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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 6, 2018 9:00am-9:59am PST

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she's setting up foundation to help him in need, naming it after her grandson who died one day after he was born. the other ticket is in new york city and that person has not come forward. we're live across the bay area as votes are cast. >> and we'll talk with a political writer about some of the biggest races on your ballot. pebble beach is getting ready to show host the pga and the coveted championship trophy. we're rocking the boats today. i know tomorrow, we'll democrac
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former mayor of san francisco becomes the get governor. how many times did he say his name in the last month? what is that relationship going to be in the months and years ahead? >> you see some democrats saying i will work with the presidents and others saying absolutely not so we'll talk about the governor's race and much more. >> the polls are open in the bay area. people are casting their votes. we're getting more information about five bay area counties and the number of people in the counties specifically expected to cast a ballot. in san francisco the expected percentage is 60%. in alameda county 70%.
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and lorraine is expected a 70% or month. the. some are saying it is the same or larger for the 2016 presidential election. but they still exceed the 2014 mid- term elections. people are voting at city hall. sarah? >> reporter: it is and exciting day today. there a line of people waiting to get in. and the voting booths behind me, they are filled with people fulfilling their civic duty today. election officials tell us that there are more than 500,000 registered voters here and they expect the turnout to be higher than 50%. that could break a record. and the director of elections, the record of 55% was set in
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1974. the first year mid- term election was tracked. voters are excited. >> i feel great. this is the first time i ever voted at a real polling place. and it was exciting to see all the people voting and working. >> reporter: they collected 10,000 ballots so far at city hall and they expect 5,000 more today. this mid-term is bring out big turnouts. one voter said she took this one serious. >> all of our friends got together we each researched this and it was more social.
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that is something that we'll do. we're told that the polling likes will be busiest around noon and this evening. if you want to vote, they suggest that you come out anytime between those times. and you'll have to beat the rush and the crowds here. the polling locations close at 8:00 tonight. bay area students organizing walkouts to go and vote today. organizers said that the walkouts are meant to show that young voters that voting should not be ignored or taken for granted. to find more information on the walkouts on sam te'o county is one of 35 counties across the country being monitored by federal election officials. allie rasmus joins us live in sam te'o to explain why officials are in sam te'o
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county this year. >> reporter: a representative from the department justice did get back to us. they said that there are federal election monitors at different elections around the country. they say there are a number of factors that go into their decision on which counties and jurisdictions to go to. we know they will be in different polling locations in sam te'o and sacramento county. a line of people getting ready to go in and cast their ballot in person. and if you pan off to the right, you see a lot of folks driving through here and dropping off the mail-in ballots. sam te'o and counties are two of the 35 places across the country where the federal election monitors will be keeping an eye on the
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polls. they will visit 170,000 precincts with monitors. they will look if the voters meet the listed requirements to be registered. and if voters comply to catch a ballot and if they are violating any of the voting rights act. officials do not seem to be too concerned about this. they said having the department justice monitors is part of a normal elections routine. and voters that we talked to were a little surprised to hear about the federal elections monitors sam te'o county. but overall, they don't think it is a bad thing. >> i think it is great to monitor elections to make sure that everything is legitimate. >> reporter: one thing i think is different about the voting in sam te'o county is that it
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is part of the voters' choice program, one of the five counties that enacted this program. all registered voters get get a mail-in ballot automatically. they don't have to request it. they can go to any voting center in the county if they need to vote on election day in person. and the department of justice officials would not say if the changes played a role or not in the decision to monitor the elections here in sam te'o county. they would not get. >> into the specifics. we know is that the sam te'o county has seen record voter registration for in mid- term. about 400,000 people ktvu news. san francisco chronicle senior political writer joins us life. he has a very long day ahead of him so nice for you to join
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us. let's start on the national stage. two years ago president trump won the oval office because of that wave energy across america. does it still exist? >> younger voters are turning out than a couple years ago that is a bad sign for trump. >> with may not know till tomorrow morning if the democrats win back the house or if the republicans keep control of congress. >> it takes a long time to count. los angeles traditionally takes a long time to count the votes. we may not get their vote later this evening. so we'll be up late tonight. we may be talking about this
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tomorrow morning or the next morning. >> i would like to address this issue of record high voter registration here in the bay area and elsewhere. does that translate to high voter turnout and what about the sentiment of all my like minded friends and neighbors are doing it, do i need to go? >> there is so much collective energy around that. i think that is a less than a factor than previous years. on the first part, though, registration usually trance slight higher voting numbers there. say great deal of concern about if we're registering all the young people registering all the latinos and such. will they turn out to vote. there are is all kind of stuff that gets people out to vote. lyft is offering fr there are all different kinds of ways to get to the polls.
