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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 18, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> a community comes together to remember the lives lost in the camp fire as authorities find yet another body in the rubble. tonight the death toll from the camp fire has gone up again. good evening everyone. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. hundreds of people gathered in chico tonight to honor those who lost their lives and those who are still unaccounted for. the residents joined together tonight to mourn and find comfort in community during a vigil. there was a sense of unity as the community shared in their grief but there is hope as firefighters are gaining ground on the ca fire. >> tonight cal fire released an update on the progress they are making on the deadly fire. the fire ownhy grew slight -- only grew slightly over night. 150,000 acres and 55% contained. more than 10,000 homes have been destroyed. investigators also say they found another body in the
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rubble tonight. that brings the death toll to 77. and they say the number of people missing has gone down to 993. >> and a reminder of the devastating fire can still be felt here in the bay area. the air quality remained dangerous today with smoke cover hadding region. the romped many schools and park closures for the holiday week. ktvu's andre senior is live with more. >> reporter: here in san francisco on treasure island you can make out the san francisco sky line. the air quality is in the middle of the range of the epa air quality scare. not bad. but still hejler. in oakland the -- unhealthy for sensitive groups, in oakland the air is much worse. >> reporter: the haze from the
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camp fire won't move out. >> it is a signal of what is coming in the future and we need to address it. >> reporter: it kept people indoors and some are stir- crazy. >> i don't want to be outside, doing things. >> reporter: while there were no shortage to people walking it is less than a normal night because of the polluted smoke. >> i am taking it easy. i don't want to exert myself. it is not a good idea. >> reporter: officials thought it was a good idea to keep campus closed because of the poor air quality. follow college and deanza college are closed monday. so is san francisco state university. the university of the pacific, school is closed monday and tuesday. he has been indoors with his children. >> yesterday i noticed the visibility being the worse.
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>> reporter: he went outdoors with his wife sunday kept it indoors taking his wife to this beauty salon. >> wow, from our house we could only see one block. it was scary. >> the owner says traffic has picked up. >> this is good but for the air, it is really bad. people are trying to stay indoors. >> reporter: the zoo remains closed monday ask so will happy hollow park and zoo, alcatraz and fort point and the welcome center. to the north, one man putting it in perspective. >> we are lucky, people living with the fire has real problems. this is an inconvenience. >> reporter: another inconvenience, the contra costa county community college district is closing all locations. uc berkeley monday and tuesday
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canceled. the haze over our area effected schools, burke and life in our area and people are raining for the rain to arrive on tuesday and hopefully get a breath of fresh air. >> we will get more on that from our chief meteorologist bill martin. andre senior, thank you. hotels say they are seeing an increase of visiters from the bay area. hotels in lake tahoe, carmel and san luis obispo are reporting high occupancy rates. many headed out of town a find fresh air. >> it is so much better up here but there is smoke in the air. >> we ran around because we were inside all week. our chief meteorologist bill martin now with what we can expect this week when it comes to the rain and smoke. the moke did not -- smoke did
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not feel as bad today -- >> it wasn't as bad today. it has been the worse -- >> ever i can remember. >> i was going nutty. we all were. saturday and sunday, couldn't get away from it. oakland, lincoln, chico, sacramento. the bay area got hit hard. the purple is very unhealthy. over 200, 250. how it looked the last couple days. here is where we are today. now. you can see the numbers all down. 200 is the number you are shooting to be under. 200 they cancel games. outdoor activities. most numbers are below 200. what happens? i will show you. the model, tuesday morning, you can see -- well, few clouds.
