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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 9, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PST

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as they tried to escape the flames. >> unhealthy air. the bay area blanketed with a thick layer of drifting smoke that can be seen from space. the air quality warning that's been issue. several large fires burning right now in california. one here in the northern part of the state, two more two our south. we have team coverage on the evacuations in butte county and a close-up look at the devastation in paradise. plus, we're live in ventura county where a community rocked by a mass shooting is now forced to evacuatewith"four i'm alex savidge. >> i'm alyana gomez. all these fires more evidence of a new reality. it seems the fire season is becoming a year-round threat. le 4 people were killed in the fast-moving "camp fire" in butte county. authorities say the victims
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were trapped in their cars as they tried to escape the flames and burned to death in the town of paradise. 70,000 acres have burned and the fire is 5% contained. cal fire estimates at least 2,000 structures have been destroyed. >> it burned paradise to 99. >> take a look at this chilling video of a daring escape from that fire. it was taken by a man driving through butte county. you can see a wall of flames surrounding his vehicle flying embers even falling trees. he says he was forced to drive off the road a few times but thankfully he was able to make y >> we have team coverage tonight beginning with ktvu's tom vacar. he is live in paradise where hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed. reporter: well, we are actually 12 miles from paradise. this is the first place you
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will find electricity. everything up to paradise, 12 miles, is completely dark because there's no power up there. it's also interesting is it is lighter right now in this area, lighter right now, than it was at noon today. the smoke was so thick and laying over everything. it's obviously become less thick but it still is smoke as you can see nonetheless. now, to the folks of paradise, they love their town. and many of them say they will rebuild. but for many, it is truly a case of paradise lost. reporter: the speed with which the fires came almost lightning. we found two areas where cars were abandoned and people thought it was wiser to run. high up on skyway, some 20 to 30 vehicles sat many on the side of the road. some in difference, others in the middle of the road. but the worst in terms of total destruction and
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consequences came in this neighborhood where flames and gridlock among the fleeing vehicles spelled doom. it was here near the corner of edgewood and pearson that people died in their cars. five people died as fires gave them no chance to escape engulfing their cars. the destruction in paradise near total. >> the fire moved very quickly into that area. it destroyed i think latest report was a couple of thousand structures. >> reporter: while some businesses survived notably drugstores and auto parts stores, it seems no more than a quarter survived if that. homes fared far, far worse. >> it's very sad because it went from house to house to house. >> reporter: everywhere you look, there's tragedy piled upon tragedy. disaster piled upon broken dreams. and occasionally, you even see some irony. bitter, bitter irony. this conflagration still has a lot of life left in it with
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moraine in sight. >> we are still having a very critical rate of spread on the fire. the fire is spotting ahead of itself. so it's pretty aggressive still. >> reporter: as of today about 1,,454,000 acres have been destroyed in california by wildfires since the beginning of the year. after this one is over, and the ones in southern california, this will be the second worst. one more big fire after that, one more, and we will set the worst record in terms of acres lost more than 1.58 million. that will happen with one more big fire. and note this. that in southern california, big fires are not uncommon in november and december. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we saw the desperate effort by people to try to escape those flames as you pointed out. people just leaving their cars behind and making a run for it. are you hearing any reports of people who are still missing
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at this point? whose loved ones have not found them? >> well, i will say this. i don't know that that's the case. but we just simply have to look at what's happened in the last year. in every one of those cases, there were people they were looking for that they thought they had a bead on, but those people simply never responded. so i suspect there are missing people. the number of which is unknown. but the odds are, that if people died in their cars trying to leave, other people who thought they might tough it out probably didn't make it anyhow. we are going to learn a lot more about that over the weekend and into next week. >> tom, what are some of the challenges that you're seeing out there amongst not only just resident but also even the crews out there still trying to battle these flames? >> reporter: well, this is a big fire. 5% contained. this is a huge fire 70,000 acres. it could be up to 100,000 by tomorrow because if the fire keeps burning and it can't be confronted and especially at night by aircraft, it's going
