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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a memorial now stands outside the tree of life synagogue where the gunman opened fire on defenseless worshipers, as they attended services on saturday. >> the 11 people killed ranged in age from 54 to 97 years old. they include a doctor, a dentist, and a former realtor. there were two disabled brothers who lived semi- independent and never lose though she missed a saturday service. also, a husband and wife married in the synagogue 62 years ago. >> six more people were wounded including four police officers. the white house said the president and first lady are scheduled to visit tomorrow. >> as matt finn reports, suspect robert bowers was in court today charged with hate crimes and will face the death penalty. >> this was not just an attack on the jewish face. it was an attack on all people of faith. >> reporter: a brief first court appearance for robert bowers, the 46-year-old accepting a public defender, as federal prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty in the case. >> our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims' families and with the
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community. rest assured, we have a team of prosecutors, working hard to ensure that justice is done. >> reporter: at least 11 people killed saturday when bowers was said to have opened fire at the tree of life synagogue. the dead range in age from 54 to 97, in what's believed to be the deadliest attack on the american jewish community. >> my holy place has been defiled. we will rebuild. >> reporter: democrats in the house judiciary committee are now calling for a hearing on hate crimes and domestic terrorism, following the string of events in recent days, including the shooting in pittsburgh, another in kentucky, and the mail bombs sent to prominent democrats. president trump and the first lady will be visiting pittsburgh tuesday. >> the president cherishes the american jewish community for everything it stands for and contributes to our country. he adores jewish americans as part of his own family. >> reporter: bowers is scheduled to make next first court appearance on thursday. and one of the first funerals
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for the synagogue shooting victims will be held tuesday. in pittsburgh, matt finn, fox news. >> members of pittsburgh's muslim community reached out to help the families of those who died in the shooting, as well as the wounded. a fundraising campaign on the launch good website had an initial goal to raise $25,000 to help with funeral expenses and medical bills. the fundraiser has now exceeded $150,000, and it continues to rise. >> flags at the civic center in san francisco flew at half staff today in honor of the 11 people slaughtered for no reason at the synagogue in pittsburgh. the flags will remain lowered until sunset on october 31st. >> the pittsburgh shooting hit home for a high school administrator in oakland who grew up next door to two of the victims. ktvu's rob roth visited that school today where the administrator had a discussion with some students.
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>> reporter: for some jewish students at the college preparatory school in oakland, the slaughter in a pittsburgh synagogue was so disturbing, they wanted to talk about it with a school administrator. >> i just felt terrified. >> i kind of want to, like, run away from it and go to some, like, random island far away. but, that's also, like, that's not going to stop anything. >> reporter: the students, mostly seniors, say they have never personally experienced anti- semitism, but it was something that existed in foreign countries and stories their grandparents told them. >> it was so shocking to have it come so close in my own country. >> reporter: winston said she did not want to trouble her non- jewish friends with her feelings about this, and questioned whether the shootings were being taken seriously enough. >> it did not feel like it hit the national consciousness. and, it was weird.
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and it was another mass shooting. >> does it make you feel like, security should be upped at synagogues around everywhere? should there be always guards with guns? >> why do we nee about that in the first place? that's really scary. >> it saddened me to see how much fear these kids were carrying. >> reporter: for student steve shabhan, the shooting hit particularly close to home. he lived in the squirrel hill neighborhood, among the two brothers who were shot dead, cecil and david rosenthal, his next-door neighbors. >> they were these beautiful souls, innocent, and yet, just such beautiful human beings. >> reporter: the brothers were both mentally challenged. shabhan says even as teenagers,e to the synagogue. >> i think about, who will sit in their chairs? who will take on that role of these greeters? or will that be something that is lost in this community forever?
