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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 Weekend  FOX  October 21, 2018 7:00am-8:31am PDT

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well, good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. it is sunday, october 21st. i am claudine wong. >> good morning, i am frank somerville. we have weather come -- franklin franklin. we -- frank malcoat. we have live pictures at a convenience store. police say a father went in to buy something and left his young daughter inside his running car. plus, a fire breaks out overnight at a home on concord and a man that streams the fire live on facebook. and the mega millions
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jackpot keeps growing but apparently the powerball is trying to catch up fast. >> almost half a billion dollars was up for grabs last night and, what, no one won! how is this possible? i know everyone is buying tickets. we will talk more about the lotto fever hitting the nation and have advice for whoever eventually wins. >> i would sure like to win. >> here, too. i will take either one. >> yes! giving awe look at the golden gate bridge this morning. low clouds, the -- giving you a look at the golden gate bridge this morning. low clouds, 54 in oakland. 46 in livermore and 56 in san jose. the official sunrise is about 7:20 these days and still looks fairly dark out there. the temperatures are within a few degrees of yesterday. a tad warmer in san carlos and
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a tad cooler in concord and the patchy dense fog is back with us once again. along highway 101 stretching across the sonoma valley and into the napa valley, if you have an early morning drive, be prepared for this back up. into the amp the low clouds will pull back -- afternoon the low clouds will pull back. a little low clearing over the san francisco area and in the second part of the day partly sunny and partly cloudy for the coast, mostly sunny for the rest of us. temperatures for the afternoon coming down slightly. 65 degrees in pacifica today as well as san francisco. low 70s around is a bay instead of upper 70s we have been enjoying lately. inland mid 70s to low 80s. 75 in napa. 81 in livermore and 82 in morgan hill. temperatures continuing to cool slightly as we get into the businessweek. i will have a look at the
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extended forecast coming up. >> thank you, rosemary. a 5-year-old girl safe and a man behind bars after he stole a running car with a little girl inside. it happened at story road and leeward drive. sarah, what a scary story. sounds like it all happened very quickly. >> reporter: yes. what a nightmare for any parent to think of something like that happening. the good news is the san jose police arrested the 30-year-old martin vjerta, charged him with kidnapping and stealing a car. look at the mug shot here so you can see what he looks like. officers say the 5-year-old's dad left her inside the running car and went inside the convenience store. the suspect jumped into the car and stole it with the little girl inside. the car was spotted a mile from
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the convenience store. the suspect ditched the car and ran. the little girl was not inside the car but spotted nearby. the suspect was arrested and the little girl was reunited with her dad. police say she is safe but a very scary situation. ion. we will see if we can get our hands on surveillance video that may have been recording this incident. sarah french, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, sarah. the san francisco chronicle said 41-year-old matthew mueller could use a temporary sanitary defense, convicted in federal court of kidnapping physical therapist denise hopkins in 2015 and sentenced to 15 years in prison. fire investigators are looking at what sparked a house
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fire in concord. it broke out just before 8:00 last night near edmonton way and highway 4. doug harris post this had video live to his facebook page. you can see the contra costa fire workers working to put out the flames. the car was destroyed but there were no injuries to people. harris recorded the medical professionals checking on a dog not breathing but they were able to revive the dog and it should be fine. uc hospitals will have to manage with fewer worker this is week because of a labor dispute. uc's patient care technical workers will stage a three-day walkout beginning on tuesday. other union employees at the university will join them on the picket line on solidarity. workers accuse the school of outsourcing more jobs to private contracting companies which they say hire outside workers and lower wages. uc says contracting outservices is allowed under the current contract. the ongoing marriott hotel worker strike is in its third
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week. ek. yesterday more than a thousand hotel workers than hair supporters marched down market street in san francisco demanding higher pay, better working conditions and more job security. thousands of marriott hotel employees nation-wide have walked off their jobs since the strike started generallier this month. month. -- earlier this month. marriott has brought in temporary workers during the strike. strike. and a similar scene in oakland, marriott workers joined together there and took their messages to the street, chanted, held signs and beat drums demanding better opportunities and more money and say they will keep demonstrating until an agreement is reached.
