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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 2, 2018 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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his home state of new hampshire. frank will join us later this morning to explore the deeper reason for the trip. today at 9:00, the final weekend before election day. we're talking live with the senior political writer about the biggest races in the bay area and beyond. the final battle of the bay is a blow out. we look at the action on and off the field. the director of the documentary 5b joins us with the story at how nurses at san francisco general stepped in to help people dying from a mysterious illness we now know was aids. people are saying hey, don' let the door hit you on the way to las vegas. have you watched the game? >> 34-43. >> i watched probably 80%. good game.
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>> he played well of course the raiders defense did not so it's kind of hard to see how good he is really but it was good for the kids. 22 years old, something like that. >> a text from brett favr. he wears number four because the former quarterback both went to the same clenl, southern miss and then he got a phone call, pretty cool. >> quarterback controversial. >> yeah, i think so. i'm talking about jimmy gfrjts. >> we have a good show. i have popcorn ready for both of your interviews we have an election coming up soon. we're in the final stretch before election day on tuesday. early voting undan the june primaries. turn out seems to been on track with the 2016 election. election officials predict a voter turn out of about 70%. at the top of everyone's ballot, the race for california governor. the two top candidates are each
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on bus tours today trying to shore up final votes over the weekend. alice sa herring ton live here with the closer look. >> election day is tuesday and candidates and volunteers with different campaigns are making this final push. i don't know about you but i've been getting texts on my phones from volunteers with the different campaigns asking for my vote. the lieutenant governor surprised trick or treaters on halloween. he greeted voters and kids in sacramento dressed up as batman. his opponent john cox just kicked off bus tours and they're traveling throughout the state to earn more votes. they are both in southern california today. cox mrams politicians and interest groups for maybing california too expensive. new many is focus on education and standing up to president trump. both candidates spoke earlier this week and tackled the problems of homelessness.
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>> i think aristotle was right, you can't live a good life in an unjust society. there's injustice when you're stepping over people on the street and sidewalks. 24 percent of the nation's homeless in the state of california. >> i'm focused on getting people a house they can afford. rent they can afford. gasoline they can afford. people in this state are struggling. they want a debate about how they're going to live an affordable life. >> the most recent poll puts democrat gavin new sm ahead of john cox. the lawsuitest numbers were just released wednesday. new sm has 58% of voter support. also spend new sm has spent mil there's a lot of stake, democrats need to win 23 additional seats to take control of the house and two additional seats to take control of the senate. s to ma stops in 8 state ts ahead of midterms. g me now in the
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a number of topics we want to hit. taxing big business in san francisco, money generated goes to the homeless programs out there. where do you see this going on tuesday? >> we don't know. this is going to be a great marker for where san francisco is. how much is the city changing? is it willing to tax the wealthiest corporations to help its biggest problem? everybody says san francisco is changing. we'll see if there's a tech block of voters to vote against this. >> when it comes to statewide, prop 16 the gas tax repeal. governor brown will be there at 10:00. what do you think? there's a lot of money in this. >> yes, i think this is overturn supposed to put up money to help with this. it was supposed to turn out republican voters and it's not doing the job it was supposed to do so i think it's going down. >> we saga vin new sm there in
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his batman costume. i know he's a dad in good spirit but all it takes is a screen shot. >> that's a bad meme waiting to happen. new sm said the thing yous do for a vote. he's up 18 points, he doesn't need to dress as batman. >> cox is predicting a surprise on election day. is he going to get it? >> the surprise is that it might be less than ten points. he's not going to win this. very unlikely he's going to win this. he just doesn't have the name recognition here and grass roots support and doesn't have the money in his campaign. >> new sm will be down in southern california in these final days campaigning for other candidates. we heard alyssa talk about the seats that need to be flipped. orange county seems to be a hot spot. that's a topic across the country nationally. >> there are four congressional seats that could be flipped. they're republican held now. the democrats have been at this