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>> reporter: the school expects there will be more discussions as students continue processing their feelings. and there is hope that what happened in pittsburgh can stand as a call to action for students everywhere to stand against hatred and bigotry. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> there are more events tonight in the bay area to show support for the victims and survivors of the synagogue shooting. one is atchabad of sf soma shul at sixth and natoma street. the other is at sha'ar sahav. both begin at 7:30 and the public is welcome. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on the pittsburgh shooting. in 30 minutes, we will have a report on stepped-up security at a jewish film festival in the south bay. now to florida where the man accused of sending explosive devices to democratic lawmakers and prominent supporters made his first court appearance in miami.
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56-year-old cesar sayoc faces five federal charges including illegal mailing of explosives, and making threats against former presidents. he is suspected of sending out at least 14 envelopes with pipe bombs inside. the latest was intercepted at a post office in atlanta this morning. it was addressed to cnn. his public defender spoke briefly, following the hearing. >> he is innocent until proven guilty. that's all i'm going to say. i'm hoping they have it wrong. i'm hoping there are other pieces of evidence that exonerate him, that show that he was not involved. >> two of the packages were sent to northern california, addressed to senator kamala harris and billionaire activist tom steyer. is due back in court for a bail hearing. here in the bay area, cal
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osha is investigating an accident at a napa winery that left a vineyard worker dead. as tom -- reports, the worker reportedly got stuck in machinery, that is used to pick grapes. >> reporter: whether it's harvesting crab up in the bering straits, or harvesting grapes here in napa, there has always been a certain amount of danger for all of the people who collect our foods for us. today, that danger came to napa. earlier today, a worker at the winery on monticello road in napa fell into or under a grape picking machine, a machine neighbors confirmed the winery uses. the deceased is 49-year-old leon marcelo lua, a napa native, pronounced dead at 12:45 this afternoon. the first responders appeared to be cal fire units. the napa county sheriff's office is working on a public statement but the investigation is under the auspices of cal osha. this is a privately owned winery that has been producing bordeaux style wines since 1986. it's owned by the family that operates the 94-acre vineyard and winemaking facility. this is the fourth worker death in northern california wine country in 3 years. including today's, back in 2016, an accident at the joel gott winery claimed a worker's life.
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last year at sutter home winery in santa lena, a worker died from a fall. and last may, an arrowhead winery worker died in a tractor accident. one other, back in 2010. a worker was killed at a winery in lodi, california in san joaquin county. in each of these cases, cal osha is the investigative agency and does a thorough investigation which may take months in each case, heavy fines were levied. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. there are new developments from court today in the deadly ghost ship fire case. the two men are no longer seeking a change of venue. that means the trial for derek
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almena, and max harris will remain in alameda county, possibly in april, after a trial judge is assigned next month. the two men have been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. almena and harris -- a plea deal but the judge said they did not show enough remorse. the judge had this to say as to why they now want the case tried in oakland. we ascertained that the juries here in alameda are more favorable to our cause, than other counties. so, we want a trial here in alameda. we want a judge from alameda. we want a jury from alameda, and, we are ready to go. >> the case will be back in court on november 9th, at which time a new trial judge will be assigned. the highway patrol has called off an amber alert for a 4-year-old girl abducted from washington state by her mother. authorities say the mother and daughter are now in mexico.
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4-year-old aranza maria ochoa lopez was last seen during a court supervised visit with her mom this past thursday. authorities say in addition to the kidnapping, 21-year-old esmeralda lynn lopez is a person of interest in a robbery that happened that same day as the objection. the amber alert was issued in case someone spotted the. traveling through california. up next year, new information tonight about the man and woman who fell to their death from a well-known overlook at yosemite national park. also, a halloween party in southern california turns violent. the shootings at a nightclub that sent seven people to the hospital. and a red flag warning as we go into the next 36 hours. details on where, how long it will last and what it means for your neighborhood. also, why san francisco businesses could be required to hire trash sorters to keep recyclable materials out of landfills. the reasoning behind the proposal. here is a look at the monday evening commute. this is interstate 80 and the
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macarthur maze. the cars on the left are heading toward berkeley and richmond. the cars on the right are heading toward the bay bridge. it's much slower in the commute direction as you would expect. new at to the san mateo bridge. that is the commute direction heading east. on the left, half a -- traffic is heavy on this monday night.
