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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 15, 2018 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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ground. >>ing to have a second crisis out here if we don't get help for answers. >> federal assistance is coming inwho are affect it. >> new video in azarre missing person's case. a man who was last seen at the levi stadium football game. workgroups gained ground on the destructive camp fire as the search continues for more victims in the aftermath of that fire. it has been one week since the flames swept through the area. the missing persons list has grown to more than 300 people. the white house announced today that trump will visit the fire zone this weekend. here is the latest on the fire. it has grown to 140,000 acres.
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afternoon to 40%. the death toll remains at 56 after eight additional victims were found yesterday. today the sheriff's office reported that more than 300 people remain unaccounted for. law enforcement officers fired their weapons on the suspect in a double homicide case killing the man and his dog. the district attorney said the 48-year-old parolee was shot and killed after he refused to show his hands and then rushed the deputies. they first approached the man in the small community this morning. when he saw the police he ran to his car and sped away. after a short pursuit, they put down flak strips and the suspect's car rolled to a stop. >> at this point officers were feeling that the man was armed
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and they called it a felony stop. they told him to get out of the car and show the fans. he made a statement that you guys should have left me alone. he also said i am not going back. >> three deputies from the sheriff's office and three deputies from another department fired their weapons and killed the man. his name has not been released. >> a walmart parking lot is serving as the temporary home to many fire victims. some evacuees have set up tents while others are just leaping out of their cars. one organizer said it happened when they were just handing out blankets. the effort have now grown and now people are camping out. they can get medical care and there is a board with pictures of people are missing.
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there's even an open marketplace where evacuees can get free food, water and clothing. >> if it wasn't for the love of the people in the way they have come together, we would be hopeless. >> deletions are still coming in from people who want to help out. someone even set up a tv so people can get updates. health officials are giving us a sense of the scope of the fire. officials say the gastro -- gastineau illness has spread. 145 people have caught a bug and 25 have been taken to the hospital for treatment. they said the number of people affected is increasing by the day. shelters are being cleaned and those with the virus have been separated from others. families who are still
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unaccounted for are being asked to provide dna samples. >> they will use those samples to identify the remains that are being recovered from the ruins. >> we are live at the butte county sheriff's office with more. reporter: alex and heather, we are outside of the sheriff's office, where families of loved ones of those unaccounted for can come to give a dna sample. they can do this to see if it is a match to the remains. it is a very morbid process. it can give some families peace of mind and others closer. of company out of massachusetts actually reached out to the sheriff's office and have offered to donate their time. they flew out here on their own. they will be here until the job is done, as long as it may
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take. inside the sheriff's office families will go inside and do a cheek swab. the dna will be uploaded into a system and within 24-48 hours, a match can be identified. the process is difficult and it can be lengthy. it is a process that won't take long but they are grateful that this company has come out to offer this service. here is what the sheriff had to say. >> this is new technology. it has not been utilized in an event like this before. our hope is that we can get the results back within 24-48 hours which is rapid compared to standard time periods when dna comes back. >> they just began opening the
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center. they will be doing it from 4 pm until 7 pm tonight. they will also beat other locations. we will have more information coming up at 5 pm. back to you. thank you so much. coming up at 5 pm, our coverage of the fire will continue. we will continue searching for those missing and we will let you know about the fema centers that have opened up in the fire zones to offer assistance. we will also be carrying campfires live updates on the fires. we will be on channel 36. that fire continues to create an air pollution problem for the bay area. let's head outside and take a look at the view.
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this is not much of a view. normally you would be able to see the port along with downtown san francisco. you cannot make out anything past this picture. >> this is pretty bad. a few areas have seen worse air quality. that is where rob is standing by live right now. you have your mask on, how are things looking? reporter: i just took the mat -- mascots i can talk to you. when you breathe then you can feel the air on the back of your throat. the air here is the dirtiest in the bay area. >> on a clear day neighbor say you can see this elementary school at the end of the street but not today. the smokies guys are making the air unhealthy to breathe. kids are eating their lunch at their best. no child here has outdoor activities.
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they also don't have pe classes. >> we are keeping them inside. >> the school district decided they should stay inside. >> we have our filtration systems working. this is a controlled environment. >> today officially announced all schools are being canceled tomorrow. the air quality index showed 206 this morning. anything over 200 is considered very unhealthy. they had the worst in the bay area and it has dipped to just under 200. >> of this morning i woke up and i had to get my congestion out. it is already affecting us. >> at one restaurant this group chose to eat outside. >> we are just visitors so we didn't think it could do too much damage. >> downtown we saw a few people wearing masks.
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>> my eyes were burning this morning and i had a tickle in my throat. >> scott was handing out masspe this worker said the mask is healthy. as yesterday i had a bad headache and i put on the mask, and now i feel better. reporter: all of this is affecting people's ability to work. this company sit home all of their employees because of the poor air quality. back to you. it looks pretty bad out there. >> we want to let you know that several schools are now closed due to the poor air quality including all of the schools in alameda county. f san francisco unified school distri suit with the way the air is right now. we have a whole list of the school closures on our
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homepage. for more on this, we want to bring in our meteorologist. there is one side of the pollution, and it shows the bay area is worse than china. it is the worst air quality ever. >> it seems like we had been at the 150 range but now they have gone up to 200. the pattern has not changed but you can see the difference for today. the satellite is showing a flare up around the fire zone. this may have had an impact on the air quality. take a look at the satellite. you can see the smoke moving into northern california and approaching the bay area. this is a flare up and if you come in closer, you can see more action. this was the case about one week ago.