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for more than a year. i was down there a year ago it all depends on who turns out but they have done a lot to get people to turn out. there's tons of volunteer energy from the los angeles area just like from here going to central valley. >> have you seen that number increase? ? >> here's what our prediction is. of the 7 house seats that the democrats are targeting throughout california, the over and under are two that will be flipped. one definitely in orange county and maybe another in orange county and maybe one in the central valley. >> you talk about the voter turn outs. california known for the midterm blues, not getting that many people to the polls. high numbers in contra costa county. >> i don't know, they're thinking about 56 or so% which would be incredible but still,
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you're leaving more than 40% of the voters on the sidelines compared to 24% a year ago or the last midterm, it's an improvement on that. still pathetic. nationally, florida. there's a lot of tension not just on the governor's race but the senate race between bill nelson and rick scott. you say also georgia is a big one. >> georgia is a more significant race. that's the race where america could see its first ever african american woman as a governor anywhere in the 200 plus history. oprah is campaigning. i don't know how much that's worth but it definitely shedz a bigger spotlight on the race. stacey abrams is the democrat there. brian kemp is the sitting secretary of state. the interesting thing there is if there's voter problems. the secretary of state would be in charge of his campaign so that's weird. >> the vice president was also there campaigning for the republican candidate.
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when it comes to the biggest issue people are taking with them to the polls, do you think it's immigration? seems like president trump is putting his chips in. the caravan and the invasion. the soldiers helping out border patrol agents or is it something else? >> that's what he's hoping it will be. he spent the last several days fear mongering and using false statements. to be honest, he's been very successful at it. the republicans looking very poor. they look like this is going to be a blue wave and a lot closer. he's been a one man get out the vote machine for the republican party and he's made these races closer by appealing to these very base intinths in the voters. i think it's very close. pelosi said of the top 60 races nationwide, it would be decided around 20,000 votes in total. some might not be 500 or 1,000
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votes. so it's not over tuesday. it might be over sunday or the next tuesday or a couple weeks later. we'll be back here for weeks. >> senior political writer for the san francisco chronicle, always a good time. thank you. look forward to next week. back to you gasia mikaelian. we have been asking you throughout mornings on two, what's the biggest issue encouraging you to vote in the midterms on tuesday. 69% of you say it's the balance of power in congress. 10% say it's an initiative measure. 13% say it's a county or city leadership. >> frank is live in jacqueline square this morning asking people what they think. >> all right, sal good morning. it's our civic duty to get out and vote come tuesday morning, election day. but sadly a lot of folks do not. however, we talked to people
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here not only in oakland but alameda and they are not only registered but highly motivated to hit the polls. >> what's motivating me to stop the donald trump madness. >> yeah. >> that's pretty much it. >> you want change. >> i want change. . >> plain and simple. >> yes, i want some honesty and reasonable discourse. >> do you think america finally feels that one vote does make a difference? >> i think a lot of people still don't. frankly turn out is still low, especially among younger people so i hope that changes. >> i think we're so divisive now so everybody is so hateful and so just at each other's throats. i want to see more balance. . >> well, it seems californians are very motivated to get out and vote. eigh that's 19 million out of 25 million.
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the big question now is those registered actually going to the polls come tuesday morning? coming up in the next half hour at 9:30 you're meeting a guy by the name of matty greg who is going to quit his job on election day and run over 5,000 mile as cross the country meeting people along the way because he's about to jump into politics. quite a story and journey, you're meeting him coming up shortly. until then, i'm frank malicoat back to you. we're coving major races up until election night. it starts tuesday night do join us on wednesday for mornings on two as we have your overnight developments and bring you updated results. the president dfdz his choice of words. why his decision to use certain terms is necessary in this political climate. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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the dow jones down 130. the nasdaq is down 1%. looks like the jobs report that came in were up by the way by 250,000. has not moved the market yet anyway. . president trump plans to sign an executive order next week to crack down on migrants crossing the southern border and restrict the president has ordered soldiers to help board patrol agents to deal with the possible arrival of central american migrants hundreds of miles away in mexico. an immigrants right group is suing president trump and the department of homeland security on behalf of the migrants who want to seek asylum in the united states. the organization filing the lawsuit says the president is violating federal law by not allowing the migrants to apply for asylum in the u.s.
