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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 1, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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we will show you what happened when police caught up with the sideshows early this morning and google employees all over the world are walking off the job today -- what they want from their employer. how the ceo of google is responding. >> >> the stretch of dry weather looks like it's continuing for a while. jerry says hello dry winter. we're still fall. if it's december 21st then we have a problem. nice avatar. got to get your liquid, i like that.
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our dry weather pattern which sometimes a lot of times more often than not my rule of thumb is doesn't look like it here. some signs around the 10th maybe it's cooler but does not look like rain. i've seen out to the 15th. a lot of high clouds 70s and 80s on the temps. 14 degrees for some higher clouds. other than that, that's it. 40s, 50s and 60s. the livermore airport is going bonkers. 17-20 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. 55 in ben low men. southeast breeze in santa clara valley providing warm temperatures for some. very little rain in the pacific northwest, most of it in the middle of the country. high pressure is here giving us warm temperatures. 70s and 80s.
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all right, sal, 24? >> no we're going to look at 24 because you asked so nicely, steve. i'll put 24 up first for you. i was going to go with something else. when steve asks for something, he's my buddy so there's highway 24. not looking good. i didn't want to start you off this way but the cold hard truth, double your commute time between walnut creek and oakland this morning. because of an earlier truck that caught fire. westbound 24 is slow. remember even though they clear the accident, it's slow. a lot of the side roads are slow. people are wondering what's going on. this say region wide effect for sure. let's talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a crash -- sorry, we have a back up all the way out to the maze. i was talking when i saw this, a new crash has been reported on san pablo dam road where the
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two meet. there's an injury accident there near nations there. this is a look at westbound bay bridge, you you can see traffic is moderate. if you're driving on interstate 880 it's already slow northbound near high street. san mateo bridge recovering from earlier problems and the south bay commute is slow including 237 and the dunbar ton bridge. there's a sense of sadness this morning for many as they look back on the life of giants great legendary hall of famer who died yesterday at the anal of 80. a public celebration to honor willie mc covey. he was admitted to stanford last week suffering from an infection. he played 22 years in the major leagues and hit 521 home runs. while he played for three mayor league teams he said his heart always belonged in san francisco. francisco.
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>> i have been adopted too by the thousands of great giants fans everywhere. by the city of san francisco where i've always been welcomed and like the golden gate bridge, i've made the field. >> the giants and the padres and then 11 games with the oakland a's in 76. he returned to the giants to finish his career in 1980. fans say he was an incredible baseball player way gentle soul and kind heart. allie rasmus live at at&t park this morning, people re remembering him. >> people from all backgrounds and ages and fans who saw him play but knew about his reputation as a great ambassador here in san francisco and a baseball legend of course. behind us is the willie mc covey statue. at the foot of the statue you
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can see people have left behind flowers and orange and black mementoes and a giants hat and the number 44, his number in a heart shape there at the foot of this statue. all paying tribute to the baseball hall of famer and giants legend who passed away yesterday. he had 521 home runs and played for 19 of his 22 seasons in major league baseball with the giants. he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1986. for a period of 18 years after he retired, he served z a senior advisory role for the giants. he was still very mump part of the giants organization. he also made appearances during the giants run in 2014. one former giant fan brief heartwarming incident. he said he talked to him about baseball and doesn't have to do it.
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he had a humble demeanor about him and friendly and really played that mentoring role to a lot of baseball fans over the years. giants team officials say there will be a public memorial for mc covey. we're waiting to hear for the details on that. in the meantime fans who knew and loved him have been coming here to leave flowers and tribute to the baseball legend and hall of famer. allie rasmus, ktvu news. police investigating a shooting that injured several teenagers late last night in south san jose at a community center. the teenagers were at the seven trees center about 10:00 last night. they told police a man walked up and fired several shots. three of the teenagers were hurt and taken to the hospital. all are expected to survive. it's not clear if this was gang related. there's also no police description of the gunmen. the victim say he walked away
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after firing the shots. during halloween there was a lot of side show activity that kept police and the chp very busy. they received a lot of tips that side shows would take place at several different locations through the night including on south bay freeways and on city streets. some of the biggest side shows were in san jose and at highway 101 near oakland road. san jose police launched helicopters so the pilot could tell the officers on the ground where the groups were gathering. >> we tried to position ourselves in con juks with the san jose police department to basically keep the freeways free flowing and discourage this activity when at all possible. >> the chp made at least two arrests. they impounded two cars, both from freeway incidents. san jose police say they didn't make any arrests but they did give out citations to three people. lee martinez is in san jose this morning brings us a live
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report. an investigation underway into a suspicious fire in the marin head lands. firefighters got the first call at 11:00 last night about a fire on bunker road. the fire department tells ktvu the historic building and rifle range were heavily damaged. we saw first responders still at the scene. several roads remain blocked off. crews say they were hafrped by the lack of water they need to fight this fire. there will be three more funerals today for victims of the synagogue shooting in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. sylvan and bernice simon will be laid to rest today. they were married 62 years ago t at the tree of life synagogue in 1956. also a funeral today for richard god friday.
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he was a dentists known for his volunteer work treating refugees and immigrants. the suspect is appearing in court today to be arraigned on 44 charges include murder, hate crimes and obstructing the practice of religion. prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty. today google employees all over the world including some here in the bay area are walking off the job to protest how the company handles claims of sexual harassment. the employment walk out is set to happen at 11:10 local time. that means it's already happening in some goog locations around the world. people posted their photos on a google walk out twitter page. there's offices in europe such as dublin and berlin. google offices in singapore and tokyo are taking part. this comes after the new york times reported google paid millions of dollars to male executives to leave the company
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after accused of harassment. employees have raised constructive ideas to improve policies and processes going forward. google says they are taking in their feedback to turn ideas into action. it's big. just ten hours from now, the final battle of the bay will be played. later on, we're live at levi stadium to tell you why fans are pumped up despite the records of the team oofrments coming up next, the biggest issue facing bay area voters, ktvu pam cook sits down with gavin newsom and john cox to discuss solutions to housing and homelessness. westbound slow because of earlier issues on the san mateo bridge. . the only issue we have is how warm is it getting. well above average here but for how long? nice even at the golden gate bridge, the we'll have the numbers coming up. i am a family man.
