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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 13, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, thanks for waking up with us on "mornings on 2" i'm pam cook, it's november 13th, tuesday. >> and i'm dave clark. we have more smoke in the air. >> more of the same. >> pam is shaking her head, no, we're stuck with this hazy pattern and another air quality advisory for today. we are waking up with partly cloudy skies and you can see them there on your screen. that is helping temperatures to be a little less cold than what we had yesterday. we'll say temperatures are up by a few degrees, still a cool one out there, still in the 30s for some. as we get into the afternoon, partly cloudy and upper 60s to low 70s, and air quality will be an issue. lets check in on the numbers first, we have 39 degrees reported in livermore and up by 2 degrees or so by
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the last hour, 52 in san francisco and half moon bay, and the south bay, san jose, half moon bay chillier this morning, very calm conditions there, we'll have a few degrees of warming areas, santa rosa, napa and hayward. a few degrees, here's a look at what we can expect air quality wise, unhealthy for sensitive groups to the east bay and santa clara valley. the coastline and that means the index mark is above the 150 and with that, everybody, even our healthy folks can expect to feel headachy and the burning eyes and throat. it's a good idea to avoid the outdoors as much as possible. 68 degrees the afternoon high, low 70s for the east bay show, a lot of 70s, not only for the east bay show, the inland communities, east bay, the north bay, we have the extended
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forecast, 501, good morning sal. >> we see it's going to be slower if you're coming in on 205 and 580 to the altamont pass, it's been slow driving to the area where you go up and down here. 580 is mostly good until you reach the tracy triangle. after that it looks good in livermore and dub lip. 680 is looking good from livermore creek and pleasanton. you can see traffic here on 808 is okay -- 880 is okay. southbound, the 23rd accident, southbound, there's slow traffic as they pick up the construction work. at the bay bridge, we're getting more crowded. and the camp fire is burning in butte county, it's the deadliest fire in california history, 42 people have been killed, hundreds more are still listed as missing.
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183 square miles have burned. that's bigger than san jose. the fire is now 30% contained. it may not be fully contained until the end of this month. president trump approved a major disaster declaration for california, it includes butte county and ventura county and they're going to provide legal help and crisis counseling and aid. some of the calls may be questions about the same person. hundreds of people are unaccounted for and member are calling to find loved ones. they're going to evacuation centers to try to find loved ones on their own. and one woman was continuing her desperate search. >> he's about 87 years old.
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he lived at feather canyon and he's the only one still missing. now the red cross has set up a special website where people can contact the missing and lift themselves as safe. there's facebook page, called paradise camp fire missing persons and there's photos on the website. sara is in the town of paradise, that's where many of the victims died sara? >> reporter: good morning, we're just down the street from the paradise black olive drive. there's destruction everywhere. i want to give up the google maps image. you can see what it looked like before the fire. look behind me. you can see what's left of it. we believe it's some sort of an official government corporate yard, we're not sure what it
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was. you can see how extensive the damage is on black olive drive in paradise. the good news is cal fire said the firefight on monday was successful. they heard the current fire line and protected structures. it's 117,000 acres and 30% contained. between homes and businesses and other small structures, more than 7,000 were destroyed. a community meeting in orrville in monday night filled a downtown theatre. those who escaped the flames are anxious whether or not their homes made it. >> no idea. >> absolutely not. i don't know if it burned or not. but, you know, i'm here, i'm not burned, and that's what counts. >> the butte county sheriff said they requested the help of 150 search and rescue people and cadaver dogs and teams from the military.
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they're looking for those who may have been killed in this fire. the death toll stands at 42. they didn't have an update on the number of how many were accounted for on monday. 231 have been found safe. you can look at the destroyed building. there's a lot of houses around this area that has been taken down. black olive drive is down the street from the paradise police department. we have cell service and at&t is the up mobile sites, anyone can reach out in this area to friends and loved ones. the time is 5:06, in sonoma county most schools will be closed too because of the fire in butte county. schools will be closed in santa rosa, petaluma healdsburg, cloverdale, sonoma and all sports and activities are
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cancelled today. you can find the complete list at and click on web links and the sonoma county closures. and pittsburg will keep students inside of school all day, lunch and pe classes will be inside. after school sports and activities will be indoors. they plan to operate on this schedule all week long. and the paradise football team from the pair ties high school met the 49ers. and it's the first time the players saw each other since the fire started and many of them lost their homes. >> even though the house is gone and the town is flattened, one of the worst part is having nothing to do, no church, park, work, school to go to, we can be together and we can be normal.