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to grow. remember, i think the day before, it was 14,000 and then it jumps to 70,000. so this fire is going to grow and grow until such time that either the winds completely calm down and they can get a handle on it and aircraft, or until it starts raining. so that's the situation. it is not a good one even worse in southern california. >> well no rain anytime soon. tom vacar in butte county, thank you very much. here's a list of some. places in butte county that are offering shelter to evacuees there. oroville nazarene church, the old county hospital. the butte county fairgrounds open in gridley and in chico, east avenue church is open as a shelter. neighborhood church is an emergency shelter but we're told it's already full. butte county is asking evacuees to register on the red cross safe and well website. that's where family who can't contact each other after a disaster can make contact. the sheriff's office is getting hundreds of calls
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requesting deputies to check on people who live in the fire zones but are unaccounted for. you can find a link for that site at in the "web links" section. the winds were howling yesterday when tom was up there and this fire was just exploding in size. it looks as though things have calmed down a bit from his shot, rosemary. you get that since? >> yes. >> we are getting better conditions? >> yeah. unfortunately, alex, alyana, it's not going to last. we did have improving conditions this afternoon. tomorrow looks like a fairly good weather day. and then we are going to switch it once again with advisories back in place by saturday night. i'll detail that moment. let's check the current conditions. the temperatures are already falling o the afternoon highs in that area in the upper 60s, low 70s. but you can see now temperatures cooling off into the 50s. even one area reporting 49 degrees and relative humidity anywhere from 13, 14% to about 41%. so the relative humidity also better at this hour than where
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we were 24 hours ago. the winds are light and variable. we have 6 miles per hour in jarbo grabbing. berry creek light tonight. tonight and tomorrow the weather is going to cooperate. we'll call it. but then things start to change once again. here's a look at saturday. tomorrow morning, a cool start. low 40s in the forecast. with a light wind relative humidity about 26%. then into the afternoon, the winds could pick up just a little bit. the afternoon high is expected at 72 degrees again. relative humidity will come down although it won't be critically low. things begin to change by saturday night. saturday night into sunday, not only for the area of paradise and you can see the we are also with another red flag warning by late saturday night into sunday. so again, the weather conditions improving. but it's not going to last. we are again going to see dry winds pick up as we get into the weekend. i'll have more details on this
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plus air quality a big issue. i'll toss it back to you with more on that. >> another red flag warning about the last thing we need, i think. heavy smoke from the butte county fire made its way here to the bay area. you have obviously seen it today and that's triggered a "spare the air" alert for our region. the smoke is carrying elevated levels of particulate pollution evident across much of the north bay. and take a look at this satellite photo from noaa. that's the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. it highlights this huge plume of smoke from the "camp fire" that drifted south and west down from butte county here to the bay area. and it is really enveloping our entire region. joining us now to talk more about the poor air quality is lisa, the communications director for the bay area air quality management district. lisa, thank you so much for joining us. i mean -- >>outside anywhere in the bay area, and you can just see the entire bay area is covered in smoke. which areas are worse off right now, and we are worse
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off than we were yesterday when it comes to air quality, is that correct, in some areas? >> yeah. air quality is poor through the bay area right now. we are seeing a little bit of respite in some of the north bay stations but not all. the east bay is heavily impacted right now. parts of the peninsula are impacted in the south bay heavily impacted. it depends on the winds and which way the winds are bringing that smoke. right now, with things sort of so calm the way they are, the smoke that came down last night, yesterday and last night is kind of just sitting here. >> yeah. >> can we put this in some perspective for folks? the healthy levels of particulate matter in the air, what they are and what we are seeing out there today? >> are anywhere up to our quality index aqi scale up to 50. we are several levels up to 150 over 190 or over 200.