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from democrats to the news media, president trump has been accused of fanning the flames with his rhetoric on hot button issues such as immigration. in an interview with the hbo program, the president defended his choice of words to get across his message. >> if you're saying enemy of the people you're right. >> god forbid that somebody has supporter. they love you and listen to you. >> and more because of that. >> it was my only form of fighting back. i couldn't be here if i did that. >> you won. >> but i did this before i won. >> president trump tells axios he feels no responsibility for how americans respond to his words and action. he fee the supporters into a frenzy by pounding into the press. a group of san francisco supervisors meeting in 45 s the country. several thousands employees
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walked off their jobs at seven marriott properties. the corporation ceo turned down an invitation from the supervisors to speak at today's hearing. local leaders urging both sides to sit down and resolve the dispute which threatening the multibillion dollar tourism industry. organizers of the google walk outs say there may be more demonstrations if google doesn't change how it handles sexual harassment in the workplace. they left their desks and gathered in a quad there on campus. the global protests was partly a response to accusations that google executives left the company with packages worth ten million dollars. >> i have seen friends get hurt and have their career destroyed >> employees want the company to end pay inequality between men and women as well and have
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a clear sproes for reporting complaints and in cases of harassment and discrimination, google is examining the con truck tive idea of workers. workers at google offices across the world took part in that walk out yesterday. this was the scene in manhattan. similar demonstrations in boulder, colorado, austin texas and washington. workers also walked out of offices in asia, europe as well as london. new this morning, i want to share a tweet with you from president trump using his twitter page to promote the fact that the white house has imposed sanctions on iran. here's the image the president tweeted. it says sanctions are coming november 5th. looks like a movie poster. they cover iran, shipping and energy sectors taking effect on monday. this is the second batch of penalties imposed since president trump with temporarily importing iranian oil.
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here at home pg&e is defending the decision to shut off power to 60,000 customers in the north bay earlier last month during a three day period from october 14th through the 17th. now it will not reimburse claims. pg&e says there was 146 requests mostly to replace food spoiled. it made the decision out a concern for safety because high winds could have damaged its equipment and sparked a fire according to the sacramento bee, its working on improvements for the next time it sdidz to shut off power. the company will try to notify customers sooner and keep them better updated on possible restoration times. this is the weekend to change your clocks as we fall back one hour. daylight saving time comes to an end sunday at 2:00 a.m. thatmeans we will get an extra hour of sleep. it will get darker earlier in the evening. good thing for us. californians changing their ce
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on tuesday california voters will decide if we should have daylight savings time this year round by voting on proposition seven. the supporters say changing the clocks causes lost sleep and productivity. critics say changing daylight saving time would be confusing and a waste of taxpayer money. if it passes it would require the approval of congress. coming up, the early days of the aids crisis here in the bay area saw a group of nurses in san francisco ban together and do what has never been done before in this country. film maker, next.
