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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 15, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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he missed 30 games last year with various injuries. the warriors say the earliest he could be back would be november 24th against sacramento. today at 9:00 new numbers on the campfire in butte county as the walmart turns into a camp for evacuees. we'll talk live with a local travel writer who has the 100 things you have to do in the city of oakland. >> when asked about the air quality, i asked steve when he think it would get better and he said it's no longer looking like the weekend but maybe tuesday or wednesday because of the weather pattern. we're going to talk to him and everyone talks about the air quality everywhere i went.
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i've been in oakland for 13 careers and i thought i've seen it all. not the case. a lot of hidden gems in here. >> don't you love to live in the city and you don't know it and there's all kinds of things to discover. >> yes, grown ups and children and inside activities. with the latest on the campfire, the butte county sheriff's office has collected dna samples from people who believe they lost loved ones in the fire. they're sifting through rubble looking for additional victims. the fire grew slightly overnight burning 2,000 acres.
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now at 140,000 acres or nearly 219 square miles. containment rising 40%. the death toll remains at 56. 8 more victims were discovered yesterday. the sheriff office reports more than 300 people are still unaccounted for. joining us live this morning from chico where many evacuees are this morning. >> reporter: that's right, hundreds of people spent the night at this walmart and people have been bringing donations here. clothing and toilet trees and blankets and things like that and people are coming around this morning and getting the things that they need. with me now, two evacuees john richards and cindy. can you talk about some things you were picking up this morning and how much that means to you. >> we're getting some blankets for a really big guy over there who didn't know the resources were here.
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he was surprised when i told him they were. they're important to everyone. i can't believe there's this many nice people around. really. >> what has this experience been like staying at the walmart? >> it's cold. freezing cold. >> really cold. . >> but help here is wonderful. they came to us before we came to them. and helped us out with tents and everything we need. food and clothes. >> blankets and gloves. >> it's great. really great. >> how are you doing in general? do you know anything about your home? >> don't know anything about the home yet. i talked to an mp that was down here in ch ico and i guess he's going to guf me a call if he sees the address. >> the fire shot out our front
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door when we were leaving and neighbors were up in flames. and propane tanks going off like bombs. it was a war zone really. . >> i'm glad both of you are safe. one thung i should let people know is evacuees can come here and get a warm meal. looks luke you have a meal this morning. there's coffee and we saw somebody setting up a booth where people can bring clothing and they will do laundry for you. all sorts of different groups coming together and offering food, clothing and water even medical treatment here at the walmart for these evacuees. several hundred have taken refugee here. still a shelters with room. there's a community coming together here. . one of evacuation shelter in butte county has had an outbreak of the noro virus and people staying at the church of naz rine are worried it may be there too.
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>> we have been trying to segregate sick people from well people so it doesn't spread anymore. we're urging people to wash their hands. >> i thought it was just the food. i was like, didn't settle right for me. out of nowhere, it hit me really hard. >> it's con if you remembered as many as 20 people at neighborhood churnl in chico did come down with a highly contagious virus. >> governor brown travels to see the did he have staugs of the woolsey fire. yesterday he toured the campfire in butte conty along with federal o fishes. >> this is my fourth trip to california. unfortunately every trip this year has been forest fires and each trip i say this is the worst fire i've seen and now we're here today and this is the worst fire i've seen. >> interior secretary joining the head of fema and governor brown on a tour of what's left of paradise.
