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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 9, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, friday morning, november 9th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. we want to get to the big story this morning, the devastating wildfire burning up in butte county. there are reports of fatalities, smoke from the fire has come in from the bay area, we begin with a he's harrington from -- alyssa harrington from butte county. >> right now there are mandatory evacuations happening. behind me you can see there's fire burning on the hillside. we're on highway 99 outside of paradise, this camp fire has devastated the small town of 27,000 people. hundreds of residents are still unaccounted for, the fire destroyed homes and businesses
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and injured civilians and firefighters, there are reports of fatalities. the camp fire started yesterday in a rural area near highway 70 in the feather river canyon, this fire is being driven by erratic winds, it's sending residents flowing from their homes. >> you can see flames shooting up all over, all over. it was horrible. >> it looked like it was midnight, you couldn't see anywhere, smoke, stuff was coming down everywhere, you could see the whole ridge, the whole ridge was a blaze, just, you know, it made me sick, the whole ridge was nothing, but fire. >> evacuees waited in bumper to bumper traffic to escape, there are evacuations ordered for paradise, butte creek canyon and there are thousands of
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structures that are threatened. one thing that people will notice is there are road closures, there are live wires on ground. it's a fluid and dangerous situation out here. thus of firefighters are on the scene and are being brought in from different counties to assist. they're trying to get a handle on the situation as they come in and the fire is spread. here are the places in butte county offering shelter to evacuees. they include the orrville nazarene church annealed county hospital is open and butte county fairgrounds and the neighborhood church is designated an emergency shelter, but we're told it's already filled to capacity. butte county is asking evacuees to register on the red cross' safe and well website, that's where family members who can't contact each other after a disaster can make contact.
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the sheriff's office is getting hundreds of calls asking deputies to check on people who live in the fire zone, but are not accounted for right now. you can find a link to the safe and well site on our website, and butte college is closed because of the camp fire, that includes the chico isn't and the sky way center and the cosmo tolling center. -- cost nottology center -- cosmo tolling center. >> and pg&e shut off power to 34,000 homes and businesses, and gas services are suspended. the utility didn't shut off power to customers despite the
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red flag warning. weather conditions didn't warrant the safety manager. the time is 5:03, there's an air alert today because of the smoke from the fires in butte county. leigh martinez, you're continuing our coverage. you're talking about the bad air. >> good morning, and it's so bad, i woke up with a terrible headache and irritated eyes, out here it's not as bad as oakland, though, it's in the orange, compared to areas like oakland and san francisco that are now in the red. the spare the air alert is extending to gilroy and far east as brentwood and discovery bay, you're going to run your home or air-conditioner, on recycle or recirculate. this is what it looked like in oakland hills yesterday, where hill tops and buildings were difficult to see, the smoke is coming from the cap fire
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burning 180 miles away in butte county, it's 20,000 acres and 0% containment. it's calling elevated levels of particulate pollution, and in march republican sonoma, it's dropped from red to orange, the air quality district put more areas such as san francisco, oakland and livermore all in the red. the more moderate air quality areas are in the south, san jose, redwood city and concord in the east bay, and the winter spare the air alert is issued, it was issued thursday night by the bay area air quality district. many have itchy throats and burning sensation in the eyes. and they're advising people sensitive to the smoke to limit their activity until air quality improves. >> it will be important for people to close their windows and doors and keep their air-
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conditioners in homes and cars on recirculate so they're not drawing smoke into their home. >> outdoor wood burning or fuel is banned during this alert. we're out here in venetia and you can see the sky inversion right now. it's not so bad in vallejo and venetia compared to san francisco and oakland which is in the red. you may feel fatigue, poor air quality can cause that. if you have respiratory problems, you're advised to communicate with your doctor, which activity level you should be doing today and following any directions such as having to leave the area if you need to. need to. thank you, my eyes have been burning my chest, it's bad north of the golden gate as well.
