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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 14, 2018 5:00am-5:55am PST

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good morning, thank you for joining us wednesday morning, i'm pam cook. >> it's the middle of the week. >> it's a long week. >> it's a really long week. i'm dave clark, and steve paulson is back. >> i can't tell you much. there's a little better air quality today. >> we lost the higher clouds from yesterday. a couple of days ago, i'm over at hm, half moon bay, it reached 75 degrees, 75, they started a coast of indonesia down yesterday. that he be on the mild side today, but the easterly breeze is in place, the air quality advisory is out through friday, it's better today and the south bay has been better for everyone and that goes down today. what it's a little better and our last rain was october 3rd, that was for the golden gate and everybody else. there's hints around the 21st
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and 22nd, and this is in the next three it five-day category. high clouds have pushed out of the area. patchy clouds, 30s, 40s and 50s on the temperatures. alameda is 49. the city officially 52. easterly breeze, all of the way over to the coast. higher elevations, in north and east, it's offshore, a little change in seattle, the higher clouds yesterday are out of the picture, it's warm60s and low 70s, 5:01, did you figure out what was going on on the altamont pass. >> you need your mic. it's hardly noticeable, don't worry. >> i did figure it out, to answer your question. it was something minor, not as big of a deal as someone thought. i did find something as a big
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deal to replace it. that would be northbound 101 approaching the katady area. we've been talking about it. this truck is overturned and it caught fire, it was a ups truck, and it was involved in a crash with a couple of other cars, northbound 101, all of the lanes are closed, the lanes are open southbound, i've been doing this for i want to oblem because able to see th slow down on this stretch of freeway. this was on a big backup, and southbound is a different direction. i have a crew on the way to this incident. we'll let you know, and unfortunately it will be there for a while. a while ago, they put the fire out and now, they have to worry about awful those packages, it was a set of doubles loaded down with packages, a ups truck, it will be there for a
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while. that's not the good news. there was something minor on tracy boulevard. the slow trafficss here is goin there, 205 and 580. we don't have slowing on 580 yet, that will come in a little bit. you might want to get on the road as early as you can there if you're on the road in livermore, looking at pleasanton. there are no major issues as you drive on 880 north and south. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light so far. 5:03, let's go back to you at the desk the l fires. 6 more is added from yesterday. now, the death toll is 48 and hundreds more are listed as missing. the sheriff's office is completing one complete list including all sources. 203 square miles have burned in
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the camp fire, it's 4 times the size of san francisco. full containment is not expected until the end of the month. it's been one week since the fire started burning and several reco continuing their search for people missing. sara zendehnam joins us now with more and some areas have been evacuated. >> reporter: what you see is this devastation behind me, it's hard to imagine that there are people accused of taking advantage of this situation. according to the butte county sheriff, that's what happened. they did announce yesterday at a news conference there were six arrests made in relation to the camp at they weren't supposed led to those arrests. >> jason burns were arrested monday after
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a home, and stolen items. these people were arrested in the area when they found a stolen laptop and drugs and one drove a stolen motor home and looting, we spoke to some people because they didn't want to lose things in their homes and they were afraid of looters. it's a dangerous area right now. >> potential falling limbs and trees, potential collapsed walls and chimneys, entrapment hazards because of burned tree roots and missing it accept particular tank covers or collapsed basements. >> as for the firefight at last check, the camp fire is 130,000 acres and 35% contained. that's record level of fuel
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dryness, they're working hard to establish a containment line and they are working to gain control. you can look out and this is sky way, it's the main drag through paradise, there was a bookstore and a packaging business, all completely taken down by this fire. in paradise this morning, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox news. the number of fire survivors attending the public briefing is getting smaller. the most frequent questions asked are which homes are standing and when people will be allowed back into the burn zone. there's an interactive online map that can answer the first question, it can be early next month before people are allowed to return to see their property. part of that reason is for safety. the other is crews are still looking for people who were listed as missing and perhaps not able to escape
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we can to diligently search for those remains. this is a difficult task. >> the sheriff is being asked about the county's emergency alert system. no plan is ever 100% perfect. look in who received warnings and when, once that immediate crisis was over, he also says it is possible, some people who had evacuated for previous fires that did not reach their property did not leave this time and the intensity of the flames this time overwhelms them. >> the time is 5:07, butte county authorities are trying to identify over 40 people in the camp fire. they've identified jesus her maundies, and earnest foss who moved in the bay area, and 77- year-old carl wiley worked for a tire company. the name of the fourth victim may be released later once the
