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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 16, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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good morning, thank you for joining us, welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's a pam cook day, it's friday, it's photograph 16th. i'm dave clark, good morning, i'm pam cook. i'll share the day with all of you. i know it's been a long week, rough time, and the biggest issue for most people is this air and it's affecting everybody. >> we have students out of school today because of it and we're trying to figure it all out. unfortunately not a lot of change coming our way when it comes to air quality for today, we may see a minor improvement over the weekend with a little bit of onshore breeze, it's not going to knock out completely. santa a rosa 34 degrees, low 40s to start your mourn, livermore and san jose at 41,
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these temperatures are similar to yesterday and our afternoon highs are similar to yesterday, sort of, we're stuck on this repeat day after day, and the temperatures and the smoke and air quality, not much better. we have unhealthy air over this moment, in san francisco and parts of the peninsula, this is through the delta and some of the east bay communities including communities like vallejo and crocket and it's unhealthy for the north bay and south bay, it's not likely it change a lot as we get into the afternoon. visibility down to a mile and a half, sfo, because of the haze and smoke, sfo has been dealing with delays. we may see that for today. visibility like the areas and s 3 miles. visibility not changing, and are not changing, upper 60s to 70s for the inland
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communities, 60s along the coast. we'll have a look at the extended forecast in just a moment. we'll look at the solano county supercommute. traffic in fairfield is continuing out to the hercules area, it looks nice. there's no major issues. i have a feeling today we'll have a lighter commute because so many schools are closed, that will keep some people off the road. some people are driving to the macarthur maze, the traffic itself is looking light at the smoky bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to you at the desk a disaster recovery center will open in chico, in the meantime the fire is blamed for
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63 deaths now. that final count may be higher. the list of the missing, 630, it's burned 220 square miles, it's 40% contained. among the 1,000 buildings that were destroyed, 9700 were homes. for many of the surviving from the camp fires, many have emotional scars. >> reporter: the images of the fire replay in keith's head. >> you can still see the flames at night, i'm just so happy that my wife or the kids didn't see what i saw. >> this is video he saw from his car window as he drove out of paradise stuck in gridlock
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the morning the camp fire erupted. >> everything caught fire, all ofand the trees, the right, left and behind me and in front of me. everything was on >> this is a picture of his home, among the thousands destroyed, and his family is staying in chico and he has sadness and heart break. >> i try to hold it together and stay positive. it seems like multiple times a day me and my wife hold each other and cry. >> and a professor says it's expected. the victims will feel disaster related trauma for days and weeks to come. >> this will be a long time, when you've it will be a long time recovery. >> he says the longer the fire goes, the more en e who are
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pretty resilient in general may start to crack as it keeps going seven days, 8 days, nine days, i think if we can be kind and compassionate to one another, sensitive to one another, we'll deal with the traumas best as we possibly can. >> for keith as at the faces the challenge of rebuilding, he's leaning on community support more than ever. >> everybody has been so good, everybody is saying whatever you need, it doesn't matter, we'll get it for you. >> the bad air has been keeping many children indoors this week, leaving many people and bay area playgrounds empty. >> it's a little erie, a lot of kids are out on may grounds be it's hard to kids inside day af this san jose mother said
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she had to get her children out for an hour, before heading back inside, she took her two children to lincoln glenn park hoping to keep them from getting cabin fire. but, smoky conditions can be hazardous for children and elderly, and the current conditions are unhealthy for anyone. anyone headed to the airport this morning should contact their airline, it's causing delays at the airport. passengers at sfo were as long as 40 minutes. there were no delays in oakland, it's hard to see the smoke at san jose airport. and the marathon is cancelled, that happens inside the walls of the prison every year in san quentin, they decided to call it off. that marathon has been rescheduled for december 14th. the time is 4:36, firefighters are making progress battling two wildfires down there.