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five days left in the campaign before election day, democrat gavin newsom holds a comfortable lead. 58% support the lieutenant governor and 40% say they would vote for republican business men john cox. they are running nonstop to sure up the final votes before
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tuesday night. cox is kicking off a bus tour through the state calling it "help is on the way". pam cook recently sat down with candidates, you're back in the studio to tell us what they're saying about the big issues facing us here in the bay area. >> a lot of big issues topping the list. affordable housing and homelessness are two of the top issues in california. they often go hand and nnd and i did sit down with both candidates to hear how they would solve the complex issues the cost to build here is so much more. i think we can do a much better job with bringing down costs. >> how? >> less regulation and streamline regulation and approval processes and the litigation. that's the only way to do it. i've called for the replacement and reform of the california environmental quality act which is now being used by lawyers to create a huge cost. it's not just about getting rid of regulations.
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it's more complicated that that. we want state to ensure local government is incentivized. we are sending the transit dollars to those municipalities and communities that are meeting their goals. he wants to eliminate our environmental group. i hope people understand what that a may ultimately mean. >> what does it mean? >> anyone can run ra shad over any development without consideration of consequences. >> there are many people who can't afford a place to live. many more who are dealing with substance abuse, mental health issues. how do we address this? >> this is a tragedy. my opponent spent a billion and a half dollars this san francisco as his term as mayor
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and the number of homeless went up. we have got to be compassionate with people. giving people clean needles in a secure room to shoot up in sounds compassionate but it's continuing the process. the bay area has led the nation not just the state in terms of those strategies. wildly controversial with the needle exchange decades ago. the rates of help c and hiv and aids significantly declined and lives were saved and taxpayers were saved billions of dollars. otherwise that would have been spent in emergency rooms. homelessness can be solved. i know it can be solved. aye seen it thousands of human beings are literally off the streets and a chronic mental illness that we're self- medicating with drug or alcohol addictions. >> our interviews with gavin newsom and john cox covered a wide range of topics. we discussed california's tax
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issue, a huge issue and also why they want to be governor. we'll have answers monday morning. >> there are close races and this is one of them. >> great interviews pam. >> thank you. time is 7:17. that same berkley poll has incumbent u.s. senator dianne feinstein leading with 46% support. de-leon with 36%. 19% are undecided. most are republicans. you should make ktvu your source for election night coverage in the bay area. we'll be on ktvu plus starting at 7:00 p.m. tuesday night covering the major local and national races. then join us wednesday for mornings on two right here for all the overnight developments and the updated vote totals. 7:17 it's a busy thursday morning. i feel bad for people who take 24 from walnut creek into oak land.
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>> other commutes are slow too, not like highway 24 is the only one. let's talk about san francisco. we had an accident northbound 280. this collision still there, they're moving it now but traffic coming. slow traffic on southbound 101 approaching 280. getting on the southbound 280, we have a brand new crash reported southbound 101 on the central freeway. the fire department is on the way. we don't see anything we'll take their words they're looking for something at the 80 split. westbound bay bridge that's backed up all the way out to mcarthur bridge. 880 slowing down getting up to downtown oakland. southbound 880 from 238 slowing down into fremont. both dunbar and san mateo bridge are slow.
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south bay commute has bogged down with earlier problems. this say look at downtown san jose, northbound 280 is looking okay so far. 7:19 let's bring steve in. >> our weather today is much like it was yesterday. beautiful sunrise and high clouds continue to filter in. how about that? beautiful. it's a droi pattern, sometimes we transition into november and look for the rain. i'll tell you, we can keep looking. it looks dry after the 10th and maybe beyond. there were subtle signs the 10th could get something. just looks cooler. somebody is getting rain from the northeast to the great lakes, the ohio valley all the way down to the deep south. that's the pattern here, everything drops over the ridge west and goes down into the rockies and up into the middle of the country and the east. 70s and 80s yesterday. 80 was popular. napa and walnut creek. we'll bump napa up to 84.
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the big dome of high pressure sending everything well to the north. that's where your storm tracks. except for higher clouds thatst that's it those clouds are playing into the mix. slight easterly breeze is really sent some temperatures up. 65 in oakland. there's very warm temperatures already. 25 up in truckee. 53 down in las vegas. 49 in ukiah ukiah. seattle is getting rain but we're not getting any. high clouds and warm temperatures. 70s to upper 70s, low 80s as temperatures continue their climb. they will ease back tomorrow. not a lot. maybe 2-4 degrees but looks like a reload and coming back with warm and dry weather into your important weekend. >> steve, thank you.
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time now is 7:20. the search is on for a potential child predator in the east bay. how a man tried to use a dog to lure two girls into the truck. superstar agent lates love halloween too. the best costumes from last night including clay thompson. also highlights from last night's game between the warriors and pelicans.
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happening today, the city of oakland beginning the safe parking program for people living in their cars.
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it's the city's newest program to address the homelessness crisis. church congregations have offered properties as places where homeless residents can park. each site includes security officers and on site coordinator to help people transition to permanent housing. the oakland city council approved spending 8.6 mill yob dollars in funding -- -- million dollars in funding for homelessness. man dell la parkway in west oakland and fifth street near china town. these will be in addition to the three oakland has opened since the program started last december. the money for the new sites comes from the state's homeless emergency aid program. oakland is one of five cities in california to receive a grant from the program. across the bay san francisco mayor london breed is moving ahead with a program to get mentally ill homeless
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people off the streets. it gives people the ability to take conservative ship over those suffering from severe mental illness. the legislation takes effect next year but each county has to opt in. the mayor is moving forward with county rule to do that. she wants to add between 70 and 80 new beds at hospitals over the next year. president trump is drawing an even harder line against immigration across the u.s. border with mexico. the president now says the number of u.s. military troops sent there could be as many as 15,000. late yesterday the pentagon said the number could rise to 8,000. a few 100 u.s. troops at the texas border providing medical maintenance and housing support to u.s. border patrol and customs agents soofrjts a fourth group of central american migrants left el valve door yesterday and headed towards the united states. others who have been walking
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towards the u.s. for weeks are stopping in mexico. some are asking mexico for asylum. others are hoping to recooperate from the exhaustion, sunstroke and other health issues before they continue their journey north. time is 7:26 the search continues for a man accused of using a dog to lure young girls into his truck. it happened monday morning when two girls saw a man with a dog running off leash near quay route boulevard. the girls tried to help catch the dog. the man later showed up in a truck and asked the girls to get in to help him look for the dog. instead the girls ran away and told their parents. >> parents should definitely teach their kids because with bella a lot of kids come over to pet her and they would follow her anywhere really. >> police are looking for i man driving a full size white truck way camper shelf described as a man with a light complex, 27-32 27-32 years old. police say he was unshaven and
7:27 am
had short dark brown hair. sitting on the sidelines bay area home prices continue to surge. coming up, the strategy growing in popularity and how it could save some buyers thousandings of dollars -- -- thousands of dollars. a lot of races are getting close in midterm elections. more on that, coming up. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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have a bite, have a sip and just a drink in the bay area. if you're waking up in sausalito, thanks for joining us on this gorgeous start to this month of november. good morning, i'm gas gas. gasiamikaelian. . >> and i'm dave clark. some of those pictures you saw, kayla good morning from daly city. west lake, who else are we forgetting? always good to hear from daly city. our pattern is very dry. it started early october. rain in the north bay, it was good. after that we have gone dry and through the 10th at least we're dry. there's rain in the northeast and great lakes and ohio valley and deep south but not here.
