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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 1, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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create conversations. >> they will truly be missed. >> willie mccovey will continue to inspire young baseball players. >> the 49ers and raiders fans are looking forward to tonight matchup. >> it is a battle in the bay. you have the 49ers and you have the raiders. we don't like each other. >> we are gearing up for one last battle. the oakland raiders will move to las vegas but first they will face off against the 49ers tonight. the game will be right here. just about one hour from kickoff but fans have been getting ready for tonight's primetime matchup all afternoon.
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we are outside of levi stadium right now. good afternoon. it is a very fun atmosphere here outside of levi stadium. >> it is going to be a good game. >> the rivalry is in full swing. >> the 49ers and the raiders, the greatest but we have to these. >> the battle started in 1970 and ends tonight. >> i don't know. >> we don't need anymore first round draft picks. >> we don't need it so we have to win tonight. >> i have 16 seats in the stadium. i have been to three superballs. my first one was joe montana. the ticket was $40.
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now they are more expensive. i am he 49ers fans. >> they are increasing their staffing. >> we have taken extra precautions for everyone. we have taken precautions for everyone. >> the next time these two teams meet the raiders will be in vegas. that is why fans want them to win tonight. >> let's go back to la. >> we have lived through this and now they're going to las vegas and that will change everything. i will never wear anything that says las vegas raiders. >> right now we have a substitute. we have a third string quarterback. if we win, then you guys are really bad. >> as we were saying earlier, it is a lot of smokes -- smoke
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and mirrors out there. it is jammed packed with people tailgating. we spoke to a lot of fans and the raiders are hoping to win. they are hoping to keep their bragging rights. we will see what happens. >> the fans are very excited. >> thank you so much. >> you can see in the live shot, it is going to be a beautiful night. these are live edges of the stadium where the showdown will take place. let's turn things over to our meteorologist. >> it is going to be nice up there. temperatures are close to 80
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degrees. we do have lots of sunshine. today was one of the warmest days of the week. and we will have a great afternoon. here is the overall forecast. it will be very warm at kickoff. we do have some clouds moving into portions of the area. but we do have a lot of sunshine. let's look at the numbers. santa rosa is at 87 degrees. san francisco 77 degrees. in the south bay viewing area temperatures were in the low 80s. it will be a very warm football game. we will have mostly clear skies and temperatures will be in the mid-70s. it may even get up to 78 degrees. that is perfect weather for the game. as we take this into tomorrow morning, we do have some areas
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of law that making a comeback. this will translate to a cooler forecast on friday. we will still be in the upper 70s. friday will be nice. san francisco will be 70 degrees here down towards san jose it will be in the upper 70s. here is a quick look at the five day forecast. we will have some minor changes with partly cloudy skies. this evening we are looking at great weather. coming up, we will head back down to levi stadium. we will get reports from the field for tonight matchup. >> now we go to the south bay work three teenagers are recovering after they were shot at a community center.
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this happened earlier in the evening. we do have new information that was just released. police released a release of the victims who were shot at a local community center. at this point no one is been arrested. >> the halloween decorations are nothing compared to the fright in this neighborhood. >> it was loud. >> after handing out candy earlier, she was inside of her kitchen when she heard five gunshot. >> i came outside and ran down the street. i saw people laying on the ground. i was upset. >> at the community center, you can see the crime scene tape. the police a three teenagers and a larger group were shot around 10:30 pm on halloween
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night. the victims include a 14-year- old girl and boy in a 15-year- old boy. >> the suspect walked up to the group and some words were exchanged. then he shot at them. >> the center was closed at the time. the shooting came two hours after 700 kids attended an event here. >> it was festive and everyone was having a good time. >> one man said the kids were part of a group of team that regularly hangs out there. >> it is sad that the kids were shot. >> gunshots are common in this neighborhood. she said she has seen it worsen within the last few years. >> i walked to 711 and i saw shells on the ground. it is scary. thank you.
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many employees walked off of the job today at google. >> >> in san francisco many workers walk out. one of 40 google offices to part in today's protests. they held a rally. they talked about their own experiences of sexual harassment. organizers say they put this together after a report that an executive received a $90 million payoff. >> i have seen people get hurt and have their careers destroyed because of this. so as a result, we need a way to let them know time is up. >> more than 500 people will walk out at their headquarters. organizers say they want google
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to improve reporting harassment. google said, we are taking all of this feedback so we can turn these ideas into action. >> one day after willie mccovey died, his legacy off of the field is being remembered. a company spent a lot of time raising money for the junior giants. the junior giants is a free baseball program serving boys and girls in california, nevada and oregon. in addition to playing ball, they also learned about leadership, bullying and prevention. >> junior giants was everything to him. it reminded him of when he was young. kids love to play baseball.
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he did a lot for the kids. >> he died yesterday at stanford hospital. he was 80 years old. plans for a memorial are still pending. we will have more on his legacy coming up later. the last time in the nfl, the game they used to call the battle of the bay. the 49ers versus the raiders. we will have a full report coming up. we will be right back.
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a lot of excitement and we are one hour away from thursday night football. >> both teams are struggling and they are struggling a lot. >> they are coming into tonight's game with one game each. you know the nfl were hoping for a much better season. >> i said the battle of the bay. we have been calling it the battle of the basement. one win for each team. on paper it looked like a great matchup. if you know anything about me, i the ultimate front runner. the 49ers when i will where the red tie if the 49ers don't when i where the silver type for the raiders. >> i am a former season ticket
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holder and i have done the postgame shows since 1994. people don't believe me when i say i truly pull for both of them. >> just wait until the game is over. >> everybody has a bad year. >> is just bad with the bad year is in the same year. >> i was calling it a 50% game. i was glad to see the report. >> the fans are into it. >> despite two wins between them, they are going forward. >> the fact that this only happens every 4 years and will never happen again. >> so the 49ers do have a quarterback situation. joe is standing by down at levi stadium. he has the latest information for us. scott is down there too. guys, when you have.