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watch it push to the east. boom, it is gone. that happens tuesday night, wednesday morning. rain back in the forecast as well which is great but it does clear out of here significantly tuesday night, wednesday and thursday. specific timing on everything. it will be just a little better tomorrow, better on tuesday and a lot better on wednesday and thursday. >> thank you very much. california senator general kamala harris toured the fire zone today with fire officials. her office released these photos. she met with firefighters, emergency management officials and evacuees. she said my heart aches for the families who lost everything including loved ones. i am grateful to the firefighters who have been hard at work fighting these fires. while the rain that is expected this week will help with air quality and the fire itself, there is also concern in the fire zone about how that rain will effect the search and
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recovery efforts going on right now. officials say search crews stepped up their efforts ahead of the rain. authorities are worried it could turn paradise and neighboring towns into a muddiness and hinder efforts to find the remainsf more possible victims and it could effect the camp fire evacuees camping in tents in a walmart parking lot in chico. they were told they had to leave but ktvu's sarah tells us that is not the case. >> reporter: officials don't have control over the food trucks or the port-a-potties here at the walmart parking lot. they have a say in what happens here. officials say they don't have attentions of -- intentions of peeking people -- kicking
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people out. >> yeah, i worry about -- >> reporter: hundreds of camp fire survivors sleeping in the elements. a tent city in a walmart parking lot in chico is their temporary home. >> we don't know where to go. >> reporter: adding to the confusion of what is next, reports that all evacuees will be kicked out. but chico city officials say that is not true. >> the reasons why those conversations are occurring with regard to deadlines and ward to get them off is -- with regard to get them out, it is compassion. it is not anger. >> reporter: the city of chico and butte county won't force people to leave walmart but say it is not sustainable and evacuees need resources. so they are bringing in buses to offer rides to shelters. >> they should move along to a place that is better with more secure, more safe and more healthy. >> reporter: officials say
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there is enough room at shelter in gridly to house every single person in this parking lot. these camp fire survivors say they didn't expect it to be okay to stay here forever. >> i understand that. >> reporter: in chico, ktvu fox 2 news. tonight the people of paradise came together to show their resiliency and vowed to rise and recover. the community gathered for a candlelight vigil. the fire destroyed most of the homes and businesses. >> i have friends who are in threats and they told me i am not -- in their 80s and they told me they are not coming back. i understand that. i am not naive. i don't expect to be in a new home for two years and i don't expect normal life for three to five years. >> residents say the town has been forever changed. they can rebuild homes but the
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emotional damage had community suffered may never go a-- the community suffered may never go away. how fema is helping with money for fire victims there in butte county. >> those payments come electrically. the money can be in the bank account for them to buy all types of things. clothing, temporary housing assistance, burial assistance. things of that nature. >> some 15,000 people have registered with fema and 75% of them have been given approval. those without insurance will receive $34,000 from fema. 15,000 from the state and 18 months of paid rent. but finding a place to live will be challeng paradise, it is a 2% vacancy rate. meaning there is little housing in the county itself. what they are doing is they have teams between local, state
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and federal and they are out scouring the area to try and find what is available in the way of apartments, hotels et cetera. >> there are temporary housing unists but first the debris has to be cleaned out. in southern california fire officials say the woolsey fire is almost 91% contained and there is word some people are being allowed to return to their homes. the flames destroyed 14,000 structures and killed two people in malibu. three firefighters were also injured. the cause of the woolsey fire is still under investigation. more than a thousand firefighters remain on the scene watching watching for flair ups. a teenage dead, three others injured after a fire swept through a home in the east bay. how the she attended is responding coming up. >> also ahead, friends and family of a kidnapped girl come together 30 years after she
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disappeared. why they refuse to give up hope. >> might need my help. she might need somebody to be out there looking for her. so, let's talk about conference calls. there's always a certain amount of fumbling. a lot of times it doesn't work. we have problems. comcast business goes beyond fast.
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by letting you make and receive calls from any device using your business line. and conference calls you can join without any dial-ins or pins. (phone) there are currently 3 members in this conference. i like that. i like that too. i would use that in a heartbeat. get started with innovative voice solutions for a low price when you get fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. . an emotional ceremony, very emotional ceremony for a little girl who vanished 30 years ago. she was kidnapped from a grocery store parking lot in 1988 and hasn't been seen since. ktvu's azenith smith joins us now. friends and family are not
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giving up hope? >> reporter: more than 50 people gathered tonight at the church, not far from where she was ubducked. friends and family -- abducted. friends and family and searchers and a childhood friend who was the soul witness to -- sole witness to her kidnapping. >> reporter: remembrance sunday night. she travelerred from texas to sing a song for her family -- traveled from texas to sing a song for her friend. >> i watched the car back out. i watched him start to drive down mission boulevard. and that is when i ran inside. >> day she will r forget. it was back on november 19, 1988. the friends were leaving the super market when she went back
