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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 26, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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we'll get a bigger push on the coastal fog. it's nice, yesterday, about 5:30, last year at this time, it's getting hot. 80s and 90s and fog, and rain, go north. you can find rain and high pressure, i'm hanging out in california for another day or two. 40s and 50s on the temperatures here. and freemont, and for the fog, not as much inland as we had yesterday. that didn't run off for 10:00 for some. it will allow cooler weather to come in. 60s and 70s for many and upper 70s and low 80s, tells us it's friday light. >> hopefully it will stay this way steve. it's light in solano county. we did the solano county supercommute. fairfield looks good, heading
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out to the carquinez bridge. we have a minor accident, traffic is moving along nicely. now, that the cones are gone, traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza and the approach, 17 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze and it's light at the bay bridge toll plaza, lets go back to the desk. and the source of mail bombs isn't to critics of president trump may be focused on florida. the head of the homeland security said some of the packages came from a postal facility from miami. we have more on the details. good morning doug. >> reporter: investigators have a lot of information and evidence to sift through. the question remains, are there more devices out there. >> investigators in florida zeroing in on the postal
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facility overnight. that would help figure out the theory that it was sent to president trump critics. >> as you know some of the packages went through the mail and they originated from florida that was a obvious lead to pursue. >> an obvious lead and there's many others like the devices are themselves being analyzed by the f.b.i. why didn't they explode. it could be bad luck from the bomber and lack of expertise or something else. >> if the guy is more sophisticated and didn't expect these things to go off in the first place, you're dealing with a different kind of offender. investigators say they have to assume that these packages were meant to explode. >> this has to be taken with the utmost seriousness, as far as the hooks device, we're not treating it that way. and they continue to blame the political environment on
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president trump's rhetoric. >> and president trump said: ent trump said: lawmakers meantime are in such of a hair trigger, we had a report of a suspicious package, one at senator feinstein's offices in california. it ended up being nothing. them locked down the office and inspected the package and found it was just regular mail. back to you. a 20-member team is investigating a massive fire that destroyed a town home complex under construction in west oakland. members of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms arrived on the scene on wednesday. they say they're in the to t. authorities say they'll stay at the scene to determine if it was arson, accidental or from an undermined cause.
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we're learning more about a construction fire that occurred the same night as the big one in west oakland this week. the second one was an attempted arson it, didn't cause damage but did leave clues. >> reporter: dozens of subcontractors work this site and they were joined this week by federal agents. >> the place was crawling with atf. >> an arsonist broke a woman to get inside and used a accelerant to set fire to a bathroom leaving it damaged and scorched. because this end of the building is finished and it's fire resistant the flames didn't spread. >> it kept it burning from the ground. >> what was burning in the ground at the same time, a town home complex under construction, a fire that went
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to five a harm, it's a pattern projects, a failed attempt in the same hour was spotted by a security guard who smelled smoke. daytime, they have two guards and overnight that doubles. >> because it's more dangerous. >> and the other side of the complex has 60 more units, not nearly as finished, more combustible should someone torch them. >> you think they might come back? >> yes, they did leave something the other day. we give them to the atf. >> the arsonist startled by an approaching guard did leave some things, a gas can, a rag and and hammer, all turned over to a trips to las vegas. if for analysis as they process both looking for connections. they've been questioning neighbors. >> for 15 minutes i was being questioned, i was asked if i ta
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okay. >> and he said he has complained and said they were blocking the driveway. >> and an agent has been here five times about the arsons going on in oakland, at that's serious situation. ous situation. our time now is 4:36, police in fairfield investigating a deadly shooting inside of a car during a police chase. the 22-year-old driver was shot and killed by his female passenger yesterday afternoon. police heard the woman cry for help, they tried to pull the car over, there was a brief chase and the car crashed near travis boulevard near dover avenue. they lived together, their 10- month-old child was in the car, but was not hurt. is show what suspect in the unlawful killing, that's what murder is, it could be
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justified, we're trying to determine it at this point. they're trying to determine whether that woman was kidnapped or assaulted. that child is with relatives. a man convicted of killing his parents is facing life without parole. the sentencing is next not. >> the man sat expression as a jury delivered the verdict in the hall of justice, guilty on two counts of murder for the deaths of his parents in april 2016. a santa clara county deputy da said justice was served. >> it's in many ways a tragedy, a saddened ton the loves of his parents, you a couple is dead, one son is orphaned and another convicted of killing them. >> they found the couple's bodies a day after they were in san jose. an intruder shot and killed his
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father and someone else killed his mother. the grizzly crime scene have macabre on the floor. sorry my kill was clumsy and it contradicted the account saying no one was home. >> trying to make it look like it was someone else, it was beyond a rage killing, something was premeditated. >> jurors spent a little more than a day handing down the guilty verdict. >> the moment of the slaying defies prosecutors. >> he was treated differently. perhaps it's a motive, perhaps it's financial, perhaps it's just hate. we'll never know. >> he repr after the verdicts were read he raised the possibility of an
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oral motion at the end of the case. sentencing on november 16th. 1:30 in the afternoon at the hall of justice. ll of justice. a santa clara superior court judge has ordered a former judge to pay $161,000 in legal fees, that will go to the lawyers representing the recall campaign that removed him from office earlier this year. campaign chairwoman said the attorneys were entitled to the woman under law. they recalled him after he sentenced a man to six months in jail for after sexual assaulting a unconscious woman. a photographer was bitten by a 17-foot long great shark. he was aid.