7:31 am
a little bit up in the pacific northwest. warmer and temperatures well above average here. we should be around 67 and we're well above that. looks like we will continue to be above that. 70s by the coast. 80 around santa cruz and 80s around the bay. higher clouds continue to filter down on the eastern edge of the ridge of high pressure. there's still a little bit of an offshore breeze certainly above the oakland zoo north at 16 miles per hour. not that strong. it's there. that offshore breeze equals mild conditions, 65 degrees. 58 in clover dale. 61 in san rafael. it's mild to warm. higher clouds spinning down equals sunshine. 70s and 80s. >> 7:31 you're on the phone, everything okay? oh, did you see me on the phone? >> i did thought you were checking on traffic. >> yes, i get on the phone with various people. my contacts, if you will. sometimes i am on the phone
7:32 am
most often with bart people. no bart delays by the way. speaking of bart, if you can use bart from daly city to san francisco and avoid this traffic on 280, it's backed up now from 19 avenue daly city exit all the way up to the interchange with 101. today is a bart day if you want the avoid that. if you have to drive, remember give yourself extra time. once you past that on the extension it looks good. northbound 101 is slow. southbound 101 is very slow. there's a crash on southbound 101 just removed from the central freeway. that's good news right there where this building is. the traffic should improve right here. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major issues or problems there. this is a look also at 880 northbound past the coliseum. southbound 880 is very slow from 238 all the way down. no breaks. there was an accident there and
7:33 am
the south bay commute is filled in. 280 in san jose. doesn't look too bad yet. 7:33 back to the desk. new this morning san jose police and chp spent their halloween night breaking up several side shows. the side shows were on city streets and at least one freeway. >> yes, there were a lot of cars and spectators and a very large law enforcement presence. surprisingly not that many arrests. we're out here in san jose and you can see on this intersection that there was some tire markings here. i don't know if you can tell with the traffic here but this is where one of the side shows was last night. two law enforcement agencies and san jose police say they had intelligence that side show activity would happen in san jose and around the county on halloween night. in this video you can see cars whipping around at 880 around
7:34 am
1:00 in the morning. san jose police put up their helicopter and the pilot reported back to officers on the ground where groups were gathering and drivers were maneuvering their cars. later there was an accident under 87. the vehicles were possibly involved in a side show. the driver attempted to flee in another vehicle but was stopped by sheriff's deputies. chp con if you remembers they made two arrests and impounded two vehicles for 30 days. >> another spectator of the side show was noticed by one of our units on the freeway doing erratic driving. we attempted to stop him and he briefly ran from us before coming to a stop on the freeway. he was taken into custody and his car towed away. >> chp says the large law enforcement response to side shows is because they are dangerous. side show drivers are not professionals and they're making erratic missouris
7:35 am
shutting down important intersections and obstructing freeways. san jose police were seen stopping several cars at center road. again, chp has confirmed they arrested two people. we talked to san jose police and they say they made no arrests however, gave out three citations and impounded no cars. in san jose, lee martinez, ktvu, fox 2 news. the state tracked down fugitives in the halloween round up called operation boo arresting 110 sex offenders parolees. some were caught with drugs, guns and child pornography. this is the 25th year for the operation in which members of the california department of corrections check on the parolees to make sure they follow the law and stay away from children who are trick or treating on halloween. our time is 7:35 we know the names of two people who died f a multi vehicle crash on 880 in hayward.
7:36 am
they are 46 year old richard mum bah of san lor ren soez. the crash happened at 1040 in :40 in the northbound lanes. a tour bus was going 65 miles per hour when it came upon stop and go traffic and crashed into a lexus. then it crashed into a ford driven by la mum bah pushing it into the back of a ups truck. a bay area grounds keeper with cancer won't appeal a court decision to reduce the damage amounts in his case against monsanto. back in august a jury decided the weed killer round up caused cancer in dwayne johnson. the original award was 289 (28) 900-0000 but a judge reduced it to $78 million. johnson's doctor testified that johnson has less than three years to live.
7:37 am
monsanto is facing 8,000 similar lawsuits around the country. five days to go, some of the biggest races across the country are too close to call that has both republicans and democrats urging people to get out and vote. ktv u doug luzader reported from washington rfrnlts the president's schedule is jam packed as he tries to close an enthusiasm gap. president trump taking the stage in florida so ouch a pivotal election state hoping his base there and around the country comes through for him again. >> this election is truly a choice between results and resis resistance. their whole theme, obstruct, resist -- what the do you get out of that? >> look at the president's travel schedule on tuesday. destinations carefully selected for the most potential act. >> i think it's interesting where his map is.