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to get a scooter. that is when she heard her scream. she was placed inside a car and taken away. >> something i struggled with over the past three decades have been survivor's guilt. trying to come to some sort of reconciliation that i am here and she if not. >> reporter: ribbons mark the spot where she was kidnapped. her mother said a symbol of love. >> i am just hoping that by doing this one more time that we will somehow be able to reach out to her. >> reporter: 30 years the investigation is ongoing. her mother is seeking answers. after several potential breaks from possible other cases, it is taking its toll. >> i didn't want to know about everything going on. >> the men and women of the police department have not forgotten about her. >> reporter: police refuse to
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call it a cold case, following up on thousands of leads. she vows she will never give up. >> as long as i don't know whether she is alive or not i have to act as though she is. if she she might need my help. she might need somebody looking for her. >> reporter: tomorrow is the anniversary. and her mother says she does a remembrance every year in hopes to remind people she is still missing. she knows someone has information and she is hoping that person will have the heart to come forward. >> gut wrenching listening to the mom talk and listening to the woman who was there, the little girl. >> reporter: i can't fathom what they have gone through, 30 years later and not knowing what happened. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. a memorial wall dedicated
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to the children who died in the jonestown massacre 40 years ago was unveiled today in oakland. dozens gathered at the cemetery this morning to get a look at the memorial wall. it features the names and pictures of the 305 children who died by cyanide poisoning november 18, 1978. the wall has been decades in the making to honor the victims and bring peace to family members who lost loved ones. >> we don't want to remember the horrors of the past but we have to so that they can not be repeated. we this to be a reminder of love and an opportunity reach out to the next family with steps of peace. >> more than 900 people died at jonestown. a congressman and several
10:18 pm
journalists were also assassinated after investigating claims people that compound were being held against their will. they were also remembered at the ceremony. jackie speier was with her then boss on that air strip when he was shot and killed. >> i carry with me the scars. i had an injury the size of a football on my leg. my arm had been blown up but i am also very grateful. that was one of many tromozin my life -- traumas in my life. >> she was shot five times and had to wait 22 hours before help arrived. she has now written a book about the tragedy and the challenges in her life. all right. checking in on your weather. it was a better day today.
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air quality was better and we have changes coming into the next couple days. that is good news. air quality better tomorrow. still a spare the air day. air quality alert through the day tomorrow and you can see the leaderships here -- low pressure -- low-pressure systems here and here. everything will push the smoke out of here. exactly what you need. taking forever to get here but it is here now and it will produce rain and wind and snow in the mountains. you have a cold component as well coming from the north. good news but doesn't get here tomorrow. it will be a slow clean up. tomorrow will be better like today and tuesday better and a lot better tuesday night and a lot better -- smoke gone wednesday and thursday. still cold throughout. as you look at the over night lows. upper 20s, low 30s in the
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inland bay valleys. that is frost and that is freeze. highstomorrow similar. similar day haze and smoke. a spare the air day again. air quality concerns. not as bad as it was today. if you had it bad today, livermore and san francisco and oakland, it will be just a bit better tomorrow and way better the holiday week essentially thanksgiving. i will see you back here. we are learning more about a man and shot and killed by a sheriff's office. he will be laid to rest tomorrow. authorities say he was shot after he tried to run down a deputy. that deputy had been pursuing him after receiving reports about a suspicious man in a neighborhood. the family released a statement that says we loved him despite his struggles with mentally
10:21 pm
mental illness. he in-- mental illness. he enjoyed sports as well as being outdoors. still to come here, the search for a cause following the massive camp fire. why some people are turning to pg&e as the company works to restore power in the devastated communities in butte county. coming up in sports, we will hear from jon gruden. >> and what we are learning about a 16-year-old girl who died in a house fire in the east bay.
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. fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a house fire this morning that killed a 16-year- old girl. the flames broke out at the home just before 4 a.m. this morning. ktvu's elissa harrington has
10:24 pm
our report. >> reporter: down this drive way is the home where a house fire killed a 16-year-old girl. firefighters were called just before 4 a.m. people were trapped inside so crews wept into rescue mode. >> they medentry through the -- made entry through the rear of the structure. everything inside the buildbugcomes combustible. >> reporter: -- becomes combustible. >> reporter: this is what the responding crews were wearing. flames burned through one firefighter's jacket causing second degree burns on his shoulders and ears. a man and a minor escaped the burning home but the teenager did not. >> our hearts go out to the family and the community. this is a tragic event. >> the victim was a student in high school. >> a tragic loss for the city of orinda. this is a close community. >> reporter: the police chief says the principal and
10:25 pm
superintendent have been notified. they will provide counselors when students return to school after thanksgiving break. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the girl's parents were not home at the time. i heard from the principal of the high school, a candlelight vigil is being planned later this week. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. the girl who died in the fire has been identified as lykia jaro. one of her parents is a teacher and she has two siblings. a bulletin sent to families describes her as a beautiful young woman who loved to all who knew her. the community is helping the family during this difficult time. and schools will provide counseling when classes resume after the thanksgiving holiday break. we have an update on a body found near levi stadium.
