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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 8, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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mornings on 2. good morning. it is thursday, november 8 and i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. another full morning and we are checking the weather. steve paulson is keeping an eye on this. >> yes, it is windy and very warm for some. it is 59 right now. high and dry. that is the way it's going to be through the 16th. after that, some signs of change. let's see if this will hold. it's tough to break down -- a blocking pattern. a windy pattern for some. north bay hills and east bay hills in the santa cruz mountains maybe by tomorrow it will taper off. a high fire danger. toward east bay hills the northwind to brentwood. you get the idea.
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dry air billing in. it will be sunny across the board today. north at fairfield and north at vacaville and north at that napa airport 59 degrees. so is fairfield. brentwood 58. concord buchanan 44. there are some differences. on the peninsula 38 woodside. 55 los altos hills. half moon bay in the upper 50s. hayward 46. a big spread. 35 in ukiah and nothing in the pacific northwest. nothing but high pressure and warm temperatures upper 70s to near 80. 5:01. >> we are quiet for the most part but for now off to a nice start. driving on 80 westbound traffic is all right. 580 westbound coming over to ultimate past has slowed traffic on 205. 580 at 205 a little bit of slow
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traffic there where the freeways meet. for the most part we are in good shape. driving over to dublin. 680 looks good in both directions. driving on i-80 you may want to catch and early flight -- there are no problems getting to the airport. to get to the toll plaza just after 5 am we do not have a big crowd and the traffic is moving well on the bridge into san francisco. i:02 back to the desk. back to this morning breaking news in southern california. there are eyewitness accounts from inside this club where a gunman opened fire overnight killing 12 people including a sheriff's deputy. this reporter has been at the scene for hours. good morning. >> reporter: a tough morning for this community.
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when you think about this -- students are praying and trying to comfort each other. we will take you to the scene. an active investigation. we have the enter a county sheriff's department leading that. dozens of college students were in the bar when the shots rang out. 12 dead. 13 including the government. shots rang out inside the grill at 11:20 last night. the bar is well-known and it was college night here. it's off the 101 freeway 40 miles to the west. hundreds of first responders rushed to the scene. the gunman was shot and killed and at this point it's unclear if he took his own life. we are waiting for an update on that as well as some of the victims' names. some victims were pronounced dead on the scene and some were transported to the hospital. one of the dead is a 29 year veteran of the ventura county
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sheriff's department -- ron heius. he passed away at the hospital after he was transported there. he was set to retire in the next year. witnesses in the bar described a chaotic scene. >> he came into the room and made a stance my this and started shooting. he had a black handgun. he started to shoot. i thought it was a joke. the music didn't stop. i thought it was part of a scene. it wasn't. as soon as i smelled the gun and saw people ducking, i immediately docked antique through a smoke bomb in the air. out of the corner of my eye i saw that he had gone the other way. as soon as i saw him go out there i thought it was my chance to leave. >>reporter: the local fire
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department said there are an additional 20 people trying to escape. some through windows. 18 injured drove themselves to the hospital. you heard the witness talk about a smoke bomb. it is unconfirmed by the sheriff's department. the sheriff said if a smoke bomb was used that makes it seem like a planned attack. still no word on a motive or id. we will have an update in the next hour. for now we will send it back to you. thank you 5:05. the ventura county sheriff was choking back tears when he described the deputy, someone he has known for decades. >> ron was a hard-working, dedicated sheriff sergeant. he was totally committed. he gave his all. tonight as i
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told his wife he died a hero. he went in to save other people. >> the sheriff said they used to work out together. ron heius was a 29 year uttering and he was taking about retiring. he leaves behind a wife and son. we will have continuing coverage on this story throughout the morning. here in the bay area pg&e could turn off the power in the wine country today because of the fire danger. this could include lake and napa county including the city of st. helena. they have installed temporary generators in calistoga. this is considered a low risk area but the power lines energize the city run through risky areas and could be shut off. if you don't do this and you start a fire what happens?