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so kids were joking a little bit, it was really sweet after we got into it. >> the 49ers reached out to the high school with the offer of tickets and field access, they provided buses for the coaches and cheerleaders. several high school sporting events are still on hold in the bay area because of the smoky air. most friday night football games and other events rescheduled last night were cancelled again. administrators will hold a conference call to talk about plans to hold some of those games this weekend. in other news, congress goes back to work today as election results are still coming in. as k tv u's doug luzader reports from washington, we have a declared winner the arizona race, but two others are undecided in florida. >> two races in florida remain in question, but the arizona has been decided. congress is returning to work today. >> reporter: the drama under
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the dome with a new congress on the way, who are the new faces coming to washington, we have one answer this morning. [ chanting ] >> democrat kyrsten sinema was voted in and the race was neck and neck. >> i congratulated kyrsten sinema for becoming the first senator after a hard fought battle. >> arizona's other senate secretary of state seat held by john mccain was held by john pile. if that happens, the republican governor could appoint martha mcsally to replace pile. and florida continues to be a problem with the major recount he can about oakland to begin in broward county. two big races are too close to call for governor and u.s.
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senate where rick scott has a small lead over democratic senator bill nelson. scott is not waiting for the race to be called, he's going up to washington, d.c. >> i'll be part of the elections, i'm going up tomorrow. i look forward to starting the process of opening up an office and getting started as a u.s. senator. >> the leadership elections are beginning wednesday and the recount for florida is thursday and the races may not be decided at that point. doug luzader fox news. well, it was another heartbreaking loss for the 49ers, coming up, we have postgame reactions after losing another close one on monday night football. >> the 49ers reached out to fire victims, look at this young man, we'll tell you about a special night for a high school football team. >> if you're making a way into san francisco, for the bay
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bridge so far, driving towards treasure island. it's getting crowded on the way to the city. >> and our dry pattern remains unchanged, that means mild conditions for your afternoon, hazy skies, we'll have a look at your current conditions and what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", the time is 5:13, three
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fires focused on, and a new fire called the peak fire started along the l.a. ventura county line. two other fires, the hill fire and the woolsey fire is burning in ventura and los angeles counties. the woolsey fire is the biggest concern. two people are confirmed dead, three firefighters have been hurt. the fire crews estimate at least 435 buildings have been destroyed in and near malibu and thousand oaks and simi valley. they're trying to save other homes in the path of the fire. the biggest threat are the hot dry winds which are expected to continue through today. we're expecting up to 40 miles per hour winds through tuesday, and our primary focus right now for our firefighters in the incident is first life and property protection.
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and the woolsey fire has burned 146 miles that's three times the size of san francisco, it's 30% contained, full containment expected by thursday. well, west of the woolsey fire, the hill fire has burned 7 square smiles near cameraro, the hill fire destroyed buildings and no reports of death. and there's another tough loss to the new york giants on monday night football. >> and it's pulled in for a touchdown. >> the 9ers were led by running back matt, he ran for 101 yards and scored two touchdowns and defense came up short in the quarter. there was a big play and a big
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play leading to a comeback by the giants. >> just enough -- new york had just enough time on the clock, and they got to the end zone, and the 9ers lost 27-23. here's nick mullins on the team's performance. >> everybody did a great job. you sense the brotherhood, everybody, obviously, gave it the best they could. effort doesn't always win games, execution does. s, execution does. >> the 49ers have the second worse record in football, just ahead of the raiders, san francisco has the week off before playing the tampa buccaneer on the roads. 49 other fans could bid on game
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worn verse jerseys to help victims of the -- 49er fans could bid on game worn jerseys to help victims of the california fires. >> sal i thought you and the 49ers were going to pull it out last night, i really did. well, they played okay, new york played a little better, especially at the end there t good morning, everyone. if you're driving out to gilroy soon or perhaps from gilroy to san jose, let me help you out. there's been road work in gilroy, but it hasn't caused a lot of slow traffic. even though it's there, you'll run into it. the traffic is moving very nicely into morgan hill and eventually san jose. a lot of the road work is being picked up. we don't see any slow traffic yet. it will get slower yet. this is a live look at 280 and son san jose.
