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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. a search underway in butte county for 100 people in the massive wildfire still burning there tonight. good evening everyone. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. we begin with the battle against the camp fire in butte county. there latest -- the latest numberses show the fire is 111,000 acres and containment is 25% up from 20% early this t after 14 more bodies were discovered yesterday. 6400 homes and 260 buildings destroyed. tens of thousands of people evacuated and staying in shelters around butte county. more than, hundred people are
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uncontacted for tonight and -- unaccounted for tonight. ktvu's andre senior is live in chico tonight with more. >> reporter: noters are just about to give an update on the evacuees and the missing people. today we visited a shelter in the town of gilroy, a few miles away from here. a half hour south of where we are right now, it was set up at the butte county fairgrounds. there are 230 people currently seeking refuge at the shelter. families, elderly, rvs and live stock at that location. there is a table with pictures of the missing and those who are searching missing, every animal on the table still missing as well. we spoke to a couple there trying to find his mother. they have not heard from her. she is from the paradise area. it has been an ongoing thing
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right now. as it stands right now doubt doubt sheriff's offices are search -- officers are searching for 100 people at this point. the death toll is in the double digits. i can tell you they have hursts standing by in paradise. the man i spoke to earlural and today a member of the red cross. >> please contact the red cross and hopefully we can get information. >> it has been an ongoing thing -- we had 700 reunions since the fire started. >> reporter: so she has not bece the fire broke out on thursday. family looking for her. her son lives in the area and that friend lives in this area and he decided to check the shelters to see if she has been
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found. so far there is no word on her. when you go a the shelters they will take down your information. if they find them they will call you and they will call the other shelters to 72 thet person checked -- to see if that person checked in. anth ropallgists are here in town. we will have more on the 10:00 p.m. news tonight. >> what is it like being up there? you see outside of paradise there are hursts parked there waiting for the bodies that they will find? >> reporter: yes, they are. we understand the hursts are parked up on paradise while the search and recovery teams are looking for people. i was told earlier they estimate 7-10 homes have been destroyed. and there are a number of people who have not been found. if you look at this table in the red cross shelter, the pictures of the people who have
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not been found at this point, the red cross is urging people to go on to their website, if they want to let family members know they are okay, put your name, address, phone number down so they will have access to the database and anyone can check the database and make sure family members are okay. it is really that kind of a situation where people are looking to find information. as far as the fire fight, 99 up to chico, the fire fight is still in earnest right now. it is very smoky. you can see the flames coming up. >> all right. andre senior in chico at the command center, thank you. smoke from the butte county fire is flowing south causing terrible air quality for the bay area. a spare the air day remains through tomorrow. officials are urging people to stay indoors, especially the young, the elderly and those
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with breathing problems. mount diablo park may close again tomorrow due the fire danger. and the 49ers announcerred the game at levi stadium tomorrow will -- announced the game at levi stadium tomorrow will go on. now rosemary orozco has more. >> the winds are expected to die down and with that we will have a different issue. we saw better air quality today because of the wind. that brought us the red flag warning. right now, moderate over areas of the south bay, a few pockets of unhealthy for sensitive groups. for a majority of the bay area. we saw the winds come through and clear out the air and blue skies. as the camp fire continues and notice the direction of the flow, this will continue a pump the smoke in our direction because we are down wind of the fire there. so getting into tonight and for
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tomorrow, when the winds into lighten up, the smoke will be drifting our way over the next 48 hours. longer than that. and once the winds die down it is expected to linger over the bay area like yesterday. hopefully not as much but with that said we are looking at smoke advisories as well as spare the air day. not only for tomorrow but tuesday, maybe even wednesday. the red flag warning for us expired. it will go till tomorrow morning, expires 7 a.m. for the paradise area where the fire is burning and the air quality for tomorrow looks to be unhealthy for sensitive groups. we will see lingers tomorrow. we will update there is any rain governor jerry brown spoke out today about the catastrophic imn crease in wildfires. -- increase in wildfires. >> this new abnormal will
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continue in the next 10 to 15 to 20 years and unfortunately the best science is telling us that dryness, warmth, drought, all those things, they are going to intensify. >> in california scientists say temperatures are two to three degrees warmer now than they would have been without global warmings. the governs californians need to help those in snead work toward minimizing the potential for further damage from fires and offered his thoughts and prayers to everyone who has lost loved ones in the wildfires. many of the tens of thousands of people who were forced from their homes went to shelters. one man at a shelter in oroville who didn't have time to pick up his belongings. >> reporter: his cat isn't a
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fan of her new leash. >> you should have seen the double back flip. >> reporter: but he has to interviews it to keep her close after they evacuated thursday. >> i opened the door and there were embers coming on to my deck and my home and my roof. i had to make a judgment call. >> reporter: the judgment call was to save his important belongings or his cat. >> i am taking my cat. i am taking my cat. >> reporter: we met him at red cross vacation shelter. this is home after he watched the camp fire burn his house. >> reporter: he says the flames came in so fast he got his cat, his car, and left. the driver to safety was terrifying. >> following the road and i got down to the bottom of the bridge and next thing you know smoke and fire just surrounded my truck. >> reporter: he is grateful she okay but he and hundreds of others that church are left wondering what is next.
