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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 30, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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joining us on "mornings on 2", tuesday morning, almost the end of october, october 30th i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave paulson is over there, and i couldn't help notice the wind this morning. >> it's not bad at the surface, the red flag warning continues. it's north of east bay bill. this is around mount diablo. the system that swept by yesterday gave us high clouds. that's moved out for the most part. it will in sunny today and it looks like sunny for everybody. there are gusts in the higher elevations, if you look above caldecott and oakland south, it's not screaming or anything, but it's out of the north and it will continue through the rest of the day. 40s, 50s and 60s, it's cool in livermore, and there are upper 50s and 60s and to the north in kelseyville. it's 50s for some as well.
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temperatures and the rain we had on the north coast is long gone. it looks like a long stretch of dry weather, high pressure builds in and still above average with 60s and a lot of 70s. and at 4:01, he hopes to say everything is quiet? >> no, no, we have a big problem, this happened 15 minutes ago, this is westbound 580 after 680, there was a collision involving a chp involving police activity. all westbound lanes are closed on 580 after 680 this is one of the busiest spots in the bay area, and now chp says all lanes are closed and they don't know when they'll be reopened. you're hearing this and all these commutes, this will have a major impact, this will have an impact on the tracy commute, all of those people coming through, it's going to be one of those things where we need
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to give yourself extra time to get off the and do the detour. so, we have a crew on the scene, we'll let you know more about it coming up. now, one of the things that i'll lis the rest of the commute here looks all right. 880 northbound looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are light. 4:02, lets go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we're following a developing story in oakland where police are investigating a shooting that injured a 3-year-old boy. it happened some time near 7:30 last night, the child was driven to san leandro hospital and was transferred to children's hospital in oakland, we do not know the little boy's condition this mo police are still investigating what led up to the shooting and whether or not it happened inside a home outside, no word on any suspects or arrests. if you have any information, yo police. >> our time is now just about
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4:03, president trump flies to pittsburgh today, pay his respects to the 11 people killed at the shooting rampage of the tree of life synagogue. the first funerals are being held and his critics don't want him to come to pittsburgh and 45,000 said he's not welcome in pittsburgh until he denounces nationalism. >> we have no his program to i officers and see people so badly hurt. >> he the gunman made his first court appearance yesterday. he's facing federal state charges, and prosecutors will seek the death penalty in the
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case. >> several vigils have been held in the bay area to honor the victims of the pittsburgh synagogue shooting. the jewish community will hold a vigil outside of san jose city hall. [ singing ] people gathered at san jose university vowing it stand strong after the synagogue attack. some of the jewish people said there's new sense of fear in identifying themselves as being jewish. >> every time i hear of a jew, or not willing to wear acap ea their stories. and there was an unusual example of how close we live to animals in the open areas near our homebusinesses, a young tai
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lion was found in a business park yesterday afternoon. ktvu allie rasmus tells us about how they made it safer. >> they hauled a mountain lion after it was spotted at a business park. >> it's exciting and a little frightening at the same time. i'm riding a bike around this time of the day. >> at 3:45 in the afternoon, and landscaper hedging the bushes spotted what looked like a mountain lion and police verified it was, a 9 to 12 month-old male. >> it's rare, we're on a major thoroughfare in pleasanton and this is very rare for a mountain lion to be city. >> police suspect that he
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traveled a dry creek bed two and a half miles away and made it to the business park. they set up a perimeter using a drone from the alameda sheriff's department to protect the lion. they were armed with nonlethal weapons should it pounce. they tranquilized him four rounds before he fell asleep. >> getting a good shot is tough. it can hit a twig or a branch and throw it off. >> the mountain lion was not aggressive. >> it hadn't moved at all other than some small movements of its legs and pause, it didn't run, it didn't try to get away. >> it was very cool. i've never seen a una mountain lion was spot the a few months back the southeast town cautious riding my bike next
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time especially around dusk and dawn. our time is 4:07, an investigation has begun after a vineyard worker was killed while working with a grape harvesting machine. it's part of the winery in napa at a monticello winery, his clothes got caught into the machine and dragged him into it. he's a native of napa. cal osha is investigating what happened. we did try to contact the winery to get a comment but we have not heard back to them. and we have new information about the man and women who died when they fell off a scenic overlook at yosemite national park. they're originally from india, they most recently living in new york. they were 29 and 30 years old. they fell 800 it. aft point last week. there's no -- from taft point