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it's been extremely unhealthy for everyone. >> yesterday, i was looking up the numbers for most of the bay area. and we were in the moderate zone according to the bay area air quality management district's map. it was the yellow zone today. we are more in the red in many parts of the bay area. i was telling alex i was at the oakland zoo earlier today and i took the gondola up and i could see just the entire bay area coast covered in smoke and then also, all of the plants were just covered in -- in -- in ash. it's just horrible right now. >> we're having heavy smoke impacts right now from these fires. and right now, we're forecasting that we really don't see any letup. we have issued a winterer "spare the air" alert through monday and we'll work through the weekend to see what happens with the weather and if it changes and if we need to extend it through next week. we're telling people no burning fires in their fireplaces, wood , until monday. we don't want to add smoke to the air. >> the weather pattern we have in place right now, this is probably going to stick around for days.
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>> it is. we are not seeing the kind of mixing or heavy winds that we need to blow it out of the area. so the smoke is just pooling up here in the bay area and it's really impacting air quality throughout the nine counties. >> people who are most vulnerable, stay indoors. >> everyone needs to stay indoors. >> okay. all right, lisa fasano, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. up next, the search for answers after a dozen lives were taken in a shooting at a bar in thousand oaks in southern california. then just 24 hours later, that same region is now being evacuated as a wildfire threatens the area. >> plus, we're learning new information about the closed- down "salesforce" transit center in san francisco. the reason it could be closed until early next year.
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my name is mike, i'm in product we're working to make things simple, easy and awe thousand oaks is coming to grips with wednesday night's mass shooting that killed 12 and injured more. the city's mayor says thousand oaks is still one of the safest communities in california and the people who live there are resilient. he said nobody can stop someone from hurting hurting ci but we are a community of love, of compassion, and of unity. we are also a unman, 28-year-ol david long, took his own life during the attack. officials say he was a
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military veteran dealing with mental health issues. but a motive for the shooting isn't known. as that southern california community continues to mourn the victims of the deadly mass shooting, people in that area are also now facing out of control wildfires. >> the fast-moving and destructive woolsey fire started yesterday. overnight it destroyed homes and prompted a new round of evacuations this afternoon. heather holmes is live in los angeles county where people are on edge again. heather. reporter: alyana and alex, we just returned from a community up the road from where we're standing. it's called castle peak estate. it's been spared so far but there's still real concern and it stems from what you see just beyond my shoulder there. we have watching as the smoke as thickened hefire activity in those hills just beyond where we are is increasing. the woolsey fire as you mentioned broke out yesterday. it tore through neighborhoods in oak park and thousand oaks. that's where i was last night
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for a vigil. a lot of people had gathered for that vigil for the victims of the mass shooting. and as you can imagine, emotions were already running high and then came these flames, thousands were evacuated. roads closed including parts of 101. and then this morning, daylight revealed the scope of the destruction. several homes lost. an exact number isn't yet known. the fire continues to rage. and it's getting closer and closer to larry rudner's home. he got about four hours' sleep last night watching those flames lick the ridge near his house in los angeles county. he tells me the shooting, it broke so many hearts here. and now this, a massive and destructive fire. he says it can't get worse. >> we have known people involved at the shooting. someone who has killed, someone who has injured jumping through a plate glass window and people who used to frequent the bar. >> reporter: and now, you're worried about your house. >> yes. we have been up most of the
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night trying to figure out what to do. my wife wanted me to pack the car last night. i said no, there's nothing to worry about. but today, um, about a couple of hours ago, the smoke was billowing up to the north. i said now's the time. >> reporter: yeah, larry and his wife are planning to take their car that was packed with some items and valuables and paperwork, also a few days worth of clothes and they were going to stay with his son who lives about 10 minutes away from here. his son hasn't been part of an evacuation so he felt that would be a good location to go. also while we were in the community, we saw helicopter after helicopter making water drops on the area. it seemed to be making a difference but then as i was just telling you, we watched the smoke and the fire activity in this area just pick up once again. alyana and alex? >> heather, i mean, the speed at which this fire exploded in