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reporter: i have a feeling you will be picking a team who has the highest score. you are right, the health of the quarterback has been a big issue for the 49ers ever since jimmy garoppolo went down. then the backup got hurt on sunday. so the talk has been who will start for the 49ers. it will be net and that was announced one hour ago. nick mullins started on the practice squad. he played well in the preseason. he will get his first nfl start. he has gone from practice squad, two backup to getting eight chance to start tonight on national television. here is what he had to say. >> ever since i've been here i
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prepare like i am going to start. i have to focus and prepare. your comfort level gets a little higher. the quicker you can visualize the plays the better you will be. so i have to do that. >> here's what's a little curious about the whole thing. you have to ask yourself, if he is healthy enough to be the backup, why wouldn't he be the starter. maybe the 49ers want to see what he has. tom savage who was signed a couple of weeks ago was released today. so it will be mullins one way or another. i should say nick mullins will get his starting position today.
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i think even as we pass it over to scott to talk about the raiders, even the fact that we are talking about the third string quarterbacks is not good for the team. >> i think that is a fair assessment. the raiders don't have that problem. derek carr will be the starter. since 2002, these teams have met once every four seasons. this game is a big deal and very. when the schedule was released, expectations were that this would be an important game. we have since had to change those expectations. >> the raiders versus the 49ers got two up-and-coming teams with exciting young quarterbacks battling for bragging rights. that was the script, but instead of the day after halloween treat, the bay area and the nation got tricked
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badly. >> i wish the game had to better teams playing. >> as it stands, the teams have a combined record of 2-13, not only is that bad it is historically bad. in 700 games played on or after november 1, never have two teams had a worst average. >> i know it means a lot to the fans. >> well, i will probably watch with it in the background. >> what are you playing. >> how about pride, >> just to get that last laugh in. at the very least, they could have a potential draft pick next season. still as disgruntled as fans
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may be over the state of their franchises got most of them just can't stay away. >> i have to watch because both teams are playing. >> i think that echoes a lot of the fans sentiment. the vibe inside of the stadium is terrific. it is probably 50-50. outside was great too. and around these parts, this is a big deal. >> >> this is going to be a good game. it will be the last time the la raiders and the san francisco 49ers played. we spoke to a guy earlier and gets what was god jerry rice.
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he played in a lot of important matchup spirit what about a game where the teams have this kind of a record. >> you have one team one might six and the other team is 1-7. we still have a game to play. it is a battle no matter what. we don't like each other. it has never been that way. i remember a monday night game and i broke jim brown's record. it was against the raiders. i am expecting both of these teams to come out and play hard for the big three. >> >> i have done so many close games and he is the guy. he is one of the greatest players of all time but he does have a lot of humility. >> let me ask you about the rivalry, a lot of people say this is a rivalry. do you think this is actually a
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rivalry. >> i know one thing, it is a rivalry with the fans, that is for sure. >> i think the players get into it. at least that is what they will say publicly. have you ever seen them after the game. the two teams always shake hands. they are very professional. there is a brotherhood without question. as far as them really hating each other, i don't think so. >> we will also have michael stringham will we come back. that is coming up in just a bit.
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he has a record in football and now at a retirement he is a great rock esther. i am talking about michael stringham. i asked him earlier about how do you put lipstick on a matchup like this and make it exciting. >> i think you always have people who are interested in football no matter what. you have two teams who have one wind between them, you definitely have to find interesting storylines.
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this offense is putting up good rushing yards. the biggest difference is, the turnover difference. they turned the ball over so much it is hard to win. >> what about the other way. let's find a silver and black lining to what is going on with the oakland raiders. you have to figure they should've stayed in the booth here >> i tell you what, it is comfortable talking about it. i think with the raiders, everyone is waiting to see what the master plan is. when you trade khalil mack, and you see a success, you know he is a marquee player. when you trade cooper, it makes you wonder what the master plan
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is for the raiders. this is a team that they are trying to put a mark on. it won't be something you will see this year. this team is a few years away from making any type of a mark. this team will be in vegas phone. when you go to a different stadium in a new city, you need to have a good team. right now the raiders are struggling. >> eight couple of quick questions, we just found out that cj is out for the game. he heard his game on sunday. is this going to be a good game? >> very rarely do you have to go down to the third quarterback but he is the guy who broke a lot of brett favre records in college.
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he can definitely play and they love him. they like him enough to have them on the roster. tonight will be the first time where we can see what he can do. >> who is going to rule that i. >> i think with the young quarterback in the way things have been going, i think i will go with derek carr in the raiders. i want to go with the veterans. >> that was a nice interview. >> if his prediction holds true. we will see. >> the game begins right after the break. >> the san francisco car uncles opposes this because it will reduce quality. you could save energy
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. >> when i came to the organization i felt it right away, there was a standard here. the way that you carried yourself. >> there isn't anything like it. you put on the silver and black. the intimidation. the raider nation. >> when i think about the 49ers, i think about winning. >> the thing was when the ball was snapped we were just as violent as any team in the nfl. >> there was a mystique to them. whatever it takes i am going to do to win. >> you think of undisciplined guys. but when it comes to playing the game, they played at the


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