10:26 pm
a man's body was found in the water in the marina in san jose. police discovered the body yesterday afternoon. that is 2-1/2 miles from levi stadium. there is speculation tonight this case may be linked to the 49ers fan who disappeared last year during had monday night football game. investigators are waiting for identification from the medical examiner. pg&e is on the scene of the camp fire. thousands of workers are trying to get power back up and running. coming up, why some people are pointing fingers at the company for the fire. >> words of support for victims of the camp fire are pouring in from world leaders and how the president of finland is responding to president trump's comments about findland's forest management. >> and coming up, why democrats say they may challenge the appoint -- appointment.
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. pg&e workers were in butte county working to restore power to communities that were ravaged by the camp fire. the cause of the fire has not been determined but pg&e reported to regulators that a transmission line malfunctioned near the origin of the fire.
10:30 pm
cal fire is now looking into that and more. >> reporter: more than 2400 pg&e employees and contractors are in the middle of the burn zone today working to restore power to hard hit communities like paradise where he saw his home go up in flames. >> i watched them hit the ground. and just god bless people and i hope fema gets on and helps some of us out because a lot of us just paid our rent. we don't have anymore money. >> reporter: pg&e filed two incident reports with the public utilities commission indicating an interruption in power before the camp re erupted 8, scorching 10,000 homes. cal fire is the lead agency investigating how, when and fir >> we are looking at a possible second origin that was found the other day. again, there are no details
10:31 pm
that could be leased on any of this. the investigation will take quite a bit of time as you can imagine. >> reporter: he captured this video of the camp fire as flames surrounded his vehicle. the smoke so thick it turned day into night. today we found at least one cal fire investigator on the scene looking for clues to what started the camp fire and what is described as a thorough investigation. pg&e did not comment on camera today but said our employees are focused on supporting first responders and returning gas and electric service when and where we can. the camp fire remains active with more than 5600 firefighters in the burn zone, including strike teams from the sacramento fire department. >> we have multiple crews assigned to the incident. 24 hour operational periods. and, you know, still doing the
10:32 pm
fire fight. >> a beauty supply store owner collected every day necessities for the victims. she said her customers and business associates wanted to do something to give back to those in need. today they dropped off luggage, toiletries, glasses and betting. -- bedding. she was motivated to start the drive after hearing stories of the devastation in butte county. >> you know, i was sitting in my car and thinking about people sleeping in the ground in a walmart parking lot in tents. i got really choked up and decided there is something i need to do. >> she says she donated $5,000 worth of sham oo, conditioner, hairspray can other personal use items. they will be delivered tomorrow. pope francisup a prayer for victims of
10:33 pm
california's wildfires. >> he addressed tens of thousands of faithful, he said he wanted to offer a special prayer to all of those stricken by the fires in california. he went on to say may the lord welcome the deceased in to his peace, comfort family members and sustain all those involved in rescue efforts. queen elizabeth is also offering words of encouragement to california. megan markle is from california. queen elizabeth said prince harry and i offer our deepest sympathies to the people of california. the president of finland said he never discussed raking his country's forest as president trump said yesterday.
10:34 pm
he did say discussed the california wildfires and the system that finland uses. but he added raking never came up in the conversation. the two had met in paris previously. president trump is defending his choice of matthew whitaker as acting attorney general. fox news tells us democrats say they will take action if he tries to get involved in the investigation. >> reporter: president trump said he didn't know about matthew whitaker's criticism of the robert mueller investigation. when he did find out the president said it didn't have an effect on his decision and he said he doesn't think his past criticisms will have any impact on the investigation. >> he says there is no
10:35 pm
collusion. you can starve had investigation. >> what do you do when a person is right? he said it. if he said there is collusion -- the number one reason is the fact he would have been wrong. if he said that there is no collusion she right. >> reporter: democrats aren't buying that explanation. he said his party plans to challenge his appointment and said if he tries to do anything to curb the investigation, congress will take action. >> he was chosen for the purpose of interfering with th he said he could hobble the investigation. and he should have absolutely nothing to do with the investigation. >> reporter: president trump said his legal team is going over his answers but he expects those will be submitted this
10:36 pm
next week. in washington, fox news. coming up, you may have to answer a new question on the next census but some stay is unconstitutional. >> air quality slowly getting better. when the rain returns. we will talk about that and what you can expect in the 5- day forecast. >> another state is getting red a tee sell legal recreational pot and authorities expect thousands of shoppers but not everyone is excited about it. [ phone rings ] what?!
