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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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shelter. the death tolls from the fire goes up to 56. the fire has burned 138,000
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acres and containment remains at 35%. as we mentioned, the death toll went up by 8 today. it now stands at 56. 130 other people are missing. >> the fire has not spread much in recent days but the scope of the tragedy has not stopped growing. deborah reports from a baptist church in chico that is doubling as a shelter tonight. she explains all of this is taking a toll on evacuees. >> the pastor at pleasant valley church asked his congregation to share fire stories hoping to uplift them. >> they survived the greatest catastrophe. >> moments before, he was serving burgers in the church gym.
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he partnered with the salvation army. the church is keeping 200 evacuees warm, fed and well supplied with donations until they figure out what is next. >> when a hard time comes you will find out how much resilience you have. >> and paradise a young couple who wrangled their lives at a checkpoint stood in front of her once. they were mostly silent with their thoughts. >> of the 56 human remains we have tentatively identified 47. >> the sheriff says 100 30 people are still unaccounted for. >> because and up -- because abandoned every which way as people tried to flee. chp has told more than 100 vehicles from the middle of roadways. >> i watched a couple of drone videos and it feels like i am watching a movie. >> for survivors looking at the devastated town now it is surreal and scary.
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>> i told my parents get out and save the lives. >> her family is reunited but for 24 hours they did not know. tears still come easily. >> my daughter is the only thing that keeps me looking at the bright spots. >> we do a lot of praying. we really do. >> in chico, deborah v alone, ktvu fox 2 news. >> as many as 130 people are missing in the aftermath of the campfire. today a list was released of 103 of those people who are missing. they range in age from 21-95. most are from paradise and mcgill you. the majority are senior citizens. in some cases there are 3-2 people with the same last name. and one is still -- instance there are 4 people with the
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same name. >> federal officials say today they are pulling together all available resources to help people recover in butte county. >> this is my fourth trip to california. unfortunately every trip this year has been forest fire. -- forest fires. each trip i say it is the worst fire i have seen and now we are here today and this is the worst fire i have seen. >> ryan zinke he joined the head of fema and governor brown on a tour of what is left of the town of paradise while governor brown has been at odds over climate change in the past. officials say today was not the time to point fingers. >> president trump did call me a few minutes ago. he has pledged full resources of the federal government. i can tell you california stands in the same position. we do have the funds and we will help out everywhere we
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can. >> fema administrator brock long says his agency will bring in mobile homes along with temporary schools and hospitals while the long process of rebuilding gets underway. fema says it will take years to rebuild the 8600 homes lost along with the destroyed infrastructure. >> they may of paradise says she is grateful for the help from the state and fema and promises the town will rebuild. >> this is going to be the most challenging thing i have ever done. it is probably going to be the most challenging everything every -- any of us has faced. we are up to it. we are a close community and we are up to it. we are going to do it. >> mayor jody jones lost her own home as to the rest of the city council. in terms of lessons learned, she hopes people will opt into the alert system so they will get notices on their cell phone as well as their land lines. smoke from the campfire has
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practiced san francisco state university to cancel classes through saturday. san jose state has now followed suit in just the past hour. it announced the campus will be closed tomorrow and friday because of the poor air quality. >> a family from paradise who lost their home in the fire almost lost their daughter as well. she was actually at school when the fires broke out. they are in san jose where they are staying. >> and incredible story. >> the fire happened so fast. the family immediately thought of their 11-year-old daughter. they tried to reach her. they could not. thankfully, my mother helped her escape. >> kevin burns snapped these pictures the morning of the campfire outside of a doctor's office in chico with his wife. dark smoke hovered over paradise. he listened to police scanners. >> the first thing i heard was walk the roads to paradise. the whole town is on fire. at that point, my wife and i realized our daughter went to
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school that morning. we freaked out. we were trying to get back to town and trying to get back to paradise. >> impossible to do since roads were blocked. all they could do was wait at the other town while a relative tried to help. >> my mother-in-law went to pick up my daughter at school standing in front of the school screaming out her name. >> their daughter hitched a ride with her classmates and his mother -- with a classmate and his mother. >> with a bunch of flames and houses getting caught on fire. >> they along with so many others storm as fast as they could to safety. >> we are going to get out and run and we did that. week couldn't because it was so hot and smoky. we could not see. >> we were all praying in the car and helping we made it out alive. >> it was hard to wait for her. it was really hard. >> her parents worried. what typically takes 20 minutes took 4 hours.
