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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 6, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. >> long lines to vote in a high stakes midterm election but tonight the polls are closed, the ballots are being counted and we can bring you results in key races. >> this is such a great country and it's been factuallized and triviallized with rhetoric. we must stop that. we must come together. >> senator dianne feinstein tonight in san francisco after being elected to a sixth term in the u.s. senate. good evening, i'm frank. >> and i'm julie. here is the big headline. democrats have picked up enough seats in the house of representatives to regain control. the gop appears to have gained seats in the senate and keep control there. california voters have elected gavin newsom to be our next governor. i the latest
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numbers. newsom with 56% of the voman john cox with 44%. john cox just conceded about 40 minutes ago. here are pictures newsom's wife, jennifer. she took took the podium. we're awaiting gavin newsom to address his supporters in los angeles. >> it should be happening in the next few minutes. aztec basketball with steve fisher we move on in the race for the senate in california, dianne feinstein poised to defeat kevin deleon she has been projected with winner at 54%. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf is holding off a field of nine candidates. we had result there is but it appears libby schaaf will hold on to her job. >> prop 6 is the effort to
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repeal and increase in the statewide gas tax. the 127-cent per gallon hike is for roads and bridgings across the state. do we have the results? no votes which would repeal or keep the tax, excuse me, no votes 53% and the yes votes only have 47%. prop 10 would give authority to cities across the state to establish rent control. here you see the results. it's been projected this goes down to defeat, 65% saying no, 35% saying yes. >> now to control of congress with the congressional races prompting high turn out and long lines at precincts around the country and here in the bay area. some polling locations had to remain open longer so everyone could get out and vote. the democrats are poised to regain control of the house and
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lso hold on to the senate. >> brooke is here with the numbers. >> reporter: we've been tracking the races all night long. 193 democrats been elected in the house. they needed 25 more i.'s expected they'd take control. they needed 223 and have gotten 25. republicans 177 and they have to get to 218 to have the majority. in the senate 44 democrats have been elect. republicans flipped four so they've taken control of the senate. they needed at least 51. net gains ons the day, the house picked up 25 different seats in the house, 4 in the senate. speaking of the house, nancy pelosi is expected to be the new speaker of the house. list on the what she had to say. >> in stark contrast of the gop
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congress, we'll be led with transparency and openness. that's so that the public can see what's happening and how it affects them and they can weigh in. >> we also just found out momentings ago that trump actually called pelosi's aide there and actually congratulated her and the democrats for taking over the house. >> right now let's listen in to our next governor, gavin newsom. >> i can stand before you knowing i'll have the incredible privilege of serving as your next governor. >> [ applause and cheering ] >> this victory is really your victory. because of you the future belongs to california. it's been a tough two years but tonight america's biggest
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state is making the biggest statement in america. we're saying that it's time to roll the credits on the politics of chaos and cruelty. now it's time for going far and going to gether. now is the time forde censi for facts, for trust and truth. it's time for leaders to lead and for those agents of anger determine toddy side us instead of unite us, it's time ever us to pack it up and for you to pack it in. this, in every way, shape or form, is california's moment. to those who wonder whether polarization is permanent, who think tomorrow's big dreams are tomorrow's broken promises, who question whether a 40 million person melting pot, of different faith, families and
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persons can live and prosper together, california is your answer e.the sun is rising in the west and the arc of history is bending in our direction because this is not just a state of resistance. california is a state of results. california is america's coming attraction arocket fueled engine of human industry and innovation. the nation's greatest job creator and the fifth largest economy in the world. the true genious is california is not the value that we work for but the value that is we fight for. this is a state where, you know, we don't criminallize diversity, we celebrate diversity. we don't reject, we protect the most vulnerable. deadly weapon don't put profit and loss ahead of clean air. we don't put it ahead of clean
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water and coastlines. we don't regulate a woman's body more than we regulate [ ap >> we don'tde mean, don't discriminate and we don'tde moralelize. we don't separate families and we don't lock kids in cages. at our best we always stand up, step in and fight for what's right. see, there is a reason why california's dream is america's leading brand. it's california's dream that has always been and always will be too big to fail and too powerful to bully. here is the thing. the california dream is not binary. everyday we show how human endeavor can be lucrative and inclusive. we don't just want success in the right hands. we want it in everybody's
