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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 13, 2018 4:00am-4:28am PST

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good morning, thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2", tuesday morning, november 13th, i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today, we have the lovely rosemary with us this morning. >> good morning to you. >> air quality will not much better? >> no relief in sight. temperatures are a bit cool, chilly temperatures for the inland communities and around the bay starting out in the 40s and 50s, 30s for valley locations. a look at sfo, we're starting out with haze, it's hard to tell from this picture here where we're awaiting the sunrise, that haze and smoke has had an impact on some refusing flights to sfo, we may see some of that for today. here's a look at san francisco where there's a dark one, you can see some haze afternoon today, we and
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it's not expected to be much better. we'll have a look at what you can expect for the neiganwhile, the time 4:01, lets toss it over to sal. >> we have the traffic in the tracy supercommute and it's doing well. the road center is not showing us much in the way of slow traffic. usually we have slowing right there, and i don't see it at all. that's good, and 580 to the hay wood area looks good. i see a little bit of road work on 880 slowing traffic south. it's not for long, but it will be a concern. this is a look bay bridge toll plaza. 4:01, let's go back to you at the desk the camp the deadliest in
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california history. at least 42 people have are sti missing as missing. 183 miles have burned, it's bigger than san jose. the fires are 30% contained. it may not be contained until the end of the month. president trump declared it a major disaster area, and the president responded to the governor's request over the weekend, and they'll have housing and unemployment help and counseling and legal aid. >> there's been 1500 calls about people still missing from that fire. there may be questions about the same people, it hundreds of people are unaccounted for. worried families are hopingto find their sharon in front of
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where they're continuing the desperate search. >> he's 87 years old and he lived at feather canyon and he's the only one still missing. >> they're trying to find people or list themselves as safe. there's a facebook page called paradise camp fire missing persons which has photos and contact numbers. many who escaped the flames don't know if they have a house. debra says those people packed a theatre last night where offibe patient. >> we'll rise again from this disaster. this the camp fire came even as the death toll continues to climb. it was a somber audience, a theatre packed with weary evacuees and wondering about their homes. >> i don't know if it burned at
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home . burned and that's what counts >> they set up a website and they can check on their property's website. >> we're hearing about paradise, and we're not hearing about our community, we're a community too. >> we're fighting, it's the big fight, everything that is red. >> before and after the briefing, evacuees studied maps looking at where the camp fire has been and where it might go next. evorrville, residents untouched by fire have their cars already packed. >> my parents lived in coffee park in santa rosa, they lost their home. nonnobody managed that to happen. we live in a town. it could happen. >> i realize you're frustrated, i'm frustrated too. i realize that we're all getting tired, i'm getting
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tired too. >> chico's briefing featured the sheriff, he spoke of fatigue and he is bringing in cadaver dogs and the burn zones are too dangerous to enter and he employees evacuees not to take their frustrations out on dispatchers and first responders. >> please, don't berate them and curse at them. we know we're all tired. >> elected leaders braced for a long recovery, fema and insurance and rental, 70% of the housing is gone and some residents have leafed and back butte county, others have deep roots in this area and they will rebuild. most schools in sonoma
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county will be closed due to the smoke fire in butte county. these schools are closed on the screen. e screen. all afternoon programs and sports are cancelled for today. you can find the complete list on our website, go to web links and click on the school closures. the pittsburg school district will keep students inside because of the unhealthy air, recess, lunch and pe classes will be inside after school sports and activities will be held indoors. and school administrators plan to operate on the schedule ugut >>coday even as electiondoug lu have a declared winner the arizona race but two other states, georgia and florida are questioning. >> two races in florida remain