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family is notified. they've identified other victims, 66-year-old gordon dice lived in the town of paradise but he was born and raised in oakland. the father was last seen running back into the burning house. and the stepmother said she went to her basement to grab belongings and never made it out. we're seeing the damage until the small town of magalia with the population of 11,000, it sets north to the north of paradise and like paradise intower neighborhoods are gone. instead of staying at a shelter, some people are camping out in chico, we're struggling to copy. >> right now i stay inside my day long. daniel hanson is sharing ughter and while he waits for word on whether the house made it through the fewer. pg&e is responding to
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claims that may be responsible for the camp fire as victims take legal action. they said they did not properly manage their power lines. they're suing for lost homes and evacuation costs and emotional trauma and the loss of income. the cause of the fire still has not been determined. now, a woman who owns property in the area said pg&e e-mailed her days before the fire and said there were problems with power lines sparking on her property. the pg&e released this statement saying: ement saying: we are waiting to hear from
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the sonoma office of education that will close today because of unhealthy air. they're going to check the air quality this morning. most sonoma schools were closed because of air quality. many school districts decided to close today because have stepped up to organize fundraisers and collect donations for the fire victims. there's a salon in san jose who are helping a mother and son from pair ties. they just moved into that house a couple of weeks ago. >> for 5-year-old aiden, it's the simple things that bring he and his mother joy. it's a birth future after losing their home in paradise, it was like a scene out of a movie, i had never experienced a natural disaster before in my
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life, so, it was really scary. >> six week ved into the bay area in what was supposed to be the forever home, forever no more, the camp fire reduced it to rubble. >> it was one of the most heartbreaking moment of my life. i think i was prepared to know that my house was probably not going to be there, but just like the realization of it not being there, i think i still am in shock. >> no one was more excited about the new home than aiden, this is video of him seeing his first bedroom ever. it was all gone. >> maria owns the in n. >> i'm glad she's alive and my grandson made it out of there okay. >> and a media
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resulted in this. donations on the salon's porch. >> how does it make you feel? >> it makes me feel special. >> they're making a new memory of the community helping them in their time of need, one they won't forget. >> it's overwhelming, i don't think there would be this many people trying to help me. for now, brittani and her son are staying in chico, a "go fund me" page is set up to help them, they're collecting donations all week. we have a list of how you can help fire victims on our website, in the web link section. we're keeping an eye on washington as well this advisor to leave. and two proposals are on the table today, it may affect you, what could be eliminated and how your morning commute may speed up.
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not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", they are looking bridges
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it electronically and one is to remove the toll plaza all together. they're trying to reduce traffic because drivers slow down to pay the toll. would eliminating cash tolls on bay area bridge speed up traffic. vote on the ktvu twitter page and you can comment on coming to freemont, the city council one-year pilot program and the scooter company lime. they'll need to have an age tio prove anyone renting a scooter is 18 or ordinarily. they could -- or older, they could be on the streets of freemont next year. and we want to go back to sell who is looking at different things in this morning's commute. >> the first one is in katady,
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this is where there's a truck involved in a crash. the injuries were minor. someone got a broken arm as we've heard from reports. chp says all lanes northbound are closed as you come up on the avenue, this is speed. northbound you can't get through. you'll have to go the freeway, northbound 101 near the railroad exit, northbound 101, gilroy to san jose looks all right as you drive up to san jose. there's been some construction work, there's baseball a couple of slowdowns, for the most part there's a nice looking drive. this is 280 and san jose, it doesn't look bad. bridge toll plaza, you can see this traffic is okay. you can see at the bay bridge
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toll plaza, this is from a devon view, westbound from the emeryville camera. >> that is a different view. >> yes, it is. more sunshine today, lets get to it. the clouds have scooted out of the area. it was held in check, mid-60s and today it will be mid- to upper 60s to a few low 70s. to draw your attention, oklahoma city is in the 30s, they should be 40 it should be closer to 34. it's very cold and that plunge of cold air has gone down into texas and new orleans. the setup has been this way for a while. behind that you're getting snow -- the way, houston, texas has seen snow before sierra, nevada has seen snow. that doesn't happen very often. that's what happened. they got snow.
