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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 30, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm pam cook. >> steve paulson, you know who we are, do you know about our weather for a tours. >> you're steve paulson, breezy and upper 70s, a lot of sunshine today, and mostly cloudy morning yesterday, higher clouds, but they're long gone. the humidity is not that low, it will be today into wednesday, gusts at higher elevations, north and east bay hills, 45 to 55 miles per hour. high pressure is here and will kick in for a while. we'll end october on a sunny and dry note. there are many locations reporting a north wind. it's in the napa county and big rock and novato and humidity is not that bad. it's 40% and not 10 to 15%, 30s to 60s, and tracy, 44 livermore, that's a huge difference, 56 in berkeley and around the bay, you can see 58
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in oakland hills, berkeley lab at 55 and the city is at 55 and no rain to the north a bit yesterday, but it's long gone. and the high pressure decided to hang out in california for a while. 60s and 70s, and upper 80s tomorrow. more issues at 580. >> yes, we have two lanes taken away because of an earlier chase investigation where a vehicle hit the center median, chp was there, they didn't chase the car for long, there was an suv that hit the center median, two lanes are getting by and that's causing a big traffic jam, a couple of miles approaching the 680 interchange, westbound 580 coming out of livermore through all of pleasanton and dublin, it's over to the interchange and it's very slow. we have the altamont pass, we have word of a large not hole that's disabled a couple of
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vehicles, three or four cars now, this is big news for those of you who use 580 and 205. be careful and drive slow through the area here right after 205, apparently there's a large pothole that has taken a couple of cars out. they're on the shoulder now, it's becoming a bad morning for the altamont pass commute. lets talk about interstate 880, this looks good and the bay bridge we don't have a big back up back to you at the desk. 8 people displaced by an overnight house foyer. new video overnight it, shows the firefight out there and the damage. this happened at fair way drive it, took an hour to control the fire. a woman who lives there smelled smoke and show thought her kids were cooking at first. >> i went down and check the kitchen lights are on, and i don't see anything. i went out and i pulled one
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away -- >> so far no injuries have been reported, the cause of the fire is under investigation. we're following a developing story in oakland where police are investigating a shooting that injured athyrea- year-old boy. it happened some time before 7:30 last night in the sabrante park neighborhood. we don't know the little boy's condition this morning. police are investigating what led up to shooting and whether it happened inside a home or outside. there's no word on any suspects or arrests. if you have any information you're asked to call oakland police. oakland police are investigating a double shooting that happened before midnight on seminary avenues. this is outside the foot mark outside the onramp. police have released a few details about the shooting, we
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don't know the condition of the two people shot and the police have any suspects and we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. a scary example of how close we live and work to wild animals. a lion was seen yesterday afternoon. federal officials were called in to make that area safer for humans and the mountain lion. >> the wardens from the department of fish and wildlife tranquilized the mountain lion and put him in a pickup cut. >> it's exciting and frightening at the same time. i'm riding my bike around this time of the day. >> at 3:45 in the afternoon, a landscaper hedging the bushes spotted what looked like a mountain lion. they arrived and there it was, a 9 to 12 month-old male. >> this is very rare, we're on
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a major thoroughfare in plenty ton, in a commercialized area, this is rare for a mountain lion to be in this part of the city. >> police suspect expect that he came to from -- came from the dry creek bed 2 and a half miles. they used a drone to detect the lion. they were armed with nonlethal weapons to slow the cat should it browns. they tranquilized him with four rounds to get him to sleep. >> else in the bushes, we shot him in the bushes, when the dart is going through, it can hit a twig and throw it off. >> the mountain lion was not aggressive. he hadn't moved at all, other than some small movements of its legs and paws, it didn't run or try to get away. >> very cool, i've never seen a
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mountain lion before. >> the last time a mountain lion was spotted a few months back, in the east side of town. >> i'm aware and i'll be cautious riding my bike next time. around dusk and dawn. president trump travels to pittsburgh today to pay his respects to the 11 people killed in the shooting at the tree of life synagogue, ktvu's lauren blanchard joins us where many people don't want the president to visit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam, and the president and first lady will be here a bit later on today. they're expected to meet with first responders as well as some of those who were injured in the shooting. the daughter and president and son-in-law will be visiting. we're learning a bit more about some of those funerals which will be held today. two will be held at the synagogue behind me.