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hi agency will bring in mobile home as long with temporary schools and hospitals while the long process of rebuilding gets underway. several universities cancelling class for the rest of the week because of unhealthy air due to the fire. more schools are taking the step. live at san francisco state where the school is closed. . >> yes, classes cancelled as of 5:00 yesterday evening. most offices here are shut down because of the poor air quality and it's not just san francisco state. san jose state and the cal state campuses have also closed and we have also got into our newsroom an alert mills college in oakland has shut down for the remainder of this week also because of the poor air quality. you can see a little bit of the haze out here we are, 19th and holiday next to the san francisco state campus. one out of every ten people walking through the area including the students here
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wearing a mask or covering on their face. san francisco state is distributing some masks to students who would like to use them. they're available at the student health center, that building and staffing is open even though most of the rest of the school is closed. the school has also planned indoor activities for residential students on campus. students have been told to stay in their dorms. many have chosen to leave town early altogether. next week is thanksgiving break and some people we talked to this morning said they wanted to escape the bad air after the school alerted students they were cancelling classes. >> i was in the middle of my 4:00 class yesterday when they made the announcement. i got a call or text alert. it surprised me. but at the same time this air is just terrible. >> yeah, i can't go outside. my sports team matches are cancelled so not feeling good.
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that's why i'm going where there's better air quality. >> next week is thanksgiving holiday as we mentioned so no classes next week anyway. students are getting an early start because classes shut down today and tomorrow. taking a look out here live, you can see that haze in the air we have been talking about. some people wonderring about elementary schools and public schools and high schools and as a point of reference, we have gotten notices from school districts in the area that when the air quality index reaches about 200, that's when a lot of districts make the policy in effect to cancel classes all together. we're talking about elementary, middle and high schools in the bay area. just to give a bit of perspective here, when a checked the air quality index, it was 159 over in oakland, in the one '80s and some parts of the bay area it's higher than
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that. very possible if thngs worsen the schools may be cancelled tomorrow. at least when it comes to universities and colleges here in the bay area, we know that san francisco state is cancelled class and san jose state, cal state and east bay and mills college as of this morning. live in san francisco, allie rasmus ktvu news. of course air quality is top of mind. steve, as we go to you, i wanted to ask you the wind from offshore push thanksgiving smoke back the other way? >> west wind or southwest wind? that would push it back inland. now we're getting north or east pushing it towards us. we need to reverse that. signs that might happen early next week. there's also signs we're talking about rain. i don't want to gin action it but that's the way it looks.
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0 it's bad on the peninsula, almost all levels went up. we can take you back to last thursday. it's been a week plus now on day nine all going into tomorrow. probably will go #10shg 11:00 before things improve.
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two people have died in the fire and the la sheriff's department says a third death may be fire related. cal fire also reports that the hill fire burning near camareo is 97% contained. no deaths reported there. coming up on mornings on two the nine, dozens of women say they were mistreated in one bay area jail. she gave birth all by herself in an isolation cell. up next, 2 investigates brings you stories and tours the facility in question and asks the sheriff for his response.
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locking into claims of mistreatment, a female inmates at santa rita jail in alameda county. >> one woman left to give birth all alone in a jail isolation cell. another denied femen products for more than six hours. >> candace win got answers from the sheriff and went inside the facility. . >> candace tale says the birth of her baby hope was a blessing and a curse. >> a blessing to have my child but also a curse when i had to endure that. no woman should have to do that, no matter where they are, in jail. they shouldn't have to be ignored like that. . >> july 21st 2017 steel found herself in custody at alameda county santa rita jail.