4:19 pm
size, it sounds like it caught people off guard. you were saying even you and your photographer had to change where you were staying because of the way this fire was moving. >> reporter: yes. we did. we were originally booked in a hotel that was about 10 minutes away from thousand oaks in ventura county. we were there covering the vigil last night. but as we left thousand oaks and headed to agoura hills where the hotel was, the air was thick. my eyes were burning, my throat was scratchy. at the hotel you could see the smoke in the hills. i went to check in with hotel staff and asked about safety and if the area was under evacuation. they said no, not yet. then we could see the flames. and we left. >> it all changes so quickly. there's no evacuation order, then all of a sudden, get out. heather holmes live for us in los angeles county, thank you. there's new information in
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the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire case. the judge today reject a motion by defendant derick almena to reinstate his plea deal. another judge had thrown out the agreement saying almena hadn't shown remorse. he and co-defendant are set to go to trial on 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person who died in the fire. both men are back in court next month for a trial judge to be assigned and the trial could begin next spring. san francisco's transbay transit center could be closed until early next year for repairs. the agency in charge of the "salesforce" transit center says it expects the repair of the two cracked steel beams to start next month. a portion of the steel was cut out and shipped to a new york test lab. the at the end of november. the $2.2 billion transit center opened in early august. but it was shut down six weeks later after ose cracks were discovered in the support beams. at a meeting yesterday, the transbay joint powers authority called for a
4:21 pm
complete structural evaluation of the transit center to make sure the building is safe. let's send things back to meteorologist rosemary orozco with another look at these conditions. rosemary. >> outside our doors we just heard heather talking about heavy smoke and itchy throats and burning eyes and that's exactly what we have here in the bay area. a live look there at san jose, where we are just covered in that smoke this afternoon. air quality very poor as you can imagine. and this isn't going to change. we will see just minor improvements as we get into the weekend. but as we heard the experts say before the last break, the pattern isn't changing so much that it's going to bring along any wind that will clear this out at least not in the next 24 hours, perhaps a lot longer than that. santa rosa right 55 degrees. low 60s in san francisco. you can't even see san francisco from this shot. you can barely see the bay bridge. low 60s in oakland, livermore 63. san jose at 68. our numbers, 5, 10, 15 degrees cooler this afternoon than
4:22 pm
yesterday because of all that cover out there. here's a look at a satellite view and you can see all that smoke right in there. and the flow even though the winds have died down some and are a lot lighter now than they were 24 hours ago and even early this morning, that flow hasn't changed so we'll continue to see the smoke drift in not as much and not as fast. but it will continue to drift our way as we get into your bay area saturday. also, for our north bay valley locations, where it's become very chilly in the overnight hours, we have a frost advisory for the north bay valleys. starts at 1 a.m. in the morning. it will go until 9 a.m. temp. that to be aware early hours of tomorrow. 46 degrees expected in san francisco and 43 in areas like oakland. so it's going to be chilly for most of the bay area. but again, take a look at santa rosa and napa where we're freezing and below freezing. and for the inner east bay 38 degrees expected for concord as well as livermore.
4:23 pm
getting into the afternoon, mid-60s to mid-70s around the bay. 66 san francisco. 70 degrees in oakland. 73 in livermore. but air quality going to remain an issue. looks most unhealthy over the north bay as well as the east bay. but all of us are going to be in this for tomorrow. bad news is, another red flag warning already on the way for our hills come saturday night. i'll have details on that in the extended forecast coming up. up next here on the "4:00" details of a new proclamation to be signed by president trump about asylum for migrants.
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police in melbourne, australia, say a deadly knife attack is it terrorism. the attacker got out of a truck in a shopping district and stabbed three bystanders. one of the victims has died. the attacker then went killed. investigators found barbecue gas tanks in the back of his truck. the bomb squad defused them. police say the 31-year-old attacker was originally from somalia and was known to officers as an identified terror threat. melbourne is australia's second largest city. authorities are investigating this as a case of terrorism.