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>> four of the 11 people killed in saturday's synagogue shooting are being laid to rest today. dr. gerry raboniwitz and daniel stein and sees i will and david rose anethole. the burial is coming after robert bower made the court appearance. he's being held without bail and he's been charged. >> the president's visit is being met with opposition you, we have no use for him. >> i think it's part of his program to instigate his base. >> tens of thousands of people have signed an open letter to the president saying he's not welcome in pittsburgh until he stops targeting on minorities
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and immigrants and refugees and denounce white nationalism. >> i'll pay my respect and see the officers and those badly hurt. >> the democratic mayor has asked the president not to come while the victims are being laid to rest. and most of the victims will be buried by the end of the week. most of the services have been delayed because of the ongoing investigation into the shooting. thank you for that update. the time is 5:08, several bay area vigils have been held to honor the victims of the pittsburgh shooting. the silicon valley jewish organization will hold a vigil outside of city hall. [ singing ] [ singing ] last night there was this
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vigil at san jose state university vowing to be stand strong after the synagogue attack. some of the jewish people at the vigil have new fears about saying that they're jewish. >> every time i hear of a jew tucking in their star of david necklace that they don't feel safe or they don't want to identify a jew. >> they named each of the 11 victims and told their stories. and unfortunate the u.s. justice department has a new website with information on how to report hate crimes. it's a one-stop portal with information for law enforcement, prosecutors and the general public to learn about the resources available to report hate crimes, he says studies show there's a lack of awareness about how to report hate crimes and that the attack at the pittsburgh synagogue
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serves as a reminder of the need to protect all americans against hate crimes. an investigation has begun after a vineyard worker in napa was killed while working with a grape harvesting machine. the vineyard is part of the winery on monticello road in napa. the workers -- napa, his clothes got caught in the machine. he was a napa native. and cal osha is investigating the incident. we reached out to the winery but did not hear back. we have new information about the man or woman who died last week after falling off a scenic overlook p the photo of the married couple originally from india they were 29 and 30 years old living in new york. they fell 800 feet from taft point that is a tourist spot,
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but there's no railing near that ledge. and oakland mayor libby schaaf will reopen a housing facility. it's a job placement center that can serve up to 180 people a year. the new start in early december. the marin county board of supervisors are considering the ban of a sale of flavored vaping products. it's doubled in marin county in the past two years. this morning's meeting begins at the march republican civic center in san raphael. the wife of the journalist who was killed this that -- in that saudi journalist, how she's honoring her husband and her disappointment with
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president trump. the protest against the company's handling of sexual harassment allegations. traffic is getting busier all over the place, including highway 4 as you head up to concord. skies are clear, there's a good breeze in the higher elevations, but sunshine and warmer temperatures will take us into the afternoon. we'll show you those temperatures coming up.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent,
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and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. welcome back to "mornings
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on 2", happening today, the woman who shocked the nation in 1991 by publicly testifying that a you felt s supreme court nominee had sexually harassed her will have an event. anita hill had a private interview, she told the committee that clarence thomas used the work as a place to ask sexual questions and ask her out. and she'll be honored at the inspire lunch on for her continuing work against sexual harassment. reports outer of google indicate a group of employees will stage a walk out on thursday to protest the company's handling of sexual harassment allegations. they paid $90 -- 90 million to a top executive after he
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coerced an employee to commit a sex act. google revealed that it fired 48 people for sexual harassment in the last two years. our time is 4:19, and lawyers are learning about how much help they're getting from insurance companies to help with recovery. they want to know if homeowners are buying enough insurance so they can get back on their feet. they want to know if public policies limit how quickly homes rebuilt and if insurance policies sold at full replacement costs do what they're supposed to do. lawmakers say the information is growing more important as weather experts predict huge wildfires will become more common. four highway patrol officers were honored rescuing dozens of wildfires in the
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county. each officer was presented for a medal of valor. the officers are helicopter pilots who rescued people during the first hours of the dead live 2017 atlas fire on the east side of the napa valley. during his tribute, the governor commended the pilots for navigating very dangerous conditions to save at least 41 people. >> these individuals who put their lives on the line demonstrated, they learned that they were taught what their duty was, and they go beyond their duty, which then exemplifies what is really required of all of us, given a situation they were put in. >> now, a fifth medal was awarded to the sheriff's deputy coming and wounded to a shootout at an illegal pot grow. >> they're looking for a driver accused of a deadly hit and run. they're looking for this woman, a 55-year-old woman, she may be trying to leave the company.