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and air quality advisory goes through friday. it will be better today. some of the areas have gone down a little bit. not as high arrests it was yesterday in the up healthy category. hopefully by the weekend, we'll get more of a westerly breeze, it should help, it's a dry pattern to around the 21st. the forecast mwill bring rain in here. they keep bumping it back and we'll deal it with next week. there are the clouds yesterday, out of the picture, the more sunshine today, they'll be hazy skies, 20s, 30s, 40s to 50s, lake port is at 28. fairfield is at 31, redwood city, 38 sunnyvale, livermore, 38 degrees, 36, danville 33, there's cold readings, 33 meant ton, and north wind, half moon bay, east southeast at oakland, even though it's not strong, r
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component continues so the offshore direction will bring smoke in here. teens and the upper 20s, and a little change for seattle, they're getting clouds and a little bit of rain, they get sunshine and hazy sunshine, 60s, and low 70s again, 4:00 these start to take a at some be here, it's more so today thhelp a little bit. >> 5:20 is the time right now, several people are in the hospital after a crash involving 21 cars coming up, what led to the chain reaction crash, that shut down a highway for hours, and green missed last night's game after he was suspended by the warriors, coming up, hear what kevin durant had to say about a conversation he had with one of his teammates.
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there's a public hearing involving the trump administration's administration to roll back rules with the epa. the epa wants to replace a 2016 rule by the obama administration that required energy companies to step up the detection and elimination of methane leaks at well sites of oil and gas industries. it will save $75 million annually in regulatory costs. police need your help to find a man at a 49er game.
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a a man used the bathroom and the girlfriend said he never came back and his car was found in the parking lot. he stopped in antioch to visit family. they spoke to him 10:00 monday night. powers was last seen wearing a at and blue jeans and a 49ers t- to call santa clara police. they beat the hawks 110 to 103. it's coming together for him. we're seeing the offense. the warriors just played two nights ago in los angeles, and we're down another player after green was suspended for the game. and the team was suspended with kevin durant. the game started off sluggish, and he spoke after the game, and he spoke after green's
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suspension. >> what have to happeto move on play basket bomb. >> you know it's been a huge at that point will init's definite weird not it's everything that went down, that's what happens, it happens in nba. green is expected to return from his suspension tomorrow night when the warriors hit the road to play the houston rockets. the san jose sharks had a big win against the best te in the western conference. the sharks jumped out to 3-0 in the first period and gave up all of it in the second period and the predators led 4-3 in the middle of the third, but he put one in the net to tie up the score, 12 seconds later, he scored his 400th career goals to give sharks a victory, nashville lost the game this season, the sharks won two of
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those gams. 5:26, the top white house official will be of the the firefight. and some generation, washington may rewritlook good far. if you're driving on the san mateo bridge, it looks good headed out to the high rise. a little more sun today, if you're traveling to dallas, today it's 26 degrees, they should be 47 this time of the year. we'll look at some of the cold temperatures across the country. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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gentleman welcome back to "mornings on 2", i'm dave clark, it's the middle of the week. >> i'm pam cook, thank you for joining us. i'm not alone in the effects of this smoke. so many people lost their homes >> it's 26 in dallas. >> you have snow and the way we do. >> houston is cold. >> new orleans is 41, dallas should be 45 this time of the year, oakland city is 40, they're 19, you get the idea, it's a plunge of cold air. the great lakes they're complaining it's cold. a little warmer, temperatures bump up because
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we're losing the higher quality friday. everything was trapped yesterday. there was no movement in the air, that's why it was so bad yesterday. our last rain was so long ago, i had two haircuts since then. and it will be dry through the weekend, there are signs that next week we may see a pattern change. i will believe it when i see it. there are many signs that say yes. there's a week away. a lot can happen. we'll have temperatures starting off, a few 20s, in the mix, and we're running colder than yesterday at this time. under mostly clear skies, an easterly component for offshore and we have a little change in the pacific northwest. the higher clouds are gone, slightly warmer with 60s and low 70s. 5:31, overturned, we want a