4:27 pm
president trump is defending his choice of matt whitaker to be acting attorney general. he is distancing himself from his pick saying he doesn't really know him. >> matt whitaker is a highly respected man. but i didn't know matt whitaker. >> you know that, contradict the president's own statement on a recent "fox and friends" interview when he said, quote, i can tell you matt whitaker is a great guy. i mean, i know matt whitaker. the reason that whitaker is such a controversial pick though is that as jeff sessions' chief of staff he wasn't in line to take over the justice department and hasn't been confirmed by the senate. also he expressed personal views against the mueller probe which he is now overseeing. democrats who will soon have a majority in the house say they could open an investigation into whitaker's appointment. >> we were elected to move forward on a pro active agenda and to provide a meaningful check on this administration and fulfill out responsibiliti oversight. >> critics of the president fear that whitaker could act
4:28 pm
time period or sabotage mueller's investigation of alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. president trump is announcing tougher immigration asylum rules. under these new rules, people who try to cross the u.s./mexico border illegally will not be eligible for asylum. the proclamation states, quote, migrants seeking asylum along the southern border must present themselves lawfully at a port of entry. it's the president's latest attempt to deter the migrants heading north from central america. up next, our coverage of the california wildfires continues. an update on the devastation with hundreds of homes and businesses reduced to rubble in the town of paradise. >> plus, we are going back live to southern california, down to the fire lines there, where there are two other fires burning at this hour that are prompting tens of thousands of people to evacuate. very busy news day for us. we are just getting started. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. we want to update our top story now. that fire is still burning out of control in butte county. officials now say at least five people died in their cars trying to escape the flames. they were found dead inside those vehicles. the "camp fire" has burned 70,000 acres. that's an area more than twice the size of san francisco. so far the fire is just 5% contained. cal fire says an estimated 2,000 structures have been destroyed. bay area fire crews are in butte county assisting in the firefight. the san francisco fire department shared photos and
4:32 pm
video of the strike team rolling out of the city yesterday afternoon. at least 3 san francisco fire engines are in butte county right now. >> and more than 60 firefighters from marin county headed up to butte county to battle the "camp fire." that includes crews from san rafael, novato, ross valley and kentfield. alameda county firefighters shared these photos of firefighters driving north towards the "camp fire." there are also firefighters from oakland, hayward, fremont and contra costa county. >> we have some chilling video here of a family escaping the flames in the town of paradise. in this video you can hear a father, joe allen, trying to keep his three-year-old daughter calm as flames flank both sides of the car. >> guess what. we're not going to catch or fire, okay? we're going to stay away from it. we'll we're doing all right. >> as you can see the flames
4:33 pm
were burning close to the roadway there. and getting out of paradise was an incredible challenge for all those folks who were trying to evacuate. you can see the road just clogged with cars there. eventually the allens did make it out of the fire zone. >> look, we're past it. we're out of it, okay? >> yay! >> yay! >> you did it, you did it! >> we did it together! >> i love that a team effort. great lesson there. the allens believe they lost everything in the fire. but they are keeping a positive outlook considering the whole situation they went through there terrifying. last night, they celebrated their daughter olivia's third birthday and said even though they may have lost everything, they didn't lose each other. that's what matters. >> heartbreaking. it's so scary for a child that age to go through something like that. our chief meteorologist bill martin is joining us now. he grew up in paradise.
4:34 pm
he was there all day yesterday reporting for us from the fire lines outside the fire lines. you got too close and had to move. what's it like to see the area that you grew up in changing into ruins by the second? >> the thing with paradise is it's built on a ridge. you have the feather river canyon and the butte creek canyon. the town is in the middle on a ridge life. all my life we had fires. they would have one in the canyon and they would get it down and at butte creek. so we were used to fires but never -- this one came across town. town has never burned. never burned. >> what changed? >> um -- it's a tough one. that's a tough one. when i was a kid growing up they used to show us movies of how to evacuate a town. they were scary. i remember back in the day, they shoulder these old
4:35 pm
movies. i remember thinking we would never need that. fires were always easy to contain in the canyons. i don't know -- i don't know what's changed. i suspected a lot of things whether it be that we're super dry now, we're dry this year. we have had a dry run of weather. i was working with some of the san jose state meteorology guys up there doug clements the science guy. we talked to him last night. he was saying, first of all, he goes, this is really spooky. he was on the other ridge. we were talking by phone. this is a guy who travels all over the world chasing fires. i think the big thing is fuel. there's just so many fuels. there's so much -- this area had never burned. the canyons had burned. but as soon as it came out of the canyon and hit the terrace, the flat part of the ridge, where all the houses are, it just went off. again, i can't remember ever having a fire in the to infor years.