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the woolsey fire has burned 153 square miles. it's 62% contained. three people have died in that fire. 3 firefighters have been hurt. governor jerry brown and the interior secretary ryan zinke saw the damage firsthand yesterday. >> it's unsustainable to have this happen year after year or have a season like this where you have 100,000 acre fires becoming routine. we're a great nation. this is not a republican or democrat issue, it's an american issue and we need to address it as such. >> the hill fire it's 99% contained. it burned more than 7 square miles, no deaths have been reported. it's been more than a year since the trader joe's in santa rosa was shut down after it was damaged by the tubs fire, but today it will reopen for the
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to the public. it's due to open at 8:00. this summer work began to repair the damage. according to the press democrat, it cost more than 1.3 million to complete. that included a new roof, new heating and air-conditioning, new refrigerated cases and much more. oakland police are hoping what new surveillance video will help them find the gunman who killed the father of 4. they shot randomly in the crowd, and they showed several people running away. there's the evidence under review right now. >> this is video showing three unidentified people running away after one of them opened fire into a crowd in oakland in august. they may not have known it at the time. the gunfire killed a father of four children. a second man was hurt. >> it's violence against the it started at 2 in the morning back on august 11th. several people were leaving a
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bar near 45th and international. some assailants decided to rob some of those people. >> cars were traveling westbound on international, these three individuals right here committed or attempted to commit a robbery. >> they were unsuccessful because the attended victims ran away. the three would be robbers walked away from the bar. >> you'll see them over here, screw it. >> one opens fire a full city block away. you can see the missile flashes on the video. >> they're not knowing they would actually cause a death. >> the three ran north from international and an oakland officer heard the fire and was there within moments, but he died at the scene. he worked for 16 years at bay area richmond company where rec
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>> we will offer you $25,000 for a reward if you know anything about this case. they're looking to get back 100 acres of land. this is near cal state east bay. the land was bought in the 1960s to create an expanded freeway. they negotiated to buy and develop ten parcels of that property. last night people heard some of the ideas at a community meeting, new housing, trail extensions and retail and commercial space. some people are worried that they'll be kicked out when the city sells to developers. >> the idea is for the city to sell the property to private developers or in some cases nonprofit developers who build affordable housing and schools. >> what will they do, what are they going to do, how are we going to find new places to
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live, did they say it's affordable housing, but what does that money. >> the typresent and report on ideas at the next community meeting early next week. >> they need to finalize plans by the sale of the land in 2022 or it will revert back to caltrans. we're watching north korea this morning. we have details of their plans to deport an american citizen and the test of a newly developed weapon. that's coming up at 5:00. snowfall in the sierras, it doesn't mean there will be fresh powder on the slopes, they open ahead of the holidays.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, a desperate plea from the memorial who has been districting to those in need for years. with one week to go for thanksgiving, they put out a tweet, they have yet to receive the first turkey donation. they need 2500 turkeys to make it through thanksgiving, and their holiday grocery give away next month. they provide a full thanksgiving meal to 5,000 people in need. the time is 4:44, get ready to go skiing. there's new snow on the slopes. several resorts opened today. they upgraded the snow making
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eh equipment this season. all of the others are opened by december. boreal opened up this week and the others will open on the weekend. and last night, the warriors were blown out by the rockets in houston, 107-86. at one point they fell behind as many points as 32. nts as 32. green was suspended after an argument with kevin durant earlier this week. both players wanted to put it behind them. listen to what they said before the game. >> having another game to play and -- >> don't ask me about that again. >> we were playing 42 minutes against the clippers, we started the next day, thank god
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i got suspended. i sat this and i was at home, and everything happens for a reason. >> right now they're struggling a little bit. >> the warriors have lost 3 of the next five games. steph curry will miss a few games due to his injury. the mavericks it off is at 5:30. the raiders fly to the valley of the sun, the raiders have the worst record in the nfl, they're underdogs guns the team that's tied for the second worse record -- they're underdogs, the team that's tied for the second worse record. they'll try to force turnovers when josh rows inmakes the career start. it will be in glendale, s are s
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after beating the packers in monday night football. >> baldwin, touchdown. >> russell wilson, the seahawks got the much needed win against the packers. they snapped a losing streak. the final score was 27-24. and the sharks had the night off before they host the next team. and the maple leaves were in town. the sharks were wearing their jerseys last night. they led in the first period 3- 2. they didn't score again the rest of the game. toronto's goalie had 42 saves. the sharks lost 5-3. they're
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going to play again later this month, in toronto. all right. 4:47 is the time as we go to sal, i believe the spare the air has been called all of the to tuesday, it could be worse. that's certainly, that's the time to call for less driving and it's good with muni giving free ride. >> the smoke is reaching everywhere. i want to show you video driving in the central valley where some of the fog mixes with the smoke. you can see, this is really poor visibility and most of it is smoke, here, in the central valley. this is north of highway 99 in sacramento, and this is what you're going to get, not only in the bay area, but some of the roads leading to and from the bay area, you see a headlight coming on the left. this is a look at the bay