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if you do it, it has other consequences. pg nd -- pg&e had a meeting last night to address concerns. some said they lost thousands of dollars last month. pg&e had eight helicopters on standby overnight. last month they had 300. 5:07. another shakeup at the white house. paws asked jeff sessions to resign. doug luzader joins us live. doug, the president also revoked the press credentials -- credentials at the white house reported. wear >>reporter: this is not exactly a shot. there is now an acting attorney general to temporarily take his place.
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former attorney general jeff sessions leaving work yesterday after president trump asked for his resignation. no one can say they didn't see this coming. >> i didn't get what happened before the votes were counted but he has been a proverbial dead man walking for several months. wear sessions was an early trump backer but his decision to recuse himself from the russia probe is something that the president never got over. sessions will be replaced with matthew whitaker who will oversee special counsel robert mueller. whitaker has been skeptical of the russia probe and democrats had a warning for the white house -- >> it would create a constitutional crisis if this were a prelude to ending or greatly limiting the robert mueller investigation. i hope president trump and those he listens to will refrain. >>reporter: all of this as the
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white house was reverberating from this -- >> put down the microphone. >> reporter: at a press coverage he sparred with a cnn reporter who offered his opinion about the caravans and mexico. the white house accused acosta of inappropriately touching a white house staffer and hours later they revoked his white house pass. >> this was one of a handful of heated exchanges the president had yesterday with reporters. thank you. our political analyst, brian sobel said he does not believe trump will try to stop the investigation by robert mueller. >> i think the president knows history. i don't think he will repeat history that way. if he wanted to truncate the mueller investigation it would've happened by now. >> when we asked about the news
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conference at the white house, brian sobel said he believes the president and the media need to hit the reset button. demonstrators gathered at city hall to protest the firing of jeff sessions. one percent said this decision shows president trump's intent on making irreparable changes to the country. 5:10. thousands of migrants are slowly water -- marching to the border. well and ears and the mexican government are offering food, shelter, clothing and medical attention to about 5000 marchers at a sports complex. the mexican government is offering refuge or asylum or work visas. the migrants have to decide if they will continue their journey to the american border or stay in mexico. union city police are investigating the death of a person hit by a freight train. the union pacific hit the person on the tracks near
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alvarado boulevard and falcon drive shortly after 10:00 last night. a spokesperson with the union pacific said the person was not it at a railroad crossing. 5:10. still ahead -- flavored tobacco products being pulled from the shelves in marin county. coming up, the new law and when this ban will take effect. plus, weeks away from one of the most anticipated shopping holidays of the year. how walmart is using special deals to steal business from its rivals. good morning. crossing the bay traffic is doing well. on westbound 92, for example, it looks good all the way to foster city. and the weather looks good up to the oregon border. we will have more on this. hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers,
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welcome back to mornings on 2. back to southern california. in thousand oaks 12 people were killed in an overnight mass shooting that happened at a bar and nightclub in thousand oaks which is northwest of los angeles. within the last 20 minutes president trump said he had been proofed and he thanked law enforcement for their work. the victims -- one of the victims was a sheriff's deputy, a 29 year veteran of the force.
