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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 15, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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with camp fire evacuees. how the community is coming together for those in need a permanent shelter. >> the smoke has been lingering in the bay area and today the air quality has prompted school closures. protective masks are selling out across the area. >> this is fox2 news at noon. >> i'm mike mibach. the sheriff's office is collecting dna samples from those believe they lost loved ones in the fire. this morning calfire announced the fire burned another 2000 acres overnight. it is now at 140,000 acres. containment is up rising up to 40%. the death toll remains at 56. 8 more were discovered yesterday. the sheriff's office reports more than 300 are still in the unaccounted for. let's bring in the division
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chief to get the latest on these efforts. thank you for joining us. >> where are the crews concentrating their efforts now? >> one is to slow the pockets of growth that we have on the southeast corner where the fire progressed yesterday. the second is to reinforce the lines that are in. over the next 24-48 hours our containment lines will be tested and we are focused on bolstering those make sure that we hold them. >> when you talk about this part of the fire do you have a full line around the fire? >> containment is a tricky thing. in some areas we do and in some areas we are going in and cutting lines with hand crews and connecting the dots where it comes to a point.
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that is what we are doing now. reinforcing and connecting the dots. really conjure we have a containment and can reflect on the numbers coming out every day. >> we had the fires here last year. are you hearing stories on the fire lines about emotional fatigue from the fire crews? >> good question. at the end of the day firefighters are human. we should not lose sight of this. we have over 50 firefighters who have lost their homes. these traumatic events year over year do take an emotional toll. we are trying to shore that they get the physical rest and the resources for their mental health. >> have you given any attention
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to what started this fire? we are focused on fighting the fire and containing it and reducing the growth. there is a separate concurrent investigation going on. the sole job is to investigate the cause and origin. it is too early to speculate. right now the focus is on the suppression. >> there was a report today about a firefighter from washington state injured when he was hit by a vehicle down by the pacific coast highway battling the woolsey fire. appear at the camp fire i believe three firefighters were injured early on. any other firefighters injured battling this fire? >> early on they were injured but when you have 6000 workingthere are really things falling and hot ash pits that
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are out there. not to mention the driving in the vehicles. the danger is real even though the fire front has passed the danger is there and our firefighters are conscious every morning that there are a lot of things out there that could hurt them. >> the division chief, john cox. thank you. now to the air quality -- you can see the smoke from the camp fire thing down into the state including the bay area. here is a live look from san francisco. the smoke is reducing visibility. you can see the outline of the day bridge in the distance. market, we are wondering when we might see some relief. >> maybe over the weekend. a slow gradual improvement heading into the weekend but we will still keep an eye on this. last week at this time we had
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strong wind causing the fire to spread rapidly. right now around the fire zones we are seeing wind around 3-7 miles an hour. they might see more saturday night into sunday but we will keep an eye on that. with the light onshore flow you see the smoke generated by the fire. this is the one constant the past seven days. it is a light flow but enough to transport the smoke close to the bay area. from this picture you cannot pick out the north tower on the golden gate bridge. there is an air advisory through friday. there is a possibility it could be extended into the weekend. we will keep an eye on that. check out the current air quality levels. most of the bay area is in the red -- unhealthy for these regions. the best air quality is showing up toward santa rosa. yesterday livermore topped 200.
