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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 5, 2018 9:00am-9:58am PST

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farmers. the population reaches a certain point. today at 9:00, it's the final push for election day. we are taking a look at the latest polls plus what candidates across the country are doing as the clock ticks down. it's a case that's been raising questions for more than 45 years. the renewed push to solve the oldest missing person's case in the city. professional dancers react to the decision to finally market brown ballet shoes and tights for the first time ever. it's smond, look at this beautiful picture. we're so lucky to live in the bay area. the richmond district of san this is noa welcome to mornings on two. 0.
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>> i voted over the weekend by the way. >> good. >> i'm going to go tomorrow to the polls. i usually take my children. >> i love to do it that way. we mail it in. what if something comes up tomorrow? >> 35 senate seats at stake. all the house seats up for grabs. we'll have a new governor here in california. >> there's something we're going to talk about on today's show that sara is covering for us. do you want to change daylight saving time? kaep it all year? >> we just went through it. it's funny they're asking this after we just asked an -- -- after we just got an extra hour of sleep. lieutenant governor gavin new sm is making a final appearing with pamela harris and governor brown at the chapel on valencia at 7:00 tonight. over the weekend the senator
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campaigned along side new sm at churches in the area. a ryan newman poll shows newsome leading by 20% points over cox. he's supported by 58 of likely voters. wlap. dianne feinstein was
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she leads day leon 43% to 27%. based on record breaking registration numbers, it's clear many californians are fired up about tomorrow's midterm election. we checked on early voting underway throughout the bay area. >> the countdown is on to election day. california voter registration has hit an all-time high ahead of the midterms. >> when our doors opened, there was no line of people who wanted to come in. >> we have over 886,000 registered voters in santa clara county the highest number we have ever had. >> the spokes person says they expect voter turn out to be between 60% and 70 percent. in alameda, voters dropped off ballots in oakland the line was rel tufly short. >> he took part in early voting because he had trouble reading the ballot and needed help. >> they were dong a good job of helping people. my first time coming here to
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vote and help me do what i needed to do to vote. >> my wife and i voted at the santa clara library yesterday. >> the keng men held his monthly town hall meeting in sun gnu vail. he's been serving the silicon p >> people are seeing housing prices go through the roof and their pay isn't keeping up. >> i asked him why he thinks people are so invested in this election. >> donald trump. i think he's polarized people. there's a sense we need to restore decency and checks and balances. >> in san jose, alice sa herring ton, ktvu news. we turned back the clocks this past weekend and tomorrow it's up to the voters to decide if we should continue daylight saving time. >> proposition seven will
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determine if the biannual time change will be a thing of the past. advocates say changing the clocks increases our use of electricity and gas. those against it say a year round daylight saving time means mornings would be dark for an extra hour and kids are at ri k when walking to school. it will put california's time out of sync with other states. to enact prop seven voters must repeal the existing 1949 law that established daylight saving time and then the legislature would have to approve changes to the time zone with a two-thirds vote. finally it's up to congress to sign off on the change. florida knows this process all too well. in march the state adopted a year round daylight saving time but the shift can't take effect unless congress changes federal law. there's only two states that don't recognize daylight saving
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time -- hawaii and arizona although the navajo nation does follow it. . the chp says the time change may disrupt sleeping patterns which could affect your driving. they launched the campaign to encourage drivers to get enough sleep before hitting the road. right here in the bay area starting at 7:00, we're on tkvu covering the local and national races and join us the following morning for developments and updated results. more now on breaking news we have been following throughout mornings on two, sheriff deputies are sej fger a sun men in san rafael who shot tlae people killing one of them at a detox center early this morning. ktvu has been all morning long getting the latest information for us. >> yes, there are three victims and marin county sheriff deputies say the initial call
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came in that the victims were staff members. however, they have not been able to con if you remember the identities of the victims just yet. one of the victims did die on the scene. we have the command center posted at the top of the hill on smith ranch road still searching for the gunmen. after 1:30 this morning, there was a report that three people were shot at the helen detox center on smith ranch road. one male victim died at the scene. the other, a man and woman were taken to marin general hospital. no word on their conditions this morning. the sheriff detective as well as navoto police aroufed at the scene but the gunmen has not been found. >> when deputies aroifed they searched the scene and the area. they were unable to locate the suspect. the suspec the immediate area is secure and the area no one is in danger currently inhe
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immediate area. >> while san rafael isn't immune to e a low homicide rate. over the summer they had their first homicide since 2011 on july 24th police responded to a murder suicide on penny royal lane in sara linda. the victims were an elderly married couple. the scene here is still under investigation and marin county sheriff's deputy say they are still searching for this gunmen. in san rafael, lee martinez, ktvu news. now to the east bay, we're learning more about a man shot and killed over the weekend by sheriff's deputies in danville. neighbors say he acted strange but never seen him do anything violent. on saturday morning someone reported him acting suspicious. the sheriff deputies say they tried to talk with him but he took off in his car and led them ob a chase ta ended at a busy intersection. a deputy fearing he would be
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run over fired his own gun killing him. >> that's the last thing i want for him to happen. i would have preferred for him to get some help and everything be okay. >> the deputy who fired his gun has minor injuries. in its first year police agencies brought in 220 people to the sobering center who stayed an average of about six hours. coming up on mornings on two, the longest missing person's case in hayward. up next, why investigators now think the crime scene might have been staged to look like a kidnapping.