4:36 pm
>> a lot of people were trying to evacuate on back roads and windy roads, small roads. how scary could that have been? i can't picture that. i can only imagine it. >> i try to picture it myself. i have a lot of friends that live up in the magalia area at the top end of town. there's only a couple of ways out of town. that's the real trouble. i have stories of people driving four miles in three or four hours. the picture you're seeing of people involved in flames, they were stuck in bumper-to- bumper traffic while the flames were going on around them. it must have been terrifying! >> being there on the front lines for you, um, what surprised you most about the behavior of that fire? >> well, what we saw last night was jonathan and i, jonathan hawkins, we got a nice spot. we felt good about our location and watching the wind. we saw some first responders 200 yards behind up. we set up the equipment and all of a sudden it chased us out. the thing that surprised me
4:37 pm
was the movement. it wasn't moving in the direction i expected it to. it was unpredictable. it was definitely -- it's ongoing up there. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> glad to talk to you. >> thanks for coming in. appreciate it. also two separate fires burning still in southern california right now. the woolsey fire and the hill fire both burning in ventura county northwest of los angeles. more than 1,000 people are under voluntary orders to evacuate. collectively, these two fires have burned about 20,000 acres. and already dozens of homes have been destroyed in that area. the woolsey fire has now entered the city of malibu where there are mandatory evacuations and the fire is showing no signs of slowing. >> and both fires are being fueled by extreme winds and extremely dry conditions. >> we want to get more on the fight to try to control the flames there in southern california. for that we're joined by ray bogan live for us in ventura county. ray, you have the latest on
4:38 pm
the evacuations there. a lot of people trying to get out. >> reporter: er who in ventura county there's nearly 100,000 people under evacuation orders. if you look at the capacity of these evacuation shelters, it appears as though people are listening. quite a few of them aren't able to hold anybody else and it was an interesting thing to see this afternoon and early this morning when you saw more evacuation orders and you looked at the traffic, it was jam-packed. the gps is all red all over the place. people were really listening to these evacuation orders earlier today. and take a look at behind me. you can see why. you mentioned the dry conditions, the strong winds. one firefighter described that as the perfect storm for these fires which just allowed it to move so quickly that it was even faster than they could keep up with which y some of these homes burned. i mean, you could see, you
4:39 pm
have about 6 or 7 vehicles on this property. that home is down to the chimney. it's tragic. in fact, we got an update before and they haven't even counted all of them yet. so on the list, they put homes damaged, many. structures destroyed, many. because they are still counting them. >> ray, we can see the trees, the limbs behind you still kind of whipping around. how bad are the winds out there and, of course, the air quality we have been talking about out here further north. it's bad. i can only imagine what it is there. >> reporter: well, the winds have actually died down here in the last couple of hours. it's kind of going along with the sunset. now, it's forecasted that these winds could keep up tomorrow and into the first couple of days of the week which firefighters obviously are not happy about. they want these winds to die down so they can get a good grasp on this fire and try to start building containment lines. when it comes to the air quality, yeah, absolutely, you can smell it and feel it in
4:40 pm
your lungs. a lot of people are driving around. but for the people who are walking around and trying to be close and interact with these fires as they check out the damage and things like that, they are wearing masks because it is intense and as soon as you step outside, you can really feel it. >> all right. that's ray bogan live in ventura county, ray, thank you. still to come, thieves finding a new way as to scam your information. how a uspa app was used to open up fraudulent credit cards -- how a usps app was used to open up fraudulent credit cards. >> outside this afternoon a depressing view and that's not going to change as we get into your bay area saturday. i'll have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for the rest of the weekend coming up. [ phone rings ] what?!