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yosemite ps say the two people who died falling from a scenic overlook last week were a man and woman from
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india. the two were 29 and 30 years old. they fell 800 feet from taft point, a popular tourist spot. there is no rail across the ledge. "the chronicle" reports they were married and living in new york park officials are investigating the exact circumstances surrounding the death. school officials in north carolina say a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed at school today as a result of a bullying situation that got out of control. this happened as classes began at butler high school, 10 miles outside of charlotte. witnesses say a fight broke out in a hallway before the bullets were shot. he was identified as 16-year- old bobby mckeithen. the suspect is a 16-year-old school and was taken into custody shortly after the shooting. 16 people were hurt after gunfire erupted at a halloween party in california.
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the party, known as first purge, took place early this morning at a nightclub in riverside. witnesses say a fight broke out at the party and a number of people firing guns. one woman who did not want to go on camera described the chaotic scene. >> we were having fun. i thought it was going to be a good thing. music was gone, it was loud, we were dancing. once the dj stopped the music, you could hear the shots. >> the 17 people who were shot were all expected to survive. police have not made any arrests in the case. a san francisco supervisor is proposing a new plan to help the city reach its ambitiouro w by 2020. >> under the proposal, businesses that don't properly recycle would face stiff penalties. ktvu's andre senior is at city hall with both sides of the issue. andre? >> reporter: it boils down to this. the city says half the trash taken to san francisco landfills was filled with recyclables. this calls for auditing, fining, and forcing someone to sort through their trash.
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>> the intent is going in the right direction. this is definitely something that we all need to be concerned about as businesses, that we are doing our best to sort out refuse. >> reporter: the owner of this restaurant along the embarcadero agrees everything should be done to reduce the amount of san francisco trash going to landfills. but he's not happy with landfills under a proposal from a city supervisor to do that. >> i'm not happy with the punitive aspect of it that says, if you fail an audit, we've got to hire a full-time purpose, that the sole responsibility is to sort trash for 2 years. >> in the proposal, companies that produce more than 40 cubic yards of trash per week will be audited to make sure they are separating recyclable materials from the rest of the trash. >> at the end of the day, what we are really thinking about is, all of our waste goes to landfill. there is a finite amount of space in our landfills.
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those found not to be separated recyclables from trash will end up being fined $1000 per day. >> we are talking about large office buildings, hospitals, hotels, universities, large apartment buildings, 500 units or more. >> reporter: companies that need to come into compliance would be forced to hire someone specifically to sort the trash, something that would create an undue burden on small businesses. >> it just doesn't make sense. restaurant operate on a really thin margins. just having one employee to sort trash is going to be a hardship. >> reporter: he says restaurants already do their part in trying to reduce trash. >> i absolutely understand the need and we do our best. we are very diligent about sorting our given the thin marg that they operate on, we can't afford any fines. >> reporter: for his part, he says there's a long-term net benefit tied to the proposal that he has introduced. >> having people to sort it on site ultimately significantly impacts what we divert from
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landfills and saves money. >> reporter: more than 400 companies, businesses across san francisco would be affected by this. 14 restaurants in the city are on that list. the budget and finance committee is said to vote on the proposal coming up thursday. >> if this ultimately does pass, when would it take effect? >> it would take effect in july of next year, and then every 3 years, businesses would be audited to make sure that they are in compliance. >> andre senior reporting tonight, thanks. noun to bay area whether. a red flag warning will be going into effect at 11:00 for the diablo range along with east bay and northbay hills. this is a picture looking east toward mount diablo, where fire danger will be extreme, with winds expect did up f meteorolo is here with a look at the conditions. what do you think? strong lar to the last red flag winds. we will not see biggie but we
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will see strong winds at the higher elevations. so, that means for where most of us live, we will not even notice the wind. for the east bay, you will notice that. up in the berkeley hills, you will notice that. marin county hills, you will notice it out in danville and the held out by mount diablo. up in the middletown santa rosa area. , it's going to be windy. dangerous conditions because we have not had that first rain yet and are not expecting it anytime soon. so we just kind of have to get through this period of high winds, starting with, i'll show you, it's coming up here. right now we have a red flag warning for these areas. higher elevations. this kicks in at -- actually, the wrong morning kicked in again. this kicks in 11:00 for north and east bay hills. this stays in effect through wednesday. these are the current temperatures. kind of mild. tomorrow, you will notice more warmth because we get that signature air sinking, high- pressure kind of weather. the
