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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 12, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning i'm dave clark. steve paulson is still talking about smoking the air. >> is not going to change. >> you said maybe a change next week? >> yes, a change. >> i'm very leery. i think there will be a change but i don't know how favorable it will be. better than now but how long it lasts remains to be seen. nothing is screaming rain yet and it's still a week away. the short range models pick up on this. the quality is not good. paul spare the heir is out. out and about especially saturday the sun looked like a planet with an orange glow. very unhealthy. the pattern is stupid, to be honest. it has been six weeks now. the rest of the country is active with snow and record lows and rain. not here.
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there's not much going on except a northerly breeze. it's not as strong but still 20 miles an hour. 28 and out of the east or northeast. 30s and 40s on a lot of the temperatures. around the bay -- berkeley 57. 81 in the city a little colder. 56 at the berkeley lab and hip overtures not changing much. 5:01. we might get a break today with less traffic volume. >> yes, as a matter of fact driving on 580 westbound you will notice that it's a little better getting over to the altamont pass and into livermore. eventually people come to oakland and you can see traffic moving along in oakland -- driving to the bay bridge. no problems at the toll plaza. the grass fire near 980 is being attended to by the oakland fire department.
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no problems in the silicon valley commitment with a look at that commute coming up next time period >> 5:01 -- >> let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. the fire burning in. county is one of the single most destructive in history. 29 confirmed deaths -- the same number as the griffith park fire in los angeles. 228 are still today as missing. the fire has burned more than 171 square miles. slightly smaller than the entire city of san jose. the fire is now 25 sent -- 25% contained. fire officials say they know people want to go back but they say it's not safe yet for anyone to return. >> there are still a number of hazards out there. the power may be turned off but the falling trees are still an issue. some of the utility poles are still falling and their is still an issue to go in without proper training. >> officials say it's hard to
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determine when people might be able to go back in. the full containment of the campfire is not expected until the end of the month as november 30. >> more video showing what is left of the town of paradise. it is devastating. this was recorded along one of the main roads in town. you can see empty lot and powerlines fallen and many cars abandoned or burned completely on the side of the road. butte county officials say many people jumped out of their cars and ran as the flames approached. five out of six victims who did not survive were found yesterday inside their cars. >> thursday we started to learn some details. one woman said her father didn't make it out. she said he raised his children in san francisco and removed -- moved to paradise. he was a studio physician and he had been confined to bed the past few years. despite that he tried to escape
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the claims. his body was found outside his home. he was 63. he is survived by his two children and several grandchildren. 5 a:03. thousands of victims have been evacuated and many have no place to go. some are staying at evacuation centers. joining us live this morning -- here at that shelter what it isn't like there, sarah? >> at this hour the majority are sleeping but we went inside and we saw a handful of people inside watching the news. they are trying to get information about the campfire. they are not alone. officials at a press conference sunday said there were about 52,000 evacuated from the campfire. 1300 are staying in shelters. there is room for about 300 people at the church and the red cross said they are at capacity. this allows pets.