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and marriott released a statement, saying in part... t... the time is 7:07. president trump says he and republican leaders in congress are planning what he calls a very major tax cut early next month. the president didn't go into specifics but he said it would be directed at middle income individuals and their families. he said the earlier tax cut was for business and it helped american companies prosper. he says now it is time to help the people. >> we will be putting in and are studying very deeply right now, around the clock, a major tax cut for middle income people. not for businesses at all, but middle income peopl >> the president said he planned to implement the tax cut before the november 6 election but the timing is very unlikely and both houses in
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congress are in recess right now and there are no plans for lawmakers to return to work until november 13th. the mega millions has gotten all the attention but the powerball jackpot keeps growing, too. nobody won last night's $470 million jackpot. here are the numbers in case you want to see them... them... nobody got all 6 but there were smaller prizes handed out. the weaponize pot will be $620 million. and there is mega millions with no winner in friday's drawing. the drawing on tuesday night should hit a record $1.6 billion. that has people joining office pools. we may or may not have started one here just this morning! [ laughing ] >> i think we did. come on! >> yes. and people talk about what they would do if they won the big jackpot. some put a priority on paying
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off bill, helping their family and others talk about traveling the world. a specialist in lottery winning says there are a few important steps to take if you hit it big. >> being a experienced lottery lawyer that knows what he or she is doing, goes into the lottery commission with you, has your back, has your back and sets up your life going forward. >> it is a lot of money, folks. he says the first thing to do after you discover the winning ticket, don't say anything. be very, very quiet. then get organized. no matter who buys the ticket, the prize money goes into whoever walk into the lottery commission with the ticket they sign. do not talk about winning until you have a plan in place and are ready for a lot of attention. you will hear from people claiming to be long lost relatives and groups that want donations. >> there you go. people are getting senatorrer as the -- smarter as the big winners come forward.
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an interesting problem to have. >> indeed. coming up next on this sunday, new information about the first federal charges filed for meddling in the presidential elections back in 2016. >> and what the new documents say about congresswoman say was part of the conspiracy. >> and hundreds of people register to vote at a free concert in oakland overnight. the big message behind the event and the message they say young people should hear, coming up.
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. tomorrow is the deadline to
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register to vote here in california for the midterm elections coming up in a couple of week, november 6th. 19 million people are now on the voting roll the california social security says -- secretary of state says, and all time high for the state. 43% are democrats, 7% are unaffiliated and 25% are republicans. if you aren't sure where to vote, check out the secretary of state's website under the tab "my voter status more than 200 young people registered to vote at a free concert. rajon lynch's foundation organized the concert and rapper mr. fab hosted it. more now on the message they wanted to make sure the young people heard >> reporter: with music as the backdrop, local artists hit the stage at oakland tech auditorium. the sights are set on the november 6th election and the
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timing was right for the millennial voter engagement concert. >> we are here to educate our community about voting, about the issues going on in our city, and about the elected visuals, about the mayor, all those things that go into making decisions about how oakland is represented. >> reporter: they are interested in preserving culture and a better place to live in oaklan >> there aren't a lot of events like this necessarily for my generation. i was fully aware of this one held at the high school. with marchpane family first doing this, for the -- mar shon's family first doing this, and for the voters, it was a great time to talk about getting out to vote >> the typical oakland renter
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can only afford $750 a month and the average medium rent is $1,900 a month, leaving many complaining about sky-rocketing rent >> it effects our way of living and more. the only way to stop complaining about it is to do something about i >> there is also a rock the vote event in the city of davis. there is a day's long concert with a registration drive. they wanted to highlight the local music talent and provide a easy and simple way for folks to register to vote before tomorrow's deadline. >> i have an idea and others have an idea to try to do something fun and positive that can also promote the need to vote and help people register to vote at the same tim >> the musicians that perform was oakland's king dream, midnight dip and several deejays from local radio stations. and voting became easier for students at uc berkeley.
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the students installed drop- off ballot boxes. anyone can drop off your ballot there. no postage is needed for the for more information on the up coming midterm elections head to we posted sit down interviews with the state's two gubernatorial candidates, as wel it is nice out there, i think. what do you think? >> i think it will shape up to be a nice day. rosemary? >> it will be another nice day. take a look at this. we have the fog deck this morning that is more uniform and deeper. the on shore breeze is a little stronger. you know what i will say next, a little cooler. that is what we are expecting for the afternoon today. patchy dense fog back once again. circulation you can see off the coastline as the low brings in the southerly flow and
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southwesterly breeze. we are looking at temperatures falling off a little bit. for your day today, we are starting off with fog this morning. patchy dense fog over portions of the north bay, from the coast to the valley. be prepared for that if you are getting out early. we have that the next couple of hours. into the second part of the morning, early afternoon, the low clouds begin to burn off and for the afternoon we have low 60s at the coast, low 70s near the bay and 80 in the inland communities, bringing the temperatures downpour by a few degrees. partly cloudy and mostly clear around the bay and inland. partly sunny skies at the coastlines today. the businessweek will see a more active pattern. at this point the rain looks to stay to the north. we will have what appears to be a dry week ahead. temperatures cool off slightly for the start of the week and warm up again for the second part of the businessweek. temperatures 52 degrees to start your morning in san
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francisco under mostly cloudy skies. 64 in oakland, 48 in concord, 46 in livermore. how about the north bay, upper 40s in santa rosa at this hour. south bay 56 degrees, san jose and mountainview. 51 in woodside and 51 in the has altos hills. and into the afternoon look at the -- last altos hills. east -- has altos hills. and into the afternoon, 70 degrees in oakland, low 80s in brentwood, yet was mid to upper 80s.
