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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 9, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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. good morning to you, welcome back to "mornings on 2", friday morning november 9th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook, a very busy day. i want to check in with steve at the old stomping grounds. >> i was up there in chico, i went up there with snow, tubing you, my daughter and friends are there, they're all home, chico is closed, it's a deadly situation up there. >> i was looking for observations, i think the weather underground, i don't think there will any more left in paradise, for obvious reasons. lets get to the graphics. smoke from the fire in paradise, that was yesterday and all of the way to the bay area. there's plenty of smoke and haze in there. a lot of observation beings say cloudy, it's not cloudy, it's the smoke layer up at 3 or 4 feet. it goes from 7:00 in the morning. there will be blustery conditions for a few.
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a lot of the higher elevations are coming down a little bit. everything is coming down out of the north, northeast. it's driving the smoke towards us, upper 60s to near 70 today, the humidity is low, the best observation is getting to 48 degrees, north, northwest at 15, humidity is 18%, and it's 17%, 33, 11%. it will be a tough day for the firefighters, it's not hot enough, but it's warm enough. look for a lot of 70s under hazy skies today. sal is here and we're wearing the same high. >> are we? >> blue tie. >> that means we're buddies. >> we've been buddies. . all right. traffic is doing well if you're driving from is a lane closure owe county into the contra costa county region. you can see traffic from fairfield to vallejo getting to the hercules area, a good start
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for a friday, no major problems on the richmond bridge, this is 1 minutes getting from the carquinez bridge and a small delay at the bay bridge toll plaza, 4:32 let's go back to you at the desk thank you, sal. several teams are going to fight the fire in butte county. many homes have burned and many others are threatened. and jessie talked to the firefighters as they were prepared to head out. >> reporter: santa clara county's bravest are headed to fight the growing threat called the camp fire, we see in bu county, santa clara provides apparatus to not just our department, but all agencies in the county. >> immediate need strike teams from here and all over the
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state respond in times of crisis, each team consists of five engines and a strike leader. this will include palo alto and all three will go up to the butte county. it could last from 1 to 2 weeks. >> they get everything they need to fight the fire and what they need to support themselves for the next one to two weeks is on that fire engine. >> the strike teams, they're hours from home it, doesn't include cooperating service wit county. all of the agencies are providing extra level of staffing during these red flag conditions. >> conditions that create a need for first responders to hit the road in hopes of putting down a growing natural disaster. disaster.
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san francisco firefighters are in butte county. the fire department showed photos and video of the strike team rolling out of the city yesterday afternoon. at least 3 san francisco fire engines are in butte county right now. >> more than 60 firefighters from marin county headed to butte county, that includes firefighters from san francisco, novato and east bay. firefighters are driving north towards the camp fire. the exit resources include firefighters from oakland, hayward, freemont and contra costa county. the huge camp fire has sent smoke streaming south to the bay area. in sonoma county, here's a tweet that was isn't out advising nta rosa junior college will be closed today. they issued an advisory for the entire bay area.
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>> as the glow hovered over the bay area while carrying the smoke over butte county some 180 miles away. smoke filled bay area skies for most of the day. this is what it looked like in the oakland hills where hill tops and buildings were difficult to see. >> the air is dry and i can feel it dry and scratchy in my throat. >> this is a large fire and the smoke plume came down rapidly. >> lisa is with the bay area management district and the smoke was bad in marin county and sonoma and napa counties, where air quality dropped to a unhealthy orange. >> peep he will need to keep air windows and doors closed so they're not drawing smoky air into their home. >> some parents were concerned about their children playing outdoor sports. >> the air quality in freemont is bad, not only this, a couple
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of months ago, , and the kids playing sports, it affects them. >> julio's son tyler is sensitive to the smoke. >> i have asthma, it's hard to breathe, my throat is getting clogged up. >> to me, it's thick, i guess that's the best way to put it. it gave me a headache for half of the day. >> coaches coming to a minimum and considering indoor practices, they're planning to limit their time outdoors. >> hopefully the air quality is not bad for two long, it's fun out here, i want to keep having fun, we'll be outside and be active. our too many is 4:36, investigators say it's too early to know the motive of the deadly attack at a the crime scene, the gunman's home and his car. the f.b.i. stays they're trying to paint a
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picture of the gunman's state of mind. the gunman identified as 28- year-old former marine ian long who may have been battling ptsd, he killed himself after if the shooting ram page. we're learning that one of the people killed had survived another mass shooting last year. that victim had attended last year's country music concert in las vegas, and a gunman killed 58 people. a social media site said he's joined our 58 angels. the man was an eagle scout and he served in the navy. our time is 4:37, and goveorgavin newsom drew attention to the gun violence. he made his first public appearance since being elected governor tuesday night.