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>> we can smell it in the studio. >> yes, it was warm yesterday, i saw a snake, what month is this? that's what we're dealing with, warm temperatures and hazy smoky skies, there's smoke everywhere, even at the superbay at sfo, i think they're lost. the air quality will be bad, it will continue to be bad today. it was bad yesterday, and it will be bad down it santa clara county. i'm not sure if some of these are still operating, i looked on the meso net, and i can find one to the northeast of chico and that is it. there's a good gust, interesting no note at 4:00 in the morning, the in a nap airport was 33 degrees and downtown oakland was 63
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degrees, a 30-degree spread, they're getting a breeze off the oakland hills. paradise 48 to start, there are observations that it's colder than that. but, it's trying to get as close as i can, the highs are in the upper 60s and 70s. there's a northeast breeze, seeing observations coming off of twitter. hazy skies, breezy for some and smoky skies today. it will bring the high temperatures down a little bit. some observations are saying cloudy, it's not colloids that's smoke and haze, you can see off the oakland and berkeley hills, there's the wind coming in at 20 or 30 miles per hour at the berkeley lab, there's a warm pattern for us. 30s, 40s and 50s to almost 60s degrees, we'll end up with 70s for highs today. 5:08, sal is here looking at the screen, friday night or something new. >> it's slow coming into the altamont pass which is normal, steve, the rest of the commute
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seems light for now, it's early and you can get a jump on the commute. i'm looking here at 580 westbound and as you drive out to the altamont pass, it's slow here on 205 and the road work, once you get passed the road work, to livermore, there's slow traffic on 238 getting out to hayward, it looks fine and at the bay bridge it's getting a little more crowded. 5:09, lets go back to the desk. there are two fires burning in the southern california. they're prompting evacuations, the hill fire are burning northwest of los angeles, near simi valley, there are homes and businesses that have burned, 30,000 homes are threatened, the fire is being
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burned by strong wind preventing containment. there's strong fires in the channel islands, the fire has jumped highway 101 which has been shut down in both directions in that area. that fire also 0% containment and schools across ventura county are closed today because of the two fires. now, we're going to have continuing coverage through the morning of the wildfires burning in northern and southern california. we're anticipating from cal fire at 7:00 this morning. the time is now 5:10, authorities still looking for the motive behind that mass shooting at a country music dance bar. late wednesday night, the gunman walked into the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks, the shooter 28- year-old ex marine ian long who
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then killed himself after shooting 12 people. he lived with his mother and you see his photo. neighbors say he and his mother went through hard times and they were yelling each other. he was going through post traumatic stress disorder or another mental problem. and police found him angry and irrational. some victims were identified. this is sergeant ron helus, he was the first responder on the scene. and cody coffman died in that shooting and left behind three younger brothers. and cody's father spoke after he found out his son was killed. >> his name is cody coffman, my first-born son -- only him and i know how much i love -- how
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much i miss -- oh, god this is so hard. >> there are no words. cody's father says he was about to join the army and he was excited about starting a career in the military. >> that's heartbreaking you, i know. 5:12 is the time right now, a man in oakland is accused of getting a 13-year-old to set off an explosive, up next when that man is due in court, he's accused of injuring police officers. and we have traffic moving along okay if you're driving in oakland on 880 north and south. north and south. >> it's currently 33 degrees in santa rosa and 65 in half moon bay, that tells us how things are shaping up today. it will be a offshore breeze and very hazy, smoky skies. i am a family man.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 5:15, the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire are due in court today. the two could be assigned to a judge to oversee the case moving forward. the trial will remain in alameda county and could begin as early as april. they're charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person killed in that fire. sears says 40 stores will
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be closed k-mart stores and no bay area stores but there is one in southern california. that's on top of what sears has been closing since summertime, that includes several bay area stores and that leaves sears with less than 400 stores. they hope to make a profit if they can survive bankruptcy. we're 14 days away from the biggest shopping day of the year. it shows how much consumers are expected to spend on black friday. the average american plans to be spend $520 this year. here's the interesting part. most of the purchases will be for themselves, not on gifts. 53% of shoppers plan to buy clothing 47% to buy laptops and 37% to buy tvs and 26% plan to buy toys or jewelry. at 5:16, the raiders
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hosting the l.a. chargers at the coliseum, they'll feature teams going in two different directions, philip rivers playing as well as he has at any point in the 15 year career. derrick carr is struggling in the losing street. the game on sunday begins at 1 being could, you can see it right here on ktvu fox 2. the 49ers will be on prime time tv, nick mullins will make the second start of the season monday night against the joints, both teams are having disappointing seasons. they've met 40 times in the history. 8 of the meetings coming in the post-season, they beat the joints last year, in a became that brought the career win in the head coach. this is at levi stadium, but mull license did so well in the last game, he gets to start depend. >> the time is 5:17, sal how does it look out there?