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we will get into warmer weather for wednesday, thursday and friday next week. back to yo >> thank you, rosemary. a popular tahoe area ski resort is open today. >> my favorite, actually. straight ahead, the mid october opening for some of its devoted customers. and a basketball brawl at the first laker's home game with lebron james got ugly. the players ejected after they started throwing punches. do you hear that?
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the comingers got the 23rd national pendant which ties is giant's record. they celebrated with a lot of bubbly. all season the players said they wanted one more win when the dodgers lost game 7 to the world series to the astros. red sox are slight favorites to win this year game one tuesday night in boston. you can see the world series, by the way, right here on ktvu fox 2 tuesday at fenway park. we will have fox news at 4:00 followed by the pre-game show and first pitch at 5:09 tuesday. and hefty fines and possible suspensions will come from lebron james home game with his new look l.a. lakers. lakers. it got ugly. the lakers facing the rockets when fists started flying late in the 4th quarter, james
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harden fouled going to the bucket and the lakers brandan ingram was upset with the call. a few seconds later the rockets ray paul and ray shon rondo threw punched at each other. all three players were eventually ejected. the lakers are winless this year. ar. there were 259 alcohol- related deaths in 1999 and this number jumped to 77 in 2016, and the cdc defines heavy rinking as exceeding one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men.
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an international mission to carry two satellites to the planet mercury is on target. the area on 5 rocket launched from france friday night. it is part of a joins mission and it is expected to reach the planet by 2025 and scientists hope to learn more how planets in the solar system were formed. an update on the vallejo apartment fire we told you about yesterday that displaced dozens of people. >> and what was tossed away that may have sparked that fire. >> reporter: and a car is stolen from this convenience store and a little girl was inside the car. we will give you all the details coming up
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. well, listen to that. hall & oaks goes a long way on a lazy sunday weeken >> yes. we feel like every week we start out nice and by 1:00 i am like why is it so hot. >> yes. we have the fog. it is more widespread this morning. the marine layer is deeper and the on shore breeze is back. a little cooldown for your bay area sunday. there is the view not only of the sfo and golden gate bridge and many of us waking up with clouds where we had sunshine yesterday. san francisco is 5 degrees. upper 40s in santa rosa -- 55
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degrees. upper 40s in santa rosa. 46 in livermore and san jose is 56. temperatures are within a few degrees of yesterday. a tad warmer in napa and san carlos and a tad cooler in concord. temperatures are expected to fall off a few degrees from yesterday afternoon. look here at the cloud cover where it is shifting a little bit. it will take a little while longer for that to clear out of the way this morning. giving you a look here at the visibility. we have patchy dense fog. santa rosa reporting visibility down to half a mile. the darker shade of gray, rosa park, petaluma and the sonoma valley, all those areas you will see it especially thick. napa airport reporting visibility down to half a mile. it is out there. if you have an early morning drive take note. the winds are light. calm conditions. just a light on shore breeze in fairfield. that is what will help bring
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our temperatures down. here is a look at the future- cast model. when it comes to fog cover, low clouds about 10:00. we are still covered inside the bay. yesterday by 10:00 it was already peeling back. mostly sunny by the coastline. san francisco may have a slow clearing day, as well. then as we get into the afternoon partly sunny and partly cloudy at the coast and mostly sunny for the rest of us. low to mid 60s at the coastline. 65 san francisco, low 70s around the bay, low 80s inland. in the north bay a beautiful 75 expected. temperatures continuing to cool slightly monday and tuesday before we warm up. more on the extended forecast coming up. >> thank you, rosemary. a san jose man is behind cars after police say he stole a running car with a 5-year-old girl inside. it happened at story road and leeward drive. we have more now live in san jose with details. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning. thankfully the little girl is
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okay. san jose police say she was reunited with her dad and wasn't hurt in this situation but what a scary situation for that family what happened right here at this convenience store in san jose. san jose police arrested 30- year-old martin have ware toe and released this mug shot. the dad of the 5-year-old girl left her inside when he went into the convenience store. after apprehending vjerto, the little girl is safe and back
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with her family this morning. back to you. rags soaked in chemicals are to blame for starting a fire at an apartment complex and forcing families to escape this hom >> reporter: there was a fire burning somewhere inside this apartment building nicholas olmstead said. >> i get security movement from the smoke and then it sends a notification to your phone as an alarm saying hey, there is something going on here. it takes readings of carbon monoxide, but to be truthful there was a camera that sensed the movement first from the smoke. >> reporter: he and 40 other residents escaped the apartment down the fire escape. the fire was contained to one apartment on the second floor
7:33 am
that was being remodeled. fire crews quickly realized how it started. >> it appears it was improperly disposed of, rags soaked in chemicals and then ignited with some chemical al when you ball it up in a rag it creates a thermal reaction over time and creates heat, can come bust, smolder and develop into a fire over time. >> reporter: the vallejo fire department said this is a build that long concerned fire crews. >> it is a pre-1940s construction, built in 1924. lots of void space, wasn't built to the codes and standards of today so fire moves in these buildings quickly. insulation in the room of origin is shredded newspaper. >> reporter: the sprinkler system, smoke detectors and alarms were workin >> the most tragic part of this
7:34 am
situation is that people will essentially be going straight from having their own apartment, families, elderly, to the streets. there is no safety net in this volatile rental market. >> the red cross said it gave out debit cards to 22 displaced residents and there is a hotline they can call if they are having trouble finding temporary housing. a rally was held last night in pittsburgh for a man shot and killed -- pittsburg for a man shot and killed by the police. police. demonstrators taking to the streets for terry e in, monds. the 34-year-old -- emmonds. the 34-year-old was sitting in his vehicle when officers were involved in the search over a drug deal. he was shot after reaching for his gun in his vehicle.