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four years ago, we rejected marshall tuck and his billionaire backers for superintendent of public instruction. but they're back. the corporate billionaires and their handpicked candidate, former wall street banker marshall tuck. tuck's billionaires have spent over $25 million distorting tony thurmond's outstanding record on education. all because they know tuck shares their agenda: diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools. the same agenda as trump and betsy devos. protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck. protect our public schools. here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny
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goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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welcome back. we're looking at the dow jones industrial up half a%. the nasdaq is down one full point and st snp is down 500. stocks are mixed ahead of the midterm election. sausalito police cracking down on boats that have been floating in the bay for weeks. dropping an anchor in the bay for free instead of paying for a place to dock. of the come paints come from the people who live np richardson bay marina. rm. boats anchored out in the middle of richardson bay. a beautiful day to be out in the water.
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those anchored out boats to as many as two # 0 out on the water. under city law they're not supposed to hang out for more than 72 hours at a time but some have been here for weeks and moss. over the weekend dozens of those can cored out boats were tagged by police with orange warning stickers letting the owner know they would be removed soon. it's an issue sausalito has debated with for years. tlir just taking them to the yard and chopping them up. then where are those people going to g they'll gripe about them on the streets. and it's just a bizarre cycle i think. lot of trash and pile it on
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their boats. i can be a fire hazard and the stuff can actually fall off the boats and become a marine hazard. >> earlier this summer sausalito police told ktvu there were as many as 180 boats anchored out. that number has swelled the 250. we have reached out to police this morning to find out what they're time line might be for removing the boats. houp of them got orange warning stickers, we're still waiting to hear back. recent wildfires and storms in the 2014 earthquake might end up costing napa county up to millions of dollars. the state reimbursements are expected to cover much of the repairs. but the county is occurring bills every day. they have spent nearly 40 $40 million on earthquake repairs, clean ups and emergency work
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and 3.5 million on bills related to the wildfire. the longest missing person's case in hayward. the victim was only 19 in college when she disappeared more than 45 years ago. >> investigators say they believe someone staged the crime scene to make it look like a kidnapping. >> henry lee has the story in this morning's fox two unsolved. >> she was six months out of high school, just starting college and about to start a new job. the 19-year old had saved up enough money to buy boots so they phoned her friend sandy to go shopping with her on the night of january 18th, 1971. >> we went to mer vins and got the boats and she dropped me off at 9:30 before she left se said i'm going to wash the car. >> it was a blue 1969 ford maverick like this one. with the signature long hood,
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fast back roof and short deck. the car in question belonged to her ex-boyfriend. >> i know they dated for a while and she really liked him. >> christine drove back to her house in a middle class neighborhood in may ward and told her family she planned to stop by a car wash before picking up her ex-boyfriend at the jack in the box. >> she never showed up. her ex-boy frebd called her family asking if they knew where she was. concerned family went to look for her. what they found was the blue maverick still wet at charlie's car wash on mission boulevard in hayward. >> it was parked by the vacuum cleaners, her purse and score f on the front seat. the car was locked. >> papers are inside the car were on the ground as if there had been a struggle but where was christy? >> the time has come for a new partnership between the federal government. >> january 1971, nixon was president and reagan was governor.