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one of the reporters will bring us a live report. we will stay on this all morning long and continue to update the information. >> >> this is new video of a police chase that ended with a car in the water. this happened monday. the driver led officers on the chase of 88 80 -- 880. it lost control and crashed into the water near the colosseum. when it was over the driver got out of the car and the patrol officer arrested him. police in campbell believe a new program will cut down on the number of stolen bike. the officers say the thief was captured as a result of the new bicycle bait program. in the video you can see the men taking the bike. but the thief doesn't know is
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that police planted a gps device on the bike. officers say they were able to quickly track down the bike and the suspect. 5:15. wall street is celebrating the midterm election results. the dow jumped 545 points moving past the 26,000 level for the first time in a month. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq also jumped by more than 2%. healthcare stocks are up and investors see the democratic majority as a positive sign for the healthcare industry. the resignation of jeff sessions yesterday boosted cannabis related stock because jeff sessions has been against legalizing marijuana on a federal level. facebook is becoming the latest to offer a smart assistant for your home. this new device has been for video chatting over facebook messenger. they have a camera that will
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follow you around the room so you don't have to hold up the phone. users can display some photos and play music but you won't be able to browse facebook. small portal goes for 199 and the larger will sell for $349. 15 days away from the biggest shopping day of the year. walmart is kicking things off a little early. even willing out some deals as early as today. walmart will have door busters including sales on televisions and laptops. if you enjoy the annual shopping experience like i do, the black friday sale begins thanksgiving day at 6 pm. deals will be available online. this is our family tradition. we have our dinner and then we head out. i ask them if they are okay
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with working on thanksgiving and they say they love the atmosphere and the lights are on. >> and if you start to think about shopping now -- which we never do -- we are out there december 23. >> me tell you -- you can also save a lot of money by starting early. >> you can also save a lot of money if you start late and if you don't mind not finding what you want. deep discounts. >> yes, they are just trying to get things out. >> when you head out on christmas eve you find sales as well. >> yes. >> good morning. >>reporter: if you are getting on the road i want to let you know that traffic will be okay. the approach to the bay bridge on 80 westbound, you can see that the traffic is okay but it's getting more crowded. as you can see driving through the area. driving on northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose this super commute looks pretty good.
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all the way into the silicon valley. a nice looking drive with no major issues. into mountain view and sunnyvale. people are getting on the road early and they have an advantage getting to this area. driving on 101 or 85 it's off to a good start. >> 5:19. speaking of this, hello. >> thank you. i am off to a good start but my computer has been a little funky. i think we are back on track. it was a warm one yesterday. 80 degrees -- someone saw an ice cream truck in san jose yesterday. >> 79 degrees at 3:30. ♪ ice cream man. ♪ know >> it was very warm. gilroy was 82. east san jose 81.
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santa rosa 80. organ hill was 80. napa was 78. this pattern is locked in and it looks like in about 10 days there will be some kind of change. it's too far away to say but there are signals of something breaking down. until then it's going to be warm for us and wendy as well. we have a red flag warning. not as bad at the surface although at the delta it is moving along pretty good. northeast males and santa cruz mountains the red flag warning through tomorrow morning. mount diablo this is not showing up but i saw it at 66 miles an hour. black diamond to 20+. brent 115-20 and above the oakland berkeley hills about 30 mile an hour gusts. dry air coming in. everyone will be sunny and warm today. the northwind -- vacaville and fairfield do nor that 30. 58 degrees in fairfield and 59 at the airport and mountain
5:21 am
view also 59. morgan hill 38. 47 in santa cruz. 37 in boulder crate. campbell 42. a huge difference. even portland and seattle are in on the high pressure and the rain has ended and except for a few clouds it is sunny and warm. the fire danger is high going into tomorrow. the temperatures are well above average. in the city 59 degrees for the average low -- the average low is 51. looking for cold lows in about two days but until then it is one for everybody. cracking down on package thieves. coming up, how police are taking extra precautions this holiday season. plus, voters faced a long list of propositions. we will have more on this. and is the ballot initiative process working?
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it really is about who you know. linkedin makes it more accessible to people like me who wouldn't have those opportunities otherwise. it's been a great way for me to just reach out and have conversations. i've gotten to link up with some pretty cool people.