7:35 am
a complaint against the pittsburg police department is being considered. well, global skepticism surrounding saudi arabia's claim that a washington post journalist with us skilled in a fistfight. >> german is the latest country to reassess its armed deal with the saudi >> reporter: washington post
7:36 am
journalist jamal khashoggi was killed during a fistfight at the consulate earlier this month the saudi officials say. state tv has announced the firing of four top intelligence officials in the wake of the investigation, including a close confident of the saudi crown prince as well as one of his advisors. the announcement was met with instant skepticism from global leaders. >> we are talking about the terrible events in saudi arabia where nothing has been clarified and we demand to know what happened. >> president trump calls the situation unacceptable and the arrest of the saudis is a good first step. he is pledges to work with congress to determine the u.s ' response but so far appear reluck stand to cancel a planned -- reluctant to cancel a planned armed sale. >> i don't think we should cancel $110 billion worth of
7:37 am
wor >> we need them as a counter balance to iran. it is not the simplist solution or situation to be in. >> reporter: many officials are demanding evidence to support saudi arabia's claim. primarily khashoggi's body. human rights group amnesty international says an autopsy must be done, one in line with international standards. in istanbul, turkey, fox news. well, the u.s. justice department unsealed documents which include a criminal complaint filed against a russian woman who participates say was part of a conspiracy to use social media for election meddling interferences. >> we continue to see russia getting increasingly -- iran and chinese actors continuing to use the social media to influence the american public.
7:38 am
>> mueller faces a critical week ahead. meanwhile president trump says he will pull out of a major nuclear treaty in the united states signed by the former soviet union. russia is violating the 1987 arms control agreement and is preventing the u.s. from developing new weapons. president trump says they will begin developing new weapons unless china and iran agree not to develop a new arsenal. >> we are the ones that have stayed in the agreement and we have honored the agreement, but russia has not, unfortunately, honored the agreement, so we will terminate it and pull out. >> the u.s. claims russia is in violation of developing a cruise missile. no new timetable was announced. it will be another busy weekend around san francisco's moscone center and it kicks off tomorrow. the open world conference will begin. the founder will speak tomorrow and wednesday.
7:39 am
some of the headline hers will give -- headliners will give key. ♪ speeches. there will be workshops on artificial intelligence, machine learning, the cloud and threats to online security. once again it starts tomorrow and runs through thursday. well, a disaster declaration for more than 15 counties in the state of texas. >> and flooding continues in the lone star state. plus plus, why some areas that didn't receive much rain are also in danger. stay with us.
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warning, california. a handful of billionaires have spent over $70 million on campaigns to undermine our public schools. and electing a former wall street banker named marshall tuck to superintendent of public instruction is all a part of the billionaires' plan to take money away from neighborhood public schools and give it to their corporate charter schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers for superintendent of public instruction. because keeping our kids safe and improving our neighborhood public schools is always tony's top priority.
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welcome back. police are searching for answers after a young mother was found dead near her hom >> this is hard. we are right next door and can help, but can't do anything. >> reporter: neighbors tell me candace diaz and her family moved into this house just a few months ago. she was a mother to two young daughters. >> they were quiet. never really had any involvement with them. >> reporter: san francisco police were following up after the 26-year-old mother was reported missing. when they got to the house friday evening officers say something didn't add up. >> they got to the home and
7:43 am
discovered there were circumstances that were suspicious. >> reporter: police are not saying what tipped them off but they began searching for the mom and the car she may have been driving. her body was found not far from the house on grave street. police found a person of interest and took them into custody on unrelated charges. police asking officers if they have ever seen anyone fighting outside the house. the neighbors say she has heard her fighting with the man that lived in the home with her. >> i heard the garage door hope, her crying real bad like something was going on -- >> investigators are not commenting on how she was killed. police say her children, though, are safe and they have spoken with her husband but won't reveal the person of interest now in custod many people are keeping a close eye on the senate race in
7:44 am
florida. police analysts say people with puerto rico roots will play a key part in that election. tion. florida's candidates rick scott and bill nelson are working to appeal to the puerto rican voters. a latino outreach group registered 75,000 new hispanic voters and it is estimated over half are puerto rican. >> puerto rican voters can be a decisive voting block because their numbers have increased a lot and the mainstay elections in florida are considered to be really close, so a small change in the electorate could make a difference. ifference.
