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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 9, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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major wildfires burning right now in northern california and southern california. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. walls of wildfire blowing through california to the south two fires, highway 101 in ventura county, more than 100,000 people have been told to evacuate including the city of malibu, and in butte county people have died and been injured and homes have been destroyed. cal fire says the # 0,000 -- 70,000 acre cal fire has damaged and destroyed the town of paradise. and the fire is blanketing the area with a spare the air alert this afternoon. >> five people have died in the camp fire. the sheriff's department says the bodies were found in the vehicles in edgewood way in paradise. >> we want to bring you the front lines to this fire.
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this is in an air of butte county east of chico, i spock to a cal fire representative about the city of chico and whether they're in danger of the camp fire and they're taking advantage of the winds right now. they're building a defensive wall around the eastern portion of the stiff of chico hoping to force that fire to north. many families yesterday had to drive through tunnels of fire to get to safety, in all more than 50,000 people have been evacuated because of that fire right there. ktvu's elissa harrington has more from paradise the wildfire wiped out the town of paradise. i'm in sky way and pierson, it used to be a stretch of shop that is now rubble. >> it's pretty devastate. >> power lines are down all poverty place and home after home is gone. the camp fire has been burning as soon as yesterday morning.
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it started at 6:30 and was driven by erratic winds. it took minutes to be get it out of hand. they focused on evacuating the town of 2,000 people. >> it was wind driven it, moved quickly, it's dry, we haven't had rain in months. >> the fire torched homes, grocery stores and schools and churches. residents had moments to escape and many were stuck in gridlock traffic trying to get out of town. >> and they took people into a walgreen's to shelter in place, one woman took this video on her cellphone of her terrifying drive. >> please help us. >> the fire captain with cal fire has lived in the area for more than 20 years, responding to this disaster has taken a toll on the entire department.
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>> it's hard, you take it personally and we haven't had time to step back and reflect on our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers or family. we're trying it take care of people, and that's what we do, and it takes our mind off of all of the roms we've seen. >> one thing we haven't seen is any sunlight. we're under a blanket of smoke, it's raining ash, there's ash and debris all over the ground, there's several road closures in place to keep people out of this area and away from any hazards. elissa harrington fox 2 news. and the fire is causing dangerous conditions around paradise in butte county. >> many smoke plumes have made it look like early evening in some pockets. and we have more in chico, tom. >> i'm along highway 70, this
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is a four road freeway and as you can see, there's almost no one on here. the only people allowed on here are official vehicles, utility trucks, police, fire, and the media and that is absolutely it. now, the reason we stopped here, we wanted to show you this. you can see how dark it is, this is high noon. and you take a look around here, this is almost like, you know at the end of sunset. i want to walk over this way, i want to show you something else, the fire burned literally down here to the edge of the freeway. there was some luck involved in this, because had that fire had a lot of embers on it if we come back around this way, what you'll see over here is nothing, but completely dry, fresh fuel that could have ignited and could have started another fire headed to those homes and the buildings over there and up north, of course, to the city of chico, so, that's the situation here, that
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we have the roads basically closed because the firefighters need to be able to get around. this thing is far, far from over and the final point of in this being that if you don't have to be here, don't get close, you're not going to be able to get through and the situation is basically still very, very fluid. that's the situation from highway 70 which has only a little traffic on it, and it's official traffic. >> cal fire told us that they're thankful that the wind is expected to die down, are you seeing that where you are? >> right where we are, you're seeing that, it's not windy at all right now, but winds are variable, winds are changeable, but right at the moment, it is still here. i can say it's fairly cold which is another surprising thick because here we are in november, it's very cold and you got a world class firefight on your hands in cold weather p
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normally it's very hot, you're sweating while you're doing these reports, i have two jackets on, it's that cold out there. my hands are feeling it. the wind has died down, if the wind had been blowing that would feed the fire, there's not enough cold to overcome the dryness of this fuel. >> meanwhile, we see utility trucks streaming up north. we do know the bay area fire crews are in butte county helping with the firefight and response. san francisco fire department showed videos of the strike team rolling out yesterday afternoon. three san francisco fire engines are in butte county right now. 50 firefighters are headed from marin county including crews from san raphael, novato and they shared these photos as they were driving towards the camp fire. and it includes firefighters from oakland, hayward, freemont and contra costa county. and plenty more strike
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teams from the bay area are helping out firefighters from santa clara county. they gathered in sunday afternoon heading north. they're from the bay area all over the state, they're set up to respond to crisis and it's involving five engines and the strike leader. >> everything they need to fight the fire andering they need to support themselves for the next one to two weeks is on that fire engine. >> other strike teams from palo alto and malpetes joined the team. the appointment can last 1 to 2 weeks. >> up in butte county, we'll bring in our meteorologist in. >> the red flag warning was allowed to expire this morning. that's one good bit of information we have in all of this. the winds are light. we could pick up a little bit into the afternoon. tom mentioned it, it was a little cool at this hour.