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it looks pretty good. the bay bridge it's looking good. the metering lights may be going on soon. we have somewhat of a crowd on the bridge itself into san francisco. southbound 880 approaching 23rd, there's slow traffic picking up with a lane closure. we'll bring rosemary for the forecast. good morning to you, thank you, sal, we're seeing smoke and haze unfortunately today. the clouds are already outside of our door, it's tough to tell with the darkness. storm tracker is showing you. this is the mid and high level cloud, this is associated with the storm, well to the north of us, you can see all of that cloud cover off the coastline, we'll remain partly cloudy for today, the smoke and the haze not going away. in fact, air quality is expected to be unhealthy for our sensitive groups in some areas and outright unhealthy in others, take it easy once again, this is what the air
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quality looks like right now. unhealthy reported from for most of the bay area. there's one section along the edge of the peninsula heading to the south bay where the air quality is moderate. that changes around, the air quality advisory is spare the air in place. 45 degrees in oakland, we have 36 in novato and 36 in santa rosa, a chilly start for the inland communities but the clouds over here, temperatures are starting out warmer than where we were yesterday. 44 right now in san jose and we go to the inner east bay, pittsburg, we have a look at the afternoon highs, upper 60s to low 70s, these have not changed a lot, as we get to second part of the afternoon, 70 in antioch and santa rosa and novato, and san raphael, upper 60s for the city of san francisco, and low 70s morgan
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hill and here's a view of the extended forecast, upper 60s and low 70s, from the coast to the bay and inland under mild conditions, hazy skies, spare the air expected for at least the few days, but without switching the weather pattern coming any time soon, we're likely to remain with the smoky conditions into your weekend, we're looking at mild conditions, perhaps a better onshore breeze by the weekend, it should help us a bit and in rain in site for the forecast. >> thank you, rosemary, 5:20 is the time. opening statements in the case against a notorious drug lord. june and we details on the case and the trial of a drug lord known as el chapo. there's a catch for a warriors monthly pass.
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you've worked so hard to (huachieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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happening today, jurors will hear statements in the trial of joaquin el chapo guzman. he smuggled tons of cocaine and other drugs into the united states. prosecutors say they'll use thousands of documents and recordings as evidence including material related to
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drug smuggler safe houses. more than a dozen witnesses are expected to testify including those near chicago. and an african-american security guard was killed after detaining a gunman. >> he was shot and killed early on sunday while he was trying to pin down a man involved in an earlier shooting. family members and friends said they don't know how it happened, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and a shirt that said security on it. >> the man who was shot in the bar is in the hospital. and the associated press reported overnight the e- commerce giant, amazon will announce today that new york city and crystal city virginia will get new facilities. they said submitting up the cities will reduce the impact on areas and they'll have more
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qualified workers and will be able to find housing and schools. traffic was rerouted through other networks after google went down yesterday. they were redirected to areas in russia and china, it's possible that some information could have been intercepted but 90% of google traffic is protected. and the warriors are back home tonight to host the atlanta hawks after losing to the clippers in los angeles. >> it was knocked away nicely by thompson and james -- it's in the basket and it went down. went down. >> last night the warriors started the 4th quarter down by 9 but used a 11-0 run to send the game to overtime and the clippers took over. the they scored 10 points, and
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the warriors lost 121 to 116. they're giving fans to take in a home game for the price of $100 a month for every game, you won't -- for every game at home. you can get access to bars and restaurants, but no seat or view of the court. the warriors have a season ticket waiting lists 44,000 seats long. the in the building pass will not be offered during the playoffs year. 5:26 is the time right now, our coverage of wildfires across the state continues. coming up, we're live in southern california, we have a look at the firefight there, plus the smoke and the fire in butte county leads to school closures closer to home. >> and shareholders feeling the effects of the wildfires, i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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and welcome back to "mornings on 2", tuesday morning, november 13th, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook, thank you for waking up with us. we continue to monitor the very latest on the fire burning in butte county, if you're just joining us, this fire is the deadliest wildfire in state