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it was a different era. victoria cordova, christy's sister was foot loose and fancy free taking off in their buses. >> when christy disappeared the police department thought she had taken off but shwastart a nn she graduated six months earlier from sunset high where she was a song girl, active in school plays and popular on campus. >> very sweet, just gentle spirit. very kind. >> christy didn't hang out with the long crowd and doesn't do drugs. long time friend judy feared christy by herself at the car wash could have been vulnerable to someone with bad intentions. >> i always felt like she was a sitting duck. so strikingly pretty. >> simone flor resident was
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homecoming king to christy's king. >> it's possible she could have been seen as an attractive target . >> to me it looked like it was stage. >> dave took the call as a young police officer. he's now retired saying this case has bothered him. somebody may have tried to make it look like christy was kidnapped the papers on the ground looked like it was for dramatic appeal. >> turns out there was some drama at the time she disappeared. she wanted to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. >> he sounded like he was ready to move on and she wasn't. >> perhaps the reason why. >> i learned later she might have been pregnant. >> very possibly she could have maybe said i'm pregnant or something, you have to be with me and things got out of hand that way. >> we would love to get closure on this case. >> captain jason martinez overseas investigations and was
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quick to tell us about the ex- boyfriend. >> we eliminated him as a suspect. there's a variety of different theories behind the case. nothing substantial we can actually pinpoint and say this is what i think happened. >> christy's mom died never knowing what happened to her daughter. her last moments possible here where the car wash stood. friends and loved ones are still wondering what happened to christy and why. >> i don't know. i have gone over a trillion scenarios in the last 47 years. >> after 47 years victoria hopes somebody out there has the answers. >> please come forward. we just need to put this to rest. it's such a burden for so many years. . >> in hayward, henley lee, ktvu fox two news. one woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence following two separate crashes that killed
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seven people in the bay. investigators say a white subaru driven by 33-year old megan campbell hit a motorcycle and took off. the investigators say she crashed head on into a car on highway four. five people in that car suffered major injuries and the motorcycle rider was also hurt. campbell suffered minor injuries. an amber alert for two south bay children in foster care remains in effect. san jose police say the 33-year old was having a supervised visit with her children on friday. the children vanish when had the child protective service worker took the 11-year old to the restroom. police say they're looking for the woman headed to colorado springs in the vehicle on your screen. atup a minute ago, if have seen her or know where the
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car is, please call 911. coming up, more than a dozen employees at one you had id one idaho school placed on administrative leave. the costume they wore that the superintendent is calling tasteless and a bad judgment call. california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, rsed gradua.
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that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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president trump ramping up his crack down on illegal immigration. he's sent more than 5,000 troops to the board in response to a caravan making its way through mexico. the president is reviving his promise to stop sending humanitarian aid to countries failing to control migrants. hundreds of millions of dollars which will by the way be stopping very soon.
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they don't do a thing. they don't do a thing for us. >> the president's tone has become too inflammatory says critics as he shifts the political focus back to immigration. the white house pushing back claiming it's all about national security. >> the ultimate goal is to protect the borders and american citizens. that's the number one job of the president of united states and one this president actually takes seriously. >> but the migrants still on the move and they say they won't be deterred by the president's tough talk. they're heading slowly to mexico city, possibly the last stop on the way to the u.s. border. it's a long walk more than 180 miles but most say they're determined to continue and make a better life in the u.s.. >> i'm happy because we're advancing and we, all the migrants are closer to our dream. it's our goal to the go to the u.s. to improve the future of our children tfrjts interior ministry says 3,000 migrants have applied for asylum there
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but the president is urging his mexican counter part to do more. . a school superintendent in idaho is apologizing after elementary schoolteachers dressed up as mexicans and a border wall for hal wane. photos posted on facebook show one group of elementary schoolteachers decembered up as stereotypes of mexicans. and the other group is dressed as wall segments plastered with "make america great again." the teachers were placed on paid administrative leave. the superintendent believes the result of poor judgment and not ma ligs intent. they called th
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grave violation of human rights. more than 100 other celebrities have also signed the petition. coming up on mornings on two the nine, the perfect reason to buy an extra dozen doughnuts. why people in one california community are rallying around a baker and buying him out every single day. it's the final push for election day. up next, live to washington d.c. where some big names are trying to get out and vote for candidates.
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big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, nancy pelosi & dianne feinstein vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you. i would think november weather would be rain and cloudy. this looks like a spring day. steve will tell us more. >> i think you just said it. >> nice and sunny.