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thieves are always coming up with new ways to carry out identity theft. the latest scam involves hacking into the usps website. we explain why you should be concerned. >> reporter: it's a free service from the post office called informed delivery service. once a user signs up they get an email every morning with the photos of your coming day's mail delivery. it's convenient and more than 6 million people have signed up but tech watchdog krebs on security reports the secret service is now warning thieves are abusing the system. one victim chris who shared his experience with the
4:44 pm
"dallas morning news" and spoke with us by phone. >> it's a violation of privacy, a violation of your property. you feel violated. >> reporter: here's what happened. he was a previous victim of identity theft part of a group of federal employees who were hacked about three years ago. he believes these scammers bought his information from the "dark web" and then used it to open that postal account and then they opened credit card accounts in his and his wife's name and had them sent to his house with the informed delivery service, those thieves knew exactly when they would arrive and once they did, they physically took them out of the mailbox. chris says it felt like a personal crime. >> so they were receiving images daily without our knowing it of what mail was being delivered. the outside images of the envelopes. so they had established the credit. approved it. cards were on the way.
4:45 pm
and they were monitoring what day those envelopes would be received. >> reporter: a columnist with the "dallas morning news" says the scam is complicated but effective . he thinks the post office should share some blame. >> the post office rolled this out too soon. they should have added two step cell phone verification before they rolled it out. >> reporter: and chris says he too hopes the post office will improve security when it comes to this feature. for now, he put a physical lock on his mailbox. stan bowen, fox news. rosemary, that air out there is just really nasty. >> right. just thick and ugly and we're not going to see a lot of change. i'll explain why in just a moment. giving you a view there, an attempt to look into san francisco. you can barely make out the approach there over the bay bridge. we have all this smoke and haze around the bay area pretty much everywhere we look. high pressure is in control. what's that doing for us? well, the storm track still well to the north. we are not going to see any
4:46 pm
rain over the next several days. it is also providing us with this pattern here and it creates that offshore wind at times that kicks up the red flag warning or fire danger and then the red flag warning as a result. as i move in closer, if you take a close look, you can see the smoke on the satellite view coming our way by paradise. and this flow this northwest flow, those upper-level winds, even though they have backed off considerably in the last 12 hours or so, you can see the flow has not changed. and that's not going to change. so the smoke is going to continue to drift our way. and as we get into saturday night, the winds are going to kick up. but we are still going to have the same direction of flow and so it's not going to bring us much good. right now we have calm conditions over santa rosa, napa, oakland, a northwest breeze at 9 miles per hour. the air quality expert here a little while ago said the light winds don't help us because now the smoke is settled in and it's just hanging around and that's going to be the case as we get
4:47 pm
into your bay area saturday. perhaps sunday. maybe into monday, as well. so we are looking at the air quality advisory through monday at least that is what we are seeing right now for tomorrow unhealthy air for our north bay, your east bay and sensitive groups around the central bay and into the santa clara valley will continue with that. temperatures outside this afternoon a lot cooler because of all the gray overhead and smoke. north bay valleys will cool off overnight. frost advisory for our valley locations starts at 1 a.m. and will go until 9 a.m. some areas are expected to hit below freezing.
4:48 pm
the red flag warning starts tomorrow night and lasting into sunday. and the extended forecast here shows you little change in temperatures and pattern. >> thank you. coming up next here on the "4:00", honoring a local legend. a look tesele operation of life at at&t park -- a look tesele operation of life at at&t park of giants great willie mccovey. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free
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warriors guard steph curry had an mri today following his injure last night -- injury last night against the bucks of . he limped off the floor in the third quarter. early tests indicate he had a mild to moderate groin strain. and he will be closely monitored over the next few days. but curry will not play in tomorrow night's game against the brooklyn nets in oakland. he will take it! >> oh, man. it is not right some of the things that he can do on the floor! >> he is amazing. on the court the warriors will have to bounce back after being blown out against the bucks. this game last night was never close. the bucks were up by 15 before halftime. and they cruised to an easy 134-111 win. >> it was pretty ugly.