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truck. >> that's right. northbound 101 at railroad avenue. that truck got into a crash with other vehicles. the injuries were relatively minor. northbound 101, all lanes are closed. they may open one of the lanes soon on northbound 101 but the rest of it will be shut down for a bit. they have to do all that cleanup. southbound 101 is going to slow down a little bit as well. past the scene, lets talk about the vallejo commute, westbound is show, it gets better on the hercules side, in problems heading out to the area. and it's the bay bridge toll plaza, if they eliminate the toll plaza what would happen to this. westbound traffic is slow coming up on the pay gates. the number of people who died in the butte county wildfire has grown to 48. six more fire victims were discovered yesterday. now, it's unclear how many people are still missing, 200 i
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containment is not expected until the end of this month. in the past two days, sheriff's deputies have arrested six people in butte county for being in areas that are evacuated. they face a variety of charges, including looting, drug possession and felons in possession of firearms. >> governor brown and us interior rhine zinke will have tours of the fire firsthand. and they've declared it a major disaster, people will be able to get crisis counseling and housing and unemployment benefits. we'll have a crew with the governor and secretary zinke today. and the biggest fire continues to grow but slowly than earlier this week. dry hot winds pushed thand acro
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mountaintops in ventura and los angeles it's 40% contained. now, nearly all of the people who had to evacuate are not allowed pack into their neighborhoods. the los angeles county sheriff said the flames are too close to homes to allow people to return safely. if you're being held back, the life and the lives of your family and neighbors are tell potentially in danger. two people have died in the woolsey fire and 35 homes and businesses have been destroyed and fire crews say most of those were homes. another 57,000 homes are still in danger. our time crh with 20 cars with the big rig. it happened on highway 1 near river street. look at the pictures, the chp
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said the brakes failed as it was coming off highway 17 and t investigators say it was going between 35 and 40 miles per hour when it hit a car and it kawed a 20 car pileup. 11 people were of them critically. >> the cars were on an overpass and there was in way for them to pull over or get out of the way. now, all of the north bound lanes of highway 1 were closed for several hours. the chp is investigate building a mechanical -- investigating whether a mechanical problem may have made those brakes fail. and they're looking to ouster john kelly. here's the latest drama from the white house, and it comes f administration, but for this the turnover is extremely high. take a look at the woman over the atnal
5:35 am
security advisor and her days in the administration may be numbered. she clashed a number of the first lady's office put out position of the office of the first lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this white house. >> for her to come out and publicly and say this really says something about the relationship that this staffer clearly has with the east wing. and i would think that this wasn't the first rodeo or encounter that they had. you have to have worn out your welcome. >> other departures may be higher up, john kelly and secretary of homeland security and commerce secreta who have departed the administration and the unusual rate of turnover. >> the other thing that makes it different and kind, people are wore out, tired or completed their mission, a lot
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of these changes seem to be because of unhappiness the president has with specific members of the cabinet. >> if these departures take place, replacing these people will not be easy, especially the cabinet positions that require senate confirmation. in washington doug luzader, fox news. the u.s. senate is close to agreeing on had you to reduce the sentences of some criminals. there are reports that they would increase rehabilitation efforts nonviolent offete crimes is up nationwide. of crimes wen 17% last year, the biggest increase since 2001, the f.b.i. says most of crimes were motivated by hatred, race and sexual orientation, hate crimes were the highest of any race.