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finally, they were reunited with their daughter. >> it was such a relief. we all hugged and cried. the lady had holes burned alter her shirt. one of the other little girls had burns through her pants. >> and neighbor snapped this picture confirming the burns family lost their home. this is what they have left -- close left in storage. as they start over they cannot help but have new perspective on what is important. >> i am thankful for having her. >> they are staying with family members in san jose for now. a go fund me page has been set up to help them. the timing could not be worse. of the father just lost his job. he is in the process of lining up job interviews. this family along with other families trying to piece their lives back together.
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>> you will find updates on air and online. >> fire crews say they have stopped the progress of a grass fire burning in a rural area -- area of alameda county. it was just before 3 this afternoon west of highway 580. tom beres road is still shut down tonight in both directions. cal fire says about 20 acres have burned. crews have 30% containment and plan to remain on the scene tonight watching for flareups. the cause is under investigation and no injuries reported. >> police dogs were brought in in santa clara today. they are looking for a man that went missing during the 49ers game. police are searching the hoping for signs of ian powers. he has been missing since he left the 49ers game.
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>> it is tough. >> loved ones cannot understand what happened. his girlfriend says he went to the restroom in the fourth quarter and did not return. last contact with him was by phone as they tried to meet up at the stadium entrance. >> there was a random building. we never figured out what it was. then, he just didn't answer. it disconnected. i think his phone died because i kept calling him and he didn't answer. >> i was had been traveling from his home in spokane to la but stopped to see family in the bay area. brilliant -- relatives say it is unlikely for him to disappear. >> isn't -- he is the most responsible person in my family quite honestly. we are baffled and concerned as to where his well-being and whereabouts. >> santa clara police are not sure if alcohol was a factor. they are taking this case very seriously. they brought an alternate --
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they brought in all-terrain vehicles, drone teams and canines. >> we are trying to pull every resort -- resource. >> there has been no sign of him since. activity on his bank account, social media orme -- or email.'s car was parked where he left it. as the hours tick by his family is growing more concerned. >> there is no way he knows where he is or who he is because he would have caught by now. >> police are asking for the public's help that someone will have information that can lead to powers.
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>> special honors for dozens of bay area police officers. >>'s beaming at -- speeding up the commute. a plan for cashless commutes. >> we have talk about the weekend. i will have all of that after the break. what's a gig of data?
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police in oakland are investigating a possible homicide after a man was found dead inside his home under suspicious circumstances. without a large police presence tonight in the area of east 17th and 28th avenue. 2 people at the scene told our crew that the home belonged to their father who he had not heard from in a few days. the son said when a locksmith unlocked the door and went inside he found the body of the 51-year-old man tied up with duct tape. our calls to oakland police department have not yet been returned. >> we are learning more about the polyp involving the dump
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truck. chp says the vehicle should have never been on the road. the dump truck caused a 21 apollo. the truck's brakes were not working. investigators say that was just one of many problems. >> from the get-go is not even registered to be on the highway. that truck shouldn't even half been driving over highway 17. >> >> chp officers say no one has been arrested but the investigation is just beginning. >> the toll plaza as we know it may soon be phased out. the metropolitan transportation commission is helping to eliminate cash payments and stopping and tollbooths on the bay area state run bridges. christian explains what is
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being considered. >> anyone who has been in bay area traffic knows it can be miserable to wait at a toll plaza. the commission is recommending getting rid of the booths and toll takers and bringing and fast-track plate readers. >> do not just slow down. that is dangerous. >> pasty is a concern. last year, a truck smashed into the toll bridge was a. >> our suggestion in all cases is that we would like to remove the booths. there is no reason to have the obstacle in the way. >> a similar reason is already in place as the brittney shipp bridge.
