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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 9, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PST

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north bay. good morning, thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2", friday morning, november 9th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we're starting with the breaking news of the massive wildfire, still raging out of control in butte county. the camp fire has burned 31 square miles, tens of thousands of people near chico were forced to evacuate. in the small town of paradise, the whole community was ordered to evacuate. people living north of paradise were forced to evacuate from two towns. according to the local newspaper there are several fatalities and as many as 1,000 buildings have burned. kelsey reports from the emergency shelter asheout a com paradise.
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>> reporter: the american red cross has set up an evacuation center. they can accommodate hundreds here. we spoke with some folks who are devastating and they don't know if their homes are still standing. >> you can see flames shooting up all over. it was horrible. >> it looked like it was midnight, you couldn't see anywhere, stuff was coming down everywhere. >> could you see the whole ridge, the whole ridge was a blaze, it just made me sick, the whole ridge was nothing, but fire. >> people describe a chaotic and frightening scene. >> bonnie flores grabbed what she could. >> it was absolutely horrifying. it was, i had to drive, i had to get myself out of paradise. >> she tells me it took 6 hours to drive 31 miles from her home at the butte county fairgrounds. >> and it was just bumper to
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bumper fire, the leaves coming to the tires and embers coming down. >> this was all she was able to take with her. >> i got clothes i was able to grab, my medicine, my dad made this ship, all of this, my little thing, my mom loved this thing, she died a long time and she gave it me before she died. >> and flores and presents trying to comfort each other. >> we have nothing now. >> the 79-year-old said she saw flames destroy her home, other homes, a hardware store and a church and more. >> the high school is gone, it's all gone, there's nothing. >> jim brand is grateful for his rv and truck, home for now. his wife and cat are safe, but he doesn't know if his still standing. >> we left, i'm sorry -- maybe i'll be going back today and we may never go back, don't
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know, it's hard. >> volunteers have been setting up the shelter, tables, chairs are welcomed at the butte county fairgrounds, notebooks who have been evacuated, they say they're having a difficult time with paradise lost. radise lost. well, here's a list of some of the places in butte county that are offering shelter to evacuees in orrville, that includes the orrville nazarene church and the butte county hospital and the east avenue church is open as a shelter, neighborhood church is designated as an emergency shelter, but it's already at capacity. classes at several northern california colleges are closed today. butte county college is closed today. and the poor air quality in the
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bay area has led to class concentrations at santa rosa and state college. and bill martin grew up in the town of paradise. bill talked to people who live there and were forced to evacuate and he heard from many who lost their homes. last night on the ten o'clock news, he record from the paradise area. >> -- he reported from the paradise area. >> he said this is hearsay, this is what he told me, he said it sounds gone, he said 80% of that town is destroyed. >> bill says it took some evacuees 6 to 9 hours to get to safety, they had to drive through jammed up roads. some evacuees pulled along the road and slept inside of the to
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members who can't reach each other after a disaster. the sheriff's office is getting hundreds of calls for deputies to check on the fire zone who are not accounted for right now. you can find the link on our website k tv the red flag warning expires at 7:00 this morning. pg&e shut off power to thousands of homes in butte county and they didn't shut off customers in the bay area despite the red flag warning, weather conditions locally did not measure. speaking of weather conditions, lets check in with steve about the air quality, will there will be anything that helps today? >> not today. >> and the firefight, it's dry -- >> it's dry and it will be windy. at least through the morning
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hours, things will taper a little bit. lets get to the away here. wind is still 30 miles per hour, 20 to 30 miles per hour and it is north, northeast, some of the conditions there, c 25, 25 as well. it's very dry and the smoke continued because it's to had the northeast of us, the wind direction is out of the northeast, or east northeast, that's brought a lot of that back, that smoke into the bay area, and a lot of observations are saying cloudy, it's a smoke layer, the wind will tail off at 7:00, that's the direction, you can see some of the higher elevations, it's windy here in oakland, we have other locations, it's not nearly as bad. it's sunny and fair, and hazy conditions, still warm for us, things are not changing that much. i think the highs come down a little bit. there's so much of that smoke. mount diablo is getting gusts
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and black diamond has it northeast and brentwood, bad as yesterday. they had gusts at 30 miles per hour, very dry air over us, temperatures starting off, 30s, 40s and 50s, we'll end up with 70s for everybody again. sal, here's an update on the friday traffic, we hope it's light. >> so far the commute is light, we have road work on 580 westbound. traffic is going to be slow right here. the road work is right before the brake check area in the truck scales here. there is road work here, traffic will be a little slow, hopefully they'll clear that up soon and the traffic will get better. no problems, livermore to dublin, it's light there, 880 northbound and southbound traffic is moving along nicely. if you're driving to the bay bridge, smoky from what you've seen, but traffic myou at the