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in question as congress returns to work today. >> who are the new faces coming to washington? we have one answer this morning. >> democrat kyrsten sinema was declared the winner of a senate race. and mcsally conceded from the couch. >> i congratulated after a hard fought battle. >> the other senate that had been held by john mccain is being filled by john pile. he may step aside ens, the repu governor could appoint martha mcsally to replace pile. florida on the other hand, is a problem. the major recount will start in broward county. two big races are still too close to call, for governor and
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u.s. senate where republican rick scott has a his race to be called, he's going up to capitol hill. >> i'll be part of the election, i'm going up there tomorrow. i look forward to starting the office and getting started as a u.s. senator. >> the leadership elections are scheduled for wednesday, the first recount deadline in florida is thursday and those races may in the be decided at that point. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. our time is 4:08, another heartbreaking loss for the 49ers, postgame reactions after losing another close one on monday night football. but, the 49ers reached out to fire victims, we'll and show you the special night for a high school football team. right now we have traffic that
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if you're driving on the bay bridge approach, you can see it looks good. temperatures are in the mid- 30s to mid-50s depending on where you are. you can check in on the air quality and take knew the weekend coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, we continue with the top story, fire crews are focusing on three fires. a new fire started yesterday morning along the los angeles ventura county line. that new one is being named the peak fire. the other two fires, the hill fire is burning in ventura county, and the woolsey fire is burning in ventura and los angeles county. two people are confirmed dead and -- confirmed dead and three firefighters were hurt. 335 homes have been destroyed around malibu, and in thousand oaks and simi valley. they say right now the biggest threat is the hot dry winds that threw -- continue through
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today. our primary focus for right now in this incident is life, then property protection. we expect strong winds through tuesday. it's burned 146 square miles which is three times the size of san francisco. it's just now 30% contained with full containment expected by thursday. the other fire, the hill fire has burned 7 square miles near camarao, they expect to have it completely surrounded by tuesday. there's no word whether they expect it to be homes. there are no reports of injuries or deaths in that fire. county firefistarted yester the freeway was closed amid several neighborhoods, and they were ev the cars traveling along the flames there. this is the ridge line
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separating los angeles and ventura counties. fire crews needed 7 hours to cone taken that -- contain that fire. they were watching for flare ups caused by high winds, all evacuations were lifted and the freeway is open again. the high school football team found relief and they traveled to the stadium to be the guest of honor as they played monday night football. most of the student football players lost everything in the fires. >> the bus ride to levi stadium, it was high school football players had seen each other since the fire broke out. >> the boys hadn't been together before this and feel normal, and it's superimportant to think about something else. >> the high fire destroyed the town and burned most of the
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players home. >> we've been living in a hotel, getting to see my friends right now is good. >> it's hard, losing your house and just having such a great season too, and everything coming to an end in a day. it happened so fast. >> the football team had been ranked number 1 a few weeks ago but the fire forced them to end their season, so when they got a ticket to the game, it was a welcome distraction. >> it means a lot, a cool experience to come back with my friends and enjoy life and kind of just take ayhere were hugs and a few smiles from a team that was just grateful to be together. >> even though our houses are gone and the town is flattened, one of the worst parts is not having anything to do, no work, school or church, park, neighborhood to go to.