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>> reporter: governor elect gavin newsom was handing out meals to those less fortunate in san francisco but on his mind was this mass shooting. >> we can't normalize this as another night in america, it's happening in states around the country. it's happening on an hourly basis and it doesn't exist anywhere else on planet earth, he spoke out against the nra and gun culture, and they're not doing enough. >> california will do its job, i have all of the confidence in the world. it's insane, that's the only way to describe, the normalsation. >> the governor elect plans
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hit the ground running in january and tackle homelessness and transportation. >> there's no timelines, no -- >> on immigration, he says no state has more to lose. >> we are a border state. we have a completely different border story to tell, one of the most dynamic border in terms of economic activity jam and gavin newsom will announce a website and a key point for the transition, whether he will move into thwill make that decision with his wife and four kids, but he did joke that have to give jerry brown an eviction notice.
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authorities received a 911 call yesterday that a man was point ago gun at people along communal real, they took him into custody. upon closer inspection, the gun was fake. he was arrested on several charges. one man is due back in court after being accused of enlisting the help of a 13-year- old boy to detonate an explosive device that injured several oakland police officer. and this man was charged with the incident back on march 23rd. wilson was stabbed to death on a platform at the macarthur bart station. gains lit an illegal firework and the boy threw it at police officers. they used video to identify gains and tracked down the 13- year-old. >> we weexpect but
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once we took him into custody he was pretty forth coming, he apologized, he didn't realize that it was going to hurt officers at the time. the boy pled guilty to a conspiracy charge, gains is being held on $3 million bail. our actual is 4:41, we have a new way to report hate crimes. the oakland police department has a new hotline, it's for victims and witnesses of hate crimes. it will be checked every day by the police and calls will be returned as soon as possible. the hotline number is on your screen. screen. right now it's 4:41, we're only 2 weeks away from black friday. up next, how much consumers are going to ct at google. the new policy handed down by google's ceo. good morning you can see
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try my all-american made with 100% ribeye beef fresh spring mix, and provolone cheese on a potato bun. it's a burger as american as bald eagles. i get it, i'm bald. fast food's first and only ribeye burgers are back, america. try them today. highway 12 is open again after a big rig fire sparked a grass fire.
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and they're heading east when it caught fire at noontime yesterday. thfire that burned 1500 acres near nurse. if lu, and fire fires could battle the flames. no evacuations were caused and no injuries were reported google has agreed to change how it handles cases of sexual misconduct after a huge walkout last week. they outlined the changes in a letter to employees. >> a sign of change at google. the ceo promised policy changes and more transparency for sexual misconduct claims. we recognize we haven't gotten everything right in the past and we're sincerely sorry for that. it's clear we need to make changes. he outlined several charges, including arbitration will be optional, better care for those
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who come forward. and dock employees who don't complete training, and discourage excessive alcohol drinking and they said 20% of people were drinking alcohol. >> they're trying to understand what are the factors that are causing this kind of a dysfunctional culture in companies. >> meg virck says not only does the announcement heard the employees, she applauds the company for looking deeper into the male dominated culture. >> they are addressing issues and it will signal to other companies that they need to look at other processes, to that extent i think google has done a nice job. >> google employees worldwide took part in the walk out following a news article that employees were ousted and being
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paid multi-million-dollar payouts. >> there were other demands didn't answer, that's the question, is what he doing enough? there is a push among employees, especially at google to have more say the way google acts. >> the google walkout was a water shed moment for silicon valley and now for the ceo's response, we'll see if it has any other ripple effects. ripple effects. the time is 4:47, the agency that runs muni is spieth speeding up the plans to buy more trains, they agreed it buy new trains and having them run in the next decade. they hope to speed up the purchase orders and deliveries, they're trying to ease overcrowding at the metro rail lines. >> they're teenagers, it jumped # 7% among 77% among
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high schools and 57% among middle school students, they're going to ban them in certain stores around the country. minors will be not be allowed inside. they'll require age verification measures for online sales. and there's smoke in the air, as soon as you step outside, you'll smell it. sal is watching what's happening on the roads right now. that's right. visibility may not be good, if it's mixed in with fog, i don't see fog on our cameras, i see smoke, lets go out and take a look at e on the altamont pass, traffic is slow, so even sometimes on fridays we get these backups and part of it is because of the construction work. livermore, it looks better, and driving through the main part of the area you dent see slow traffic