7:38 am
he's going to safe red areas. he's not trying to convince anyone. he's trying to get to the crowd. >> democrats are more and more confident that they will pick up the 23 seats they need to win control of the senate. nancy pelosi could become speaker of the house again stating it as fact, democrats will win. the turn out is critical for democrats too and for them it's also all about the base. some candidates coming in bernie sanders to help close the deal making it all about the president. >> they are working to make certain that the agenda of the most racist sexist, homophobic, by gotted president in history will go nowhere because democrats will control the house and the senate. . [ cheering and applause ] >> just as a lot of races are tightening, the issues are narrowing. the president spending a lot of
7:39 am
time talking about immigration and democrats focused on healthcare. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. time 7:38 the warriors have the day off before tomorrow's nights game with the timber wolves. last night they beat anthony davis and the pelicans. >> they brought it home. >> he had 16 points, 14 rebounds and stephen curry led the warriors 37 points. clay thompson had 18 after scoring 52 monday night. tomorrow night at oracle, the warriors play the timber wolves starting at 7:30. several nba players have the halloween spirit. wait a minute, here comes lebron. he's jason from the friday the
7:40 am
13th movies and clay thompson was jackie moon from the popular will ferrell movie, "semi-pro". the warrior official twitter account tweeted this, "let's get tropical." why google employees are walking off the job around the world. bragging lights on the line tonight. the raiders playing the 49ers. we're live at levi stadium. what you fans need to know about tonight's game. good morning, you could see traffic is going to be very slow still on many of these commutes. in fact, some are now just pumping up to full speed. we'll tell you more. temperatures well above average, nice sunrise. quiet patterns as we begin november. n 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance
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it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. several crashes here on 285 this morning, almost like 280
7:44 am
made a decision to stand out in the morning commute. two crashes driving to san francisco from daly city. i would not recommend 280. i would recommend using city streets if you know your way around. probably better off than that. 181 slow. on the east bay, southbound 880 slowing down to 238 down to stephenson because of an earlier crash. the entire southbound commute is full except for downtown san jose. a nice empty spot here. 7:44. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> getting right to it. nice sunrise photos to everyone including higher clouds coming down. at sfo, spectacular sunrise this morning. shout out to everybody. tsa there at oakland, always very nice. the sunrise photos are courtesy of higher clouds coming in. clear skies and warmer, 47 this morning in innerness looking for a high of 73.
7:45 am
that's warm. looks good to me as well. a dry stretch here. almost all of october north bay got rain early but that was it. looks dry through the 10th and beyond that. yesterday was near 80 for everybody. that includes napa and walnut creek and san jose. 84 for napa. beautiful day in the napa valley. storm track jet stream is way to the north and dives down in the middle of the country and ejects to the northeast. higher clouds, cruising on down from the northwest continuing to do that. they're still a slight northerly component though. also above the oakland zoo and into the east bay from mount diablo. 63 in livermore. 60 in the city. doesn't matter, 60 martinez and 62 out by concord pavilion. blackhawk at 65. danville at 60.
7:46 am
so there's your easterly component there. 25 up in truckee. 40s for some. high pressure is large and in charge so that equals 70s and 80s. very mild to warm. a slight cal down and right back up, dry weather warmer into the weekend. >> stooe, thank you. our time is 7:46. it doesn't happen often but the 49ers and raiders clash tonight at levi stadium. the battle of the bay is tarnished since both teams have only won one game a piece. >> they hit prime time tonight, tonight -- -- good morning dave. >> i don't think the nfl scheduling odds were thank these two teams with a combined record. here we go on november 1st.
7:47 am
of course as you mentioned the final battle of the bay as the raiders are moving on in a l of years and lord knows where they will play next year. to oakland or las vegas or wherever. despite the records this should be a rather entertaining game. derek carr we captured his mojo despite losing to the colts he threw for three touchdowns last week. niners quarterback likely out because of a hand injury so we should see second year quarterback nick mole, ns out of southern miss with a good preseason. security tight tonight at levi's. the last time the two met in 2013. a number of fights broke out. i was there. two people were towelly shot. so tonight heavy police presence including undercover cops and surveillance cameras that will be pointed directly at the fans. >> i can zoom in and see the back of every seat in the facility. i can see everybody that's
7:48 am
coming through the gates and when they're leaving. cameras in the parking lots and body cameras on strategic personnel. >> and to make sure your face can't be seen, no masks are allowed at the game tonight. the black hole will be coming and it's the day after halloween as well so no masks tonight. by the way, the two teams have met over 36 years, 13 times the raiders have won seven times and the niners have won six. a nineer win tonight would make it an even 500. the last time the two teams met was in 2014. the raiders won that, 24-1. kick off tonight, 520, you can watch the game here on channel two. that's the latest here in the south bay. 0. >> ktvu is your home for the battle of the bay on thursday night football. join us at 4:00 for half hour
7:49 am
of news followed by the fox nfl pregame show. game coverage between the raiders and niners starts at 5:00. we'll be on after the game for the fox two sports rep. we're excited because later this morning a special treat for us and you at home. we're joined by the greatest wide receiver in the history of the gaem. of course i'm talking about jerry rice. we'll talk with him about tonight's battle of the bay in a documentary featuring the hall of famer. our conversation is coming up on mornings on two. >> way to go. all right our time is 7:49. still ahead, more side shows in the south bay. we'll show you what happened to the cars involved. first, let's check in with mike for a look at what's coming up. >> good morning, coming up in the next hour, a community in the north bay coming together as they continue to recover. how children on a very special night and a neighborhood hit hard by last year's fire. we're back after the break.
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the labor department says that wages and salaries in the u.s. are up more than 3% from a year before. the biggest increase in ten years and well beyond expectations. during the third quarter salaries went up 1%. labor costs up more than expected. stoking fears inflation could be on the horizon. it is 753 tum tim. october is now in the books as one of the worst month for stocks in years. tech stocks were hit especially hard but apple may be a bright spot. pam cook is back with today's more dollars and cents a rough month but apple's earning come in after the closing bell today. analysts expect it fared better than the other big tech
7:54 am
companies for the quarter. when the opening bell rang this morning, stocks headed higher. even higher than after president trump tweeted that trade talks with china are going well. checking in on the numbers right now, there's a live look t the dow and big board up 176 points and 3 quarter offense a percentage to 25,000. the snp up half a%. the nasdaq up 7360. for technology stocks october was the worst month in ten years. the nasdaq dropped 9.2%, the sharpest decline since 10.8% drop in november 2008. the biggest tech stocks had the biggest losses in october led by amazon 20% drop and alphabet 9.7% drop. the morning tesla ceo us muscle announced a new feature will be available on most cars
7:55 am
very soon. elon musk announced the summon feature will be ready to use by the middle of next month. summon allows the car to drive around a parking lot, read parking signs and find an empty spot. elon musk says the upgrade will be available to all teslas built in the last two years. it allows model s drivers to get out of the car and park itself which would be handy in tight parking spaces. christmas came early for many amazon workers. beginning today amazon raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour. starting pay at its warehouses varied across the country but generally several dollars less than $15 cht this increase also includes employees at whole foods which amazon bought last year. amazon has more than 250,000 workers and plans to hire another 100,000 for the holidays.