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last week. there's no railing on that ledge. and they're going to consider a ban on flavored tobacco products. the ban would include men that will figure restricted priest and they said vaping has doubled among middle school and high school students in marin county in the past two years. this morning it begins at the civics center in san raphael. we're exactly one week from the midterm election, today is the last day you can ask to vote by mail. your local elections office has to receive your request by today. many people have cavs the ballots in early voting, the turnout is on track with the 2016 presidential election which is almost unheard of for a midterm election. contra costa county has received 80,000 ballots, that's
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voters. >> we have already received 20,000 ballots before this time in june. we're well ahead of where we were then. about 60% of eligible voters typically vote in the presidential election. 40% vote in a midterm, the experts say with so much at stake this year, they predict half of all eligible voters will go to the polls. and new campaign filing found gavin newsom is out spending his republican candidate john cox 4 to 1. a recent poll from the public policy institute of california found gavin newsom had a 11 point lead over john cox. make sure ktvu be your home for
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voter coverage. we'll be here on ktvu and join us on "mornings on 2" the next day with the overnight developments and the races and the battle of control over the congress. >> such important races. the past concerns about the plane and the new concerns about air travel in indonesia. more on the crash in indonesia. how several officers were rescued during dozens of people trapped in napa county last year. we have all lanes closed near the major intersection of the traffic. it will be a big deal for you on 580 and 680, we'll tell you about this. but, it's not looking good for you so far. we have a quiet pattern, the breeze is being picking up
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for some, we'll take a look at that coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", happening today the woman who shocked the nation in 1991 by publicly testifying that a u.s. supreme court nominee had sexually harassed
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her, anita hill had a private meeting with e committee. she said thomas cleary used work subjects and frequently asked her out despite her refusal. he was confirmed. she'll be at the inspire luncheon about the continuing work of sexual harassment. and google will stage a walk without on tuesday to protest the handling of sexual harassment aspirations. google paid $90 to a top executive to leave the company after he coerced the me into a sex act. he denied any allegation and they have had 48 complaints of
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sexual harassment in the last several years. lawmakers expect to hear from people from the north bay wildfires as well as industry experts. they want to know if homeowners are abe buying enough insurance to make it possible to get back on their feet. and how quickly homes can be rebuilt. and they want to know if insurance policies do what they're designed to do. the information is growing more important as weather experts forecast huge wildfires will become more common. four highway patrol officers are responsible for rescuing hundreds of people in napa valley. the officers were given a medal of honor. they were involved in the deadly atlas fire and in the
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tribute, the governor commended the pilots for navigating exconditions to save at least 41 people. people. >> these individuals who put their life on the line demonstrated they learned, that they were taught what their taught was and they go beyond their duty than exemplifies what is really required of all of us, given a situation they were put in. now, a fifth medal was awarded to a yuba county deputy for an illegal pot grow. police in sunnyvale are looking for a driver involved in a deadly hit and run. they're looking for this woman who is trying to leave the country. she is accused of hitting a 73- year-old man who was riding his bike and he died
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hospital. they found a maroon minivan and they were led to the driver. and g a muni bus in san francisco. a toyota camry slammed into the side of the bus at van ess and oak. they blocked off the area and an ambulance was sent to the scene. our time is 4:17, major traffic problems, sal take it from here. >> dave and pam, there was some sort of police activity. it resulted in a crash, and we have lanes blocked here on 580 west bound as you drive at 680, they have one lane, they've opened, it was all lanes blocked at one point but now, they have everything being funneled off to the right as they do an investigation on 580 westbound and you have to get