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she's accused of hitting a 73- year-old man who was riding his bike october 20th e died at the hospital later and police found a maroon minivan involved in the accident and an anonymous tip identified her as the driver. there was a crash involving a muni bus in san francisco, it happened at 10:00 last night when a toyota camry slammed into the side of the bike at van ess and the center, an ambulance was sent to the scene. the time is 5:18, sal walked in the door with your hands full with a major traffic problem. >> that's right there was a problem at 580 and 680, we'll talk about that in a moment. i want to give my gilroy commuters, the traffic on the gilroy commute is looking good. the gilroy supercommute of the it's moving along well, getting up to san jose, with no major issues, driving up into the valley in case you're driving to the silicon valley drive.
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you can see the roads are pretty good, as you look at the approach to the silicon valley, all of the freeways are doing well. westbound 580, all lanes have recently opened here on 580 westbound at the 680 interchange, there was police activity, at one point, the entire freeway was blocked. now, they've opened up the lanes, however traffic is still going to be slow, because it was slow for so long, it takes awhile to unwound, and especially at this time of the morning, it will take awhile for this to unwind. get on the road early, if your commute is from livermore, pleasanton or dublin, 280, san jose, this looks okay, traffic at the bay bridge, this is getting more crowded. look at the flags at the bay bridge. a strong wind right there. that's windy, they're sticking straight out, you can see the bear there, right? >> that's a north wind, northeast maybe.
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we have mustery conditions, stronger guests thereby -- gusts will be in the higher elevations. the next hint will be november 10th. >> that far out. >> we have sunshine today, and a lot of higher clouds, breezy at times it, 60s and 70s, the red flag warning is for the east and north hills. it's going to be in the 40% range, not the teens or anything yet, they've been about 45 to 55 miles per hour gusts. we have higher clouds out of the picture a lot more sunshine today. temperatures will start to bounce up. there's a northerly breeze for some. this is north at 20, 54, 40%, in sonoma county, and novato, 15 miles per hour, not 40s or 50s or anything like that. napa is calm. so, temperatures are all over the place. 35, yeah, 35 in lake port to
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60s in brentwood, 44 livermore to 55 in berkeley. you can get the breeze it's up, 37 in kelseyville, and 37 in grayton. 46 american canyon. so, 15 to 20-degree spreads here. 42 up here, and 21 in truckee. everything is quiet to north. we had that system yesterday that brought a tiny bit of rain. it's going to be large and in charge as we say, that ridge of high pressure. 70s to near 80, out to brentwood as well, and clearlake is close as well. temperatures don't look bad. what about tomorrow, it looks clear, temperatures will but up a little bit. we'll see low 80s, there are no weather issues for halloween, breeze will be a factor, probably not, we'll start to tail off by then t sunshine and warmer temperatures, it will take us into the end of the
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weekend. good nurse for halloween, 5:21 is the time. more new gadgets from apple. today it won't be an iphone, the new product just in time for the holidays. plus -- >> history. >> yeah, did you see klay thompson last night. coming up the record that he just broke that belongs to steph curry.