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red flag warning. but, it really is for areas above where most of us will notice the winds. if you don't have wind, you are out. don't go, hey what's the big deal? up at the top you could be seeing 50, 60 mile an hour winds. that's late tonight, early tomorrow morning and into tuesday, wednesday morning. we'll see you back with the long-range forecast. a week away from election day and bay area officials are seeing something rare for a midterm election. we'll tell you about that coming up. now that the world series is over, both the a's and giants made their first big moves of the 2019 season. mark will have the details coming up in sports. and why supporters of the gas tax repeal on the november ballot say they might file a lawsuit against the california attorney general.
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with eight days to go until the general election, one thing seems clear. some counties are seeing high turnout for early voting. >> reporter: in contra costa county, ballots are coming in daily. >> we have had a record number so far. there is a camera capturing signature. >> reporter: this is a processe where they have already received $80,000 to be counted, equal to about a 20% return. drop off locations are popular. >> we have already exceeded the total number of ballots that we have received before this time in june. so, we are well ahead of where we were.
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>> reporter: here's a look at early voting numbers so far across the bay area. some county members say they are seeing a better turnout than the june primary. others are said to be on par with the turnout in the 2016 presidential election. a sign voters are staying engaged, like 88-year-old betty back. >> when i started voting, you had to show your i.d. >> she says she has voted in every election since eisenhower was president. >> it is important to vote anytime, midterm, or general. >> usually, i like to go to the polling stations. but i have to vote early. and so, i stopped in here and got it done. >> this is probably one of the most and having an impact early. >> believe the good turnout so far has to come down to the national debate. voters say the important thing you can do is educate yourself about the candidates and of course, cast your ballot.
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>> all of the work we do does not matter if people stay home. we encourage them to turn out and vote. >> reporter: october 30th is the deadline to request a ballot by mail. if you missed that, you are encouraged to go to the polls on election day. if you missed colder registration day, you can vote by going to your voting session to conditionally register. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00 tonight, supporters of a measure to repeal be increased to the state gas tax are threatening to recall a state campaign against the state attorney general. the yes on 6 campaign accuses attorney general xavier becerra of trying to mislead voters because of how prop 6 is described on the statewide ballot. the attorney general drafts the language. opponents say the way it's worded is not clear torepeal the fuel tax increase. >> these politics have stolen our gas tax money, and now they are trying to steal our yes vote on prop six and turn it into a no vote. for that, there must be a punishment that is extracted. >> i think this is a desperate
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attempt by the proponents, to really confuse voters and tell them something not on the ballots. >> it would take 850,000 signatures and $1 million in funds to put a recall on the measure ballot. this would increase funds across the state. gavin newsom has spent millions more on television ads and republican opponent john cox in the race for governor. you campaign followings show that newsom has spent $29 on television alone. cox has spent only $5 million on similar ads. a poll from the public policy institute of california last week found newsom with an 11 point lead over john cox. a reminder, tune in on ktvu plus on election night. full so be live streaming on ktvu.ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 next. organizers of a bay area jewish film festival say they are
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stepping up security after the synagogue shooting in pittsburgh. also, the latest in a plane crash off the coast of indonesia. it's believed almost 200 passengers on board were killed. new developments on the migrant caravan heading north to the u.s. border with mexico. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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four years ago, we rejected marshall tuck and his billionaire backers for superintendent of public instruction. but they're back. the corporate billionaires and their handpicked candidate, former wall street banker marshall tuck. tuck's billionaires have spent over $25 million distorting tony thurmond's outstanding record on education. all because they know tuck shares their agenda: diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools. the same agenda as trump and betsy devos. protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck.