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we can be together, we can be together and normal. kids were joke ago little bit after they got into it. it was really sweet. several high school sports events in the bay area are still on hold right now because of smoke from butte county. most of friday night football games and other events were rescheduled last night and they were cancelled again, they'll hold a conference call today, and they'll hold some of the games this weekend, and are talking about plans to hold those games. and a biweek after a tough loss anday night football. >> and it was pulled in for a touchdown. >> and matt ran for 101 yards and scored two touchdowns, but the 49ers defeshort in the 4th and big plays were
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made like this. and it led to a comeback by the giants. >> second and one, and in! >> that was the dagger, the giants would lead just enough -- leave just enough time on the clock, and that end zone went out of bounds, they lost 2- 23. and here's nick mullins on how they played. >> i thought shoot, everyoworse record in the nfl just ahead of a week off before they play the tampa buccaneers in week 12. they can bid on game worn jerseys to raise money for
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victims of the camp fire. several players from last night's game, they're being auctioned off at fanatics the proceeds will go to the north valley community foundation you, that is very nice. >> 4:18, there is something in my home. there's yelling in your house as well -- >> no, no, it was a nice quiet evening, you know i had my pipe in, and you know, by the fireplace, reading some classic book. of course, there was yelling last night. >> good morning, lets look at the commute now. traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza looks okay. you don't have a lot going on, it's continuing to look good. there's been no major issues as you drive through. lets go to the gilroy
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supercommute and traffic here, the computer may have issues, north pound 101 from gilroy to san jose, there's no major issues, this has baseball and little road work in gilroy, it hasn't caused major delays, it's there and it might narrow your lanes for a bit. you can see san jose has a bit of slow traffic there, no problems getting off highway 17 and northbound 17 is moving along well. lets bring rosemary with the forecast. >> good morning to you, the long and the short of it is we won't see much change in the bay area on tuesday. we have clouds out there and it has to do with the systems riding through if the pacific northwest. clouds in addition to the smoke and haze today. we're looking at temperatures very similar to yesterday, and my graphics won't load up for you. based on the color coating, we
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can seat darker blues is indicating a chilly start, near freezing, santa rosa 34 degrees, upper 30s in novato, low 40s for the east bay, and 47 in sfo and 52 degrees right now in san francisco, these numbers are similar to yesterday, even a tad warmer in some areas because of the cloud cover out there, as we got into the afternoon for today, temperatures will remain mild, we have 70 degrees in san raphael and afternoon high in san francisco, 70 degrees in antioch and another mild one as 71 in san jose, 70 degrees in los gatos, air quality will remain about the same. it will be unhealthy for sensitive groups, and unhealthy for everyone, a good idea to avoid the outdoors if you can. it fluctuates for the time of day and whether we get any breeze, to help stir up some of
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that smoke, looking at the extended forecast, temperatures will remain mild, but i think the more important thing is dry, like we are not going to see any rain in the next few days, as we get into the weekend, we'll get a little bit of an onshore breeze, that nice clean pacific air we like. >> that should help a little bit. >> that's daze away that's still days away, that's what we need around san francisco. >> we need it to clean out and help with the firefight. did hackers exploit a gnaw in google security. why many services were not available and who might have been responsible. >> and what warriors are offering, unlimited home games for a monthly fee. but, there's a catch. here hearing opening
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statements against the drug lord a keen el chapo guzman. prosecutors have said they will use thousands of documents and recordings as evidence including material that was related to drugs safe houses.
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people will testify including those who worked with his cartel. they want to know how a person shot a security guard who was detaining a gunman. a man was killed sunday while he tried to pin down a man involved in an earlier shooting. they don't know how it happened because he had a bulletproof vest on and a shirt that said i the suspect who was shot at some point inside the bar was still in the hospital. it's now official, amazon is dividing the second headquarters between two east coast cities. it reported that the e-commerce giant will announce today that new york city and crystal city inia will each get major investments from amazon. splitting up the new facilities
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will make it easier to find qualified workers and make it easier on housing and other issues. services were unreachable at google after traffic was rerouted through other networks. an internet research firm said some users were directed to areas like china and russia. it's possible that part of that was intercepted and 90% of google traffic is protected. and los for a change. >> last night, the warriors started the 4th, down by 9,
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they use a 11-0 game into overtime. williams took over and the warriors lost 121 to 116. the warriors are doing something, they're allowing fans to take every home game for a price of $100 a meant. you won't be able to see the court. they'll start to sell a monthly pass to get you into an upper concourse area with access to bars and restaurants, but no actual seat or a view of the court. the warriors right now have a season ticket waiting list of 44,000 names, for many this might tting into every game. the in the building pass had not be during the playoffs. fact checking, a bold claim from the president. coming up the next ientists way california wildfires. what they say is not responsible for the fires. and wall street is
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responding to recent reports of how companies are responding to the wildfires.
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good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2, tuesday morning, november 13th. >> i'm pam here, steve is off. not great news in terms of fighting the fire and air quality. >> we haven't seen any wind pattern shift. that means when the winds pick up and clean up the smoke, new smoke comes our way, we're down wind


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