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welcome back to "mornings
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on 2", the warriors have a big bill to pay as they prepare to move to a new arena in san francisco. the warriors must pay off the remaining debt for renovations at oracle arena. that bill is $40 million. despite that financial set back, they're celebrating a crushing victory and the new record for the most three pointers in a game. klay thompson was on fire last night. he scored 52 points in 27 minutes, he got 14 three pointers, and he beat steph curry who held the record before last night with 13 three pointers in a game. >> it's really appropriate. nba history, he does it. 14 three pointers.
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the warriors set an nba set a record for 14 three pointers in a half. they host the pelicans tomorrow night. this year's a halloween celebrations could be for the record. they estimate americans will be spend $9 billion on costumes and candy. retail experts point to the nation it's booming economy and low unemployment for the spending. this year, i'm going to get out and go to a party and enjoy myself. it's been awhile. i'll buy 3 outfits, we go to multiple parties and have 32 customers in the house and buy new outfits every year, i don't like the same thing more than once. and superheroes are popular costumes this year, in particular, black panther.
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it's 5:26, we continue to follow the developing news out of oakland, what we're learning about a shooting that injured a three-year-old boy as police continue to search for clues. and mourning the victims of the pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the show of support from the bay area. i didn't really know anyone. but now i've made lots of connections on linkedin, like mentors, builders, clients. we contribute to one another. we're helping each other perfect our craft. and i think that's the beauty of it.
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we have a large community all across the world. and the tools like linkedin has really helped us connect. i'll look for hashtags like spacecraft design and virtual reality. there's plenty of space to explore here on earth to go outside of your bubble. welcome back, it's tuesday
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morning, october 30th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. we're through october like that. a little windy and warm, we have red flag warnings lets check in with steve. >> i want to show you a big difference in the temperatures here. look at this. for some it's very mild to warm and others it's cold this morning. we'll have a few upper 60s and a lot of 70s bay side. this is for the higher elevations north and east bay hills. gusts at 45 to 55 miles per hour. above 3,000 feet so far. the higher clouds from yesterday, are long gone. there they are. out of the picture. we'll see if i can do that one more time. this they go. they're gone. we also have out of the north for some in the east bay hills, look at above the caldecott, above the oakland
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zoo, 8 and berkeley lab, 10 to 15, and the humidity is not critical, it's going down it's a north whipped. there's 47 by the concord pavillion, and it's 57 it, 42 in pleasanton, and 50 in march republican and -- marin, the higher clouds are gone as well. a lot of sunshine and breezy and 70s for many. sal is here, do we have good news or iffy news or what? >> we have things going on, we have recovery going on which is good. one thing i noticed things are getting better on some commutes and other commutes are getting crowded. lets look at the commute here on the solano commute, vallejo you can see stop and go traffic on the vallejo supercommute. it's approaching # 80, 37 will be slow, this is the dublin interchange because of the
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earlier police activity that blocked the freeway for a while. the lanes have been reopened now for 15 minutes, all lanes have been opened for 15 minutes, things are getting better, pool still notice that things will be slow at the dublin interchange at 580 eastbound. we have large potholes with 580 and 205. that commute looks okay. 880 northbound is doing well at downtown oakland, there's a ten- minute delay. i want to mention northbound 101 and approaching 280, there's a crash this, and traffic will be backed up from candlestick and northbound 101 and marin county, a crash, it's approaching the richardson bay bridge, northbound 101 as we come up, it's a slowdown. back to you at the desk.