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getting back on my feet was hard.tary, i've gotten a lot of help off linkedin. there's, uh, transitioning veterans group. i've had a number of people be like, "hey man, i've been where you're at. you can do this." welcome back to mornings on 2. in the midterm election california voters were faced with 11 state oppositions. we have a look at what analysts say about the ballot initiatives and whether or not the process is working.>>reporter: the california voters said yes to providing more space to farm animals under proposition 12. >> proposition 11 saves lives by
5:25 am
making sure that medical care is not delayed in an emergency.>>reporter: they showed us compassion to ambulance workers. a mix of 11 oppositions on the ballot this year and voters said yes to six and no to five. >> it is hard to get a yes vote so it's better than trying to propose things. >>reporter: voters said no to proposition 6. that means these projects are still on. >> this clears the path to apply other funds to be able to engage in more projects. >> reporter: voters said no to proposition 8 which would regulate the amount outpatient clinics charge for dialysis treatment and they gave a thumbs down to the proposition
5:26 am
expanding local government authority to enact rent control on residential properties. since 1911 voters have rejected two thirds of all propositions brought by signature gathering. >> this political science professor said most of the props that pass get shot down by the court, never taking home. that includes the 2008 ban on same-sex marriage. 72% are found unconstitutional.>>reporter: should voters be the ones to decide dialysis costs? >> we should be more thoughtful about what the public votes on. you end up voting with your gut and sometimes it's right and sometimes it's not. >> these ballot measure politics are powerful. >>reporter: powerful and expensive. >> corporations spent $375 million on state propositions alone.
5:27 am
in the newsroom, rob roth, ktvu fox2news. california's next governor will be back in san francisco this morning. coming up, what is on his schedule today and questions about where his family will live now that he is governor. also the latest on the mass shooting in thousand oaks. 12 people killed at a bar while i college night event was going on. we have information incl [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. back. thursday morning november 8 i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pimco. thank you for joining us. we are talking about the wind and the red flag warning. some people are weighing in on twitter. they said it is a little breezy. >> yes, for some, not all. if you have the breeze it is very warm. if you don't it is in the 30s or 40s. in morgan hill it is 35 degrees. 10 miles away near san jose it was 56. 51 and breezy and south san jose on highway 85. keep an eye on your car thermometer. you may see some wild swings. in campbell it is 42. on our observation morgan hills
5:31 am
is 38. cupertino 55. a red flag warning at northeast males and santa cruz mount. it will take us through friday morning. but tonight it will taper off. high pressure and the next system is in nevada and that has cranked up the breeze for some. certainly out to the valley -- 20-30 miles an hour. at the napa airport it is mild and warm and 59. also in oakland hills and east bay hills and above caldecott and oakland to mount diablo to the northeast. very dry air and warm but the coast today. 30s to 50s and almost 60. 18 degrees warmer compared to 24 hours ago. at the airport +19 and mountain view 11. it will be sunny and warm today and 70s. a high of 31 -- sal is looking at the screen. >> yes, the traffic is a little
5:32 am
slow in some areas. westbound 80 starts off with solano county -- the super commute is a little slow on 780 getting to the westbound 80 at 780 interchange. you can see the traffic is going to be okay. driving through there have been no major issues. driving on 37 it's also slow and hercules traffic looks okay. getting to the bay. told plaza looks all right. also at the toll plaza the metering lights are on and traffic is beginning to build. 5:32. back to you. back to the breaking news in southern california where 12 people have died including a sheriff's deputy after a gunman opened fire inside a crowded dance bar. the deputy responded to an emergency call. we have allie rasmus in the studio with the details. this happened at the order line country music bar at 11:00 last night. it was a college night event and
5:33 am
paper dying -- pepperdine university confirmed that multiple students were at this bar when this happened. we don't have the identities yet but we know that 11 people were in the bar when they were killed a masked gunman walked in and according to witnesses said nothing but pulled out a firearm and started shooting. >> as soon as he walked in he went to the security guard and when the security guard dropped then he went for whoever was closed by. i saw two more people drop and from there i was in a pile and some guys next to me got up and started sprinting to the back door. they yelled at everyone to get up and run. >> it was 50 people trying to run out the back door all at once. >> 11 people inside the bar
5:34 am
died and as many as 20 others were injured. some people jumped out of shattered windows. the 12th person killed was a sheriff's sergeant, one of the first emergency responders to arrive. >> ongoing through the front door he was struck with gunfire. the patrol officer stepped back and secured the perimeter until additional units arrived. he rescued the sheriff's sergeant out of the line of gunfire. >> sergeant ron heius died at the hospital. he was a 29 year veteran of the sheriff's department. they said he was planning to retire next year. he leaves behind a wife and son. sheriff's deputies believed there was only one gunman involved and the man was discovered dead inside the bar. investigators have not released any information about him. in the meantime the sheriff's department has set up a family
5:35 am
unification center and they also have a hotline for anyone trying to locate loved ones and family members -- the number is at the bottom of the screen -- 805-465-6650. we will follow the latest developments on this story as the morning goes on. we will continue to follow the stories of heroism -- students and people in the bar helping one another. pam and dave, back to you. 5:35. beginning today pg&e could conduct another power outage because of the red flag warning across california. napa county and lake county are affected with more than 60,000 pg&e customers possibly without electricity through tomorrow. the utility took sonoma county off the list last night and pg&e said the only reason they make up the power is to reduce the risk of wildfires. >> we understand how important electricity is.