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>> toll authority members seem relative to expand the program to all of the bay area bridges. >> i have to save my personal bias. on the brittney shipp bridge it makes so much difference. >> say anything to commute time is beneficial. >> there are so many cars and so much traffic. it is very efficient. >> some do not like the idea. >> no, i do not. >> she says from her experience, commuters deserve the option to pay however they choose. >> everyone wants to get the best truck. eliminating cash is not a good thing. >> many have learned a lot to watch what -- watching what happened to the golden gate bridge. details on the plans it should be firmed up early next year. >> a former high school teacher and babysitter was ordered on
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trial today. he was a teacher at a school in lafayette. he is also being investigated by authorities in rhode island and virginia. he is due in court on december 3. >> select officers with the san francisco police department will seem special honors today during a medal of valor awards seven -- ceremony. and all, awards and certificates were given to 30 officers that showed exceptional bravery in the line of duty. 10 were given the bronze medal of -- of of valor. 14 officers received the silver medal of valor and 6 officers earned the gold medal of valor. >> i just want to say -- you guys are more than coworkers,
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and fellow officers. you are my brothers. >> some of those given awards were injured in the line of duty including one officer who was stabbed about a dozen of the officers who received awards tonight were involved in incident in which they were forced to shoot at a suspect. all of the officers were cleared of any wrongdoing by the district attorney office. >> checking in on the forecast for a quality. it has not been good and it continues to not be good as we head into tomorrow. stay indoors. the not a good day for a job tomorrow. you can see today's numbers and many see tomorrow's forecast numbers going into the red. today just to give you a perspective -- the eastern zones will be 158. today we had over 270 which is unhealthy. that could go tomorrow for the
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livermore valley. it is not good to breathe it. if you can minimize your exposure that would be good. there is the forecast high for tomorrow. they will be similar. we will see temperatures about where they were today. we will see smoke like we did today. this pattern repeats itself. it is stuck. overnight lows will be chilly. we talked about that. overnight lows will be down there. 32 in santa rosa, 31 in napa. it is freezing. forecast highs in the 60s with low 70s. >> as we head into friday we would get a bit of a break with less of an easterly wind and a westerly wind nudging in. that will disperse the smoke. it will be a slow go. tomorrow, not great air-quality just like today. friday a little better i am
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hoping. saturday and sunday things get a lot better. into early next week a lot better still as we get a legitimate southwest went in here. we will have to get clear. by next week it is all gone. >> thank you bill. >> the warriors on the road in texas. they had unresolved problems between 2 all-stars. marcus is coming up next in sports. ♪
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they are out on a road trip. we will see what happens. they will be making the trip with steph curry. although, he will not be playing. they say it is going to be another 10 days before he is even evaluated. meanwhile no sign of contrition between the 2 arguing fronts. that of course tremont green and kd. reported the green crossed a line in the verbal altercation in the locker room. names were called. a one-game suspension for green
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resulted earlier tonight. i spoke with marcus thompson. he is a writer for the athletic. he has written a book about steph curry. he has one in progress with regards to kd. what are your thoughts about what is going on? >> don't all of these great teams and dynasties and with stuff like this? it is never another team got better. >> no matter what if you are tremont you want to know if you're serious. you are the one that helped build this and you are suspending him. i would see what he thinks that. >> if everything breaks wrong they could lose both of these dudes. >> meanwhile, not a trace of drama and college basketball tonight especially with the st. mary's gills cruising along down in new mexico tonight. they are perfect in the young season so far. jordan ford will draw the contact. he will get the shot to fall. it is sessile. accounts.
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28 points. they are cruising. they had their outside game working. particularly, maleic. gills when easily. they are 3-0. it is all about numbers these days in major league baseball when it comes to pitching. we have the lowest total of wins ever. that would be none other than that man jacob of the mets. he had a 1.70 e.r.a. many other flashy statistics but he is your national league cy young award winner. in the american league one excited youngster with his family and friends when the announcement came through. he led the american league with a 1.89 e.r.a. we have got some time to check this out. when it comes to dunks, the good, the bad, the ugly on display. they are saying this guy is the next big thing in basketball.
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watch on the replay how high above the rim he is. he is only a freshman. remember the name of his eye on williamson. you will see him in the nba next year. what was going on up there? he is not a freshen. he is an nba player. >> in of his teammates are going to have so much fun with him. >> earlier you asked me how big a deal is it. a lot of people saying they will get over it. i think it is deeper than this. i think tremont probably crossed a line when he started talking about katie being a free agent. do not mess with the man's
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money. >> see you later. tonight. (music throughout)
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