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and he to stanford medical center. his injuries are not life- threatening. and why the plan to ban corporate cafeterias was nicked by the planning commission. and the royal wed rag display, it features meghan markle's gown. and if you're driving all over the bay area, you can see it's looking good as we look at the bridge. it's looking good fog wise, and it will be warmer on the friday forecast, we'll show it to you.
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these are live pictures, a wing of a # 37 american airlines was hit at terminal b. there were no injuries reported. police have responded to the gate, we're told that the plane arrived at miami, so when the fuel truck hit the wing, you can see it sort this out and get the passengers rebooked. >> our time is 4:43, the world series continues tonight. you can los angeles, the dodgers are
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down sox, you see them getting off the plane today, they won game 1 and 2, they're going to try to take a commanding 3-0 lead. our coverage continues at 4:30 this afternoon, you can catch local news on ktvu plus throughout the world series. it's almost play after you time for high school -- play off times for high school teams. and this team has an interesting advantage, three well-known coaches that played in the nfl. in the nfl. the player napoleon kaufman was as charismatic as they come. they're comfortable as a coach. >> now, that you're calling the plays and run a program, it's a lot different. >> in this case a lot different. his coaching staff is dripping
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with nfl pedigree, including former 49er jj stokes and former 9er tommy vardell. >> you look at the relationship, and the guy says, yeah, i would love to do something like that. >> we like things, more like a pro for the team. >> we're able to do, it's unusual, you need to teach a lot of the nuances, the real subtle degrees of different techniques and whatever you're not going to get typically you, do the players appreciate the gold mine they've stumbled into. >> they probablythink they have idea who touchdown tommy is. >> did you tell them what the d they look at you, who was that? , and theye they listen to us and they know
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where we've been and go on youtube and they look up jj and tommy, they've got guys that play at a high level. >> it's a touchdown. >> the name recognition on the dragon's roster, it extends to the players and the impressive list of family relations, starting with the coaches kids, kaufman and vardell. >> he's done a good job not forcing me to play. >> as a daddy want to coddle him along, and i'm too easy in some respects and too hard on him in most respects june and also malachai and andre ward, and the grandson of john, there's no special treatment here. >> everyone is normal, people don't really, it doesn't matter once you're on the football field.