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that was approaching the unhealthy range. that is a look at the current air quality. showing you the weather map, keep an eye on the upper left portion of your screen. this area is developing and it will approach the coastline by the weekend. you can see the upper level associated with this pattern. this might help or at least set up a wind change heading toward the weekend. with that there is a possibility of more mixture into the atmosphere having to blah the smoke. it won't be an instant change. it will be a gradual, subtle change. we will talk more coming up in a few minutes. eventually we are talking about the rain chance. thank you. people across the bay area have been buying masks to help protect from the smoke. one hardware store is trying to keep up with the demand.>>reporter: yes, the
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masks are selling like you would not believe. this may be one of the worst air quality days in the bay area. you heard them talking about the healthy range between 0-50. hayward is not much better. >> >>reporter: there is blue sky out there but the city of hayward has not seen it in many days. they are 145 miles south of the burns own. >> i'm staying indoors. this has been bad. >> i'm asthmatic. i had several attacks. it was difficult for me to come to work.>>reporter: several people are wearing masks including my photographer. it has now been one week and people in the bay area are feeling it. >> it's bad. i'm trying to keep safe. i play basketball. when i came outside it was
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heavy on my chest. >> hayward hardware sold 500 masks this week and they restocked another 2000 today. judy picked one up because of the bad air quality. >> i said i am going to get a mask. i am going to walk my dog. i don't know what i will put on my dog. >> can you feel it? >> yes. i'm getting froggy in my throat. i feel so bad about everything.>>reporter: the bay area had smoky skies last year after the wine country fires but it was nothing like this. >> a big difference between this year and last year. that went away after a day or two but this lingers -- it goes on and on. >> it may not be the best look in the world but i cannot stress enough that if you are going to go outside today eye a
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mask and wear. we got to hayward and about 7 am and the first 4 hours i didn't wear a mask. i am feeling it now. it's only four dollars. you won't regret it. >> that's the latest -- >> thank you. the smoke has prompted school closures including san francisco state and san jose state. allie rasmus will have more in this coming up at 12:30. many survivors are sleeping in emergency shelters. some evacuees have put up tents and state spot in and walmartin chico. elissa harrington was there this morning poking -- speaking with the evacuees. >>reporter: for many this is what they temporarily call home. this is the walmart in chico were hundreds have set up tents or they are sleeping in their cars overnight. >> we are staying here in a
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tent. >> reporter: this mother and daughter slept in a tent on the hard ground of the walmart parking lot in chico. this is a temporary refuge for evacuees that no longer have a home in paradise. >> we are trying to figure out where to go. especially with her and her mom.>>reporter: the neighboring parking lot has become it tent city and there is a free open market place where people can get a bite to eat and watering clothing. cindy grabbed a coat and some blankets. >> if it weren't for the love of the people that have come together we would not be doing this well.>>reporter: donations keep pouring in. clothing and baby supplies and free laundry service. someone set up a tv so people can stay updated on the far and when they can return to their neighborhood. >> i just want to go up there
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and see if there's anything worth salvaging.>>reporter: he said this started when they filled up shopping carts with blankets. he said this can't last long. >> we will have a second crisis out here if we don't get some help for some answers.>>reporter: he story that if it rains it will flood anyone's help from the local and federal government. >> we have had a norovirus outbreak at some other evacuation centers and we also have an overworked staff. people have done a great job but we can't sustain this for long.>>reporter: in chico, elissa harrington. >> pg&e stock is tanking. right now it is down 31%. in one week from the start of the campfire today the stock has lost more than half of its value. driving this down -- on tuesday a group of fire victims accused the utility of negligence and
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also this week pg&e wrote in a filing to the secretary that if the equipment was destroyed the cost would exceed its insurance coverage. >> coming up, given her brown -- governor brown visiting the fires in southern california. , the new skyscraper that is expected to go up. who will be working there. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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crews are making progress on the wildfires. they were able to keep the wolves he fired from going overnight. the fire has burned 153 square miles between malibu and thousand oaks. the sheriff's department said to have died and a third death may be related. governor brown said the state will help with recovery efforts. >> we got to recover. this recovery will happen in the state and federal government will help. president trump told me on the telephone yesterday he is completely behind california getting this recovery underway. the same can't be said for the state and local government. >> calfire reports the hill fire is 97% contained. no deaths have been reported.