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you can collect ballots at the wait. >> proposition c this is the one that had -- coming out in strong support. mayor breed strong against it. what are the polls are show something. >> this -- so often we talk about how much san francisco has changed in the last several years because of the tech industry t is not what it used to be this a chance for people to say that the text industry is not just text. they need their fair share. maybe there say tech block of voters that don't want this to
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happen. we don't know how that will happen. but the polls show it will likely pass. if opponents would like to have a two-thirds vote to have a legal roll back. >> the tax has been in place. do you think that has something to do with why it is not doing well. >> the twon the ballot is gas and tax. people are looking at that blankly, they would not know that they were repealing the gas tax. i think that the biggest thing that hurts put up against it. and repeal the gas tax looks like it will go down. >> if the lieutenant governor becomes the next governor over california, over the next four
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years what does the state look like. this relationship that he currently has with the president of the united states, where does that go in the next four years. >> we'll have an early look at that, probably in the next 24 hours. if the house does slip to democrats, we can write what the president's tweets were, it was illegal voting and illegals in california voting. this was rigged. if you look at twitter feed, a lot of it is trump focused. is he going to battle thrill and take him on -- battle him there or take him on governor brown does. so he's going to have to find his balance how much of this
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bat still he going to fight on meade in terms of deed and action. and we'll see. that will be a good early test for this young governor at 51. a young new governor. >> thank you for starting on the day with us. >> i'll take this tie off in 35 seconds. >> do you know into ktvu news plus tonight from 7 to 10:00 as the election results come in and then turn to ktvu news for complete coverage on the 10 and 11:00 for the news. and tomorrow morning. we'll have the overnight developments and the battle for congress. coming up, concerns about keeping qualified teachers in california classrooms. the -- the major challenges facing our state. and more and more educators are calling it quits.
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big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay, not small businesses the democratic party,c py nancy pelosi & dianne feinstein vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you.
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taking a look at the blue chip here and looking at the nasdaq and the s&p 500, both of them are up. the mid-term elections could affect the market tomorrow if there is a large sentiment of uncertainty. we're learning more about a detox center in lorraine county that injured one staff member and injured two others it happened on smith ranch road. 37-year-old -- was arrested yesterday after he was seen driving erratically. the two swore viving wife is -- there are two surviving victims. they identified the non died
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-- the man that died. this is a detox program to help people with drug and alcohol addiction. >> this is shocking to come to work and realize there was a shooting very close to your job and that it may be the population that you actually work with. >> and the company that runs the recovery center released the following statement. while is unimaginable that such horrific thing occurred, we have been place for decades for people. other focus is on the well- being of the family and half of shows affect. a man is accused of robbing a maternitity store last night. the police arrived in two minutes, but the man was
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already gone. no one hurt. if you have any information for the police, you are asked to walnut creek. and there is a amendment on the ballot that would relieve utilities from wildfires because of faulty equipment. governor brown will allow pg&g to pass the cost to the rate payers. but they did not pass the one that would not hold the utility companies responsible for fire caused by their equipment. more and more teachers feel and it is getting harder to keep quality if i had qualified
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educators in the classroom. >> reporter: but with the average starting salary beginning at $45,000, the financial incentive is teach is not compelling, especially compared to requiring a college education. >> there are other professions that they can go to that they can make ends meet. >> reporter: and the clock is ticking. >> many of our educators are near retirement age. so we have more and more openings than we have ever had before. >> reporter: many are retiring, many are outright quitting this sophomore english teacher just quit. they look at the issues for the learning policy institute. about 90% of the demand for new teachers is driven by new teachers leaving. and most of that is for teacher
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that leave before retirement because they are dissatisfied with their job or working conditions for some reason. that is true for some of the most critical disciplines, better bay area tech jobs ere are abound. it is bad for the students. >> you got 30 people that are dependant on this person to be there and be stable every day in class. it multiplies the effects. >> reporter: a study in the american educational research journal, students that left mid- -- that had teachers leave mid- year lost 54% of their growth. nationwide, california ranks near the bottom of student to teacher ratios. and that means california needs
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a hundred thousand more teachers just to get to the national average. the american academy of pediatrics is taking a strong stand on a serious subject when it comes to raising children. the doctors' organization said that parents should never spank their children. research shows spanking does not work and goes on to say there is no right way to do it, end quote. in the end they have were against the spanking. and now they have two words, don't spank. a message that president to send with the ongoing israeli palestinian conflict.