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now to our top stories. the man accused of sending explosive devices to high- profile democrats and supporters made his first court appearance in miami. 56-year-old cesar sayoc faces five federal charges including the legal marilyn of explosives and making threats against former presidents. another packaged address to cnn, possibly linked to the case, was intercepted at a post office in atlanta this morning. he is due back in court friday for a bail hearing. a vineyard worker in napa county today died after he got entangled with a grape picking machine. it happened this afternoon at the buckhannon winery. the victim has been identified
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at 49-year-old leon marcelo lua. cal osha and the napa county sheriff's department are investigating to extorted but police say -- the man police say gunned down worshipers in a synagogue in pittsburgh made his first court appearance today. proper bowers is charged with hate crimes and homicide and could face the death penalty. also today, the white house said the president and misses trump will visit pittsburgh tomorrow. the first funerals for some of the victims will also happen tomorrow. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. organizers of the silicon valley jewish film festival are stepping up security in the wake of that massacre at the synagogue in pittsburgh. >> as ktvu's ann rubin reports, festival organizers have seen an outpouher faiths. >> reporter: organizers of the silicon lley jewish film festival knew they needed to act. saturdays shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue had everyone on edge. >> the reality of the world
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today is that we needed to figure out quickly what we needed to do. >> reporter: they hired a private security company that employs armed off-duty officers and put out a call for volunteers. people they hoped would provide an extra set of eyes and ears at the theater. the response they got was overwhelming. representatives from dozens of churches and a mosque reached out. hasaad rahim came to the festival last night. he said it was important to show not just support, but unity. >> we cannot do this thing in the wake of a tragedy. it has to become more regular. and, regular toward not just religion but other aspects of life. >> reporter: the festival's organizers say they are touched. >> it was extraordinary to see the response from different communities. they stepped up and are still stepping up. >> it feels good and is the american thing to do. this is not a jewish issue. this is an american issue.
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>> reporter: this is the second time in 20 years that the film festival stepped up security like this. but they say patrons have not been frightened away. in fact, yesterday, both screenings were sold out. >> we are seeing great numbers. even after this tragedy on the weekend. people i think are using to enjoy a little life. >> there are a total of 29 films being screened here. the festival runs through november 11th. in saratoga, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. condolences are pouring in from around the world for the shooting victims there in pittsburgh. that includes at the united nations where today the u.n. security council expressed their sympathy to the american people. >> these hateful acts led to the deaths of 11 civilians, targeted at their place of worship. the members of the security council expressed their deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed. >> the comments were followed by a moment of silence for the victims of the massacre.