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hands. let's be honest. there is no doubt about this. the dream is still too distant for many. we're a land of plenty but far from perfect. too many californians are priced out of housing, higher education. too many workers are feeling the squeeze of automation and wage stagnation. too many children are growing up in poverty and starting school from behind. in many ways and many place, we are simultaneously the richest and the poor estate. but after traveling california from region to region in a buelled fueled by optimism, i believe there is no problem in california that is not some how, somewhere, being solved by a californian. that's what californians do. we're the most diverse state in
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the world's most diverse democracy. californians by birth, californians by choice. every generation overcoming every conceivable border and by yall part of the same journey to succeed together over our own journey. i each seen nit the hopeful faces of many and heard it in their personal stories. i've seen nit the doughnut store owner in garden grove beaming with pride because his daughter was the first in their family to attend college. i've smrs. jackie, union home lancaster who helps it in greg years and years of struggle with addiction, has found a new path thanks to treatment and job training. i've seen nit the bravery of
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elizabeth, an eight-year-old girl in fresno who raised her hand at my town hall and asked not about herself but what she can do to protect her friends in the case of a school shooting. that's what this campaign is all about. it's about advancing all californians on their journey by making this a place of quality, opportunity, safety and affordability for everyone. we can make their dream real but only if we have the courage of our convictions. the courage to dream bigger and demand more. the courage to be a state of results and a state of refuge. >> [ applause and cheering ] >> i've listened and learned of californians from all walk tomorrow truly begins, but tonight i'm just
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overwhelmed with gratitude and i'm humbled to accept this awesome responsibility because i know what we can accomplish work together transforming the politically impossible into the practically inevitable there. are so many star, so many california stars in this room tonight, too many to name, to many to enumerate, but i want to take a moment of personal privilege and mention just a few who have shined brightest for me when i needed it the most, starting with my wife, jen, a real life wonder woman. she fights for a world where children can live while being t incredible mother of our four remarkable children. to all of my friends and family that have been there for me, many dating back to the not so
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distant days of a young kid with a reading disorder and a bad hair cut. i still have dyslexia and lord knows the jury is still out on the hair. because of their urging and their unconnell support, i grew up with the awe dos i could make a difference. as always, politics is a team sport. i want to thank campaign the be business. >> [ applause and cheering ] >> thank you, guys. as well as the income parable army of the grass roots supporter, texters who were the life blood of this campaign. you know who you are. thank you for your great work. also, because i've seen so many of them, i want to thank and salute all of the state legislators here and every public servant elected in this
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state tonight. california name on the front of our jerseys is. there is a famous quote. all of you know this. we should not go where the path may lead. don't go there. instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail for literally my entire life, governor jerry brown has been placing his trail as a pioneer of progress for this state. he's been a role model for me and ever and tonight we all owe him a profound debt of gratitude. thank you, governor jerry brown. remarkable leadership. >> [ applause and cheering ] >> robert kennedy always said it best. he said few will have the greatness to bends history. each of us can work to change a small portion of events and a small portion of the acts will
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be written in the history. we've been afford to write the next part of history and every californian can write their own californian story. just last week i met an extraordinary young man by the name of joshua who is writing his own story. he said to me, i can't vote for you. i was born in mexico. i came here with my mom after my father passed away and i watched her work three jobs as a cook to support me. i worked as a community service officer at the mersed police department to work his way through college and is about to graduate with a uc degree. joshua is a dreamer two spent every waking day over the past year worrying if his dream was
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coming to an end but he said gavin, i can't vote for you but i want you to know i'm okay. i'm okay because i'm a californian. that's what california means to joshua. that's what california means to the world. now it's our turn to spend our waking day protecting that dream for every californian. thank you california. thank you all for being here tonight. god bless you and the best is yet to come. thank you all very, very much for being here tonight. >> california's newest governor, gavin newsom after defeating republican john cox. he's bringing up his family, his wife and children. big night, gavin newsom will take the reigns and become governor of california. >> i want to go live to san