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and first lady and president trump are going to pittsburgh today, they'll meet at the synagogue where 11 people were killed. the mayor of pittsburgh said he asked the president to delay his visit until after the funerals. the mayor says his priority is the funerals not the president's visit [ singing ] >> last night a vigil was held at san jose state university to honor the victims of the synagogue shooting, some of the jewish people at the vigil said the shooting has left them feeling unsafe saying they were jewish. >> this is at san jose city hall and the silicon valley jewish festival is adding security for this year's event. and an armed guard will be there at the screenings. this is in addition to the security at the theatres where
5:34 am
they're being shown. they've called out to volunteers to keep an eye on people coming and going, and they were overwhelmed by the response from the diverse community and one man said it was in community. >> we have to do this more regularly, not just religion, but all walks much life. >> it was great it see different kinds of communities stepping up and still stepping up. >> this is only the second time in their history they've had to add security like this, and they say they're encouraged because patrons were not scared away, in fact, both of the most recent screenings were sold out, the festival continues through november 11th. we have new details in the mail bomb case that targeted democrats and critics of president trump. 14 packages were found in the
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mail. investigators same the suspect cesar sayoc had a list of politicians who detectives believe were intended targets. he appeared in federal court on monday, did he not enter a plea. prosecutors want to keep him in jail until his trial saying he's a danger to the public. his defense attorney is asking everyone to keep an open mind. >> he's innocent until proven guilty. that's all i'm going to say. i am hoping they have it wrong. i hope that there are other piece was of evidence that exonerate him, that show that he was not involved. >> two packages with pipe bombs inside were sent to northern california, addressed to senator harris and tom steyer, a democratic activist. president trump is sending 5200 active duty troops to the u.s. border to mexico to stop the migrant caravans heading north f doug luzader is live in
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washington where the president says it's necessary to stop what he calls an invasion record we have seen u.s. troops down at the border before. there are 2,000 national guardsmen there, these numbers are significant as the president tries to hashed inthe border. >> -- harden the border. >> these migrants are wading across a river despite a helicopter overhead. >> nobody can stop me, nobody can stop these people. >> some migrants have dropped out, there appear to be three caravans headed to u.s. border, and president trump is ordering a massive deployment of troops, the migrants will not enter the country even if they make asylum claims. >> we'll have tents, they will be very nice and they'll wait and if they don't get asylum and nearby city get out. very few people, if you want to wait, ugh they don't usually
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get asylum, you know that. >> the military's role will be limited, they'll provide support to federal agents without he guaging the migrant. >> border security is national security, that is the direction we've given, that's the direction we're marching to, our orders are very clear. >> this is not the only news that the president is making when it comes to immigration. axios is reporting that the president is going to try to end birthright citizenship, for those to come to the country and have children and have those children become ought i can citizens -- automatic citizens and that will be a huge battle in court. new this morning, president trump says he wants to be end the constitutional right of citizen ships for all babies
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born ns, the policy of birthright citizenship ridiculous, it guarantees citizenship to anyone born in the us even if the child's parents are not us citizen and the president has been told he can change that with an executive lawyer. the white house lawyers are reviewing his proposal. and the fiancee of khashoggi is speaking out about his death. a memorial in london, she said she's grateful after he was killed. she's disappointed in many world leaders as the investigation continues. she says, specifically, she named donald trump, saying global leaders are not doing enough to find khashoggi's body. she said money shouldn't cover up the world conscience to find the truth and she wishes she had gone into the saudi
5:39 am
consulate in turkey instead of her fiancee. officials in boeing are going to help in the lion air flight before take off. all people died, and the plane was in service for two months. and the president of that airline said that plane was removed from the flight schedule after he called a technical problem on the previous flight. the crash raise new questions about the safety of indonesia's aviation industry. >> our time is 5:39, we're following a developing story in oakland. a small child is in the hospital after a shooting. sara has more information, good morning. >> reporter: -- >> we're having problems with sara, we'll check in with her
5:40 am
in a moment. the suspected north cal rapist is due in court today. charles waller facing 12 counts. he is expected of rape from 2002 to 2006. he's been charged with raping two women in sacramento county, but more charges could be added. and they entered into his -- entered his dna into. they're no longer seeking the change of venue. the trial for these two men will remain in alameda county and possibly the trial will begin in april. the two defendants are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each person killed in the fire.