5:37 am
antisemetic attacks went up 37%, but that doesn't include the mass shooting and the pittsburgh synagogue last night. >> i've been anecdotally and are in terms of what i've read seen the increase of anti- semitism significantly over the past 5 to 10 years. >> they're going out and acting on the hay tread and committing crime inspired by that hatred. >> it's important for political leaders to denounce hate crimes when they occur. several migrants u.s. soil. ijuana yestwhen authorities approached. they are in the guadalajara an arsan
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diego. they're building 8,000 new homes in san francisco. we'll tell you the area approved for major redevelopment. >> how often are cell phones at your dinner table. 'fess up, people are trying to get people to drop that habit. >> and we have a look at san francisco traffic, north and southbound 101, this is a look at the 80 split. sfx: squeak sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt
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covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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on 2", the air quality in the bay area is said to be the cou it was deemed unhealthy for sensitive group. s but new -- groups but now unhealthier for everyone. doctors are getting complaints about respiratory problems. >> there are small particulate
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matter and it can get in the respiratory tract. >> you need to keep away from outdoors, especially the is likely not permanent. >> it doesn't require treatment unless someone has a significant worsening of their breathe being over and above what they might have experienced. >> if you will be outside for long periods of time, you're advised to use an n95 mask, also don't forget to put your car and home ventilation systems on recirculate. >> the time is 5:42, a mother from paradise, when the camp fire started. the two kids who arrived last thursday, when they called to tell her there were they looke she immediately picked at the l elementary school but she couldn't find her 14-year-old son. i had to jump out at a stop light and just start hollering for his name and we couldn't
5:42 am
find him. eventually we did find him at a park lot, only to find out that he had been the propane exploded and next to him on the right path and blew him down. so, he went to the walgreen's, sorry, i got a little shaky when i talk about it. we get to the walgreen's and we picked him up. >> it's hard. >> the family did escape nute drive, from paradise to chico, it took them more than 4 hours. and another family found a memento in their home. they left everything behind and got away from the names just in time. the only thing left standing at their home the brick fireplace and the mantle and on top of ng the amber ashes of i her grandmother. >> i can't believe show made
5:43 am
it. it's a sign it will be okay, grandma, for now, they're staying with family members in orrville. we'll be talking wimayor lo about her new plan about addressing the groping number of people living in cars and rvs, they're talking to people to find out how they can help. and she's thinking of opening places in the city to store cars while they live in temporary housing. she'll join us on "mornings on 2" atair bnb is donating 8 million for housing in san francisco. we know we need to step some of most pressing issues. they talked to the mayor and others to find out how they can help. and there was a ribbon- cutting ceremony at the palace
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street yesterday. the canopies will keep passengers and the escalators they ride clean and dry. that should mean fewer escalator repairs and better reliability and the canopies in oakland are already paying off. >> we were able to get a 30% increase in availability of that escalator there. we hope it's the future of san francisco. bart is installing rollup doors at the station that can be closed at street level that bay area football legends are trying to get families to put down their cell phones at the dinner table. >> will you pass the green beans. make a mistake like that so early in the meal. lets go to the replay. >> this is a new public service message, the study on eating habits, many of us are
5:45 am
distracted when we eat. 29% say they use their phone at every meal. this ad and others will appear during the nfl games as well. >> if you tonight listen to steve young and gerry rice, who will you listen to, maybe sal. >> i would listen to sal. >> your kids are too little to have cell phones, but one day, who knows what they'll have? >> it will be a chip implanted in the head. anyway. weget to the accident northbound 101, a truck didn't in the park area on railroad avenue. they've opened one lane northbound, southbound traffic hasn't baseball as bad as they thought. this is between santa and d way park, we my it would be busy on 205 and it's slow after it, as we drive through the area livermore and
5:46 am
dublin, 238 and 880, that traffic is busy and 880 northbound and southbound it's crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's a 50 minutes wait. sal, your dad and my dad are alike, we cot have the tv on when we ate dinner. >> absolutely right. turn that off, we're eating dinner. lets get to it. a lot more suns will be a little warmer, you know a little warmer, high pressure continues to be dominate the west and it's a dry, dry pattern for us. maybe out to the 21st. there are signs around thanksgiving that may be something will change there. i'll believe it when the short range models throw to five models latch out to it. they keep push it back when the gobble models look at it. it makes me nervous. 19 oklahoma it should be 40 and chicago 18 and it should be 33,
5:47 am
34 and cab sassy should be 37. it's really cold for them. that plunge of cold hair air has made it to the deep south, new orleans sitting at 41, amazing, cold. you get the if he behind it and the system ahead of it, it's coming from the gulf and headed to the carolinas and the northeast. that's the active pattern, it doesn't look like it's changing yet, we may iculate matter. it's still unhealthy, better than yesterday, it capped everything yesterday along with the low clouds, it's very tough. overall we're looking for 40s, 50s and a few 20s, lake port is 28 degrees, berkeley is at 39. 28 in grayton. wood acre is 50, you can find 33 in novato and petaluma and it's cold inform. there's still an offshore component on the direction of the winds, that's coming from and it's not that strong, it's
5:48 am
still there and it's still low in the higher elevations and the wind speeds, it's still dry, 34 in sacramento, a little change in seattle, but not much for us. there go the higher clouds than yesterday. we'll have a little sunshine there, 60s and low 70s, lets face it, it's very short, that angle of the sun, if you live to east and you have a mountain or hill to the west. once that sun goes down that hill. hazy skies, it looks better with a westerly breeze, late in the weekend early next week. >> the time is 5:50, every second counts when there's an emergency. how one bay area county is leading the way for everybody. the so-called worse toys for the holiday season, a consumer advocacy groups has a list of toys. why parents should not assume thatheen properly checked out.