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diego with the cox campaign, a much more somber tone there to night. >> reporter: john cox gave his concession speech about 40 minutes ago. it's a disappointing outcome but he thanked his wife, daughters and campaign team. you're looking live now at the next crowd. this is yes on prop 6. the crowd heard the concession speech. john cox said he called the lt. governor, gavin newsom and wished him well and offered him he said california is a mess and it needs change and it needs help. >> i consider myself very proud that we highlighted the incredible struggle that the people of this state have had for years under the people that
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are running this state. we identified the needs of these people, the fact that they can't afford 't afford ga they can't afford the basics of life. let me tell you, this republican party will be back in this state. >> [ applause and cheering ] >> you're looking live now at supporters for yes on 6. this is the effort to repeal the state's gas tax this. is something that john cox was pushing for completely, leading the way to have it put on the ballot this november. i was talking to people here in the room trying to gauge the reaction from people about the fact that cox lost toga vin newsom. one man said he was disappointed that cox was not aggressive more. he said he should have done more to attack newsom. what you didn't hear in the speech was a quote from him.
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john cox said personal attacks. we're going to bring honor back into politics. i think that shows that he remain add gentleman throughout the campaign and he really did not attack gavin newsom at all even though they did differ on many issue, they do agree that something needs to be done to address the homelessness and housing affordability. >> turning now to the race for california lt. governor. it is between two democrat, education hernandez and lenny [ inaudible ]. >> let's get more analysis now with brian and david. professor, let me start with you. we watched gavin newsom with
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his acceptance speech. your thoughts on the victory. he has to put together a budget, release the budget in early january. he has to decide if he wants it to be about the forward looking things that he promised in the campaign or the reality check. that is much more like jerry brown. he's going to have to build a lot of allegiances and alliances. can he get things done or do the democrats scatter? a lot of his initiatives or moves are going to be about a california economy that's doing well. can he deliver that? does he do anything with the other side? does he even talk to republicans. >> before we get brian's take on that. we saw him speak. your thoughts on how he addressed his supporters. >> he seems to speak in broad
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plitit up with steak. he's trying to sell the sizzle and the steak. >> brian your thoughts ons the speech and the impact for california. >> i watch a lot of speeches. this one struck me as filled with pltitudes, taking of bits and pieces of a lot of other high minded speeches. when you listen to it careful ily didn't hear a whole lot of plans about what he's going to do. that will come, i hope. he's the newly elected governor but just as a reaction to the speech. >> as a newly elected governor, what is the impact in california and the relationship with the federal government. >> he's going to be an activist governor. he's going to spend a lot of time in washington, d.c.. i think he's going to try to
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take on donald trump where you can. you play with fire with that a little bit. we'll see. he's on a path though for higher office and he's just been elected governor of california. >> i think you have to pape attention to where he dispensaries points some of the constituency. they made a lot of the promises in the campaign. can they deliver and if they can't what do they do? >> >>: we'll find out quickly. >> libby schaaf gets another four years to continue what she started. it's not a victory dance but the oakland native definitely kicking up her heels at her headquarter tonight. we'll hear from her after the break. >> california's state propositions including where the gas tax repeal stands
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tonight. >> you're watching the 10:00 news. we're just getting started. more live coverage and races throughout the hour this election night, november 6, 2018.
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♪ ♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ . now to the race of oakland mayor. >> here is a look at the
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numbers. libby schaaf with 65%, cat brocks with 16, pamela price with 11. debra is with the schaaf campaign tonight. must be very happy tonight. >> reporter: they are and they're anticipateing the next group of numbers. they have everyone feeling positive. we're at the campaign headquarters in the randy buschkoetter lake district. this is a mayor seeking her second term. she has been mingling and thanking her volunteers for what she call as grass roots campaign. schaaf is trying to become oakland's first two term mayor in 15 years.