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>> i was 8 months pregnant sheriff deputies had arrested charged the couple with trespassing and child endangerment. her case was later dismissed. >> they put me in the isolation cell and i still wasn't feeling right. maybe 15 minutes later after i saw the nurse i was calling to the toilet to throw up and that's when my water broke. >> she had been sent to the hospital but sent back to jail because doctors said she wasn't in labor. court documents show a jail nurse then said steel was exaggerating and deputies put her in an isolation cell as punishment. >> i noticed they shut the window on me to muffle my screams. >> what she was about to go through is nothing anyone should be forced to endure. >> a sat back on the concrete slab and pushed a little bit and stood up, pulled her head out and a couple minutes later
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the deputy opens the door and i'm standing there in a puddle of blood and when my baby in my arms -- all the deputy could say was oh okay and i just couldn't believe that they would put me through that knowing that i was pregnant. >> six months before cindy of richmond found herself in the same jail. >> going through a very difficult divorce. >> arrested for violating a restraining order. >> i was put in this detention cell, i don't know the specific names of it. >> toronto says after asking four times. >> you just wanted femen products. >> yes,. >> it took more than six hours for staff to give her a pad. >> i bled through everything. >> deputies released her the next morning charges were never filed. >> so i walked out of jail
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soaked covered in blood and had to take the bus to bart. >> were you angry. >> i was ashaked. >> of? basically being a woman. -- -- ashamed. >> no weapons railroad pocket knives. >> two investigates reached out to alameda county. . >> we disagree, we strongly disagree and we're going to show you exactly what we do for women in our custody. >> we told him about the 29 women including toronto and steel who sued the county in the last four years saying they were mistreated at santa rita jail. attorney yolanda wong represents the plaintiffs. >> we identified 29. that does seem like a big number. >> it's a big number of inmates. i will agree to that. and that's a number of inmates
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who are seeking financial reward for staying in our facility. >> surrounded by his team of department heads. >> this is one of the cleanest facilities you will step foot in we went unit to unit. >> this is our clinic. we also have a pharmacy here. >> the sheriff showed us the obgyn department and stacks of menstrual pads and toilet paper and other sparkling clean spots. >> very proud of our doorknobs, they are polished and brasz. >> for those who think it's because the news is here it's all cleaned up, people might think that. >> we have this scheduled so it was scheduled well before you told me you were coming out here to the jail. it would be impossible to clean this thng in a day. >> the sheriff's team showed us the isolation cell. >> she was obviously pregnant and screaming for help and she says no one came how is that possible? >> well, i can't talk about
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that. >> we're not denying the baby was not born in the jail obviously but we're saying that there's more to this than just what that story is. there's a er raze of events that happened prior and during. >> what is that? >> well, i can't. so yeah. >> as for her case? >> we filed the motion in court denying that and the motions being herd. >> so you're saying it didn't happen? >> correct. >> a study by the nonpolicy initiative shows women have become the fastest growing segment of the nation's population. the lead director of the organization. >> prisons were built and housed mostly men and that continues to be true until today. they're not really meant to handle women who have different needs. >> that's not the case at santa rita he says. >> we designed this facility specifically to take in those considerations. >> as the sheriff continues to
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lead me around, our photographer stayed behind to shoot video and spoke with an inmate and she says she's happy. >> when i came here, this was the best medical facility in the world because i didn't know i had cancer in my uterus. >> when you're here people say there's feces on the wall and blood everywhere and tampons stuck everywhere, does that make you angry? >> people who lied their entire life and in custody for murder and robbery and they make claims up. >> the four women we talked to, their cases were dismissed. >> are we perfect? no but we continue to make improvements. >> if you were to give your jail a grade on addressing women's needs what would you give it? >> i give it an a. >> they knew they screwed up and they just wanted to do or say anything to make me look bad so it can make them look even better. >> steel and toronto say their cases have become bigger than
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them, still a blessing and curse. >> i'm scared. >> why? >> um, because speaking up. it doesn't always work in people's favor. >> women who have gone through what i went through need to step up. and not be afraid anymore. there is somebody who is going to stand up to the sheriffs and that's me. candace steel. . >> candace join us live in the studio this morning. i'm curious because we heard the ar gent say there's more to this in regards to that case. have any deputies been disciplined or put on paid administrative leave while this investigation continues? >> not to our knowledge, in toronto since steel's case the sheriff stands by the actions of the deputies saying they all followed proper procedure. they can't talk about it because it's unway in court now but steel was sent to the
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hospital and a doctor determined she wasn't in labor and they did the best they could with information at the time. >> it's rare that you got in in and took that tour. how often do they let the media in to mac sure this is not just one day. >> actually they said they allow people whether it's the inspectors or media, they have people come in all the time and they said it's impossible for them to clean up in the day or weeks beforehand. this was the furs time i've seen in my work where i've seen an indepth tour. in fairness the sheriff let us go in there that we wanted to see. it was the cell that she gave birth in. >> did you request the tour? >> yes, we got the claims and normally we get a response for the story and it was the sheriff's department standing by the actions of their deputies and they say let's tack it a step further.