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that is where red cross comes in. >> there is people that are -- you know, they are upset. they are worried. and our job here is to help them feel more comfortable. i mean, you know, we can't build them a house but we are here to give them a hug. >> reporter: for people left with nothing shelters like this can help. >> we have a lot of donations, a lot of food. you can see all the water. >> reporter: another important thing about this shelter, they allow pets. while he waits for more news on the fire he can find joy in the little things. >> she just walked me a little bit. i was happy. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. lieutenant governor gavin newsom is talking about his visit to the fire zone. he tweeted pictures of his tour yesterday. we said the strength and resiliency of the people. folks who lost everything, bending down on a knee to help
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another up. >> if you want to help the fire victims in about about, we posted -- in butte county, we posted a link on -- the fires in southern california. two fires northwest of los angeles. the woolsey fire and hill fire forced the evacuation of it 200,000 people and 175 structures have been destroyed. the woolsey fire broke out on thursday about 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon and spread there. strong winds are hethat is acce two people have died. three firefighters have been injured. investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. the hill fire broke out just before the woolsey fire and burned more than 4500 acres. tonight that fire is 70% contained. no injuries have been reported and the hill fire is not threatening any homes. the cause is under investigation.
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a number of celebrities were forced from their homes when the woolsey fire broke out. he thinks the home where he lived for more than 40 years is gone. >> this is the worse one i have seen. we ever been here since -- we have been here since 1970 in malibu and we have been through a couple of them. never seen one like this for this long. >> he said she confident once the fire is out and everyone had a chance to deal with their losses they will rebuild their community. robin thicke lost his home. several other celebrities were also evacuated including gang -- including lady gaga. president trump is not backing off of his criticism. he tweeted with proper forest management we can stop the
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devastation in california. get smart. yesterday he threatened to pull federal fund figure the state does not improve forest mismanagement. several hours after that post yesterday the president of the california professional firefighters responded saying the president's message attacking california and threatening to with hold tied the victims of the fires is ill informed and demeaning who are suffering. 60% of california forcesterize under federal management and 2/3 under private control. it is the federal government that has chosen to divert resources away from forest management. not california. we can't explain what it is like. none of us were prepared for it. >> people lined the streets for a goodbye to a young woman killed in thousand oaks, california. >> and how it bay area honored
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those who served their country on this veterans day. s veterans day.
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. hundreds of people lined the streets of nap to ahonor alaina housley who was killed -- to honor alaina housley who was killed last week in thousand oaks, california. >> reporter: police escorted the body of alaina housley she at the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks, california last wednesday. the gunman entered and started shooting. >> reporter: they attended high school with alaina housley. they were one of hundreds who lined the street to pay
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respects and say goodbye to their friend. >> words can't really explain what it is like. >> she was the most selfless person i ever met in my life. there was never a day i didn't see her smile and she worked as hard as she could to make everyone feel special. >> reporter: she school bus started her freshman year at pepperdine university. -- just started her freshman year at pepperdine university. >> reporter: he was part of the police escort. he is one of several at the napa police department who drupe up with -- grew up with alaina housley's father and uncle. >> helping out the family and with the escort, it is our way to give back. >> reporter: he says the family has always given back to the community. this was an opportunity for others to support them and provide comfort in a time of great need. >> this is the least we can do.