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schaaf bolstered the police's morale. >> it's a win and, again, it's too early to make that determination right now but clearly the most pressing problem is homelessness and i'll be focusing my first hours in a new term with our unsheltered resident, listening to them, hearing their need, hearing how they're experiencing the way that this city is helping to bring them off of the streets and into safety and services and son to a path of self sufficiency. >> reporter: schaaf main challenges criticizeed the landslide of homeless encampments they say happened under her watch. brooks and price are the only
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other two pulling double digits. coming back now out of the live picture, you can see a boisterous crowd and if bby e ha51% out right, then right choice voting won't need to take into effect. >> very happy schaaf campaign. >> shear look at oakland's measure w, the vacant property tax. it would be a parcel tax on abandoned houses. it is to innocent vise owners to keep houses and property in use. the numbers are 66% to 34%. this one focuses on hotel employees requireing the larger hotels pay their employees minimum wage of $15 an hour.
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hotels would have to provide employees with panic buttons to protect them. measure z is ahead. >> from the gas tax to remember control, voters are considering a number of propositions. andre senior following the returns. >> frank, a yes vote gives the state the chance to borrow money for construction on the additional homes and offer payment assistance. you can see the yes votes. [ lost audio ] [ lost audio ]
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. >> cathy baker is a republican in a field of democrats and being challenged. district 16 is in the east bay. baker looks to have the lead right now. still ahead acontroversial tax on big businesses to pay for homeless services in san francisco report is coming up. coming up. so, let's talk about conference calls. we have problems. comcast business goes beyond fast. by letting you make and receive calls from any device using your business line. and conference calls you can join without any dial-ins or pins. (phone) there are currently 3 members in this conference. i like that. i like that too.
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i would use that in a heartbeat. get started with innovative voice solutions for a low price when you get fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast.
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. tense of millions of dollars of campaign money went into the race for california superintendent. marshall talk is running gist tony and here are the latest numbers. marshall tuck is leading by 52% to 48%. looks like 29% of the presents are reporting. now to san francisco where the voters are deciding whether to tax big businesses to fund services for the homeless. >> it's called prop c and some have strong disagreements over whether it should pass. it appears it's passing 58% to 42%. christian is live at the yes on c headquarters more on the race. >> reporter: they're keeping a careful eye on the results here in san francisco. those results just posted on a big screen here, the crowd
10:34 pm
very happy with the results. the latest results showing prop c has extended their lead from 55 to 57.5%. prop c would impose a tax on hundreds of the city's biggest businesses and projected to raise somewhere in the neighborhood of tens on billions of dollars. the money would go to homelessness in the city. supporters say it would be a new revenue screen to handle homelessness that's gained national attention. opponents say it would double the homeless budget and there would be no additional accountability. they worry it would cost jobs. again, those first numbers on prop c showing about 57% of
10:35 pm
the vote with 146,000 votes counted so far. >> we're obviously hoping to get to two thirds. if we don't we'll be joining in the struggle with the teacher, with the childcare and it will be an appeal to the same court who already made a decision that the 50% threshold is the threshold for the voter initiative. more people will die but in the end we'll prevail. >> reporter: we are expecting more results as the be evening goes on. the ballots are being delivered and tabulated. it could take days before we get the final numbers. remember, if it doesn't reach
10:36 pm
the magical two thirds it will likely face a legal challenge near san francisco. live in san francisco, ktvu 2 news. >> two san francisco ballot measure, prop a leading boy a large margin. it is allowing the city to borrow money to fix the seawall. >> san francisco measure to impose new taxes on recreation cannabis businesses can passing tonight. the a mount of the taxde peppeds on whether the business is a retail operator and how much gross revenue it takes in. after the break, the battle of control for congress. we'll check back on some of the key races. y races.