7:56 am
holidays. our time is now 7:55. caught on video in san jose, what we're finding out about several side shows that affected freeways and city streets. plus, remembering giants legend willie mc covey, the tributes pouring in after he died.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
the bay area loses a sports icon and legend. the tributes pouring in to remember giants baseball hall of famer willie mc cove ri. several side shows reported in and around san jose. this time law enforcement was ready. details, coming up. a worldwide walk out, the reason google employees are walking off the job today. mornings on two continues now. good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on two i'm mike mike miebac h. >> things can change this time of year. mike, good morning. >> steve, good morning. >> nice sunrise photos
8:00 am
including this one. this one from ricky. >> there you go. >> oh my gosh i feel honored, that's a pretty picture. appreciate that. also douger rin. this perfect house painting weather. are you really painting your house doug? it is nice house painting weather. you can get anything done you want. no rain in site. we have a long way to go. looks dry through the 10th, maybe cooler around then. warmer and mostly sunny with higher clouds continuing to spill in. way above average, a gad 10-15 degrees for high temperatures and lows up this morning. an easterly breeze coming right out of the oakland berkley hills so that's going to translate into warm temperatures already. 40s, 50s and 60s for some. cooler maybe on the peninsula. los altos hill, 63. union city 62.
8:01 am
high pressure in the 70s and 80s. 8:00, a lot better today than yesterday. you still have issues there. >> yeah, we still have some slow traffic on the winding from earlier issues. steve, we're going to start with lafayette at 24 westbound driving out to the tunnel. going to see traffic slower than usual by the time you get on the road now, you probably won't see any remnants of an earlier crash we had. right now traffic is recovering. this is 880 in oakland. slow all the way up to the downtown oakland. westbound bay bridge is slow. things are settling down and speeds are low. the only place i would say right now is way slower than usual is 280 out of daly city into san francisco because of an earlier accident and also 101 is slow into san francisco. across the bay, dunbar ton bridge is slower. 880 is slow from 238 to fremont and all the south bay is slow. it's interesting because
8:02 am
everything is slow and there's a little spot here between here that's looking good. where is that spot? right here. in the middle of downtown. northbound 280 looks good. there goes caltrain on time. it's 8:02 let's go back to the desk. today google employees all over the world including some here in the bay area are walking off their jobs to protest how the company handles claims of sexual harassment. the employee walk out is scheduled for 11:10 this morning. it's happening around the world. this is from the walk out in london. people have post #d locations on other google twitter pages. there's offices in dublin as well as berlin and asia. also the offices in singapore and tokyo. the action comes after google paid millions of dollars to male executives who left the company. google says it supports the
8:03 am
workers in the their walk out. this morning we're remembering one of the greatest baseball players of all-time. the giants are planning a public celebration admitted last week with an infection. he had been battling numerous illnesses over the years and confined to a wheelchair. fans are paying tribute to the san francisco giant, allie rasmus live at at&t park where people are sharing their fondest memories. >> yes, we have heard from fans of all ages and from all backgrounds. many of them have been coming here to mc covey cove to stop and take a moment to gaze at the statue. items of tribute behind, at the foot of the statue there's
8:04 am
orange and black flowers and the san francisco baseball cap and a heart shape number 44 at the foot of this statue. this morning quite a few people have come by to talk a picture and stop and reflect on their childhood baseball idol. he had 521 home runs in his career. he played for 19 of his 22 seasons in major league baseball with the giants. he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1986. for 18 years after he retired he served in the senior advisory role for the san francisco giants. even though hasn't played for decades he was part of the giants organization. a lot of fans knew his name as a mentor. one giants fan and former bad boy recalled a brief heartwarming eastbound counter. he says when he approached him to simply talk to a young kid about baseball. another fan told us he will always associate him with fond childhood memories.
8:05 am
photos adorned the wall of the historic san francisco restaurant. he's described as kind, ginnen and humble with a special ability to connect with people. we have certainly seen and heard that from fans we have spoken to this morning who felt that connection with him even though some of them are too
8:06 am
young to see him play baseball. as you mentioned, giants team officials say there will be a public memorial to celebrate his life. details on that expected to be released at a later time. in this video you can see cars whipping around, surrounded by people at 880 around 1:00 in the morning commute.
8:07 am
san jose police put up their helicopter and the pilot reported back to officers on the ground where groups were gathering and drives were maneuvering their cars. there was an accident under 87. the vehicles possibly involved in side show activity. the driver attempted to flee in another vehicle but was stopped and detained by sheriff's deputies. the large law enforcement response to side shows is because they're dangerous. >> you are putting yourself at risk, standing around vehicles what you're doing erratic maneuvers with drivers who are not professionals. we encourage people not to come to the events. it's not worth it. your car could be towed and charge window a misdemeanor. it's not really that worth it. >> chp confirms they made two arrests and impounded two vehicles. san jose police were seen stopping several cars at center road.
8:08 am
even though there was a large law enforcement presence, we talked to san jose police and they made no arrest but they did issue three citations and impounded no cars. in san jose, lee martinez, ktvu fox two news. police are investigating a late night shooting at i community center in south san jose. several teens were at the seven tree center near the basketball and tennis courts at 10:00 last night. they told police a man approached them and fired several shots. three of the teens have been taken to the hospital, all expected to survive. investigators don't have a motive for the shooting and say there are no obvious signs it was gang related.
8:09 am
president trump is drawing another harder line against immigration with the u.s. border and mexico. the number of troops sent there could be 15,000. late yesterday the pentagon said the number could rise to 8,000. a few hundred u.s. troops are already at the texas border providing medical maintenance and housing support to u.s. border patrol and customs agents. a group of central american migrants left el salvador. some are asking mexico for asylum. others say they're just resting still hoping to recooperate from exhaustion, sunstroke and other health issues before they
8:10 am
continue their journey north. a north bay community coming together. in the next half hour, the special halloween event for children in a neighborhood devastated by last year's wildfires. a warning for parents in an east bay community, police say a man is luring children. a lot of slow traffic out there. as a matter of fact, it's still very slow driving into downtown oakland as you drive from san leandro. also a lot of high pressure over us, a few high clouds making for a nice sunrise. temperatures are going up. take a look at those coming up. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off
8:11 am
...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
8:12 am
califit gives you super fastse diaspeeds for all your devices, xfinity xfi. a more powerful way to stay connected. enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
8:13 am
an investigation underway into a suspicious fire. firefighters received a call about a fire. the fire department tells ktvu a historic building and rifle range for heavily damaged a few hours after the initial emergency. first responders still on the scene. several roads blocked off for the investigation. this area is part of the rodeo staple within the golden gate wreck area. crews were hampered by the lack of water to fight the fire. now a warning for parents, police in albany looking for a man who used a dog to lure children to his car. ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains what happens. >> albany police say a man may
8:14 am
have used his dog as bait. his target, unsuspecting children. it happened along key route boulevard on monday morning. two girls saw a grup of people trying to catch a loose dog. then they watched as a man took the dog by the collar before letting it go. >> he was seen releasing a dog and the girls helped tray to capture the dog. >> they then saw the same man again this time in a vehicle he later got in the truck and followed them and asked them to get in the truck. >> the girl said no and he drove away. a few minutes later the same man drove up to the girls a block away and spoke to them again. >> the second incident he said hi girls and that's when they ran. >> they called the parent parents who notified police. officers on the look out for a man driving a full size white truck. it happened in an area filled with schools.