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desk there are two fires burning in southern california, they're in the himself of ventura county, threatening homes and prompting evacuations, i want to take a look at the area. the fires are burning northwest of los angeles near simi valley, some homes and businesses have already burned, 30,000 homes are still considered threatened. one fire is being fueled by strong santa ana winds, there's 0% containment and there are mandatory evacuations near the channel islands. the fire jumped highway 101 which has been down in both directions in that area. the fire is at 0 containment. schools across ventura county are closed today because of those two fires. we'll have live coverage continuing all morning long of the wildfires burning, northern california and southern california, we are anticipating
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an update from cal fire at 7:00 this morning. our time is now 4:08, authorities are looking for the motive of the mass shooting at at country music dance bar. they said late wednesday night, the gunman walked into the borderline bar and grill and started shooting. 12 victims were killed including a veteran sheriff's deputy. the shooter was ian david long and he killed himself. they're going through his home and trying to find clues. he lived with his mother a couple of miles away from the bar. neighbors say the man and his mother went through hard times, they could be heard yelling at concerned he was es. dealing with post traumatic stress disorder or some other mental health problem. neighbors called police and they arrived and found him vict
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had been identified. sergeant ron helus was the first responder on the scene and cody coffman also died in the shooting, he leaves behind 3 younger brothers. his father talked to reporters moments after he found out his son was among the dead. >> his name was cody coffman, my first-born son. only him, and i know, i love and i miss him. oh, this is so hard. >> the father said that cody was getting ready to join the army, he was excited about beginning a career in the military. a college freshman who grew up in the napa was among those killed in the ina housley graduated from vintage high
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school. and her classmates and others are shocked by her death. >> she had a smile on her face, she was a beast on the soccer field and a supporter of everyone's dream. >> they gathered on the soccer field at the high school where she competed as an athlete. adam housely tweeted this statement: statement: in thousand oaks, thousands of people attended the vigil for the victims. some had been in the bar during the shoot and escaped -- shooting and escaped. >> the borderline bar and grill
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in thousand oaks is special. this man met his girlfriend a year and a half ago. >> it was a place, you have fun and dance, no worries, a great place to just enjoy yourself. >> but last night while celebrating his 20th birthday, the borderline bar and grill became a gunman's target. >> i heard a couple of pops, four or five, the loudest thing i ever heard in my life. it was shocking. >> justin helped his girlfriend to be the stairs and got to the exit. >> we heard a silence and we heard the rest running out, we heard more and more. the worst thing there was one guy screaming in pain above the rest, it was the hardest thing to hear. what were you able to do if you went back to go. >> for him there's guilt in the grief. he joined at a coun
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borderline bar and grill alive. and the sheriff's deputy was the first officers to respond. and a family is comforted that so many people care. and it's given this young man what new sense of what's important. >> life can go by so quick. i didn't think anything like this would happen. i need to enjoy little things and enjoy the rest of my life. that's what i'm going to do. our time is 4:13, someone in oakland accused of getting a 13-year-old to set off an explosive. we'll tell you what that teen was doing to help set off an explosive before police officers. and steph curry will have to get checked out.
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. welcome back to "mornings on 2", the two men criminally charged in oakland deadly ghost ship warehouse fire are scheduled to be in court today. the two could be assigned to a judge for the case moving forward. the trial will remain in alameda county and could begin as early as april. the two defendants are charged with 36 counts of involuntary
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manslaughter, one for each person killed in that fire. 40 more stores will be closed. several k-mart stores owned by sears are on the list. no bay area stores are on the list, but some are in southern california. there are several bay area stores, sears will have less than 400 stores. the company hopes to be profitable if they can survive bankruptcy. we're 14 days away from one of the biggest shopping days of the year and a new report will show how much they expect to spend -- consumers expect to spend this year. the average american plans to be spend $520. here's the interesting part. most of the purchases will be for themselves and not on they plan to buy clothing, 47% plan to buy laptops, 37% plan to buy
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tvs and 26% plan to buy toys or jewelry. and steph curry of the warriors will have an mri, he hurt his leg in the 4th quarter. he limped off the floor, don't know when he was hurt. he missed over 30 games last season and he may miss some games this season. they're playing without green who has sprained toe. >> oh, man, it is not right, some of the things he can do on the floor! >> man on the court, the warriors have to ck, the milwaukie bucks, they cruised to a 134-111 win against the warriors. the next game is at home against the brooklyn nets. lets check in with sal.