5:36 am
we are only doing this for the safety of our customers. >> we need power. people spend a lot of money to come to this festival. no one wants the power to go out. >> many tourists are in the wine country for that napa valley film festival. this venue is not expected to be affected however people in st. helena might lose power. 5:36. the week after thanksgiving democrats will vote on who they want as the next speaker of the house. the official public vote takes place in january. while nancy pelosi is considered the favorite several newly elected democrats that they will not vote for her. democrats will take control of the house for the first time since 2011. republicans are expanding their control in the senate. president trump talked about reasons for the republican victory in the senate during yesterday's white house news conference. >> by expanding our senate
5:37 am
majority the voters clearly rebuked the senate democrats for their handling of the cavanaugh hearings. that was a big factor. >>reporter: shortly after the news conference the trump administration received the resignation of jeff sessions as attorney general. is playing replaced by his chief of staff, matthew whitaker time a a vocal critic of robert mueller. today gavin newsom will serve meals at saint anthony's -- an organization that feeds the homeless. is getting ready for his new job in sacramento. he may not be moving to the governors mansion. he reportedly hesitated when asked if he plans to move into the home near the state capitol. he is hinting that his wife and children would be happy to stay in their current home in marin county. the woman taking newsom's
5:38 am
current job is eleni kounalakis -- california's first female lieutenant governor. >> this was the program for texting. we texted 1 million women across the state of california. wear she met with me at her campaign office in the campaign office the day after being elected the first lieutenant female governor. it is also the first time she has run for public office. >> i am a democratic activist. that has defined my life. >>reporter: the sacramento native said she has been politically active since she was 18. now 52, she has been a long time fundraiser for the democratic party. in 2010 barack obama appointed her u.s. ambassador to hungary
5:39 am
and she served there three years. she said the election of president trump in 2016 motivated her to run for public office. >> i don't think it was so much and intellectual decision as an emotional decision. >> she said she would like to make higher education more affordable and her new job includes serving as a trustee for the california state university. to me, it was personal. public higher education in california has been instrumental in my own life and my story. >> she said her father, an immigrant, worked in farm fields before getting an education at cal state. he went on to work in real estate and eventually started his own land development company. eleni kounalakis said she is the first in her family to get a four-year college degree and received her mba from berkeley. she said education is a pathway to social mobility.
5:40 am
eleni kounalakis edits her victory to personally visiting each of california's 58 counties. >> hearing their stories and crafting an answer to what people told us they needed. >> she said she does not view this job as a stepping stone to higher office. >> i'm not being coy about this. i get this all the time. this is an important, real job. >> eleni kounalakis takes office in january. she said her first order of business is to ask a lot of questions of the university system. in san francisco, amberly, ktvu fox2news. 5:40. there are several new records after these elections. an estimated 49% -- a record for a midterm election. tuesday nights results brought about a lot of first.