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today part officials are presenting the latest plan to connect san francisco. they call this potential new trans bay 2 the rail crossing. they have outlined six objectives including doubling the capacity and creating seamless connections between art and other real systems. they say that by the year 2040 more people will want to cross the bay that can be accommodated by the current system. officials are also scheduled to discuss the possibility of operating on a 24 hour schedule. more changes are coming. the city is getting another skyscraper. it will be another salesforce tower. >> the developer confirmed it will be across the street from the current salesforce tower. in five years it will become an 800 foot tall high-rise, taller than the bank of america building and it would be the fourth tallest building in san
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francisco. they report the $1 billion tower will be attached to salesforce park and have space for workers and 165 condominiums and 190 motel rooms. funeral services are being held for sergeant helus who was killed last week's shooting. a funeral procession traveled to the memorial park where friends and family gather to remember the man who ran into the bar to try and stop the shooter. he was shot and killed. let's listen to this speaker at today's service. >> honoring ron and his faith in jesus christ and his family. i think we have come to stand for a man today. i think we should start by saying if sergeant ron helus has touched your life in any way i would like you to get up
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and give him a standing ovation right now. would you do that please? >> attitude and thanks for a man that gave his life willingly. a better an officer, 29 years in law enforcement. he was one year away from retirement. many people gather to say thank you and goodbye. back here in the bay area let's check in with the meteorologist. >> yes, a new development -- we have been talking about the heir quality advisory through friday. it looks like it has extended into next week through tuesday. tax on several more days. the air quality advisory was supposed to expire tomorrow. now going through tuesday. you can see the haze and smoke right now. this is the fire behavior the
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last few hours. the smoke is being pushed toward the bay area. smoky skies -- we just updated this. this is now in place through early next week. it has been extended. extended last week through friday and then into monday and through this week into early next week. here is the latest on the satellite showing you this. we want a storm to mix things up. a cold front will do that. we have to wait a few days but there are signs that the storm door will open into next week. the jet stream is the driving force and it is pushing all the energy up and over the bay area. right now the temperatures are showing readings in the 50s and 60s. santa fe 56 in santa rosa 62. fairfield in the upper 50s. here is alive camera toward the golden gate bridge. typically we say it looks like fog but once again that is
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smoke and haze. still talking about poor air quality today. unfortunately, possibly into the weekend. the high pressure is trapped offshore moving overhead and this provides little help and as a result the smoke is pushed closer to the bay area. today and tomorrow haze and smoke and mild conditions. we are looking for the extended forecast and eventually we will add rain to this. monday we are still dry. wednesday we are dry. look at what is developing offshore. at thursday at thanksgiving there is a chance we might some rain clouds across portions of california that can include the bay area. a nice change. we will have to wait about a week. the forecast highs -- 60s in the warmest locations around 70 degrees. san jose 70 and gilroy
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approaching the low to mid 70s. looking ahead at the five day forecast, easy through the weekend with some cooling next week but once again the air quality could continue to be an issue through the weekend. thank you. the united kingdom is taking a step toward securing a brexit deal with the union. and -- a deal was approved today after an impassioned debate. the secretary resigned after the meeting saying that they are unable to support the deal. prime minister theresa may said it's the best deal they could be negotiated and it lays out the terms for one the uk will leave the eu next march. the prime minister must still push this through the divided house of commons. the new restrictions put into place by the fda to help reduce e-cigarette use among teenagers. >>
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the fda has proposed a ban on mental cigarettes to reduce smoking and vaping among teenagers. this morning they moved forward with restrictions on these electronic cigarettes. retailers are still allowed to sell flavored fedex they will have to be in age-restricted sections of the store. this comes after numbers on e- cigarette use -- up among high school and middle school students. a number of high school students using e-cigarettes has
12:25 pm
climbed to 1.5 million. >> as the crab season kicks off many have filed a lawsuit. chevron and exxon are listed. crabbers say the fossil fuel industry is to blame for ocean warming that has caused and outbreak of this toxin in the dungeon is crap ovulation. fishing starts today but the toxin is showing up in crabs farther north along the california and oregon coast. >> if you are going to do some shopping for thanksgiving there is some good news -- the dinner will cost you less. according to the survey from the american farm bureau federation you can feed everyone for less than five dollars a person. turkey and sweet potatoes and peace are the cheapest and this marks the third year in a row. if you want to burn off some calories ski and snowboard season is about to get underway. these resorts are open tomorrow.
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the upgraded their snow making equipment and kirkwood is expected to open with all the other resorts opening by early december. barrio opened earlier this week and mount rose has been open on the weekend. san francisco is in the bottom third of the major airports -- 16 out of 20 of in the largest airports. the ratings are based on 20 factors including on-time arrivals, the time it takes to get through security, airport restaurant rankings, destinations and average bears. philadelphia and new york airports and you work rated lower. denver was rated the best and orlando a close second. >> the dow jones suffered much of the session but we are half an hour away from the clothes and things have turned positive and the dow is up by about one half of 1%. a bay area officer being
12:27 pm
called a hero. how he saved the life of a newborn was delivered in a vehicle. the air quality continues to create dangerous conditions. what local schools are doing to keep the students safe. >>
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continuing to follow the camp fire ranging in butte county.