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in the low 60s, relative humidity dry, i mean low, take a look at, that 16%, it will continue to fall into the afternoon. the afternoon high for that area is expected to be 70 degrees and winds will shift and expected to be inappropriate where 10 to 20 miles per hour. here's a few more observations where you can see relative humid at this time 15 to 30%, we're looking at that to continue as we get into the afternoon. temperatures a little on the cool side. lets talk about the air quality, as we know, here in the bay area we're definitely seeing it and suffering from it. here's a look at the satellite view, you can see the smoke out there, even though the winds railroad lighter, the flow continues from the same spot. so all of in smoke here, even though it is so many, hundreds of miles away, the flow will continue to sort of push it in our direction, it won't be pumping it as much as we have seen in the last 12 to 24 hours because the wind is not quite as strong.
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you can see there that the flow has not shifted and it's not expected to shift. so, for today, a spare the air, day as well as the air quality advisories for the smoke and around the bay area, we're looking at poor air quality for most areas, a few spots south of the moderate air quality, for the rest of us, a bit unhealthy and the farther north, the more unhealthy it will be, this will improve for the weekend. it will begin to filter out. the whole, the pattern won't change a lot. i'll have a look at what you can expect in a little bit. >> we're keeping watch on two major fires burning in southern california. they're in the hills in ventura county where 105,000 people are endangered. fires are burning northwest of los angeles. >> gasia, the fires broke out
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yesterday afternoon. >> we have frank mallicoat. >> the santa ana winds, this could be difficult to make headway. a fire on the outskirts of malibu has people under evacuation orders. they burned thousands of acres and thousands of homes are under even evacuation orders. the fire quadrupled overnight. and with the windy forecast this weekend, firefighters are expecting a tough road ahead. >> in particular, the woolsey fire burned very rapidly overnight crossing highway 101 in ventura county and is burning in a trajectory towards the pacific coast and in this area, fire history over the decades has shown under the santa ana wind conditions, it will be continuous throughout the day in that area.
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it will continue to drive that fire in that direction. >> highway 101 has been shut down in multiple areas in that burn zone, even with daylight, this one car got on the highway 101 in agora hills and did a about-face, a u-turn to get off the highway. as you can see visibility in that area very pour. not too far away to the southwest, that's where the hill fire is burning, it's scorched some 6,000 acres, there are mandatory evacuations in the area at cal state university, channel island and that's the coastline and the fire jumped highway 101 overnight as well. 0% containment like the woolsey fire and schools have been shut down today because of those two fires. just to put these fires into perspective. i have numbers to share with you, according to the cal fire website, 2018 alone, there's
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been 16,4814 fires, six are burning now, 160,000 acres have burned, that's 220 square miles, twice the size of rhode island burned this year in california. all that and it doesn't include the three major fires burning now in paradise and down south in southern california. so some sobering numbers right there. live in the newsroom, frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, still too close to call, the possible recounts and legal battles involving races in this midterm election. results at any to turn in about the people killed in thousand oaks and information we're learning about some of the victims.