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this sunday the documentary film five bee will have its world premier at san francisco's castro theater. it tells the story of nurses who back in 1983 cared for those who were suffering and dying from what we now know was the aids virus. >> we record their death here. through the end of 1983, 24
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patients. so then in 1984, 117 patients. >> the story of the first medical unit in the country exclusively designated to treat those dying of aids ab tells the compassion and care given to those faced with a mystery oakland film maker joins me now to talk about your film, thank you for being here. >> you grew up in the bay area and you were very young at the start of the aids crisis. what drew you back? >> the nurses themselves drew me back to the story. we're talking about a group of people who in the early days of the crisis when the source of the disease was still unknown and the consequences of contracting it was death, ran towards the danger when everyone was running away. they were so driven by mission. not save lives because they knew that wasn't possible but simply to provide care for
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people who were spending their last days and weeks in the hospital and to put themselves at risk to do that was an inspiring story i felt drawn towards. >> one of the nurses said in the films he had nightmares he would contract a mystery illness and bring it home to his children. did they know they were making a big personal act feis or only now do they realize what they did in their relative youth? >> they were so driven to do something and contribute to these -- these were nurses that providers but activists and people who are upset about what they were seeing in hospitals about the ways that aids patients were being treated or not. that sense of mission and outrage i think supercreeded any personal considerations for their own health. >> there's been thankfully huge medical leaps in the treatment for those with hiv and aids. back in the early days you're
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talking about a group of nurses who touched their patients, bathed their patients -- something as simple as hand lotion could make the difference between a good and bad day for these men who had very few days left. >> that was part of the story that moved me the most. this act -- the idea human touch could be an active radicalism and these nurses understood the power of media even in the early days and anme were conscious about touching patients with d holding them and demonstrating to people outside of the hospital and bay area that it was okay to touch people with aids. that was transcending their role as healthcare providers and made them leaders in aids care. >> back in 1983 not everyone had a phone that took video of everything. how did you find this incredible footage?
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>> i have to give credit to our research team that did a tremendous job coming through the basements of news stations like this one and finding tapes that hadn't hasn't been touched for three decades and in some cases we had to restore tapes by baking in them and not sure how they restored it back to condition but we were able to it was very imperative from my point of view that we had to ha millimeter film shot to place viewers inside the halls of san francisco general during that time to make an immersive first person experience. >> nurses also had a political message back then but they weren't holding campaign signs or rallying. tell me about the work they did. >> the message was that human compassion is the most courageous human valley of all. these were nurses again who
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didn't have any illusions about the difficulty of the disease that they were facing. these were not nurses trying to safe lives. they were providing human compassion at a time when there was a great deal of bigotry and bias against this community of people. these nurses were not gay protecting their own -- they were straight nurses, gay, white, black, female and male. these were people whose own backgrounds didn't have any bearing on their mission to help people and provide care. >> i've seen your film and it's incredible. it fills in the holes and questions i had as a youngster growing up in the bay area knowing something was going on but we didn't realize it until decades later. congratulations. the film is 5b. more information to get to sunday's screening at the castro theater in san francisco, you'll fand information on how to do that
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in the mornings on 2 tab on also on the mobile app. congratulations and thank you. coming up next here on mornings on two, no jimmy, no cj no problem. more on nick mullins historic night and the 49ers big 33-43 win. one bay area man is quitting a skwlob to make a california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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four years ago, we rejected marshall tuck and his billionaire backers for superintendent of public instruction. but they're back. the corporate billionaires and their handpicked candidate, former wall street banker marshall tuck. tuck's billionaires have spent over $25 million distorting tony thurmond's outstanding record on education. all because they know tuck shares their agenda: diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools. the same agenda as trump and betsy devos. protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck. you may just listen to this in the morning. the ships coming and going.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 on a friday. what about that weather? let's go to steve. >> that's interesting the span is about 500 feet above water. that fog must be 450. >> something like that. that picture there, very cool looking. thank you, we do have some fog. not a lot there. it's kind f working its way parallel down towards monterey. yes, it's true we're 87 degrees yesterday. not today you won't be. thursday in gilroy was a hot day on november 1st, 90 degrees. that was the only official record. mostly sunny and warm temperatures and a few high clouds coming in later and there's patchy fog. no rain expected, maybe the 11th or 12th there's hints of that. higher clouds inching closer will be here early afternoon. we're still on the mild side. the ridge of high pressure getting dented a little bit as
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a system moving into the pacific northwest. tonight we'll see the wind pick up. there's a fire weather watch. gusts north and east bay hills could up to 50 miles per hour. 60s here and we're rebounding running cooler. livermore is nine degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. fairfield is seven degrees. that's the system bringing some rain in the pacific northwest. not here, that will knock down higher clouds later. 60s and 70s cooler coast and bay through the influence of fog. inland temperatures still above average. don't forget to set your clocks back. we fall back sunday morning. one hour. the 49ers may have a new starting back for their next game against the new york giants. >> the last play of practice a week before the season started, here's the touchdown. what a start for nick mullins.