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the fire group over night burning another 2000 acres and it now stands that 140,000 acres, nearly 219 square miles. the containment is up 5% to 40% contained. the death toll is 56. the sheriff's department reports more than 300 are unaccounted for. >> the air quality in the bay area is suffering new to the snow -- the smoke from the fire. it is very hazy out there. hello visibility is causing delays for arrivals. the delays are averaging more than an hour. >> here is another look at the air quality in east bay looking at highway 24 westbound. the only thing i recognize is the tree. you can't see anything past that. there is a lot of issues for drivers. an alert that says president trump plans to travel
12:31 pm
to california saturday to visit with it comes of the devastating fires. there have been questions about whether he would do this and apparently he is. the alert did not say where he is going, only that he is coming to california. we don't know if you will be in butte county or in los angeles county or ventura county. when we get more information we will tell you. there is a growing list of college campuses that are shut down today because of the better quality. >> allie rasmus spoke with students -- they closed the campus because of unhealthy air. >> another day of hazy skies. >> i can smell the smoke. i can tolerate it but i know some people can't. >> this has had an impact on my energy level. i'm not breathing as well.>>reporter: roughly one out of 10 people we saw had some sort of mask on their
12:32 pm
face, a response to the poor air quality and smoke parked over the bay area after drifting from the campfire nearly 200 miles away. >> this is bad for my lungs. were back some students left town early to escape the bad air. they made it easy to make a decision by canceling all his classes. >> they made the announcement yesterday. it surprised me. at the same time, the air is terrible. there in a statement they said the decision to cancel classes was a matter of public health. this is not the only school to shutdown. the cal state east bay campus is closed and so is mills college in oakland and santa clara university and skyline on the peninsula.
12:33 pm
there are many others. all have shut down the rest of this week because of the unhealthy air. san jose state look like a ghost town this morning with its campus and be. >> -- campus empty. >> everything is cancel. it is boring. we have to stay in our room. we can to do anything.>>reporter: the classes are canceled but nonessential employees were sent home and they will have storms and dining halls open for the students who remain. in san francisco, allie rasmus. many of the people evacuated because of the camp fire are struggling now. one evacuation center had and outbreak of the norovirus and those staying at the church worry that he may be there. >> we have been trying to segregate the sick people from the well people. this is so it won't spread anymore.
12:34 pm
we are urging people to wash their hands. >> i thought it was the food.  i thought it didn't settle right. out of nowhere, it hit me hard. >> the church in oroville has not confirmed a norovirus outbreak. as many as 20 people came sick at a church in chico. wash your hands. this is the best way to keep it from spreading. a family from paradise is thankful to be back together. her 11-year-old daughter went to school and her parents went to chico. they did not make it back after the fire started and they feared the worst. pour he snapped these pictures the morning of the fire outside the doctor's office in chico with his wife as the dark smoke hovered and he listened to the police scanners. >> i heard walk -- block the roads to paradise -- the town
12:35 pm
is on fire. at that point we realized our daughter went to school. we freaked out. we were trying to get back to town -- back to paradise. >>reporter: this was impossible because the roads were blocked and all they could do was wait at the edge of town while relative tried to help. >> my mother-in-law went to pick her up in front of the school screaming her name. wear his daughter had hitched a ride with a classmate and his mother. >> we saw the flames and the house is catching on fire. >>reporter: they and others drove as fast as they could to safety. >> we were going to get out and run but we couldn't because it was so hot. we couldn't see. we were praying in the car and hoping that we made it out alive. >> it was hard to wait for her. it was really hard.>>reporter: her parents worry. what typically takes 20 minutes
12:36 pm
took 4 hours. finally they were reunited with their daughter. >> we were relieved. we hugged and cried. she had holes burned in her shirt. one other girl had burns on her pants. >> a neighbor snapped this picture confirming that they lost their home. this is what is left. they have clothing left in storage. as they start over they have a new perspective on what is important. >> losing the house is hard but having her is -- i thankful for that. >> right now the family is staying with relatives in san jose. they are trying to figure out what to do next. in two weeks redwood city school board will vote on a plan to schools -- close several schools. they are being blasted for a plan to shutdown these four schools on the map.