5:41 am
leased 110 female officials are heading to the u.s. senate and house in january. michigan and minnesota elected the first muslim women and new mexico and kansas sending the first native american women. many say this is the kind of diversity needed to better reflect the nation. >> with more leaders in congress who are women and people of color, i think more issues that are of concern for the larger community will come forward. >> there are a number of elected women serving in congress that are first-time candidates. this will empower more women to run. >> some say the change in the political climate and the rhetoric from the white house helped galvanize women to show up at the polls and also run for office. the marin county board of supervisors approved a ban on the sale of flavored
5:42 am
tobacco products. this in court that -- this includes mental cigarettes. this takes effect july 1 of next year. it only affects unincorporated areas of the county but similar bands back -- fans are in place in sausalito and san francisco and oakley and this comes as vaping is on the rise among high school students. >> coming up, the latest on the to million-dollar transit hub and when it could reopen. >> plus, what police are saying about this investigation. there good morning. the traffic is getting busier including the approach to the bay bridge. we will tell you about this when we come back. >> the afternoon highs will be
5:43 am
smoking hot -- maybe up to 80 degrees. we will let you know when we come back.
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5:45 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. new information into the newsroom about the overnight mess shooting in southern california. here you can see some of the moments after the shooting began at a bar in thousand oaks at 11:00 last night. moments ago a law enforcement official told the associated press that the loan shooter was a 29-year-old man. witnesses say he used a 45 caliber handgun. 12 people were killed including a sheriff's deputy's. we are checking in with a reporter on the scene and we will bring you continuing coverage of the mass shooting throughout the morning. 5:45. starting today the six week open enrollment begins for health insurance plans under
5:46 am
the affordable care act. the trump administration has created new rules allowing more options including less- expensive plans that don't have the consumer protections found under the obama administration. while these plans cost less they don't cover benefits like restriction -- prescription drugs and maternity care. they can also exclude coverage based on pre-existing conditions. this fire started yesterday morning at this building. one woman was trapped on the second floor in her apartment and this was next to where the fire was burning. she said she saw the flames coming and she picked up her dog and ran to the window. she considered jumping but she was rescued by firefighters. >> 5:46. police in the south they want witnesses to come forward after a google employee was hit and
5:47 am
killed by an employee shuttle bus monday night in mountain view. emily hong was hit and killed by a turning bus. police questioned the bus driver and passengers and they hope more witnesses will come forward. in the meantime police hope people in the area will be extra careful. >> eyes up and phones down. be aware. traffic safety is everyone's responsibility. >> this is not the first deadly crash involving a google bus. a motorcyclist died after being hit last december. as the holiday gift season approaches police are cracking -- cracking down on thieves. we got this look. authorities packed a box with a tablet
5:48 am
fitted with a gps tracker. an officer posing as a delivery person dropped off the box in pleasanton. the homeowner was in on this and left the package outside. police can remotely turn on the tablet making it ring to attract thieves. >> we want criminals to know that they don't know which packages are equipped with the decoys and which are not. >> this day no one tried to steal the package but the police will continue this operation. officers recommend packages be sent to a private mailbox or to your office. it is great to ask a neighbor to receive them. >> keep an eye on this. a lot of people have cameras these days. we show a video all the time of someone stealing packages. you are going to get caught. don't do it. right now
5:49 am
driving to the altamont pass week will show you this commute. the tracy super commute -- 580 has filled in before getting to the tracy triangle just outside this area. tracy 205 with slow traffic trying to get over to the livermore area. by the time you get to livermore it is much better and there are no major problems although it is slowing at the castor valley area. 880 looks good and 580 is still ahead of schedule. when you get to the bay bridge there is a backup of about 20 minutes before you make it onto the spam. it's 5:49. let's ring and steve with the forecast. i will get right to it -- clear and windy for son and not for others. good morning from cool elsa brontk. them evening temperatures drops when the sun goes down. >> i was just telling dave --
5:50 am
this time of year it is amazing. >> usually these temperatures are not reported. i don't know what is going on. if you use a can a show valley road coming over this past by the concord billion it is 56. walnut creek is 39. 52 in martinez. some big spread. the height yesterday -- in napa and morgan hill and santa rosa and east san jose -- 78-82 degrees. high pressure continues to be a dominant feature. it is not to change until maybe after the 16th. there are some signs that around the 17th of things finally beginning to move and change in a favorable direction instead of just high pressure. until then i read like morning through friday morning. also the santa cruz mountains.