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history. 42 people now confirmed dead, hundreds of more people are still listed as missing. the fire has burned 183 square miles, it's 30% contained. crews think it will take them until the end of the month, november 30th to have it fully contained. more than 8,000 firefighters are battling the wildfires in northern and southern california. ray joins us with the latest on the wasly firefighter are the -- the woolsey fire, are the conditions any better. >> reporter: it's been breezy, we've been at the command center, we'll see how it plays into the efforts today. as the last update they hope to get if fully contained by thursday, i was just speaking with the manager of the command center here, he said all of these fire trucks will get ready to go for a 24-hour shift
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at 7:00, some arrived at 10:00 last night and since then they've been sleeping in their tents, and one firefighter was sleeping in the sleeping bag on the ground. the camp fire is the deadliest in california history. they're working the front lines trying to slow the spread of flames. >> it's absolutely heartbreaking to drive through paradise and see the level of destruction. >> the town of 27,000 erased from existence, dozens unable to escape and their bodies found inside and next to their cars and in the smoldering area of their homes. they expect a spike and family members are waiting for their loved ones. >> my husband's aunt lives there, we couldn't find any information about her, if she's safe or not or where she might be. >> in the southern part of the
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state, the woolsey fire is burning a path through the santa monica mountains to the malibu coast. more than 400 structures have been destroyed and tens of thousands are threateneddishes it's beyond words, there's no way to explain it. it looks like a nuclear blast went off here. >> and the winds are expected to gust through tuesday. rough tuesday. here's some news, some people who like national park service and the outdoors may want to hear. 83% of national park service land in the santa monica mountains national recreation area has burned and that area is currently closed to the public. public. our time is now 5:32, most schools in sonoma county will be closed today because of the smoke from the fire in butte
5:33 am
county. leigh martinez is in santa rosa with the latest on how many schools will be affected. >> reporter: a lot of schools will be affected. again, we're back in the red zone for much of the north bane, and the red zone meaning pour a quality. this is a very unhealthy level. schools are saying it's a huge health concern not just for the students and staff and the families here. they're cancelling school and athletics, 80% of the schools in sonoma county, they don't meet the epa standard for air particles per 100. 11 charter programs and multiple schools will be closed, this includes these listed on your screen. all, but 1 of 19 scheduled football games are postponed until saturday. school athletic leaders say it comes down to make sure the dirty air doesn't create a
5:34 am
health threat to the young athletes. >> safety is our number 1 concern and will be, we want to get the games in but not at the expense of our student athletes. >> the santa rosa junior college closed campuses today, all classes are cancelled including the board of trustees tonight. it will continue to monitor the air condition and will provide more information as it becomes available. and in pittsburgh, school is in session today, but all students will be kept inside. the pittsburg unified school district will be operating on a rainy day schedule, recess, lunch and pe classes will be held indoors. it plans to use this plan forethe rest of the week -- for the rest of the week. they'll have all windows and doors shut and also have all of the air-conditioning units on a recycle system that is the headlightiest you can do at this time and all of the school districts, if you need
5:35 am
the complete list of closures, we have them on our website, leigh martinez, ktvu. >> thank you for that update. lets go to rosemary, we've been watching the weather conditions and the smoky air, it's cancelling -- >> she's not smiling. >> we feel bad for everybody. we can use it for the firefight north and south and the air quality. >> right, and get rain and change, not much change as we go through the next few days. we remain in this pattern, it's with the light winds coming from the north, northeast at times. we're down wind of the fire, and the smoke in paradise. giving you a look at sfo, sfo has reported delays due to the haze and the smoke and low visibility at times that. can be the case for today. upper 50s reported in, upper 40s reported in san francisco
5:36 am
right now, 56 degrees in santa rosa, a cold start in the valley locations, back to the 30s, in most areas up a tad, we're under partly cloudy skies and that's helping to offset that cooling as we move a little bit closer to sunrise, 45 degrees in oakland and 39 in livermore and san jose 44. a tad cooler in novato, and san jose and napa, just a tad, half moon bay cooler down by 9 degrees or so. again, we'll continue with this dry mild pattern. here's look at the partly cloudy skies, and these are coming from the pacific northwest, window won't see any rain out of that unfortunately, and the winds will remain light, and if you notice the arrows underneath the films coming from the northeast, the smoke drift will come our way. air quality is expected to be right about the same. here's a look at what we're seeing right now.
