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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 1, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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several sideshows caught on tape in and around san jose overnight. law enforcement was ready for them. details coming up. google employees are walking out the job just walking off the job today. the reason they are protesting. sadness and farewell to one of the most beloved players in baseball's hall of fame and a legend in the bay area. the death of willie mccovey. how he will be remembered. from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. it is thursday november 1 i'm not -- i'm pam cold. >> good morning i'm day clock. let's talk about the weather. steve paulson is here. >> thank you. october was dry and november is starting dry except for some
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high clouds. temperatures continue to climb to above average. in november starting off looking dry and it could be 15 days according to some projections before we get some rain. mostly sunny skies with occasional clouds and 70s and 80s. high pressure is parked showing no signs of breaking down and only subtle changes day today. the jet stream stays to the north. mostly sunny -- a warm day. yesterday we had a good northerly breeze and it is calmer today. 40s, 50s, and 60s -- much warmer. morgan hill yesterday was 39. 53 in santa cruz. 40s and 50s in the mountains. that is a big difference. 60 in saratoga and 60 at san jose state. rain is defined to the north, not here. 70s and 80s. 5:01 -- quiet
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today i hope. >> yes, we are off to a decent start when it comes to the morning commute. the traffic on the tracy commute continues to be about what you would expect. we will see some slow traffic coming in to the tracy triangle and you will see traffic that will be a little slow and you can also see the traffic will be backed up. driving on 580 toward the interchange you will see the traffic will be a little slow. give yourself plenty of extra time eastbound. this morning we don't have any slow traffic on 580 getting to the pass which is good. this is a look at i-880 and the traffic is moving along well in front of the arena. bay bridges getting crowded. usually at about 5:30 the metering lights go on. we will keep an eye on this. eastbound they bridge has some
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roadwork confining the traffic. it looks like they have opened up more lanes but it doesn't look particularly good. you can tell if you look there. they are picking up something. look at the slow traffic. let me put this era where it needs to be. see how slow it is? and bottleneck getting from san francisco to oakland. don't be caught by surprise. if you have to get to the east bay you need extra time.:03. back to you. >> police spent halloween night into the early morning hours breaking up sideshows. ktvu 's is there now. you said some of it was caught on video. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. there were several sideshows and a lot of cars and spectators and a lot of law enforcement officers out.
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they got word about the sideshows and they were ready. the two agencies -- san jose and chp said they had intelligence that sideshow activity would happen in san jose and around the county and in this video you can see the cars whipping around surrounded by people at 1 am. san jose police put up the helicopter and the pilot reported back to officers on the ground where the groups were gathering and the drivers were maneuvering cars. later there was an accident at curtner. the vehicles were possibly involved in sideshow activity. the driver attempted to flee but it was stopped and detained by sheriff's deputy's. chp said the law enforcement response to sideshows is because they are dangerous. >> you are putting yourself at risk. you are doing erratic maneuvers with drivers who are not professionals and could cause injury or death.
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we highly encourage people to not come to these events. it's not worth it. you could potentially be charged with a misdemeanor in your car could be towed away. really, it's not worth it. >>reporter: chp confirms they have made two arrests. one arrest was a spectator at a sideshow later seen driving erratically on the freeway. they stopped and towed away several cars. chp has made two arrest but we have not heard from san jose police. we don't know if anyone was arrested by san jose police. we are waiting word back. in san jose, leigh martinez, fox2news. police are investigating a shooting at a community center in south san jose.