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french judicial official told the press that the arrest happened simultaneously in threa border wall with mexico. a texas company was given a $145 million contract to build a six mile wall on the border. it will be built in rio grande valley, the busiest corridor for illegal crossing. and they will increase the height of existing fences to 18 feet. working on the section of border wall is scheduled to start in february. british street artist bank city makes a statement on the israeli/palestinian conflict it is a controversial wall constructed by israel many bethleham. it is being featured at a stand
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promoting tourism in palestinian. >> it is the broken wall. and it is making a statement about that one day this wall will fall. >> last year he opened a hotel on the west bank just a few yard from the wall. he hoped that the walled off hotel will lead to dialogue on both sides of the middle east conflict. a bay area artist is suing the former owners of san jose shoe store because they painted offer a mural. he painted the mural 30 years ago on the side of the building on story road. it is depicted mexican american history. it even showed leaders. they say they violated state
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and federal law. local retail experts are weighing in on amazon's four star floor that just opened in berkley t is called four -- it is called four star because it has things that get four stars on their site. >> amazon has all the data on what customers like. and what is popular here in the bay area versus in new york. and those are different. so they have these local areas what is trending here and it will be different from what is trending in manhattan for example. >> the story on fourth street and berkley interesting and close to the apple store there. it is only the third of its kind. and the others are new york and denver. >> whole point of amazon is not have to go to a store. but i guess if they specifically din point your city and what is popular in your say that would be nice. >> you happen to be there like going to the apple explore or a restaurant. >> i think they took the spot
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that used to be the barrel outlet. so i'm not happy about that. republican congressman from the state of texas responding to a joke made at his expense on "saturday night live." why he said no apology is needed and why he's tired of hearing them alling to. a man accused of sending pipe bombs will be in court reporter today and this is just after another suspicious package was found in the bay area just days ago. sfx: tinny headphone music
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. we got rain and showers on this election day. the bad weather tends to affect the election. but no complaints at home. all the western states under mainly dry conditions. and for us, it is another pleasant day with mostly clear skies in the forecast for today. the temperatures today a lot like yesterday. this morning, we're starting out in the low 50s and 60s after a chilly start. and as we get into the afternoon, mid-60s at the coast, and 80 for the inland communities. there is no rain in the extended forecast unfortunately
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we're going to remain in this pattern for the next several days. take a look at some of the numbers expected for your election day. right about noontime low the coast and low 70s for the inland communities. and 4:00 in the afternoon, we're looking at some of our warmest weather near 80. and low 60s expected at the coastline. and sunset is just after 5:00 if you're going to head to the polls in the evening hours, it will be chilly out there once again. the temperatures will going drop and we'll be in 50s by the time the polls close this say look at the afternoon highs for today. 70 in san upper 70s in napa. and the extended forecast, we're going to remain with dry conditions in the forecast, not only dry, but take a look at the numbers. they don't shift very much. we have 60s and low 70s on the coastline and upper 70s inland. we'll carry the trend into your weekend with a slight cool down
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on sunday. the polls are open from the east coast to the west coast. a lot of voter interest in today's election. and we go live to washington d.c. where the results of election could mean a shift in national politics. >> reporter: it could mean a shift in national politics, especially if the democrats take back congress or perhaps the senate. although the senate is less likely than them taking congress. but we had reporters all over the country in montana and florida and missouri and indiana. we're seeing some big turnouts in some of the key states. more than $5 billion spent, hundreds of rallies debates and political ads and now it is all about the voters. and most are fighting for a fight in control in congress. the president making his last pitch to voters in missouri. >> we have to elect a republican congressman. we have to do it.