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up early if you this. altamont pass, we have slow traffic there, no major issues, once you get past the dublin interchange as you kndoing well. this is 880 north and south, you can see that traffic is fine and you can see the westbound bay bridge is okay. we have a live picture now of the police activity. here we are, you can see offer on the right, westbound 580. over on the right, the traffic is getting by, this car is involved with a chp chase, i got into a collision here, it's up in the isn't median, they have a tow truck on the scene, it looks like it will be here for a bit. we'll let you know about this coming up. we're on the scene, we'll let you know when the lanes open. it's 580 right after 680. now, lets go to steve. all right. we'll get to it, a lot of
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su pattern, no rain expected, maybe november 10th, that's the only sign of anything that would be then. a long way to go there, there are subtle his it may develop. red frag warning out, gusty winds, 40 to 50 miles per hour. the higher clouds of yesterday have zoomed out of the picture. we're getting mostly cloudy skies for a while. temperatures rebounded a little bit. they'll continue within the theme with more sunshine, we're looking for a decent breeze, not too bad, humidity is not critical, 43%, 40% hawkeye and 52%, and we have seen a lot worse, we have seen 10% or less. 30s, had 40s, 50s or 60s, 45 at lake port. livermore is 44, 52 sfo, napa airport, 41, it's wind driven, if they have a breeze, it's held up. 46 danville down to 42 and
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pleasanton 43. martinez is 53. there are big spreads here. 23 in reno and the rain on the north coast has moved out the higher clouds have moved out. high pressure will kick it to the north. a lot of 70s and a gradual warmup in the next few days, a few, near 80 degrees, if not today, tomorrow, you can see where most of it is, north and east. if you're worried about halloween, don't be, it will be clear and cool, and there's no issues except sunshine. we'll have warmer temperatures, and that will take us into the end of the week and the weekend you guys. 4:20 is the time. shiny new gadgets just in time for the holidays. the new product to be unveiled by apple today. and did you see klay thompson at the warriors last
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night. the incredible record he just broke, it used to block to steph curry. >> they were trying to get it for klay, a man who calm in 5 of 36. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or, simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing
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welcome back to warriors on 2 the warriors must pay off the remaining debt that was occurred bfor renovations at
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oracle arena, despite the financial set back, they're celebrating a y l the record for the most three pointers for a game. klay thompson was on fire. he hit 14 three pointers and scored 52 points in 47 minutes. and the record breaking was steph curry with 13 three pointers in a game. >> it was really appropriate. >> it's history, he does it. 14 three pointers. >> incredible. klay thompson is officially in the record books of the nba, nb record for three pointers in the half. 17 for the first two quarters. the warriors beat the bulls 149- 124. they're off today and then they
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host the new orleans pelicans tomorrow night. the oakland a's are locking up the men in charge of the future of the team. they announced today, they signed a long-term contract extension through the 20, 21 season, it's for the year 2022, the a's won 97 games last season, but they lost to the i can't think he's in the wild card game. they reached new deals of the executive vice president of man david forest. and two fan staying in san the giants exercised the pa tricks of two player bomb combat ner will make a -- baumgar trips to las vegas ner will getting a half million. lion.
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4:26 is the time, we continue to follow developing news out of oakland, what we're learning about a shooting that injured a three-year-old boy as police continue to be search for clues in the case. and more on the pittsburgh synagogue shooting. the support we have right here. and traffic is on the 580 and 680 interchange, this ve-- did not fair well here in a collision here. clean up is under way. lots of sunshine and we'll look at the temperatures and see what's in store the rest of the week.
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well, good morning to "mornings on 2", it's tuesday morning, october 30th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. steve, i have a couple of red flag warnings yesterday afternoon. in a napa -- napa and marin county. >> it's mainly east bay hills. there will be gusts and 25 at the surface, this is for the hills, gulf coasts at 55 or 40 miles per hour. human it is not critical yet, but it could be later on today. the high clouds have exited stage right, they're out of the picture here. north wind in vacaville, fairfield is calm. it's not widespread, the temperatures are 30s to 60s, 36 in lake port and 61 in tracy. there are big differences here, wood side is down to 42, and los altos hills is 53, and 50s
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on the san mateo coast, we're not uniform, it's closer in the peninsula and other locations where there is a tremendous spread. it means dry weather, 60s and 70s on the temperatures. sal wants to get to right a way, that's right, we have the problem, steve, westbound 580, right after the 680 interchange, there's a collision with a vehicle that was involved in some sort of a chase here, so, it was a chase, i didn't get very far as he crashed the vehicle into the center divider, it looks like an 03bmw, x5 that did not survive well. it looks le get it out. it looks like some of the weeks are damaged there. westbound 580 is down to


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