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>> for the most part it's looking okay, early on a friday, dave and pam, so far so good on northbound 101, coming out of gilroy, lets look at the gilroy supercommute, traffic is going to be all right. there's a lot of road work and it hasn't caused a lot of slow traffic and as we push in, traffic is looking good, this is a live picture and westbound bay bridge, a bit of a backup. the metering lights are not on. it's not busy enough for that to happen. you can see hazy skies out there. 5:18 lets bring in steve in. >> thank you, sal. we'll talk about paradise and the fire, but lets show you incredible differences of temperatures locally because of a strong northeast breeze. there's a northeast wind at 39 miles per hour at the airport:
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look at wood sued, 35 degrees. there are amazing differences, freemont is 56 degrees and -- 36 and the offshore breeze is bringing it back in from the smoke, from the paradise fire air quality. yesterday it was bad and today it's still bad. i'm not sure on the observations any more. i've looked at the mesonet. nothing is there, humidity is low. there's northeast component with observations still in place, with unto the east and one to the west of paradise. the red flag warning is from 7:00, we're getting gusts from the oakland berkeley hills. it looks like 40s for temperatures, again it's wind driven, i'm seeing a northern, northeasterly breeze, this is 40 miles per hour still in place. it's breezy for some, it will
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tail off, the smoke and haze will take the edge off the high temperatures today. there's as much as a 6-degree spread, and it's between anywhere from 68 to 76, again it's driven by that smoke layer and don't be surprised if we're down a few degrees, smoke and haze for your friday, temperatures off the oak berkeley hills and the east bay hills, there's an easterly component, there's dry air in place, it's from the oakland sounding, i send up 6:00 in the morning, driest ever and 60 years of observations above oakland and the driest ever air mass, it tells you how dry it is at the surface, 33 santa rosa and 65 half moon bay. 58 in the city, one of our other observers, it's 53, and as you said, it's unusual to get a 5-degree spread in the city at night. i agree with that. there's a strange pattern going
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on for us. it will be hazy, smoky for everybody. highs today will be in the 60s and 70s, pam. >> thank you, steve. dealing with commuter problems on muni, coming up the plans to get new trains running to help deal with overcrowding, the president is expected to speak on immigration today, the administration's policy on asylum for immigrants. or imm
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welcome back to mornings on
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2 today, president trump will make an announcement about tightening asylum rules, people who try to cross the border illegally will no longer be eligible to claim asylum, only people who cross at official border crossings will be processed. it's the latest attempt by the president to stop the caravan from south america. and they upheld the ruling of the administration's effort to end daca, the deferred arrival of children's program, they could affirm or overrule the decision. it protects 6,000 residents who were brought here as children by illegal immigrants. the president and first lady are setting to paris today for a weekend visit to attend certificate men's marking the
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100 year anniversary of world war 1. they'll gather for a armistice day, and hold a meeting with french president emanuel mac crone to cover -- macron and illegal immigration. protestors rallied in san francisco calling for special counsel robert mueller's investigation to be protected. last night's protests was one of hundreds organized across the country after president trump fired attorney general jeff sessions and appointed matthew whitaker, they're investigating the meddling and the collusion with russia on the campaign. and justice ginsberg is recovering after falling and breaking throw ribs.