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what are you keeping an eye on, the early morning commute? >> some of the commutes are off to a pretty good start. i'm looking at the bay bridge, the traffic is light at the toll plaza, there's been no major issues here as you drive up to the gates, it tense to look good in san francisco with no delays. gilroy to 101, the gilroy supercommute, this looks pretty good as you drive up to the valley. there's been road work although it hasn't affected traffic in a major way. a couple of lanes here and there, the traffic is light. you can see traffic here on 280 and san jose, looks good. some of the pictures today, you can see the smoke that's moved into the bay area, this is a look at the westbound bay bridge, traffic is light, i want to go back to show it smok flags there, they're half- staff, they're at the toll plaza, the government building,
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in honor of the police officer and have been killed. 4:19, lets go to steve. >> do you see the flags, they're due east. >> i see that. >> it's windy in parts of oakland, but for other locations it's a complete opposite of yesterday. it's smoky and hazy for everybody. at 101 to willis, this was from mendocino complex fire county to bay area. there's a smoke layer, the observations are saying cloudy, it's not cloudy, it's the smoke layer coming in from paradise. a red flag warning goes until 7:00. wind is coming down a little bit. there are still gusts from 30 to 40, er elevations, you see the observations, even for some. 26, 33, 11%, it's a northerly or easterly breeze. we're pattern
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that shows no signs of breaking down, it will be a long stretch, probably about 3 weeks, we'll see if things change after that. for a while, into early next week, nothing is changing, it should take a few degrees off the high temperatures, the angle of some isn't as high. we are getting a northeasterly breeze, and it gets westerly, even plaque hawk, things are changing a little bit, but still it's going to be a day. 30s, had 40s and 50s on the temperatures, some locations are cold already. it's 35 in petaluma, 35 novato, one observation in napa is 5, and wood acthere's a huge difference, a little system is coming through vancouver and seattle. you can see ming right down fro north, northeast. i brought the temperatures down, and too much cloud cover
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will take away from the temperatures. it's hazy and mild with 70s at the coastal bay. we're dealing with commuter problems in muni and getting new trains running dealing with overcrowding. the president is expected to speak about immigration today and the new administration's policy on asylum for immigrants.
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welcome back to "mornings
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on 2", our time is 4:24, this australia said a deadly knife attack is related to terrorism. three people were stabbed by a man who got out of a truck and attacked them. one of the three people died. the attacker went after the police before he was shot. that man later died at the hospital. investigators found barbecue gas tanks in the back of the truck and they disabled them before they exploded. the attacker was originally from somalia and known to police, and it's being investigated as a case of terrorism. chief justice ginsberg is recovering from breaking three ribs. she's in the hospital and she's up and working and actually making jokes about the injury. progressives are hoping she's in good health and will not step down from the court. her injury has prompted a
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political conversation on twitter. and one activists said she can have her ribs, and even her links. we wish her a speedy recovery but when she regains her health we would like her to retire. and president trump plans to make the asylum rules tougher. they won't be able to claim asylum, only people who cross at official border crossings will be processed. it's the way to stop the caravan coming from south america. and they upheld a ruling against the trump administration in their efforts to end daca, the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. the case will go to the supreme court which could affirm that d daca protection about 600,000 immigrants who were brought to the us illegally as children
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from being deported. president trump's plan to end daca has been on hold since january when they ruled in favor of the daca recipients. it's 4:27, some of the areas bravests are headed to the fire lines, the local crews preparing to battle the fire in butte county. >> there's an alert, the winds pushed the smoke from the camp fire into the bay area. other than the smoke, the traffic is moving well so far as you drive on this friday morning. day morning. >> that smoke and haze will take a few degrees off our friday high temperatures, we'll be on the mild side. we'll show you that coming up. u that coming up.
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ed you
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. good morning to you, welcome back to "mornings on 2", friday morning november 9th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook, a very busy day. i want to check in with steve at the old stomping grounds. >> i was up there in chico, i went up there with snow, tubing you, my daughter and friends are there, they're all home, chico is closed, it's a deadly situation up there. >> i was looking for observations, i think the weather underground, i don't think there will any more left in paradise, for obvious reasons. lets get to the graphics. smoke from the fire in paradise, that was yesterday and all of the way to the bay area. there's plenty of smoke and haze in there. a lot of observation beings say cloudy, it's not cloudy, it's the smoke layer up at 3 or 4 feet. it goes from 7:00 in the


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