6:34 pm has expanded coverage in the synagogue shooting in pittsburgh. we have posted information about what we know about the victims and the gunmen. search crews in southeast asia have found the wreckage of the crash of a lion air passenger jet off the coast of indonesia. investigators say the jet went down just minutes after taking off from jakarta. the crew had asked for permission to return to the airport. all 189 people on board are presumed dead. no americans were on board. indonesia's president has directed his government's emergency agencies to recover the bodies of everyone killed in the crash. >> translator: i have ordered them to keep working tonight for 24 hours, using lights to speed up the search. >> reporter: investigators are now trying to determine why the new boeing 737 max 8 crashed into the sea. it had been delivered to lion air in august and had flown only 800 total hours when it went down. it is the first of that monoplane to be involved in
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that crash. the defense department says they are sending 5200 armed active-duty troops to protect the u.s. southern border against a migrant caravan that is making its way through mexico. 800 soldiers were in route today. the remainder of the troops are expected at the border by the end of the week. that's in addition to the more than 2000 members of the national guard who are already in place. the caravan has spent the last few weeks, slowly moving north from central america, where they still have 1000 miles to go to get to the nearest u.s. crossing in texas. german chancellor angela merkel says she is not going to seek reelection and is prepared to step down as leader of her conservative party. the chancellor says she bears responsibility for her fourth term governments, poor start, and says there needs to be change. she has led to germany since 2005 and says she plans to remain chancellor for the rest of this parliamentary term, which ends in 2021, but then
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will not run again and won't seek any other political office. or announcement follows her party's poor results in recent regional elections. at the united nations this week, the trump administration is expected to collect cuba's human rights record as a way to defend the u.s. embargo. the u.s. plans to present a series of efforts in an effort to counter u.n. resolutions condemning the u.s. embargo against cuba. this is part of an effort to explain why the bar go so she embargo against the cuban government exists and challenge the annual boat at the u.n. condemning it. still ahead tonight at 6:30, a look at what's behind the recent uptick in bay area jobs seeing outsourced to china. firefighters use a new tool to help rescue a woman badly injured on the part tracks in san francisco. and, the links police went to in the sierra to help free a bear cub stuck inside that pickup truck.
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we are following some developing news right now from pleasanton where a mountain lion is cornered in a business park on hopyard road. cruz from the california department of fish and wildlife have joined police and trying t time ago. e animal. the big cat is lying in the bushes in a parking lot over a business park at the corner of hopyard and las positas evard. police have closed hopyard now in both directions and are using a drone to try to get a
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closer look at that mountain lion. it was another volatile day on wall street with stocks moving higher in the morning, then plunging by midday. the dow was up by 350 points this morning, then it dropped more than 500 points in the afternoon before closing down 245 points for the day. the nasdaq dropped 116, the s&p 500 was down 17. october has seen a sharp drop in october stocks. today, it is concluded that the trump administration is planning to announce tariffs on all remaining imports from china. a new report says california has lost more than half 1 million jobs to china since 2001. report from the washington think tank, the economic policy institute, cited outsourcing by silicon valley and the decline of the state's apparel industry as reasons for the loss. congressional democrats blame president trump's trade war for making the situation worse. the
6:41 pm
president as more embargoes and tariffs to china, china reacts by further limiting the importation, and putting their own tariffs on imports from california. >> the report found that more than half of the state's job losses to china came in the technology sector. still ahead, fire crews rushed to a san francisco b.a.r.t. station to help a person injured on the tracks. up next tonight, the high-tech device firefighters used to help free the victim from underneath the train. a red flag warning going into effect in the next couple of hours. i'll let you know where, when, and how long it wilall. coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, a new t the state water board.some are conc could lead to an increase in water bills, even mandatory outages. and a tech ceo with a
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mission to end homelessness in san francisco. a one-on-one interview with salesforce founder marc benioff. why he is supporting a proposition that would text major companies including his own.
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a rescue operation shutdown the balboa park b.a.r.t. station in san francisco this morning. a man was hit by a train and became trapped underneath it. as ktvu's leigh martinez reports firefighters rescued that men using new technology. >> reporter: san francisco fire officials say the man suffered several injuries and appears to have been hit by the train. at 9:17 this morning, the san francisco fire department raced to the jig to station on a
6:45 pm
report that a man was trapped under the tracks. >> he was trapped under the train and by the side of the train. as the train hit the individual, within the parameters of the train station, he was trapped within that void area. >> reporter: firefighters used new wireless excavation technology to rescue the man. >> traditionally, if you have seen the jaws of life, they would have large chords. that would be cumbersome because you would have to carry a generator down. you would have the courts. the new tools have a little bit more power. they are battery-operated, lighter, easier to utilize and we were able to utilize those today. >> the excavation took firefighters 30 minutes. the man was transported to the san francisco general hospital in critical condition but officials say he was conscious. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. a bear cub in truckee got into a little fix recently and need help from the police department. this is great video. the cub was locked in a truck with flashing lights, when the doors close behind the bear, the mom was left outside.