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come in and take a tour and at the end of the tour he did say candace come back any time if you don't believe this was clean on a random day. >> so is alameda county stake taking a step back and say is the system working for the male and female population? >> they're constantly doing that. i want to talk about a separate legal case where it did require the jail to improve female care. this included curtains for frisks and small trash cans for sanitary napkins and they are following new rules implemented a couple years ago. the women say the rules aren't being followed on a regular basis. >> the trash can and curtains were not there as of long ago. >> at least the curtains and they're saying the trash kran cans are there, they are overflowing and they have to stay in the cell for hours and not sanitary. they were clean when we went there. >> candice thank you.
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coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, an oakland police officer is being called a hero. how he helped save the life of a baby who had just been born in a car.
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the search for a 49ers fan who disappeared at levi stadium is going nationwide. ian powers has now been entered into the national missing and unie dent fayed person's system. he went to the game with his girlfriend and left to yauz the restroom and never returned. they have been searching the area around levi stadium. no activities on his bank account or email. an oakland police officer is being called a hero of he safed the life of a newborn baby boy who was not breathing after his mother gave birth. . >> little baby boy.
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when i showed up he was blue and not breathing. i cleared his air way. >> that cry is the sound that brings joy and relief. after the police officer saved the life of the baby who was still attached to his mother by the umbilical cord. it was captured on his body camera. the mom went into labor inside the car where she had been living. >> i immediately took the baby from the woman, provided cpr and cleared the air way. flipped the baby on his back and began the gentle pats between the shoulder blades. >> the officer says he's never had to recess tate a baby before but his training paid off. the baby boy and mom are in good condition and recovering at the hospital. coming up on mornings on 2, we go back laif top chee co where hundreds of people have set up shelter at a walmart parking lot after fleeing the destructive campfire.
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if you think you have done everything there is so to do in oakland, think again. the hidden secret spots that make oakland unlike any other city.
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cal fire announced this morning the fire grew by 2,000 acres overnight and now stands at 140,000 acres or an area that's 219 square miles burned. containment went up to 40%. the fire remained active overnight, crews are using a number of fire fighting techniques to keep flames from spreading beyond containment lines chls the official death toll stands at 56 a number unchanged from last night. the sheriff's department reports 303 people are still unaccounted for. many survivors who lost their homes in the fire are sleeping
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in emergency shelters. some evacuees have put up tents and staked out a spot in a parking lot of a walmart store in chico. she talked with evacuees trying to recover from the fire. good morning. >> good morning, i talked to a few evacuees this morning going through a hard time. in fact, i spoke with one man with his daughter less than a year old and they slept in a tent in this parking lot. it's very cold but they're thankful ffr resources that have come through donations to the walmart parking lot. one of the first people to actually get this altogether, how did this start? you said it really start frd one shopping cart. >> yeah, because i saw a shopping cart with clothes laying on there along with several other people and basically it started with people just wanting to drive through and help people deliver warm blankets and clothes to people that were living and displaced in their cars what
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are resources here that are available for evacuees? >> resources that are available has been an overabundance of clothes and help from people all over include thanksgiving bay area. it's been wonderful. needs met on a daily basis but now we're in a situation where we need a deadline and natural weather coming and we really need to get the message out we need some answers and phase two and some answers basically from the federal government on where we go from here what are some of your concerns? >> big concerns, we are the weather coming, noro virus outbreaks at some places and these evacuation centers and an overextended staff. we have done almost too good of a job creating this living situation for these people. if that immroedz, we will have a disaster and our community is going to get overwhelmed with these people with nowhere to go
9:33 am