9:32 am
>> the play action there, third string quarterback replaced that injured cj beth unphased by his prime time debut. he had the best stated by a quarterback making his nfl debut since 1970. he tossed for 1600 yards. george had more than 100 yards including the nice one handed 72-yard catch and set up a five yard touchdown. unblooeable grab. m jury. the raiders sent to the bench in the fourth completing 16 passes before leaving the game. it's just the second win of the season but the 49ers very fired up after the guam. the team shared this video from the locker room. >> when we won against the cowboys, we came in the locker room and said it's preseason, why we play the game. 0. >> number four, the center of circle.
9:33 am
nick mullins now 1-0 as a starter. scott reece has more post game reaction from levi stadium. >> the battle of the bay wasn't much of a battle thanks in large part to nick pull lynns who made the whole starting quarterback thing look easy throwing 262 yards and 3 touchdowns in his first nfl game. >> i'm here for a reason and it's my opportunity to prove i can play. the biggest thing is attack your job and worry about what matters and what mattered most tonight was the team and how we played. we had seen them in the preseason do what he did. so see him go out there and duplicate that in such a big stage. it's impressive. >> i'm proud of the guy. he worked hard and i saw him out, he worked hard every single day. i knew he would come out here and perform well. . >> mullins will presumably have another chance to shine in prime time a week from monday when the niners play the new york giants. the raiders meanwhile clearly
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not ready for prime time, still john gruden saying after the game he plans to build a championship team. he did not say how long that might take. 0. the 49ers have a weekend to saver the blow out victory, the game may likely be the final battle of the bay as the oakland raiders prepare to move to las vegas. allie rasmus reports from levi stadium. >> some of the buzz about what happened on the field before kick off has to do with this take a look, showing a 49ers cheerleader neiling during the national anthem. during last night's game at levi stadium we believe this is the first tomb we have seen a procheerleader doing this as a major league sporting event. the rest of the cheerleaders were standing and the cheer lead cheerleader's back is turned. we're waiting to find out more about her.
9:35 am
we don't know how long she's been with the team or whether anyone on staff knew ahead of time she would make this statement. we talked to bay area residents this morning to get their thoughts on it. >> it's wonderful. unfortunate what happened with colin kaepernick. so you have that choice to protest. >> she's an american citizen and she has that right. freedom of speech if she wants to do that. >> she's on the job and representing a company like the 49ers. there might be repercussions. >> we asked representatives for clarification, what is the company's policy when it comes to people who aren't football we're still waiting to hea took a knee during the national anthem. in santa clara, allie rasmus, tk vu fox two news. there was another issue last night in the game. happened in the stands. a heavy police presence
9:36 am
couldn't prevent fan fights from breaking out. some fistfights recorded on cell phones and posted on social media. santa clara police arrested the man throwing punches in this incident. otherses were made largely due to public intoxication. >> there were 21 arrests made yesterday at levi. something tweeted me, that's more points than the raiders >> too many fights though. 21, there's been more. anyway, for some of the headlines we have been working on, hello dave. here's some of the top stories we're following. new details just coming into the last hour about that male bombing case in florida -- -- mail bombing case. a federal judge agreed to transfer the suspect to new york to be prosecuted. his lawyers will also be able to ask a new york judge if he can be released. he's accused of sending 15 mail bombs to prominent democrats and critics of president trump.
9:37 am
some of the packages were sent to the new york area and the clintons as well as actor robert deniro. new documents in the case show fbi agents recovered information on his laptop computer that he started his plan to send the xanls all the way back in july. in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the final funl ral wilof the 11 the 97 year old will be laid to rest, the oldest of the 11 victims killed at the tree of life synagogue. funerals for other victims have been held. new details in oakland this morning about a three year old boy shot in his family's home in the east oakland area. the child's father was charged with felony child abuse.