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several teenagers were at the seven tree center near the basketball and tennis courts at 10:00 last night. they said a man approached them and fired several shots. three teenagers are hurt. they were taken to the hospital but they will survive. investigators say they do not have a motive for the shooting and there are no obvious signs that it was gang related. police do not have a discussion of the gunman. >> 5:06. an investigation into a suspicious fire. firefighters rushed to a fire in sausalito where they said this building and a rifle range were damage. this is part of the rodeo valley stables within the golden gate national recreation area. they say the lack of water hampered the firefighting. >> in a few hours 1500 google employees plan to walk off the job. they are protesting how google responds to claims of sexual
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harassment. this comes after the new york times reported google paid millions of dollars to the male executives who left after being accused of harassment. workers said they were never told about the complaints. workers said they have 548 for sexual harassment but no one was given money to leave. despite that workers at google offices around the world including the headquarters in mountain view plan to walk out at 11 am. google supports the workers in their walkout and they issued a statement saying employees have raised constructive ideas for how to improve our policies and/or processes going forward. we are taking in their feedback so we can turn these ideas into action. 5:07. sadness this morning looking back on the life of willie mccovey from the giants. a legendary hall of famer, he died yesterday and 80. the giants plan a public celebration to honor him. he suffered from various medical problems over the years and was confined to a wheelchair. willie mccovey played 22 years
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in the major leagues. he had 521 homers and started his career in 1959 with a bang. he was 4 for co--- 444. he had raw power at the plate and he also had grace and agility on defense at first base and he was known as stretch. while he played for three major league teams he said his heart always belonged in san francisco. >> i have been adopted by thousands of fans everywhere. and by the city of san francisco where i have is always been welcomed. like the golden gate bridge and the cable cars i have been made to feel like a landmark. >> he was. when the giants opened at&t park they named that spot
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behind right field mccovey cove and there is also a willie mccovey statue. maybe his biggest thing -- joining us live from at&t park as we continue to remember the legacy of willie mccovey. four groups of central americans are heading for the u.s. border. the latest group of 700 left el salvador yesterday hoping to escape poverty and violence in their home country. others who have been walking toward the u.s. for weeks are stopped in mexico. some are asking mexico for asylum and others are just resting and hope to recuperate from exhaustion and sunstroke another health issues before they continue their journey north. i do not see a future here. if it is about staying here i would rather go back.
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it would be better to go back. our goal is to reach the u.s. >> president trump announced he will send up to 15,000 troops to the border to keep the caravan from entering the u.s. that would be three times the number of troops stationed in iraq. the search continues for a man accused of using a dog to lure young girls into his truck. police say it happened monday morning. they saw a man with a dog and the dog was off its leash and the girl -- the girls tried to help catch the dog. the man later showed up and asked the girls to get into help them look for the dock and instead they ran for help and told their parents. >> parents should teach their kids. a lot of kids would follow a dog anywhere. >> police are looking for a man driving a full-sized white truck with a camper shell. it is an adult man with a light complexion 27-32 years old.
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5'6" to 5'8". he was on shaven with short dark brown hair. 5:11. the mother of a 14-year-old boy is taking legal action against the school district. the lawsuit claims the school district knew that the former teacher was having inappropriate contact with students and did not immediately reported as required by law. he is been charged with dozens of counts of sexual abuse and he is in jail on $6 million bail. he is accused of molesting five boys ages 13 and 14. the school district has no comment on this civil lawsuit. >> 5:11. progress in the investigation of the crash of the jet in indonesia. they have found a key piece of evidence to help them know what is happening on board during
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the fatal flight. plus, security will be tight tonight. we will follow up on the tensions going into tonight's game between the 49ers and the raiders. >> >> slow traffic right now. here on 880 it looks good. if you are driving from san francisco to oakland i have something to tell you before you leave. >> a quiet pattern. we above average. coming up.
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welcome back. the city of oakland will begin its safe parking for people living in their cars. it's the newest program to address the homeless crisis. church congregations have offered their properties as a place for the homeless to park. the setup will include security officers and an on-site court nader. the oakland city council approved spending a $.6 million for homeless services including three more tough shed communities. the new russian threats will be located on city-owned land on international boulevard, mandela parkway in west oakland and on fifth street near chinatown. these communities will be in
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addition to the three they have opened since the program started in december. the money for the sites comes from the state home unmercifully -- homeless emergency a program. oakland received a grant from this program. gavin newsom holds a comfortable lead. 58%. 40% said they would vote for john cox. in the u.s. senate race feinstein leads with 45%. state senator de leon has 36%. 19% said they are undecided. they are mostly republicans. we invite you to make gasia mikaelian -- ktvu your source for election coverage. join us wednesday morning for all the overnight development in the updated tolls. 5:16. i will be watching. the 49ers and the raiders play