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the shelters have a place for people to sleep and food and water and minor medical care and they have help for people that are struggling. the community has stepped up and they have been very generous. >> we have gotten a lot of donations and food. you can see all the water in the background. >> there are seven evacuation centers. calfire put out a list of the ones that are not full including yuba county fairgrounds and the high school in chico and the fairgrounds in quincy and the glenn county fairgrounds in this area. there are two animal shelters -- the chico municipal airport is taking small animals in the butte county fairgrounds is taking large animals. in oroville, reporting. authorities will use a mobile dna lab to identify people who died in the
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campfire. investigators will compare the beginning of victims to family members searching for their loved ones. the butte county sheriff said if you file a missing person report authorities will contact you. smoke from the fire in butte county continues to cause bad air quality all around the bay area. the unhealthy air could linger the next few days. a winter spare the heir alert is in effect today. the air quality district recommends staying indoors with windows close. if you have air-conditioning, turn it on and set it to recirculate, particularly in your car as well. it is recommended that you wear a face mask that says n 95. it can filter particles in wildfire smoke. >> medical masks are thinner. they are not n 95. m 95 is a thicker mask and they feel tighter. 22 flights have been delayed and to canceled yesterday due to poor
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visibility from the smoke. and anthony's transformed its dining hall into an emergency center for the homeless to help them escape the bad air. several events were canceled over the weekend. the city of antioch called of its annual veterans day parade and the napa valley half marathon and that monterey bay half marathon were canceled. children's fairyland in oakland was closed three days in a row because of the unhealthy air. >> the fire in butte county is so large you can see it from space. nasa tweeted this photo. combined with the fires in southern california you can see a layer of smoke covering much of the state. despite concerns about smoke, tonight 49ers game will kickoff is scheduled. the nfl considered moving the game if the air was at a third -- certain threshold. the air quality in santa clara is unhealthy but not severe enough to cancel the game. the raiders and chargers lane
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yesterday and many fans were seen with their faces covered. >> many players were asked about this. >> yes, you feel it but we can play our game. people are losing family members and their homes. we are playing a football game. i think we are all right, you know what i mean? >> the 49ers will have extra oxygen as a precaution for tonight's game. >> the time is 5:08. the coverage of the fires continues. in a county entire cities are still under a mandatory evacuation. >> i top officials representing firefighters is calling out president trump. his critical comments targeting california. >> 980 no longer is affected.
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that's good news. we will tell you more about the traffic coming up. we will have another day of hazy, smoky skies.
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welcome back. the time is 5:11.
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wildfires still burning in northern california in southern california. the woolsey fire has burned more than 83,000 acres and forced 26 5000 to evacuate. lives in intercounty -- we have the latest. -- inventor a county. at last check the woolsey fire is it 85,000 acres and 15% containment. firefighters are working to get the fire out but they are dealing with dry conditions and strong wind which in this area are forecasted to gust between 30-40 miles an hour. >> massive wildfires are scorching california, destroying thousands of homes and businesses. increasingly dry conditions are a major factor and governor brown warns it could get worse. >> this is not the new normal. this is the new abnormal. dryness and warmth.
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dropped -- all those things. -- drought -- all those things. wear on the front lines calmer weather helped the firefighters this weekend. the strong wind is back. forecasted through tuesday. another concern is the residents defying evacuation orders. >> north of sacramento in butte county progress is being made on the camp fire but the flames continue to spread. despite the destruction locals say recovery is not a matter of if but when and how strong. wear this is a live look at the woolsey fire. it has been burning strong since thursday. firefighters are trying to put
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it out. as we mentioned the wind is just keeping up. some of the celebrities like miley cyrus and robin thick have lost several homes near malibu. here on the los angeles county line we met a man who went to his mother's house -- this is the house he grew up in. he had his sights focused on the future. 5:14. president trump is not backing off of his criticism of california blaming the wildfires on poor forest management. yesterday he tweeted we can stop the devastation constantly going on in california. get smart. that followed tweet saturday where he threatened to cut federal funding for california because of gross mismanagement of the forest. >> the president of the fires firing yours union criticized
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president trump. he said this is ill-informed and ill-timed and demeaning to those who are suffering. as well as to the men and women on the front lines. he also said that almost 60% of california forests are managed by the federal government. today the memorial is scheduled to honor rosemary orozco -- alaina housley. and 10:00 the march is scheduled at the memorial stadium. organizers say the march will honor all those affected by gun violence. as gasia mikaelian reports, hundreds of people lined the streets yesterday to pay their respects to alaina housley. >>reporter: there was complete silence as the escorted her body through her hometown. she was killed at the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks last wednesday. the gunman entered and started shooting. >> saying goodbye to her has
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been hard. >>reporter: these were one of hundreds money the streets to pay respect and say goodbye to their friend. >> words cannot explain what it's like because none of us are prepared for this. >> she was the most selfless person i ever met. there was never a day i didn't see her smile. she worked as hard as she could to make everyone feel special. pour alaina housley had just started her freshman year at pepperdine. >> she is just starting out. it truly hit home. back this sergeant was one of several at the police department who grew up with her father and uncle. >> several of us are volunteering our time today. it is our way to give back and to show our appreciation for her family.