4:52 pm
>> it was. well, a huge crowd of giants fans and giants legends quarter at at&t park yesterday to celebrate the life of willie mccovey. scott reiss shows us why he is remembered for being more than just a baseball player. >> today we are celebrating life. >> reporter: and in mccovey's life, there is so much to celebrate. >> no giants player has ever been more beloved than willie mccovey. >> i want to thank mac for allowing me to hitch a bunch of baseballs in his cove. >> reporter: dignitaries, friends and former teammates reminisced about the great willie mac, whose numbers don't begin to tell a p heartbeat there with those numbers. that guy played for the name in the front of his uniform, not the one in the back. >> reporter: an incredible lid any of anecdotes and heartfelt
4:53 pm
testimony from those who knew him. >> mccovey was one of the neatest human beings i will ever see in my life. he was so clean. >> reporter: because to know willie was to admire willie. >> as i watched him be wheeled away, i would hold my cane and i would say, i want to be like him. >> high hope and my prayer is that when i get to heaven, there will be a baseball field like at&t in heaven and the greatest gift, the greatest gift that god could give me is having the opportunity to pitch to willie mccovey. >> reporter: if there was one consistent thread in this testimony, it was that willie mccovey was an unbelievable ballplayer and an even better person. his spirit will remain in this ballpark, his legacy in that cove, willie mccovey truly and forever giant.
4:54 pm
scott reiss, fox 2 sports. the midterms may be behind us, but some races are still too close to call. the drama and talk of recounts when we come back. i am a family man.
4:55 pm
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there are still some races too close to call. as doug mckelway doug luzader reports, we could be looking at recounts an legal battles.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: it's extraordinary how close some of the races are. in arizona, georgia and especially florida, where two statewide races could come down to recounts. remember this? the florida bush versus gore recount from 2000? 18 years later, perhaps only the contests and the candidates have changed. >> there may be rampant fraud happening in palm beach and broward counties. >> reporter: the florida governor turned senate hopeful rick scott with a press conference outside the governor's mansion last night as the senate race between scott and bill nelson heads closer to a recount. the two counties in question, the democratic strongholds of palm beach and broward, keep tallying additional ballots! thousands of them! >> reporter: 's elections supervisor says it takes time. >> we ran 22 sites. we ran 14 days. we ran 12 hours. we had a big vote by mail. so don't try to turn it around to make it seem like i'm
4:58 pm
making comedy out of this. >> reporter: the current democratic senator bill nelson who is behind in the count so far brought in a prominent democratic attorney to lead the fight for his seat which could be decided in a recount. >> we did not seek this recount center and nelson did not ask for this -- put out the statement he did because it is automatic but rather because we believe at the end of this process senator nelson is going to be the winner. >> reporter: the florida gubernatorial race may also be headed for a recount. republican ron desantis leads andrew gillum by less than half point. the high-profile governor's race in georgia could windup in a runoff if it continues to tighten. and in arizona the senate contest between mcsally and sinema has swung each way and the legal battle has already begun. and those senate races especially could have some big ramifications here on capitol hill. they could determine the degree to which republicans are able to build on their
4:59 pm
majority in the senate. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. california burning at both ends of the state. a northern california town wiped out by flames with at least 6 lives lost. while to the south massive plumes of smoke drift over the pacific as the canyons above malibu are evacuated. >> new information tonight about the source of that massive fire still burning tonight in butte county. good evening, everyone. i'm alyana gomez. >> i'm andre senior. we are getting our first look at the damage and destruction from the "camp fire" in butte 2 been destroyed. that includes homes, churches and businesses. the city of paradise a town of 27,000 devastated by the fire here. at least 6 people are dead. five of the victims are trapped in their cars when they tried to escape the flames and they burned to death.
5:00 pm
>> the fire quadrupled in size overnight. so far 7,000 acres have burned. that's an area more than twice the size of san francisco. the fire is just 5% contained. also, a report filed with the state's public utilities commission by pg&e shows there was a problem with a transmission line just minutes before the "camp fire" started. now, that may have been what sparked the fire but an official cause has not yet been determined. some people escaped paradise and hit the record button on their cell phones and documented the terrifying drive out. flames surroundled them on both sides of the road. the smoke was so thick at times you could barely see out of the windshield. one of the clips of video we received the passenger turned to prayer to get them through safely. >> heavenly father, please help us. please help us be safe.


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