees with mid-eighties related cities. the upper 60s and low 70s
8:48 am
expected at the coast. cooler sunday and a little bit more on monday. host another major event. coming up we talked with two people making sure the bay area and the stadium score big. anu addition for -- ahead of the midterm elections. the reason it is being called the war room. eleni kounalakis owns this building.
8:49 am
profited millions from tobacco, oil, and wall street. as a rich developer, she violated clean water laws. now she's trying to buy this election. the lt. governor's office isn't for sale. i'm dr. ed hernandez. as state senator, i worked across party lines. held drug corporations accountable. invested in schools and middle-class jobs. our campaign's people powered by firefighters, teachers and nurses. because i'll put you first - not big money.
8:50 am
stocks are down for some
8:51 am
very family reasons. interest rates and china. let's check in with pam cook with this morning dollars and cents. . and greed driving the market and it is the renewed fear of more interest rate hikes. a concern over a slowing economy in china and how it affects us companies. is dropping again at this hour there is one ringing the opening bell. another ipo the studio city is a gaming and resort company that is backup more than 38 percent on the opening. take a look at the numbers. the dow jones dropping significantly. live account 373 point. almost 1.5 percent. 25,003 329. the s&p 500 down about 1.5 percent. nasdaq is the big loser percentagewise tunnels two percent. a lot of tech stocks are taking a hit today.
8:52 am
the nasdaq at 74 91. facebook will have a war room. ahead of the midterm election. plays at the menlo park headquarters will monitor all political content to make sure the election is not corrupted by fake accounts. staff members will be looking for content that is spreading on social media cited to make sure what is being said is by real officials or groups. there will be a three-step approach in the days leading up to the election. >> first is a renewed conference in the platform for accounted a particular if an account is using a fake account or somebody is engaged in authentic behavior they remove that from the. if there is some kind of misinformation or something paramedic on the platform, it is reduced of distribution in the last is informing. are fact checkers, the third- party organizations identify something as inaccurate or problematic, their information will help to inform users over
8:53 am
what they are seeing. we use all three of these techniques.>> facebook says that they were room was modeled after operations used by political campaigns which are typically set up in the final weeks before election day.'s father is also a report of who is behind the massive data breach that affected 39 people according to people fully with the companies that, spammers try to make money to deceptive advertising by pretending to be a digital marketing company. the fbi continues to investigate what hackers did get the personal information of millions of people including phone numbers, email addresses in recent searchers and analysts say leave them vulnerable to phishing scams. struck another report shows the nation's top burger chains are not making the grade when it comes to removing antibiotics in their beef. according to several public interest organizations, 22 of the top 25 burger chains received failing grades.
8:54 am
that includes in and out, mcdonald's, burger king, five guys, and tabitha berger. only two chains, shake shack and berger phi received in a letter a rated. the only survey without at products for the overuse of animatics and livestock can make it hard for people to fight infections because of the bacteria becomes resistant to the antibiotics. i'm pam cook at the newsroom with a look at dollars and cents. let's go back to mike. use a soccer club is raising money for women battling breast cancer. the disease has personally touched the lives of many players and coaches of the norcal soccer club. to assistant coaches lost mothers to breast cancer just this past summer when pink laces and socks in the field during the breast cancer awareness month. my god daughter was diagnosed and she is in the middle of chemo right now and
8:55 am
and hit me pretty hard. >> now that i had family members and friends that went through it, i have a better understanding of it and i'm an emotional connection. sloppy soccer clubs on my campaign is called the pink fund. it is raising money to help cancer survivors in fremont pay their bills while they undergo treatment. of california to plane for the wildfires the state. coming up, with the president says it needs to be done as he suggests holding funding with the golden state.
8:56 am
8:57 am
san francisco police surveillance images from a hit and run to image a bicyclist. a maroon four-door sedan. the car had a directory -- a cyclist 5:40 in the morning the intersection of valencia and
8:58 am
healthy. if you can identify the car driver called the police. police helped newly released videos will help them track down a bank robber august 1 at the wells fargo on oak grove road. is a critic and was caught images of a man who police they demanded cash from the teller. he left the bank with more than $8000 in cash. anyone with information is asked to call concorde police. the newly renovated downtown berkeley bart entrance and plasma is officially set to open to the public. two $30 million renovation project includes a new glass entrance, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems for live performances as well as public art. the goal was to create a place for people together and enjoying local restaurants, and entertainment. the ribbon-cutting will be at 4 p.m. this afternoon. tonight san jose state university will formally out of the two men who staged this sort protest that took place during the 1968 olympics in mexico city. tommy smith and john carlos, two spiders from san jose state
8:59 am
one metals in the 200 meter dash that raised their fist the black power salute wearing black gloves. it became one of the most influential protest images of all time and ushered in an era of political activism and sports. yesterday, smith and carlos returned to the san jose state campus and shared memories of the day in mexico city.>> we had to sacrifice to prove a point. and we had to do this. >> it was these individuals the caliber of courage. the content of character. they spoke of consciousness and the depth of commitment, to stand and declare to the world that we the people are better, and we demand that our society and our nation do better. >> the lubbock committee is stripped smith and carlos of metals immediately after the protest. tonight, san jose state will
9:00 am
present the athletes the word. tonight a certain a couple during the broncos and cardinals. both have been struggling this year. took off at 5 after the game. stay with us. a special sports wrap. continuing coverage from the east bay where thousands of people have been evacuated as the fire threatens and natural gas pipeline. we spoke live with two people responsible for bringing the college football national we are joined the actresses playing the lead role in one of the most celebrated musicals of all time. miss saigon. on. thursday morning is up and running. i foggy thursday morning across the bay area with another san jose international. expect delays. stadium. stadium especially in a 10 or 12ks


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