7:45 am
in central texas ravaged by flood, has governor greg abbott adding many more counties to the flooding disaster declaration. >> if you live along or near a river or waterway that could be the subject of flooding, prepare for evacuations no >> you need to expect flooding to continue for perhaps another wee >> fema is working with the governor's office to help effected homeowners and more resources are on the way. a ski resort in north lake tahoe decided to open its extended ski operations. it is continuing to operate through today, however that is
7:46 am
only if you have a season pass. look at that. there is snow. we are excited because it is mid october! 17 new snow-making machines are pumping out the powder making this opening possible. it is the earliest, yes, the earliest resort to open in 65 years. the re-opening will resume as weather and conditions permit. . >> it is a great resort, kind of forgotten. a lot of reno people go up there. >> it is a great local spot. >> a great vertical drop and beautiful view, as well. >> i feel like i am skiing looking at the video, right? >> exactly! [ laughing ] well, we were hoping for perhaps a little rain to come our way but that will not be the case. it will stick to the north of us. we have a system off the coastline cooling us down.
7:47 am
a little more fog this morning you may notice. the patchy dense fog is back once again. our north bay valley locations, napa and sonoma moving through areas all the way to the coast. we are seeing patchy, dense fog. be careful if you have a early morning trip. for the rest of us a great start. partly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies for the afternoon. the burnoff is a little later on today. the marine layer is thicker. low 60s at the coast today and low 70s around the bay. inland areas in the low 80s. mild to warm day for inland communities and temperatures will be falling off a little from yesterday afternoon. for the time being the cooling trend starts today, goes through monday and tuesday, becomes more active in the pacific northwest. we were hoping to see a few scattered showers come our way but at this point it looks like
7:48 am
it will remain north. we will see a little cooler weather, but no rain, not just yet. 52 in san francisco right now. 56 for san jose. 46 in livermore, upper 40s in concord. and cold in napa, 43 to start your day, 49 in santa rosa where, in addition to the cloud cover you have patchy, dense fog to contend with. on the east bay, 46 in lafayette. alamo is 44 and antioch is checking in at 50. how about the afternoon high? yesterday we were in the upper 70s to low 80s for the north bay. today we will go 75 in sonoma, 74 for met luma and 67 closer to the water for sausalito. hayward today low 70s. 69 in alameda. 2 in brentwood, 82 in pleasanton. south bay 42.
7:49 am
very mild to warm front mild in santa cruz, 72 and mostly sunny skies. downtown san francisco 65 and low 60s for dale city and partly sunny and partly cloudy for the west facing beaches pacifica and half moon bay. look at the extended forecast. the temperatures fall off a little more as we get back to work on monday, hold steady on tuesday, a tad warmer on wednesday and 82 for the second part of the businessweek. ssweek. claudine, frein income. >> i will take it, rosemary. and into sports, the sharks are hosting the idealers on hispanic heritage night. san jose gets on the board first. t. the sharks take the lead for good in the 2nd period. look at this sweet little move. and an insurance goal later in the second and the sharks go on
7:50 am
to win it 4-1, avenging the bitter loss they suffered on long island earlier this week.
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here is our ktvu programming coming up... coming up... for news, join claudine, rosemary and myself. we will be hanging out on ktvu- plus from 9:00 to 10:00. a big game for the cal football team on the road. the patrick laird show, the bears up 14-0. a lot more laird to come. here he is with a stiff arm and bowling in from 4-yards out. 241 all-purpose yards for laird, and they win the first game on the road in three years, 49-7. the bears roll in corvallis. san jose lost a tough one, still looking for their first win at san diego state 16-13. a reboot of the classic movie halloween and it is bringing big crowds to the theater. >> yes. it is on track to break big
7:52 am
records. more on that when we come back.
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now to some dramatic pictures at a floor collapse at the party at the clemson campus at southern university in south carolina. the injured were attending a party at an apartment when the floor of the first level of the building caved in. the victims were dancing and then suddenly the floor gave way and plummeted all the way down to the basement.
7:56 am
the party-goers screamed and those that didn't fall stood on portions of the first floor still intact. despite the number of people hurt, none of the injuries are life-threatening. >> that is frightening. >> incredible. it was a day of shopping, pampering and community outreach in oakland. an event was hosted in honor of domestic violence awareness month. over a thousand women impacted by domestic violence and homelessness took part in the event. there was shopping and free food, giving those survivors a much needed break, organizers say. >> i want this had day to be a special day for women that have undergone the same suffering as me, who went through domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, to give them basically a day of peace and refuge from the storms. >> this is the tenth year that the courageous women association hosted the event.