6:46 pm
she tried her best but ended up breaking off the door handles, leaving no way out for the cub. officers arrived and fired a few beanbags to scare them away, then they broke a couple at the car, breaking the passenger's side window. and you'll see what happened next. one of the officers smashed the rest of the window out, and, outcomes the bear. jumped out of the truck. >> hopefully back to mom. well, halloween is just two days away and many people are getting ready with their costumes. this could be one for the record books. the national retail federation estimates that americans will spend more than $9 billion on halloween costumes and candy this year that would equal last year's record. regional experts point to the nation's booming economy and low unemployment in the spike for halloween spending.
6:47 pm
>> this year, i'm going to get out and go to a party and enjoy myself. it has been a while. >> i bought about three outfits. i go to multiple parties. i have 32 costumes in my cell -- in my house and i always buy multiple customs every year because i don't like to wear the same thing more than once. >> several surveys show "black panther" and other superhero costumes are the most popular for trick-or-treaters this halloween. all right. as we head back to the weather for tomorrow, it's going to be a lot like today but warmer. these were the highs from today. you are going to see 76 in san mateo. not 769. it's going to be warmer. temperatures are generally going to increase as we go through the day. this low pressure center goes through, high pressure goes in, winds go offshore. red flag warning goes into effect later tonight for the north and east bay hills. winds are usill notice big, aggressive winds. we will more than likely notice just light winds.
6:48 pm
but in elevation, you'll notice very strong winds. 60 degrees in napa, 67 in fairfield right now. 70 in concord. what we expected yesterday. tomorrow, i will do the same map and it will be four or 5 degrees warmer. beautiful night last night. this is the pattern, where the fog is not really forming. it does allow it to form but blows it offshore. the cap diverges, and blows well offshore so you don't have the marine layer typically. overnight lows will be chilly. breezy in the hills, late tonight. and, those 43 gs up in santa rosa and roseville will easily translate to some upper 30s, as you go up into the north and east regions anywhere you are. especially if, let's say you live in concord, and are down at the lowest point in town. very low relation by creek.
6:49 pm
very low-lying area. concrete maybe 49 degrees but you could easily be 42 or 48 degrees. same general area but lower. when you are down lower, that's where the cold air sits. when we say overnight lows we are giving you a broad brush. no forecast flows for tomorrow. the colors come in, representing colors. yellows or 70s, oranges are 80s. that's a nice looking pattern. that's the beginning of a bit of a warm-up that takes is really through the bay area week, anyway. the low goes through, the high jumps in and temperatures come up. unfortunately, the red flag warning will be a byproduct of this, but right now, it appears to be mainly wind driven. we will not see 90 degree, 100 degree temperatures. it's one of the pieces that's not going to be in that puzzle. 75 in san jose, 76 in morgan hill. there is a five-day forecast. you get the idea. there we go. halloween looks good.