5:37 am
unhealthy for most, this is moderate air quality the this is towards the south bay, that will change and we're looking at unhealthy for sensitive group to outright unhealthy for the afternoon today. here's a quick look at the temperatures, san francisco, 60s, low 70s for rest of us. good morning, sal? >> good morning to you, rosemary. we had a lot more traffic and lets go out and see the 80 freeway coming in from solano county. you can see the solano supercommute is getting slow as you drive from vallejo to highway 37. you see traffic before the carquinez bridge. it looks good getting into richmond, it's taking time to drive from the bridge to be carquinez bridge and macarthur maze. you have to wait through that slow traffic. let's go back to you at the desk people around the bay area
5:38 am
wants to help butte county victims. there are drives set up in a lot of communities and donations already have been generous. >> as you can see, lots of pillows, blankets in the black bags over here. >> reporter: this is some of the items that jaimie has collected for camp fire victims. enough to fill a u-haul truck. a family friend lost a home in paradise. she gathered items for the carr fire last august. >> it's heartbreaking, i had a family who lost the home. i can imagine a whole town completely gone. it's heartbreaking. >> fire like a flood destroys not only the immediate situation, but it's a long-term fix. >> the silicon valley chapter of the american red cross among the many organizations
5:39 am
accepting monetary donations, the red cross has five shelters for camp fire evacuees, money will go towards food and medical assistance. >> the humane society in silicon valley is look for people to adopt and foster pets. they've taken in 57 cats and dogs, including fin in orrville outside of the fire zone. >> they were in the area where the fire was going on, so, they needed to get out of the area in order to make more space for the fire victims animals to stay closer to home. >> the items, she said the 10- year-old girl who donated her toys touched her the most. >> she was very concerned where the toys were going, she wanted to make sure they were going to other children who needed them. >> i think she wrote a letter, she found a letter in the midst of the toys and read part of it. >> stay strong and find the light, by all means don't give
5:40 am
up. >> a message of hope, the girl left a handful of quarters, even at a young age, people care. >> hopefully give them a piece of mind that there are -- a peace of mind that people want to help. >> she'll accept donations through today. she's hoping people will donate more gift cards so fire victims can buy things they need for themselves. she plans to take all of the donations to chico tomorrow. >> if you want to help the fire victims, we posted a list of resources on check it out. you'll find it in the web link session. a woman said a day before the fire started sharks he received an e-mail from pg&e regarding equipment in node of repairs. pg&e submitted a report to state regulators on friday, there's a problem with a high voltage transmission line in butte county machines before
5:41 am
the fire started. you on that report, shares fell 17%, to $33.15 a share for pg&e. many parents with small kids will be looking for indoor activities today because of poor air quality. trampoline parks were popular yesterday. the sky high trampoline park in oakland sold out all of the time slots and the bouncy house reached capacity. >> they can't run around, no school, very little, if there's any chance at all that is not good, i want to keep them out of it. >> air quality managers warn you to avoid exposure to the smoky air, especially children, senior citizens and people with heart or lung problems. >> 5:41 is the time, hundreds
5:42 am
of new lawsuits against the maker of round up, the number of people now suing bayer. >> how people all over the bay area are reassessing their plans as they watch the wildfires burn across california.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". take a look at this. new york city showing support for california fire victims. this is the empire state building lit up with california state colors in blue and gold. they are expressing sympathy for the loss for people involved in the california
5:45 am
wildfires. and it's causing people in the bay area to examine their evacuation routes and being prepared for disaster. >> the narrow windy roads challenge people to get up and out and a mental exercise to got out in case of catastrophe. >> if someone said you have to be out of here in ten minutes, have you in it know the route you would take to get out of the area. >> residents are juggling variables for natural disasters such as fires and floods, highways 17 and 9 are the best bets to get out safely. ross lee is with the california highway patrol. >> if you start to get in short cuts and others things, that may be impacted by fire or fallen trees and equipment moving through, et cetera. >> one third of the city sits
5:46 am
in the hills and it's vulnerable to fast moving flames followed by i creasing cycles of drought. >> we can predict fire behavior based on conditions of fuel moisture, the temperature outside, the relative humidity and wind speeds, we can't predict when and where it will start. >> that unpredictability can turn deadly if people try to figure it out on their own on roads barely wide enough for two vehicles networks the caves of a natural disaster they would notify residents how to get out and when via social media and texting and mobile phones. they said stick to heavily traveled airways if you don't have -- areas if you don't have cell service. >> people would go to maine
5:47 am
portions -- portions, they would send people in the right direction. >> it's designed to save lives and prevent people from unwittingly being trapped by a disaster that they're trying to escape. and the bay area based company that sells the vaping device juul is looking to expand to parts of asia. the company has reached out to government officials in indonesia, it's one of the world's most smoking friendly countries. it's been criticized for attracting teenagers, and indonesia doesn't impose penalties for selling to minors. and the company may get rid of the disaster to focus on rice krispies and eggo waffles
5:48 am
and pop tarts. and it has fruit snacks, and they'll focus on healthier snacks. and the worlds world health organization says the under use and overuse of antibiotics could create superbugs, they're running out of antibiotics that are effective and the united nations wants a standard used system for watching the use of antibiotics. it's getting busier out there, yesterday was a holiday for people. back to work today, sal, how does it work? >> we're seeing predictable crowds out there in westbound 580. if you're driving out towards the altamont pass, you'll see slow traffic, we'll see slow traffic before the tracy triangle. we're seeing people come in the altamont pass, this is the time of morning it gets thick, 205 backed up to 11th street.