12:37 pm
opponents say these have a high number of latino students and students with english as a second language. a meeting was held to address these concerns. proposals include transferring students to a nearby school. the search for a 49er fan is going nationwide. they reported information about the 32-year-old has been entered into the national missing and unidentified persons system. he went to the game with his girlfriend. he left to use the bathroom and never return. authorities have been searching the area in and around levi stadium. >> this is tough. this is the toughest phone call i've ever made in my life. >> they say he is a family man, a armory veteran with no history of trouble. there has been no activity on his bank accounts or on social media. and oakland police officer saved the life of a
12:38 pm
newborn boy who is not breathing and was starting to turn blue after his mother gave birth. >> a baby boy! when i showed up he was blue and not breathing. i cleared his airway. >> that was a relief for so many after this oakland police officer saved the life of the baby still attached to his mother by the umbilical cord. this was all captured on the body camera. the mom went into labor inside a car. a passerby called 911 when they noticed she needed help. >> i took the baby and provided cpr and cleared the airway. i flipped the baby over on his back. i began gentle paths between the shoulder blades. >> officer palomo said he had never done this before but his training paid off. authorities say the baby and the mother are in good condition, recovering at the hospital. five years since trance -- san francisco was
12:39 pm
transformed into gothic city to grant the wish of a boy. thousands gathered to cheer him on as he battled phyllis. he earned a key to the city. miles is now 10 years old and has been in remission for five years. coming up, a look outside at the golden gate bridge. that skies are smoky and the air quality is terrible. we are tracking any possible changes. up next. >> will she do this again? i am doug luzader in washington. nancy pelosi's prospect to become the next speaker of the house. of a had. >> -- up ahead. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays!
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. federal judge has denied a request to extend the deadline for recounts in florida but the election officials are still
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trying to determine this. the deadline passed today and the counties said they cannot make the deadline. federal judge ruled to give the voters two days to fix the ballots if they were not counted to -- due to mismatched signatures. they say they will appeal. some experts say it may not matter. >> the probability that this victory will be overturned and a recount is shockingly low. >> you could see of resolution today between the republican and the democrat. >> the top prosecutor in saudi arabia has recommended the death penalty for five suspects charged with killing the washington post columnist, khashoggi. some say this is a move to distance the killers from the saudi arabian crown prince. they said the orders for the
12:44 pm
killing came from the top levels of the government. democrats in congress have a big decision to make. will nancy pelosi be the speaker of the house again? she is running into some resistance but as doug luzader reports both sides are having difficulty keeping the ranks in line. >> nancy pelosi said she is confident and laying the groundwork for a return as house speaker but nothing in congress is certain these days. >> nancy pelosi has been handed the speakers gavel once. with democrats set to vote in less than two weeks she is lining up her backers. >> i am a yes vote. >> not so fast. not all democrats agree. >> it's clear i will not vote for the currently. i support change. >> we will bring change. this is the establishment
12:45 pm
versus change. >> a number of newly elected house democrats say they will not support her. >> there are a lot of new people coming in that had never been there before. they don't know how the game is played. they might be tempted to say that's throw her out. at the same time they may need her to show them the ropes. >> for republicans a little less drama. kevin mccarthy will be the republican house leader and mcconnell returns as the senate majority leader. there is some dissension. the retiring senator is threatening to vote against any judicial nomination unless the senate votes on a measure to protect robert mueller. >> the president now has an investigation in his sites and we know it. >> as far as the race for house speaker, one thing in pelosi's favor is that no one seems to be coalescing around a specific challenger at this point.
12:46 pm
>> in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the first storm of the season sitting washington dc. the warning has been issued and some still districts have canceled class for today. the storm is sitting the east coast and the midwest. in mississippi the tour bus overturned when the driver lost control. the tour bus was heading to a casino. the winter storm is expected to bring snow and ice to new york and new england. back in the bay area we are one week away from the start of the camp fire and the air quality is worse than ever. >> yes, it takes a week wind for the smoke to settle and unfortunately that is the case. here is the live cameras trying to show you san francisco. look at the haze and smoke. as amended earlier the heir quality advisory that was
12:47 pm
supposed to expire tomorrow has been extended through tuesday next week. several more days potentially. you can see this storm system toward the eastern seaboard where the storm is now. we are locked in a stable weather pattern and all the smoke being produced by the fire -- it is coming closer. you can see what is happening over the past few hours. that is the fire zone with the smoke filling the valley and transporting it closer to the bay area. smoky skies with the air quality advisory and the spare the air alert. they just updated the numbers -- we would like to bring them down but most areas are going on. when the numbers it 201 is climbs into the purple range meaning it is unhealthy. the red color response to unhealthy levels and we are getting close to the unhealthy range. that was the case yesterday in
12:48 pm
livermore and it looks like the bay area is approaching this range. satellite shows some activity in the pacific. we will see a change in the weather but we may have to wait a week. it won't be an instant change. as far as great numbers, livermore 59. walnut creek 58 and fairfield in the upper 50s. 57 degrees. here again is the golden gate bridge. there is no fog but smoke and haze and you can barely pick this out in the distance. you can see the south tower locked at some of the haze. this area of high pressure is keeping things stable. we are not expecting strong wind or a cold front to wipe this out. it's not showing up yet. this is the plan for today. publicly for friday and into the weekend with air quality still tracking some haze. here is the chance of rain fall. into monday at 4:00 we are
12:49 pm
still dry. still dry tuesday into wednesday. this could be a factor. potentially -- a long ways out -- a week from today. that would be on thanksgiving. the forecast highs showing you 60s and the warmest locations in the 70s. santa fe 70 in fremont 68. here is a look ahead -- these panels are not showing much of a change. hazy skies into the weekend. eventually we will get some rain clouds but we will have to wait a few days for this to happen. a remote area in alameda county is still closed because of a grass fire. the road is closed in both direction. calfire said 20 acres have burned and the crews had the fire at 60% contained. the cause is under investigation. the possibility of a bike and pedestrian path along the bay bridge.