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passengers on flight 1380 said there was no warning, the plane's left engine exploded and and fan blade broke off
5:52 am
smashing a window and a passenger was partially sucked out of a albuquerque. that plane landed in philadelphia and 8 other passengers were treated for injuries. san mateo county is expanding the emergency alert system. they everybody in the system. 10% leching in the county are signed up to get alerts. under this change, the office of emergency service also enroll everybody and you have the option to opt out. >> people can now, just opt out when they're automatically enrolled. that becomes a game changer. >> san mateo county is the first county in california to approve this kind of resolution after governor brown signed new lappingslation, other jurisdictions are looking no it as well. hillary clinton and helen keller are back on a lesson
5:53 am
plan after they will continue teaching lessons about helen keller and hillary clinton. that surpasses a voted to remove women and other historical figures, they voted to streamlined the curriculum. they added them again, water shed moment. >> the time is 35:55, 90 people in 27 states have come down with acute flacid mealitis, known as afm, it's like polio, they are costed to lose parts of they're -- the use of part of their body. they're investigating an
5:54 am
terrible 162 possible cases. the question still remains over a is causing this elness. christmas is 6 weeks away -- this illness, christmas is just six weeks away. a popular is warning about popular toys. there's a warning and they're out with the list of the worst toys for the holiday season. a black panther claw and a superninja sword, a nerf gun and and pillow pet made the list because of possible dangers. this year alone, an estimated 240,000 toy related injuries occurred. one child is treated every 3 minutes for a toy related injury. >> now, some toy industry trade members disagree with that
5:55 am
and inaccurate. they say toy makers go to great lengths to test the toys and make sure they're safe and comply with regulations. another post-season award for the oakland a'american leag manager of the year. he led the a's to the fourth best record in baseball this season and a trip to the american league wild card game. it was the first playoff appearance in 4 years. this is the third time the baseball riders association of america named melvin manager of the year. the time is 5:57, people are still ing for word for loved ones, and up next what is being done to find people still listed as missing. and pg&e is being sued for the possible responsibility for the camp fire, the lawsuit in san francisco and how pg&e is responding.
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the deadliest fire in state history, we'll take to you butte county, a search is under way for hundreds of people who are still miss -- still listed as missing. >> the fire burning out of
5:58 am
control. we're still watching the two biggest active wildfires. active wildfires. good morning, thanks for joining us on "mornings on 2", it's wednesday, november 14th, i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. it's been chilly. >> it's been very chilly. >> part of the reason is blocked by the smoke, right? >> that's part of it. it's really cold in other parts of the country. it's below average in many areas, smoky skies have been with us for a long time. we can take you back to the last week, there are some days that are better and monday was really bad and everything was trapped as well, because there's a high clouds and low clouds, the higher clouds are gone, we have had awhile here now, this air quality advisory will go through friday. it looks a little better too, it looks a little better. still an offshore, very slight component, some of the bit.
5:59 am
it's still an easterly breeze, a very stable pattern unfortunately. maybe next week we'll get a change in the patt
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