6:50 pm
we had a nice, dry halloween for a change. we've had rain around in or near it. it looks good for the kids. there is the five-day forecast. see you at 10:00. still to come, both the giants and a's make their first off-season moves. mark will have the details on what went down next in sports. coming up at 8:00 on ktvu, tune into special halloween episodes of "the resident" at 8:00, followed by "911" at 9:00. then, stay tuned for the 10:00 and 11:00 news. proposition 11 solves two issues. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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mark is in the newsroom. i know it's the sports season, middle of hockey season, but we are talking baseball tonight. >> that's right. and you will be happy frank because i know that he live and die with the oakland a's. in sports, winning usually means job security. and today, the a's take care of all three business. as one man once said, the three wiseman ain't going anywhere. that would be the deserving bad -- manager of the year, bob nelson, -- bob melvin, the general manager dave forst will be extended through 2023, and, the bandleader, billy beane, who talks the talk, and walks
6:54 pm
the walk when it comes to making those player deals, as he has done so well. he talks about the brain trust, symbiotic relationship. >> we generally like each other. in this game, you're not going to agree on everything, and certainly if you do, you are probably in trouble anyways and not growing as an organization but the fact is, we have put together a lot. to get along this amount of time with the intensity that we have is pretty unique. >> there we go. greener pastures ahead for the a's. meantime on the other side of the bed, it seems like everything is in flux when it comes to the san francisco giants. still searching for a new general manager, however, we can be assured that they are not about to get rid of this piece, as mad baum will stick around. maybe they will keep him. san francisco has picked up his option. th he becomes a free agent after that. they also picked up the option for pablo sandoval. he will be here through 2019.
6:55 pm
when you talk bay area football, if you just mention the fact, it also sounds like you are picking on the 49ers who are 1-7 and raters who are 1-6. yesterday, at least they looked a little bit better. they actually took the lead against indianapolis. the offense looks better. derek carr to brandon lapel for the touchdown. third quarter however, the colts scored 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, led by andrew luck. of course, going to jack doyle who earned his way to the pylon. and the touchdown. sounds like jon gruden might be fresh out of ideas. aspirated. >> it's hard to practice against the exact look going to see at full speed, as you know, we are practicing well. we are practicing heart. guys are on the details. i don't know exactly why indianapolis had that success.
6:56 pm
quickly. >> before thursday night, we may play the 49ers, in the bay bowl. hue jackson had to have the longest deletion history. he was fired by the cleveland browns after two plus seasons. his record during that time, three wins, 36 losses, and one tie. his offensive coordinator, todd haley, who he did not get along with and who did not get along with him fired defensive coordinator -- fired. defensive coordinator greg williams will be the interim head coach. if you are out this weekend, you might have missed it. we've got it for you. if you did not see last night, the boston red sox had a little message in there victoria's world series clubhouse for their arch rivals, the new york yankees. -- in
6:57 pm
♪i want to be a part of it, new york, new york ♪ >> kind of rubbing it in their face. also in case you missed it, college ball, byu quarterback zach wilson. watch this play. he actually knocks over the defender. >> a little attitude at the end. >> some attitude, right? a rhode island defender right here, making an interception. watch it. it looks routine. >> are you kidding me? >> steals the ball back and he's got some speed. he's going for the touchdown. all good stuff. in case you missed it over the weekend, we'll have more for you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> thank you. >> and thanks for joining us tonight. coverage continues on ktvu plus. it doesn't get much prettier than that.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
okay, if no one else will say it, i will. we really suck at paintball. that was absolutely humiliating. oh, come on. some battles you win, some battles you lose: yes, but you don't have to lose to kyle bernstein's bar mitzvah party. i think we have to acknowledge those were some fairly savage pre-adolescent jews. no, we were annihilated by our own incompetence
7:00 pm
and the inability of some people to follow the chain of command. sheldon, let it go! no, i want to talk about the fact that wolowitz shot me in the back. i shot you for good reason. you were leading us into disaster. i was giving clear, concise orders. you hid behind a tree yelling, "get the kid in the yarmulke! get the kid in the yarmulke!" oh, hey, guys. oh, hey, penny. hello. morning, ma'am. so, how was paintball? did you have fun? sure, if you consider being fragged by your own troops fun. you clear space on your calendar-- there will be an inquiry. okay. um, hey, i'm having a party on saturday, so if you guys are around, you should come on by. a party? yeah. a... "boy-girl" party? well, there will be boys and there will be girls and it is a party, so... it'll just be a bunch of my friends. we'll have some beer, do a little dancing. dancing? yeah, i don't know, penny... the thing is, we're not... no, we're really more of a... no. leonard: but thanks.


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