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bridge. it's wealth lit other. traffic will be light so far. if you're driving on to the south bay commutes, we're doing okay. we're not seeing anything out of the ordinary when it comes to the tracy commute. i can just take you there right now. you can see traffic is a little slow as you drive on the westbound highway 580, just after 205. 4:49, lets bring in rosemary for today's forecast. thank you very much. happy friday to you. no improvement when it comes to the air quality, our weather remains status quo, that includes the temperatures, it's giving you a look at the air quality advisory as pam mentioned a moment ago. it's expected to go to tuesday at this point. we'll see a minor change coming into the weekend. a little onshore flow at times. that can help a little bit. the forecast for saturday calls for a little bit better, again it's just a forecast. we'll have to see how that goes. the onshore breeze is expected to be light, so, it's not going
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to knock out the smoke completely, we're hoping for improvement for the weekend and as we get into thanksgiving week, better changes in the forecast, here's a look at what we can expect on monday, we have a weak system that remains through, it will remain dry, we'll have a better onshore breeze as we get into next week. wednesday afternoon, we have rain in the forecast, keep in mind we're still several days out and a second to follow on thanksgiving. wet weather will help us out, it puts all of the smoky air to bed. 50 degrees outside your door under smoky and hazy conditions in san francisco. 41 in oakland, the inland community is starting out near freezing once depend. the inner east bay, 37 for livermore and san jose. the afternoon highs for today, upper 60s to near 70 degrees, for areas in the north bay, 68 for oakland and into the south bay forked to, 69 in san jose,
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71 morgan hill and a mild 71 in santa cruz, these temperatures have not changed and the extended forecast, they won't change, 60s in the forecast for our coastline, 60s around the bay and responsibility degrees inland. we would like to get a nice onshore breeze, breeze will blow it out with rain. >> fresh pacific air, we may get a chance of rain but that chance of rain is days away. the time is 4:51, a 49ers fan still missing this morning. we have video to show you, the klaus that they have and what the family is saying about this fan's disa importance. fan's -- fan's disappearance.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", our time is 4:54, a search continues for a missing 49ers fan who vanished during monday night's game, investigators are hoping the smoke from the camp fire can ease up so they can fly a helicopter over the stadium to look for clues. they have more on the search o man and surveillance video. >> thursday morning, family and friends resume their search for ian powers. >> we're going to walk around some more and look around the
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crk around there. it's in the deep, he couldn't swim, may be there's something. >> the girlfriend is joined in the sleuthing by his relatives, they came from spoke cane, washington. >> we pulled in. >> you must be really concerned to do that, we're very concerned. >> the 32-year-old powers was seen at the 49ers game monday night. he had been drinking at the game and near its conclusion left their seats in 226 and went to the bathroom at 8:15 and disappeared. santa clara police released video of the statement showing him walking across the bridge at 9:03. >> it appears he's able to walk somewhat normally, he's not staggering or falling or lean on things. >> family members say he's a veteran and an arrest dent 49ers fan and was excited to attend the game on the
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veteran's day and he has no medical issues and no enemies, and has no reason to go missing. >> he's the kindest and caring person you could ever meet. he would never leave his girlfriend and his kids. that's how you know something is wrong. >> wednesday, police used available officers and k-9s to do intensive search of his last known location. >> his cellphone died and the couple never connected. >> he had the car keys and i just thought he would have made it back to the car once he figured out we couldn't find each other. >> the picture is the latest clue in a monday night mystery that is unsolved. >> it's hard to see what happened at the time and the backdrop with the buildings and the signage is not clear
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enough. our time is 4:56, accused of violating the first amendment, the rising after thi ended with the reporter losing his white house press pass and a deadly shooting in the fire zone, the suspect killed in butte county after officers confronted the suspect. good morning, we see traffic that is doing well still as you drive towards the bay bridge and to the macarthur maze. >> outside of our doors this morning, unhealthy air quality with not much change expected for your afternoon. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today and no your weekend, and the next chance of rain coming up.
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miami in paradise with a number of people unaccounted for continues to climb. i'll have the latest numbers and what police are doing to crackdown on looters. >> and the air quality in the bay area is considered unhealthy for everyone. schools are closed and the cable cars are not running, we'll talk more about how the air may affect your plans this weekend. weekend. good morning, we made it to friday.
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>> we did. >> it's been and rough week, it's november 16th, i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today, and rosemary is here giving us the latest on the air and everything else. >> not much has changed. >> it will be unhealthy once again. it never got better. as we get into the weekend we may have a minor we can and improvement with expected better week next week. temperatures are ranging from the low 30s to low 50s this morning. once again, santa rosa at freezing, 32 for you there, san francisco for you at 48, upper 30s in oakland, liver more 36 and san jose, 41, the air quality right now, unhealthy for everyone, very unhealthy and parts of the peninsula and it stretches out towards the delta, for regions in there, we're looking at the index
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above 200 at least currently, it will fluctuate thro


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