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the san francisco elections department will conduct an ought tomorrow to make sure -- audit tomorrow to make sure the results are accurate. the copt will be compared to the results -- count will be compared to the results. they were randomly chosen will be live to make sure the process is transport. bill nelson conceded today to the republican governor rick scott after a recount and a hand recount. nelson a democrat. he was elected to the senate in 2000. now rick scott will move out of the governor's mansion for the
10:40 pm
job in washington, d.c. results were do today and scott ended up with the lead. people in massachusetts are awaiting the opening of the first recreational pot stores in the state. cultivate, one of two will open on tuesday and police are preparing for the opening just like they do on black friday. >> we are prepared and ready to go on tuesday morning when it opens. we prepared a special operations plan. >> i think it is probably not going to be good for the over the state. >> as you heard not everyone is excited aboutrectional pot shops in -- about recreational pot shops in massachusetts. it will also tax purchases and limit how much one person can
10:41 pm
buy. normally on the last day of the economic cooperation summit esent a declaration about agreed upon ideas but this year the conference ended without consensus. the world trade organization is a major sticking point. china's president criticized the trump administration's america first policies. after levies against chinese goods but vice president mike pence shot back saying president trump believes america has been routinely taken advantage of by china. >> we have great respect for the president and great respect for china. but in the president's words, china is taking advantage of the united states for many years. and those days are over. >> now president trump and the
10:42 pm
chinese president will need that g-20 summit later on this month. theleting could potentially lead to solutions in -- the meeting could potentially lead it solutions in the trade war. a holiday tradition is going digital. why the smoke from butte county caused a holiday drive in san francisco to change how it collects donations. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin will have the complete bay area forecast in a moment. moment.
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hundreds of tijuana residents protesting the central american migrants caravan. demonstrators took their protest to the center of tijuana where a shelter now holds 2400 migrain. there are reports of violence including rocks thrown and fights breaking out. hundreds of the migrants are waiting to start the asylum claim process but they are processing only 100 claims a day. the frump administration wants to add a question to the census that would ask people if they are u.s. citizens. fox news explains why they are saying -- what they are saying. >> you cannot know your country unless your country knows you. >> reporter: mandated by the constitution every 10 years the
10:46 pm
government is required to hold a national head count. the trump administration wants to ask all people if they are a u.s. citizen. new york and 16 other states is fighting in court to keep the question off limits. >> we feel the trump administration is trying to politicize the census. >> reporter: supporters say american values are at stake. the lawsuit challenging the kens says the question will scare immigrants from taking part and certain areas could lose seats and money. >> the trump administration is trying to restrict the rights of immigrants. that is illegal. that is why we filed the lawsuit. >> reporter: a group that wants the question asked says the information gathered could be used to protect voting rights and accuses contradicts of unfairly charging racism. >> this is what they do when they are running out of
10:47 pm
arguments. say say it is racist. they are afraid we will get a better handle of the problem of illegal immigration. i think that is what the plaintiffs are afraid of. it runs against their agenda. >> the judge is expected to render a decision in two weeks but no matter what he decides each side says it is likely this case will go to the u.s. supreme court. in new york, fox news. all right. air quality is the story in the bay area right now in terms of weather. in the bay area air quality is better. was better today. these were the numbers today. this is where we are. concord 182. that is up there. below 100. unhealthy level but it is moderate in terms of bad
10:48 pm
quality. tomorrow looks like this. san francisco 160. santa cruzcan see visually it is getting better. the reason for that is this guy comes through. and this one drops in and we get atmospherics that will clean out the smoke, make the air quality better and give us relief. i can't remember a time where we have seen something like that. spare the air day after spare the air day. day after day after day. it will get better tomorrow. highs tomorrow 60s. mostly. maybe a couple low 70s. that is the idea. a nice day generally. there is tomorrow. and watch what happens tuesday, you see the wind shift. tuesday i think it will clear out significantly after noon on
10:49 pm
tuesday. and then wednesday boom, there it is. wednesday morning looks like it will be wet. and wednesday is a get away day for many. think about that and there will be snow in the mountains wednesday and thursday. not low snow but snow. and wednesday afternoon it starts to back off and then something behind that for thanksgiving. one from the north. a colder system. not expecting a ton of rain but more showers. maybe 2 inches of rain for the north bay. inch and a half for san francisco perhaps. the forecast highs for tomorrow, 67 fairfield. 65 antioch. like today. but air quality better. it depends where you are. there are pockets of bad air quality and then areas that aren't bad and then trade off. for the most part inside the bay, especially oakland, hayward. the 5-day forecast. the weekend here. take a look. a big holiday week for many.