8:15 am
we found a woman and her dog riding nearby. >> i think parents are definite definitely needing to teach their kids. a lot of kids come over to pet her and they would follow her anywhere really. >> dogs are cute and cool and lovable. it's definitely an easy way that predators can use to lure a kid. . we all love animals. >> a girl was eight years old. >> adults don't need help from children. >> she escaped and now runs the foundation targeting child abduction. parents and kids get in the halloween spirit, it's even more important to think twice about seemingly harmless calls for help. >> it's not worth it to put yourself in a potentially harmful situation. always think twice about why this person wants you to help them. >> there's no other similar incidents but anyone who sees anything suspicious should call albany police.
8:16 am
the power of social media, fans of the fantasy novels and franchise lord of the rings got their wish. they wanted the sales force building to light up the eye of sauron. >> very nice. we were in the east bay trying to scoop up all the candy. hope you had a nice halloween. >> yes, sounds like you guys did. yes, san francisco is a city full of in other words is what i saw on twitter last night. a couple of funny tweets about that. let's take a look at what we have now. speaking of san francisco, it's been very tough getting into san francisco because of earlier issues. 280 is getting better. we had an earlier accident.
8:17 am
all very slow getting to the east bay. all the way down into fremont and also eastbound getting out to the dublin, slow traffic there. it's become normal. look at that south bay commute. most of it is slow. a slow traffic commute southbound 280 now as people head down to the san jose state exit. at the bay bridge it's backed up for a traditional commute. just got an alert here from san mateo county fire department. southbound 280 in san mateo, word of a brand new collision heading south of san bruno. all right, it's 8:17 let's bring steve in. >> thank you sir. we're off to a mild start here for many. the higher clouds make for a lot of great sunrise pictures. thank you, patrick. out in redwood shores, good morning. i painted it myself. you forget to fill in number 68. nice job and looks good.
8:18 am
this weather is perfect. see there's always somewhere to enjoy the dry weather. certainly the first 15 days we're not alone though. scandinavia is also in the exact same pattern we are. that means high and dry. others are getting rain but others are locked in with high pressure and we're one of them. upper 70s to here 80 yesterday. san jose and napa in there. 81 and 82. big time high pressure sends everything north way north and then a warm thursday. mostly sunny, sointsz and 80s, average this time of year about 66. we'll be way above that. higher clouds continue to filter down from the northwest. oakland has a north wind. half moon bay has a northeast breeze and there's a puff of southeast for others making for mild conditions already. san jose, 62. brentwood at 60 degrees. berkley, 62.
8:19 am
san rafael at 61 degrees. it's been much warmer for some. there's still some 40s. cooler conditions, ben low ma, 64. the last battle of the bay, the extra security measures in place for tonight's big game. providing housing to the homeless in oakland. what the money will be used for. ♪
8:20 am
♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
investigators are confident it could be the voice recorder. the search for the other recorder continues all 189 people on board the lion air flight are presumed dead oofrments the marriott ceo has turned down a chance to speak with san francisco supervisors
8:23 am
about a month long strike by hotel workers in the city. this accord to go the san francisco examiner. 2500 hotel workers walked out last month saying most of them need to work two jobs to feed and house families. the marriott ceo says the worker's union is more interested in holding a strike. he says employees are well compensated and have good benefits including medical coverage. the union will continue the strike until demands are met. president trump continues to insist he can end the policy of awarding citizenship to anyone born in the united states within an executive order this is not a constitutional amendment. you don't need a constitutional amendment for birth right citizenship. i believe that you can have a simple vote in congress or it's even possible in my opinion this is after meeting with talented legal scholars that you can do it through an executive order.
8:24 am
>> when it comes to birth right citizenship the white house says congress has never passed a law granting citizenship to the people of children in the united states illegally. it says the supreme court has never ruled on the aspect of the 14th amendment. lieutenant governor gavin newsom holds a comfortable lead in the final uc berkley poll of the governor's race before tuesday. 58% say they back the lieutenant governor. 40% say they will vote for republican business men john cox. to the u.s. senate race, incumbent leads with 45% support. the state senator also a democrat has 36%. 19% say they're undecided mostly republicans. your source for election night coverage in the bay area, we'll be on ktvu plus covering the major and local races. join us here on mornings on two on wednesday for overnight developments and updated vote totals. the city of oakland will
8:25 am
begin its safe parking program for people living in cars. it's the newest program to address the homeless crisis. churches have offered their parking lots. the oakland city council approved spending $8.6 million in state funding if homeless services including three more top shed communities t. new sites will be located on city owned land on international boulevard in fruit vail and west oakland and on fifth street near china town. these will be in addition to the three that oakland has opened since the program started last december. the new sites comes from the emergency aid program, oakland one of five cities in california to receive a grant from the program. the mayor thanked the city council for approving the fund. she says once all sites are up,
8:26 am
oakland will have provided social services to 1,000 unsheltered residents within one year, about half the population living outdoors. new information to bring you about that power shut down earlier last month in the north bay. how pg&e and s ponding to criticism surrounding the decision. happening now, a walk out against google. we'll tell you about what's happening across the globe this morning. we're getting some improvement for the morning drive. including in the east contra costa commute. although it's still slow approaching concord. november 1st and rain is on the way. no, warmer temperatures on the way in fact, much warmer here at the coast. bay and inland, well above average.