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>> you covered it. lee ann says happy monday. i guess i won't be wearing my new cute rain bats soon. what about a warm coat? when will the temps drop? when it's 75 in the city, put the cute boots out and go out the send a positive message to the unverse. no cold air expected. a dry warm pattern taking us into the 15th maybe out the the 21st. high pressure parked on the west coast. once it does that, it's hard to break down. we have seen that out to the 15th and maybe beyond that. they could be looking for their lake effect snow and snow in the northeast by this weekend. a lot of cold air plunging south. the northern rockies and plains generating good rain. high pressure giving us lots of
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sunshine, already mid 60s, upper 60s for some. another day where most temperatures are about one degree cooler or 3-4 degrees warmer. santa rosa is plus nine. so they're not messing around up there. speaking of there, there's rain in seattle and portland. you can deal with rain, cooler temperatures and cloud cover but not for us. high pressure equals sunny and warm. it's severe clear for many. in fact, temperatures tomorrow look to be almost the same if not a bit warmer for some.
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he smuggled more than 200 tons of cocaine in the u.s. he's suspected of being involved in several murders chls he escaped from mexican prisons more than once. he was last kaup chured in 2016 and extradited to new york last year to face drug conspiracy charges here in the u.s. the opening statements could begin as early as next week. the trump administration is now reimposed all sanks on iran. the sanctions cover iran's shipping, financial and energy sectors and they target more than 700 entities thchlt a
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second round of penalties imposed since president trump pulled out of the deal in may. the trump administration wants to reduce iran's oil exports to 0. here at home lowe's plans to close 51 stores in the united states and canada. that includes two bay area stores. one in south san francisco and in san jose on new haul drive. lowe's says the storms are underperforming. some stores will close immediately but all of the named stores will close by february 1st. that's just a look at some of the top stories we're working on. tech analysts says is appears facebook and other social media platforms have made progress against online misinformation. after the interference by russians in the 2016 election, tech companies have spent millions of dollars on fighting fake news and propaganda. still a oxford university looked at stories shared on twitter during the last ten days of
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september and found what it called junk news accounted for a quarter of all links shared during the time. this past weekend's early voting indication you might expect a lot of company when you head off to the polls. here's a long line of people waiting in the heat. 0 several said they were termin they're concerned about several issues and candidates being decided. democrats are hoping to win back control of the house. republicans hoping to remain in power in tomorrow's election. the big names from both parties who are campaigning across the country. >> mike, good morning. president trump has three rallies today and president obama has a stop in virginia after a busy weekend of his own. it goes to show these dueling presidents are putting
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everything on the line to keep their party in power after tomorrow. >> two parties, dozens of stops yet none of these men are on the ballot but they're working hard for the party's power in the house, senate and governor's mansion. >> it will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity we have achieved for our nation or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress. >> when you vote, you can be a check on bad behavior. when you vote, you can choose hope over fear. >> breaking it down, democrats need 23 seats to gain a majority in the house. history is on the democrat's side. the president's party has lost on average 25 seats in midterm elections since worlics also ha seats without an incumbent due to retirements or candidates running for another office. >> we're fighting everywhere and we have spread republicans
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thin and put them on defense. >> the senate laedz towards republicans. the gop is defending nine seats compared to 26 for democrats. in addition, democrats have ten seats in states president trump won in 2016. >> if people are voting on policy and things like the economy, i think we're in a great position moving forward. >> behind the scenes, both parties are spending big bucks. the center for responsive politics projects this could be the most expensive midterm elections ever with candidates parties and packs spending 5.2 $5.2 billion. mike? ? >> ray, thank you. >> here we are in the final hours of california's governor's race and john cox and gavin newsom are running nonstop to final up votes. pam, you're back here to give us their take on biggest issues facing bay area voters.