7:57 am
the latest reboot of the classic movie halloween is on track to break records at the box office. here we go! halloween estimated to bring in at least $80 million on its first weekend. the movie could break venom's newly set record for the best october opening of all time. this is the 11th film in the holes franchise, picking up 40 years -- in the halloween franchise, picking up 40 years after the original. remember carrie? >> i know! talk about scary movies. >> can't do it! >> a wimp! a bay area lawmaker is looking into complaints about airport noise. >> we will tell you what congresswoman jackie speier plans to do and how you can get involved, as well. and nearly everyone knows about the 1956 san francisco earthquake but what about the
7:58 am
great quake that nearly leveled the city.
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well good morning here on sunday, october 21st. thank you for joining us. i am claudine wong. >> and i am frank mallicoat.
8:01 am
we begin with a difficult story out of san jose. a father left his 5-year-old daughter in a car and walked into the convenience store. >> then a man broke into the car and took off. we will tell you more on how the 5-year-old is doing and where the thief is now. well, if you were hoping to wake up a millionaire, sorry, no winner in the powerball. >> like the mega millions the $6 million jackpot in the powerball will take over. over 2 billion up for grabs combined on tuesday. more on the lotto fever, coming up. and it is game day as the rams come to down. we will break down the game and that is not all. yes. we will have the unveiling in the 9ers sunday. but first let's talk weather. if you are peeking outside this morning and saying it is gray again -- look at this picture -- the sun is busting through. yes. we will see another burnoff,
8:02 am
although it could be a little slower today. the marine layer, claudine, with the air mass developing over the water kind of creeps in our way. >> i don't want to use the wrong meteorological term. >> i won't be mad at you! [ laughing ] a look other the east bay hills i am guessing, although i could be wrong. yes, walnut creek. thank you, director paul. mostly sunny skies for our inland areas. meanwhile along the coast, around the bay, here is a look at sfo where as we have been talking about this morning, chances are delays here for some arriving flights. always happens with the low clouds and fog. san francisco 5 degrees. upper 40s in santa rosa. 46 in livermore, 5 in san jose. our temperatures are within a few degrees for most. a little warmer in oakland. sarkar lows a tad cooler, as well as -- san carlos a tad cooler, as well as napa.
8:03 am
you will notice the fog is widespread, other the north bay, the coast and valley locations. it will be a tough going in some areas so please be careful. here is where we are seeing the dark shade of gray in and around the napa airport. cruising in and out of the napa valley you will find it. it looks like it approaches american canyon. a little through the sonoma valley, highway 12, and crossing to highway 101 where it is thick again. the shows airport reporting a little -- the santa rosa airport reporting a little less than a mile visibility. calm conditions in novato. fairfield reporting a light wind at 8 miles per hour. the low clouds, the deep erma reason layer, the -- the deeper marine layer and on shore breeze all adding up to cooler weather. .
8:04 am
concord, antioch, livermore, the south bay 74. if you see the quakes play it will be nice, mild and sunny. bring the sun block. the temperatures will cool slightly as we get back to work on monday. more on the extended forecast coming up. a 5-year-old girl is back home after a terrifying situation in san jose. police say a man stole a running vehicle with the little girl inside yesterday afternoon. it happened in the area of story road and leeward drive. we have more live with sarah in san jose with details. sarah? >> reporter: it was a casual stop at this convenience store behind me that turned into the nightmare situation for a dad that quickly realized his car was stolen and his little girl was inside. san jose police officers
8:05 am
arrested 30-year-old martin have a year tain connection to the crime. verjarta jumped in the car and stole it with the little girl inside. officers spotted the car on bar low avenue about a mile from the quick stop. verjarta ditched the car can and ran. the little girl was not inside the car but found nearby. the good news is the little girl was okay, not hurt in this whole ordeal and she is back home with her family. >> thank you, sarah. 41-year-old matthew mueller may use a temporary insanity defense.