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investigators say it's too early to determine a motive for the deadly attack at a bar in thousand oaks that left 12 people dead, authorities are collecting and processing evidence at the crime scene, the f.b.i. says agents hope to paint a picture of the state of mind. the gunman has been identified as 28-year-old ian long, a former marine who had been battling period of time it. sd, and according to the associated press, long was posting about his mental state on social media during the attack. investigators say he died of a
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self-inflicted gunshot wound. several people in the bar including one man who was killed had attended last year's country music festival in las vegas where 58 people were killed in another mass shooting, that victim was 27- year-old telemachus orfanos. they posted that he has, now, joined our 58 angels. he was an eagle scout and served in the united states navy. here in the bay area we have news to bring you from from the deadly ghost ship fire, and the judge rejected the motion for the plea deal for one of the defendants. the trial will go to trial next spring and they say they're ready to prove their clients' innocence. >> that plea bargain was
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rejected. that gives us a chance to litigate and an opportunity to bring facts in the light. >> they've been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count for each of the people who died in that fire. and they'll return next month for a trial judge to be assigned. and the transit bay center can be closed until early next year. it expects to repair the two cracked steal beams that begin next month. the cracked areas of the beams have been cut out and shipped to a testing lab in new york city, and results of the tests are expected next month. the 2.2 million transit isn't was shut down and this is after cracks when the support beams were discovered. the joint powers authority will make sure the building is safe. we're seeing and smelling the effect of the fires in
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butte county. >> you're right. people can smell inside their work place. we talked with experts about smoke and what to do, and just a reminder to put your air on recirculate, don't have the air coming from outdoors, keep it inside of the building if you can inside your homes. giving you a live look over the east bay, a live look 59 at walnut creek, that is shot of sfo, it shows more of the same. we talked to you about it at the top of the hour, we're looking at it to be here today and for the weekend, sfo air quality, it's around the bay area today, the air quality for today and torrential maybe into sunday as well. temperatures right now, 65 degrees in san francisco, we have 64 in novato, upper 60s and low 70s for the inland communities, areas like livermore, freemont is reporting along the east bay shore, a lot has to do with the cloud cover down there, down by
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10 in napa and the wind is not as strong as we have seen in the last 24 hours as well. the winds are light, variable, you can see they're coming from the southwest and oakland, coming in from the north, concord, 6 miles per hour, and as we talked about the know, it continues from this direction and we'll continue to have that smoke drift our way even though the winds have died down considerably. partly cloudy skies out this, we have fog, we got smoke and it's mixed in there as well. that's not likely to change, getting into the start of the weekend, high pressure will remain in control of the weather pattern and we're going to continue with this pattern with not a lot of change expected. for your friday, perhaps into the weekend, smoke and haze, a little bit of a breeze in some areas, not too bad. winds are going to remain generally light. we'll like it see a nice onshore breeze coming our way. 71 in san francisco and low to mid-70s for the inner east bay.
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73 for san jose and 74 los gatos. here's a look at the extended forecast with the bay area weekend in view. we'll continue with the hazy skies at least through saturday, a bit of wind helping us out on sunday, temperatures don't change much, we have the upper 70s low 70s along coastline, and mid-60s as well. another announcement by sears, we'll it will you how many more stores will be closing and the impact right here in the bay area. and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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taking a look at stocks, the dow jones is down 200 points, the stocks are falling aztec and internet companies are taking steep losses and stocks are on track to have gains. self k-mart stores are on the list with sears. there is one in southern california, this comes on top of the 140 stores sears has been in the process of closing since august aren't that includes several in the bay area, that leaves sears with 400 stores, they expect to be profitable if they can survive president trump virck sy. the f.d.a. wants to ban e-
12:24 pm
cigarettes among teachers. they found 70% of high school students are trying e- cigarettes and 50% among middle school students. they'll be allowed to sell them if minors are not allowed inside. they'll allow age verification with online sales. google had a big employee walk out last week. >> the google ceo outlined changes. >> a sign of change, they sent a letter to employees promising policy changes and more transparency for sexual misconduct claims. they said: they said: went on to outline several changes including: changes including:
12:25 pm
saying the perpetrator in all reported cases have been drinking alcohol. >> it singles to me that they're trying to understand what are the factors that are actually causing this kind of a dysfunctional culture in companies. >> meg is the associate dean at the state university of business. she says the announcement shows that google heard the employees and they're looking deeper into the male dominated culture. >> it addresses the culture and it will make other companies to look deeper. and i think to that extent google did a nice job. >> there's been a new york times article with executives being ousted for sexual
12:26 pm
misconduct and having a multi- million-dollar payout. >> is what he's doing enough? there's a push among employees, especially google to have more say about the way google acts. >> the google walkout was a water shed moment for silicon valley. it will be interesting to see if it has ripple effects at other companies. r companies. we've been reporting on complete devastation and they're going to evacuate from a huge wildfire that tripled in size overnight. >> we may never go by you, it was horrifying, it was absolutely horrifying. many people searching for their loved ones, homes and buildings destroyed. people were he separated from the chaos. >> and an incident that changed lives forever. the victims are being remembered and the message from some of the survivors.
