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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 31, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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he was known as stretch, big mac or by his number the great 44. hello again, everyone. >> tributes are pouring in for willie mccovey. some fans have been visiting the willie mccovey statue across from at&t park . when the news broke, the team lowered the flags at the ballpark to have staff and displayed his number 44 on the scoreboard in center field. amber lee joins us at mccovey statue. she has been speaking with fans who sell is how they are remembering him. >> reporter: fans came here to the willie mccovey statue to pay respects, cherishing their memories of a baseball legend they say was among the greatest to ever play the game.>> reporter: at&t park, home of the san francisco giants, is
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quiet and serene this wednesday night. some fans came to reminisce about baseball legend willie mccovey. >> i was fortunate enough one day in spring training to be a batboy and willie came over and i didn't necessarily know who he was at the time because i was super young. he put his arm around me and we talked baseball. >> willie mccovey gave a lot to san francisco. >> reporter: former mayor brown 's face light up as he speaks about his contribution to the city and baseball. >> when you think of the giants, no matter who else plays it is still maze, willie mccovey team. that is the brand.>> reporter: he speaks about the three wellies. throwing out the first pitch at the giants game. >> willie mays three first, willie mccovey three second
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and he did around about overhead and i did third and i wrote it. willie mccovey grabbed me and said, you did it! >> reporter: near union square, his photo is on the wall where a retired pastor told me about their decades old friendship. >> he was a sweet man. he was very sensitive, quiet.>> reporter: john miller described him as one of the all-time great players of the game. >> it is very sad because willie mccovey was a living monument. >> he was in full of himself or arrogant. even in his later years he was loyal to the giants.>> reporter: he retired in 1980.
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many fans we spoke with never saw him play yet they came to honor him. team officials say there will be a public memorial with details to be announced at a later date. >> are people leaving notes for cards or candles by the statute tonight?>> reporter: now. they are sitting quietly. i do see some flowers at the base of the statue and people sitting quietly and reflecting. >> so many stories to tell and share about such a beloved man. thank you, amber. >> barry bonds on it him saying, he wanted me to be happy that we had a love and friendship that will never disappear and will be in our hearts forever. uncle max, thank you for your mentorship and unconditional love for me and my family. you will be dearly missed. >> the ceo of the giants was at the hospital with his family
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today. he said he is grieving for the man who held a special place in the history of baseball. >> it was hard to see him go through the pain in the past couple of years. he had so many surgeries and difficult ailments. it never affected him going to the games and going to the hub house and asking guys to support the stretch house and junior giants. >> larry baer presided over his wedding in august. he said it was an amazing service will a baseball hall of famer's. he says he remembers willie mccovey's since of humor and said he was vibrant up until the end. >> he retired in 1980 and it has been 38 years since he played in a big league game. many sports fans today never had the chance to see him in action. scott reiss takes a look at one of the great hitters in baseball history. >> reporter: willie mccovey was the complete package . he was a great slugger, menacing at the gate and was called by
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bob gibson the scariest hitter in baseball. it was almost contradictory with which he swung the bat. the precision and grace with which he fielded his position. his defense earned him the nickname stretch. it was his persona that truly secured his place in the hearts of his fans. he was so warm, engaging and instrumental in securing his status as the first san francisco giants hero. willie mccovey didn't step onto the big league stage, he burst onto it in july 1959 going 4- for-4 against hall of famer rob roberts. he was going to hit 354 en route to being named national league rookie of the year. three seasons later he led the giants to the world series against the yankees. in game seven, trailing 1-0 with runners on second and third, he strode to the plate
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for what would become his most famous at bat. >> i had a line drive with the second pitch that i thought and everyone thought it was the base hit to win the series. but i didn't know he was standing there. >> reporter: richardsons catch into the game and the yankees won the series and willie mccovey never reach the fall classic. denied that pinnacle of team success, the individual accolades came fast and furious. six times national league all- star, in 1969 most valuable player, all the while combining with willie mays to form one of baseball's all-time great one- two punches. he finished his 22 seasons as one of the most prolific left- handed hitters in baseball history. 521 home runs, where the 2200 hits and 1500 rbis. a slamdunk for cooperstown where he was inducted into the hall of fame in 1986.