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she is up and working in the hospital and making jokes about the injury. they're hoping she won't step down from the court, and her injury has not deterred her. and one celebrity tweeted she could have her ribs, even a lung, and another tweeted when she regains her health, we wish her a speedy recovery but we would like her to retire. and there's multiple fatalities and homes burned, we'll go live to the fire burning in butte county and stories of urgent evacuations including places like chico and paradise. two wildfires are burning in ventura county. tens of thousands of homes are evacuated there. our live coverage continues much ues much >> good morning we can see traffic is getting busier on
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some of those main commutes, highway 24, interstate 80 and the bay bridge, we'll tell you about that straight ahead. smoke and haze, there are incredible differences 2010 temperatures as much as 30 degrees for some. santa cruz 55, we can do better than that, we'll show you that coming up. s on linkedin, like mentors, builders, clients. we contribute to one another. we're helping each other perfect our craft. and i think that's the beauty of it.
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good morning, thank you for waking up with us on "mornings on 2", friday morning, november 9th, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark, we're going to the breaking news, that massive wildfire raging out of control, northeast of us in the bay area, thousands of people are evacuated, there are reports of deaths in the fire zone, we're checking that. we have live team coverage, we're starting with elissa harrington. you're in butte county with what happened overnight. >> i'm along highway 99 and kneel road. you can see there is fire burning on the road behind me. there's ash and a strong smell of smoke in the air. there's an evacuation center down the street from me. it's full. it's a neighborhood church in chico, and the fire has forced more evacuations overnight.
5:31 am
the fire is being pushed around by erratic winds, it's scorched 20,000 acres, there's reports of fatalities, we don't know how many. there's also people who have been injured, firefighters who have been injured. the scene has been scary and chaotic and the winds have pushed the fire east and west, it's been jumping around and forcing ate will the of people to have to flow their homes in a moment's notice. people have been sharing with family members on social media, the fire has scorched 20,000 acres. some say they feel lucky to be safe, but they don't know if their homes are still standing. i don't know, we left, and i'm sorry, i may be going back today or something, we may never go back, it's hard. >> i'm numb, i don't know what it think, we have nothing now. >> the high school is gone,
5:32 am
it's all gone, there's nothing. >> reporter: the camp fire started yesterday in a rural area near highway 70 in the feather river canyon. they had to wait in bumper to bumper to escape. there are evacuations for paradise, and butte creek canyon and butte valley. i want to give you an idea of what it's like this morning. there are several road closures if you're in this area trying to get in and out of paradise along highway 99 and 70. we tried to go down the side roads and a chp stopped us and said there are downed power lines still live. it's dangerous for anyone trying to get into the area or out. pay attention to the road closures and stay safe, this fire is burning very rapidly. g very rapidly. several strike teams from
5:33 am
the bay area are in butte county, firefighters gathered at the sunny oaks station in campbell before heading north. they're called immediate need strike teams. they respond to times of crisis. each team contains five engines and a strike team. >> everything they need to fight the fire and everything they need to support themselves for the next, you know, one to two weeks is on that fire engine. >> two other strike teams from palo alto and maltices joins, and the deployment could last from 1 to 2 weeks. >> the spoke from the fire in butte county is being blown from strong winds noon the bay area and we have a winter spare the air alert today. and we continue the coverage talking about the air quality. >> reporter: the air quality is
5:34 am
making a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. it started last night going nobody the morning, here the air quality isn't as bad as it is in oakland or san francisco. they're at an orange level. san francisco and oakland are at a red. you can look out over the water, you can see a little bit of the haze up in the sky, you can see the inversion there. you're advised to keep your windows and your doors closed and run your home or air- conditioner on recycle or recirculate. we have video from yesterday, this is what it looked like on the oakland hills where hill tops and buildings were difficult to see. if the smoke is coming from the camp fire, burning 100 miles away in butte county. this is particular late pollution in the north and east base. it's extending down to gilroy and as far east as brentwood and discovery bay. >> this he put more areas such