and lake you said, young kids sleeping over there in tents and we have done a great job sustaining them temporarily but what happens after that. we need the federal government to come show us more long term solution. nobody has given us any information on that. >> sounds like this can't last for too much longer. somebody from this community, how would you describe the experience? >> how it's impacted me? aye lost five properties myself in the fire. so many of us have direct stories with people that is crazy. i had a tenant in one of my properties, a double amputee vet in a wheelchair and for me to have a conversation the day of with his wife out of town on the phone with him for his last words while flames engulfed the house, that is really something that gets to you personally. my loss is nothing compared to everybody here who has a story, just escape thanksgiving fire but also just so much loss and
9:34 am
so many people up there with families losing everything. we wanted to start this to help kwet people through the hard time and we have done that but what we really need is phase two and we need answers from government and we're not getting that. we have weather coming. >> thank you for chatting with us. thank you for all you're doing. sooif seen this morning so many people taking advantage of the blankets and jackets and warm food and there's even some heating lamps over there because it's chill chul out here. jarring to see how many people are now calling this walmart parking lot home. i can tell you that we will have more stories from evacuees later in the day. . now to our weather in the bay area which has been affected by the smoke in the air. >> maybe by this time next, wee he was talking about weather, there's rain by this time next week. until then and probably early
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next week, not much change. a system will undercut the ridge of high pressure. looks like late sunday and monday maybe into tuesday, that might usher in a westerly breeze which would help. to at least next wednesday, no sign of any rain yet. the haze and smoke is much higher for some than it was 24 hours ago. parts of napa and sonoma have improved. some locations east and south have gotten worse. smoky skies today, air quality and i'm sure that will go into the weekend. band of higher clouds coming in from the west. smoke continues to filter in from an easterly breeze or northerly breeze. slight but it's there. 40s and 50s on your temperatures and except for a few high clouds, the entire west is under the rinl of high pressure so it's a gray day, hazy and smoky skies. a lot of 60s here. forecast models having a hard time because of smoke layer. a lot of haze into the weekend
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and more of a cooler with a westerly breeze early next week. the bay area filled with companies that started with an idea and grew into a brand now known around the world. pam cook is back to take us inside one of the companies that still priedz itself on being a family business. >> yeah, great story. love top go inside heath ceramics. abartist captured the art of a family business. it's made in the bay. winny has worked at heath ceramics for 44 years. she first visited as a little girl because her aunt is the woman who started the company. >> edith was this amazing creative driven woman at a time when other women doesn't necessarily call the shots.
9:37 am
she was all about calling the shots. >> she remembers her aunt bringing plates and platters that were beautiful and unique to family dinners. >> she wanted the clay body to show through the glaez instead of having it perfectly white, she wanteded the beauty of the earth and materials.
9:38 am
kneel moved here to take the job because he appreciates preserve thanksgiving craft of making pottery. >> we could easily go off track and be very automated but that's not what heath is about. it's about the hand craft using the original materials and using using the skills that have been developed over the decades. >> every piece is poured, molded and crafted by hand. the materials are going back into the process so there isn't a lot of waste we believe it's a better product if we can make
9:39 am
it here in our own factory and there's advantages to having that connection with the community. >> not cheap running a business in california and heat ceramics is not cheap either. about 80-$150 for a place setting the project product is not cheap. you can buy it cheeer in a lot of places. you're making a choice to come here and buy something at heaths and also something that lasts you 30 years that isn't throw away and something that's going to live with you and your family. >> everyone gets healthcare and 401k matching and it will soon be 100% employee owned. >> what would you hope she would say walking through here? >> wow, i love those colors. yeah, that's what i hope she would say. i hope ryan would be impressed with the factory and look at the machinery in place now. >> when robin and kathy came, there were only 35 people. now there's around 200 but still feels like a family
9:40 am
business. >> i love the words she had for her aunt about that. my question is i have friends with family businesses and second and third generations and i ask them did someone offer to buy it and they say yes. that's a hard decision to make. they keep it in the family. >> this is a new family who bought it because the heaths had passed away and the family didn't want to or could take it over so lucky this family then another husband and wife came in and really maintained it. >> but they want to keep the tradition not sell it off. >> no, he says we're keeping it in house and they really feel passionate about keeping it here in the bay area. >> seems as if the name heath is known by the people who know this stuff. >> yes, so many people on my facebook page, they know heath. they expapded into san francisco as well. they make tile.