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tonight in what is expected to be the final battle of the bay. they only play in the regular season every four years and with the raiders leaving for las vegas it will be exciting despite their records. the raiders quarterback is coming off a good game even though the raiders lost to the cold. the 49ers quarterback is questionable because of a hand injury. if he can't play quarterback nick mullins will make his first pro start. the security will be tight for the game. remember when they were banned -- banned from preseason gatherings. since then the two teams have only played once. police and other copper -- undercover officers will be on patrol. >> they will have cameras. >> i can see everybody coming through the gates. when they leave the gates. we have cameras in the parking
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lot. we have body cameras on strategic personnel. >> yes, cameras are everywhere. to make sure the faces can be seen -- wearing a mask will not be allowed including the famous silver and blast -- silver and black masks that the raiders fans wear. >> later this morning we will be joined by the greatest wide receiver in the history of the nfl, jerry rice. we will talk about tonight's battle of the bay and a new documentary featuring the hall of famer. coming up. ktvu has you covered for the battle of the bay. join us at 4 pm 430 minutes of news and the pregame starts at 4:30. this will be followed by the game itself at five. after the game make sure to join us for sports rap. -- who will win? >> las vegas said the 49ers are
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favored. i find that hard to believe since they won't have a backup to the backup quarterback. >> yes, they could both use a one. we'll see. >> las vegas didn't build those big buildings for a reason. they know what they are doing. we'll see. let's take a look at the commute. starting with the gilmore -- the gilroy commute. northbound 101 will be slow driving to san jose. for the most part it is a nice commute. today has been a better day in general for the morning commute than yesterday we started off with problems. this is a live look at 280 in san jose. it looks nice. here we are at the bay bridge were it is slow. a little early for the commute but not unusual. -- about a 10 minute delay. leaving san francisco for
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oakland things are getting a little better. they are opening it up. a few minutes ago the lanes were closed -- narrowed down. now i see the lanes being used. it was right here. also i have evidence that some of the lanes are open now eastbound they bridge. right here they were doing some road work and hopefully that will be the last we hear of that. on the left is the regular commute going into the told -- going into the tunnel and driving to san francisco. >> 5:20. let's bring in steve paulson. >> the smartest people are the las vegas oddsmakers. >> yes. we are not getting any rain but a lot of the country is. it is stretching from the northeast to the great lakes
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all the way to the deep south and the ohio valley. it looks like the pattern the last a while. our dry stretch from october is going into november. there were some hints around the 10th but now it looks like it will be cooler. chris henry said where is the dislike button? i am feeling mild anxiety. >> hang in there. be optimistic we will get some rain. >> fair and warmer today. well above average. yesterday we were near 80 and today the low to mid 80s. 84 in napa. high clouds date down and there is a northeast breeze in oakland hills. not strong but there. the lows are running much warmer. 68 at berkeley and 58 in oakland and 60 in the city. pretty mild. 28 in truckee and 48 in ukiah. except for the pacific northwest all we get are some
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higher clouds. 70s and 80s with temperatures about the same. tomorrow will be a little cooler. it will still be above average. it doesn't look like there is any change the next 5-7 days. 5:22. this year halloween is both happy and sad in this neighborhood. coming up, how the neighbors in coffey park have a special night of trick-or-treating. plus, you information in the warehouse case. what the landlords now claim about the fire that killed 36 people.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a bay area groundskeeper of cancer will not appeal the court decision in his case against monsanto. the jury decided in august that roundup caused cancer in dwayne johnson. the original award was $289 million but it was reduced to $70 million. johnson doctor testified he has less than three years to live. monsanto is facing similar lawsuits across the country. >> the owners of the warehouse are speaking out, lenny the deadly fire on electrician. in court documents the landlord and her children claim the electrician live about being a licensed contractor.
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the owners also claim that he broke the lease by renting a space for people to live in when it was zoned for commercial use only. they had to trial next year. the ceo of marriott has turned down a chance to speak with the examiner. they walked out saying that most of them need to work two jobs. the marriott ceo said the workers union is more interested in holding a strike then in engaging in meaningful negotiations. he said marriott employees are well compensated and have good benefits including medical coverage. the union says they will continue strike until their demands are met. >> more funeral services today for victims of the synagogue shooting in pennsylvania. today funerals were held for joyce feinberg, melvin wax, and
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59-year-old irving younger, a father, grandfather and youth baseball coach. the head of the anti-defamation the lanes and increase in acts of anti-semitism on partly on the political climate. >> we need our leaders to lead and not have redick -- not have the rhetoric that emboldens the violence. robert bowers is scheduled to appear in court today to be arraigned on murder and take crimes and obstructing the practice of religion. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. police and chp officers have their hands full. the reason they were ready to react after several sideshows in san jose. also, remembering willie mccovey. what the giant ceo, larry baer,
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had to say about the man that held a special place in baseball history.