5:35 am
as san francisco, oakland and livermore in red. the more moderate air qualities are in the south and concord in the east bay, many people reported having an itchy throat or burning sensation in the eyes. >> i have asthma so it's hard to breathe. >> my throat is getting clogged up. >> for me, it's thick, it's the best way to put it, it gave me a headache for half of the day at least. >> outdoor and indoor wood burning or any other solid fuel is banned during the winter spare the air alert, not to exercise or have children play outdoors today. >> poor air quality can contribute to fatigue and you should make sure you follow your doctor's orders regarding any the medications you have to take, if you have respiratory
5:36 am
issues or asthma, contact your doctor and you might have to be advised to leave the area if the air quality is affecting your house that much. >> is the wind blowing much there? >> yes, it is it's windy out here. >> thank you. the time is now 5:36, bill martin, the chief meteorologist grew up in the town of paradise and bill has been talking to people who lived there and were forced to evacuate and he heard from many who lost their homes. last night on the ten o'clock news, he reported from the paradise area. >> i had a conversation with a firefighter who gotten off the line, a commander and he told me, he said basically, this is just hearsay, this is what he told me, but he said, town is gone, the town is gone, 80% of that town is destroyed, bill said it took some of the evacuees 6 to 9 hours to get to
5:37 am
safety. they were stuck in traffic jams, some of the evacuees were exhausted pulled off the road and slept inside of their cars. >> that video is so horrifying and fires are related to weather. >> northeast wind, dry, dry, dry. >> low humidity. >> it's a record setting low, the lowest ever recorded. >> over oakland. >> no hope to clear the air in our area in the bay area either. >> the wind will taper off. and we'll need scattered showers, but that's not happening. the air quality will be bad today. you are not looking to any relief, smoke is pouring in from the paradise fire, the red flag warning goes until 7 clock, still gusts at 30 miles per hour, the information coming out of there is lost, to be honest with you, it's tough to get anything updated. there's nothing there showing up on the observations, 40s to start for some and 70 for a
5:38 am
high today. our forecast mostly sunny and hazy skies, temperatures will be in the upper 60s to low to mid-70s, 5:37, sal is here, he tells us what? >> we have a problem on the road, steve, i want to let you know, on friday, a lot of people are heading out to the airports, southbound 101, leaving san francisco, it's getting out to san francisco international airport. >> there's a crash your way, this one has 3 lanes, blocked, the san francisco fire department and medics on the scene, traffic is very slow, the backup is building as you head down towards san bruno, you may want to use 280, 280 to 380. over to solano county, traffic here, it looks good for the solano supercommute. hercules there are no major issues, you're driving through the east shore freeway. it's making the trip, metering lights are on and the traffic is waiting for 10 minutes to
5:39 am
get on to the bridge. it's 5:38, let's go back to you at the desk lets go back to breaking news, the wildfires are still burning in southern california. >> we have live video of the fires burning. it's in ventura county. we're joined on the phone by scott mcclain -- mclean, it's 0% containment, is that the case? >> that's the case, it will be the case for a while because of the weather conditions. >> what are the weather conditions down this? >> down in southern california, we received the winds after the north area. we're looking at sustained winds, severe gusts and that's supposed to go into a the night or possibly tomorrow morning. the hill fire you're looking at 10,000 acres, structures have been destroyed. again, 0% containment in santa rosa valley. the woolsey fire 2,000 acres,
5:40 am
if 0% contained in that valley, we're showing live peculiar towers on what is on fire on "mornings on 2", talk about evacuations, how many people evacuated as far as you know? >> i don't have that figure. >> okay, i'm assuming you're talking thousands, maybe? >> oh, yeah, for sure. that's bringing autopsy great point. we've been pushing and pushing for the last few years, those evacuation orders, when they come, you have to go. there's no arguing, there's no thought, it's automatic, make sure your go kit is ready to go, you have to go, 22 people died on the tubs fire last year. i got off the camp fire, you can imagine the devastation that you were talking about earlier, 80%, i would say more, people were trapped, we had temporary refuge areas set up around the town to protect the public up there until we could get them off the hill.