5:41 am
and they signed off on a plea agreement, but that was thrown out because almena did not show enough remorse. and there's a red flag warning in mount diablo and they're worried about low humidity and strong gusty winds, the threat of fire danger is the napa hills and marin county and fires that start in those areas spread quickly. the marin county firefighters are taking action to prevent wildfires from spreading. >> we call it prepositions and it's very new, this is the fourth time we've done it. >> the heavier fuels in the county haven't had enough time to dry out. >> the red flag warning will stay in effect until tomorrow morning. it's 5:41, still ahead, a
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famous actor said he was almost scammed out of $13,000. how james mcvoy nearly fell for a hotel scam and he may not be alone. changes are coming to a troubled san francisco neighborhood, up next, why more businesses are deciding to open up in the tenderloin. good morning, right now we have more traffic that is getting a lot busier as you're driving on many commutes, we'll tell you more about all of the bridges when we come back. k. clear skies after yesterday's high clouds and the breeze will be effective for some and warmer temperatures for all. we'll show you that coming up.
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it's 5:44, a little boy was shot in oakland, he was shot and it happened on roblado
5:45 am
drive. sara is in oakland, you have more on what happened. >> reporter: good morning, well at last check, this is where that three-year-old boy was brought after he was shot just before 7:30 last night. we can take you to some video so you can see what the scene looked like last night after the shooting, the oakland police department says the san leandro police department contacted them after the child walked into an area hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound. the child was taken to the children's hospital in oakland. they looked into what happened. shots were fired on the 10,900 block. they don't know if it happened inside the house or on the street. we reached out to the oakland police department for more information, we are waiting to hear back. hear back. well, happening today, apple is expected to unveil some new products, that comes
5:46 am
one month after apple showed off new iphones and an update to the apple watch. apple is expected to introduce his mac book and ipads in new york today. rumors same the ipads will have a bigger screen and face wreck any, apple will unveil a new feature called group face time you, i knew what you mean. >> that a luce to you video chat with up to 32 people at 1 time. an amber alert that was issued across california over the weekend has now been cancelled. authorities believe a 4-year- old girl from vancouver, washington was taken to mexico, the amber alert was yesterday, they believe she was taken by her mother. she had been in foster care according to records. authorities are checking several leads new to track down the mother and daughter. and san francisco's
5:47 am
tenderloin described as a tough neighborhood is now becoming a business district. they have lower rents and it's hey tracking businesses, it's slowly changing the neighborhoods. some of the business owners said they would like the city to do more to make it safer and help their ability to do more business, we need more cops for security and all this for cleaning. >> and james kim said more work somebody needed and more police walking the beat and street cleaning and portable toilets have been made it more business friendly. sal, i commend you fixed the major traffic problems this morning? >> we told you about them. this may have helped you. this is one of the things we're looking at 580-6789 we'll start
5:48 am
there. westbound 580, we had an earlier crash that blocked all los angeles here 580 at the 680 interchange, still residual slow traffic. you'll see slow traffic in the area. 205, 580 is bad this morning because of a pothole that's disabling some vehicles and people are driving show in the area. 280 and 580 will be slow 880s the traffic here is already. the metering lights have been on since 5:30, 10 to 15 minute delay in the cash lanes. they're recovering from an earlier crash, northbound 101 in marin county, this is near seminary and traffic is recovering, 5:48, lets go to steve. a big difference in temperatures for some. lake port 35, pleasanton in the low 40s and many low 40s in the santa cruz mountains and
5:49 am
brentwood is at 60 degrees. sunshine today, breezy at times, windy some of the higher elevations, they're very quiet, mild to warm, no rain expected, maybe around november 10th. that's the only hint i see, that's a long way out. more sun, 60s for a few and 70s for many. the red flag warning continues, but higher elevations, gusts 45 to 50 miles per hour, and above if the 3,000 foot level. they zoomed out of the picture, there you go, there's a northerly breeze for some. it's not roaring, there's one by big rock and atlas peak as well. it's down 10% or so. it's up around 40%. there's the 35 lake port. livermore airport, it's 44, berkeley is 5, there's really big spreads on a lot of these