8:06 am
he was convicted in federal court of kidnapping a physical therapist denise huskins in 2015. he was sentenced to 40 years in jail. now he has charges in solano county of rape, false imprisonment and kidnapping for ranso fire investigators are looking into what sparked a house fire in concord. it broke out just before 8:00 near edmonton way and highway 4. doug a harris post this had video live to facebook after the fire fight was under way. the contra costa firefighters here are working to put out the flames that got pretty big. harris recorded medical professionals checking on a dog that wasn't breathing. the dog was revived and we are told he will be okay. a rally is planned tomorrow in san francisco to call in city leaders to close the county jail. the no new sf jail coalition wants the community to invest in housing services. the demonstration is set to
8:07 am
start at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. on wednesday the group plans to ask the board of supervisors to support recommendations made last year about reducing the jail's population. uc hospitals will have to manage with fewer workers this week because of a labor dispute. the technical workers will stage a three-day walkout beginning on tuesday. other union employees at the university will join them on the picket line in solidarity. workers accused the school of outsourcing a number of jobs to private contracting companies that say higher outside workers at a lower wage. uc contracting up services is allowed under the current contract. the bay area congressman jackie speier wants to hear from people about the noise traffic at san francisco international airport. airport. the congresswoman says the problem is especially bad at night. she is holding a town hall meeting tomorrow night to talk about the problem and possible solutions. airport official, a former airline pilot and attorney that
8:08 am
handled a similar situation in phoenix will be at the meeting. spearer also invited a representative from the faa to attend. it will be at 7:00 tomorrow night. night. the mega millions jackpot has gotten all the attention but the powerball jackpot keeps getting bigger, too. nobody won last night's $470
8:09 am
million jackpot. here are the numbers on your screen if you want to peek at that ticket anyway... icket anyway... nobody got all of the numbers, but there were 13 tickets sold in california that got a smaller prize of $17,000. wednesday's powerball jackpot is expected to grow to at least $620 million. we keep talking about millions and billions. we need to talk about mega millions because, no, there was no winner of that one in friday night's drawing, either. the jackpot is expected to hit a record $1.6 billion when they pull the numbers on tuesday. that has people standing in line to buy tickets and office pools forming. some people say they would pay bills if they won. i get it. and after that they would help out family and they talk about traveling. an attorney that specialized in lottery winners and
8:10 am
representing them say if you do win, there are a few important steps to take. >> being an experienced lottery lawyer that knows what he is doing or she is doing, goes into the lottery commission with you, has your back, can explain the process and set up your life going forward. >> he says the first thing to do after you discover you have the winning ticket is stay quiet and get organized because no matter who buys the ticket, the prize money goes to whoever walk into the lottery commission with the ticket they signed. so, don't talk about it yet. even if you have an office pool. get them together and everyone say be quiet until you have a plan in place and get ready for a lot of attention from long lost relatives and groups looking for donations. >> googling lottery attorney as we speak. wouldn't that be fun! on to sports, the world series match-up all set up. east and west as the red sox and dodgers will make the fall
8:11 am
classic this week after l.a. clinched its second consecutive pennant in milwaukee. the brewers took a 1-0 lead, though, in the 1st inning. the dodgers coming right back. and bellen jer secting for a two run shot, later named the mvp. deep here, two on and see you later! he is dancing around the bases. the houston astros were ten
8:12 am
games under .500 back in may. good job. you can see the entire world series here on ktvu fox 2 tuesday night. the opener at fenway. we will have fox 2 news at 4:00, followed by the pre-game show for the game at 4:30. first pitch at 5:09 on tuesday. in an hour from now the 9ers will honor the most famous play in franchise history. >> in a moment we will talk to ktvu sport's anchor joe fonzi about the catch and the big tribute to joe montana, coming up. way to stay connected.
8:13 am
it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. narrator: he claims to be an education reformer, but marshall tuck's failed record managing actual schools won't work as superintendent of public instruction. as ceo of l.a.'s partnership schools, the teachers gave tuck a vote of "no confidence." and tuck's total mismanagement of l.a. charter schools caused financial problems that cost taxpayers thousands. tony thurmond. the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers.
8:14 am
holding all our schools accountable and always protecting neighborhood public schools. tony thurmond. for our schools. the 49ers host one of the best teams in the nfl. the rams will invade the south bay with the 6-0 record. the big question is which 9ers team will show up, the one in prime time or the bun that got out a big win against the packers last week. our sport's guy joe fonzi is waking up with a cup of coffee in hand. good morning. >> good morning. the keyword you said is early. the 49ers were more than double over the cardinals in just about every offensive category in that game, but if you
8:15 am
remember the one category they won 5-0 was turnovers and that was not a win. that was the difference in that game. it was after that arizona game that nbc said well, we have you scheduled for a national game, but never mind, we are not going to do that, and that is why they are playing this afternoon instead of tonight. >> i guess so. the players were a little miffed with that, too, right? >> you would be. you have the national stage and your friends and family that don't all make it to the game they are able to watch, then you find out that is not going to be able to be the case, i am sure they would be upset with that. >> let's talk about c.j. this guy has taken a lot of hits. no one can talk about his attitude or intestinal fortitude. what is the report card? what do you think? >> well, he is tough. nobody will question that.
8:16 am
they thought enough of him to pick him in the third round last year. but he needs to take that extra step. you know? whatever that step is. i was watching the green bay game and you mentioned how well they played and they really did. they led most of the game. they had the ball two times with a 7 point lead and the ball. then they had it again in a tie game. all three of those times i was saying to myself you guys better get a first down, you better keep the ball, you better not turn it over to aaron rodgers. to me that was more of a key in losing that game than the fact that rogers sliced them up in the last come of seconds. you know he will do that because he does that to everybody. but if you don't get him get the ball back that than is the whole different story. and when they needed the team to get first down, complete that key pass, whatever it is, sometimes a quarterback has to almost will you to that situation, he wasn't able to do it ye >> and the ram team is loaded.