5:41 am
>> as we're getting a look at the aerial shots you can see how big the fire is and how close it is to the freeway there, we know 101 was shut down in both directions, i would imagine that is hampering the evacuation efforts though. >> yes, it always does, don't forget the infrastructure, the power poles and trees, and anything that burns along the road. it ham% all that combined. it definitely does. >> talk briefly about what communities are on fire, a lot of us know those communities down there, what's on fire, what's in danger? >> well, the hill fire is, it started in the hill canyon, the santa rosa road areas and santa rosa valley, the fire started roughly on east street and across alpha road and south of the valley there, again you're being pushed by the winds. >> and this is, we know, cal
5:42 am
state university, channel islands is down there, other schools and businesses may be affected as well as a precaution, maybe not as close to the fire lines and there are other fire lines affected as a precaution? >> yes, as fast as they've been spreading in historic rates, the historic areas are compromised. it gets further and further out. >> one finance question, i know you have things to do, i know that -- one final question, i know you have things to do, i know that you have things to do. are these areas that have burned before? >> i don't know. >> scott mcl ean from ventura county, we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, thousands,
5:43 am
thanks, scott. we'll get updates throughout the morning for southern california and northern california. thousands of homes and businesses evacuated, threatened and many have burned. we'll update those stories. >> it's now 5:43, a price tag on repairing the transbay transit center, the cause of the cracked beams and when it can reopen. and addressing sexual misconduct at google, the new policy handed down by goggle ceo. >> a smoky hazy day, temperatures will come down due to the smoke layer, there are amazing differences in the temperatures right now. as much as 30 degrees.
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2", our time is 5:45, investigators say it's too
5:46 am
early to know the motive of the deadly you a tack in thousand oaks that left 12 people dead. they're processing evidence at the scene and the gunman's home and his car. agents are trying to paint a picture of his state of mind. the gunman was 28-year-old former marine ian long who may have been battling ptsd, he killed himself after the shooting rampage. we're learning one of the people killed survived another mass shooting last year, that victim was 27-year-old telemachus orfanos. that's where the gunman opened fire and killed 58 people. the social media site posted he has joined our 58 angels. he was a former eagle scout and he served in the navy. a college freshman who grew up in napa valley was killed in
5:47 am
the shooting. alaina housley graduated from the high school, and people are mourning the loss of their friend. >> she was a beast on the soccer field and always had a smile on her face and was a supporter of everyone's dreams. >> she competed as a student athlete, and they had a vigil on the soccer field. >> and adam housley tweeted out a statement, and it reads in part: we have posted that letter on our website, you're time is 5:47, google is changing how it handles sexual misconduct claims after
5:48 am
it has walked off the -- thousands of employees walked off in protest. in the letter the ceo apologized to employees for not acting sooner and he outlined several changes that include arbitration being optional and better care for those who come forward. >> i think it's important to recognize that google has heard its employees, it's not a perfect solution, but it is a solution. it addresses some issues and i think this will signal to other companies they need to start rethinking their processes. >> last week's walkout at google follows the payment of $90 million who left the company because of accusations of sexual misconduct. right now it's 5:48, you want to check in with sal.
5:49 am
the air quality could affect traffic and in southern california as well. >> it could affect airplanes more than cars as the planes need visibility to see, they need better visibility, if it's low they could be slowed down. lets look at a problem. perhaps you're trying to get to the airport at 101 southbound, there's a crash involving several vehicles and a couple of lanes taken away, we're driving out from brisbane and you'll see a big delay. the best thing for you to do right now, if you're leaving san francisco is to use 280 to 380 as an alternative route. lets talk become the tracy commute, we had earlier road work on westbound 580, it set things back to a rough start. traffic is moving along slowly, not only on 205 but 580 even before the why.