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you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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from fox2 news this is mornings on 2. >> thursday morning, the first day of november. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm democratic national convention. friday eve. halloween is done and the rain can come. >> i wish.
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we have dry weather going into november. probably for a while, unfortunately. it doesn't look promising if you are looking for rain. effect i've seen toward the 17th there is nothing on the forecast models. we are looking at the 10th. you can go to the 17th and probably unless something changes -- >> 62 degrees with a light breeze and clear skies. we need to send out a positive message. we all need to think it. upper 70s to 80s yesterday low to mid 80s including palo alto and 81. way above average. we should be at about 6770 once a we are in the 80s. 40s, 50s, and 60s. livermore is 70 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday and san jose is 9. mountain view 8. santa rosa seven that. high pressure large and in charge and not going anywhere. 70s and 80s.
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here he is. >> -- much quieter today compared to yesterday when you were dancing. you are not a very good dancer. >> no, i'm getting better but right now -- dance like you don't care. >> thank you. >> that's me. good morning. let's look at 80 westbound to the bridge. slow traffic here and on highway 37. hercules and richmond looking pretty good. instruction is not obstructing much. we have been looking at the bridge. the westbound bridge is backed up for a 10-15 minute wait and want to get onto the bridge it looks okay with no major issues. going back to the bridge -- the bridge traffic eastbound has recovered after earlier roadwork. 5:32. let's go to the desk. five days to go until the
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midterms. some of the biggest races around the country are too close to call. republicans and democrats are urging people to get out and vote. in washington, looking at the prospects for tuesday. good morning. >>reporter: this comes down to turnout and that is why the president last night was in florida. >> he took the stage in florida. a pivotal election. he hopes that they come through for him again. >> this election is a choice between results and resistance. that is the theme -- obstruct, resist. what the do you get out of that? >> look at his travel schedule through election day tuesday. destinations carefully selected for the most potential impact. >> i think it's interesting. is going to the same areas.
5:34 am
is not trying to convince anyone. he is trying to get in on this crowd. >> while republicans are poised to add to their majority the house is another matter. they are confident they will pick up the seats they need to win control. nancy pelosi could become speaker of the house and she is stating this as fact -- democrats will win. >> the turnout will be critical and for them it is about the base. some candidates calling in bernie sanders to help close a deal and make it all about the president. >> >> they are working to make certain that the agenda of the most racist, sexist, homophobic , bigoted president in history will go nowhere because the democrats will control the house and the senate. >> >> at this point it becomes evident on both sides that it's not about winning converts but getting the base to show up on
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tuesday. >> thank you. president trump said he can end the policy of awarding citizenship to anyone in the u.s. with an executive order. >> you don't need a constitutional amendment for citizenship. i believe you can have a simple vote in congress or it's possible, in my opinion, after meeting with some talented legal scholars come that you can do it through an executive order. >> when it comes to birthright citizenship the white house says congress has never passed a law granting citizenship to the children of people in the u.s. illegally and it says the supreme court has never specifically ruled on that aspect of the 14th amendment. >> turkish prosecutors say khashoggi was strangled as
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soon as he entered the consulate and that his body was dismembered and disposed of. turkey is seeking extradition of the suspects being detained in saudi arabia. the statement from the prosecutors just that saudi officials are not being cooperative. the remains of khashoggi have not been found. he was a critic of the crowned prince and had been living in exile in the u.s. divers in indonesia have recovered one of the two flight recorders from the flight that crash. the data recorder was found more than 130 feet underwater. they were hearing things but that did not -- they did not bring it to the service to yesterday. if not having damaged it should provide information about what was happening on the plane in the minutes leading up to the crash. the search for the cockpit voice recorder is still going on. if it is found investigators
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will know what the pilots were saying about the plane and the weather conditions. 189 died in the crash. new this morning, san jose and the chp broke up several sideshows overnight in the south bay. this is the video from one of the bigger sideshows after midnight. trend to -- ktvu's leigh martino -- martinez is reporting. yes, there are a lot of cars coming through now. you can see the marks from the sideshow. two law enforcement agencies, san jose police and chp said they had intelligence that sideshow activity would be in san jose and around the county on halloween night. in this audio you can see cars