9:38 am
being an ex-felon in possession of a gun and criminal firearm storage, the complaint says he tooldz police that a gun was hidden on top of an entertainment center that his three year old son must have climbed up, grabbed the gun and shot himself in the stomach. the child is in critical condition at oakland children's hospital. that's a look at some of the top stories we're working on. dave, thank you. election day is four days away and while it will be a busy weekend for the candidates, it's going to be an anxious few days for one santa clara man. >> he will quit his job at apple and begin his own journey into politics and kicking off with a cross country run. >> lye this morning with details on this tour of america, frank good morning. >> good morning, mike. i know it's mind numbing when you think about it but imagine quitting a perfectly good job
9:39 am
with apple and running 5,000 miles across the country. his name is matty greg, his destination new hampshire because that's where he grew up. his ultimate goal is simple. he wants to meet america and bring about positive change. . >> long distance runni lonely sport at santa clara's matty greg is running a long way you're crazy, that's what i always get. >> the 40 year old apple engineer leighing his job of 13 years on election day in cupertino and embark on a 5,000 mile run across america. 275 days on his feet. a 22 mile a day trek taking him through 25 states as he tours much of the southern u.s. with his final stop in his home state of new hampshire in july of 2019. me. and you know, i just turned 40
9:40 am
and i figure that it's something completely out of the norm, something different. >> it's different all right but not for greg who has run over 40 ultra marathons and pounded out nearly 4,000 road miles with running meats like firefighter rick hutchinson. the difference, it park marks the beginning of his new political career. his goal is to meet the u.s. voters head on and find out why our country is so divided. >> it seems look we don't lead anymore as a nation with kindness. i would like to see us take a step back, assume positive intent more and start from that premise. >> that's really interesting. >> the wisdom he gleams from town to town will energize him along the way and ultimately mold his platform when he runs for office in new hampshire where he hopes to create poz tuf change. >> i think it's very important for me to meet people in remote towns and in america in general.
9:41 am
i think that they're going to make a difference in my life as much i hope to someday make a difference in theirs. >> greg has hirs ri behind him. his second cousin the former governor, senator and cong we hope to raise one million dollars. >> that money will go to the firefighters cancer support network. a nonprofit that provides care and cancer prevention training for firefighters nationwide. >> we know that being in the our lives but it's something that we want to do. you know, kind of like what matty is doing, helping that's our way of helping as well. . >> good morning. >> he's hoping his kindness is contagious as he begins his trek to meet america, all five thourngs miles of it.
9:42 am
>> that is a long way. we have some numbers to back that up as mentioned. about 23 miles a day, his pace on his miles anywhere from 10- 12 minutes per mile. if you're wondering how many strides that is, that's 34,000 strides a day. if he makes it to new hampshire i'm betting he will, that's 11 million and 825,000 strides and its sneakers that's about 20 pairs he should wear out and it all kicks off on election day on tuesday. >> that's a long haul. i'm curious because of the distance is he getting help g t this solo? >> yeah, he's a tough mutter shg kwat a connection. over 300 people dotted all over america that are helping him with logistics in terms of food and lodging. there's a winnebago following him also so he can take breaks. he will be blogging at matty and hopes to write a
9:43 am
book called democracy two before he runs for office. pretty ambitious. i imagine he's going to enjoy the weekend. come tuesday the next nine months will be tough. >> matty greg, great story, appreciate your time, thank you. coming up, from football to ufc to comedy, up next we speak live with brendan shaw about his impressive resume.