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back, now, to our top story this friday and, live pictures here from butte county. this is a look from above for what is being called the camp fire burning east of the city
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of chico, near paradise, you can see how massive this fire is. plumes of smoke are rising thousands of feet in the air and it can be seen from miles a way. five people died, this is through the town of paradise, the butte county sheriff said those people were trapped in the vehicles trying it flee the flames yesterday. we're getting a first look at the devastation, and cal fire said the paradise area is devastated, it's estimated that 2,000 structures have been destroyed. and that includes homes, a shopping center, many businesses in town of pair ties, the air attack, those tankers being able to drop retardant, it will prevent it from dropping, and the air attack is under way on this friday afternoon. >> wind have calmed down a bit up north. we're monitoring two fires
12:31 pm
burning in ventura county. there's 0% containment for the woolsey fire and 0% containment for the hill fur. the santa ana wind are whipping up in southern california. it can make it difficult for crews trying to fight back the flames. there is mandatory evacuation in the malibu area of los angeles county. they're closed today because of the two fires this is some of the devastation left by the flames, highway 101 has been shut down in a number of areas in woolsey county. the hull fire has charred 6,000 acres, tens of thousands of people have been forced to life their home. -- leave their home. there's more than 50,000 people evacuated from the fires. they've been trying it process everything that's happened in the 24 hours. many wondering when they'll be able to return hope and others are thinking they may not see their homes again. and claudia is in butte
12:32 pm
county, she tells us the danger is far from over. >> it was horrifying, it was absolutely horrifying. >> it's one of the fastest moving wildfires in years. northern california once gun dealing with the evacuations, destroyed homes and businesses and burned out roads, the hardest hit area paradise california, the entire town of 2,000 people ordered to evacuate. many are saying it seems like the entire town is on fire. >> it's numb, i don't know what to things, i don't know what's going to happen now. >> things are not much better down south where a pair of wildfires is moving quickly along the los angeles county line. some,000 homes are under evacuation order there. there's no telling when they'll get containment. >> the challenge is also they're at the beginning of a santa ana wind event that will last a number of days, right now we have somewhere between 4
12:33 pm
and 500 firefighters on the scene. >> those strong winds combined with low humidity to create difficult conditions for fire crews here, and it's expected to at any for another day. the national weather service is issuing red flag warnings throughout the state while officials ramp up their response doing their best to reassure anxious residents they won't be forgotten. >> they may be going today, but they may not go back. >> it's hard. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency and has requested a federal emergency declaration to help with the massive response, in claudia, fox 2 news, we're under the spare the air alert because of that fire in butte county. >> leigh martinez has more on the terrible air quality today. >> reporter: much of the bay area is covered in a smoky haze which is making it very uncomfortable for people to be
12:34 pm
outdoors, the air quality for most of the bay area is in the orange though, it means unhealthy for sensitive groups. people are limited to their time outdoors. it's burning 10 miles away in butte county. it made its may south causing elevated levels of particulate pollution in north and east base. and it within the to the hill tops in oakland hills yesterday. the air quality district by friday morning put most of the area in the orange zone but some areas had it in the red. the area was clear with blue skies overhead along the waterfront in venetia and they say they can't detect the smell of smoke this morning. >> i saw the sun had a yellow tint, i mean it's not bad i guess. >> last night it was two to thee times worse this year.
12:35 pm
it looks like it could be cleared up in an hour or so, hopefully, out there, people are reporting having a itchy throat or burning sensation in the eyes. they give this advice, close your windows and doors, if you have central air-conditioning, run it on recycle and the spare alert is extending down to gilroy and as far as weren't wood or discovery bay. no fuel burning is allowed today. you can see the city skyline from the oakland waterfront but not today. if you're having any respiratory issues, you can consult your doctor or fire your doctor's orders if it means getting out of this region. investigators say it's too early to determine a motive to the deadly attack in thousand oaks, they're collecting and processing evidence at the gunman's home and inside his car. >> hundreds of people gathered
12:36 pm
for a vigil last night to honor the victims. heather holmes was there, she talked to one young man who came to grove after he escaped the shooting, the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks is special, it's where he met his girlfriend a year and a half ago. >> you can have fun and no worries, it's a great place to enjoy yourself. >> while celebrating his 20th birthday the gunman made borderline bar and grill his target. >> justin helped his girlfriend take cover near the stairs and the two followed a bar employee take to the exit, we heard silence and we heard more and more. the worst thing about it, one guy was screaming in pain above all of the rest. it's the hardest thing to hear. i was thinking to go back and help but what would you be able
12:37 pm