9:33 am
>> we got to stop crying nancy pilosi. >> reporter: democrats hoping for strong voting interest and passions among base to help them close the gaps. >> i can say we don't religious i didn't vote in mid-terms, there was no way we were missing it. the department of homeland security said that they are confident that the votes will be accurately claim. but they say that false claims of interference with places li paper billion lots like pennsylvania and georgia. so the department of homeland security is giving reporters updates every three hours on their efforts to keep the elections secure. one of them just wrapped up a
9:34 am
few minutes ago that started at noon eastern time. so the update is they are seeing some limited quote, shall use. but they say it has no indication of a foreign actor. and they have had some electronic issued in tennessee and they switched to paper ballot. and they saw some scanning of state systems. but they have not seen an uptick in activity and they discover it, quote, run-of-the- mill. texas republican congressional candidate dan crenshaw is reacted for being mocked for having an eye during instead of demanding for an apology. >> i don't want to remand and apoll guy is holl call ti a tend to throw -- to throw r
9:35 am
back and forth and demand apologize for neighbor hits us. >> he was a retired navy seal when deployed in afghanistan. he's going up against tom litton. davidson has not responded to the critics. current mayor peterson is upset about a fly irrelevant that shows a photo of former vietnamese leader on one side and his photo on the other side. it shows is this yellow -- shows yellow star are they going serve. he said that the vietnamese
9:36 am
community is decree sensitive to communityism. >> i would like to think that we can rise above that. >> organize said that it never called him a communist. but he said that his actions parallel the vietnamese. and they went on to say that the mailer was justified. politics seems to be gal galvanizing latino and women voters, partly because of president trump's immigration policies. they is also motivating women. facebook removed 115 accounts ahead of the mid-term election. facebook said that the
9:37 am
authorities alerted them to accounts sunday night. 30 pages on facebook and 85 on instagram. they believe that the beings may be linked to foreign entities. facebook will provide updates on the situation once it knows more. republican candidate for governor john cox will deliver coffee and doughnuts at polling places today. the campaign bus rolled into the bay area one last time yesterday and spoke to them -- employees and owners at an auto shop. >> right now buller he's -- builders don't want to build in the state. >> on the first day in office he said that he would call a special session to devote 100% attention to california's
9:38 am
housing crisornewsom is scheduled cast his ballot at 1:30 this afternoon. an energetic crowd were there andp they encourage everyone to make sure voices heard. >> we need our strongest strongerred on the field. >> it is -- strongest soldiers on field. >> we'll take back house of representatives. god willing, i'll be your next governor. we spoke with san francisco chronicle political writer and we asked what he thinks newsom's relationship would be with president trump if he would be voted next governor. >> have to decide how much is he going to fight fight -- to fight on social media own how
9:39 am
much he going to fight in action. >> president trump has frequently mentioned him at rallies recently, once calling him, quote, this clown is running for governor, end quote. we talked live with the santa clara register of voters where a record number of people are expected to cast their ballots today. >> we're at historic numbers of registered voters in santa clara county. it's been wonderful and i'm so excited to be here with the voters coming in and our 849 polling places. it's been a great morning and we're off to a wonderful start. >> if approved, it will authorize up to 350 million- dollar in bond to fund housing
9:40 am
construction for low income residents. local mayor shaft cast her register of voters. if she wins, she will be the first two term oakland mary since jerry brown was oakland's mayor 16 years ago. mayor -- was just reelected over the summer for a new four year term. you can still sign up in person today. tune no ktvu news plus tonight as we bring you live coverage from 7 to 10. and then back here to ktvu news fox 2 for complete coverage on the 10 and 11:00 newscast. and then tomorrow with the overnight developments on the local races and we'll focus on the battle for control of congress. >> i have my popcorn ready. here are some of the top
9:41 am
stories that we're following. a standoff between the police and the man accused of shooting a police officer ended early this morning t started last night about 7:30. the police responded to a spite between neighbors on -- to a dispute between neighbors on deerfield dry. a man pulled out a gun -- drive. a man pulled out a gun and shot an officer. several homes were evacuated while the s.w.a.t. team negotiated with the man. and the man surrendered about 2:00 this morning and the standoff ended. i heard somebody say, and i'm assuming it was a cop, come out with your hand up. >> the officer sustained a head injury. he was a local hospital where he was treated and released. >> of those that were evacuated earlier, they were allowed to go back home. the police investigation continues. a man accused of sending
9:42 am