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>> i have always been welcome in the city of san francisco. like the golden gate bridge and cable car i have been made to feel like a landmark. >> reporter: his legacy is the willie mac award given annually to the most inspirational player. and the statue that sits adjacent to the cove that bears his name. a fitting restaurant -- resting spot that sits beyond the confines of at&t park. willie mccovey, truly a baseball giant, dead at the age of 80. >> go to for more on the life and career of willie mccovey, including more video from our archives . halloween brought out kids
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across the bay area just up and ready to collect candy. on college avenue in berkeley, families were able to trick-or- treat without worrying about traffic because some streets were closed just for halloween. in alameda, kids went downtown to ask for candy at local businesses. you don't have to be a kid to celebrate halloween. there were a lot of adults there dressed up the was a special night of trick-or- treating for a neighborhood devastated by fire last year. the fact that children didn't have doors do not going to stop festivities. debora villalon is in the north may withheld the night was made special for the kids with what they called trunk or treat. >> reporter: it was all about being together in a time when households are scattered and doorbells are hard to find in this neighborhood. coffee park hosted a trunk or treat.>> reporter: it was as scary and sweet as any halloween night.
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it was on wheels. car trunks and truck beds were decorated and laden with candy so coffee park kids, mostly relocated, could prowl their old streets. >> they are all over. >> reporter: organizers say that during rebuilding everybody feels split. >> people ask me if i'm going home when i leave work but i am going to my rental. this is home. >> reporter: they expect to be back in their familiar home by next halloween. this event is as much for adults as the children. >> we do not really have a neighborhood. we just wanted to be a part of this. not all is lost. there is still the community and people here. >> reporter: many say last halloween was a blur with the fire just three weeks before. the survivors were barely contemplating first steps in overwhelmed by disaster. >> everyone was welcoming us into their community.>> reporter: 32 families are in
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new homes with 150 more moving in by february. the williams family has been back for one month with candy ready in case anyone knocks. the outside of their house shows halloween spirit, but they admit it is a spooky neighborhood into quiet at night. >> you forget there was a wildfire but when morning comes in you open the blinds you look around and it is really sad. >> life will be before the fire and after the fire. >> reporter: that is the essence of moving forward. blending the pleasant -- present with the past. >> they will be hundreds of kids and we would run out of candy.>> reporter: they called this area halloween payday. with a new home comes new memories. >> it is reflective of tradition but we also have to go with new things because nothing is the same. >> reporter: at tonight event
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it was purposely located on the edge of the fire zone so everyone could mingle with the residents who are still here. this is a community just waiting to be reunited. >> it is great to see them coming back like that. warrior fans were treated to a half-time celebration at oracle tonight. all four dance troops dance to michael jackson's hit thriller. you are looking at the warriors dance team, hardwood classics, junior jam squad in the gs breakers as they performed for the crowd. coming up, morning after a man reportedly used the dog to try to alert children into his truck. this as a former kidnapping victim speaks out. we are going to warm up to the mid-80s tomorrow. i will tell you what is beyond that after the break.
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a warning for parents. albany police are looking for a man who used a dog to try to alert kids into his truck. henry le explains what happened. >> reporter: albany police say a man may have used his dog as bait him at his target was unsuspecting children. it occurred on monday morning. two girls saw a group of people trying to catch a loose dog. they then watched as a man took the dog by the collar before letting it go. >> he was seen releasing the dog and the girls helped try to capture the dog.>> reporter: then they saw the same man, this time in a vehicle. >> he later got into the truck and follow them and ask them to get in. >> reporter: the girls said no
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and he drove away. a few minutes later he drove up to them and spoke to them again. >> i think he said hi, girls. >> reporter: the court parents who notified the police. police are looking for a man driving a full-size white truck with a camper shell. it occurred in an area full of schools that is popular with dog owners. we found a rosselli and her dog nearby. >> with dell i hear a lot of kids come over to pet her and would follow her anywhere. >> dogs are cute and cool and lovable and it is definitely an easy way that predators can use to lure a kid.>> reporter: mitzie was eight years old when she was kidnapped. >> adults do not need help from children. >> reporter: she escaped and runs a foundation targeting child abduction. she says that is even more important to think twice about seemingly harmless calls for help. >> it is not worth it to put
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yourself in a potentially harmful situation. always think twice about why this person wants you to help them. >> reporter: there have been no other similar incidents but anyone who sees anything suspicious should call albany police. henry le , ktvu fox 2 news . >> albany police say the suspect is described as an adult male with a light complexion. is about 27 to 32 years old, five foot 6 to 5 foot eight with medium build and has a square shaped face and was unshaven at the time and had short, dark brown hair. president trump double down on his bet that he can end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants with a stroke of his presidential pen. >> this is not a constitutional amendment. you don't need it for birthright citizenship.