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hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers.u all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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♪ $6.99 are you out of your mind? ♪ eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage and buttermilk or pumpkin pancakes. ♪ pumpkin pancakes are you out of your mind? ♪ still very much out of our minds. denny's $6.99 super slam. upgrade to new pumpkin pancakes. . back now to the balance of power in congress. republicans appeared to have secured pow never the senate and looks as if the dem contrasts have take done power
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of the house. >> reporter: right now attention is shifting to the west coast. eyes are on california. there are several hot races on the radar. one is down in southern california in the 50 district, republican duncan hunter at 54% leading against the democrat with 46% there reporting. hunter is accused of using campaign cash of paying for a lavish lifestyle n.the 10th congressional district, the incumbent at 51%. this is a close battle taking on the democrat at 49%. 62% reporting right now. we're watching this one closely as well. we want to take a look at a couple of the senate race that is are happening here. of course, we know senator dianne feinstein has won her fifth term as senator,
10:41 pm
democrat. she beat out a fellow democrat, kevin de leon, deleon another race in arizona, 50% for martha mcsally to 50%. this one is too close to call. if we want to talk about the balance of power we have to talk about both houses. the republicans have picked up four seats in the senate. they remain control in that chamber n.the house democrats picked up 25 and they needed 23. it looks as though the democrats take control of the house, republicans retain right you. >> both parties scored victories tonight. we're lear to look at some of the changes in power and victory speeches that have been
10:42 pm
called. >> frank and julie, we've been seeing close races here in california and around the country. the republican house seats fall here in california and that could strengthen the democratic control in the house. tonight both parties are finding reasons to celebrate. big smilesion for congressional democrats as early election results shows them taking back control of the house. >> thank you. tomorrow will be a new day in america, thanks to you. >> reporter: nancy pelosi thanked democrats and said they'll work for unity. >> today the american people have spoke on the restore that vision. this new democratic majority will honor the vision of our founders. >> reporter: this has provenany voters in republican state gave
10:43 pm
conservative victories. in indiana mike braun beat the incumbent, joe donnelly. >> we have an opportunity to make things work in washington, d.c. >> claire mccaskill lost to josh hawley. heidi heitkamp lost her seat. one of the biggest spotlights was on texas. senator ted cruz got a victory over beto o'rourke who had close change. another sign of how the nation on this night was not politics as usual and the massive mobilization of verdicts might mean a new revel on both sides of the isle.
10:44 pm
>> texas came together behind a common sense agenda of low taxes, low regulations and lots and lots of jobs. >> i was inspired, i'm as hopeful as i've ever been in my life and tonight's loss does nothing to diminish the way i feel about texas or this country. >> reporter: now the division of power in congress means the democrats have some room to push back on the trump administration's poll cisco. mean time, the republican gains in the senate seats are locked in for six year, >> california voters reelect senator dianne feinstein to a sixth term. we'll go live to her election celebration coming up after the break.
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(music throughout)
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. a bitter fight is going down to the wire in georgia. democrat stacy abrams would be the first black female governor in u.s. history. she's trailing brian kemp, the current secretary of state.
10:48 pm
kemp has 55% of the vote and abrams has 45%. abrams has accused kemp of abusing his power. abrams says she thinks a run off is likely. >> in florida the race for governor was a very close one. republican rob desantis faced off against andrew gillum. gillum conceded defeat. you can see how close it was, 51% to 49%. >> u.s. senator, dianne feinstein poise to have a sixth inerm in congress. >> dianne feinstein with 54% over kevin de leon's 46%. it was a very festive atmosphere at the feinstein party.
10:49 pm
amber. >> reporter: julie, frank, there are still a few people here even though it started wrapping up after dianne feinstein gave her victory speech. it was a very happy crowd. >> it is with great honor that i introduce to you the newly re- elected senator. >> the senator's granddaughter did the honor of announcing her. feinstein thanked her many supporters including brown who warmed up the crowd. i spoke to her about what e do term. >> reporter: what are your priorities now? >> my priority is, one is to get a good immigration bill. another is actions that will help the homeless situation.