5:50 am
the rest of the commute is all right if you're driving to 238, we have stop-and-go traffic all right. you can see that traffic is fine. metering lights went on 20 minutes ago and backup is 15 to 20 minutes for a wait. it will be a smoky and hazy day, a lot of observations, it's not clouds it's smoke. the layer will pour in here. the only mackinaw is mackinac island in michigan, i can smell the smoke all night, air quality must be poor, there is an air quality advisory, that's because of the smoke and haze, red flag warning, though should start to end unless they extend it, i don't think so, but they've talked about ending it at 7:00, it doesn't mean we won't at any to get a northeast breeze. half moon bay had gulf coasts
5:51 am
at 39 and sitting at 66 degrees, that tells you there's an offshore component. it's difficult to get around paradise, there's a big loss, i'm seeing a northeast breeze to the east, to the southwest of paradise, it looks like temperatures will be in the upper 60s to 70 with the northeast breeze considering all they not as strong as yesterday. breezy for some, hazy skies, it will be mild it warm today. with so much smoke the layer over us, i believe some of the highs will come down at 3 to 5 degrees. smoke and haze for your freeway. northeast breeze, north of davis, and north at vacaville and northeast at fairfield, what we're looking at, it's going to the oakland berkeley hills. the northeast breeze is coming in at 20 to 30 miles per hour. if it wasn't for the haze, we would have it -- >> berkeley is at 59, the napa airport is 25 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday.
5:52 am
no wind verse as you breeze yesterday. 59 the city, 58, look for sunshine, somewhat, hazy skies today, temperatures 60s and 70s for some, and it looks like this pattern will continue into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. the time is 5:52, honoring a local legend, when we come back, we'll look at the big celebration of life at at&t park for willie mccovey. hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers,
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and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's now 5:54, a huge crowd of giants fans and giants legends gathered at at&t park celebrating the life of willie mccovey, be remembered for a lot more than just a baseball player. >> today we're celebrating a life. >> and in willie mccovey's life there's so much to celebrate, no giant's player has been ever been more beloved in our community than willie mccovey. >> i want to thank him for allowing me to hit a bunch of baseballs in his cove. >> friends and fans reminisced about willie mccovey. >> there's a pulse and a heart
5:56 am
beat with those numbers. he played for the name and heart in the front of his uniform not for the number on the back. >> observe was one of the greatest human beings in my life, he was so clean. >> to know willie was to admire willie. >> as i watched him be wheeled away, i would hold my cane and i would say i want to be like him. >> my hope and my prayer is that when i get to heaven, there will be a baseball field like at&t in heaven, and the greatest gift, the greatest gift god could give me is having the opportunity to pitch to willie mccovey, if there was one consistent thread in this testimony, he was an unbelievable ballplayer and a better person, his spirit will
5:57 am
remain in this ballpark and his legacy in this cove and with the giants. he was incredible. the time is 5:56, we have breaking news, major fires burning in in or about and southern california. in minutes we'll have a live update from butte county along with new information about the two big fires just outside of los angeles. los angeles. good morning you can see traffic is getting busy on highway 101 leaving san francisco because of an accident in south san francisco. we'll tell you more about that when we come back. we come back. look for a hazy smoky day on your friday. temperatures will be above average, but probably down a little [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.
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we could see the whole ridge, the whole ridge was a blaze. it made me sick. the whole ridge was nothing, but fire. >> the massive fire is making its way through butte county. we have the latest information from the front lines as it continues to burn out of control. >> we've got fire coming in on
6:00 am
both sides, two major wildfires burning west of los angeles, dozens of homes already destroyed. we'll show you some of the massive devastation. ive devastation. it is the beginning of a busy day, the end of a busy week. thank you for joining us, friday morning, november 9th. i'm pam cook. >> several major wildfires still destroying everything in their path. in butte county, the camp fire has burned 31 square miles. 20,000 people are evacuated as bay area fire crews are rushing in to help out. we're getting reports this morning of fire related deaths. southern california, there are two major fires as well moving quickly towards thousand oaks and calabas, ey


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