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whipping around surrounded by people at 1 am. the san jose police put up a helicopter and the pilot reported to the officers on the ground where the groups were gathering and drivers were maneuvering cars. later was an accident at curtner under 87. the vehicles were possibly involved in sideshow activity. the driver of one car attempted to flee but was stopped and detained by sheriff's deputy's. chp said the law enforcement response is because they are dangerous. >> you are putting yourself at risk and standing around vehicles doing erratic maneuvers. the drivers are not professionals. it could potentially cause injury or death. we encourage people to not come to these events. it is not worth it. you could potentially be charged with a misdemeanor in your car can be towed away. it's not worth it.>>reporter: chp confirmed it made two arrests and impounded two
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vehicles. one of the arrested was believed to be a spectator believed to be seen driving erratically on the freeway. san jose police stopped and towed away several cars. back here the traffic has eased up. i don't know if you can see the tire marks on the road but this is where it is. chp has arrested two but we don't know if san jose police made any arrests last night. we have reached out to them to see if they have encountered any cars because they were handling the investigation but we haven't heard back yet. in san jose, leigh martinez. tributes honoring the life and legacy of willie mccovey are pouring in. he died yesterday at the age of 80. he was at stanford hospital battling health problems. hello baseball grades and fans
5:40 am
remember mccovey as a spectacular player and a good man. barry bonds considered him family. he tweeted rest in peace. i love you. some fans went to at&t park where they reminisced about him and gathered in front of the moral that overlooks mccovey co. he last played in 1980 but he remained one of the most popular figures among casual fans to the most powerful people in the city including former san francisco mayor, willie brown. >> >> the matter who plays it is still mays, mccovey, and their team -- that is the brand. >> mccovey played 22 seasons in the major leagues. he played 11 games with the oakland a's in 1976. he smashed 521 home runs in his
5:41 am
career and he was elected to the baseball hall of fame. >> mccovey played with the giants in san francisco and he is considered the first hero. the team ceo met mccovey when he was a young boy. he said he grieves for a man who holds a special place in bay area history. >> it was hard for us to see him go through this pain because he had so many surgeries and so many difficult ailments. it never affected him coming to the games and going to the clubhouse and asking the guys to support the stretch drive in the junior giants. larry baer had the honor of residing over a wedding in august. he said he remembers mccovey's sense of humor, vibrant till
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the end. >> go to our website for additional stories about willing recovery -- willie mccovey. this includes videos from the archives. bart will permanently close and entrance and closing this will make access harder for guests at the hotel whitcomb and for several theaters. bart said they need to close the entrance to make room for a new power substation. it will be installed underground in the space where drug users were known to hang out. >> 5:42. a man is in jail accused of stabbing a female student at a college yesterday around lunchtime. this was near the school cafeteria. a group of students and staff pinned him down until the sheriff's deputies arrived. steve wooding was taken into
5:43 am
custody accused of attempted murder. the victim was taken to the hospital she is listed in stable condition. it's not clear if they knew each other. they say the college had a restraining order against wooding because of harassing phone calls. he attached a -- attacked a staff member earlier. a man caught a flight from kansas city to chicago without a ticket. what a baggage handler did to get himself tracked in the cargo hold. >> plus, like more people are deciding to wait when it comes to buying a house. traffic is getting a little crowded out there including highway 24. november 1 and temperatures are
5:44 am
above average. no records but we are getting close. we will take a look at what is in store the next couple of days. >> how the housing market is cooling down. coming up tonight after football. here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c
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will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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right now we don't have a neighborhood. we wanted to be a part of this. >> not all is lost there are still people here and the community here. >> 32 families have rebuilt
5:48 am
their homes and they were ready with candy for the trick-or- treaters. this was set up on the edge of the fire zone so people could mingle with people here. most of the people we talked with said they hope to be back for good by next halloween. >> 5:48. the lawyers have the day off before the game tomorrow night with the timberwolves. last night they bit -- beat anthony davis and the new orleans pelicans. >> draymond green had 16 points and steph curry led the warriors with 37 points. thompson had 18 after scoring 52 monday night. the warriors beat the pelicans 131-121. tomorrow night at oracle the warriors play the timberwolves and the game starts at 7:30. 5:48. let's check in with sal.
5:49 am
any problems we need to be aware of? >> yesterday we started with a lot of problems and today it is a typical commute. we will start at westbound 580 and it looks normal. earlier we had roadwork was complicated things but now it looks like normal which is to say 205 is backed up as it normally is and 580 is also getting slow approaching the bypass and the tracy triangle. when you get to altamont pass you are in good shape. getting there is the problem. the slow traffic is leading up to it. this is a look at 880 in front of the airport exit. it looks good. at the bay bridge toll present -- pleasant there is a 10-15 minute wait for the bridge.