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wear he said her family has always given back to the community. this was an opportunity for others to support them and provide comfort in a time of great need. >> the least we can do is show our support. wear in napa, elissa harringon. 5:17. let's check in with sal. schools are closed. government offices are closed. in observance of veterans day. >> yes, we hope there will be a light commute. so far the traffic is light. on the gilroy commute starting their traffic on northbound 101 oaks all right coming up to san jose. we have no major slowdowns. there has been some roadwork but for the most part a nice- looking drive and all the way into the silicon valley commute. looking at a live pitcher of 280 it looks nice. at the bay bridge we don't have a big backup. this is the first indicator that things may be a little lighter.
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5:17. let's bring in steve. >> thank you. you have another spare the air that is winter -like even though we are in fall. a lot of haze. there is an easterly component. higher elevations the gusts are 25-30 miles an hour. hazy and breezy in the hills. temperatures will not be that far apart. haze and smoke. spare the air is out -- the air quality is not the best. we are not in the 150 category today, but for sensitive groups -- it is unhealthy. the eastern zones have the highest today but anything over 150 is unhealthy. it has come down a little but it's not good. high pressure is large and not showing any signs of doing anything this week. maybe next week it might reposition. i am leery about trying to
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bring the rain in. it looks like a pattern change with more of a westerly breeze. everything is going all the way down almost to texas and oklahoma. record lows in kansas city and a bunch of places. this will be a big system going to the deep south and the ohio valley all the way to the northeast. everything goes over the ridge of high pressure. there is an easterly component in marin county and napa county but the northeast or east one. berkeley had a little bit of a component but now it is turned northeast again. just above the oakland zoo and east bay hills. 30s, 40s, 50s. berkeley is at 37. big spread because of the northerly breeze and easterly breeze. napa is 54. you can find 30s and 20s -- 32 in windsor and for some it's cold. 28 in ukiah. the teens in the mountains and seattle and portland except for a few high clouds. high and dry and this system
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will give us a few high clouds tomorrow and wednesday but that's. nothing is changing this week. the smoke and haze are hanging in there. maybe some improvement later in the week. it doesn't matter if you are north or south or to the west or east. the warmest toward the santa clara valley. high clouds and a lot of haze the rest of the week. 5:20. two big companies are joining forces. coming up, the reason you will soon find more apple products on amazon. >> plus, the surprise visit to first responders in butte county. no one gonna love you like i do ♪
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him. expert care for every new beginning.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. many government offices will be closed today. veterans day was yesterday but federal, state, and local permit offices and courts are close to today. many schools and libraries are also close. there are about 19.6 federal cash 19.6 million veterans in the u.s. 9.2 million are over the age of 65. this year and wednesday is special because we are marking the 100 anniversary of the end of world war i. in napa utterance gathered at the american legion to be thanked. a local boy scout troop presented them with handmade thank you cards. >> there are a lot of brave people. this is the day to salute those
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that have come before and those who are still alive. 9000 bets are in napa valley alone. in virginia they honored the troops. the secretary of veterans affairs placed the wreath in front of the two of the unknown soldier to honor all veterans. the ceremony continued inside with a parade of colors by veterans the stations and remarks by dignitaries. is back at the white house this morning. this trip was about honoring allied forces in world war i. he was one of the world leaders in france for armistice day. letterman putin was there. he gave president trump thumbs up. the french president ray -- made remarks about patriotism seen as some -- seen by some as criticism. >> nationalism is a betrayal by saying our interests first and
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nevermind the others. you a race what is most precious to a nation -- it's moral values. >> president trump also visited an american cemetery in paris where 1500 troops are buried. a plant visit to another cemetery was canceled. the white house said the president's helicopter was unable to play in the rainy conditions but several top officials went in his place. on social media some undersized this saying that the president had dishonored u.s. servicemen. several people including elvis presley and babe ruth's will be honored with the presidential medal of freedom. president trump is honoring those who have made significant contributions to world peace or cultural endeavors. the medal of freedom is the highest civilian honor and the ceremony is friday. 5:25. we expect new numbers on the deadly fires in butte county
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coming up. the very latest on the fire. evacuees share incredible stories of survival. there the lame-duck session of congress is about to begin. i'm doug news8 are in washington. what to expect heading toward democratic control of the house next year. good morning. traffic is moderately heavy. a little better than normal on this veterans day. smoke and haze will play into the forecast. we will look at some levels and see about the temperatures.