9:41 am
you can find it in a lot of homes. a lot of restaurants as well. >> keep it in the family. thank you . almost 4 million visitors came to oakland last year and oakland tourism is a $600 million a year industry. there are countless reasons to come across the bay. after learning about and falling in love with oakland's gorgeous parks and restaurant districts, our next guest decided to make oakland her home. welcome to jesse fetter ling, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> about all the places you have seen, what draw you to oakland? >> i love the people. i love san francisco but oakland was just very culturally diverse and very much a soul and heart i wanted to move to and be part of it. i had seen first fridays grow
9:42 am
expo neshlly from a street to the whole block and now you just get a sense of the city there and i love it. >> oaklanders have a fierce love for oakland i haven't found in many other cities. aside from the people that make oakland great, tell me how the city has changed dramatically in the past ten years yeah, it's changed. there's a lot of different restaurants and bars and things like that happening. there's a lot of different people coming in obviously. there's a good mix of people leaving san francisco for a better rent price obviously but there's also the historic families that have been there forever and i love that blend and how it's come together and grown and become this art si melting pot that's very e lek tick and fun to be part of. >> everyone knows jacqueline square, the theaters and fox theater and the paramount. what are some of your favorite
9:43 am
hidden gems that oaklanders didn't know about? >> well, one of my faft places that i always go back to because it's where i used to go a lot is cafe van clees. it's a bar with amazing greyhounds but then for families, children's fair land, i don't think people realize the impact it had on walt disney and other amusement parks that have been built in the country. >> walt disney went to children's fairy land and got the idea for disneyland. >> i don't know if i lot of families even know it's there. the grand lake farmer's market there's oak town spice shop which is one of the best in the nation. there are really a lot of hidden gems and things that people aren't aware of. >> this is essential for long time oaklanders to find those hidden nuggets. you have some great ie ten
9:44 am
rares. >> yes, i have a girl's outing weekend ie tent ri that has an urban wine trail and a lot of different urban wineries in jacqueline square which is fun to go on. you have some family ie tent ris in there which obviously mention benton's creamery and children's fairy land and things like that. i have a date night ie dentistry which i suggest going to the lincoln's farmer's market on a saturday. that's a fun day date. >> i love oakland. i love your book, thanks for joining us. >> for those of you who don't know, we have the information on finding jesse's book online at in the westbound link section. you'll also find it on our ktvu map.
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-- -- app. coming up next on mornings on two the #, the company responsible for turning sharks players into a collectible. behind the process of getting there.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. the green bay packers travel to seattle tonight to take on russell wilson and the seahawks. both teams need a win tonight to improve chances of making the playoffs. whoever wins will have the fifth win on the season. ar ron rogers is still playing like an mvp. a 2.5 favorite and defeated
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green bay three straight times in seattle. >> tonight's game begins at 5:00 tonight. you can watch local news during the game by going to our sister station, ktvu plus. next month the san jose sharks are doing a bobble head give away for fans on three separate nights. >> the company is the franklin group based in new york. the company is the official partner for the team. >> for an inside look at how the bobble heads are made and the history of the popular collectible, we're joined by the chief market as good officer for the franklin group. welcome. >> thank you very much. it's wonderful to be here. >> when i think about bobble heads, where do they come from? >> believe it or not, what is old is new again and 150 years ago the first bobble head was reported. and they have morphed from being made out of ceramic and porcelain to paper mache. we're able to produce them in mass. >> that was one of the givaways from last season.