8:17 am
i think bonyez told me a story, the head coach, was he an intern here years ago? >> no, he wasn't an intern, but shaun mcvay is the grandson of john mcvay, kind of one of the architects of the 49ers of the '80s. then shaun was the ktvu general manager. so, we saw shaun kind of roaming around the building a little bit when he was a college kid. >> that is what i thought. >> so he is kind of from the ktvu family. >> and speaking of another local guy, jerod goss coming home. a lot of people thought when he played under jeff fisher this was a mistake, but boy has he proved them wrong, right? >> he has blossomed into everything you would expect the number one overall pick to be and he did struggle his rookie year. there is no question about that. by all accounts he and jeff fisher didn't get along that
8:18 am
well and it feels like the whole rest of the team and jeff fisher didn't get along that well because the team has done nothing but excel since then. and now goss has become everything you would expect a number one pick to be. >> today is alumni day. they are honoring the old super bowl family. a lot of old -- super bowl family. a lot of the old guys will be there. where were you that day with montana and the catch? talk about the significance of it? >> i can tell you exactly where i was. you are right. it is always a special day when the 49ers do their alumni day. it is the 1994 super bowl team, the last 49ers super bowl team that won that they are honoring. and alumni day, they have done since the stadium days that. is a big deal. you see a lot of old friends and old faces. but it is also, as you said,
8:19 am
today they are unveiling a statue that is exactly the distance that joe and black were from each other, which was the ball at the 6-yard line but apparently they were 23- yards apart. it is a life sized statue of both guys at the exact distance. i was just starting in this business. i was working for kscw. i was standing at about the 20- yard line. i had followed the drive behind the dallas cowboys fans and joe rolled right toward me. my immediate thought, because that was the third down play, my mead thought -- because he had the -- immediate thought -- because he had the big rush -- was, oh well. there were a lot of people blocking me. i went, curb around the corner and saw dwight's big old hands come up in the air, grab the ball but i could not see if he was in the end zone. then i saw the official go up
8:20 am
and candlestick park was almost silent for a second, and then they went wait, what happened! in the end zone, touchdown -- the place went crazy. the most exciting live thing i have ever seen. >> we have to go, but i was working at the squaw valley ski resort. i called in sick that day because i blew out my knee skiing the night before. they said you better come in crutches because we know you want to watch the 49ers game. i was front in center and we went on to beat the lions after that. >> yes. one of those ones everybody remembers where they were that day. >> got to love it. that first one was the best one. joe, thank you for getting up early. all the best with game day and we will check in next week as usual. thank you, joe. >> sounds good, frank. talk to you in a bit. >> more mornings on 2 right after the break. stay right there.
8:21 am
8:22 am
well, good morning to you. we have a little bit of a cooldown this morning, with the deeper marine layer and low cloud cover, as well. 60s at the coast. low to mid 60s at pacifica and half-moon 60. low to mid 60s at the bay and 80 degrees for the warmer locations today.
8:23 am
dealing with patchy, dense fog in the north bay. here is what we can expect as we roll into the business week. the pattern is more active in the pacific northwest. for us we were hoping perhaps a few scattered showers would reach the bay area. doesn't look like it at this point. we will remain mostly dry, but we will come it down a little bit today through tuesday. here is a look at the future- cast model when it comes to cloud cover. at lunch time we are mostly sunny away from the coast. we will turn partly cloudy and partly sunny at the keyesline for your entire sunday and again -- coastline for your entire sunday and temperatures will be dropping off by a few degrees. ees. it is a bit of a cold start. napa valley with patchy dense fog. 46 in livermore. 55 in hayward and low 50s in san francisco. along the peninsula 52 in san mateyo and 63 in woodside.
8:24 am
another mild to warm day this afternoon. nice but not as warm as yesterday. 73 for san rafael. 74 in petaluma. 71 in san leandro. upper 70s to low 80s in livermore, antioch, and pittsburg you will go to 80. the south bay 74. san jose 73. santa clara upper 70s. if you are headed to the last quake's game of the season it will be nice, mild and mostly sunny. along the peninsula 73 in redwood city. 65 in san francisco, low 60s in dale city, pacifica and half moon bay. temperatures continue to cool off. as we get back to work on monday low 60s along the coast, upper 60s at if bay and lower 70s in our warmer spots. a tad warmer on wednesday and midwee >> thank you, rosemary. stay tuned. we will be right back.
8:25 am
8:26 am
california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
8:27 am
well, tomorrow is deadline to vote in california. 43% of registered voters are democrats, 27% are unaffiliated and 25% are republicans. if you are unsure whether you are registered to vote, check the secretary of state website under the tap "my voter status." well, the orion 5 rocket launched friday night, a seven year mission with the european and japanese space agencies. the rocket is expected to reach mercury of december of 2025. then the two satellites will operate in high and low orbits of the planet closest to the sun. thank you for joining us
8:28 am
this morning. we are off early here on ktvu. we have fox 2 sports weekend and fox nfl sunday. and mornings on 2 will continue on 9:00 to 10:00 on ktvu-plus. the dead occasion of the two statues today at levi stadium on the catc and we will also talk about why people are climbing 61 flights of stairs in san francisco. thank you for watching. come join us at 9:00 on the plus if you can.
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