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right this is interstate 880, it's looking good and there's a little bit of a line, lets brin weather. thank you, sal. getting right to it, santa rosa and oakland, it's smoke layer 3 to 4,000, and everybody is seeing haze and smoke. that's what we'll do from mendocino complex fire county to santa clara county. annal better westcockk said: estcockk said: the smoke air quality will not be good, it was bad yesterday, it will continue to be bad today. i would not look for much improvement in that. we're looking for an easterly, or northeasterly breeze for so. a lot is gone in paradise. i could not find anything some of this might be old. inf
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it doesn't mean the wind will tail off completely. it's gusty in oakland, coming off the oakland berkeley hills. still gusts coming down, it's tough to get information again. it looks like 40s, north, northwest, 15, humidity will continue to be low. it's about a 48 mile-per-hour wind, 3,000 feet to the east of paradise. that one information we can see. 60s, 70s on the temperatures, breezy for some. it's a dry pattern unfortunately for us, probably all of the way out to the 17th. that's wait it looks, we may go three weeks before we see a pattern change here. we have a breeze above the caldecott. it's 25 from the oakland zoo. it's also an easterly or northerly breeze. if it wasn't for the smoke, we would have widespread sunshine today. it will be a hazy day.
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napa is 33 and santa rosa is 34, and fairfield is 38 and concord is 37. concord out by the concord pavillion, that's warmer than brentwood and pleasanton 39. there's a eastern breeze coming off of the hills. there's nothing for us, 70s on the temperatures, it may be cooler than this because of the smoke layer taking a few degrees off the high temperatures, it will be dry for awhile. >> thank you, steve. the time is 4:51, the fans showed their love for willie mccovey and turned out to the special tribute at at&t park and why be remembered for a lot more than baseball.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the time is 4:5 had, the pittsburgh -- the time is 4:54, the panthers blew out the -- the steelers blew out the panthers on thursday touchdown. >> it sure was, the steelers took an early lead with a pick 6, they scored a season high 52
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points, look at this, 5 touchdowns, the steelers beat the panthers 62-21, the next game is with the jacksonville jaguars and the panthers will play the detroit lions. a big crowd of giants fans got together at at&t park celebrating the life of willie mccovey, they're remembering him for being more than just a baseball player. >> today we're celebrating a life. >> and in willie mccovey's life there is so much to celebrate. >> no giant's player has been more beloved than willie mccovey. >> i want to thank mac of ll's >> the great willie mac, his hall of fame numbers don't begin to tell the story of his numbers. >> that's pulse and heart beat
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there, that guy played for the name and fun of his uniform not the one on his back. >> a litany of anecdotes and testimony for hose who knew him. >> he was one of the greatest human beings i've ever seen in my life. he was so clean. >> because to know willie was to admire him. >> as i watched him, i was holding my cane and i would say, i want to be like him. >> my hope and my prayer is that when i get to heaven, there will be a baseball field like heaven and the greatest gift the greatest gift that god could give me is having the opportunity to pitch to willie mccovey, if there was one consistent thread in this testimony was that willie
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mccovey was an unbelievable ballplayer and the spirit will remain in the ballpark, and willie mccovey forever a giant. the time is 4:57, we're still watching that huge fire burning in butte county, thousands of people forced to evacuate and the camp fire keeps growing and we have the latest on firefight. we're learning more about the victims and suspect of the mass shooting in southern california. one of the people killed was from the north bay.
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breaking news in northern california from overnight, an estimated 1,000 homes and businesses have burned, and there are reports of fatalities in the huge fire burning in butte county. >> in southern california new video overnight, mandatory evacuations in ventura county for wildfires burning not far from this week's mass shooting. all of this causing incredibly smoky conditions around the bay area, right now, this morning we have live team coverage starting right now. starting right now. good morning, thank you for
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joining us on mornings on 2, friday morning, november 9th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. we want to get to the big story this morning, the devastating wildfire burning up in butte county. there are reports of fatalities, smoke from the fire has come in from the bay area, we begin with a he's harrington from -- alyssa harrington from butte county. >> right now there are mandatory evacuations happening. behind me you can see there's fire burning on the hillsidehig 27,000 people. hundreds of residents are still unaccounted for, the fire destroyed homes and businesses and injured civilians and firefighters, there are reports of fatalities. the camp fire started


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