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>> reporter: elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. veterans day carries a special oo meaning today, it marks the 100's night of the end of world war i. military veterans gathered for lunch. they were thanked for their service by adults and children, including a boy scout troop who presented the vets with hand made thank you cards. >> this is a day to salute those who have gone before and those that are still alive. >> 9,0009,000 vets liver in the bay area. veterans is an important time for reflection and to show our graphification for the men and women who serve our country. nce for a ent trump is back in commemoration of the end of world war i. the president
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faced criticism for his nationalist agenda. >> we are gathered to pay tribute to the brave americans who gave their last brent in that mighty struggle. >> reporter: president trump honored fallen u.s. soldiers in france. marking 100 years since the end of world war i. he paid tribute at the american cemetery and memorial the final resting place for mo than great warrior are. who gave everything for family, country, god and freedom. >> reporter: president trump was among world leaders in france. russian president vladimir putin was there, seen given the american president a thumbs up. the french president made remarks about patriotism seen as a dig at president trump's
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self-proclaimed nationalism. >> the opposite of nationalism. nationalism is its betrayal by saying our for thetrust first and don't mind the others. >> planned visit to another cemetery outside paris was canceled. the white house blaming bad weather for the decision saying the president's helicopter was unable to fly in the rainy conditions. several officials went in his place including chief of staff john kelly. the president declined to attend a three day peace forum focusing on global cooperation, heading back to washington, d.c. instead. fox news. we will talk about the weather now. our meteorologist rosemary orozco. i never seen it like this terms of the smoke.many people masks. i am 60-years-old, i can't remember a time when it was
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this bad. even the october firestorms and here this fire in butte county is 80 miles north of sacramento and yet the air quality here is just awful. >> yeah. at least during the summer time we get the afternoon onshore flow but in this case the northeast wind and we are down wind of it. when was cranking through with the red flag warning, it blew all the smoke in and then the winds died and it settled in the gotten any better? doesn't feel better today than it did yesterday. >> winds picked up over night, another red flag warning, that did improve our air quality. we sue blue skies. -- we saw blue skies. >> are we moving in the right direction? >> now the winds are dying down again and we will continue a see that. the pattern in the wind is not shifting, we are still down
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wind. it will take days before we see a switch in the weather pattern. >> so thick. >> yeah. we will have a check on the air quality in a moment. the numbers outside right now, this morning we were warmer because of the winds. yesterday, north bay valley locations were below freezing. this morning in the 50, boys and right now santa rosa. upper 40s san francisco. upper 50s oakland. the winds right now, the red flag warning for our area has expired. winds to 22. east bay, oakland north 34 at the hire elevations. no rain for the next several days. the first opportunity looks like it may not come till the 19th or so. we will track that for you. we will have the hazy conditions. at least for the next few days.
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the temperatures for tomorrow morning, back below freezing for santa rosa, napa. 44 hayward. 42 mountain view. afternoon highs tomorrow, near 70 degrees for the north bay. around the bay and south bay. temperatures aren't changing much. cooler because of the smoke out there. but air quality will been irish a-- be an issue moving forward. we don't have a switch in the weather pattern that will bring us a clean on shore breeze till maybe the weekend and no rain in the forecast till -- >> till a ways out there? >> weekend of thanksgiving. >> all right. thank you very much. still to come here, plenty of football to talk about with nfl games and the raiders looking to get back on track thereat coliseum against had chargers. jason is a next with sports. we will be right back.
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. jason is here now with sports. the raiders are no question the worse team in the nfl. >> i can't argue with you. lost five straight games by at least 2 touchdowns. never happened in franchise history. it is so bad one veteran raider yelled i got to get the blank out of here in the locker room
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after the game. meaning -- reporters took to mean find a new team. air quality in the bay area the big story, no different the game but they played on. despite unhealthy air quality. here is the highlight if you are a raiders fan. when we show you the punter, the punter is the highlight -- >> never good. >> 4th and 4 from the 36. he takes off. 42 yards down to the 22. but later in the drive, 4th down from the one. flips it on the jet sweep to harris. running wide. no chance against the chargers defense. raiders turn it over on downs. tied 3-3. a close game just before the half when philip rivers finds allen right there. 91-yard drive. chargers 10-3 and they open up
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the second half with another touchdown. rivers. gordon explodes down the field. power and speed. 66 yards for the touchdown. 17-3. now it is a route. about to drop to 1-8 on the season and they were lucky to get that one win. 4 minutes to go. here is the play. derek carr on 4th down. with 4 minutes to go. up for grabsch, end zone, whatever, throws in the dirt. raiders lose 20-6. fifth straight loss. >> that shows -- >> symbol -- [ talking at the same time ] we have an update on the camp fire in butte county. sad news. the sheriff said the death toll has gone up to 29 from 23 yesterday. the sheriff said there are 228 people still unaccounted for that is up from 100 earlier
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today. no new evacuations were ordered today but officials say that could change tomorrow. firefighters are continuing to battle strong winds that are expected to last through tomorrow morning. we have a crew with another live report coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> that will do it for us. thank you very much for joining us. have a great night. see you at 10:00 p.m. you at 10:00 p.m. >> good night. >> good night.
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