to do -- >> there is guilt against the grief. engined the community village to remember those who didn't make it out of the borderline bar and grill alive including a sheriff's deputy who was one of the first officers to respond and a friend since childhood. her family is comforted knowing so many people care and it's giving this young man a sense of what's important. >> life can go by so quick, i didn't think anything like this would happen. so just to enjoy the little things and enjoy the rest of my life, that's what i'm going to try to do. >> heather holmes, fox 2 news. a deadly knife attack in australia is terrorism related. he got out of a truck and stabbed three innocent bystanders, one died. they found barbecue gas tanks
12:38 pm
in the back of his truck and the bomb squad diffused him before it exploded, he was known to officers and he was from somalia, they're investigating this case as terrorism. and a proclamation from president trump listed tougher asylum rules. he said those crossing the border illegally won't be eligible for asylum. they must present themselves lawfully at a port of entry. it's his plan to stop them at the border from central america. and president trump is trying to end daca, the ruling means the case will go to the supreme court which could decide to affirm or overrule the ruling. daca protects 600,000 immigrants for children who
12:39 pm
were brought here by illegal immigrants. some races are too close to call. >> some races we could be looking at recounts and legal battles. >> it's extraordinary how close these races, arizona, georgia and florida where two state race cost come down to recounts. >> remember this? the florida bush versus gore recount from 2,000, 18 years later perhaps the contests and the candidates have changed. >> there may be a rampant fraud in palm beach county. this was rick scott outside of the governor's mansion, scott and bill nelson heads for a recount. two counties keep tallying additional ballots, thousands of them.
12:40 pm
they say it takes time. >> we ran 22 nights, 14 days and we ran 12 hours, we had a big note by mail, don't try to turn it around to make sure i'm making a comedy out of this. >> bill nelson who is behind in the count so far brought in a prominent democratic attorney to decide the seat it, could be a recount. >> we did not seek this recount, he didn't put out the statement. he did it not because it's automatic, but we believe nelson will be the winner. and in florida, the gubinatorial case may be a recount. and desantis leads andrew gillum by a half point and georgia there could be a run off if it continues to tighten.
12:41 pm
and milk sally -- mc sally and the other candidate has a small margin. and republicans could build on their majority in the senate. the nba champion golden state warriors took a hit. why steph curry is getting an mri, it's awfully gray and hazy inside, you think it's fog, but it's not, it's from the smoke from the northern california wildfires, rosemary will examine the air quality, what's happening weatherwise, not just for today, but through the week bay area forecast. sfx: tinny headphone music
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and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. air quality around the bay area a big concern today because period of time smoke coming in from the bay area because of the fire burning in butte county, this is a like look out of san francisco, you
12:45 pm
can see the city blanketed. this was 24 hours ago we saw the smoke get into the bay area. >> some schools in sonoma county have cancelled case. my little ones can't go for outside recess, a lot of children and grown ups choosing not to the did outside. >> outdoor activities are being cancelled. unfortunately we're not going to see a change in the weather pattern. this is likely to linger through the weekend. i think air quality will be an issue not only for today, tomorrow, send and into monday before we finally begin to get rid of it all. outside our doors, we had the shot of san francisco which is typically a nice shot, outside right now. a different story and it doesn't matter where you're at across the bay, almost everybody is seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, and it has to do with, of course, the camp fire that we've been tracking for you as we've been also
12:46 pm
talking about the winds, the winds have died down, and the red nag warning allowed to expire because of that, the flow hasn't changed, that flow will continue to continue to push that smoke in our direction, not as fast as it has been in the last 24 hours, it will still at any with that pattern, the winds generally light and variable out there. we have napa 5 more from the west and that could do a little good. theer level winds continue in the pattern we've seen in last 4 hours, areas over the south bay san jose area, and a north wind at 5 or so, so for the air quality, the farther north you go, the worst it will be areas like lake county, unhealthy, unhealthy for our sensitive groups and we've seen time after time, the wildfires, the smoke that drifts our way, we may get a morning that's not so bad, the wind shift a little bit, and it's terrible once again. it's something to consider as we did through the weekend, the
12:47 pm
smoke and the haze and the days ahead. the smoke and haze out there, cooler than yesterday, especially in areas like santa rosa, down to 20 degrees or so. 57 reported there, low 60s in napa, mid- to upper 60s in some areas, hayward, freemont and san jose. mid-60s and low 70s in most areas, 71 san francisco, and mid-70s for brentwood, we'll did 73 in san jose and here's a view of your extended forecast, temperatures remain the same, our pattern remains the same. generally light winds, a cool start to the day, a mild afternoon with upper 70s to low 70s for our coast side, 70s around the bay and mid to upper 70s inland. back to you. steph curry will have an mri today, he limped off the floor, it's not clear when he
12:48 pm
was injured. there's a report miss tomorrow's home game. and green sprained his toe. rained his toe. >> oh, man it's not right some of the things can he do on the floor. >> on the court, the warriors will have to bounce back after being blown out by the milwaukee bucks. they had a 111 victory. the oakland raiders host the los angeles chargers at the coliseum. teams will go in two different directions. rivers is playing as well as he has in his 15-year career. and carter is struggling and sunday's game kicks off at 1:00. you can watch it right here. the 49ers will be on prime time television once again.