9:44 am
here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c
9:45 am
will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein. an internal memo going out to each police officer in san jose. officers will be issued stun bags that can be fired at
9:46 am
suspects in amounts of nonlethal device. >> it's a big rubber bullet basically and it offers to be able to take someone who is violent or assaulted into custody and again, it doesn't work all the time but we're trying to give our officers every option possible to send a message to the community that we truly are tabing -- -- taking life seriously. >> police officers have options including a standard firearm. in the meantime the department will have its own ice cream truck to pass out treats to people as a way to reach out to the community and bridge relations between officers and the communities they serve. we are hearing from more san francisco giant players about their fond memories of willie mc covey. brandon crawford tweeted out.
9:47 am
a memorial at the statue is growing near at&t ball park. the team set up a flower reef. he helped raise millions of dollars for the jr. giants a free program serving 24,000 boys and girls in nevada and oregon. children learn about baseball fundamentals and leadership and the importance of education and preventing bullying. . he played clenl football and moved on to the nfl and entered the world of ufc. now he's an analyst for spike tv and has two pod cast. thisee performing in san francisco at cobb comedy club, thank you for being here. what a resume that is. >> not bad. kind of need to pick a lane. >> a lot of people always say you have to pick something to be good at it but if you have a lot of interest, you can do everything.
9:48 am
>> i don't know if you can do it well comedy is my kind of main passion and get ready to shoot ag special in january for show time. right now comedy is may calling. >> i'm going to bring up colin kaepernick. king out of football. punishing hits. did that enter your mind to get away from football? >> we're coming out hot. yeah, that's a great question. >> the show is hot. i like this. it's early let's do this. so for me, i was always terrified to fight. i was scared to fight. i was good at it butter fied and comedy is what i wantd to do suns i was a kid. robin williams and adam sand ler those are my heroes. that was a passion of mine. getting punched in the face isn't the funnest. >> it might lead to ct or
9:49 am
shorten your life span getting beat up playing football and ufc. if you can use this to make people laugh, why not? >> agree, my life is much better. it's improved. i don't get punch in the face anymore. my biggest concern is writing jokes and selling tickets. >> your previous experience as a ufc fighter, do you bring that in anyway to >> man the work eth uk. the amount of training and reps it took to become a professional athlete. you're talking about apples and oranges here. >> right. >> comedy is so challenging. much more difficult than anything i've ever done. >> also it appears to be something that you could do for a long time. we see this video of you taking a brutal waeting in some of these or inflicting one. >> i don't know who that guy is. i don't know who that savage is. these animals. i don't know.
9:50 am
>> do you miss going back -- do you miss being on the football field or fighting? >> i miss the team and being in the locker room and around the guys. i was always the class clown in the locker room. i miss that but i get that in comedy. have my group of guys in la. . >> did you ever make guys in the locker room less tense by telling a couple jokes? maybe that brought the aggression down in the locker room but those guys were much better at football while i was busy making everyone laugh and worrying about the plays, it worked out both ways. >> is this the final lane you're dpog to be in, the comedy and maybe that can sometimes lead to tv shows or films. >> yeah, i have a tv show on bravo coming out and comedy is my passion. that's the driver. i do pod casts on the side but
9:51 am
comedy is my career. >> there's been a lot of other athletes coming out after playing football who have been become actors and famous or they get into the booth. you do analyst stuff? >> not too much. some but not really. there are some. i don't think any of that comedy has gone on to be successful. >> you would be the first. >> yeah, thanks for joining us. you have one of the most unusual resumes but i like it because it you can do a lot of things. >> yeah, stressing my parents out but yeah. >> what is it like if you don't stress your parents out? we put more fo brandon's shows on you can also find it on our mobile app. thanks, brendan. >> thank you sir. >> back with mornings on two on this beautiful friday, after this.
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he signed a deal with a business owns marijuana farms known as the growers series and will be available at several dispensaries across the state. the products will be packaged in a tin shaped look a bottle. in the past few months big name drink makers have jumped in on the cannabis industry including a winery in napa and lagos brewing company in petaluma. so it goes. >> what a change we're seeing. thank you so much for joining us. our news coverage continues on ktv have a great friday. >> happy friday. thanks for joining us.
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