8:27 am
8:28 am
recently, more than $20 million has been spent in the race for superintendent of public instruction to attack my friend tony thurmond's record. well, i've worked with tony, and no one is more qualified to lead our state's schools. that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers and the california democratic party. because tony will stand up to the donald trump-betsy devos agenda and has always protected our local public schools. join me in voting for tony thurmond. let's put our kids first.
8:29 am
higher clouds over us. beautiful day at devil's slide. the coast was nice and temperatures warmed up. temperatures are 50 and blue skies. dry weather pattern is here for a while.
8:30 am
the jet stream is well to the north. the high pressure in the west is deflecting everything except the higher clouds which continue to filter in. an easterly breeze. very warm temperatures for some. 50s and 60s already. won't take long to start warming up. still, 62 in san jose state. we're all set for an above average day. 8:30 in the morning. >> sal tells us the traffic is slow. >> more typical than the weather. that's for sure. it is typically slow on the east shore freeway, 51-minute drive between the car tee nas bridge and mcarthur maze. that's what november should be like. this is crunch time. up until thanksgiving week you see tough commutes. westbound bay bridge backed up to the maze.
8:31 am
metering lights are on. a lot of people on the road. the southbound commute is mostly slow. here's a look at 280 southbound. traffic is slow getting down to the san jose state exits. 8:31 back to the desk. google employees on the east coast are taking part in a walk out to protest how their company handles claims of sexual harassment. you see they photos people have posted. live outside google dmroe balance headquarters hoar in mountain view. >> good morning, it's just another regular work day now here on the west coast as employees are arriving here at google headquarters. in two and a half hours the sidewalks outside are going to
8:32 am
be crowded with people as google employees are following suit what they have been doing all around the world walking off the job. a new york times article detailed how some executives accused of sexual harassment left the company with tens and millions of dollars. many employees decided to participate in the walk out. looking at video from the work stoppage, similar pictures of a similar scene from dublin, berlin, singapore and tokyo. the company ceo released a statement reiding. -- -- reading. we're staying on scene and
8:33 am
joining you at noon to show you what the scene will look like. we're on social media putting up impages when the walk out starts, scheduled for 11:10 this morning here at google's worldwide headquarters. whack to you in oakland. here's a look at some of the other top stories we're following for you. tributes pouring in for giants legendary first basemen willie mc covey. he died yesterday after ongoing health issues. san jose and chp join forces to break upside shows. there were several locations where people gathered to watch drivers go through dangerous maneuvers. two people were arrested and two cars impouned.
8:34 am
three an jose teenagers are recovering from gunshot wounds outside the seven trees community center when a man approached them and shot them. all three are expected to survive. police say they do not have a motive for the shooting but they do not believe the attack was gang related. we now know the names of two people who died following a multivehicle crash on 880 in hayward with lanes of traffic closed into the morning commute yesterday. the victims are identified as 46-year old richard lambo. it happened in the northbound lanes of 280. a tour bus was going 65 miles per hour when it came upon stop and go traffic. they crashed into a lexus rodriguez was driving. . an indiana pick up driver facing three counts of reckless homicide after hitting and killing three young children crossing a street to get to their school bus.
8:35 am
the children who died were six year old twin brothers and their nine year old sister. an 11-year old hospitalized with serious injuries from the crash. pg&e is responding to criticism about shutting off power. the utility made the decision out of concern for safety. given the high winds it could have damaged its equipment and sparked the fire. 60,000 customers experienced outages between october 14 sxth 17th. the report pointed out there were no fires as a result of damaged equipment. many people argued they did not receive adequate warning about the outages. halloween was a special gather for one family.
8:36 am
deborah has the story. >> it was as scary and sweet as any halloween night. but on wheels. car trucks decorated and laiden with candy so coffee park kids mostly relocated could prowl their old streets. >> they're all over sonoma county. >> organizers saying during rebuilding everyone feels split. >> people keep asking me are you going home? i'm going to my rental. this is home. >> by next halloween they expect to be back in their familiar hoodz. >> it's a once in a lifetime thing. >> we're renting out in bod ega bay right now. we don't really a neighborhood. not all is lost, there's still community and people here last
8:37 am
halloween many people say is a blur. the fire three weeks before, survivors in shock barely comp plate thanksgiving first steps overwhelmed by disaster. >> everybody was wuking us into the community now 32 families are in homes with another 150 moving in by february the williams family has been back a month. candy ready in case anyone knocks. the outside of their new house showing halloween spirit but they admit it's a spooky neighborhood, too quiet at night. >> you forget there was a wildfire in our neighborhood but when morning comes and you open the blinds, it's really sad. >> life will always be before the fire and after the fire. never be the same. >> that's the essence of moving forward. blending the present with the past. >> we would run out of candy, there would be hundreds of kids. >> halloween payday, raising $2
8:38 am
here with a new home, will come new memories. >> it's still reflective of tradition. but we have to also go with new things because nothing is the same. >> deborah evacuee loan, fox kt ktvu news oofrnlt the state tracked down fugitives in the halloween round up called operation boom. 110 sex offender parolees were arrested. this is the 25th year of the operation. members of the california department of corrections check on them to make sure they follow the law and stay away from children who are trick or treating on halloween. new information in the cases against monsanto. the grounds keeper battling cancer will not appeal. 0. >> reporter: are you ready for football? i hope so, the raiders and 49ers in prime time on a thursday night. outside lee sooi stadium, got a
8:39 am
preview of the game, coming up next. still pretty crowded coming up to the mcarthur maze. take a look. you can see it's slow from the pay gates here. looks like something could be blocking traffic on the ramp. we'll get to the bottom f it, coming up. we have something blocking our rain called high pressure. not going anywhere any time soon. above average temperatures. here is the weather. temperatures above nor l mal. proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
8:40 am
8:41 am
california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
8:42 am
proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. good morning, the niners and readiers would have a come biebed record up to 13 come november 1st but here we go tonight, they're prime time and of course the final time the
8:43 am
two bay area teams would go toe to toe because we all know the raiders are moving on. despite the record, this should be an entertaining game. derek carr captured his mojo. three touchdowns in the game. nineer quarterback likely out because of a hand injury. so we should see second year quarterback nick mullins out of southern miss. had a pretty good preseason. security tonight, very tight. the last time the two teams met in the preseason was back in 2011. i was at the game. it was nuts. a number of fights broke out in the stands. two people actually got shot. so heavy police presence tonight including undercover cops inside the stadium and surveillance cameras pointed directly at the fans. . >> i can zoom in and see the back of every seat in the facility. i can see everybody coming to the gates and when they're leaving.