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>> yes, they are on opposite sides of many of the big issues and highly critical of each other. one top k they can agree on, something needs to be done about the dmv. >> the dmv really impacts everybody because we all have to get this new real idea driver's license. i'm envisioning these and talking to people who are waiting eight hours. we're using 30-year old computer systems. don't you find that funny that california, the home of the personal computer and the technology rev lugs has a dmv that's using 30-year old equipment? >> only 20% of the transactions the reason. the solution is leadership, getting a tech savvy director. >> the two candidates do not agree on money. >> california spends twice what texas does to build a mile of road. there's a lot of waste. we're spending three time what
9:37 am
is nevada spends on each of our prisoners in the prison. last year california spent 6 $6 billion in overtime for its state employees. there's a lot of things that could be tightened up in this budget. >> of course there's ways but not $50 billion of discretionary money in waste. what he's offering, let's put it in perspective. let's deal with facts. $5 billion, 52. billion he would have to reduce the size of the i imagine heou mthat. might have to eliminate one half of all elementary school teachers to find $5 billion. >> a top priority for john cox is repealing the gas tax. >> when gasoline is $4 a gallon and $2.50 in arizona, people look at those things and of course that cost of gasoline is in the price of a restaurant meal, a dozen eggs. >> gavin newsom wantings to
9:38 am
implement universal preschool one of the top predictors whether or not you will end up in the criminal justice system is how many words you speak in kindergarten. you want to get serious about lowering costs and achievement gap for african americans and latinos and income, you want to start at the beginning. >> you you have been in the public eye. why do you want to be governor? thanksgiving issues of ignorance and poverty and disease. i still believe i'm still an idealist and as well a pragmatist in terms of how we approach things. i think we can solve the homeless crisis and we can address the affordability crisis and turn the education system around. >> why does john cox want to be governor? >> i'm dedicated to making sure opportunities exist for everybody in the state and to do that we need to make sure we
9:39 am
have water, cut regulations and cut the tax burden, the gas tax. a regressive tax that's hurting the middle class. these are the substantial things that i'm talking about and that i've put my time and money behind. >> john cox and gavin newsom only agreed to one debate on the radio during the work day so a lot of people missed it'd but we have expanded versions on so you can look through that. a lot of contentious things to say about the issues against each other so it's been a big one. >> in that latest poll we saw, it seems the lieutenant governor is expanding his lead. >> right, he has. i'm wondering if some of that has to do with some of the personal attacks that seem to be happening. i think a lot of voters get burned out on personal atks. they want to hear about the issues.
9:40 am
>> i think lieutenant governor will be in los angeles tomorrow and cox will be at home in san diego. >> yeah and if he should win, he's going to be another bay area mayor who became governor. so if gavin newsom wins we have another bay area. >> certainly relying on that. but people say this has worked well so far. >> at least in this region. >> yes. >> so thank you pam. good to hear from them directly. we will have your complete coverage of election night starting at 7:00 tomorrow night. then stay with us for mornings on two the next day as we bring you the latest overnight developments and up to the minute results. coming up on mornings on two the nine, establishing change in the ballet. the shoe company that is hoping to make a difference and encourage a new generation of dancers by introducing new shoe colors.
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the movie made $50 million in its debut following queen of course and the band's lead singer freddie mercury. the nutcracker finished second with 20 million, a disappointing ing opening when it costs 120 $120 million to make. . downtown san jose getting
9:44 am
new trendy apartment building offering a lot of luxury amenities and below market rent. room with at least a dozen three blocks from the caltrain station on bass set street accord to go the mercury news, 800 units. it's amenities include cleaning service, laundry and dog walks. rooms are expected to rent for 800 to $2,500. the developer has similar smaller buildings in san francisco. the one in san jose expected to open in 2021. here's another option for people who like to shop on amazon. the company is opening its third four star location in berkley. the stores on 4th street near the intersection of delaware. the store is stocked with items that earn a four or five star amazon review. kitchen items and toys in there. the prices also change throughout the day as prices
9:45 am
fluctuate on the website t. store will also feature a most wished for and trending around berkley section. customers can test out a number of electronics chls doors open at 10:00 this morning. amazon is looking to boost holiday sales and add new prime members. its offering free shipping on holiday oerds to everyone. existing prime members get another perk. eligible for same day delivery for no extra cost. smartphones can cost a pretty penny but you know how you they can cost you even more after you already paid for it. at any given moment you'll find people glued to their smartphones and likely you're just as guilty. a new study finds over the course of your lifetime your affair with your device could end up costing $300,000. >> wow. >> it's not that important to me. >> i think it's a necessary evil.
9:46 am
>> this number is a little bit misleading. >> seth is our tech expert and is calling foul. >> if you took the actual figure and they turned it into real dollars meaning well, let's take away inflation from it and then let's say what could this money have done if instead of using it on your phone you put it into to stock market. he says it's more like 12 thousand dollars. >> that's still a lot. that's like insane. >> seems kand of low to me. >> you need a phone. you're not going to save yourself living without a phone and put that into an index fund. >> there are some things you can do to cut down costs like let's talk about these apps for example. >> i pay for spotify 10 dollars a month. >> a lot of people get nickelled and dimed and dollared through these micro transactions. we should pay attention to how much money we're spending not just on the phone but the data.