pipe bombs to prom president trump will be in a courtroom. cesar sayoc was transferred from florida to new york. the prosecutors will be asked that he is continued held without bail because he is considered dangerous. some of the targets were former president obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton and billionaire political down northeast bob fire. two packages addressed to fire were intercepted at a post office. none of the packages exploded. if convict, he could get 48 years in prison. today is the beginning of the trial of el chapo. he pleaded not guilty to charges of drug smuggling, money laundering, conspiracy and murder. the judge said that the jury will be anonymous and
9:43 am
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players say this a great workout taken a lot of fun. it is popular at corporate events and bachelor parties. golden state warriors record is 10-1 in the season after they beat the memphis grizzlies. the game was closed for a bit. clay thompson had 27 points. steph curry had nine along with the team high 7 assists. kevin durant as 17 points. >> a field goal for the grizlies. in it questions. >> beautiful assist to durant there. green left the arm with a foot injury. today the warriors are off and tomorrow they host the milwaukee bucks that is tomorrow -- thursday night. >> thursday night. the giants close to hiring a
9:47 am
new general manager. the giants may offer the -- d manager. he began his career in the a's organization. oakland a's vice president is the executive of the year. he was the general manager 1987. but he took over as vice president after the 2015 season. pebble beach will be home to the u.s. championship next summer. this is a special place and special tournament and a special trophy right here representing victory. what do you love about the u.s. open, especially where it will be next summer at pebble? >> great question. the list is endless. we have gone to some of the most special places around the country. every time i drive on the property at pebble beach it
9:48 am
takes it up a notch. it is joe phenomenal. >> i love golf. this a phenomenal chip in the final round and i was hooked. at that moment with that course and that player and off i went and running. there have been a lot moments l been five u.s. open there's. jack nicholas was the first. you remember it too. >> yes. i was nine years old and saw it on tv. there is so much history
9:49 am
between the u.s. open at pebble beach. and you fast forward and i'm working at the u.s. open at pebble beach. full circle and special. >> what do you know about hosting the u.s. amateur before the u.s. open? >> we try to host it before the u.s. open. because a lot of the players that are amateurs will eventually turn professional. we try to set the u.s. open course up in a similar fashion that we did for the u.s. amateur this past year at pebble beach. it gives us an idea of what the players are thinking. you're not a great golfer, nor am i. i happen to work in the business that is my claim to fame. >> i heard that the ninth hole is now a par 4. >> yes. we get to see where they hit it
9:50 am
and it gives us some prep time. >> i'm curious the impact with tiger woods. he's playing good golf these days. i saw some of the final tournaments. how many people do you expect and do you feel that more people will show up from not just the bay area but from across the country to see if tiger can win the u.s. open. >> since i burst on the scene in 1997 about the time i came on the scene changed the landscape of golf. pebble beep is a great spectator venue. when tiger is doing well it drives the game. he doesn't move the needle. he is the needle. the excitement to see him come back and knowing that he loves pebble each.
9:51 am
he has some history at pebble beach. >> for the fans in the bay area. you want to go outside the ropes. >> we try to working on the fan experience. you always know where tiger woods is on the golf course. but we do a lot of things in prep with the crosswalks and getting people around the golf course and making the non golf experience -- the main golf experience. we're still honing in on the experience and just trying to provide a magical experience. >> do you pinch yourself? >> i do. i have the best job in the world. the special people i work with and going to pebble beach for work is not too hard either.
9:52 am
>> anyone it is. we got a great holiday promotion that we just kicked off on november 1st. you can get tickets. you can get merchandise like i'm wearing today. we're really gearing up. it is around the corner and we want people to get excited. >> patriot fans will like that. >> ceo of pebble beach just happens to be from new england. >> i appreciate your time. have a great tournament and thanks for bringing the trophy in. >> u.s. open this summer. you can watch it right here. thank you.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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if you want to see the concert, you can get your chance. the 1990s group announced a tour in the uk through 2019. they will be down one member. posh spice said that she needs
9:56 am
to focus on her fashion line. actress -- may not be the next james bond. but he is this year's sexy man live. when he was told about his new title he thanks the fans on twitter. he said that he was flattered. but what was more important is your vote in the mid- term election. pringles are introducing thanksgiving flavored chips. they come in one set and make your meal complete. you can only buy them on the kellog's website beginning at midnight and they cost $15, by the way. they are expected to go fast. >> no thanks. it is election day and our coverage continues throughout the day. the polls are open till 8:00 tonight. stay with us on ktvu news and
9:57 am
join us tomorrow and we'll break down the election results and most likely updating some of the key races as the numbers are being counted. tomorrow mother is our big morning. right now ktvu news and ktvu news plus and we have your mid-term election day coverage.
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: hi! thank you for watching.


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