5:50 am
we are in decent shape. we will talk about the commute next time. 5:49. let's bring in steve. >> we can find rain and a lot of the country from the northeast to the great lakes to the deep south. active fronts from st. louis and cincinnati down to new orleans. the ridge of high pressure in the west shows no signs of changing or breaking down anytime soon. it looks dry. things could change but the first 7-10 days have no hint of rain. one day we will have some weather to talk about. i hope so. for the last six months i haven't had much talk about. today is going to be nice. fair and warm in the 70s and 80s. 80 yesterday. palo alto was close. today they will be. 82 in walnut creek and san jose
5:51 am
popping up to 81. high clouds rotating in, the only fly in the ointment. a slight northeast breeze at the airport. most locations are calm. bodega bay is now a cool 53. brentwood is 61 and livermore is 63. look at black hawk at 71. that's the northeast breeze. 65 out by the pavilion. 48 in walnut creek. danville is 60 and 51 in pleasanton. some big spreads. most are running above average. 48 ukiah to sacramento. seattle and vancouver getting rain but we do not. 70s and 80s. 76 -- san francisco. 78 in berkeley and 80 today in oakland. for temperatures to be well above average. it looks a tiny bit cooler tomorrow. 60s and 70s and some 80s. the 80s will take us into a
5:52 am
warm weekend. 5:51. repairs of the oracle dam seem to be paying off. we will tell you when the spillway will be back to normal. i didn't really know anyone. but now i've made lots of connections on linkedin, like mentors, builders, clients. we contribute to one another. we're helping each other perfect our craft. and i think that's the beauty of it.
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to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. we have a large community all across the world. and the tools like linkedin has really helped us connect. i'll look for hashtags like spacecraft design and virtual reality. there's plenty of space to explore here on earth to go outside of your bubble. welcome back. it's now 5:54. the start of the summit in
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oakland. hundreds are expected at jack london square today and tomorrow. connectors said they want to move along -- beyond just being consumers and having a stake in developing the tech sector. this will encourage designers, builders, and investors to have careers in technology. in san mateo county a traditional crop they have to step aside to make way for a different crop. half moon bay is known for hosting the art and pumpkin festival. we met a family who has been growing pumpkins for three generations but they are looking for a more profitable crop. arrow wanted. they say they may not be able to afford to continue their operations unless they are allowed to cultivate marijuana plants in a greenhouse near their home. >> what we've done in the past hasn't worked as well as it
5:56 am
used to. in order for us to keep our farming operations we need a crop that has a little more profit margin. >> there are five measures on next tuesday's ballot about marijuana. measures gg could allow farmers to grow marijuana plants in existing greenhouses. five hole 56. -- 5:56. the spillway at the dam is expected to be back in order. thousands fled their homes. after a lot of money was spent the dam is operating again. the water agency plans to ask a federal emergency management agency to pay most of the cost
5:57 am
and the rest would be paid by state water project customers. 5:56. a busy night for authorities in the south bay. coming up, we will show you some of the sideshows going on overnight while most of us were sleeping. plus, what happened to the car is impounded? and remembering the life and legacy of a baseball favorite. hall of famer willie mccovey has died. we will look back at his life and career at 6:00. this is a live look at highway four. it is getting slow heading over to concorde. november 1 looks a lot like october. quiet and warm, well above average on the temperatures. i will show you this coming up.
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the bay area this is a sports legend. baseball hall of famer willie mccovey has died and people are remembering for his contributions on and off the field. >> and in the south bay the search continues for a man who shot three teenagers at a community center. what police are saying about the investigation. >> >> from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2.
6:00 am
>> good morning. we are talking about the weather. steve paulson is trying to find some rain. >> i can find it, but not here. i can find high pressure and warm temperatures. well above average. a dry weather pattern. i've seen rejections to the 16th and 17th and they don't show any rain. things can change in november but right now it looks fair and more. we should be about 67-71 across the board and we are well above that. 70s to mid 80s for a few locations. except for the high closet spillover the top of the ridge where you look for mostly sunny conditions. northeast at the napa airport and higher elevations have picked up a little bit but not that strong. 40s, 50s, and 60s. the livermore airport 65


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