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from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. welcome back. it is monday morning november 12. >> good morning. thank you or we can up with us. we want to check in with steve. people have questions about the air quality. it doesn't sound like we will get much relief. >> a little better but still unhealthy. >> i saw some sun yesterday. >> it looked like a planet. today the wind is tailing off unless you are in the hills. it will be another smoky, hazy day today in the 60s and 70s. a fine line between temperatures on the high side.
5:30 am
on the low side of big spread. there is an air quality advisory out continuing into tomorrow. unhealthy for sensitive groups. over 150 you are really in trouble for the eastern zone is the highest at 124. still unhealthy but it has come down a little. we haven't had rain since october 3. some locations haven't had any. a dry pattern to the 17th. there are some hints but i don't trust it. a westerly breeze would help a little to disperse things but there is still an offshore component. it is not strong at the service but 20 miles an hour easterly from east bay hills toward marin county. 30s and 40s and 50s. berkeley is 57. 52 in el sobrante and brentwood is 38. walnut creek is 33. 33 in dublin. a big spread.
5:31 am
even up to seattle and portland it is ridge city -- 60s and 70s and hazy, smoky skies. at 5:30 in the morning it looks a little better. yes, a little better. some employees and schools are closed today. traffic is a little slow on 37. it will be a half-day -- not everyone has the day off but some do and that makes it a little better for those of us that have to go to work. this is a look at the commute on the east shore freeway. macarthur is only taking 16 minutes. the bay bridge has not developed a slow down. here at 5:30 it's usually slow. i think it will get busy later but right now it looks pretty good. let's go back to the desk. if you are joining us to continue to monitor the latest on the deadly camp fire burning in butte county.
5:32 am
29 are now confirmed dead. six more victims were found last night. the number of people listed as missing has doubled to two to a. the fire has destroyed 6400 homes and it's only 25% contained. >> there are evacuation shelters set up. there is food, water and clothing. as well as a place to stay while they wait to go back to what may be left up their homes. joining us like -- at the shelter at the oroville nazarene church. good morning. >>reporter: you mentioned the people unaccounted for. there is a board at the shelter filled with pictures and phone numbers of missing people. family members are coming here living information hoping to find their loved ones. they suggest going to safe and well.bored.