10:50 pm
kids out of school and we have rain. friday more scattered showers. like i said couple inches of rain. not too bad for -- you know, not seeing rain -- >> we need it. good news. thank you. if you are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday you can expect busy roads and airports. 54million americans will travel for the thanksgiving holiday. that is 2.5 million more than last year and the highest since 2005. 30.6million passengers are expected to fly over the thanksgiving period. millions more will get to their destinations by car and train. sunday after thanksgiving is the busiest day of travel. a bay area holiday tradition kicked off this weekend. the fair. the halls from
10:51 pm
many of charles dickerson's books. the fair is open every saturday and sunday from now till the weekend before christmas. $14 up to $120 for ticket prices. san francisco's winter shelter program opened for the winter season. it allows men who have nowhere else to go. different churches host the shelter throughout the season. the shelter program runs through the end of march. and due to the smoke from the camp fire, st. anthonys in san francisco decided to make its donation drive virtual. it is part of an effort to protect the allege of volunteers and do-- health of
10:52 pm
volunteers and donors. coming up on the 11:00 p.m. news, the poor air quality in the bay area forced people to stay indoors and one person is saying this is a wake up call. >> up and next in sports the warriors are reeling after a surprising losing spree on the road. joe fonzi will have the highlights and low lights next in sports. i am a family man.
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joe is here now with sports. after arizona took the lead, didn't think the raiders would come back but they did. >> starting to feel like an all time low for the raiders got better today in arizona. wouldn't know it if you watched jon gruden and derek carr. they found the end zone twice. the pass in the 2nd quarter tied the game 14-14 and that was the halftime score. raiders 20-14 lead in the 4th quarter. that was the second touchdown of the game. but the raiders had time for a late rally. no time outs left. makes it to the arizona 17.
10:56 pm
derek carr spikes it to stop the clock. that allows a 35-yard field goal and the raiders had a 23- 21 win. the second of the season. all smiles at the end for jon gruden and derek carr who were asked about their sparring on the sidelines. >> first time you have seen it. not the first time it happened. we are competing hard there. that is part of the business. we will have times where we clash and we are supportive of one another. i am proud of him. he has been through a lot and i am glad he is our quarterback. >> people in washington talking about the tackle lawrence taylor made that ended joe theismann's career. alex smith goes down. he suffered a break in his leg in two places. he to be carted off the field and underwent surgery tonight.
10:57 pm
washington. the warriors were in danger tonight of dipping in to rare territory for the team. getting swept on road trips is just something that doesn't happen. without steph curry and draymond green. spurs up by 8. ball movement here. knocks down a three. 8 at halft s with an 18 point lead. the warriors don't get back on defense here. mills will make them pay. the warriors did have a run. thompson nails 3-25. warriors within one with 3-1/2 minutes to go. that is as close as they got.
10:58 pm
the spurs kept up the heat. he makes that a 9 point game with 38 seconds left. the warriors got sweat in their texas trip, 104-92. back home on wednesday to host oklahoma city. nascar has its champion. a paratrooper got tangled up in the fence. they got him down, though. this pit stop was important. kyle busch gets away first but martin truex and joey logano move up to second and third. on the restart with 16 laps to go, martin truex takes the lead from kyle busch. four laps later, joey logano makes his move. taking the lead. joey logano won the over all title for the first time in his
10:59 pm
career over the three drivers h joey logano did not get hot thill final months of the season. and that is sports for now. jason applebaum and i see you later for sports wrap. coming up next at 11:00 p.m. as the camp fire continue ties burn in butte county authorities announced one more body has been recovered bringing the death toll a 77. residents are tired, scared and anksis about their future. despite the devastation there are sypes of -- signs of hope. >> the 11:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. firefighters said they have made progress. cal fire released an updated on
11:00 pm
the camp fire. it grew slightly over night. burned 150,000 acres and 65% contained. more than 10,000 homes have been destroyed and the remains of another victim was recovered today. d today. that brings the death toll to 77. and they say the number of people missing has gone down to 993. . >> and smoke could still be felt here in the bay area. smoke covering most of the region. the dirty air prompted many schools and park closures for the holiday week. ktvu's andre senior is live with more. >> reporter: here in san francisco on treasure island you can make out the san francisco sky line. the air quality is in the middle of the range of the epa air quality scare. i checkered the epa -- checked


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