12:49 pm
it worked thursday and lets do it on a monday. rick mullins will make it a season, beth teams are having disappointing season. the 49ers and giants have met them several tools in post- season. monday's game kicks off at 5:15 at levi stadium. >> a huge crowd of giant fans and legends gathered at the at&t ballpark to celebrate the life of willie mccovey. >> be remembered much more than a baseball player. >> today we're celebrating a life you, in willie mccovey's life there's so much to celebrate. >> no giant's player has been more beloved than willie mccovey you, i want to thank him to hit a bunch of baseballs in his cove, they reminisced
12:50 pm
about the great willie mccovey, and it doesn't gun ton tell the story. >> there's a pulse and heart beat, that guy played for the name and the public of his uniform not for the number on the back. >> an incredible litany of anecdotes and heartfelt testimony for those who knew him. >> he watts one of the neatest human beings i've ever seen in my life. he was so clean. >> to know willie was to admire willie. >> as i watched him wheeled away i would hold my cane and i would say i want to be like him. >> my hope and my prayer is that when i get to heaven, there will be a baseball field like at&t in heaven, and the greatest gift, the greatest gift god could give me is having the opportunity to pitch
12:51 pm
to willie mccovey. >> if there was one consistent thread in this testimony, it was that willie mccovey was an unbelievable ballplayer and a better person. his spirit will remain in this ballpark and this legacy in that cove, a truly forever giant. r giant. still to come at noon, adding new trains to muni, when the agency hopes to have them up and running. aling mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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the weekend is nearing, it means it's time for weekend watch. >> here's rosemary looking at some of the events around the bay area. >> here's what's happening around the bay for the veterans weekend. honor those who served with the
12:54 pm
parade. and one of the largest veterans parade will be at the petaluma parade, it guns in walnut park at noon. the parade begins at 1, head to san francisco for the 98th annual veterans parade on sunday. it starts along the embarcadero and jefferson street and west on jefferson street. the bacon and beer classic is back at at&t park this sunday where you'll have is00 breweries and bacon additions by local chefs. you can have a beer and bacon eating contests and the festival brings live [music] , arts and crafts and food and more friday through sunday. on the east bay head to the meet in the street fair light
12:55 pm
parade. if it walks, dances and drives you can be eligible. stick around for the light parade at 5:30, 9ers and raid earth are home. sharks are away on friday and home for sunday. if you're looking to are an excuse toen indulge your sweet tooth, this sunday somebody national sunday. the popular ice cream sandwich will have a hot fudge sundae and that's peppermint bark ice cream. our coverage of the california wildfires continue at 4 today. >> we're working to learn more about the people killed in butte county. and homes are reduced to rubble in the to you of paradise, we're a couple of minutes away from the closing bell friday
12:56 pm
afternoon. the dow jones is in negative territory and the nasdaq is down 100 points and the s&p down 20 points. the board agreed to buy new trains, they hope to speed up the purchase orders and deliveries, they'll ease overcrowding on if the met owe line. a new report is showing how much consumers are expected to spend on black friday, according to a survey by slick deals, the average american plans to spend $520 this year. here's the interesting part, most of those purchases will be for themselves, not actually gifts. 53% of shoppers say they plan to buy clothing and 47% laptops and 37% said a tv and 26% plan to buy toys or jewelry. our last live look at noon, you can see a lot of smoke the bay area, it's very gray and
12:57 pm
hazy, the air quality is it shall and five people have been killed as a result of the fire in butte county. our coverage on it:k tv and back here at 4:00.
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yourz: where do you wear yoga pants? >> running errands. >> watch tv. >> shopping. dr. oz: the trendy apparel that is like a second skin, but could these comfy clothes be causing you to gain weight? and, we go undercover to find out if your new workout wear may already be dirty. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you ready for season 10? >> yeah! i love you, dr. oz. [applause]


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