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this is showing you all of the smokies guys here in the bay area. it has been quite a sequence. long periods of smoky days and definitely today was one of the worst for air quality. in fact we are covered here. most areas are in the red. i am showing you this right now. these totals work collected at 3 pm. you can see the viewing area is all in the purple. that is an unhealthy range. most areas are in the red. these numbers are popping up all across the bay area. so we do have an air alert and air advisory extended. it was supposed to ask banned until tomorrow. here is the unhealthy for everyone. a little bit, curren
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temperatures are in the low 60s. not much has changed. we are locked into this weather pattern. the high-pressure is anchored over the region. tomorrow will be warm. no big changes as we head into the weekend. next week we will boost the rain chance is. -- chances. here is a look ahead. we are talking about more haze and smoke over the next few days. be on tuesday we will picking up the cloud cover and on thanksgiving, the rain chance is will also -- the rain chance is will also go up. >> i wonder how long the smoke will stick around. >> it will just take a subtle
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change that could have a huge impact on the air quality. >> thank you so much. coming up, how the fbi is using technology to preserve history on alcatraz. we will be right back.
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the family is looking for their loved one who was last seen at levi stadium. >> police released new evidence in this puzzling case. this stadium security video shows him leaving the gate and walking towards the parking lot. jesse is doing is live now from levi stadium with more on the follow-up. what are we learning? reporter: investigators are using the new video and other images not yet released to the media to piece together a timeline. meanwhile reinforcement has arrived and they are joining the search efforts. >> we have searched every inch. >> family and friends resumed their search for ian powers. >> we are just going to walk around some more and look around the creek. it's not very deep but he can't
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swim. maybe there is something. >> his girlfriend is joining the search with his relatives. >> we just pulled in. reporter: you must be very concerned. >> we are very concerned. >> he was last seen at the 49ers game on monday night. he was drinking and near his conclusion left his seat and went to the bathroom around 8:15 pm and disappeared. police released security video from the stadium showing him walking across the bridge connecting gate seat with the parking lot. >> it is apparent that he is walking somewhat normally. he is not staggering or falling. he is not leaning on anything. >> family members say he is a veteran and a big fan. he was a very big fan. he has
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no medical issues and no enemies and no reason to go missing. >> he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. he always puts everyone else first. he would never leave us like this. that is how you know something is wrong. >> wednesday police used officers and canines to do an intensive search of his last known location. it was a snapshot of his cell phone talking to his girlfriend. >> he had his car keys and i thought he was walking to his car here >> this picture is the latest in a ministry that remains unsolved. >> it is too hard for us to discern exactly where he is standing at the time. the backdrop is a building but it is not clear. >> one of the areas police
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would like to search is the waterways over here. but with the smoke in the sky, the helicopter was grounded. they hope to try again tomorrow if the air is clear. police are asking anyone if they have seen him, please call your local police department. back to you. thank you so much. a story of the escape from alcatraz has been the story of many movies and theories. >> the fbi is using state-of- the-art technology to try to help visitors understand how seen hree men made it off of again. >> good morning. welcome to the rock. >> in its history as a prison,
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only a handful of prisoners made it off of the island and escaped. the most popular is frank morris . the full the guards long enough to make their escape. the decoys crafted of cardboard and even human hair from the prison barbershop began showing their age after being returned after the initial investigation. >> when the evidence was turned over it was pretty delicate. they were on the island for a short period of time but then they were put back into museum storage. >> the headquarters donated their times and skills donating -- duplicating the last of the exhibits. >> the hair is actually from fbi employees. they were kind enough to donate.
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this is original human hair on here. this is what the original mask looked like. >> the story starts right here in this cellblock with frank morris. he and his cellmate made their way outside. then they went into this cramped utility quarter. they climbed to the roof, then paddled off of the island and never to be seen again. the case is still open. >> to this day, investigators in san francisco continue to pursue leads. >> for now these newly crafted heads will join the originals which are stored away from the harmful salt air of the bay. they said they hope to someday put these regressions on display for future generations of bidders -- visitors. all right, coming up, these are life pictures of -- leiva
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thursday night football right here. it is the green bay packers
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play the seahawks. >> for more is matchup, jason is here. aaron rodgers is always fun to watch. >> this is a good game. the packers are right behind the vikings for the six playoff spot. in terms of playoffs, it means something. the star power as you mentioned is on full display. look no further than the quarterbacks. aaron rodgers and russell williams -- wilson. aaron rodgers arrived wearing a butte county strong sweatshirt. he grew up here. these fires have really hit home for him. on the field, even though his numbers are down, he is still at the peak of his game. 49ers remember what he did in week six. his favorite target is right there. so the local favorite tonight is rogers. he is talking about the short
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week and playing tonight. >> it is tough for the older guys such as myself. tuesday is a great rehab day and a good day to get your body back. then the next day you do meetings or walk is. the nfl has done it this way and they enjoy the thursday games. maybe this is something they should talk about. >> he turns 35 years old and a couple weeks. he's not that old. we will have full highlight after the game. after the game we will also talk about the 49ers. are they as bad as their record. the answer may surprise you. plus, we will do a one-on-one interview with green. >> draymond green is feud with kevin
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durant. we will show you everything coming up in our sport show. mark will be here and i will be here. >> i think this will blow over. >> they have been drama free for so long. let's see if that continues. we will continue to bring you the top stories on our sister station. coverage of thursday night football game, begins right here . (female speaker) even the best shoppers like to get a head start! so hurry to bass pro shops and cabela's for pre-black friday hot buys! like new natural reflections ladies' zip fleece jackets
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. >> it is said that green is the color of wealth and ambition. when you have come to define a game with a lifetime of excellen excellence. but there are others that see green as the color of envy. obsession with someone else's success where you will go to the end of the earth, say anything, do anything, break the rules and push the boundaries of what's possible. to have what they have.
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