5:50 am
temperatures. monterra54 degrees, los altos hills is 53. 34 in reason nearby city, and the rain on the west coast is long gone. high pressure is here and it will stick and stay. 70s to near 80 for some and near the coast, 60s to 70 degrees. 76 morgan hill and 77 pleasanton. tomorrow we'll be clear as a bell and temperatures will bump up more so. no issues weatherwise for halloween. it will be clear and breezy, and things will calm down a little bit. sunny, and mild, and very quiet you guys as we end october into november. >> the time is 5:50, a new controversy over trash. the ambitious plan to dramatically reduce the amounts to go into city land fills and some companies may be hit with big fines.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 5:53, happening today, santa clara superrer advisor chavez will talk about the victims of domestic violence, and they're looking to have people who have
5:54 am
restraining orders that they cannot have a gun and they will take them away. she talked about the law outside of the supervisor's chambers. a transient is accused of breaking into a home. jesus is accused of breaking into a home and a woman living there said she woke up found an intruder in her bedroom and she screamed and he ran away and nothing was stolen. and they arrested him based on his description. there's been a measure to repeal the california gas tax. they're threatening to have a recall campaign on the attorney general. they are accusing the attorney general to mislead voters because of how prop 6 is described on the ballot and the attorney general writes the
5:55 am
language. the way the ballot is worded, it's unclear that it will repeal the tax hike. >> they've stolen our tax money and they're trying to steal our yes vote and turn it into a no vote and there must be a punishment to be retracted. >> this is to distract and confuse voters. >> and it would take $1 million and 850,000 voters to change and retract it from the ballot. and san francisco supervisors are talking about stiff new fines for companies that don't properly separate their recyclables from the rest of the crash. >> it's part of a new plan to cut down the materials going into land fills.
5:56 am
companies produce more than 40 cubic yards of trash a week will be audited to make sure they're recycling materials. big houses and apartment buildings and hotels and companies will be affected by this proposal. >> what we're thinking about is all our of our waste goes to land fills. that's fine night amount of space in the land fills, those who don't separate recyclables from actual trash they can be find 1,000 a day. >> the plan goes before the supervisor's budget and finance committee for a vote. it's 5:56, the candidates couldn't come to terms for debate. but, today, john cox and gavin newsom will be sharing the stage. we're live in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, the president's
5:57 am
visit to a jewish community has stirred up controversy, we'll tell you what's on the agenda today. and we're getting busy everywhere you look, we'll tell you about that straight ahead. a breeze might be a factor for a few, it looks quiet here, we'll look at the tuesday temperature forecast coming up.
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people from san francisco run from flames from their homes in the middle of the night. we're live in san francisco where one of the people in there told us what happened. gavin newsom and john cox on the same stage this morning, what the two candidates are doing today just one week before the election. good morning, thank you for joining us, tuesday morning, october 30th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark, an interesting forecast from steve paulson, concerns about fire dang they are morning. >> that's true, and we'll get to that in a second. there will be concerns probably into wednesday and probably the rest of the week to be honest with you. and this is said by tim:
6:00 am
may be november 10th. that's the only hint going forward. a quiet pattern, mild to warm, high pressure will rule in the west. there's the possibility around the 10th. huge difference in temperatures, brentwood is 61, and bridgeport is 35, and wood side is at 41 degrees. a red flag warning is out, that's true in the hills and mt. diablo and for most it's under 20, 25 miles per hour. the high clouds yesterday are long gone. there's a northerly breeze above the caldecott, i'm seeing it at 35 miles per hour, 42% humidity. we're not seeing critical humidity levels like 10, or 15, not yet. 61 in broward, cool, there's cool read, if you want rain and clouds there's not much there, you have to go to the pacific northwest. high pressure is here and


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