12:50 pm
local transportation leaders are holding an informational forum next monday night on -- at the metro center on beale street. the project what offer a postcard view of the bay area and this path could cost up to $430 million. 10,000 cyclists and pedestrians could use the walkway each day. ♪ last night the country music awards. we will talk about the winners after the break. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.
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the biggest names in country music had the 52nd cma awards. we caught the highlights. wear superstars delivered a rocking show full of standout performances. here at the 52nd cma awards.
12:53 pm
>> ♪ the country's elite knocked the socks off nashville. carrie underwood and brad paisley were the hose. -- where the hosts. >> they dedicated the show to the victims of the thousand oaks shooting. >> thinking about the people in california right now. >> stapleton took home the male artist of the year and underwood was awarded female artist of the year. >> casey musgrave took home her first album of the year win. >> 10 years ago today i moved to nashville. >> brothers osborne couldn't believe this. >> i don't know why we keep winning this. >> this ended the little big town six-year winning streak.
12:54 pm
>> we rent helicopters and go around nashville and toss it around. [ laughter ] >> taking on the nights most coveted award -- keith urban. >> i love entertaining. it is the foundation of who i am. >> in nashville from the biggest night, fox news reporting. tonight the warriors play the rockets and houston. draymond green will be back. he and kevin durant had an argument and a suspended without pay. they were seen together on the court during the shootaround. many fans are concerned about the future of the team. the rents contract expires at the end of the season and green will be a free agent next season. traveling to seattle tonight to take on russell wilson and the seahawks. both teams need a win tonight. they are looking for their fifth win. russell wasn't has the highest
12:55 pm
passing rating and erin rogers is playing like his mbp days. the seahawks are favored and they have defeated green bay three straight times in seattle. tonight game begins at 5 pm. during game you can watch our newscast on kutv plus. a guidebook that could be the ultimate tour book -- 100 things to do in oakland. it is categorized in five sections -- food, drink, music, entertainment, culture, history, fashion and shopping. i spoke with the author today. she said besides great restaurants and bars there are many reasons to come to oakland. >> there is a good mix of people leaving san francisco for better rent prices. there is also the families that have been there forever. i love the blend and how it has
12:56 pm
come together and grown to become this melting pot that is very eclectic and fun to be a part of. >> she said she narrowed this down with the help of the tourism bureau and fellow lenders and her own experiences. coming up -- we will switchover to football tonight and i live report from the fema assistance center near chico where fire victims are receiving help. taking a quick peek at the stocks -- the dow spent most of the day in the red and now here we are heavily and the green. 175 points added. this pattern is the same on the s&p which is now almost a full percent and over on the nasdaq it has gained more than 1.5%. another headline -- paws will be heading west saturday to visit the comes of the wildfires. we have not heard where we will
12:57 pm
visit. whether it is northern california or southern california. the president trump -- the president is heading out west saturday. have a great rest of the afternoon. the next newscast is at 4 pm.
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>> i do. >> i do. dr. oz: the real housewives of murderers. how women fall for convicted killers. and, believe it or not, there's an app for that. plus, can everyday allergy medicine cause you to kill? >> it was an extremely vicious attack. dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now. i became a dr. to help people heal.


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