5:51 am
this system has picked up the breeze. this is what we are looking out. not too bad at the service for son but for others it is in place. fairfield and vacaville and davis to the napa airport -- the northwind. for some it is holding up the low temperatures. as well in the north and east bay hills. above the oakland zoo and mount diablo -- north northeast. you can see the dry air spilling in and the coast will warm up today. 59 in san francisco currently. 59 of the napa airport. berkeley is 55 and lakeport is 30 and santa rosa 42. 57 in brentwood. 18 more compared to yesterday. livermore +14 and mountain view +11. the breeze makes a huge efforts. >> even in seattle and portland is a dry pattern and a warm one. 70s for everybody to near 80 for some. tomorrow looks to be about the same. when the wind tapers off we
5:52 am
will see some cold lows. until then high temperatures will be in the 70s to near 80. without the breeze it stop and today it looks nice for everybody going into the weekend. it's 5:52. big honors today at the park in san francisco. the giants inviting you to be a part of it. have a life and legacy of will make coffee -- willie mccovey will be celebrated today. >> i am a family man.
5:53 am
i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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5:54. today the giants will celebrate the life of baseball legend willie mccovey. they are inviting you and everyone to take part in this celebration starting at 11:30. it will include speeches by giants great including gaylord perry and others. willie mccovey was an incredible player and played 19 of 22 seasons for the giants. he was a hall of fame first baseman. he died last week after a long illness at 80. one month away from the winter meetings for baseball and the giants new general manager will be there looking some deals, hoping to get the giants back to the playoffs. he was introduced yesterday to the media and said he will be looking at the minor leagues
5:56 am
and free agents and trades to improve the giants. >> this is day one for me. i'm eager to get opinions from a wide range of people on what they think makes sense in terms of a broad direction. i think where we are everything must be on the table in terms of how we move forward. >> he came up through the ranks with the oakland a's and was the general manager for the la dodgers for the past four seasons. >> the warriors are hosting the box tonight. green has a sprained toe. he heard it monday night and missed the entire second half. the warriors coach doesn't think we will stay out long. the lakers and lebron james hosted the timberwolves last night. lebron once again was lebron. look at that.
5:57 am
big dunks and key shots. derrick rose led the timberwolves with 31 points. at the end of the night he couldn't get minnesota the wind. the lakers won 114-110. lebron's first game against the warriors will be christmas day in oakland. 5:57. still learning more about the mass shooting overnight. the latest on the investigation after 12 people were killed including a sheriff's deputy. >> >> the approach to macarthur remains good. coming around to a crowded bay bridge toll plaza. for some it's cold and in the 30s and for others it is 59 degrees. we will take a look at this coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
he gave his all. tonight as i told his wife he died a hero. he went in to save lives, to save other people. >> the sheriff's deputy is one of 12 people killed in an
6:00 am
overnight shooting at a bar in southern california. we have team coverage. from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark. new information coming in about a shooting suspect found dead -- accused in a mass shooting at a popular bar in southern california. they have identified him but they have not released his name. 12 were killed including the sheriff's deputies responded to the emergency. >> allie rasmus has an update on the shooting investigation. >> here's what we know. investigators say the suspect is 29 and that he deployed a smoke device before opening fire in a crowded bar overnight. he used a


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