9:47 am
the biggest thing people waste money on is plans when it comes to data that cost more than they should. i refuse to upgrade. >> we could talk a page out of jenny book but become an expert at recess tating our phones. tonight the warriors host the 5 and 3 memphis grizzlies, the nba champs looking to continue their hot start this season. the warriors won nine of their first ten. they last played friday night when they beat the timber wolves. for the first time since 2012 the oakland a's award winner. the third basemen was the every day starter for the first full season at that position. he had 20 errors this season at 30 and 24 home runs and batted 278.
9:48 am
he's the first a's third basemen to win a gold glove. his partner matt olsen one has first. we're excited to highlight the athletic abilities of children under the age of 18. this week meet 14 year old noah cut ler from myrtle beach, south carolina. she's first getting attention for ball handing skills similar to what we see in the warm up routine. out two years ago to meet stephen curry and go to a game. now it's his shot getting attention. people keep telling him he's too small to play but that has not stopped him. he's in 8th grade averaging 22 points a game being recognized
9:49 am
on social media and on the court. tack a look at his skills. it's ridiculous anybody would discourage a child. i don't care you're not the number one athlete on the team, if you love it do it i coached boys about his age at the ymc a. he's phenomenal. >> what is this shortest player they have had in the nba? it's tentatively possible he could. >> i >> all right, that's random. submit your video, a brief description of your young athlete in your life on the ktvu twitter page. we'll be right back.
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click on the contest link. if he's accepted from now to 1:00 this afternoon, don't miss out on your chance to win. these are the mugs we're talking about. if you're the big winner also take a picture with that mug. these are two sided. take that photo and send it to us, we'll pop it on air. virtual school as good
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getting more and more popular. some parents say it's changed the way their children learn but some are questioning how effective it really is. it works like public school classrooms but everything is online. the teachers teach via westbound cam and classmates communicate through chat rooms. there's homework. supporters say it's another avenue for learning and gives students and parents more choices when it comes to education. >> they provide a tremendous opportunity for something better for kids but we're not living up to the potential of these schools. >> it's actually easier to learn in home school. because you have the teachers to help you and you can ask more questions and they have more time for you to separate from the other kids. >> according to the national education policy center in 2016 almost 300,000 students were enrolled in virtual schools nationwide. a doughnut shop in orange
9:54 am
county is selling out every day and not just because they are good but for a good cause. doughnut city owner john chance wife is recovering from an aneurysm. he wanted to spend more time with her so customers stepped up to help by spreading the word asking for people to buy a dozen doughnuts at the time. the goal is to sell out the shop early every day so john can spend more time with his wife. the customers say it's nice to see everyone coming together. >> this is like something that will warm your heart. it's unfortunate what happened to his wife. i really believe that something >> she can't talk, write, right now she's studying to try to start something. >> his wife is in rehab and working on regaining her strength. because of his customers he's able to return to her side every day when the doughnut supply runs out.
9:55 am
a ballet company shoes are being made in a different shade. some dancers say this chapg is a long time coming. 0. >> nearly 200 years after the invex of point shoe, the dance wear is becoming more diverse. >> not knocking tradition and everything like that but times are changing and we need to see people who look like us and in doing that we need brown tights and brown shoes. >> britain's oldest manufacture of point shoes is not only selling the traditional pink slipper. in october they introduced brown and bronze for dancers of color. until this point dancers had to use make-up or paint to match their skin tone but the process takes a long time, about 45 minutes to an hour per pair and can get expensive because the shoes life span is just 4-12 hours of dance on average. >> i think it's amazing especially because times are
9:56 am
changing and there's so many different colors out there and ballet should be acceptable to everyone. >> as for why it may have taken so long to introduce the new colors, some dancers point to the tradition of pink tights and pink shoes and the desire to get away from that and on a larger scale, the need for increased diversity in the industry. point shoes originally were white to a dancer would appear ghost like but shifted to pink sto blend with legs. every shade is not represented, the hope is more options will come with time. for now, this dancer says the new fabric colors make her feel lucky. >> it's just magical. it's pleasing to watch and it makes me just happy and makes me want to do better in ballet. >> in new york, ann ker rig, fox news. join us tomorrow right here on the nine. the u.s. golf trophy around since 1885 will be here in studio. the tournament is at pebble
9:57 am
beach in june. you can watch that here on ktvu fox two. the trophy and the director live in studio. >> i'm all about it. >> of course tomorrow is the election. so we'll be with you. >> oh that. >> don't forget to vote. see you back here at noon for more news of the day.
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