5:33 am
you will hear from them in a moment. we are told by the red cross this shelter is almost at capacity. 52,000 were forced to evacuate and sunday officials said 1300 of them are staying in shelters. this one in oroville allows pets but officials want them to be on a leash. as for the long list of missing people there are 228 still unaccounted for. the red cross wants everyone to register with the website -- safe and red cross has safe and we encourage our clients to register so that others in the public can take a look and see -- you need some of this information. you can see if your loved one is here. there is a phone number to contact. >> there are seven evacuation
5:34 am
shelters. calfire putout of the list of the ones that are not filled. this includes the yuba center fairgrounds, the junior high in chico. the fairgrounds in quincy and the one county fairgrounds in orland. there are also two shelters open for animals -- small animals to the chico municipal airport and large animals to the butte county fairgrounds in gridley. there are hundreds of people at the shelter in oroville and the red cross said they are almost at capacity. the air trying to clear out the area to allow more people to stay here. they say they will not turn people away. if you come here they will be food and water and a warm place to get out of the elements. it is cold out here in oroville. a bear the heir alert
5:35 am
continues today. the smoke from the camp fire still hangs over the bay area. despite these concerns the 49ers game will kick off tonight as schedule. joining us now from levi's stadium with more on that -- how does it feel in san jose? >> it still smells like smoke although these are starting to improve slightly. over the weekend several events were canceled such as veterans day parades and running races. the football game will still go on. overnight to the bay area was in the red zone. the one designated as unhealthy air. in oakland the index was up 171 this morning. experts say anything between 150 and 200 can affect healthy people. at that level the
5:36 am
recommendation is to reduce heavy exertion outdoors. football involves heavy exertion and there is a monday night game that is planned. it will still go on unless the air quality index is above 200. the 49ers will have extra budgeting for the teens on the sidelines. a spokesperson said the air quality is a moderate level and the level would have to get significantly worse for any talk of changing the game. yesterday at the raiders game many fans were wearing masks. the team addressed this. >> yes, you feel it but we can play a football game. people are losing family members and houses. we are playing a football game. i think we are all right, you know what i mean? >> a lot of us have friends and relatives and family and loved ones going through a lot right now. i think more importantly, let's just hope the fires and and --
5:37 am
and to and we can keep things in perspective. >> it has been a tough week. >> people with heart or lung that conditions can be at risk. the spare the heir alert continues through monday. it is illegal for bay area residents to use fireplaces or woodstoves or any other wood- burning device. several of the air masks are selling out in the bay area and in sacramento. if you can get your hands on one of them this is the kind to get -- this one says n 95. is the one with two straps. this is the best one to get an order to reduce your exposure to the particulates in the air. if you attend the game you will want to get your hand on this mass. in san jose, leigh martinez. 5:37.
5:38 am
governor elect gavin newsom spent part of the weekend in the fire zone. he tweeted photos and said i stood in all of the strength and resilience of the people in paradise. bending down on one knee to help another. >> this celebrity chef surprised firefighters over the weekend by cooking dinner at a staging area at bute college. the butte county sheriff's department shared these photos and thanked him for feeding them and lifting their spirits. one couple lost their home but they are happy about an unexpected find among the ashes. the game warden went with a friend to see what was left of his home. his wife asked him to look for her wedding ring that she left behind. while looking through the home they made an unlikely discovery. >> right here there was a countertop at the sink.
5:39 am
she said she left the ring here. he started to dig and it was there. it's a miracle. you can't understand it until you are here. you just can't fathom it in your mind. is too much to take in. >> most of his extended family lost their homes as well including his parents, his wife's parents and grandfather. her sister and uncle. we are told they are all staying together in a house and available a member of the church. hours -- our hearts go out to them and everyone. if you want to help the fire victims in butte county we have posted a list of things that are being collected. you can find the list on our website at click on web links. >> it's 5:39.
5:40 am
still have the thanksgiving travel season picks up this week. we will tell you the peak days people will travel as a record number are driving and flying for the holidays. >> some flavored nicotine products are being pulled from store shelves. coming up, what juul labs is doing ahead of a major announcement from the fda. we still have traffic that will be lighter than usual. i won't say good but lighter than usual driving to the bay bridge. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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welcome back. it's 5:42. a major handling -- gathering
5:43 am
schedule today. after months of investigation of the u.s. catholic church bishops are meeting in person for the first time. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops talk about a zero- tolerance policy for bishops accused of sexual abuse and a possible new code of conduct and a plan for bishops who are removed from office. this is also a call for the diocese to release the names of clergy accused of abuse. in the bay area several lanes have been released. researchers giving fish oil and vitamin d mixed reviews. at the american heart association conference researchers revealed what works and what does not when it comes to preventing heart attacks. researchers found that dietary supplements miss the mark and the study revealed some prescription strength fish oil showed promise but no clear impact. the same was true for vitamin d. 10% of adults take as well. it may be higher vitamin d. the study revealed you no longer
5:44 am
have to fast before a blood test to check your cholesterol. 5:43. the caravan from central america keeps moving, heading to the american border. some have taken rides and many have made it to the center of mexico. this puts them about 500 miles from the u.s. border. we have a live camera. you can see that the migrants are gathered around a big truck. this is in mexico and they don't seem to be deterred by president trump's efforts to keep them from entering the u.s. some people say they prefer the uncertainty of the u.s. border rather than being in their home countries. in washington dc democrats are strategizing ahead at taking over in january. political analyst speculating on how much focus will be on investigating the president.