5:49 am
it looks okay. slowing already in contra costa county and -- castro valley. the road work has picked up near 23rd. the westbound bay bridge is backed up with a 20-minute delay. now, rosemary, lets look at the weather? >> it's dry with smoke and haze with another advisory. for today a bit moderate in some spots this morning, but expected to remain unhealthy for most as we roll through the bay area tuesday. here's a look at what's going on out there. we have partly cloudy skies in addition to the smoke and haze. the clouds are associated with the system and moving to the pacific northwest. we'll at any with the partly cloudy skies, all of the -- partly cloudy conditions, all of this is approaching the bay area. we'll be in and out of the sunshine, we'll have air quality unhealthy from the central bay, coastline and
5:50 am
north bay. the index number is 150 or above. even healthy folks can be impacted by the smoke and haze, unhealthy for sensitive groups for the east bay and santa clara valley. this is a forecast, we could fluctuate at different times of the day, 49 degrees and 52 in san francisco, another chilly start, and 36 in novato and light winds out there this morning, and 39 in livermore and 37 degrees in walnut creek. some areas are warmer, not by much, you may not notice, 71 degrees, we'll go 70 in san raphael, and 8 in san francisco, these numbers are not going to change in days. they're not likely to change moving forward in the next few days. 1 degrees expected for morgan hill. a school start, mild afternoon, hazy sky, not only for today. wednesday, perhaps into thursday, spare the air expected for most of the business week, we're hoping to
5:51 am
get an onshore breeze by the weekend, we're going to remain dry and mild throughout. first chance of rain won't come until the week of thanksgiving. the time is 5:51, he created the best-known superheroes in the comic books, now, he's died. stan lee looking back at his life and legacy, plus bay area fans talk about the lessons they learned from lee's work. sfx: squeak
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", happening today george zimmerman, the man best-known for shooting tray i don't know martin in florida is expected to enter a no contest plea for a charge of stalking an investigator. it's the latest trouble that neighborhood watch leader from 2012. he was senning threatening mess sanction who contacted him about a documentary for trayvon martin. he killed trayvon martin in florida and he was acquitted of all charges. and dennis harrera is criticizing president trump's appointment of matt whitaker.
5:55 am
he questioned whether it was legal to name whitaker after jeff sessions. he said he didn't act in compliance with federal law. it states that the deputy attorney general may serve as the replacement of the attorney general. he wants the justice department to give a legal explanation of that appointment. and the memoir of michelle obama hits the book stores today of the it's number 1 on amazon and is expected to be one of the best selling titles of the year, describing her marriage, life in the white house as first lady and her family. there will be a talk and it
5:56 am
will be moderated biopractice win friday. stan lee, the creator of marvel comics, died at the age of 95. he is best-known for create argue universe of superheroes like speeder man, iron man and the x man, his characters have left the comic books, they've grown into multibillion dollar hollywood franchises, they learned to appreciate stan lee's superheroes for human flaws that made them relatable. >> he would make characters, you sit and read them, i get it, i get what this character is doing, i see myself in it and that could be me, and that hadn't been done before. >> stan lee was recognized by the president in 2008. he received a national of medal of arts award and is one of the most prolific story tellers in america. the time is 5:56, going from bad to work, the death
5:57 am
toll from the camp fire is going up, we'll get a live report from butte county in a few minutes. honoring the paradise football team, the pregame ceremony before last night's 49ers gail on monday night football.
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it's tuesday, morning, november 13th, i'm pam clark. >> and i'm dave clark.
6:00 am
rosemary is here for the forecast, steve paulson has the day off. >> everybody was making plans to go to tahoe because we had so much snow. today we can't get a storm to move through the bay area. we're looking at dry conditions for the next several days, the last system that came our way, back in early october. here's a look at what's going on, a dark start at sfo where we have haze and smoke once again. for some arriving flights to sfo, delays in the last few days because the of the haze and smoke and low visibility. that could be another one for today. 48 degrees in san francisco, right now we have 33 in santa rosa, near freezing in some of the inland communities, upper 30s in livermore and san jose, good morning to you in the 40s, temperatures are up slightly in many spots, this has to do with the cloud cover overhead. and mid and high-level clouds will roll through the bay area. a tail end of the system moving


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