9:49 am
for the sharks. >> one of the amazing things about the san jose sharks is they are extremely creative and they have great players with great personalities. shirtless joe walked down the street shirtless and a fan caught him and took a picture and vent viral and they came to us and they said what do you think? they said let's do it and make a bobble head look the photo. >> classic. >> how are bobble heads made? how does the head bobble? >> god question. first of all, i want to tell you when you want to make a bobble head, we created a digital picture of the person you want to make a bobble head of. its made out of clay. you get to see the mold. you can dress them and they paint them and when it's the way you want it to look, it's made out of plastic and there's a spring under the head that connects it to the body. and that creates the bobble. >> do you need permission from the players?
9:50 am
sometimes they fail, right. >> right. >> or do you have complete freedom to do whatever you want. >> we involve the players and they have a great time with it. absolutely. we want to know exactly what they want, the hair looking the right way and the clothing. >> maybe it's not a head shot but shirtless joe was a real moment. >> exactly. >> 100%. even as the bobble head is in front of you today, these are actual moments in time for these players whether it's the suit they wore at a christmas party or pointing at their shot. in the playoff game so these are real life action bobble heads so you're aware these things become valuable after they stop being produced, right? people go crazy about collecting them. do you just do one run and that's it? >> you know, every team is different. we work with over 70 professional teams across the country to create tez moments
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in time so we can enhance their experience for them. it seems lake over the last 12 months to 24 months we are seeing more and more requests because fans want to take away with them that great feeling they had at the game. >> we had a request here at ktvu. we have a surprise, daria. >> absolutely. this is the first time i've seen a bobble head of a staffer here. i believe his name is sal. >> oh my goodness. >> there you go. >> what do you think? >> thank you, oh my goodness. i have never had one of these. >> sal. >> it takes about 60 days from concept to end product. >> this is bound to be a collectors item you look great. >> absolutely. only one of them? right. >> next month also the sharks, we have a number of dates where they're giving out brent burns. does the team come to you and
9:52 am
say these are the players you want? >> we work with them. i believe they have 11 coming out this season. >> let's hope for a great season and maybe a stanley cup. >> i would approve of this one if i was a player. makes me look younger with darker hair. thank you. >> absolutely. wonderful. >> it was great to be here, thanks we'll be back after the break.
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squaw valley open tomorrow. those resorts upgraded their snow making equipment during the off season. expected to open next week with others opening by early december. mount rose has been open on weekends. your golden state warriors take on the rockets in houston and they will do it with stephen curry on the bench. get this, the team says stephen curry will travel with the team on to texas for this road trip but he's going to miss at least five games. why would he travel? ? >> curry has missed three games already with this groin injury and 30 games last year with
9:56 am
various injuries t. earliest he could return is november 24th against the kings. >> draymond returns to the line up tonight after being suspended for a game but he still wants to be paid for the one missed game. kevin durant argued near the end of monday night's game against the clippers. source srs say he questioned his commitmentment to the team with the impending free agency. green was suspended against the hawks and forfeited a 120 $120,000 game check. green is now appealing this fine. >> then all these dine stay cities and great team in on stuff like this, it's always stuff lake this. never another team just got better. no matter what, if you're at draymond you're like, are you serious ruth now? i'm the one who helped build this and you're suspended me. potentially if everything breaks wrong, they could lose both of these dudes. that's unsane espn is
9:57 am
reporting the rest of the team supported the suspension instead of a fine. this is all of a sudden out of the blue this came up. this tiff. >> while stephen curry is on the road. >> big brother, we can do this. let's get this together. >> that will make everyone feel better. >> look at that bobble head. are you putting that next to you in the traffic center? ? >> yes. >> see you at noon.
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maybe you're with the family you got. (all) ooh! or maybe the one you've chosen. it's culture salad. our holidays don't all look the same. am i saying it well, l'chaim? l'chaim? and maybe that's what makes us great. make the dream yours. ikea.
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>> live from new york, it's "th wendy williams show." now, here. >> thank you for being here and watching us.


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