5:45 am
wear congress is gearing up to return to work tomorrow. for some this will be a swansong. others are waiting in the wings to take their spots next year. president trump returned from france overnight. he is coming back to a different washington. >> in congress a lame duck session is beginning. the beginning of the end of republican control. the democrats are chomping at the bit to investigate the administration with nancy pelosi likely to wield the speakers gavel again. >> we are not scattered shot. we are not doing any investigations for political purpose but to seek the truth. you could describe democrats going forward in this regard as very strategic. president trump has promised to fight back. will they be be able to cut deals or will democrats be consumed with their newfound
5:46 am
power to investigate? >> we will see her smart they are in having this new authority because i guarantee you, if they decide to make this about the president that is what the president is dreaming about. >> if they give donald trump the opportunity to look like a martyr, we will take it. >> after that all the unknowns. with a -- will be mueller investigation wrap up soon? and with votes still being tabulated in arizona and florida we don't have a complete picture of what congress will really look like next year. >> this comes down to a question of margins. how firmly the democrats will control the house and the republicans will control the senate. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. there is a report that the e-cigarette company, juul, will stop telling flavored nicotine products at work and mortar stores. the report said they plan to sell tobacco and mental flavored liquid that it stores and all flavors online.
5:47 am
industry analysts say with and half of the sales from juul comes from its fruit flavors. this is happening as the fda plans to announce new restrictions on liquid nicotine products later this week. steph curry will miss another game. tonight the warriors play the clippers without steph curry. he strained his groin last week against milwaukee. he sat out on saturday. the mets have 113 out of 14 against the clippers and they have not lost at the staples center since 2015. tonight's game is at 730 in los angeles. 5:47. sal is back with the morning commute. >> it looks all right. better than normal because some people have a day off today. it is veterans day. that means some people have a day off. however, there is still slow traffic coming in on the altamont pass toward 580. 205 as well.
5:48 am
it seems like we have setback the clock to 2008 with light traffic. this is a look at traffic through this area -- there have been no issues at 880 and oakland and at the bridge there is no backup. this is unusual. again, some people aren't having to work today and this will make it easier for the rest of us. 5:48. let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> 2008? >> haze and smoke will continue. i don't see much change in the pattern to the middle of the week and maybe for the rest of the week. there is just not much going on here on the west coast. the haze and smoke is making for unhealthy levels. hazy skies and some gusts that 20 miles an hour. in the oakland hills is 20 miles an hour.