8:44 am
cameras in the parking lots and body cameras on strategic personnel. >> to make sure faces can be seen, no masks are allowed in the stadium tonight including silver and black. my favorite baseball card
8:45 am
came out in 1967, 1 of tops most popular cards ever called fence busters featuring the two willies there and how good this team could have been with five hall of famer in the 60s. if it weren't for the dodgers and mickey mantle and the yankees this team would have won more world series and an anchor on the team will be missed. we are talking football tonight. kick off set 5:20. you can see the game here on ktvu. that's the latest in the south bay. let's help you get out the door. hung over from candy. a lot of us working on less sleep than usual. >> that's right. if you want candy, come out to the newsroom. >> i don't. >> good morning, everyone. this is a look at the mcarthur maze. i promised you a look. whatever was obstructing the traffic there has been removed
8:46 am
with a noninjury accident moved a while ago but left some slow traffic. taking 60, that's one hour 60 minutes to get to this spot. another 15-20 before you get to san francisco. you can see for yourself that mcarthur maze is cleared up. 880 northbound not a bad commute here. but it's still slow on the san mateo bridge all the way across and these south bay commutes are very slow. all of them now getting up to sunny vail and coupertino. the worst is 85 between 280 and mountain view. always slow like this. 8:46 let's bring steve in. >> you're too kind, thank you sal. i appreciate that. let's get to it here. november 1st, really warm temperatures. jake is up in roanoker park.
8:47 am
november also very warm. nothing we haven't seen before. high pressure seems to love california. warmer mostly sunny, 70s and 80s to mid 80s as well except for higher clouds which help with the sunrise photos. there is say southeast breeze or northeast breeze coming in off the oakland hills into the santa clara valley equalling a mild to warm pattern. not in record setting territory yet. 50s and 60s in san rafael and berkley. both 62 this morning which is much warmer than others and livermore going through the roof. san jose at 62. that's 14 degrees warmer than yesterday. so is san jose.
8:48 am
livermore 20 degrees warmer. napa airport plus six. 48 and 49 from ukiah to sacramento and up and over she goes, high pressure continues to park itself right here. upper 70s to low mid 60s. doesn't matter if it's north, east or south. everyone is above average. tomorrow does look cooler. not a lot but we shave off 3-5 degrees and ramp it up into a fabulous weekend. warm weather and dry conditions oorjts getting more children to think about becoming computer engineers. the new program being offered by am sn. -- -- amazon. here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing,
8:49 am
expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. four years ago, we rejected marshall tuck and his billionaire backers for superintendent of public instruction. but they're back. the corporate billionaires and their handpicked candidate, former wall street banker marshall tuck. tuck's billionaires have spent over $25 million distorting tony thurmond's outstanding record on education. all because they know tuck shares their agenda: diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools. the same agenda as trump and betsy devos.
8:50 am
protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
8:51 am
so a very rough month, a lot of volatility for technology. october was the worst month in ten years. the nasdaq dropped 9.2%, the sharpest decline since the 10.8- drop in november 2008. the biggest tech stocks. this morning tech stocks recovered losses after president trump tweeted that trade talks with china are going well and they
8:52 am
could get a boost from apple as well when it reports quarterly earnings. checking in on the numbers, holding steady at this level in the last hour. the dow jones up 214 points. a live look at that time big board this morning. up more than three quarters of a percent. same for the nasdaq, the nasdaq up one full percentage point to 7385. a bay area grounds keeper with cancer will not appeal a court decision to renew damages against monsanto. a jury decided in august the weed killer caused cancer in dwayne johnson. a judge reduced it to 87 million $87 million -- -- $78 million. his doctor testified he has three years left to live. mon tanto is facing 8,000 similar lawsuits across the country.
8:53 am
apple is considering buying a stake in the largest radio group in the country according to the financial time, apple and i heart media have been holding talks about boosting its stream streaming services. . amazon wants to encourage more young people to become computer engineers. the online retailer is launch ag program that aims to teach computer coding to 10 million children each year. amazon will pay for summer camp and teacher training and other initiatives that will benefit low income children and young adults who don't otherwise have the opportunity. the holidays are here. tomorrow at starbucks they launch the holiday drink and a reusable red cup. >> hear we go. >> i saw it in walgreens
8:54 am
yesterday getting last minute halloween things and already christmas items were popping up. >> they want to get the money soon. >> thank you, pam. cannabis recreational -- -- canada's recreational marijuana movement off to a rough start. the government run shops were closed from monday to wednesday because there was no marijuana to sell. ontario's online store cancelled orders and british columbia has one legal retail outlet. the canadian government has added 300 people to more quickly process licenses for producers to increase supply. still to come, minding your manners on twitter. the new study that says the extra kashs are causing people to be poll lite in tweets and comments. new information in the case of the ghost ship warehouse fire with the landlord of the build building claiming now. i am a family man.
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the lawsuitest woman coming forward says harvey weinstein assaulted her when she was 16 years old at the time.
8:58 am
she says he sunlted her to years of harassment and emotional abuse weinstein's attorney calls the claim preposterous. accord to go a report in the east bay times, court documents say the landlord and her children say the election lied about willing a licensed contractor. he broke his lease by renting the space for people to live in because it was zoned for commercial use only. they head to trial next year. bart will permanently close an entrance at 8th and market in san francisco. it makes access to bart harder for guests at the hotel and for several theaters in the mid ashth arts district. .
8:59 am
the spillway at the oroville dam is expected to be in full working order in winter nearly two years after it was damaged. the catastrophic release of water, thousands fled their home in butte county after 1.1 $1.1 billion in repair, the damage operational again. the agency plans to ask the federal emergency management agency to pay 75% of the repair costs. golden state warriors have the day off today with the timber wolves but last night they beat anthony davis and the new orleans pelicans. draymond green had 16 points and 14 rebounds but stephen curry led the warriors with 37 points. 0 several nba players had halloween spirit yesterday.
9:00 am
mcgee dressed up as the grinch. lebron james was jason from the friday the 13th series. remembering a legend, we hear from fans and friends and talk with long time sports columnist chuck about the death of san francisco giants first basemen willie mc covey. we're live with jerry rice in his appearance in search of greatness. we'll get his take on tonight's game. plus, the alameda international film festival is kicking off this weekend. the planned tribute to actor robin williams and director alfred hitch


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