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who cares what your last name is, go out and play. gh the last names e they are, so how about a coaches versus players scrimmage. >> i don't think the former coaches get around so well any more. >> these kids are too young and too fast for us. >> the coaches dominate on the knowledge front. that arrangement is working just fine. >> there's no substitute for experience, i got some good guys who are great communicators, they love the game, they're able to share their wealth of knowledge and get the information to the kids so they can be great. e great. well, the dress that meghan markle wore during the royal wedding will be on display at windsor castle. she wore a veil with hand embroidered flowers that paid tribute to 52 counties of the
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commonwealth -- countries of the commonwealth. the whole outfit has put on display in a glass box in prince harry's wedding display. it's called a royal wedding and it will run until january 6th. >> very nice. lets check in with sal, and get you to where you need to go on a friday morning. >> it looks better than it would be on wednesday or thursday, we'll start with the tracy supercommute. it's a little slow, it's a little less slow than you would normally see it. it's a shortage slow down on 580. this will be a lot of people out there, just a little bit less volume, and that be helps us out in getting out over the hill to castro valley and it looks good so far. both directions moving along very well. and here at the bay bridge toll
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plaza there's a slight delays and there's been no major issues on the span itself. lets bring steve in for today's weather. >> thank you, sal. some close fog -- some coastal fog. coastal fog will give way to 60s on the coast and 70s in santa cruz, inland low to mid- 80s, most locations will be about 80 to 82. concord, livermore in there, and maybe out the vacaville. a little bit of fog, rain, rain, up in seattle and portland, and not here for a while. i don't see anything. that's the signature of a ridge of high pressure controlling all of california. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, low 50s for some. there you go, 48 morgan hill, that's down from 6 from yesterday, 40s in the santa cruz mountains, low 50s, and
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that's around santa rosa and santa claire, a we have fog coming in on coast, there's a much pattern than yesterday. it's thick inland, the ridge of high pressure will give us a warm day today. this will be the warmest day, it will be nice on saturday. and it's cooler and upper 70s and low 80s, it's very nice, but the 80s don't last that long, days are shorter and nights are longer, it looks cooler on sundays, the system sweeps by to the north. it's still good going into saturday, cooler sunday and monday. >> i see, the time is 4:50, the little league coach is not happy with the local ballpark, how he plans to move his too many to some place else and why the coach is not the only one complaining about the ball field. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, a group of homeless people are living near youth baseball fields were told to leave. park rangers and the police passed out notices and the homeless have to leave by sunday. patrols and maintenance of the tully ball fields, they've seen trash and human waste in the area. one coach is fearing for the safety of the players and confines him to the field. they use a bathroom at another
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by library. we found syringes right over there, and broken bottles everywhere, and there was a little flight here in the first day, i think it was the second practice we were here. >> people living in the homeless encampment say they have few options, not everyone is using drugs there. they're looking to move to go to hope village which is a legal encampment. the city plans to hire two dozen homeless people and pay them to pick up trash. >> for the past 7 years this man has been sloping on san jose sidewalks. >> it's kind of scary, miss being close to my family. >> green is one of 4600 homeless people on san jose streets, he's applying to be
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one of 25 homeless people to pick up litter, the job pays $15. >> it would be nice to see my name on it. it would boost the spirits of everyone. >> there is funding with $200,000 but goodwill and downtown streets team will run it. >> we'll change the narrative of dismissing our homeless residents as part of problem. we'll embrace the opportunity for them to be part of the solution those can expect to work 15 hours a week after cloning up in homeless encampments and hot spots plagued with cash, they can spend the money as they see fit, for better or worse. >> we need to treat them like adults and people, and give them a lot of agency and their recovery from homelessness. >> if all goes well, he hopes that by this time next ye
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, the prcan triple in size. oakland and san francisco have similar programs, but paying gift cards, not cash. >> the hope here is to get people working graduating to full-time employment and employ a new home of homeless people. and evelyn hopes to get a new job and start a new life. >> i don't have the self- esteem, i guess. >> you think you might get it back? >> i think, i hope i will, yeah. the program is expected to start in mid-novektvu fox 2 news. and tv host megyn kelly may be out after job. the controversiaher colleagues said about it.
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and the price of chocolate going up and how much hershey plans to raise prices coming up at 5. and traffic is off to a decent start, including the macarthur maze getting to the bay bridge. and we'll be raising temperatures a little bit, not a lot. we'll show you the friday forecast.
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reports of sexual assault at google, how google ceo is responding to a controversial claim in the new york times. and tracking down the source of several explosives sent to prominent political leaders, where they're searching for clues. ching for clues. good morning to you i'm claudine wong, pam cook has the morning off. >> i'm dave clark, lets go to steve paulson. there's not enough fog, there are some over the coast. it was widespread, there will be some, it looks to be the warmest day of the week, yester the forecast models ease up a little bit on the high temperatthe coast, not nearly
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what we saw inland. yesterday the rain, a lot of people are asking me, where is the rain, it's up in portland and seattle. it's not here, high pressure right there all of the wait from eureka down to san diego. water changes, not much changed. 40 as un50s it's running cooler here. this is berkeley lab and oakland, that's indication of warm air a loft. it won't take much to warm up here. the city is at 56. and 60s and 70s here, and low to mid-80s for a few as the ridge of high pressure flexes it's muscles for one more day. sal tells us it's pretty good out there. >> i would say. if you're getting on the road early, just about to leave the house, well, you'll see some slowing, approaching the altamont pass which is typical. we d


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