10:50 pm
we've got over 1,125,000 homeless in america. i'm trying to put together legislation that will survive for the people who are homeless. >> reporter: feinstein says she considers herself very lucky to be able to consider representing the people of san francisco and california and she's urging everyone to come together during these times. julie, frank. >> amber lee in san francisco tonight. voters gathered in small group election returns. paul chambers spoke to some students al-- at san francisco state. >> reporter: yeah, we were here at the watch party and they left happy and sad.
10:51 pm
they are pretty much optimistic. earlier today a lot of the millennials came out to vote because of what they called rhetoric from the white house. the faculty held a watch party and they talked about the importance of voting and discussing the major issues on the ballot. a recent study said those 18 to 29 are more likely to vote in this midterm than 2010 and 2014. 40% say they'll definitely vote. that same study that is president's job approval rate at 26%. many say the current political climate coming from the white house is what they believe is driving millennials to the polls. >> there is no way.
10:52 pm
i believe it's arrogance.admini targeted the demographic that tends to be younger, the latinos, undocumented population, the population that is are vulnerable. >> 's claiming putting troops a the border, taking citizenship away. this is stuff that's just happened in the past few weeks. it's not scrapeing the surface of what's happening since he got elected. are many said they would vote. the question is did they show up at the polls? we'll have a better idea in the next few days. professors at san francisco state said the more that voted, the more like lick they'll vote in future elections.
10:53 pm
it's consider as highly contentious race in the south bay. coming up, the sheriff race as we talk to both candidate tonight. tonight.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
. there are several measures on the ballot that would impose taxes on marijuana business. measure r would impose a 4%
10:56 pm
tax and generate millions of dollars to go toward the county's general fund. measure r is passing 74% to 26% against. >> in san francisco, prop d impose a tax between one and five percent on recreational marijuana sales. if it passes san francisco will be the last to impose a local cannabis tax. 66% say yes, 34% say no. >> and in oakland they have some of the highest marijuana tax rates in the state. city, county and state taxes are all combined leaving businesses a tax rate of close to 35%. it would allow the oakland city council to low teriaco tax rate. right now measure v is well ahead, 77% say yes, 23% say no. >> sam mccarter turned in his vote by mail this morning.
10:57 pm
he ezequiel re-elected to a four year term over the summer. his name is not on the ballot this time. he took the opportunity to reminds people who may be not be register today vote that they can sandi up top vote today. >> laurie smith has big lead over her opponent, john hirokawa. >> reporter: julie, frank, i'm at john hirokawa's election night party n.the last hour he took to the stage to thank his supporters and volunteers and i have to admit this party is more subdued and laid back. this was a highly contentious race rocked with personal attacks. john hirokawa was hoping to
10:58 pm
unseat the incumbent, the first run off race for laurie smith since she was elected in 1998. hirokawa says he believes his changes for the office resonated with voters and his campaign brought a spotlight for those voting here in santa clara county. >> i think by doing that and exposing what was occurring in the jail and enforcement side, we're hohapositive effect. >> i'd guardedly optimistic. i trust they'll make the right, choice. i think we did everything that we could do and i think we ran a very, very smart campaign. >> right now smith is holding double digit lead. she is the first woman in the state to serve as a santa clara
10:59 pm
county sheriff. she says she will continue to address the problems of homelessness. hirokawa says he doesn't plan to concedes. he is waiting to see more results come in. coming up next at 11:00. it's california's dream that has always been and always will be too big to fail and too powerful toulspend our waking days protecting that dream for zerebny californian. thank you california. thank you all very much for being here tonight. god bless you. >> gavin newsom is california's new governor elect and he's issuing a challenge to the poll cisco of president trump. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox news starts now. >> a big night for politickings
11:00 pm
as democrats win enough seats to regain the majority in the house of representatives while the republicans add to their majority in the senate. >> here in california gavin newsom defeated john cox to become california's next governor. here is the latest vote count. newsom with 57% of the vote, john cox with 43%. >> heather holmes is at the victory party. >> reporter:lt. governor is set to become


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