5:49 am
smoky skies. the air quality is not the best. unhealthy levels. up to 150 and that is bad. we are hovering around sensitive groups into tuesday. the eastern zones look to be the highest. again, if you are a sensitive group the air quality is not the best. it looks like it is improved a little bit for some. we had a little bit of a breeze yesterday. it has tailed off for many. the dry pattern continues to the 17th and 18th. and amazingly cold, active pattern from the intermountain region almost down into the panhandle of texas. they are getting snow. there are record lows set all over the place -- kansas city and the middle of the country. ahead of that you are getting good systems coming in. it is an active pattern for them. a quiet pattern for us. in marin county you are getting a east wind and in northwest and east one and all the
5:50 am
cameras have gusts 20 miles an hour. in oakland berkeley hills -- between east and west -- above the oakland zoo and to the northeast. 30s, 40s and 50s. 56 in berkeley. livermore 37. 50 in los altos. in town is 34. 50 along the coast and 38 in foster city. some cold readings putting 28 in ukiah and the 20s to the north and up and over everything goes -- high pressure. it is quite content to stick around. it looks like a smoky, hazy pattern into the mid week. i just don't see any change. they today changes. 60s and 70s -- depending on the smoke layer. in my take it couple of degrees off the highs. the warmest temperatures should be in the santa clara valley and except for these changes they are staying close. 5:50. still ahead -- backpacks for
5:51 am
life. coming up, how a veteran is helping others to get back on their feet and how you can help to. >> and many years ago pabst blue ribbon was one of the most popular beers in america. now some think the end is near. the legal challenge that will take place today. >> no one gonna love you like i do ♪
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♪ no one gonna love you so true ♪ ♪ and i don't believe that anybody ♪
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♪ feels the way i do for you ♪ ♪ dare to be devoted. jared. welcome back. it is 5:53. this morning you will soon be able to buy apple products
5:54 am
directly on amazon. according to cnet unauthorized apple sellers will have their listings taken down in january prepared apple products could be available within the next couple of weeks. pabst brewing and miller coors heading to court to try and settle a contract to spew. pabst claims that miller coors wants to put them out of business by ending a partnership through brewing pap smears. the lawyers argued that their future depends on the partnership. the miller coors said they are not obligated to keep brewing for pabst and pabst doesn't want to pay enough to justify doing it. >> in southern california the people's choice awards were held. many stars paid attention to the devastating wildfires. the people's choice awards are chosen by the fans -- running
5:55 am
on tvs and social media and more. >> marvels avengers infinity award was named movie of the year. in music there were many winners and a lot of the recipients had a focus on the tragic events from the past week. >> take a minute to donate to this foundation. please keep the victims and volunteers and firefighters in your thoughts. >> several celebrities thanked the servicemembers veterans day. the award show has expanded and this year there was no host for the show. today veterans and active and reserve military personnel will be offered free admission to the california state parks because it is veterans day. free admission will be provided at 144 state parks because of veterans day. these parks include angel island, diablo state park, fort
5:56 am
humboldt state historic park and sonoma's historic park. active-duty and reserve military must show a valid military id to get the free admission. 5:56. former marine who battled depression and addiction after coming back from afghanistan is now running a program to offer help for homeless veterans by giving basic necessities for dignity and health. he set up backpacks for life, a nonprofit to help homeless veterans with housing and job placement and backpacks. they are filled with personal items. after getting feedback from veterans they decided to design their own backpack with a thing like a lock and a safety whistle and a sleeping pad to prevent hypothermia. >> i was going to the naval base and i was driving there in the winter and saw a guy with a sign that said homeless -- help me out. i had some extra supplies and i
5:57 am
want back to the hotel and got the stuff and gave it to them. >> they helped change my life forever. >> backpacks for life just launched their campaign to raise money and help the production. for every backpack sold online one will be donated to homeless veteran and some are getting jobs. they are working to help make the backpacks. we are still following the latest on one of the deadliest wildfires in california history. the current path of these campfire as thousands are still evacuated. >> in the fire in butte county is causing air quality problems. the most affected areas -- and when things might finally start to improve. >>
5:58 am
5:59 am
i have a lot of heroes here. >> major wildfires in california continue to burn. we have a live report from an evacuation center in butte county and from the front lines in ventura county. this is heartbreaking. especially for people that are searching. the reason it could take weeks to identify victims. from fox2news this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning, november 12. veterans day. i'm pam cook. good morning i'm dave clark. another busy morning. steve paulson is busy with your forecast. >> not really.
6:00 am
there's not a lot happening. >> and is not good. >> i wish i was busy with rain or something like that. i almost slipped. 60s and 70s and breezy and the health. there is no red flag but it comes and goes with us about 28 miles an hour. i don't see much of a change in this pattern. the air quality advisory is out -- spare the air. this is an inversion. a warm layer above the cold layer with an easterly component. the air quality advisory -- unhealthy for sensitive groups. the eastern zone is in the highest. anything over 150 is bad. not that 124 is good but we seem worse. it will probably be the same tomorrow without much change. by the way, we have company. it's over scandinavia.


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