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i believe that you can have a simple vote in congress or it is even possible after meeting with very talented legal scholars, that you can do it through an executive order. >> when it comes to birthright citizenship, the white house says congress has never passed a law granting citizenship to the children of illegal migrants. the supreme court has ever specifically ruled on that aspect of the 14th amendment. the white house insists there is nothing in the constitution that compels birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants. circus prosecutor says washington post columnist jamal khashoggi was strangled as soon as he entered the saudi
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consulate in istanbul and his body was dismembered and disposed of. turkey is seeking extradition of 18 suspects being detained in saudi arabia. statement suggested that saudi officials are not being cooperative. his remains have not been found. he was a critic of the saudi crown prince and had been living in the u.s. in exile. funeral services were held for three more victims of the shooting at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh last saturday. joyce fienberg was a widow with two sons who love to travel. 87-year-old melvin wax was a retired accountant and was leading services when he was shot. 69-year-old irving younger was a beloved father, grandfather and youth baseball coach. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against 46-year- old robert bowers and what authority say was the worst anti-semitic attack in u.s. history. we are tracking the numbers today. we got into the low 80s and temperatures tomorrow will make it into the mid-80s. 79 in alejo, 80 in antioch. everyone can at about 3 to 5 degrees for tomorrow. 85 degrees is pretty warm. it
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is a beautiful night in the salesforce building is lit up. there is no fog, there are high clouds overhead and the rotation around this high shows that the air is sinking. it is not sinking the to the extent where we are seeing wind advisories or red flag warnings . we're going to see more warmth tomorrow. the oranges are 80s and we have a lot of 80s tomorrow. even around the bay. 84 an app -- 84 in napa, 86 vacaville with temperatures
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warmer than yesterday by 3 to 5 degrees. 84 in pleasanton and we have pretty good air quality. it is exactly what you like to see for a thursday forecast. here is your 5-day forecast. we're looking at temperatures in the low low 80s. tomorrow will be the warmest day. there is your 5-day forecast as i begin my journey to the desk. >> come on over. >> it looks pretty good in fire danger is not off the charts. >> thank you, bill. the raiders visit levi stadium to face the 49ers here on fox. security at levi stadium is being increased. you may remember that fans were
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banned from preseason matchups. the 49ers and raiders after a game back in 2011 were two men were shot and another was beaten. the teams have only met once since then. tomorrow night, police and undercover officers will be patrolling and cameras will be pointed at fans to make sure paces can be seen. no masks will be allowed, that includes the silver and black ones favored by some fans. we have you covered for tonight's battle of the bay. join us at 4:00 in the nfl pregame show starts at 4:30 in the game at 5:00. afterwards you can join us for an expanded "sports wrap". coming up, mark will have all of the sports highlights.
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we are talking about the warriors. the beat goes on. >> it is a whole lot of fun. halloween spirit out at the oracle. the warriors came dressed as world champions. one came dressed as jackie moon
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from the movie semi pro. that is, i don't know king tut and that is clays had been. steph curry makes it look easy as he had seven more three- pointers. here he is taking on anthony davis. he get 16 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists. 80 is left helpless on the ground. kd goes to dj and damien jones making a contribution. here is the play of the night right here. the newcomer goes behind the back. they are toying with people. 24 for kd. look at the pelicans
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coach like, what am i going to do? i don't have a guy like this. steph curry had 37.131-121 final score and the warriors are 8-1. frank, you and i have been guilty over the years of making fun of thursday night football matchups. can you imagine the rest of the country. they really want to see the 1-7 49ers against the 1-6 raiders. there is a silver lining. derek probably had his best game against the colts. he didn't throw any interceptions. cook feels like they can move it against the 49ers. >> we proved we can move the
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ball when we are focused and we go out there and get quick starts and strike hot. we know we can move the ball. it is about staying on the field and execution and focus on controlling what we can control and go out there and execute. >> coverage starts tomorrow at 4:30. we want to leave you with a final tribute to the great hall of famer willie mccovey . take a look at this swing from way back when. by, by baby. that was rests hodgdon and willie mack hall of fame career with well over 500 home runs. willie mccovey passed peacefully at the age of 80 down at stamford hospital. they broke the mold on that guy. >> thank you for joining us. good night.
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i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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